no more erasure

for some reason everybody around here yells at lesbians for thinking other women are also lesbians, but ime most bi erasure is more like “bi women are actually straight and bi men are actually gay, because men are more important than women and thus the fact that someone has sex with men is the most important thing about them”

so yeah I don’t know why this keeps being an argument

yesterday, i was at a queer event. a gay guy started talking to me and asked me about my orientation, so i told him i was bi. his reply: “i don’t believe in bisexuality, you have to pick a side.”

i was so baffled. if my sexuality won’t even be accepted in queer spaces, where am i supposed to go?

we are here, we are queer, and we are sick and tired of people telling us that we aren’t real.

so, age of ultron....

i liked a lot of it!! i really really disliked quite a few things. i definitely need to see it again. and natasha romanova deserves better.

it felt so…. disconnected from the rest of the mcu? like you could go from seeing avengers 1, to skipping over thor 2, iron man 3, and cap 2 and just get to ultron without missing a beat. which, like… stuff happened in those films. important shit that is just glossed over in characterization in ultron. esp wrt steve and tony. which makes this film feel juvenile and like it exists in a different universe or something. joss seems to forget that marvel is a universe he doesn’t just get to ignore shit and do whatever he wants. 

spoilers and incredibly long and scattered thoughts under the cut:

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#2 Erasure: Reference images + themes


  • ‘Footprint of humanity’
  • Covering up our feelings or what makes us human through erasure or overlaying
  • Erasing has become a very natural process to us where we either instinctively know what we want, or don’t think about the consequences.
  • Erasure as a lost of culture, history and fine art- Erasing the evolution of humanity and our cosmological being through removal of literature, the ability to speak, communicate, coordinate and be productive, etc. - Returning back to our beginning/ roots.
  • Removing distractions/unwanted features- Changing values of society. Removing past values as a means to better understand the current society we leave in- not be limited or disillusioned by the past.

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your "crystal gems stand with baltimore" post is bad and you should feel bad. it makes light of the situation and its not relevant to anything thats going on. also if youre a nonblack poc you should stop making posts and trying to input your opinion. youre completely avoiding the topic of anti-blackness in every post you make to express "solidarity", but its coming off more as erasure of the history of violence against black people specifically. but u do u for notes i guess

The crystal gems are proud, unapologetic POC and the notion that they would stand together in solidarity against white supremacy is canonical as fuck.

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I hate that SQ BAs keep saying that Regina and Emma are lesbians. Like, no! Are you kidding, they could be bi or pan, ect. but they wouldnt be lesbians. Honestly how dare they cal anyone homophobic, when they're massively contributing to erasure of more minor sexualities??l

DEFINITELY not lesbian’s, they’ve both been shown to be happy in relationships with cismen.

Bi, pan, or the like is definitely plausible though, but no not lesbians. Don’t erase identities, people, it’s wrong.

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I love your bi erasure posts and your bisexual posts tonight. It's so true, they do erasure more than anyone else.

Thank you!! I wouldn’t say they do erasure “more than anyone else,” because straight people and trans activists are also BIG fans of erasing lesbian women from history, media and society, but they are one of the biggest contributors to a huge, huge problem that nobody seems to want to address.


Experiment 2: Human Parts to Thoughts (Metaphorical)

Inspired by the Tokyo-Ghoul repost (previous post). I wanted to experiment with silhouettes and erase the human parts and replace them with ‘dream like’ or the thoughts in our head. E.g. Our brains are a beautiful jumble of thoughts filled with colour, vibrancy and individuality. However, we don’t see this because it’s underneath- thus we must remove what is above.

Theme: Erasing the first layer/what we see as a means to understand what is actually going on behind i.e. in the mind and thoughts- not what the face shows. Thus, removing distractions and showing a deeper meaning that is most often missed.. Appearance doesn’t always equal reality.

// Group came to a consensus this was more editing then erasure.

So I have something to say that is near and dear to my heart, and I cannot keep it in any more.

Bisexual/romantic erasure.

Another girl who goes to my school and I were talking about sexual orientations, and I happened to mention that I was bisexual myself (she is a lesbian,) When I said this, she looked at me and said “You’re about as bi as I am straight.”(Meaning, she’s extremely gay and I’m extremely straight)
When I asked her what she meant, she said that I “just don’t look bisexual”
Needless to say, my feelings were very hurt.

I told her that I never once thought that she of all people would tell me that I don’t know what I want and that I am simply not bi.

I asked her what the fuck a bisexual looks like???

I proceeded with, “you’re fucking staring at a bisexual girl, WHO DOESNT have to put up with people of her own community tearing her down and saying "well are you really, though?”“

I told her that she had no right to tell me that as a member of my own community and above and beyond that, it’s not up to her to decide whether or not I am who I say I am.

I told that girl off, and let me tell you. She NEVER EVER will even THINK about erasing someone’s identity again.

Remember Kids,


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[I always think that King Crimson's ability is to really skip time not erase it.] - sweetraincoat

I feel it’s more a continuous erasure because Diavolo is still able to move at will- whereas everybody else moves mindlessly as they were, without knowing what Diavolo is doing.

The terms laid out are a bit weird though.

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i dont think that post derailed from the main reason... i mean i am a bi girl with fem prefs but a lot of my friends prefr males and they get a lot of shit ppl will tell them that theyre not bi theure str8 etc ive never faced that bc of my preference

(continued) ppl will always be like “bitch ur lying just tryna be a special snowflake youre fucking straight!” they actually get a lot more erasure and shit than i do

I’m not saying they don’t get shat on by straight and gay people. I’ m saying that in terms of focus/resources within the bisexual community on tumblr, they’re already very much targeted at bi women who prefer men and/or are dating men

I’ve gotten to the point where I just
Can’t stand romance in books I read
Unless it’s gay
Because I don’t want to read about another heterosexual couple
I don’t want more queer erasure
I want to be able to read about a girl falling for a girl
I want to read about a sexless, loving relationship that’s based on mutual love