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Everyone looks at Peter’s sunny smiles and courtly manners and assumes that mischief isn’t a word in his vocabulary.

They look at Edmund and see his fleeting smirks and the way he watches the room like he’s searching for something and assume that he’s behind the… incidents that seem to crop up whenever the Pevensies are around.

Susan and Lucy roll their eyes, tell Peter that raging boredom isn’t enough reason to put pink dye in the shower heads, and thank Edmund for preventing his brother from switching the labels on the chemicals in the science lab.

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Birthday Cake (Evan/Connor)

This is dedicated to @connorxxmurphy and her wonderful cake! This is for you! 


Evan hummed to himself as he stirred the cake batter. Soft instrumental music played in the background as the oven beeped, signifying that it was preheated.

Evan was making a cake for his boyfriend. Ever since he was little, Evan has always enjoyed baking, but now he had a reason to make a birthday cake for someone!

“How are you doing, Hon?” Heidi poked her head into the kitchen. Evan smiled warmly at her, and started to pour the batter into the pan.

“Good, Mom. It should be ready around 6, and Con and I are having a date here at 7.” He said. Heidi beamed.

“I will get out of the house by then, in that case, don’t want to ruin a special birthday date!” Heidi walked over to her son and rubbed his arms. “Do you have anything else planned for tonight?”

“Yup. Ordering pizza, and I have his favorite movie. For a gift, I got him a new hoodie, and the cake.”

“Aw, Evan, you are the sweetest boyfriend. Connor is going to love it.” Heidi gave Evan a small kiss on the cheek, one last arm squeeze, and walked out of the kitchen. Evan put the pan full of cake batter in the oven, and set the timer.

As he started to make the frosting, Evan let his thoughts travel. Connor and Evan had been dating for about five months now, every day better than the last, but this was the first birthday they had spent together. Evan wanted it to be perfect, and the one thing he knew for sure that he could make perfectly was cake. He hoped that Connor liked his new hoodie as well. Evan has been guilty of stealing a few (or more) of his boyfriend’s hoodies, but he couldn’t help it! All of his hoodies were constantly warm and smelled like Connor.

Evan finished the frosting (It was a regular green frosting with a hint of a mint taste) and set it to the side. The cake still have 10 minutes to bake, so texting Connor seemed like the most attractive idea right now.

Evan: hey connor!

Evan: how does it feel to be an old man now? youre officially 18!!

Connor: i kinda want to take a nap

Evan: con… its 5:30 in the evening, plus we have our special birthday date at 7… pls dont sleep

Connor: bah humbug

Evan: babe…. Thats christmas

Connor: what are you up to?

Evan: stuff hbu

Connor: very specific

Evan: shut up

Connor: im gonna take a shower i will text you when im on my way to your house

Evan: okie dokie!! See you soon!!

Evan put down his phone. There was a few more minutes on the cake, so Evan pulled out the rest of his supplies. He would need to wait for the cake to cool before frosting, but Evan was always impatient when it came to baking.

A mint bar, some sprinkles and more green food dye. Connor liked mint, so Evan couldn’t help but go all out for his boyfriend.

An hour later, everything was set up. The cake was frosted, and was sitting in the fridge (to hide from Connor). Evan had ordered the pizza, and it should arrive around the same time that Connor comes over. Evan’s phone buzzed.

Connor: i know im early but is it cool if i come over now

Evan: of course

Connor: see you in ten?

Evan: yes!

Almost exactly eight minutes later, there was a knock on the door.

“Coming!” Evan said, shoving the cake haphazardly into the fridge. Heidi came downstairs as Evan reached the door. He opened the door with great flourish. “Happy birthday Connor!” He shouted as his boyfriend came into view.

Connor was wearing his standard black hoodie and jeans. His hair was pulled back into a bun, and he was smiling.

“Thank you! How are you doing, babe?” Connor stepped into the house, giving Evan a quick kiss on the lips. Heidi walked in, and hugged Connor.

“Happy birthday!” Heidi said. Connor smiled. “Now, I will get out of your hair. Have fun you two!” In a flash, Heidi was gone.

“Ready to watch the movie?” Evan asked, grabbing Connor’s hand. Connor beamed at him, and let his boyfriend lead the way.

A few hours and a pizza later, Evan had decided that it was time for gifts.

“Babe, you really didn’t need to get me anythi-” Connor tried to protest as Evan ran out of the room to get his gift.

“Shush!” Evan called back, grabbing the hoodie. He didn’t bother wrapping it. “Happy birthday, Connor!” Evan wasn’t going to lie, he almost felt jealous about the look of pure joy that Connor had on his face when he saw the jacket.

“Evan!” Connor had simply exclaimed before slipping the jacket on. It was a good fit, amid the sleeves that went a little past Connor’s hands. “Thank you so much!” Evan kissed Connor before standing up again.

“I got one more thing for you,” He said before going into the kitchen. This time, Connor didn’t protest, only watched him go with wide eyes.

Evan brought out the cake with obvious pride. Connor’s jaw dropped as Evan placed the cake on the table in front of him.

“Ev…” Connor said in a breathy voice. Evan lit one of the candles that was placed in the center and sat down next to Connor.

“Happy birthday to you,” He started to sing softly. Evan was by no means a talented singer, but this was a special occasion. “Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Connor, happy birthday to you!” Evan kissed Connor’s cheek and rested his chin on Connor’s shoulder. “Make a wish babe.”

Connor started to lean towards the cake but instead turned to Evan and kissed him deeply. It was only when Connor pulled away that Evan realized that Connor was crying. He quickly blew out the candle and hugged Evan tightly burying his face in Evan’s shirt.

“Hey. what is wrong?” Evan asked softly, feeling panicked. Did he not like the cake? Instead of responding, Connor just shook his head. After a few moments, Connor inhaled a shuddering breath and pulled out of the hug. Evan was quick to wipe away Connor’s tears. “Is it the cake? Is it too much?”

Connor laughed a watery laugh. “No, it’s not the cake. It is just, no one has ever done this much for my birthday, like ever. It means a lot to me.” Evan smiled, and moved close to his boyfriend.

“Alway, Connor. If I could, I would get the moon for you.” At Evan’s words, Connor smiled brightly, and kissed him. “Now, let’s get some cake, okay?”


It’s a well known fact that people prefer to buy young clowns. There’s a common belief that clown pups are easier to train, more docile, and just much simpler to take care of starting from that age. While this is true to an extent, many people still do not treat their clown pups correctly.

Taking care of any age and breed of clown pup is very precise and risky business. So, I’m going to go through appropriate safety tips. 

Note: Clown pups are clowns ages 0-5. After that, there is the clownlet stage, then the clown adolescence stage, which will each be their own post.

Clown Pup - Ages 0-5

Clowns can live an incredibly long time, some breeds going into the triple digits of age. However, a clowns first years are the most important in it’s entire development cycle. This is why its CRUCIAL to leave a clown pup with it’s mother for the first 3 years of it’s life, at the least.

The mother clown teaches the young pup important skills, such as appropriate honking behavior, the basic clown hierarchy, and how to tell different breeds of clowns apart (a skill that may seem daunting to humans, but comes quite naturally for most breeds of clown).

If a clown pup is prematurely taken from it’s mother, many dangerous and unhealthy things will occur. The clown pup will be much more aggressive, antisocial and even less colorful.

HOWEVER, you can still take care of clown pups younger then 3 years, as long as their mother spends adequate time with the pup as well. 

Pictured above is a healthy young domestic clown pup (more specifically, a tie-dye domestic breed). You can tell because it’s hair is bright and colorful, and it’s facial markings are JUST starting to come in. The red on it’s nose indicates that the clown is able to honk. Any clown pup with dull hair, a blank nose and/or no facial markings is unhealthy, and should be examined by a clown vet IMMEDIATELY. 

Clown pups around the age of 3 and younger do not need their own circus tent, as they will share one with their parents. However, it is important to get them a clown nest, usually in the form of a ball pit.

These Clown pups need a diet of freshly whipped cotton candy, almost exclusively. This is because their fangs aren’t fully grown in, meaning they can’t properly eat fresh peanuts, lollipops, or other clown treats. These foods could also pose a choking hazard for young clowns.

As far as entertainment goes, they will usually be content with their parents to play with - and if possible, their littermates. Balls, bubbles and balloons are great toys for when they get bored- and they also teach them proper clowning behavior. Introducing them to a clown car at this young age is also incredibly important.

Pictured above is a Rainbow Patch Stripe, around 4 years of age. You can see this clown has it’s own horn, a signature for it’s breed. At this age, clowns begin to experiment with their breeds skills.

 It is crucial for you to buy your clown the proper equipment at this age. This can include boxes, horns, balloons and more, but it really depends on the breed.

As the clown pups get older, they can slowly get separated from their mother more and more. At the age of 5, most clown pups can even honk on their own! The clown development process truly is beautiful..

If you follow these rules, the first 5 years of a clown pups life will go by smoothly. Remember, clowns are a commitment - and they’re always worth it. 

missdowns-hift  asked:

I'm about 90% certain you've answered this question before, but I couldn't find the post, but how do you dye your hair, and how long does it last for you?

here you go! mine lasts a long time, going through into pastel shades over quite a number of weeks, but that depends on the colour you dye it and how well your hair takes the dye