no more erasure

if people all simply bleed red
if all of their lives are supposed to matter
then why is the blood of your people poured into crystal glasses
whilst the blood of theirs is kicked into the dirt and mixed with ash and soil
you claim the banner of “all”, but really it is a select few
but you do not want to acknowledge your flaws even though they are as bright as firelight
burning all your dignity into ashes
whilst the screams of their people are drowned out by the roaring flames
their blood waters the flowers that will bloom on unmarked graves
and you will raise those crystal glasses to celebrate the lives of the privileged people
whilst claiming
“all lives matter” in the end
—  Lee // 2016 // - all lives matter? you just want to erase them and feel better about your own bigotry
can we stop erasing biracial people from the black community?

with the recent uproar concerning the BLM movement, i find myself being excluded from the black community (mostly by other white people). being the lighter skinned biracial male i am, I’m often perceived as white. although this may be true, it’s only half of who i am. i am in no way claiming that my white background is of no significance and has no importance to me, because it does. but my black background and culture means more. growing up only with my black family, i have experienced a lot of criticism from my peers. yes, i am articulate, educated, and well behaved. just because i don’t fit the black stereotype that many white people have imagined all black people to be, does not mean i am not black. being told that i shouldn’t be upset about ALM because I’m ‘not just black’ is a serious insult. it’s ridiculous for myself and other biracial people to have to hear things like “okay, you’re black, but not like black black” or “you’re not really black because you’re half of (x) race too.” according to some people standards, i do not fit into any racial group because of my mixed heritage. using these stereotypes and skin tone assumptions does nothing but hurt our culture and our heritage. you’re not complimenting us. just because my skin isn’t dark doesn’t mean I’m not a part of the black community. let me grieve with my people.

anonymous asked:

I don't really know how to word this well, but do you think there is any erasure of white passing Latinos? Like, the Latino community doesn't want to claim them because they don't look stereotypically Latino?

I know what you’re getting at but no I wouldn’t call it erasure, there’s a bit of dismissal I guess but I don’t know honestly the latinx “community” is so big and vast like it’s stupid to think every latinx person is going to look the same yanno? I actually feel like there’s more of an erasure w/in the latinx community of those who don’t speak Spanish well/ at all

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Is it bad that I wish aromanticism would get the same visibility as asexuality? Like I feel like we get similar hate but the aros are just an afterthought or flat out viewed as asexuality. By discourses and aces alike *sad aro sigh*

No, it’s not a bad thing to wish for more visibility and more acknowledgement, anon. Because erasure is never a privilege, no matter what some might say. 

I’ve seen this erasure in play, reason why I always check my language and try to use ‘ace/aro spectrum’ and ‘a-spec’, specifically to avoid lumping aro people under ‘asexuality’ or making them feel entirely forgotten. This is something all of us need to be mindful of and work on – not just allo allies like myself, but a-spectrum people themselves as well. 

If and when I make mistakes in this regard, please, don’t hesitate or worry about correcting me. As long as we are alive, we all continue to learn and grow, until the end of our days.   

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You do know that someone COMMITTED FUCKING SUICIDE because of YOU, right? I hope you're proud of yourself. AND IF YOU DARE say that "oh well he shipped pewey so he's lesbophobic", you are no better than a murderer. In fact, you ARE a murderer. Lesbian erasure? More like HUMAN erasure.

Sources please.