no more erasure

let's get some things straight

1. reverse racism doesn’t exist. let me say that again: you can’t be racist towards white people !!!!! you can be rude towards white people, but there’s a difference between calling someone a cracker and deliberate racism.

2. the world is not composed entirely of cisgender people. additionally, cis, straight couples are NOT the only relationships that can produce children (cis lesbian x trans lesbian, trans man x trans woman, intersex woman x cis bisexual woman, etc. there are so many more). stop identity erasure. you look closed-minded as fuck.

3. heterophobia!!!! doesn’t!!!! exist!!!! once again, sure, you can be rude towards het couples, but last time i checked, i didn’t think you had to wait until a couple months ago to be able to get legally married.

4. asexuals are real people. bisexuals are real people. just because you find it “unfathomable” to not want to have sex or to be attracted to more than one gender doesn’t mean they just cease to exist.

5. for god’s sake, if you’re not black, don’t use the n word. it’s not that hard of a concept to grasp.

  • Person:I'm bisexual!
  • Straight People:Okay, that's a thing.
  • LG People:But how can you be 100% SURE that you're bisexual? I think that you're lying to yourself and the people around you to be queer when it's trendy, ease your way out of the closet because you're really just gay, or both. And even if you are "really" bisexual, I and other lg people still wouldn't and shouldn't date you because you're so greedy trying not only to have multiple partners of both genders, but also trying to take resources away from lg people who experience REAL homophobia. Your bisexuality is disgusting and homophobic. #notbiphobic
im screaming

this education 1010 textbook is like “boys and girls are different girls are nice and shy boys beat each other up no biggie” and there are like two quotes about how boys are ‘more likely to roughhouse’ without talking about the social encouragement of such behaviors. apparently cis males are just magically violent? *shrugs*

also three chapters in and no mention of nonbinaries and transppl havent been mentioned unless it’s in reference to suicide stats. awesome. this is v encouraging. i’m so excited to discuss this in class and have to explain my gender to people in order to discuss how the binary is bullshit. woo hoo.

like i still definitely want to be a teacher so this is necessary and i get that this is an intro course but like this is going to be frustrating as hell. i’m going to need to invest in stress balls.

spoopyrump asked:

By defining bisexuality as "attraction to two and/or more genders" is poly erasure because that is LITERALLY the definition of polysexualism. I don't appreciate my identity being forcefully redefined by people who aren't even bi.

Authors Linda Garnets and Douglas Kimmel state that polysexual is a sexual identity “used by people who recognize that the term bisexual reifies the gender dichotomy that underlies the distinction between heterosexuality and homosexuality, implying that bisexuality is nothing more than a hybrid combination of these gender and sexual dichotomies.”

Aka when you know bisexuality is NOT the above, poly sexual is exactly the same as bisexual.

… Also how do you even know I’m not bi it doesn’t say so on my blog?

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Why are hetero/homoflexible things? It's just more bi erasure. It just pats the backs of ppl who think bi ppl are basically straight/gay anyways. "I'm mostly straight but not totally straight but not gay but not bi either lmao bc they don't exist."

Some people find them to be useful identifications for themselves.. So long as they don’t go around telling people bisexuals don’t exist I think they’re fine being who they are ^^
Sorry for the late reply!
With love,

I don’t know why this doesn’t just go without saying but when you’re defending bi people, you should also consider including pansexual and polysexual people in your defense. Everyone who is attracted to two or more genders experiences erasure and phobia and prejudice, so we should all be able to see the same amount of support and defense. If you’re talking about something that isn’t bi-exclusive, then please try and mention pan and polysexual as well. Obviously if it’s bi-exclusive keep it that way I’m in no way trying to invade another group’s space. I just want the shared space to stay that way: shared.

I miss Sirens now… A+ ace representation and also awesome gay black guy and it never fell into stereotypes <3 Also, the cast sounded really nice and they sometimes liked my livetweeting stuff and seriously, Voodoo was the most precious and in relationships just minus the sex, so so so important <3 <3

I went through the asexual oppression tag in hopes of finding things to reblog in regards to erasure, “corrective rape”, getting ignored by both the queer and hetero communities, etc. But what do i find instead? Over half the posts are about how aces AREN’T OPPRESSED?

there were people saying that were not a part of the queer community.

People saying that aces only want attention.

There were SO MANY that just wrote us off as straight.

There were some saying that we are not allowed to use the term corrective rape.

This is honestly so disgusting.

Aces are oppressed, and this is just more proof of the erasure and prejudice against us.

Let’s not play the oppression olymics, okay?

Aces. Are. Oppresed.

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THERE ARE NOT 2 TYPES OF ASEXUALS. It's a spectrum, stop acting like you know everything omg that was very disrespectful to so many people to say there are only 2 kinds. Talk about erasure.

- no more patience after 16 anon-hate asks- 

Greysexual,Demisexuals, anything ELSE on the Asexual  spectrum WASN’T PART OF THAT POST. 

I wasn’t talking about the spectrum, I was talking about the libido-related aspect of it.



So here are the characters I’ve made so far, there’s going to be more eventually.

Stencil and Erasure are new, they’re the tallest….things… Biblio’s Area (This is where Story Boarded is going to take place). Stencil is kind and generous while Erasure is harsh and envious.

It’s best if you don’t cross paths with Erasure, as you can see from Serenity’s redraw. There’s a lights out law in Biblio’s Area and she violated it and had an encounter with Erasure.

She was lucky to live, even if it meant giving up her left arm.

Noir now isolates herself from everyone, she nearly lost one person important to her and wishes to be free of her past. Her memory is quite foggy so it’s hard for her to remember a lot of stuff.

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I think the main problem with gold star lesbian is that it ignores compulsory heterosexuality. I mean I see your point but not every lesbian who's been with guy is bi. Also I are you talking about thegaywomenchannel because they are so biphobic.

Nah I guarantee you that the main problem with gold star lesbians is that they think a woman’s worth is tainted if they are touched by a man. How is that not a huge issue to you? And ‘compulsory heterosexuality’ is not natural or biological in any way, shape, or form- it is a societal concept that was procured from religion and hundreds upon hundreds of years of tradition.

What I have discussed in my original post doesn’t concern lesbians being mislabeled so I have absolutely no idea why you brought that up. The issue I addressed is about how there is a hierarchy of sexuality and the shit gold star lesbians put bisexual girls through. If what you said was even half as valid as bisexual erasure, you would hear the term “lesbian erasure” more often.

And yes I absolutely hate them I get so mad when I see them on my dash.