no more dipshits

  • lance, getting chased by keith: how's the view from back there, mullet??
  • keith, under his breath: it looks incredible
  • lance: what?
  • lance:
  • keith: wait

I legit can’t decide who’s more infuriating:

The Far Left dipshits using Wolfenstein- a game set in AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE WHERE NAZIS STILL HAVE POWER AND A STANDING MILITARY- as a soapbox for their current, real life political agenda even though despite their beliefs on Trump, Nazis most certainly do NOT have that power and claiming how anyone who says that you can’t just beat people up in the streets for saying something you don’t like for multiple reasons* is a “Nazi sympathizer.” 

*including but not limited to “You guys have very low standards for what qualifies as a Nazi and people don’t like it when you accuse them of something you’re not” and “You’re basically giving them legal justification to hit you back even if you’re actually right so you’re putting yourselves in danger” and “They’ll just use that as an excuse to reel in the more impressionable and easily swayed so you’re giving them exactly what they want, because exploiting the frightened and desperate is literally how Hitler got his power to begin with.”

Or the actual, neo-nazi alt right dumbasses taking their bait, getting mad, and giving the leftists excuses to jerk themselves off and say they were “right.”

Don’t You Know How To Knock? [Part 5]

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Part 5 of Don’t You Know How To Knock?

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

You sat up to meet his gaze once more. The pain and anger in his eyes nearly broke your will to resist him.

“Just sex? Am I really nothing more to you?”

You swallowed hard, fighting back your tears as you told your final lie for the night.

“That’s right. Nothing more”.

With that Namjoon turned on his heels and made the last steps into his room.

As the door slammed behind him, the tears fell from your eyes.

Typical, Y/N. Always shutting herself away from any real chance at love.

“Let’s go before I die of old age!” Hobi whined, waiting not so patiently on your living room couch.

“I’m coming!” you yelled back, adding the final touch to your ensemble before joining him.

“If you weren’t my best friend, you’d be pretty hot, you know that?” he teased, admiring your outfit choice for the evening.

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chinese phone bought off alibaba slightly broke somewhere: Hey this is unfortunate why wont we just…… Here’s detailed instructions you can give to your local technician on what broke he’s going to know what to do. In case that doesnt work….. I dont know man Here’s a full fucking refund. We love you

iphone slightly broke: buy a new iphone you dipshit. buy more. spend. we want your money. we would make you massage late steve jobs’s feet if that was legal

Unimportant updates from the Ministry of Minor Grievances
  1. Mercury. What are you doing. Mercury stop.
  2. Goodbye, snowbirds. Time for you to fly away home now. Go. Please.
  3. What even is work?
  4. Imminent MacBook Death - current status and new fake band name.
  5. Pro tip: If you’re working with a printed script, always bring at least one extra copy because there is inevitably one or more dipshits in the group who forgot theirs and you likely don’t have a printer available to you on location.
  6. Taking Marty and Stanley to their new vet tomorrow. They haven’t been in a carrier since I moved here. There will be blood and tears.
  7. Pen Leak in My Backpack - also current status and first single from my new fake band, Imminent MacBook Death.
  8. Eight? Eight. I forget was eight was for.

ok listen as much of a fan i am of seeing dallas being written as the seventeen year old kid he was, and portraying him as more than a dipshit in some ways, and coming up with more descriptive character traits for him than the same generic bullshit that’s usually splattered all over tumblr when it comes to dallas winston—i’m still really sick of seeing imagines and posts about young people being with dallas and him being changed when he meets the right person (usually, a young impressionable woman) and suddenly treating them with respect and becoming a completely different dallas than we have in the book. sure, dallas loved johnny and he IS a fictional character—i understand that. what gets me so goddamn pressed is that people oblige to writing about toxic relationships and dallas treating you like literal SHIT, only to confess his love for you or some type of bullshit and turn himself around. would it be nice for a guy—fictional or not—to do that? yes, sure. but is it healthy for young people or just women to believe that they can change a shitty guy if they keep trying and that guys, REAL LIFE guys, actually have layers under all that dickhead exterior and that those women will find his soft side if they deal with enough of his abuse and berating? NO. dallas winston was a literal asshole to women and would harass them and by implanting toxic ideas into people’s head via a fictional outlet who you all KNOW was an asshole, you’re writing actual toxic relationships bye


This started out as one of those shitty panel redraws that I always do when I have an art block but it turned out MUCH better than planned. Now I want to finish painting it. 

Thanks to Shuggazoom’s climate being tropical, the Hyperforce’s suits were not at all equipped to deal with a sudden climate change, so they had to abandon them in favor of good ol’ fashioned winter wear. At least, that’s my excuse for drawing them all in cute hats and scarves. :D

The Fight


“How the fuck can you not see how this makes me angry, Henry?!”
I storm into the living room to try and put some distance between me and Henry.

“I don’t get why me talking to her upsets you?”
As I look into Henry’s eyes, I can see that he clearly has no clue, which just seems to piss me off more.

“Because, dipshit, she’s your ex?! How would you feel if I started talking to my ex’s?!”

Henry gives me a pained look. “Don’t.”

Take an exasperated sigh, I ready myself for a fight. “See! You hate the thought of me doing it but I’m supposed to be all happy that you’re talking to your ex?! I don’t fucking think so Henry!”

Before I know what I’m doing, I’m turning towards the door.


“I’m sorry! Y/N, don’t leave! Come … back. Shit!”

Fuck! What the fucking hell is wrong with me?!

I throw myself down onto the couch and put my head into my hands. Looking back, I can see what I’ve done wrong but damn it she didn’t have to leave!

I have no clue what to do. I’m stuck between running after her and staying away from her to let her cool down. God, I’ve no idea what to do! Why am I constantly fucking this up?!

Suddenly, an idea pops into my head and in a split second I’ve dived for my phone and rushing to find his bloody number.

Please pick up
Fuck sake, man. Pick up!

Fuck this! I’m ready to throw my phone against the wall when he finally picks up.


“Charlie, thank the fucking Lord!”

“Woah, Henry. Chill out will you? I’m not wanting to go deaf anytime soon, thanks.”

In my desperate state, I didn’t even register how loud I was.

“Sorry. Look I need your help with something.”


I’ve been walking around in circles for half an hour now, my legs are starting to go numb from the cold.

I’ve thought about going back but decided every time to let Henry sweat it out a bit longer.

I just don’t get how he can be that thick?! How can he not see that him talking to his ex like she’s his best friend would upset me?
He hates it if another guy even so much as looks at me a certain way. He’d have a stroke if he found out I was talking to an ex.

I walk for another 20 minutes before deciding I should head back to the apartment. As I get closer, I start to feel nervous.

Did I over react?

My common sense goes out of the window when it comes to Henry. God, I love him too much not to care this deeply.

Maybe I shouldn’t have stormed out the way I did without listening to his side of the story, but, my god, I was too scared I’d say something I’d regret when everything calmed down.

I get to the front door and slowly open it before suddenly stopping. Spewed out all over the hall are red rose petals, all in a long trail headed up the stairs towards our bedroom.

Damn, he’s going to make me feel super guilty isn’t he?


I can hear her open the door, which only amplifies the nerves I have raging through me. God, I hope she doesn’t swiftly turn right back out that door. I probably deserve that.

Charlie gave me a proper shouting at after I relayed why Y/N walked out on me earlier. He put it all into perspective for me.

Jesus I’m a big fucking idiot.

The sound of the door lightly closing breaks me free from my daydream and right back into the real world.

I’m going out of my mind wondering whether she’s walked out when I hear the stairs start to creek ever so slightly from her climbing them.

She’s stayed! She’s bloody stayed!

I’m still standing in the middle of the bedroom, rooted to the floor in fear, when she so very slowly opens the door and looks up at me.

She looks as nervous as I do. Before my brain can register anything, she’s running into my arms and our mouths clash together.


Seeing him standing there, looking like a mass of nerves just made me feel so overwhelmingly guilty, that before I knew what I was doing, I was flying into his arms and searching for his lips.

Our mouths melt together and it’s the best feeling. His tongue slides along my bottom lip, his silent request to let him in.

Just as I let him in, he’s wrapping my legs around his waist and my arms fly around his neck as he starts to head towards the bed.

In seconds, I’m on my back in bed with Henry still on top of me, our mouths still joined. I moan when he pulls away from me, but refuse to remove my arms from around his neck.

His deep blue eyes with their unique brown flecks stare right into my soul. They scream regret and sadness, which only intensifies the guilt I felt when I walked through the door only moments ago.

I go to speak my apology when he puts his finger to my mouth, silently asking me to listen to him first.

“I’m sorry, so so so sorry. I should’ve known, I was being stupid. It never really registered until you left.”

I take my hands and cup his face, watching his face fill with sadness and his eyes start to water.

“I’m so sorry, love. I’ve never been so scared in my life than when you left. I was terrified that you wouldn’t come back.”

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have left for so long.”

He looks deep into my soul before speaking again.

“I love you. I love you more than anything and I hate myself for hurting you. Am I forgiven?”

His eyes are pleading with me and they melt my heart.

“Not entirely, but I’m sure you’ll make it up to me.” I say, smiling up to him.

I’m granted one of his knockout smiles as he starts to lower his mouth to mine again.

Make me effing write something

I’m getting nowhere (again).  Pick one of the last lines of different wips listed below.  Make me write the next sentence for you.

1.  “They don’t love you like I love you,” Rodney shot back. (SGA)

2.  “You’re the one that wanted to come here,” Ronon said.  (SGA)

3.  But he’s no closer to an escape. (SPN)

4.  I won’t know much more until the dipshits in Spokane get around to doing their job.” (TP)

n0tew0rthy  asked:

prompt: bellamy is fingering clarke under the table during one of their classes/lectures:)

It didn’t start off like this. 

The lecture hall held roughly three hundred people, and out of everyone, he had chosen to sit next to her. She had been taking the class to fulfill her history requirement, not to get stuck next to a befreckled, dark-haired, snarky man who had something to mumble under his breath at almost everything Professor Kane said. 

“Could you please shut up?” Clarke had hissed at him one day. “I’m trying to take notes and I can’t focus when you’re spewing asinine comments every other minute.”

The man’s eyes narrowed, and she definitely did not watch his tongue dart out to wet his lips. “You know, Princess,” he said with a smirk, “you might want to focus on me instead. I could teach you more than this dipshit ever could.” [AO3]

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NarHin will never be legitimate.

NH-fuckwits: NaruSaku and NaruSasu fans are retarded for not accepting the ending/movie! rabblerabblerabble

Takeuchi Junko (Naruto’s VA): “Until now, I didn’t feel any aura of love like that between Naruto and Hinata (to make it canon). A movie in this fashion, it was like “ta-da!!” Suddenly revealing the movie to me like this made me really surprised.”

I suppose Takeuchi Junko is retarded too, NH fandom? You guys are nothing more than salty dipshits because the majority of the Naruto fandom cannot and will not accept the garbage that “The Last” is. Naruto’s character, Sakura’s character, Sasuke’s character, and the story itself became compromised in order to create an OOC fanfic inspired movie for the sake of $$ and SP circle jerking. The genuine fans know better than to blindly follow-suit with this outcome because everyone fucking knows that this was never the intended outcome from the get-go. Thank you, NH morons, for proving us right by demonstrating that you care more-so about your “pairing” than you’ve ever actually cared about the story. You’ve never given a shit about how NH becomes canon, but rather that it simply does. This is not a quality, realistically developed pairing. This is an ass-pull unison that required the characters to be re-shaped into something that they’ve never been and are no longer recognizable.

Shame on you for being okay with this.

Oh, also...

Correct me if I’m wrong but if one can feel baby’s first movements between weeks 16 and 25, and Lockleys left Storybrooke only NINE weeks ago… well, we don’t really need calculator to figure out how soon this ‘honourable’ man (who stayed with his wife out of obligation only) started humping her?

What a man to be a “part of that world”.


Who wrote this garbage?

Oh, yes.

You’ve been told “the truth”. Multiple times by multiple people who have spent multiple years studying such things. But please, what we really need is more dipshit celebrities who don’t know anything weighing in on this “controversial” subject 🙄