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Okay. So Basically I will be making an appreciation post for every member because some people in this fandom don’t seem to realize that BTS would probably not be where they are today with EVERY MEMBER! Not just Jungkook or Taehyung. ALL. OF. THEM.

A member who seems to go really under appreciated is Kim Seokjin. One of the VISUALS of BTS. I understand that people can have their favourites, but hating on them and telling them to leave is just out of line! Yes, Seokjin isn’t my bias or main bias wrecker, but I still fucking appreciate him. He is a human being. And DESERVES to be treated like one. I don’t like the fact people walk all over him like he’s nothing. He has exceptional vocals and has a wide range as well. I loved his solo song Awake, because it just goes to show just how powerful and soothing his voice is.

Now I haven’t been part of ARMY for very long. I’m still in my first year. But I’ve noticed a large amount of hate going around about Seokjin and some of the other members. And people can agree with me there. The fact that some people disrespect Seokjin is just down right disgusting. You’ve disappointed other ARMY’s and you’ve disappointed BTS. 

Okay, I may of went a little bit overboard and this has turned into more of a rant. Allow us to move on to the appreciation part.

First off. We need to talk about Seokjin’s Visuals. Like damn. I didn’t really think he was that attractive at first, but now. Holy shit I need Jesus.

I don’t understand how people could say that Seokjin doesn’t deserve to be part of BTS. He’s such an attractive human being and if you can’t see that you either 1. Have bad taste. 2. Need to get your eyes checked. 3. If you already have glasses get them checked again. And 4. Ain’t a real ARMY. (lol jk)

But on a serious note here, Jin was crafted by the Gods, along with the other member of BTS. If I hear anyone say he doesn’t deserve to be part of BTS, in a non-joking matter I will fight back. And I will win because so many more ARMY’s can agree unless I’m like on my own with this… Then that’s a bit awkward.

Ahm. Let’s move on. While his visuals certainly make a lot of boys and girls hearts melt, I think that one of the main things is his voice.

Jin’s song Awake… Makes me very emotional. Even though I don’t understand what he’s saying most of the time, his vocal range and the melody of the song really gets to me, it’s my second favourite song out of their solo songs, and I believe that Jin has proven to us and BigHit that he truly has an amazing voice. While he may not get a lot of lines, he certainly puts all of his efforts into those lines and makes an effort to make ARMY’s smile. Or cry.

Next Jin’s lovely broad shoulders. He looks so… ugh just so good! His broad shoulders could be the death of me honestly, and I love the fact that he loves to flaunt his perfection. It makes me happy to see that he’s happy himself, with his bad dad jokes and great cooking, makes all of us smile (except Yoongi -_-)

Perfection at it’s finest!!!!! With the collar and the shirt just ASDFGHJKL Please APPRECIATE HIM MORE!

I love EatJin so much! I love the fact he isn’t afraid to eat or show off how much he loves food. I was honestly so happy to watch him eat with the other members, because I sometimes worry about their dieting… (Even though it’s not really my place to worry)

And he just looks so happy when he eats, it makes me happy. He’s honestly an angel and deserves to be treated like one. He’s such an important part of BTS, and if you can’t see that. There’s something wrong. The fact some ARMY’s hate on him, or say he can’t sing, is just down right disrespectful and rude. How dare you say that about him, or any other member in BTS. And not just BTS, other groups and other people. If you don’t it to be said to you. DON’T say it to them.

Now I could go on and on about how amazing Seokjin is, but I would like to keep these short, as I’ll eventually go into ranting again. So instead have some lovely gifs of Kim Seokjin. <3

Oh and one more thing!

PLEASE APPRECIATE HIS KISSES <3 And appreciate him as a person! Goodbye, my friends :)

Torn Part 8

You can read the other parts here.

You finally made your way to your apartment and Jen gasped in horror when she saw your condition.

“Eric did this to you?” Jen asked shocked as she help you out of his lounge pants and t-shirt. She gasped when she saw all the welts and bruises all over your body.

“I need a hot bath.” You told your best friend.

“How could you let him do this to you?” Jen asked as she followed your naked, swollen body into the bathroom.

“He didn’t do anything to me I didn’t want him too.” You told her as put in the tub stopper and turned on the hot water.

“Have you seen how you look?” Jen pulled you over to the full-length mirror. She was right you were black and blue almost everywhere and welts were forming all over your body. You sighed as you looked over your body and turned to look at your back which showed long nail scratches that were bleeding a little and welting up.

“My God what did he do to you?”

“He made me come at least three times and they were so intense Jen I thought I was going to pass out.” You told her as you lowered yourself in the tub.

“Was it worth it Y/N?”

You looked over at Jen and thought a moment before answering.

“Yes. Yes it was worth it.” You felt your core throbbing and thought of your pain pills.

“If I knew he would be this rough I would told you to go to Four.” Jen said as she looked you over again.

“Jen can you get me some pain pills and a glass of water. Jen was hesitant to leave you but she did as she was told. As you laid in the tub your felt Eric’ cum seeping out of you and plopping down in the water. The warm water felt so good against your bruises and welts. After popping some pain pills you slowly got out he tub and dried yourself. Looking in the mirror, you were glad your face and neck were healing. You could easily hide Eric’s marks with long sleeves. After putting on a sanitary pad and your pajamas, you slowly crawled into bed. You dreamt of Eric all night and woke up sore and wet. You had an orgasm in your dream. Eric could bring you to an orgasm even in your dreams. You winced with pain as you got up to start your day. You were glad the next several weeks you would be sitting at a computer and not training initiates. Your body was sore and stiff. You decided to take the elevator to work and meet Jen there who already started to sprint down the stairs. You leaned back and closed your eyes as the elevator descended and stopped at a lower level where Four got on. Shit! You looked away from him as you knew he was still pissed at you.

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Prompt #10 (Omegaverse; A Day in the Life timestamp)

With a smooth flick of his wrist, Hannibal expertly slit the cardboard box that had arrived on his doorstep that morning. Already knowing its contents, he patiently brushed aside high-grade packing materials and lifted out the well-protected black velvet box from layers of bubble wrap. The new omegan collar glinted in the light, without a speck of dust or smudge to be seen— even on the high-shine platinum tag affixed to it, that declared Will to be Hannibal's property. Will would appreciate that detail, he thought proudly. 

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here you go !! sorry its only a sketch my tablet pen broke and  i had to put in a order for a new one !! i hope you don”t mind . keep checking back for the colored version when i get my tablet pen in !

i take requests SFW and NSFW 

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You and me || USUK fic snippet


“What so?”

“I need an explanation.”

“What for?”

For this–

The statement echoed almost as a shout - in that small locker with little space, the displeased voice couldn’t be any more clear about the obvious protest. Even so, the green eyed boy attempted an exasperated gesture, motioning to both of them. Squeezed against each other, the boisterous American was just— too close.

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Hello, lovelies! :) Here are the spare prompts from the Larry Smutty Fanfic Exchange.

1. A Percy Jackson/Camp Half Blood AU where Harry and Louis are demigods. It’s up to the writer who their godly parents are :) If there is any smut, I’d be super grateful if it was bototm Harry :)

2. A Fraternity!AU where Louis is the Pledge Educator of Omega Chi, the top fraternity on campus, Niall just wanna have fun, Zayn is the closeted Omega Chi legacy and pledge (and maybe is a little bit in love with an Irish blonde), Liam is a religious Baptist who falls hard for the Zeta Beta Zeta president and Harry leads the Kappa Tau Gamma, trying hard not to fuck Louis every chance he gets. Or maybe not. 

Or a shameless inspired Greek!AU.

3. The Incredibles AU with adult Harry and Louis and their kids as an awesome crime fighting family. Their super powers doesn’t have to follow the movie, that can be entirely up to the writer. Just something fluffy and humorous :) If there is any smut, I’d be super grateful if it was bototm Harry :)

4. A very descriptive smut of hades Louis fucking his beautiful persephone harryPersephone is the god of flowers and such so harry should be ethereal, and probably wear pastel colours and have flower crowns in his hair, but also harry would be the Queen of hellLouis should just be a dick to other gods and the hell bound but when harry comes over he should become mushy.Maybe one day harry does something wrong and as a punishment Louis uses pain and humiliation as a kink, maybe even some exhibition to all the people in hell?????I haven’t found anything like this so if anyone is willing to write this I will be the first to read. (Additional tags: biting kink, Devil, exhibition kink, Flower Crowns, Hades, Hades Louis, Humiliation kink, Pain Kink, Persephone, Persephone harry)

5. Luke and Michael try to kiss each other like there’s no tomorrow, it turns Harry on. So he decides, after a couple of minutes looking at the spectacle, that Louis has to be fucked.NO DADDYKINK and bestiality that are my only restrictions. (top Harry)

6. Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics- Harry, a powerful Alpha, chooses Louis to be his mate. Louis, an Omega, is very happy about this and wants nothing more than to please his new alpha. Kinks- Self Lubrication, Knotting, Collars & Leash, Daddy Kink, Dom/sub. Extra love if they’re werewolves!

7. Bascially Harry and Louis fuck publically onstage during a concert (add anything to make the story better, I suck at writing so) some tags I couldn’t use so blowjob, top Harry, bottom Louis, harry cumming on Louis’ face (Additional tags: Watersports, Exhibitionism, Public Sex, Daddy Kink, Dirty Talk)

8. Prompt: Louis is Harry’s teacher. Harry tries to seduce him and Louis gives him a detention for it. There Harry gets thaught a lesson that says: Never mess with a person who has authority.NO DADDYKINK and bestiality that are my only restrictions.

9. Prompt: Louis (about 23/26) decides to take his siblings and some of their friends to a beach house. How was he supposed to know some of those kids were 18 already? How was he supposed to deal with no sex for three weeks when it’s been a few months already, especially when there’s a kid with long curly hair and green eyes watching him from the couch- a kid that had been flirting with him for the past few hours, a kid that decided to stay in the house when the rest of the teenagers went to camp miles away on the beach. How can Louis not break and give in to the kid? (Even though Louis is older I’d like to see Harry control him and manhandle him and just sex sex sex, on the couch, on the floor, in the shower) (I’d also really love for it not to be like a one-time thing if possible and maybe lasts even after those weeks are over?)I’m a sucker for Dirty talk and teasing. Any other kink apart from the one listed in the prompt is very welcomed.If there’s angst at some point, it needs a happy ending, please.I don’t mind who tops and who bottoms. That’s basically it, thank you :)

(Additional tags: Strangers to Lovers, Flirting, Sexual Tension, Explicit Sexual Content, Manhandling, Size Difference, Happy Ending)

10. 17!harry and 19!louis. Harry begs Louis to get a tattoo with him, and he actually does, and Harry is so happy because he loves Louis and he thanks him by sucking him off for the first time because they’re still just “laddy bro pals” and that can lead elsewhere, or end there :)

If you are interested in writing any of the prompts, please do it for the exchange, not just take the prompt and run with it, okay? ;) Here is an info post about the exchange and its rules, deadlines, etc. If you have questions or are interested, shoot me an ask here, telling me which prompt you’d like (the number), your e-mail address and your ao3 name. First come, first serve, so hurry! ;)

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