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Music Videos As Comics– 1/??: Bring It! (Snakes On A Plane)- Cobra Starship feat. William Beckett, Travie McCoy, & Maja Ivarsson

A petty criminal, a rebel, a former good girl, and a viper with the face of an angel are hired to assassinate a key political figure during a cross-country flight. The weapon? Venomous snakes.

“Times can change, and the world can say that we’re all the same, but fuck it, I don’t care. Pop that cheap champagne, we’re goin’ down in flames.

Happy Valentine’s Day from the developers of Your Affection! We thought we’d mark the occasion with an update of sorts (development is going very smoothly!) - and celebrate with some of the amazing, beautiful art that has been made exclusively for the game!

Your Affection will feature 15 original illustrations by 12 different artists, and we are so grateful for all of their incredible work! Check them out here!

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If you have time, please take a moment to check out their art, follow them, and if you can spare it, maybe even commission a new work of art!

Stay tuned for more updates, and if you’re just hearing about us for the first time, read more and download our demo here!

exclusive look into the tf2 writing process
  • writer: *reaches into a hat full of fic tropes*
  • writer: ummm.....let's give scout and medic confirmed names
  • writer, emptying out the hat: and make heavy fight cheavy in revenge for medic's death. and give more pauling / administrator interactions. and make spy and sniper naked. and give pyro a cute panel. and give demo more dialogue and also have him stand next to sniper at the end. plus have naked Everyone. and zhanna and heavy should talk, and medic is a devious bastard and let's confirm spy is dad, and bring engie back and