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“I am aware that a stuffy nose is simply inflamed blood vessels caused by a cold, infection, or some kind of allergen. However, due to the fact I can’t breathe through my nose, I need someone to end my suffering.”

- Ravenclaw with a minor cold.

the only thing i could think to draw today was me stressing out about not being able to think of anything to draw today

In 2018, the most important thing I want to maintain is consistency. Every day do one productive thing to get closer to my goals.
—  Affirmation of the day.
Five [Kakashi Fancomic, 21/?]

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YOOOO you are like the only person I've ever known of who likes/knows who Thousand Foot Krutch is and I'm so happy

They’re one of my all-time favorite bands!!!!!!

Ive got a spotify playlist of just my favorite TFK songs heh

alright so i’m sick and sleep-deprived and i finally had my weird green day dream that everyone in the community seems to have at least once (also shh i know i don’t post much green day but i want to)

so i was at my old elementary school - already weird - and they were hosting? some sort of event?? that i can’t remember? but there were a lot of people there. and lo and behold, the boys of green day made a guest appearance. they walked by us (us being me and a couple of friends) and i immediately said hi to tre. now let me just get this out there: tre was tall. which comparing to me, he would be anyway, but i mean he was a big boy in this dream- and he said hello, but he had these sort of colorful braces on?? but he did take a picture with me which was cool. billie joe and mike were nowhere to be seen at that moment.

that was all i remember from the first half. there was a while of nothingness, then it just cut to everyone being out in the bus circle and billie and mike were doing archery. i almost said hi to them but jason freese (who happened to be a food vendor in this particular dream) kept pulling me aside to try to sell me something that i also can’t remember.

but yeah that was that

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What do you mean in your tags that some people haven't been supportive? What have they said?

Some of the things:

  • They like Wednesday and Amelia being just two girls in love, they don’t want that to be altered to something different.
  • They don’t want to see this conversation of Wednesday and gender identity leading to her being transgender.
  • They do not want to see a transgender-related story line.
  • They don’t want to see her physical become more masculine. 
  • They want Amelia to stay with a girl.
  • They don’t want to see Wednesday be anything other than female.
  • They don’t want Wednesday to be non-binary. 
  • More and more about liking how things are and not changing it.

And I get the vibe from some that they are not not in support just like how things are and kinda hesitant with making, possibly, big changes. 

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Do you still ship kyman? And what do you think of the shipping war in South Park. To me it’s a pain in my ass. Like it’s so stupid. And all this hate towards characters and shit.

on the one hand, current kyman is dead in show (and style a kinda too tho, cuz ya know, we did’t even see stan lmao like he just forgot about kyle wtf, looks like Trey and Matt just tired of them idk…sobs (at least i still see kenny and butters standing side by side))  on the other hand, i really like old kyman eps (and all old eps at all), and i really enjoy kyman fanart of my friend Tim (@lordoftheflies0) <з so i guess my answer is yes?? :”D
wars are baaad m’kay do love each other m’kay
but i also want to believe that this fandom is very good by the end of this year, i met LOTS of AMAZING ppl for all the years that i loved this show and im glad to be friends with them;;;

Guys, I did the thing!