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Hi! I don't know if you already did this, but can we have fluffy cuddle headcanons with Kirishima and Tamaki with their s/o? Like, positions to cuddle, cuddly mood, etc. The blog is awesome! Thanks c:

I have no idea if I’ve done this before, after enough requests things get…blurry…ahahah anyway, I’m not off my hiatus, just clearing out my drafts and omegaverse stuff! Hope you enjoy

- Momma Dragon 🐉 🐉 🐉


🍑 Lil’ peach loves to be the big spoon, cuddling you from behind with his arms wrapped around you protectively is heaven for him! Except when you play who can get him hard without activating his quirk.

🍑 That’s not so much fun for him.

🍑 Eijiro is always in a cuddly mood, in fact, the difficult part is finding him when he isn’t in a cuddly mood!

🍑 On a cold day when he has nothing to do, guaranteed he’ll be cuddling you in bed, pressing his strangely cold nose to your neck, pulling high pitched squeals of discomfort/surprise from you.


🐙 This shy lil’ octopus doesn’t mind if he’s the big or the little spoon, so long as he’s close to you, he’s happy.

🐙 He does prefer a position that allows him to hide his face easily since you somehow always manage to fluster him.

🐙 Some days Tamaki needs time to himself, so he’ll let you know when he isn’t in a cuddly mood but most of the time he can overcome his nerves just enough to cuddle with you!

🐙 Tamaki really enjoys cuddles on a nice, peaceful day, it could be good or bad weather, it doesn’t matter to him, he’s purely in it for the quiet natured cuddles!

Sketch commission for @axisthewolf

Axis © @axisthewolf

Slash © @momma-grizzly-bear

Thank you for the support ! <3

Sketch Commission for 6$ is closed for now

One More Time

Alright, here we go again, because I’m tired of all the shit. Tired of all the vague posts some people made, and tired of all the fucking cop outs. So Dip My Toes, come at me if you have a problem. And start off with admitting who you are on Mweor instead of hiding through a tumblr page. First point, Mweor rules are just that. MWEOR RULES. They do not fucking apply to tumblr. And that is why we come here. Yes, some people come here to harass, but for others of us, this is were we can rant with our adult language. Mweor does not allow swearing because of the age population. So we respect that and come here, where we are allowed to and where kids can enter and read at their own risk. Since Mweor is trying to cater to the younger ages, swearing’s not allowed. But adults often do swear, along with kids. So we come here to do the same kinds of rants we would on Mweor, just with colorful language out of respect for the younger eyes, as a want to side step rules.So stop with the fucking “breaking mweor rules” cop out. And you really want to come at any of us with that bullying claim? Good luck. Cause guess what honey, you are the one that’s bullying. Shooting down everyone’s opinions and trying to push us all around. Trying to step on what someone’s personal morals are. That’s bulling sweet heart, we just don’t get our panties in a wad over it. We are all allowed to have our own fucking opinions on the custom stealing shit. Yes, the art is technically Kah’s since she made the site. But an idea, original idea, we are allowed to claim as our own. It is just easier and safer for Kah to not go into straight details about copyrights for her own well being, which I think honestly is smart of her seeing how you and others handle this shit. We are ALLOWED to be upset over a design being stolen if we want to be. And no amount of harassing any of us will change how we feel about that. We are also allowed to have our own opinions on what we think of someone’s actions. Cause everyone has their own morals, and you know what a moral is? A personal ethical view of right and wrong. PERSONAL. You cannot change our morals or tell us they are wrong. And now another thing. Get off of chaotic’s ass will you? You can claim what you want, but I know for a fact you would be just as annoyed if someone stole a design you came up with. Cause that is fucking human nature. We don’t like it when someone steals the idea we worked so hard to create. And guess what else? Here I am, openly talking about it on a post, instead of to one or two friends like you told chaotic she should do. And you know why? because I am allowed to post what I want. So here it is, for all to see. But the catch is, I will not hide behind some vague name, anonymous, or a vague post. There are very few of us who say anything like “You are a terrible person” or anything of the like to people. But we are allowed to admit if we don’t like someone. It is not our problem if the person takes offense to us stating our opinion. I would rather tell someone the truth like that, then fake ass a lie about how I actually do. Because if you know I don’t like you, you won’t expect coddling and petting from me. I can be nice, I can be a very nice bitch if I want to be, but I also do not tolerate shit.  Since Mweor is trying to cater to the younger ages, swearing’s not allowed. But adults often do swear, along with kids. So we come here to do the same kinds of rants we would on Mweor, just with colorful language out of respect for the younger eyes, as a want to side step rules.

Side life update: this has become word vomit and just shows how poor my English is when I’m tired. But one final down and three left.

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I'm not quite sure who writes for who, this is my first time requesting! So do you mind if I can get some headcanons for an S/O who looks and sounds very innocent and kind but after one day someone starts to talk crap about her friends she ends up cleverly roasting the guy on the spot?? For Bakugou, Mirio, and whoever you chose! Thank you so much!! \(^u^)/

Whoever I choose huh? How about I stick with Mirio and Katsuki hahaha? Momma has so little motivation lately so things like this are hard for me, I hope you like this though! It’s the best I can manage in my hiatus state…but have a good day!

- Momma Dragon 🐉 🐉 🐉 


💥 He’s right beside you, throwing swears and insults at the person who would dare mess with his woman.

💥 He’s definitely proud of you and will spend the entire day comparing everyone he can to you!

💥 “Did your girlfriend put a dick in his place today? I didn’t fucking think so dip shit!” – His arm is usually around your waist while he talks; he insists you’re there to hear how proud he is since he couldn’t never tell you that to your face.


🥞 For once, the smile on Mirio’s lips disappears. His mouth is hanging open in shock while his eyes were glued to your small form, your soft and usually non-intimidating voice instead loud and angry, terrifying really.

🥞 The lil’ pancake is actually quite proud of you though and will eventually stand beside you to show his support, once he got over his shock that is.

🥞 He would brag about you for the entire day afterwards! The lil’ pancake is so proud of you for standing up to people for your friends, he can’t believe how lucky he is to have you as his girlfriend!


“El, are you there? El? It’s me. It’s Mike. It’s day 352. 7:40 PM. I’m still here. If you’re out there, say something. Or- or give me a sign, I won’t even, I won’t even say anything. Just, I want to know if you’re okay.”

 (Stranger Things, 2017)

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SunZawa here! Momma Eclipse, if you can, may I request the part 2 of Aizawa giving the sex talk to his daughter Keira? If you can also include his fem!s/o helping him out explaining things that’d be great!! 😊 - SunZawa 🌻

Ahh sure…I don’t remember it well but I hope this sorta matches up? Still on Hiatus but I managed to do a couple of things…hope you enjoy it sweetie…!

- Momma Dragon 🐉 🐉 🐉 

🕶️ The conversation is awkward, there aren’t enough words to describe how painfully awkward this situation was.

🕶️ For the both of them.

🕶️ Not only did Shouta not want to talk to Keira about this particular subject but Keira really didn’t want to talk to Shouta about the birds and the bees.

🕶️ The two of them couldn’t look at each other for weeks, always looking away awkwardly or coming up with bad excuses to go do something else.

🕶️ Eventually you have to interfere and sit them both down, having the proper talk with Keira and trying to reassure Shouta it wasn’t as bad as he had thought.

🕶️ It doesn’t matter if it was that bad, he needs to hear that it wasn’t.

🕶️ Things go back to normal after awhile but a new, silent rule is in place in the house.

🕶️ Any sexual conversations were to be left at the front door.





Here they are y’all! They’ve actually been done for a while now, but I just wanted to make some environments for them before I showed them off. And before you ask, yes I’m working on young versions too. 

A huge thanks to @watermelonacups for helping me design them and generally giving me feedback throughout the whole thing! She also made one of Red’s tattoos which you’ll see some time later. She does commissions, so go throw your money at her dumb face