no more animal cruelty

It’s funny because all the people who are anti-vegan and have knee-jerk reactions………actually agree with the principles of veganism:

- animal cruelty is wrong
- eating more fruits and vegetables is good
- pollution is bad
- protecting and preserving the environment is good
- exploitation is immoral
- it’s wrong for wealthier nations to take advantage of poorer nations
- destroying people’s homes and lands for the benefit of business is criminal
- those who can, SHOULD do what they can to limit, decrease or stop their contribution to and participation in harmful practices

But it’s the word ‘vegan’ that they don’t like.  

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Heya, I'm new to the whole punk culture ('cos I'm young, naive and sheltered :/), but I was wondering if you could give me a rundown of what punk stands for. Like what's important, what's not, what's punk, what's not etc? I just wanna be punk and help change the world.

Punk is loving the oppressed and fighting against the oppressors. That’s putting it simply. Being punk is taking affirmative action whichever way you can to fight against the injustices authority, the government, social norms, and laws have given us. It’s standing up for what’s right while rockin some studded leather.

-mod kip
Sign the Petition
Imprisonment sentence to animal abusers who pour boiling water and burn to death

I wish I could bear more punishment for animal cruelty.

I was in such a cruel affair that I hurt my heart.
I think that it is necessary for a criminal of this animal abuse to have a heavier sentence.
If this guy does the same thing to a person he will probably be sentenced to death.
Why will not it be punished as much if the subject becomes a small animal?

I hope that a lot of signatures gather.

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its kind of funny that some think that last ch is the worst thing that happened in the manga bc its not, but for the first ishida is not hinting what happened but showing it, just in the tsukiyama arc kijima viciously tortured 2 servants of the tsukiyama family and hairu slaughtered those who tried to buy time for tsukiyamas escape (to the point it make haise feel disturbed) and last arc furuta and co. killed the washuu, last ch may be disturbing but is not the worst by far

This is an interesting point.

Ishida has been far more explicit in showing Mutsuki’s crimes, which makes them so shocking. And of course, selecting issues that absolutely will upset the audience more – animal cruelty and sexual violence.

But Ishida has an entire cast of characters that have done horrible things. So many in the cast have committed acts of mutilation, torture, abuse, or thrill-killing without a second thought. We just usually don’t…….get as much graphic detail.

Juuzou mutilated ghouls to a horrifying degree during his introduction arc, but we didn’t /see/ the results of his actions.

Tsukiyama routinely predated in all kinds of ways other ghouls considered “sick” and “twisted”, but we didn’t get much detail on it.

Chie can watch people being maimed, tormented, tortured, and killed without blinking. She’s utterly detached from the suffering of others, and doesn’t find it horrifying as a normal person would.

Eto engaged in all sorts of sadistic and horrible actions, destroying bodies and minds. 

Takizawa killed and ate people he knew.

Everyone is incredibly fucked up in this series, and few are without some blame. It’s mostly that Ishida has chosen to manipulate our emotions this time around, through showing us graphic detail and using things that are harder to deal with.

the fact is PETA has done more to expose animal cruelty of all kinds on all scales and bring it toward the forefront of public consciousness than any other organization or entity in history

the shock value advertising they use, the animals they euthanize in their own shelters, everything people hate about them - doesn’t erase the fact above

you can be aware of and call them out on their shit while still respecting the undercover work that has been accomplished by so many strong, determined individuals that have nothing to do with the advertising or shelter work in the organization

Family Troubles Part 1

gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns

Pairing: Sebastian Lund x Reader (featuring the NOLA squad)

Word Count: 1,989

Warnings: angst

A/N: There are four parts to this mini series! This will not be a fluffy series lol. There maybe be fluff at the end to compensate for the hurt feelings, but other than that RIP YOUR FEELINGS. Feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

Part 2

Sebastian was sitting in his lab, working on forensics for cases unrelated to NCIS.  He was glad that he wasn’t working on anything for NCIS right now.  It would remind him of you, and he hadn’t seen you in over a week.  You were apparently taking some personal time and that worried the forensic agent.

Loretta came into the lab, bringing stomach contents with her.  She could tell that something was wrong with Sebastian.  He wasn’t as talkative as he usually was.  The coroner set down the jar on the counter behind Sebastian.

“Okay what’s got you so upset,” Loretta asked, concerned evident in her voice.  “Every time I see you, you’re moping.”

“I’m not moping,” Sebastian mumbled.  “I just-  I’m concerned about [Y/N].”  Sebastian sat up straight and faced Loretta.  “There has to be a reason that she took off this much time.  What if she doesn’t come back?  What if she leaves like Merri did?”

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Fuck you pathetic bitch begging for people to buy you shit on Amazon. You fucking tumblr social justice warriors are like "Oh no I cant go vegan!!! I have excuses!!! Youre ableist!!!" Fuck you. Fuck you and all of your bullshit. Veganism is a social justice cause that advocates for no more animal cruelty. Youre just trying to justify your shit eating habits with any stupid fucking "vegans only care about American animals, so ethnocentric" FUCK OFF BITCH

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What religion do you think your beliefs lean more towards?

Well I do yoga, meditation, philosophise, animal-cruelty free, astrology, mythology etc. which are more towards eastern religion

But I have read bible and I do love Mother Mary, Jesus and all the saints so 🤷🏽‍♀️I always pray everyday too. But I’m not sure if I just enjoy the bible because it is based on a lot of older philosophical knowledge for example it was Plato who said there is one God and that God is love, thousands of years before:
“Western science, philosophy, and mathematics, Plato has also often been cited as one of the founders of Western religion and spirituality.Plato’s influence on Christianity is often thought to be mediated by his major influence on Saint Augustine of Hippo, one of the most important philosophers and theologians in the foundation of the Western thought.”

I do enjoy the poetic, philosophical and spiritual dimension of the bible. But you’ll never find me preaching or forcing my beliefs on anyone, because first of all that’s irrational and based on emotional bias not Reason. I just appreciate and embrace all human contributions, despite what part of the world they come from. I’d rather remain open-minded then trapped in one belief system, to live a life in vain because of my own self-righteousness. All humans are beautiful, all cultures are beautiful and inevitably religion is going to be a part of most cultures, so I would rather accept and embrace than be vain and expect the world to adjust to my beliefs and dogmas. Basically I’m just water in a vessel 😊❤️🌹

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1) are there any animals you think are underappreciated? Name them!

There probably are many animals who are underappreciated, but if I know any, I find it difficult to think of them right not.

2) not a question, but tell us a memory you hold dearly, please.

A friend of mine got a bad grade in biology once… I have social anxiety, so I was too scared to offer to go to the bathroom with her… but when she came back, she sat next to me, head on the table and arms around it; 

She was visibly shaking and trying not to cry again, so I gently took her hand and she grabbed it and held it so tight I think I lost circulation. She held it for the rest of the lesson.

We never talked about it, but I feel that she was grateful for my support… it made me happy to know I could be there for her.

3) are there certain smells or textures that make you happy? (eg clay in your hands or the smell of clean linins)

The smell of rain and freshly cleaned clothes are calming unlike anything else. The textures of some tissues are very pleasant too… grass is pretty nice to the touch… water is also strangely fascinating.

4) know any weird but interesting facts? Mind sharing?



5) if you could have the abilities of one person from any work of fiction, who’d you choose? Why? 

This one… is a thinker… any person? Oh, I know- one of those people from Star Trek… the ones that stopped the war between The Federation and The Klingon Empire? The ones who had developed beyond physical form?

What were those called…?

6) what would be your three wishes from a Genie?

First: I would wish to have superpowers. I will gladly take the great responsibility that comes with the powers if I could be able to fly.

Second: I would wish for World Peace. No more wars, acceptance of all races/religions, no more hate, no more poverty, no more abuse, no more animal cruelty, acceptance of all sexualities and genders… that would be my second wish.

Third: I would have to think deeply about it… I am not sure what I would wish for.

7) are there any color pallets/colors/patterns that you find painful to look at?

Oh boy, yes there are. Anything too saturated is usually painful to the eye. Mostly green and yellow.

8) what’s one thing you’d like to do for fun, just once?

Just once…? Maybe go to a concert… I would go just to see why people love them so much, but I do not think it appeals to me.

9) (this is a strange one) do you like the feeling of being pet on the head?

Not on top of the head, no… but the sides, just above the ears: definitely. If I could purr, I would.

10) would you rather be a jack-of-all-trades? Or a master of one?

Master of one… though I think the quote goes ‘jack of all trades, master of none’.

11) how about a small obscure show/movie/game that you really love, but never got the love you think it deserves(d)?


No matter which games I get involved with over the years, Journey will always be my favorite one. There is no talking, no narration; it lets you discover the story by yourself.

It holds such beauty and it has such phenomenal music… I feel like not many people appreciate it as I would like it to be appreciated…

My questions:

1. Who are you closest to at the moment?

2. What are five of your qualities?

3. Do you support the LGBTQA+ community?

4. Have you moved away from your country of origin? Do you plan to?

5. Favorite language you have learned/would like to learn?

6. Would you rather lead or follow?

7. Do you practice any self-defense sports? (ex. martial arts)

8. Would you rather live on Earth, another planet or in space?

9. What never fails to make you happy?

10. What is your sexuality? Or, if you are uncomfortable with that, do you live in a house or an apartment?

11. What is your goal in life? It matters not up to what point; just one of your current life goals.

Bonus: What is something you would like to do at one point in your life?

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Hi Dr. Ferox. I have a question in regard to the ethics of the procedures declawing/ear cropping. A veterinarian I worked with explained to me that she will declaw a cat because she fears that if she does not do it herself, the owner will find a way to have it done, and that way may not be through a licensed veterinarian. Do you think denying people such a "service" may lead to the animal being harmed by unlicensed people attempting to do it themselves? What can be done about this? Thank you.

I seriously hope there isn’t some layperson going around chopping off the last bone of a cat’s toes because a veterinarian declined to do it. If that is happening, both the owner seeking the procedure and the non-veterinarian should be heavily prosecuted for animal cruelty and performing acts of veterinary medicine without a license.

Originally posted by softly-satanic

Some vets will reluctantly agree to perform declawing of cats as a last resort because they feel that they understand just how much pain the cat will be in and use a higher quality analgesia protocol than another vet might. They feel that if it’s going to be done somewhere, it might as well be done by them with practiced surgical technique and the best quality pain relief available.

They may also believe that the cat will be rehomed, abandoned or euthanised due to not being declawed, and that therefore performing the procedure effectively saves the cat’s life. I think this belief is false, as the procedure is illegal here in Australia with no difference in the oversupply of cats. If someone is going to surrender their cat, they will do so. If they don’t have the surgical declawing option, which they perceive as an ‘easy’ solution, they are more likely to pursue a better compromise like soft paws or regular nail trimming.

Ear cropping is a little different in that it is a 100% cosmetic procedure with zero medical benefit for the dog. It’s only done for human aesthetics because somewhere along the line dog breeders decided that surgically altering a dog’s ears to the desired shape was easier than breeding them that way. It should be banned and universally condemned. If you want a breed with straight ears, then breed them to have straight ears. No breed should require surgery to ‘look right’.

Cat declawing, dog ear cropping and dog tail cropping are banned in Australia without a specific medical intervention, as it should be. Dog breeds that were traditionally docked and cropped have had no downturn in popularity, no increase in injury, and more and more breed clubs have banned surgically altered dogs from being shown. These are steps in the right direction.

If somebody attempts to dock tails or crop ears at home, they can be prosecuted for animal cruelty and I have had no hesitation in reporting them in the past. When I graduated the ban had only just come into effect, and many old school ‘breed enthusiasts’ were moaning about it. They complained that ‘young vets these days didn’t really understand dogs’ and similar such nonsense. They’ve had to get over it, and dogs get to keep their natural ears and tails as a result. Interestingly, Rottweilers in general seem much more confident with tails.

As veterinarians we are supposed to promote good animal welfare. That’s what started us on this path, right? Most (all?) professional veterinary associations condemn declawing, ear cropping and tail docking.

If we don’t decline to do unnecessary cosmetic surgery, then public opinion will never change, and the demand will never lessen. We owe it to the countless future dogs and cats yet to be born to speak out against these practices. This it why even if they were legal down here, I would personally refuse to do them.

(As a side note, desexing is entirely different. Desexing has a proven medical and social benefit, and is only soft tissue surgery compared to a partial amputation or cutting away cartilage. Far less pain, far more benefits.)

i can’t believe how hypocritical white people can be. the yulin dog meat festival is absolutely inhumane but it’s a part of the province’s culture exactly how factory farming has become part of western culture. if the chainsmokers really cared about animal cruelty, they would advocate for more than just dogs. white people love talking about how crazy some asian cultures are for eating cats and dogs but they turn around and eat cows and pigs and chickens like it’s nothing. some cultures find cows and pigs and chickens sacred and refuse to eat them just like how western cultures refuse to eat cats and dogs. it isn’t right to slaughter dogs and i respect his opinion on that but it’s also not right to turn around and support factory farming in the same breath. cows and chickens and pigs and all the other animals that are subject to the cruelty of factory farming deserve the same sympathy that dogs and cats do. unless the chainsmokers publicly protest factory farming like they’ve publicly protested the yulin festival, this means nothing to me.


Animal Cruelty

Even though some serial killers have displayed delight in harming animals, more appear to have enjoyed the vivisection and exploration of dead animals. The morbid curiosity of cutting into dead animals may facilitate the development of deviant sexual fantasies, and played a key role in serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s development - who is pictured above. Understanding animal abuse is an important facet of understanding an offenders later violent behaviour.

In the US a pet can be the object of affection or the target of displaced scorn. Many violent offenders report incidents of childhood cruelty towards animals. According to the Humane Society, animal cruelty ‘encompasses a range of behaviours harmful to animals, from neglect to malicious killing. Intentional cruelty, or abuse, is knowingly depriving an animal of food, water, shelter, socialisation or veterinary care, or maliciously torturing, maiming, mutilating or killing an animal". Felthous and Kellert (1985), in their study of 102 men serving time in penitentiaries, found that cruelty to animal during childhood occurred much more often among aggressive criminals than non-aggressive criminals or non-criminals. In their study, they identified 9 motivations for childhood maltreatment of animals:

  1. To control the animal.
  2. To retaliate against the animal.
  3. To satisfy a prejudice against a specific species or breed.
  4. To express aggression through an animal.
  5. To enhance ones own aggressiveness.
  6. To shock people for amusement.
  7. To retaliate against another person.
  8. Displacement of hostility from a person to an animal
  9. Nonspecific sadism