no mistake there


So… do actual people have an upstairs hallway fruit bowl for some reason?

Like, just so you can grab a banana on the way to the bathroom at 3 AM?

…and if so, does said fruit bowl make you make– 

–this face?

I’m so confused.

...I never noticed this before.

It’s simple, but a really nice touch.

When Shaggy and Scooby freak out over Mr. Hyde, Shag runs normally, but Scoob lands on the ground unusually…

and pushes himself off the wall, scrabbling away in a very unique animation.

All the years of Scooby-Doo, and I never noticed that before. For such a small moment, that’s a pretty awesome thing to slip in.

Edit: the queue randomly posted this early, but y’know what? Random Stomach Slide™ is so good, I don’t even care if it’s at the wrong time. It does what it wants.

I think we often forget-like last season, we often forget that Wally is also, like, a bit of a genius…And I can say that we have introduced-or reintroduced more of those elements this season that are pretty fun.

btw today i got a phone call from my grandma and she told me she finally found some of my works to put on a wall and i was so confused because how??? and where?? when finally she explained which pic she used i almost lost it because it’s actually one of araki’s pics with all jojos (which i used for my fb header btw) she couldn’t believe it when i told her i didn’t drew that because even my mom confirmed it’s my drawing (it only shows how often i show my art to my family) also grandma told me that now it’s my drawing because she already showed it the rest of family and some of her friends 

Mystic Messenger V Route

*rolls in*
If the V route is just friendship im gonna quit life :)
*rolls away*