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“I love you Lexa” - #clexa

Clarke: *casually,yet nervously walks passed the guards and goes up to Lexa holding a note in her hand*  Lexa? Can I have your help translating something? It will only be just as second.

Lexa: *tilts her head to the side like a confused puppy*  What is it Klark? Is everything okay?

Clarke: Oh no, everything is fine! It’s just….Octavia wrote this down in Trigedasleng and I was hoping maybe you can tell me what it says…?

Lexa: Of course Klark. May I see this note?

Clarke: *nervously hands the note to her and stands there silently*

Lexa: *takes the note and reads it before translating* Ai hod yu in Leksa Kom Trikru. It says “I love you Lexa of the tree people.” 

Clarke:…..*gives Lexa a small smile*


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forgedbythesea  asked:

Hey Mark, my birthday is in two days(26th) What's the likelyhood we see more Partner in future commander sets? I've seen a lot of people being unreasonable in practically demanding it be printed in normal sets.

I think there’s a much better chance of seeing it in a future Commander deck product or possibly a supplemental set that leans towards multiplayer play.

She only smiled once. But it was worth it. The whole fucking world glowed with a single grin.

She only got vulnerable around Clarke. This painful expression kills me every time.