no mom is not bailing you out of this one

my favorite things from the Women’s March, D.C.
  • little girl holding a sign that says “dear theodosia we’ll fight for you”
  • people cheering when you got off the metro
  • someone was dressed as a middle finger
  • my 52 year old mother: “look at all the pussy hats!”
  • the not one, not two, but three mothers who were breatfeeding their children as they marched (the most metal thing i’ve ever seen)
  • “if you get arrested we aren’t bailing you out” “why are you only talking to me” “olivia, look at you”
  • the little girls (like 6 or 7), chanting “show me what democracy looks like!” and their father responding “you are what democracy looks like!”
  • the same little girls high fiving passing marchers
  • this exchange between my mom and brother, on how long it takes to move half a million people: mom, “this must be what moses felt like for 40 years” brother, “well he only had to deal with a gold calf, not a golden shower”
  • the fact that there were SO MANY women that we all decided to use the men’s bathrooms as well as the women’s bathrooms
  • starting a chant of “love trumps hate” as we marched past the trump hotel
  • really all of the chants though
  • “can’t build a wall / hands are too small”
  • (women) “my body my choice” / (men) “her body her choice”
  • passing a big portrait of obama and everyone shouting “thanks obama!”
  • some people were bouncing up and down (for warmth, idk?) and one guy said “think about it: if we get everyone to do this it’ll be the world record for most number of people doing this”
  • the number of old ladies in attendance
  • a man holding a sign with a downward arrow that read “angry feminist dad”
  • “we shall overcomb”
  • the federal mint has harriet tubman’s face on a big banner right next to washington, lincoln, and hamilton!
  • honestly there were so many moments i probably can’t list them all

reblog and add your own faves and the city you were in!!

Me and my mom talking about my shirt I'm ordering
  • I'm ordering a "love trumps hate" shirt
  • Me: Mom I'm getting a love trumps hate shirt
  • Mom: don't wear it out in public
  • Me: Why
  • Mom: cause one of them trump support psychopaths might hurt you
  • Me: let them try, they even attempt to touch me it's gonna be the last thing they do before they get put in the hospital.
  • Mom: ... I raised a strong woman I'm proud of you, and I'll come bail you out of jail

despite all the other bull that happened this ep,can we all talk about Isak’s friends

like they literally give zero shits that hes gay and are treating him the same as always
-magnus being like ‘oh youre THE even eh?
- all deciding to embarrass him to filth like ‘oh yeah you know he bailed on our plans for you and forced us out of the house right?
-one of them called even ‘this hottie’ like a bro can call another bro hot even if theyre not gay, like we’re mature adults and dont have some stupid masculinity complex
- when even makes a joke about it being good that they werent there, they laughed, yes 17 year old males laughed at a sex joke even though it was about two guys
- have i basically mentioned they dont give 2 shits and arent your stereotypical male teens, such a proud mom

GOT7 MTL | To be annoyed when you choose hanging our with your mom instead of them

| Got7 mtl to be annoyed when you tell them you have to bail out on hanging out because your mom had a unexpected day off and you wanted to hang with her | i love my mama so much i would drop yugyeom like a hot sack of potatoes if it meant spending the day w her ~Admin H










I dont think any of them would begrudge you time with your mother, especially if she’s a busy person!!

I think Jaebum might be the one who would be a little annoyed, and he would pout around the dorm until Mark or Jinyoung put him in perspective and he would get over it quickly once he realized how dumb he was being, bc if he had a chance to spend the day with his mom then he would take it in a heartbeat.

Jinyoung, Youngjae, and Mark would be disappointed, not annoyed. I think they would all be more sad that they only have a few days off, even just one day off where they don’t have a schedule or practice or anything that they have to commit too before you and they were looking forwards to spending it with you, but they wouldn’t be annoyed! 

Yugyeom, Bambam, and Jackson would all be the type to ask if they can come along with you and your mom!! they would love to hang out with her bc she’s important to you so she’s important to them!! Especially BB and Jackson bc Jackson worships his mother like she hung the stars in the sky and BB is the same with his mum since she’s all he has! If you just want it to be just you and your mom they’ll totally respect your wishes but they’ll ask you to FaceTime in so they can talk to you and your mom and ask for cute selcas and just try to be as involved as they can without physically being there they’re so soft and cute love them

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Golden Experience. :3c for obvious reasons.

Gold Experience – A precious experience you have not shared with your followers?

When I first left for college, I was in a hurry to get there, and I forgot to pack a few things… and mom had to bail me out.

I swore I’d never bring it up again, but Josuke’ll be heading to college soon enough, and I made a bet with her that he’d do the same thing.

But keep it under your hat, alright?

((Mod’s answer: One precious thing that comes to mind was the time I took my grandpa to feed the geese by our house. He can’t walk very well and was worried he couldn’t get to them, so I lured the geese over to the car and we fed them from inside, and we had a lot of fun together. <3 ))

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Honestly, Michaela is the only one I care about ever. I feel bad for Anneliese, but I would just watch the show for Michaela. Thank you for this site

Obviously, Annalise is the show (and rightfully so cause Viola Davis is AMAZING) but, yeah, I’m mostly watching for Michaela (if this blog wasn’t evidence enough). You’re welcome and thank you!

Speaking of Annalise, I’m happy she’s finally out on bail. Thank God, her plan didn’t backfire like it did with Nate. Also the stuff going on with her mom is breaking my heart. When will Pete and company give her a break??

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Renee constantly crying to her mom when she has a problem strengthens her unprofessional side." This. It's one thing to be close to your mom. It's another thing to have her always bailing you out at the slightest hint of trouble. No wonder she can't function on her own as an adult.


Leia is such an Anakin’s daughter

“Oh, Bail, Breha, what a precious child,“ Mon Mothma said while she rocked Leia in her arms. "And such a feisty one!” she added a moment later as Leia worked one arm, then the other, out from under her swaddlings, curled her hands into tiny fists, and let out a wail that echoed in the palace’s great room. “Ah, you want your mom and dad, don’t you, Princess Leia?”

Queen Breha was already hurrying over to relieve Mon Mothma of a now gesticulating and kicking Leia.

“That’s her feed-me cry,” Breha said. “If you’ll excuse me, Senator… ”

(Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader)


 Requested by: @thecomiccreatures


“Lexi open the fucking door!” I heard him growl through gritted teeth to my stubborn housemate.

I sat on the couch, my eyes on the TV screen. I wasn’t paying attention to Peter Griffin and company though; the last several minutes he’d stolen my attention as he argued with Lexi.

He could stay there wilding all night until the neighbours felt it was necessary to call the police. And I wasn’t going to bail him out. He could rot in there. I’m sure one of his fans would set up a fundraising to get their Samoan superstar out. Or his mom, since he was such a mommy’s boy.

“Go away, she doesn’t wanna talk to you,” my roommate argued with him through the door.

I wondered where she got energy for that. She was always cussing somebody out, day and night. This was perfect for her. She hated Roman. She always thought he was a dick. And he was really showing himself right now.

“Who the fuck’s talking to you though?” he spat.

“Listen, I can call the po-po on your ass right now if you keep running your mouth. Go home, go fuck that bitch that your mom’s obsessed with, leave Y/N alone,”

He stayed quiet. If I knew him as well as I thought I did; he was pacing himself, counting to 10 to calm down. Because really, all jokes aside, if he wanted to he could smash the door open and beat her ass. But that wasn’t his style, even though the feeling for her on his part was mutual.

“Y/N, listen to me, give me one minute, let me explain, and then you can kick me out or punch me or whatever,”

“I can do that for you,” Lexi contributed.

“Lexi, shut the fuck up!”

“Tell him to go,” she turned to me fuming. “Tell him or I’m going to call the police! I’m not letting him talk to me like that,”

Ideally to her that sounded like a peaceful way out, on top of her having one over him by watching him get arrested. To me, I knew what that entailed; unnecessary press attentions, interviews, theories online on blogs, tumblrs, in the news, and hate from his fans. There was no amount of strength in a character that could shield a person from their ruthless comments. And then damage control. No thanks.

“Let him in,” I said quietly.

“What?” Lexi twisted her face in disgust. “Are you crazy? You know he’s just gonna lie to your face and you’ll take him back! Y/N, let him go.”

“Lexi please,” I rubbed my temples, my head starting to throb. “Just - stand back. Let him in, I got it.”

“Tell him you’re just letting him in to wave your middle fingers in his face right? Y'know, like Beyonce said? Then tell him to go call what’s her face with the good hair?” she interrogated me. “Actually no, I’ve seen that bitches Insta, her hair’s thin as fuck,”

“Lexi, please,” I was practically begging at this point, ready to fall onto my knees. She was in my head, giving me headache. “Just let him in, I wanna talk to him.”

She got more angry. Her chest heaved up and down as if she wanted to fight me now instead of him. She took a few heavy breaths and closed her eyes, then a final heavy sigh and looked at me.

“You sure you know what you’re doing?” she sounded more calm this time around.

I nodded, despite doubting that myself. She shook her head and turned to the door.

“You’re a lucky bastard,” she said as she opened the door. “Only because she said so, if you were mine I’d have killed you. And burnt your house, Lisa Lopes style,”

“Well glad I’m not yours,” he said sounding casual as he walked in. “That’s why you’re single. Stop listening to Beyonce, she’s making you delusional, you’re already fucking crazy,”

“And you’re not?”

“Lexi go call that 12 year old boy you’re dating, I’m not entertaining your ass right now,” he said brushing past her.

“I hate him so much!” she growled as she slammed our front door shut, making the photo frames on the wall rattle.


“Uh uh, she’s not your baby anym-”


“What?!” she challenged him, hand on her hip.

“You’re gonna let her stick around like this?” he asked me.

“You gonna let him talk to me like that?” she asked me.

I rolled my eyes and dropped my head into my lap. I couldn’t cope. I started appreciating my parents on a deeper level for raising four children and staying sane and loving. I made a mental note to call them and tell them I loved them.

“Now look whatchu done,” Lexi’s high pitched voice continued. “Stressing her out and-”

“Shut the fuck up Lexi!” Roman and I both exclaimed simultaneously.

She gasped mid sentence, mouth agape as her gaze fluctuated between the two of us.

“Oh, okay, go on take his side, I see you,” she glared at me before she walked off, stomping up the stairs. “And when he’s gone I’m the one that’s gotta play Lemonade to put some sense into you!”

She’d be fine. She always did this. Always one for dramatic exits. At least her acting school was paying off.

“Jheeze,” I sighed and shook my head, suddenly my head felt clearer without both of them screaming at each other.

“I know you’re mad, but hear me out,” he began, scooting closer to me.

I turned away, I knew if I looked at him I’d become weak and fall into his arms. He knew it too, that’s why he insisted on getting closer to me so that eye contact would be inevitable.

“But it wasn’t like that,” he explained, taking my cold hands into his warm ones.

“Roman, I could see it on your mom’s face. She meant what she said,” I shrugged. “I’m not like Amanda, and she prefers her, so you really have no business being here with me,”

“She didn’t mean it like that,”

“Yes she did! I know she did because she said it to you in private, I just happened to be eavesdropping,” I now had tears threatening to cascade down my face. “So I don’t know what you’ve been telling her about me, she just seemed to have the wrong first impression of me. Whatever. I don’t care. She doesn’t want us together so you can go now.”

“She doesn’t control what I do you know, I’m a grown ass man. I love her, but I make my own choices, whether she likes it or not,” he said firmly. “Look at me, look at me baby.”

Like a weak pussy, I did, my gaze softening at his broken expression.

“I have only told her the best about you because that’s all there is to you, I’ve told her about how you make me feel, and everything I love about you. She’s just mad because she wants to keep the Samoan blood going, it’s nothing personal against you. I know my mom, she was saying all that stuff to put me off, but I know you too and that’s not gonna work. I’m not gonna leave you. I’m not gonna marry a Samoan woman just because that’s who my mom wants me to marry. Me and Amanda were done years ago, she’s history. I shouldn’t have kept her pictures, but in my defence, I never cared about the photo albums - my mom’s in charge of those,” he kissed the back of my hand, then he brought my palm flat against his chest. His heart was racing. It felt like this the first time we made love; I remember he told me to feel it beating. “I love you, I know that you know that, so stop looking for reasons to leave. And stop letting Lexi get in your head about us, just in the same way you’re accusing me of letting my mom get in mine.”

“I can hear that bitch!” Lexi yelled from upstairs.

It’s amazing what she could hear when she really put her mind to it. Whenever she left her dishes unwashed or mess lying around and I called her down to clear it up, she always claimed she could never hear me. Selective hearing. It’s a beautiful thing.

“Good!” Roman called back and then turned his attention to me. “I’m all yours, despite what anyone says; my mom, dad, family for that matter. I can make that decision on my own. I trust you to do the same for me,”

“But your mom’ll never be happy for us to be together because I’m not like Amanda. She thinks I’m a savage with no morals,”

He shrugged, “She didn’t say that. But if that were true, I’d say fuck it. But trust me, she’ll love you. She already does, she’s disappointed in me not you - but she’ll get over it because you’re not going anywhere. Besides, I love your savage ways,”

And that last comment worked, it brought a smile to my face. I used the sleeve on my jumper to wipe away the tears and looked at him through my lashes.

“I’m not sure I’ll feel comfortable around her knowing that I’m not the one she wants for her son,”

“Look, I get that. My family’s old fashion and really into our tradition - even I don’t understand it, so of course it’s gonna hit them hard, but trust me on this okay?” He asked warmly, his lips setting into a comforting smile. “She will love you, when she sees what I see in you, she’ll forget all about Amanda. Plus, my dad reaaally loves you. I already know he’s talking sense into her. He’s got your back. I’m the one in love with you, and they don’t have a say in it unless I say they do. Do you trust me?”

I remained quiet, weighing the possibilities and thinking about it. I heard Lexi’s footsteps and soon she was hovering above the upstairs balcony, looking mad as hell. What now?!

“For fucks sake, the man just said he wants to marry the fuck out of you and not some other ex-bitch, what are you really thinking about?”

Roman sighed, “At last, she’s good for something,”

“Cool it dickhead, I’m on your side, I could switch right now if you keep testing me,” she warned him.

“You’re gonna marry me?” I turned to him with a confused face. When did he say or imply that? And really, would he ever?!

“Of course I’m gonna marry you,” he said it like it was common knowledge. “Everyone knows that,” apparently it was. “I would propose right now, but bitch-face is watching and she’s totally killing the mood,”

“You’d actually marry me?” I asked again, just to make sure, y'never know.

“I wouldn’t cuss out my ma for a woman I wasn’t planning to tie-down,”

“You what?”

“Yeah I kinda told her she was being a bitch,”

“You didn’t?!”

“No, I used a much more polite word that implied the same thing, but that’s beside the point,” he smiled. “I’m crazy about you girl, and this thing we got is real. I’m not going anywhere. And you sure as hell ain’t because I won’t let you,”

“Aaaw, he’s not so bad after all. I mean, just for tonight. Nooooow kiss,” Lexi instructed.

“Could you go away please?” I looked up at her.

“Fine, fine, just tryna help,” she held her hands up high and walked away.

I looked back at Roman with an exasperated face, genuinely tired of her antics. She was exhausting, albeit in good ways most times. But my head was still throbbing nonetheless; the pitch of her voice and the way she spoke so fast, wasn’t helping at all.

“For once, I think she’s right,” Roman said softly, sounding like he’s trying to reason with me. “Although, I do think we deserve more than just a kiss,”

“You maybe onto something,” I giggled and he rolled me on top of him.

And I couldn’t think of a place I’d rather be, no matter what anyone else thought.


A/N: I’m really into a hot tempered Reigns right now. How do I save myself?

Like Father Like Daughter

Title: Like Father Like Daughter
Genre: Fairy Tail One Shot
Pairings: Nalu, Gruvia
Word Count: 2138
Summary: Nashi gets into a fight at school with a certain rival and needs her parents to bail her out. High School AU, Natsu!Dad, Lucy!Mom.

Hey! I know it’s been a while since I’ve written anything so here’s a one-shot! I had this idea stuck in my head and wanted to get it on paper, or err on the internet I guess. Not my best and I suck at summaries but please read! I laughed a bit at my own jokes so hopefully you guys will get a laugh too! Comments are greatly appreciated! ~CelestialSpiritQueen

The smell of chocolate chip cookies wafted through the small house as a blonde haired woman bent down in front of the oven, poking a toothpick into one of the cookies. Pulling it out and finding that the cookies were done she smiled and used an oven mitt to pull out the burning tray so that the cookies could cool. Satisfied, she dusted any crumbs off of her apron.
“I thought I smelled something yummy!” Natsu snuck up behind her, snagging a cookie.
“Careful! It’s…hot…” Lucy hadn’t been able to finish as he shoved the entire treat into his mouth without flinching. She forgot how heat never seemed to be an issue with him.
“Perfect! I swear they taste better every time you make them,” the pinkette flashed her his signature grin, swiping his tongue over his lips to get every last crumb.
Lucy gave him one of her looks, the one with her eyebrow quirked up, a knowing smirk on her face and her hand on her hip. “You are just saying that because you want me to make more cookies,” she untied her apron and smacked him with it playfully, laughing as he made a scene about him being hurt from her cruelty. Unfortunately their theatrics were cut short as the phone rang, the shrill tone causing Lucy to reach the phone first and answer.
“Hello? Yes, this is her…wait what?!…yes…I understand…We’ll be right there…thank you…” she sighed, pressing the red button to end the call. Before Natsu could ask, she leaned against the counter. “We have to go to the school. Nashi got into a fight.
A pause…”Did she win?” was the first thing out of his mouth.
“Your daughter was in a fight at school and that’s the first thing you are going to ask?!” Lucy smacked him upside of the head, only feeling slightly bad as he yelped and rubbed the spot where he was hit.
“Sorry…” Natsu mumbled under his breath, not meeting her eyes.
“You better be,” Lucy grumbled, searching for her purse and keys. “Let’s get going and get this over with,” the blonde mother took his hand, leading him out to the car while Natsu was already turning green as he stared at the vehicle.
“Is the school walkable distance?”
“Are you freaking serious?! A whole week suspension??? This is not fair at all!” Nashi bristled, her arms crossed over her chest which was not yet near the size of her mother’s at all. Her brown eyes were narrowed in fury, casting a glare at the boy holding an ice pack to his jaw. “And he gets away with nothing?” she jabbed her thumb over to the boy.
“Nashi, you hit him, he didn’t hit you back,” a woman with a long mane of pale blonde hair answered from behind a large oak desk. She wore a light pink blouse, looking all proper as she tucked a stray curl behind her ear. “You know the school policy.”
“Well maybe the rule should be changed,” the young teenager snapped in return as she paced the room. “I need a lawyer.”
“I guess your parents will have to do,” Principal Vermillion sighed softly. This was her least favorite part of the job, punishing her students. That’s why she usually had Miss Scarlet deal with the punishments but she was busy at the moment.
“Not like your parents could afford a lawyer,” the black haired boy piped up, snickering from his seat.
Ignoring the sting from the remark, Nashi clenched her fists at her side, trying to keep her temper under control. “Shut up droopy eyes! You don’t know what you are talking about!” she snapped. Oh how she wished she could add more bruises to his face. That would show him…
“Enough! Both of you! Stop acting like children and start behaving like the young adults you are!” the principal snapped, causing both students to instantly shut up. Principal Vermillion was usually a soft spoken person but something told them that they did not want to make her mad.
“Yes m’am…” Nashi and they boy, Silver, mumbled in unison, fidgeting in their seats as they waited for their parents to arrive. That’s when the real fun would start.
~ ~ ~

“Now whatever you do, do NOT cause a scene!” Lucy instructed as she and her husband walked up the steps of Magnolia High together. “We can’t change what her punishment is. The only reason we are going is so we can listen to whoever is in charge of discipline explain what happened and take Nashi home,” the blonde reminded him. She smoothed down her hair as they walked inside, her hair going to just above her shoulders. She had cut it not long after Nashi had been born, long hair really was too much of a hassle when she had a baby to take care of and it was still a cute look.
“Yeah yeah I know Mom,” Natsu rolled his eyes, shoving his hands into his skinny jean pockets. Despite the slight chill to the air he only wore a tee shirt but Lucy didn’t question it. She was used to it by now. “What do you expect me to do? Start beating up on the principal or somethin?” he snorted. “Have a little faith in me Luce.”
Blushing, Lucy cast him a sheepish smile as the breeze blew her skirt around her legs. “Sorry I’m just nervous, you know I don’t really think you will do any of that.”
“I do know,” he pecked her cheek. “Now let’s go break out Nashi from this prison!”
“Natsu this is a high school.”
“What’s the difference?”
~ ~ ~

The door to the office opened, Nashi perking up when she saw her parents. Though once she saw her mother’s cold glare she shrank back into her seat. Not only was she in trouble from the school but also from her parents, or really her mother it seemed. Her father didn’t seem too upset as he gave her a wave.
“Thank you for coming on such short notice Mr. and Mrs. Dragneel,” the woman behind the desk stood, extending her hand. From behind the desk she looked imposing but she was a really petite woman.
“I’m sorry we had meet this way,” Lucy shook her hand as did Natsu before they both took a seat beside their daughter as the principal explained everything from what happened to her punishment.
“Do you have anything to say for yourself young lady?” the blonde mother turned on her daughter.
“I was defending myself!” Nashi stood up abruptly. “He was calling my hair stupid and saying things about my family that I couldn’t stand for!”
Natsu nodded in agreement. “I’d say that is a good enough reason to punch him,” he turned his glare over to Silver who was still sitting in a chair, waiting for his own parents to arrive. “You wanna say that my hair is stupid, huh buddy?” he challenged, his slanted eyes narrowing. Silver rolled his eyes and turned in his chair, glaring out the window.
“Even though you may think that Mr. Dragneel, it is in the student handbook-”
“To hell with the handbook. I care about the situation at hand not what some stupid book orders you to do,” Natsu stood up, a defiant look burning in his eyes. “Every situation is different. Sure if some kid punches another just for, pardon my language, shits and giggles give him a suspension, but if someone does it to stop being harassed then something needs to change.”
The room remained silent for a few seconds but before anyone could utter a word in response the door opened up again revealing another couple, a curvy woman with light blue hair and a man with black hair that seemed to shine blue in certain lights.
Silver sat up a bit in his chair seeing his parents and soon his mother was all over him, hugging him close and examining his bruised cheek. “Oh my poor baby~” she cooed. “I’m so sorry this happened but don’t you worry, Mommy is going to make this all better!”
“Mom…kind of hugging me to death,” the teenage boy grunted as he tried to breathe. Juvia loosened her grip but didn’t let go of him as she continued stroking his hair. Most kids would be embarrassed but Silver was used to being smothered by his mother to bother caring.
“Gray…” Natsu glared at the other man, his arms crossed over his chest as he tried to appear taller than he really was.
“Natsu…” the man who Natsu called Gray matched his look right back.
“Oh so you two know each other?” Principal Vermillion laughed nervously, her gaze flickering between the two. “At least that leaves introductions out the window.”
“Can I throw him out of the window with it?” Natsu jabbed a finger over to Gray who snorted, rolling his eyes.
“I’d like to see you try!” Gray snapped back, the two ready to brawl there and then but thankfully their wives pulled them away from each other and calmed them down.
“It’s not worth it,” Lucy squeezed his arm gently as he sat back down in his seat beside her though he was still bristling with anger.
“Anyways we seem to have heard Nashi’s take on it, now let’s hear Silver’s…” the principal redirected the conversation.
Silver sat up a bit more, trying to play it off cool and innocent. “I just made a comment how it was kinda weird to have natural pink hair. I thought she was lying when she refused that it was dyed,” he shrugged. “She just got mad and punched me.” Nashi scoffed but didn’t say anything, probably due to the look her mother gave her.
“How awful!” Juvia hugged her son again, kissing his bruise. “She must be punished for hurting my son! I want justice!”
“He hurt me just as much in words as I did in a single punch!” Nashi couldn’t contain herself any longer. Soon chaos erupted, the noise gradually increasing until…
“ALL OF YOU BE QUIET AND LISTEN TO ME!” Everyone listened as Mavis stood at her desk, her chest heaving in frustration. Realizing that all eyes were on her she straightened, composing herself. “My punishment is final. Nashi and Silver will both receive one week of out of school suspension.”
“Why me? What did I do?!” Silver gripped the edge of his seat so he didn’t jump back up.
“You were harassing Nashi, another form of bullying which I do not tolerate,” the petite woman narrowed her emerald green eyes dangerously at the boy. “Now all of you, you are dismissed.” She practically kicked them out of the room as she massaged her temples.
Nashi and Silver exchanged glares before going off with their respective families. “So Dad…” she started, knowing he would be more on her side. “I’m not grounded right?”
“Of course not!” he bellowed out a laugh. “You defended yourself against a jerk, a family rival even! Though…it’s also up to your mother,” he glanced over at his wife.
Seeing the two pinkettes giving her puppy dog eyes, Lucy shook her head and chuckled. “No you aren’t grounded. I agree with your father with you standing up for yourself, but…” she smirked a bit. “You will have to help out with chores while you are stuck at home.”
“Awww Moooooommmm,” Nashi whined, pouting but went quite after receiving another one of…the looks from her mother. “I mean I am so excited to help you Mom! I know you work so hard and I love you so much.” She hugged her arm to prove her love.
“Much better,” Lucy chuckled softly, kissing the top of her daughter’s head. “I’m not mad at you by the way. I probably would have done the same thing and I know your father would have.”
“Hell yeah I would!” Natsu fist bumped the air. “And I’ve meaning to ask Nash, was it a right hook or…” the two proceeded to talk about different fighting techniques while Lucy listened, a loving smile. It was crazy how alike the two were, and not just their looks. How they both had that mischievous smile, always ready to fight for what they believe in, their passion for protecting those who couldn’t protect themselves, the list could go on.
“We are going to be seeing the principal a lot aren’t we?” Lucy mused to herself so softly that the other two couldn’t hear. “And the town could barely handle one Natsu Dragneel…”

Imagine meeting your brothers for the first time in prison

“Winchester?” the guard called, causing the two guys you were sharing the holding cell with to look up and then frown at each other.

You got to your feet and folded you arms.

“Yeah?” you sighed, “Are you letting me out yet?”

“No,” he told you, “We need a contact to come and bail you out. Do you have anyone in mind?”

You bit your lip. You couldn’t call your mom, she’d get mad that you had managed to get arrested again. You couldn’t call your dad, because he’d left on a hunting trip two years ago and never returned.

“Bobby,” you announced, “Get me some paper and I’ll give you the number.”

“You don’t make the demands, kid,” he grumbled, before walking down the hall to get you what you’d asked for.

“Hey,” one of the guys said, getting your attention.

You raised an eyebrow, “Can I help you?”

“Bobby? Like, Singer?” he asked, and your eyes narrowed.

“How did you know?”

The other guy sighed, “Your dad. He’s called John, right?”

You nodded, once.

They stood up, and the taller one offered you his hand, speaking in a hushed voice, “Sam Winchester. This is Dean. My brother.”

“Winchester,” you repeated, shaking the other’s hand, “Y/N.”

Dean looked to Sam and shrugged, looking back at you.

“Looks like we’ve got a sister.”

Desperate request.

Hello, all. I have a request. My boy is in a very, very difficult living situation right now and is trying his absolute hardest to gain a little financial stability before being pretty much kicked out of his psychotic ex’s house; the only home he ever really knew. It’d be extremely unhealthy for him to move back in with either of his parents, he sadly cannot stay with me as my mom wouldn’t allow it, and I would absolutely hate to see him having to couch hop at friends’ houses again. He’s been through too much already to have this kind of thing become yet another thing to worry about. He had found some roommates at one point to move into a nearby house with to split rent, however all of them at this point have bailed. He has a month before he has to be out and I’m honestly terrified for him.

Below is the post he made on Facebook in regards to how you can help if you can:

“I really hate to do this.

So, with me going through a lot, like still living at my ex’s, working two jobs and still not able to get my shit together financially, trying to find a new place so I can get the hell out of here, it’s really hard for me to save up enough money to get out of this hell and get back on my feet. Even with two jobs, I’m still struggling. I want to get out of here but I don’t exactly want to go back to my parents or be on the street, which right now seems like may happen. I really need some help. If anyone can donate to on PayPal to help me get started on getting back on track, I’d be oh so grateful. Any and all donations are not expected, but are very appreciated. Even a dollar helps. Thank you to my friends and family who have supported me emotionally through this. Thank you so much.”

If you can spare anything at all, he’d be extremely grateful, and so would I. He deserves better than this. He always has.

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