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KHR! Otome Game Recruitment~!


It’s THE time of the year again! Our Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Otome Game Project has hit a wall and is now currently accepting two (2) - three (3) PROGRAMMERS

Now, now, what is this? And what are we looking for? 

Game specifics can be found here!

What we are looking for;

As one of our programmers had to leave due to lack of time, we are currently looking for 2 - 3 programmers, more helping hands in finishing this fanmade game!
The game is currently pretty much at the finale, so the programming will play an even bigger role from now on! 

What does it mean to be a ‘ programmer ‘?

Well well, your main task will be to work with Gabi and the other (new) programmers! We use the Ren’py engine and the base game has been done already.

What are the requirements?

Motivation and time!
You must be willing to take hours off your free time to work with us on the project!
What could come in handy, but is not necessarily a requirement, would be the knowledge of a programming language (!)… it would make your life easier too?


Currently, we will set the deadline to 30th of September

Caught your interest? You want to be part of our team and create a game together with us?

Then do not hesitate to apply per mail:

Also, don’t forget to include this part in the mail:

Name: What should we call you?

Your experience so far: Please identify whether you’re a beginner or experienced, your experiences in coding (if any), and your experiences Ren’py (if any).

Will you do this for free? Yes/No (Delete where applicable)

How to reach you: By what means can we contact you? E-mail? Skype? Tumblr? Discord?

Extra note: Anything else you wish to add?

Questions? Insecurities?
Do not hesitate to send us an ask / message or mail! We are happy to help and answer any questions there might be!

Not your cup of tea?
Even so, please do help us spread the word by reblogging it! 

Thank you very much in advance - we really appreciate it!

anonymous asked:

Hey, I really want to get into art but I seriously don't know how to draw a body? The stick figure just isn't working for me, do you maybe know another way or maybe tips?

so quick disclaimer before i start: i decided to do the female body because i learned how to draw women before i started drawing men… and im also a woman LOL so i have a better idea of how to break down each body part… also curves are really fun to draw!! whereas men im still trying to figure out what goes where

i also think its easier to start off with women and then transition into drawing men? at least that’s what i find… so if anyone wants a follow up tutorial on men just let me know! 

i think when it comes to drawing bodies, i find that it’s a lot easier if you imagine shapes first

by recognizing certain body parts as shapes you can sort of configure a guideline first in the pose and proportions you want first before adding any details

for example this is how i would plan out a (very skinny lol) female body before starting

so in red is my actual organic process, which is really quick and fluid and then in black is just a more defined demo of the shapes i have in mind 

one of the biggest problems i see for people starting out drawing bodies is that they’re so caught up trying to get every detail correct, by the time they’re finished the proportions are all off… so by planning the shapes first i can ensure i have every part the correct length and width i want

ok again this is going to be a really long post so more details on each body part under the cut!

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Music Videos As Comics– 1/??: Bring It! (Snakes On A Plane)- Cobra Starship feat. William Beckett, Travie McCoy, & Maja Ivarsson

A petty criminal, a rebel, a former good girl, and a viper with the face of an angel are hired to assassinate a key political figure during a cross-country flight. The weapon? Venomous snakes.

“Times can change, and the world can say that we’re all the same, but fuck it, I don’t care. Pop that cheap champagne, we’re goin’ down in flames.

heartbeat | part one

part one // part two // part three

Originally posted by yoo-ngie

[Yoongi x Reader | Jungkook x Reader]

Genre: Angst, Fluff for now

Words: 5221

—> The exact moment you experienced heartbreak with Min Yoongi would be a moment you’d remember forever.

A/N: AHHHH. I desperately wanted this to just be one entire fic, but ended up breaking it into two parts because I haven’t posted a fic in like… months lmao. I felt like a fraud for calling myself a writer, but not posting shit. So yeah, idek what this is but I hope you all enjoy it! xoxo

The exact moment you fell in love with Min Yoongi would be a moment you’d remember forever.

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Happy Valentine’s Day from the developers of Your Affection! We thought we’d mark the occasion with an update of sorts (development is going very smoothly!) - and celebrate with some of the amazing, beautiful art that has been made exclusively for the game!

Your Affection will feature 15 original illustrations by 12 different artists, and we are so grateful for all of their incredible work! Check them out here!

@ai-wa | @bedsafely | @dyinglikeicarus | @hanuwabbit | @krisrix | @naociel-cosplay | @preservedcucumbers@retrodynamics | @simongannon | @strangestquiet | @star-gal | @tattedmariposa

If you have time, please take a moment to check out their art, follow them, and if you can spare it, maybe even commission a new work of art!

Stay tuned for more updates, and if you’re just hearing about us for the first time, read more and download our demo here!