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While we’re all laughing and shaking our heads at Harry cutting a hole in an outfit worth about $5000 dollars (and that’s just the top half), Columbia is actually out there sinking some true moola moola into this and hoping (knowing) Harry will deliver. Let’s just look at him flying. 

For take off and landing shots they needed a small crane or lift, which has to come with a professional operator who hopefully has good insurance. For the actual flying, they needed a helicopter. But they couldn’t just do it with one helicopter, they had to have two, one for Harry to fly from and one to get the camera angles. Which means they also had to have better cameras because of distance and trajectory. In addition to two helicopters, they had to have two pilots, as well as a crew on the ground and a person or persons to supervise from the first helicopter to make sure Harry doesn’t fall to his death. This won’t be your average helicopter pilot and safety crew, though, these have to be people who specialize in stunts and dealing with crazy people who have a death wish. *cough* Harry *cough*. Also, since he’s thousands of feet in the air dangling from a helicopter, there’s no way for him to hear playback so they’d have to fit him with a high-tech earpiece that wouldn’t cut out in the wind. Another thing they would have to allow for due to the weather was time, and how long it might take and/or be delayed because of it. You can’t just buckle someone into a harness and signal the whirly-bird to take off either, they had to have some form of training exercise beforehand to make sure Harry was fully comfortable with was going to happen before they hauled everyone’s asses on-site to Scotland.  

This wasn’t a day production, this was an intensely thought out and strategically planned project built from the strong will to fly, and the even stronger will to kill me. 


Sheith Month: Day 8 First

A Shrine!Shiro and Student!Keith AU

From Kintsugi by Mool

A crisp snap of a twig like a bone breaking brought Shiro out of his wandering thoughts, its sound out of place in the rhythmic pace of Shiro’s strokes. A tumble of limbs and leaves burst through the trees that lined the edges of the grounds. Messy hair with a few leaves nestled between the locks and vibrant colored eyes surprised Shiro into a fighting stance, broom brandished as a weapon towards the intruder.

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Strip Tease (Thomas Jefferson x Reader)

It’s 1 a.m and I just thought, “what better time to start a story eh?” So here we go.

Warnings: Sexual references, nudity, and possible cursing  

Time Period: Modern

Summary: Y/N works as a stripper at one of the most popular clubs in Vegas when she meets Thomas. Cliche (ofc) Thomas falls in love with Y/n, but she comes from a bad past and has trouble letting him in. This results to fights, distrust, etc. I kinda wanna make a series out of this but we’ll see. (For the most part it’ll be your POV unless stated otherwise.)

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Maria blew a kiss to the crowd as she pranced backstage, smirking at me.

“Good luck topping that,” she laughed. “After my performance, they’ll only see you as an amateur.” I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms.

“Okay Maria, whatever you say. Its totally not like everyone is sick of your same old red lace outfit with the red lip.” I clapped. “I applaud you for being the most boring and unoriginal stripper out there.” She glared at me.

“Oh and you’re original?”

“You know it.”

“Sorry, but there are thousands of strippers out there. We’re a little too late in the game to be original,” she sneered. I chuckled, watching her get worked up was probably the funnest thing about my job.

“That’s where you’re wrong Mary Sue. A good stripper is creative, she thinks outside of the box.” I patted her back. “You just stick to the same old routine. You’re the most basic stripper there is, and honestly your routine isn’t even that good. I’m surprised that you’re still here.” Her mouth formed into an ‘o’ and her eyes narrowed. She was about to say something when Derick, the stage manager, came over and pushed me towards the stage. I waved to Maria as I was pushed along, leaving her red with anger. 

The lights shut off quickly, leaving the large room almost pitch black. I stepped out onto the runway, a blue spotlight revealing me to the crowd. Soft jazz played in the background but wolf whistles and hoots drowned it out. I made my way the pole and starting working my magic, spinning around and doing little stunts on it. Nothing big, but it did get the crowd worked up.

I started with my shoes, kicking them off of the stage onto the floor. Then the sheer coverup I had on. I was still swinging on the pole when I heard something scraping against the floor. A man had pulled his chair closer to the stage, his face unreadable. He wore a magenta dress shirt with a black tie and black work pants. His hair was wild, going in every direction but it looked good at the same time and he had neatly cut facial hair. I slid off the pole and crawled over to him, grabbing him by the tie and pulling him upwards so that we were face to face. I looked into his dark brown eyes expecting to see darkness and lust, but thats not what I saw. If anything it was..curiosity? 

Slightly confused, I rubbed my hands down his chest to his legs. I let my hand lightly brush over his crotch, biting my lip. He didn’t flinch, he didn’t tense up. He didn’t even look like he was hard. ‘He must be gay or something, every guy tenses up by just looking at me,’ I thought. I rubbed on him a little more before giving up and removing the rest of my clothing. I spun around the pole some more, making eye contact with the man every now and then. The song was coming to an end which was my cue to slowly make my way backstage. I heard loud clapping and wolf whistles from the crowd, one man even asked for an encore.  Once I was backstage I was handed a robe and some water, people congratulating me on another successful show. 

Maria on the other hand was furious. Her arms were crossed and she stood in the corner looking down and pouting like a child. Deciding to tease her some more, I walked over and lifted her chin with a finger.

“Head up Maria. Men like confidence,” I scolded. “That is definitely one of the reasons why no man is interested in your show. You’re just a warmup for the real deal.” Maria bit her tongue and pushed me away, storming off to her room. I shrugged, its not like she wasn’t getting what she deserved. She treated everyone and everything like shit, she was rude, and she made people feel inferior to her. I however, was one of the few people who didn’t tolerate her nonsense. 

I sat in the dressing room taking off the dramatic makeup that I had on when I got a knock at my door.

“Come in!” 

Derick walked in and came up to me. 

“There’s a guy who wants to see you,” he whispered. “We didn’t say no because he’s a regular and a big tipper. He has moola hunty, don’t throw away your shot.” With that he walked right back out, allowing the man who wanted to speak with me to come in. It turned out to be the guy who had pulled his chair up to the stage.

“You wanted to speak to me?” I turned from my mirror and stood looking at him. 

“Yep,” he smirked. “Darlin’, I couldn’t help but be fascinated by you.”

“Most men are fascinated by me after seeing my performance,” I rolled my eyes. “Your point?”

“Ah, you’re feisty,” he chuckled taking a step closer. Feeling brave, I did too. “I wanted to get to know you better; truthfully I wasn’t too interested in your little performance.” He took another step closer.

“Oh really?” I raised a brow, taking a step forward.


“And what’s so fascinating?” I pressed, taking two more steps towards him.

“Everything,” he growled. We were now face to face. Well, more like face to chest. I looked up at him, hands on my hips.

“Well, is that all you had to tell me?”

“No-”, he grabbed something out of his pocket and handed it to me. It was a card; a card with his number on it. “How about you call me sometime? Maybe we could grab lunch?” I was slightly surprised that he hadn’t asked for dinner, that would be the easiest way to get into my pants. 

“I told you I’m fascinated by you, I’m not interested in having type of uh..intercourse?” It was as if he was reading my mind and honestly, I was shocked. This man had money, you’d have to be a fool to not see it. His clothes, his posture, just everything about him screamed rich. He was also extremely handsome. No, handsome was an understatement. He was practically a boy-toy sent to Earth to make everyone’s hormones cry out in agony. 

I knew this was a chance for me to escape this lifestyle, this job of practically selling my body wasn’t for me. Sure, it paid extremely well, but having men basically fantasying about me right in front of me wasn’t my idea of comfortable. In fact, it was all I had. Not being able to afford college, this would probably be as good as it gets. I took Derick’s advice. I pulled out my phone and went on it, typing away. The man looked at his phone and excused himself because he was getting a call, leaving the room.

“Hello?” I recognized his voice.

“Hi, so how about lunch tomorrow at two, sound good?” I practically heard his smile through the phone. He walked back in and looked at me, still holding the phone up to his ear. 

“Sounds great.” 

Yeah so I’m probably gonna make this a series just because I have a lot of ideas for it so, yeeeeah. Also, I’m totally up for request if someone has something they’d like written! (Hamilton related of course) 

            J A N E / / The Devil Within (Eskimo Callboy)

                                          I pack up my bags to leave this place
                                     Pick up the pieces and take them with me
                                         Haunted by ghosts across the streets
                                  Lost on the highway, my heart’s beating quietly

                                                     I am turning around
                                          What’s inside of you, inside of me
                                                  (I’m-I’m running away)
                                                   I am turning around
                                         What’s inside of you, inside of me
                                                  (I’m-I’m running away)

                                       I don’t know why you’re running away
                                     The scars will shape you from the inside
                                      I don’t know why you’re feeling dismay
                                   The scars will shame you from the outside

So honestly, punk Eleven is one of my favorite things, so I wanted to make this edit focused around her personal growth and struggles during this time. I’m really proud of how this turned out, so please feel free to reblog it! I would be honored! And PLEASE do not delete any of this text, thank you! (Oh and the music is kind of loud, so just a little warning!)


I never post, nor does anyone care to look at my post, so might as well amirite? This is probably going to turn into a vent at some point.


Alright, second thing. Don’t let others define who you are as a person. Easier said then done, I know, but its a work in progress. If you can’t get those negative comments out of your head, embrace them in a postive way. So for example, lets say someone calls you ugly. WELL GODDAMMN, YOU ARE SO UGLY THAT ITS STUNNING. See? Putting things in a more positive/fun light makes the world seem a lot warmer. Fat? Nah, I’m preggers, and the dad is Markiplier. Weird? Well, at least I’m more intresting to talk to then you are. Selfish? I mean, gotta think about yourself first. Go die in a ditch? Ooo, you could turn that into a song. Like a shitty, emo song and you could make a lot of moola. I think you get the point

Third, don’t change yourself for people. If you wanna change, it should be because you want to. Unless you physically or mentally hurt someone on purpose, you shouldn’t have to change. You, my friend who is reading, are a lovely person who needs love and hugs. COME TALK TO ME I’M LONELY LIKE 25/32.

Fourth, and foremost, teach yourself how to love yourself. Now, that’s a hard thing to do, I understand. I still can barely love myself, but I don’t hate myself anymore. It’s a step in the right direction. But, you have to remember that with bad things, there are good things too. You may have flaws, but you’re still a good person at heart. You don’t have to force yourself to love yourself, but you can learn to hate yourself less. Imagine talking to someone you love and they hated themselves. What would you tell them? If you love them, what gives you a reason to hate yourself? Of course, everyone’s problems are diffrent and I will never know everyone’s story, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try. You’ll never know what you can find on the other side. Sometimes bad, sometimes good.
But that’s what makes life worth living right? With everything bad, there’s something good and something worth living for. Life is a fun ride, you shouldn’t get off it yet.
Unless you threw up on someone on the way, then start running before they catch ya. People are spooky when thrown up on.

So that’s some advice I could offer. Yes, they are very cliche, but you’d be surpised on how many people still don’t listen to them. Perhaps it’s because they are so oversaid, that maybe people are sick of it. Not to sure.

I do hope whoever took the time to read this, will take what I said into consideration. I also hope you learn that I become x10 wiser when I’m so tired I could be convinced as drunk. It’s like 6pm.

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Call Me Noona (Lay x Reader)

 Ciao, my loves~ I’m going to get right to the point on this one: it’s a requested dominant!reader fic, so yeah. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I’m excited. You should be excited. Let’s do this shit! (Warning: I have no idea how sex clubs work in real life. I only know what I’ve seen in the media lol) Hope you enjoy!

P.S. You all love Lay so much, don’t you? He’s my most requested member!

Originally posted by taendelion

It was no mystery you worked at a sex club and for what reason. Because you had that pride of yours, you made sure to tell everyone just why exactly you were wearing the skimpy lingerie and serving crusty business men drinks. 

Money of course. 

 You’d just entered your second year of university and you’d clearly not anticipated the cost, which led you to being a hostess at a sex club. Although you were definitely hesitant at first, the pay was immaculate and since you were still under twenty one, you were put on a pedestal in the club. So to say. 

 The other woman were fiercely protective of you, playfully calling you their baby and so on. You’re not one to refuse being babied, so you went along with it, grateful for the way they looked out for you. It was convenient when some greasy man would try to put the moves on you and one of your busty mother figures would ‘accidentally’ step on his toe with her five inch stilettos.  

 Not only did you think the pay was incredible, but the job itself was easy enough. Just like the famous geishas in Japan (although not as elegant), a man couldn’t force himself sexually on you, you had to give consent first. Usually though, notifying the bouncer was necessary because most didn’t understand that no meant no. They thought no meant yes and that buzz off meant take me I’m yours. Of course, you’d said yes a few times and didn’t regret it. But most of the men you were with were young, single, and kindly enough, making your time with them a little more bearable. 

 Your manager bustled throughout the sparkling club, telling girls to adjust their push-up bra or thong with just a look. Important and wealthier than usual guests were going to be arriving that night, so she was making sure everything was spick and spam, not a single hair or high heel out of place. She finally came over to you a gentle smile on her face, “Since you’ve been here for almost a year _____, the girls and I thought you’d like to wear something…a bit more you.“ 

 She handed you a small -and of course glittery- bag and encouragingly pushed you towards the dressing room, making you suspicious as to what the girls had schemed over behind your back.

 With a sigh, you closed one of the curtained changing rooms and stripped off your old, sexy lingerie, secretly grateful to get out of that uncomfortable bra. You pulled the tissue paper from the bag haphazardly, expecting something cringe worthy like a crotchless thong or see through bra.  

 You were genuinely surprised when you pulled out the cute, white ensemble. It was modest, in terms of looks, and rather flattering. The silky bra was simple, with a delicate pink bow in the middle, and accentuating your cleavage just enough to tease a man. You nearly jumped for joy when you saw that the bottom piece was not a thong, but regular underwear. Still sexy and alluring, but cute at the same time.
You twirled in the mirror, giddy to see your butt cheeks were hardly exposed and walked out of the changing room. Everyone was waiting outside the changing room, their delighted coos and squeals making you blush happily.

 It was said every hostess had her own ‘appeal’, so to say. One girl was ‘quiet’, while another was ‘angelic’; you on the other were supposed to be 'innocent, cute, and youthful with a hint of spicyness’. At least that’s what your manager ecstatically described your appeal as. 

 Speaking of which your manager pulled you to the side, her voice only within your ears’ reach, drowned out to other’s by the thumping music that started because guests were beginning to filter in. She placed her hands on your shoulders, ”_____,“ she was speaking in her mom voice, “A few very, very important guests are going to be arriving soon, and I have a special assignment for you. She pulled out a picture from her bra, handing it to you,
“This is Zhang Yixing, your personal guest for the night. He wanted to be waited on by someone exactly like you, so this is why you’re only going to be entertaining him tonight.” Your studied the picture, taking in his chiseled jaw and kind brown eyes…you gasped, suddenly realizing you knew him. You looked up at your concerned manager, panicking, “I can’t wait on this person, I know him!”

 Your managers perfectly kept eyebrows furrowed, “What? How?" 

 You looked over your shoulder, checking to see if he walked in yet, "He went to the same university as me, graduated just this year. I can’t wait on him, I had classes with him for Christ’s sake!" 

 Your manager gave you that look, the look your mom gives you when your in trouble, "I don’t care if you’ve played beer pong with him at some god forsaken frat party, you’re going to attend to him,” her frown softened seeing your distress face, “I doubt he’ll even remember you _____. He’s young, famous, and wealthy, and you know you need that money if you want to keep attending school." 

 You took a shaking breath, resigning yourself, "I know." 

 Your managers lovely brown eyes suddenly lit up as she looked behind you, "Oh! He’s here _____, look!" 

 The photo of Zhang Yoxing did no justice to the god-like man that walked through the door. He was all suit and tie, dark hair perfect, and lips looking perfectly bite-able. He was unabashedly checking every girl out, his tongue tracing his bottom lip as his eyes flicked up and down the perfect bodies of your friends. You gulped, suddenly intimidated by how gorgeous and confident he was. 

 You spun to your manager, "You’re sure he requested someone like me? Because it sure looks like he’d prefer someone a bit more…flashy." 

 "I’m telling you ____-ah, he requested someone exactly like you." 

 You fanned yourself, suddenly embarrassed by how flustered you were getting, "I’m not in the greatest shape right now. I don’t think I can do this." 

 Your manager looked excited as she pushed you out onto the main floor, "This is what he wanted though! Someone all cute and blushy like you. Now get out there and win yourself some moola!" 

 "B-but!…,” you stuttered, but it was too late to go back now. You gulped once again, fixing your hair nervously as you began to approach his table, the most expensive in the whole joint, hidden behind a heavy velvet curtain in its own little corner. He was accompanied by other young money who were just as attractive to be honest, but you were on a mission and only had one man to please: Zhang Yixing. 

 You didn’t realize how your face was still pink as you tapped on his shoulder lightly, “E-excuse me? Mr. Zhang?" 

 He turned around and his lips parted slightly, his tongue licking tantalizingly over his bottom lip again, "Hello there, gorgeous.”

 You gave a shy smile, “My name is _____, and I’ll be taking care of you this evening." 

 Suddenly around the table, one of Yixing’s friends smirked, his eyes flicking up and down your body, "Wow, Yixing. Looks like you’re the lucky one tonight. If I’d known she was so pretty, I would’ve booked her myself.”

 Yixing rolled his eyes, giving you a sincere smile, “Don’t mind Baekhyun, he’s just jealous because he doesn’t have someone as cute as you.”

 You smiled, finding yourself genuinely pleased at his complement, “Thank you for being so kind, Mr. Zhang-”

 "Please,“ he interjected, taking one of your hands and guiding you down onto the dark patent leather seat beside him, "Just Yixing is fine, ____.”

 The way he said your name sent a shiver trembling up your spin, “Is there anything I can get for you?" 

 He smirked, his hand still holding one of yours. He stroked the back of your hand gently with his thumb, "No. Just you is fine." 

 You smiled, scooting a bit closer to his side, playing coy, "You sure? I just want you to be,” you reached over and straightened his tie for him, “As comfortable as possible. Let me know at once if you need anything." 

 His lips parted in surprise, but he smiled, his dimples showing up cutely, "Oh, I’ll make sure to let you know, ____-ah." 

 You noticed his head tilting down toward yours slightly, but you turned away suddenly, shocked that you were nervous to kiss him, "Um, I…" 

 You froze when you felt him turn your face to his again, his hand gently grasping your chin with eyes full of understanding, "You don’t have to be ashamed _____,” his lips were just a hairs breath away when he chuckled, “I knew it was you all along." 

 You couldn’t breath, but managed to mumble against his soft mouth, "What do you mean?” You could feel your lips graze his with every word. 

 He was lightly tracing your bra strap on your shoulder, his dark eyes watching his finger ghost of your skin, “I mean, that I know you’re the same _____ that I took classes with. The cute underclassman who was always at the top of the class and giving me a run for my money for the top spot." 

 You felt tears prick at your eyes as you turned beet red, wanting nothing more than to crawl into a hole and die, but you managed to choke out, "I’m sorry. Please don’t tell anyone, this is the only way I can make enough money to pay for university-”

 Yixing cut you off, pressing his lips onto yours. You could taste the salt of your tears as he kissed them away, “Don’t worry, by the end of tonight, you won’t be needing this job anymore.”

 You looked at him confusedly, “What are you-" 

 You gasped as he pulled you close for another searing kiss, his tongue begging for entrance as his hands scorched your skin wherever they touched. You finally granted him entrance, which he eagerly accepted, letting his tongue caress every inch of your mouth. He tasted like everything that was right and when your tongues twined and smoothed against each other, you felt truly aroused for the first time.  

 He knotted his fingers in the ends of your hair, his teeth tugging at your bottom lip just enough to tease you. Yes, you were supposed to be sweet, innocent, or whatever bullshit they called it, but in bed, you liked to be completely in control of the situation. As payback for the lip biting, you slipped your hand up his thigh, ghosting over the halfway aroused tent in his pants, making him groan in frustration. 

 You mumbled against his kiss, "Looks as though you’re wanting a little more than some kiss tonight, Yixing.”

 You teasingly unzipped his dress pants, letting your fingers barely graze his now fully erect dick. He gritted his teeth, “Please, _____,” he was practically sweating now, “Is there anywhere more private we can go?" 

 You smiled sweetly, zipping his pants back up and patting his bump playfully, "Of course,” you stood up and took his warm hand, “I did say I’d get you anything remember?" 

 You led him upstairs to your private customer room, letting him walk through the door before snapping it close. Your personal sex room was simple, but romantic at the same time. A king-sized bed was the centerpiece of the room, draped with the softest silk sheets the club could buy. A single nightstand stood to the side, in the drawer contained what you referred to as the 'essentials’: condoms and lube. You liked your room, but you clearly liked it more when Yixing was in it. 

 He looked like a lost puppy standing in the middle of the room, his erection still standing proud. You didn’t notice it before, but even restrained by his pants, you could tell he had both length and girth. With a smirk you walked up to him, draping your arms around his neck as you brought your lips to his. While distracting him with your kiss, you lightly slid his suit jacket from his shoulders, smiling slightly on hearing his relieved sigh. You pulled away from him, his dark eyes looking down at you confusedly, but you just grinned and climbed onto the bed, making sure he got a full view of your ass as you made your way to the headboard.

Yixing smirked, his eyes glazing over with arousal as he reached a hand up to undo his tie. Your own smirk dropped as you watched him let the tie snake off his shoulders as he took his time unbuttoning his shirt. You hardly realized you were doing it, but you were grasping the sheets in an iron grip as you watched him give you a little strip show. You moaned when he bit his own lip, looking at you from under his lashes as he unbuckled his belt. Each clink setting you on edge. You wanted nothing more than to ravish him right then and there. He looked completely fuckable to be brutally honest: slightly mussed dark hair, bruised lips, a light dusting of sweat to accentuate his chiseled body, and his painfully erect dick just hanging out there for you to take. 

 You lifted up a finger and beckoned him closer, your voice breathy but commanding, "Come here, Yixing.”

 To your surprise he obeyed, crawling onto the bed with you in all his naked glory. You were thrilled to bits he wasn’t against your bedroom dominating personality like the men you’d been with in the past were. In fact, by the way he’d shivered, you couldn’t help but think he even liked it. 

 He leaned down and kissed your ribs one by one, making his way down to your hips, his tongue dragging along your skin. You let your hand fall to his dark head and stroked his silky hair as he settled between your legs, your new panties already on the floor before you realized it.  

 You drew his strong jaw with your finger, lifting his chin so that he looked you in the eye. Your tongue traced your bottom lip as you captured his gaze, wanting his full attention on your every word, “Eat me out, Yixing. Make me feel good and I’ll reward you." 

 Yixing was more than happy to do as he was told as he dipped his tongue into your folds immediately. You moaned as he lapped at your already soaked heat, his lips sucking at your most sensitive bundle of nerves. He’d yet to even penetrate you and you were already a melty puddle of goo.  

 You threaded your fingers through hair when he suddenly pushed his tongue into your heat, stroking your insides with his wet muscle. You cried out when he began to hum, his hands squeezing your trembling thighs as you felt the tip of his nose push against your clit repeatedly as he thrust his tongue into your hole. You began to stutter his name awfully, feeling your climax approaching, "Y-Yixing!…Wait!" 

 He pulled back his face full of confusion, "Have I done something wrong ______? Did I hurt you?" 

 You answered by pushing him onto his back, attacking his lips as you tasted your sweetness on them. You straddled his waist, his member pulsing with need against your thigh. He groaned at just the slightest touch of your fingers, his eyes squeezing shut in pleasure. You scooted back, taking a hold of his erection with delicate fingers. Yixing let out the cutest of moans the moment your lips touched the head, tonguing the slit with a smirk. As soon as you took his whole member into your mouth, he let out a strangled groan, his hands racing to your hair. As you bobbed your head up and down at a savory pace, you let your tongue lick up the underside of his dick, tasting the precum that’d been leaking there this whole time. Your own hands slid up and raked down his defined abs before settling on the base of his dick, to pump his member teasingly. 

 His voice rose an octave and you knew he was about to come, but you wouldn’t allow that, you were having too much fun. You gazed up at him, loving how simply distraught he looked in the dimly lit room. His voice trembled with need as he tugged at your waist, ”_____, please!…“ 

 You took his hand off you gently, reaching behind your back to unclasp your bra, sending it sailing onto the floor with the other articles of clothing that had been shed hastily. He tried to prop himself up onto his elbows, but you pressed his chest back into the mattress, straddling his waist in the process. You let your fingers trail across the skin of his shoulders and down his arms until you laced both your hands with his, "Yixing, baby, that was only just a taste of what you’ll be getting tonight.”

 While you’d been sucking him off, your core had become aroused again, dripping lewdly down your thighs and onto the sheets. It surprised you when you felt and saw it because you’d never been so aroused before. You leaned down and kissed over Yixing’s strong jaw, leaving dainty butterfly kisses all over the sensitive skin of his neck, causing him to hiss when you would nip playfully. 

While you were distracting him with your kisses, you’d managed to line your entrance with his member, anticipating the delicious feeling of his thick member inside of you. Biting your lip in want, you slowly slid yourself onto him, his voice cracked as the pleasure hit him too. The two of you sat there for a minute, relishing the feeling of your joined bodies and how perfectly they fit together.

 Lifting yourself up, you teasingly sunk back down onto him, gasping his name. He struggled to free his hands from where you’d pinned them with your own, but as soon as he saw the look in your eyes, he knew that tonight someone else was in charge. You rolled your hips as you simultaneously bounced up and down on his member, your walls squeezing him perfectly. He moaned loudly when you bent down to kiss and suck at his chest, leaving small hickeys in your wake. Although you had him pinned, Yixing still managed to not let you do all the work as he rolled his perfect hips up into you, creating a dance-like rhythm. 

 He moaned, tossing his head back, “Ah! ______!…” You hushed him, leaning down until you were at his neck, “Tonight, I want you to call me Noona.”
If he’d forgotten that he was older than you, he didn’t seem to mind because as soon as you brought your full attention to sliding on his member, he was calling for his Noona. 

 Yixing looked up at you pleadingly, his dark eyes wild with lust, “Faster, Noona!” You complied, turned on by how desperate he was for you to fuck him into oblivion. As you sped up your pace, his erect member smoothly bent with every swivel of your hips, pushing against your g-spot deliciously. You could feel your end approaching and could tell Yixing was about to blow any time now, so you began to bounce on his hips more haphazardly, slamming down in his member aggressively. 

 He cried out as you pummeled him harder, “Please let me come inside you Noona!" 

 You gasped for breath, but still managed to tease him, "You want to come inside of me, _____? Do you love your Noona that much?" 

 Although his gaze was hooded with lust, you saw something real underneath it, "I love her more than anything." 

 At that point you were shell-shocked, releasing his hands and letting him take a hold of your hips and thrust up into you like a depraved animal. His grip on your hips would leave bruises, but for now you were completely content to let him do all the work for once. You orgasmed first, crying his name loudly and clenching tightly around his member, causing him to simultaneously orgasm as well. You milked the hot seed that shot powerfully into you, coating your walls one spurt after another. Yixing groaned after each shot of cum, feeling you tighten around him.  

 You leaned down and kissed his lips gently, your eyes softened with adoration, "Yixing?…" 

 You slid out of him as he pulled you down to his side, his arms wrapping around you comfortingly, ”_____, I really mean what I said earlier.“ 

 You pressed your forehead to his, your noses bumping cutely with each other as you gave a genuinely shy smiled, "Really?”

 He barely breathed as he spoke again, “Yeah. I really love you.” You blushed happily, burying your face into his neck, “So much for the whole rule about falling in love with your client." 

 He propped himself on his elbow and strokes strands of your soft hair, "Too bad you won’t be needing to follow those rules anymore." 

 You quirked an eyebrow, "What do you mean?" 

 "Let me take you away from all of this,” he whispered, his hand cupping your cheek, “I’ll help you pay for university. I mean I know you’re probably to proud to accept my money, but-" 

 You kissed his lips, grinning at his surprised face, "Are you kidding me? I want nothing more than to be able to not walk around in lingerie for a bunch of crusty businessmen." 

 He chuckled, a bright and heart-lifting sound, "You sure? I mean, you’re awfully good at what you do.”  

 You swatted at him playfully, “You would know too.”

Spirituality and Shiva

Shiva is known to grant boons to his devotees frequently, despite whatever sins they might have undertaken. He is called Bholenath, the innocent one, because he is pure in heart and easy to please. Which means, if you love him and worship him, and even if you suffer from self-made defects and weaknesses, you can be sure of his love and compassion.

The images of Shiva evoke in us deep emotions. Those who are inclined to worship Lord Shiva are naturally drawn to him, as they hold him in their minds.

He is a God of supreme simplicity, exemplary humility and austerity. A tiger skin and an elephant skin serve as his garments. His long matted hair is normally tied into a knot or left flowing. He has four arms. With one he holds his weapon the trident. With another, he holds Damaru, a small drum. The remaining two are held in abhaya (have no fear) and varada (dispensing of boons) mudras (postures).

The tiger and the elephant skin symbolically signify his ability to control and transform animal nature. The trident represents the three qualities, namely sattva, rajas and tamas. The damru denotes his connection with the primal sound AUM, the creation of alphabets, languages, grammar and music.

His long matted hair denotes his spiritual life and His great powers. It is also compared to the night sky. He wears a garland of snakes around his neck. Sometimes we see more snakes: one across his body like a sacred thread and two acting as bracelets around his muscular hands.

The snakes symbolically represents his control over desire and sensuality. Sometimes in his ferocious aspects, he is shown wearing a garland of skulls.

The crescent moon adorns his hair like a silver diadem. And the Ganges flows from his head down into the world below.

Here are some Mantras chanted to please Lord Shiva.

1. Shiva Moola Mantra
ॐ नमः शिवाय॥
Om Namah Shivaya॥

2. Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra
ॐ त्र्यम्बकं यजामहे सुगन्धिं पुष्टिवर्धनम्
उर्वारुकमिव बन्धनान् मृत्योर्मुक्षीय मामृतात्॥
Om Tryambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pushti-Vardhanam
Urvarukamiva Bandhanan Mrityormukshiya Mamritat॥

3. Rudra Gayatri Mantra
ॐ तत्पुरुषाय विद्महे महादेवाय धीमहि
तन्नो रुद्रः प्रचोदयात्॥
Om Tatpurushaya Vidmahe Mahadevaya Dhimahi
Tanno Rudrah Prachodayat॥

Om Namah Shivaya!

By K.Nagori

We spend day and night, to correct and excel in our worldly affairs but have absolutely no reflection of the life hereafter? No consideration for what will happen to us after death? Why so? Everyone is engrossed in this effort. But the companions of the Prophet Muhammad (Sallalahu Alayhi Wasallam) and other men of piety, corrected their Hereafter and in return Allah SWT corrected their worldly affairs.

- Sheikh Sulaiman Moola

Credits to the rightful owners Professionals?Marfia!btswords - 2100genre - humour A/N - READ THIS FIRST. But I hope you enjoy this as ive never even tried to write like this before~~Thank you! You remember how you felt when you first got the call, the first answer was ‘fuck no’ because, I mean, who would want to look after some captives from some gang for another gang for 24 hours straight? No one. No matter how many “your our only hope left”, “just this once until we’re back” and “we can’t call anyone else” - s you still give this one a no. But money talks, especially big money. And money said ‘hell yeah’ this time. 

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