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Where do you get inspiration for those types of [emotional] moments?

“I’m kind of sadly obsessed with Fitz. I get so emotional thinking about him and thinking about FitzSimmons and their relationship. And I think I’m just so invested in it at this point that it honestly doesn’t take much.”


guess who’s reading old kingdom hearts fics again

BakuDeku Week Day 7:

Popsicles / One More Night / Lust


Let me try and say it out loud. “I fulfilled every day of the event.” 

Hmm… yeah! Sounds good.✨ Well, I think now I’ll return to my dark cave of procrastination~


Happy family snap: ep 173 vs 194

Chibiusa vanishing from the cute photo that both Usagi and Mamoru have is one of my all-time favourite subtle Sailor Moon moments.

Usagi and the girls never comment on it and it’s really only shown a few times during the season, but it is given enough attention that the show is obviously deliberately saying ‘So hey, remember how Chibiusa disappeared before? When Mamoru was lost to Usagi? Remember that thing happening?’.

It’s such a tiny little detail, and I love it.

(I actually spent a time wondering if the reason that Usagi never realised 'oh hey my future daughter ghosted the fuck out of the photo, the hell is with that’ was because the future had changed enough that Usagi and the others had lost their actual memories of Chibiusa and Crystal Tokyo….buuuut they mention her during Chibi Chibi’s intro episode, and the pink princess herself cameos into Usagi’s dream at the end. So let’s just to with 'Usagi had a lot on her mind at the time’).

So how are things? I’ve missed you dudes and dudettes <3 I hope you’ve behaved yourself. You know what I mean.

hey guys! I’m gonna be spending time today to answer the asks building up in my inbox (I’m so sorry for getting to them so late ; -;) so if you’ve got something on your mind that you’ve been meaning to send my way/just want to stop by and tell me a joke or somethin, now would be an absolutely great time! 

@scytherion Happy Birthday!! <3

anyway dream daddy is genuinely a good and cute lgbt game and i do recommend it 💗💓💞💕

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I am so pissed and upset I'm a mercy main and I was yelled at seven games in a row like I'm sorry you don't know how to deal with the flanking tracer/winston/reaper/genji but bro I can't heal you if I'm dead protect your healers so they can heal you. goddamn i'm so pissed why are overwatch players so rude and vulgar

It’s become like cod and LoL sadly

[ RULES HAVE BEEN UPDATED; but since it might be difficult to spot the difference, since it’s nothing big . although important for me, i’m gonna reassume the changes in here, plus a few explanations. fasten your seatbelts cause this is the unpopular land. I’d like you to please read it, at least the first part… please.

as of lately, i’ve noticed a great increment of a particular ship arts. great, yes, for p.3 standards but that is not the point per se. although i don’t like the content nor the way it is presented and depicted, this is not meant to make artists feel bad or attacked. i wish i could draw like that and i generally admire all artists but moving on – said ship being one i can’t see like many do, or many other people wish i did?? if you followed me for a while, you might have guessed. it’s the ever so popular and hailed yuk.mitsu. being these popular works, artists and so on, it happened to find them on my dash, often untagged and left them be like that, with no tags and so, my blacklist not recognizing the content, showing me it.

i don’t usually block artists, nor posts; i find that way too excessive. and if i ever do, it’s a softblock no one would notice anyway, since i’m a roleplay blog - not an art one. i ONLY ask of all my followers to PLEASE tag said content with the ship name, when reblogging it. whenever i post art i’m always careful to tag all i see, all triggers and pairings, even if a potential ship is only even implied in the sketch, in order to avoid drama/anxiety/etc to strike any of my followers that like ships to be tagged. I want the same, honestly, and if i was willing to close one eye at first, now i guess for my own personal comfort, i should stop being so indulgent and silently intake all. might seem nothing for you, but it isn’t.

i understand the ship is popular and so on, but i guess it doesn’t really cost you anything but a pair of seconds to type the name IF you do really feel the unstoppable urge to reblog yuka.itsu art. me finding one of my followers, from now on, reblogging said content without the proper tag will be unfollowed/blocked, even if mutual. i only ask for that kind of respect and if you dont feel like following it, i kindly invite you to unfollow my blog / twitter right now.

that is all, under the read more, if you are interested, i’ll say my reasons why.

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Akaashi and Semi spoiling Daichi

ooooh i’ve never considered semi and daichi :-0c pls……share your thoughts with me

also i love when any character spoils daichi!! that boy deserves all the love ;;v;; akaashi spoils daichi whenever the latter is tired or sleepy, letting him lean on his shoulder or put his head in his lap. he’ll stop reading whatever book was in his hand to gently brush his fingers through daichi’s short hair. the tired smile daichi expresses gets akaashi smiling too. he’ll then plant a short kiss to daichi’s forehead ;v; akaashi isn’t the type to be overly touchy (he gets flustered any time daichi surprises him with back hugs) but he enjoys the quiet touches: hands brushing, fingers linking, knees and thighs touching, soft kisses to shoulders.