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Quick question: do you think that title has a double meaning? Because, to me, there's the obvious one where we're being told not to remember something. But then, there's another way you could take it: we, in the can videos, "don't remember". It's not a command, but more of a statement- a phrase. We "don't remember", because we're not Y/N anymore.....but someone thinks we are.

ooooooooOOO…… That is an interesting possibility- but I don’t think Dark (out of anyone else) could forget someone like “us” from the events of WKM.

Dark wouldn’t make a mistake like that…. Though if he did, that is an interesting concept.

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OMG STEPH can i request a chris beck one shot where he comes home from work really late (and it’s been happening for like, a month) and he notices the reader is super sad bc they haven’t properly seen each other in a long time and she’s been feeling weird about it and they have this whole talk/argument about their relationship ((((bonus points for angsty shit.... but ending on a happy note????)))

your wish is my command

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She only smiled once. But it was worth it. The whole fucking world glowed with a single grin.

She only got vulnerable around Clarke. This painful expression kills me every time.

lesbian culture is finding a fictional wlw ship to obsess over and then being broken inside when the writers inevitably kill them off EVERY SINGLE TIME.