no mind palaces here

new mind palace sequence, listen: sherlock going through those doors in his mind palace and it’s still the hallways of the roland kerr further educational college but instead of redbeard in the middle of the floor, it’s just john, leaning casually against the wall with his arms crossed, wearing that plaid shirt with the sheer maroon cardigan, looking off into the distance, and when sherlock comes in, his head turns, and he sees sherlock, and he smiles just a very very very tiny little bit, so little only sherlock could see it, only because he knows john’s face so very well. 

and john pushes off the wall and goes to sherlock, stands in front of him. you need to calm down, sherlock, he says. he sounds like his doctor self. his soldier self. the way he sounded just inside 221b’s door before Moriarty’s trial all those years before, the quiet authority, ready? before he lead sherlock through the crowd. the quiet authority of just a few weeks ago on the floor of a barracks bathroom, of steven, can you hear me? stay with me. sherlock says, i didn’t know, john, i’m sorry i didn’t see it. and john reaches out one hand, puts it on sherlock’s arm. they don’t touch much in real life but sherlock knows the size of john’s hand, the warmth of his palm. he knows it now. he knows it always.

don’t apologise, john says. i just need for you to be all right sherlock. i know it hurts, i know it does. i got shot too, remember? but i need for you to be all right. and it does hurt, it really hurts, and john is saying breathe, breathe, helping sherlock to his knees so he doesn’t fall down, helping him carefully to the floor. how did you survive it? sherlock asks him. how did you survive the pain? sherlock knows now how it is to be hugged by john, and john hugs him here, too, holds sherlock close to his body, shelters him. he smells like aftershave. his eyes are deep dark blue. i had to, john says, he takes off his cardigan and presses it to the wound in sherlock’s chest. it’s not bleeding, here in the mind palace, but the pressure hurts. i had to survive it so that we could find each other. and you have already left me once, sherlock, and i can’t do it again. do you understand? you do not get to die under my hands again, all right? john takes his face in his hands as sherlock’s heart starts to fail. softer now. we’re losing you, sherlock, and i need you to survive this, okay, i need you to do this with me. are you ready? so breathe. and john kisses his forehead. breathe. john kisses one cheekbone, breathe, and the other. sherlock, right now, okay? right now. are you ready? 

sherlock nods, even though he isn’t sure, and john says it one more time, breathe, and it sounds like for me, and he kisses sherlock’s mouth, kisses him hard and steady and certain, and somewhere in a surgical suite outside of sherlock’s mind, a machine beeps back into life. 

  • *221B*
  • Molly: *playing with baby Rosie; wearing the deerstalker*
  • Rosamund: *giggling*
  • Sherlock: *feigning annoyance* Do you have to wear that stupid thing?
  • Molly: *shrugs* She loves it.
  • MP Mary: *watching over Rosie; smirking* She's not the only one.
  • Sherlock: *ignores her* I-I don't want her getting attached.
  • Molly: *rolls her eyes; tickles her goddaughter* Is Uncle Sherlock being a grumpy pants?
  • Rosamund: *squeals happily; kicking her legs*
  • MP Janine: *sitting on the sofa* She does look good, though.
  • MP Irene: *nods* Even I didn't look that good.
  • MP Jim: *peering dramatically out of the window; sighs* I would've.
  • Molly: *nudges his leg* Well?
  • Sherlock: *shakes his head* Hmm? *looks up*
  • Molly: *still wearing the hat; frowns* I was going to order takeaway. You want anything?
  • Sherlock: *staring; nods slowly*
  • Molly: *nods; goes to the laptop*
  • Sherlock: *blinks*
  • Sherlock: *stands* I need some air *marches out of the flat*
  • Molly: ...okay *shrugs*

Sherlock fucking Holmes was ticklish.

John at first realised this at a crime scene – naturally, given their unique lives.

Sherlock was standing over a dead body (but then again, there were few times when he wasn’t). It was the fourth murder, all of them done in the same way – their throats were ripped out, and an ‘x’ was written in blood on the wall,

It started to rain down suddenly – no mention of rain in the weather, or else John would have brought his umbrella – and John put his arms around himself to keep warm.

“Sherlock,” John said, trying to communicate with his friend so that they could leave. He was ignored, obviously… not that he was expecting anything else. A few of the police officers around him were growing impatient as well, muttering and staring at their watches.

“Sherlock. It is raining and I am freezing, and you probably are too. You can come back tomorrow.” Once again, he was ignored.

It was pouring down now. John’s hair was sticking down to his face, and from where he was standing he could see that Sherlock’s curls were flat and hanging down in his eyes. Something in him couldn’t help but call it adorable.

“Sherlock!” he called, still trying to get the consulting detective’s attention.

Nothing worked.

He moved closer, and saw that his friend had his eyes closed.

“Great,” he muttered bitterly under his breath, “mind palace time. We’ll be here all day.”

Sherlock’s hands were clasped together, and if John didn’t know him better he might have thought that he was praying – given that he did know Sherlock though, he knew that it wasn’t even a possibility. It was the gesture he always made while he was thinking especially hard about something in his mind palace.

His middle finger was almost touching his chin, which, if he was tired and thought about it enough, was funny to him for reasons he’d explained to Sherlock before.

All of these were things John had noticed in Sherlock hundreds of times.

Meanwhile, Sherlock looked like he was in no mood and had no intentions of leaving, so John walked closer to him.

He was soaking wet, the coat hanging limply around him and the shirt that had somehow seen the light of day almost see through, and John would be lying if he said that he didn’t look for a second longer than he probably should have. John couldn’t understand why all of this wasn’t bothering him. Then again, there were a lot of things he didn’t understand about Sherlock, and he was growing used to it.

John sighed and kneeled next to him, making sure not to accidently destroy any evidence on the body, and waved his hands in front of Sherlock’s face.

No reaction.

He then poked his cheeks, three times. Sherlock still didn’t move a centimetre, to John’s dismay.

He sighed, and then poked Sherlock in the side.

Poke. Poke. Poke.

Sherlock, at that point, seemed unable to hold it in, and out came a burst of laughter. John looked at him in amazement, and Sherlock seemed to realise what it was that he’d done, and blushed.

Some officers looked at him strangely, and then started muttering amongst themselves.

“So…” Sherlock cleared his throat, “was there something you wanted?” He was still blushing, his cheeks dusted with red that John for some reason just wanted to poke even more.

“Um… yeah, it’s raining, I thought we could leave and come back tomorrow?” Sherlock looked around, as if just noticing that it was raining. John though that he probably was; chances were he hadn’t even felt it so deep into his mind palace.

Sherlock cleared his throat again. “Right, yeah. I’ll get us a cab.” And then he walked off. John raced after him, and watched as a cab pulled in to where they were standing; how Sherlock always managed to find one so quickly, John had no idea.

They both climbed in, and Sherlock looked out the window as John stared right at him.

“So, you’re ticklish?” John exclaimed. Sherlock stared at him and replied quietly, “No.” and John just looked at him once again in amazement. And then he reached out again and poked him sharply in the sides, which prompted another burst of laughter that left a smile on John’s face.

“Oh, I’m going to have fun with this,” John exclaimed, leaving Sherlock in horror as he jumped up out of the cab.

It was a few weeks later that he managed to actually have fun with it; Sherlock had once again, left some thumbs (or were those toes… John didn’t get close enough to tell) in the fridge, and was now attempting to solve a case.

John walked up to the detective and put his hands on his hips, looking straight at him. His eyes were still closed, so John didn’t bother warning him, and instead reached his hands out around Sherlock’s stomach and sides, and started tickling him.

At first there was nothing, but soon enough Sherlock was laughing quietly, which evolved into straight up laughing hysterically. His eyes were very open now, and John watched as his tall friend managed to curl himself into a ball, which was absolutely the most adorable thing he had ever seen in his life –

Sherlock was still laughing, but with the position he had manoeuvred himself into, John was finding it harder to actually get a reaction out of him.

He adjusted where he was sitting so that he was basically on top of his best friend and continued to tickle him as he thrashed around, until their limbs were entangled and John’s face was basically on top of Sherlock’s.

He could feel his erratic breathing on his face, and blushed as he realised the position the two were in. He went to move away but instead fell further into the embrace, landing himself less than an inch from Sherlock’s face.

Something inside of John must have just said “screw it” because next thing he knew he was leaning down and oh my god he was kissing Sherlock Holmes and it was amazing and everything he had ever hoped for

Sherlock kissed back slowly, and John couldn’t help but start smiling, and next thing he knew it so was Sherlock, and then both of them were laughing and neither of them could explain why, and then they were back to kissing, and John’s hands were running through Sherlock’s hair…

Sherlock broke the kiss and smiled up at him. His grin was contagious, and soon both of them were just smiling and holding hands and John couldn’t even think straight, and he was just so amazingly happy.

They stayed that way for a while, until Mrs Hudson walked in and saw the two of them now cuddling on the couch. She smiled at both of them.

“It’s about time, boys. Any longer and I would have owed Mycroft £20.”

mild-lunacy  asked:

This is a bit more open-ended than usual, but there's no one else I could ask. To wit: are there any particular moments in Series 4 that suggest or demonstrate to you that John really loves and/or genuinely cares about Sherlock? I guess secondarily, how do you read Sherlock putting off rescuing John from that well until after he dealt with Eurus In TFP?

Any particular moments? It’s hard to pick, it’s kind of infused through the whole thing, but okay, I’ll do my best.

In The Six Thatchers, John should be deliriously happy. He’s got what he wanted: the normal life with a job, a wife, and a new daughter, but he’s also got Sherlock, who is as committed to maintaining this careful and potentially awkward balance as he is. They still solve crimes together, and Mary and Rosie aren’t an obstruction. In fact, sometimes they join in! John’s devotion to Sherlock is pretty obvious from that alone, but Sherlock’s special place in John’s life is underscored by John asking him to be Rosie’s godfather. 

John should be happy, but he’s not. He’s never managed to get over what Mary did and who she really is. His happy life with wife and baby is a lie. As his trust in Mary continues to decline, his trust in Sherlock never waivers. John and Sherlock confront threats together as a team while Mary lies, drugs Sherlock, and scarpers. Sherlock, weird, rude, and difficult, is John’s stable rock, and Mary does not look good in comparison. 

After Mary dies, John blames Sherlock and cuts him off. I’d suggest that this is more indicative of how much John cares about Sherlock than otherwise. Not only because he thought Sherlock was a superhero who could could genuinely protect Mary and Rosie from everything forever, but because, as we later learn, the reason why John pushes Sherlock away stems primarily from his own self-loathing. John betrayed Mary, and his guilt and despair at not being able to live up to Mary’s, Sherlock’s, and his own expectations leads him to push away the things he loves most, including his daughter and his life with Sherlock. This is underscored by his goodbye scene in the hospital, where he leaves his cane as a silent final message: you saved me, I didn’t deserve it, and here I betray you. 

We’ve had Sherlock’s mind palace for a while, which is a wonderful way to see what’s actually going on in his head. In The Lying Detective, we finally get the equivalent for John: Mary. Hallucinated Mary isn’t a ghost or even a memory, she’s the honest part of John. And she adores Sherlock. She talks about him constantly. She watches him mid-deduction with love and delight. She recognizes that Sherlock knows John, understands him completely, but John disagrees. Sherlock can’t possibly know how worthless John is; like Mary, Sherlock believes he is a good, moral man, and John knows that they’re both wrong. The voice in his head says: Sherlock may be a monster, but he’s my monster.

The most dramatic indicator of how John feels about Sherlock is his confession and breakdown at the end of The Lying Detective. This is the first time John has been completely honest in this entire story. John hides his feelings constantly, he lies about them, even to himself. And in this scene he nearly does it again, he nearly walks away. Had he done so, I believe his relationship with Sherlock would have been essentially over. He would have grown more and more distant and dishonest until their connection was entirely lost. But out of love and faith, he finally, finally makes a different choice. He chooses to be brutally honest and vulnerable. He cries, but does not turn away. He lets Sherlock hold him. No one has or ever will be this close to John.

Sherlock does not put off rescuing John in The Final Problem. From the moment he realizes that John is in danger, all Sherlock does is try to save him. The problem is that the solution is Eurus. We know that he can’t rescue John without her intervention because he was unable to the first time; the puzzle is too complex for him, it will always be too complex for him. The mistake he made all his life was thinking that intelligence was the answer. When he was a boy he didn’t have the resources to do what he does now: he recognizes that it’s sentiment that will save John, not brainpower. He’s got sentiment in his tool belt now, and that’s because of John. John made him feel and taught him to be a loving and feeling person, and that’s what allows him to triumph over his much more brilliant sister in the end.


Home - Hannibal Lecter

“All the palace chambers are not lovely, light and bright. In the vaults of our hearts and brains, danger waits. There are holes in the floor of the mind.”

Part 2 in a two piece series studying the places they have hidden away inside of their minds. Both the scene and the quote never fail to break my heart, because 1. we all know why Will is asking if Hannibal could be happy in his mind palace and 2. knowing Hannibal’s backstory, it’s not hard to guess what some of his chambers contain. 

You can see Will’s counterpart here.


Alice in Wonderland. Hallway of Doors. Chapter I, Down the rabbit hole.

‘She was close behind it when she turned the corner, but the Rabbit was no longer to be seen: she found herself in a long, low hall, which was lit up by a row of lamps hanging from the roof.There were doors all round the hall, but they were all locked; and when Alice had been all the way down one side and up the other, trying every door, she walked sadly down the middle, wondering how she was ever to get out again.’

We endlessly discuss parallels of Sherlock to so many other stories such as The Pincess Bride,  The Wizard of Oz and many other tales. @moonlightlock mentioned Aldous Huxley’s Doors of Perception. There are so many layers in Sherlock, I am not sure we can find them all, although we certainly are trying. 

We are all mad in here. : )



Concept: The sides were turned into children, around seven years old.  Thomas then must take care of all four as well as deal with whatever the consequences that come with the aspects of his personality are youngins. The original tinysides concept I believe started with @mewsicalmiss

also Pairings: As adults Roman/Patton

Warnings: Death, anxiety, I don’t think there are more but if there are please let me know!

Roman had just come back from the dreamscape world. He had felt pretty good about what he had done today, he decided to finally face the Dragonwitch.  It had been a long day of sword fighting, he was not going to leave the cave until they were finally vanquished. Eventually, he finally got one good sword jab in that killed that mean Dragonwitch. Little did Roman know that the Dragonwitch had a son, Peter. Upon seeing his mother vanquished this boiled his blood, he vowed revenge on this Prince!  Peter followed the Prince and realized Roman had other duties he had to attend to before leaving.  Peter took this time to sneak into the mindscape.

Once in the mindscape Peter was a little disoriented, he looked around the room and found a large bed with a canopy above it. He found someone was still sleeping in that bed, it was Patton.  Peter had time to think about what would be a suitable way to avenge his mother. Eventually, he decided that turning Roman’s friends and boyfriend into children would have to do. Peter had heard Roman scream that “This is to keep Patton safe!” before he killed the Dragonwitch.  Before leaving the dreamscape Peter had concocted a potion to turn all four to children.  He knew there were four because he had seen all of them roaming about the dream world at some time or another. He approached the sleeping side cautiously and sprinkled the potion on Patton and watched in delight as the side became a small child.  He looked relatively peaceful, Peter was surprised that Patton had not woken up.  Deciding that his work was done in that room he moved on to the next victim.

Peter then moved into the hallway.  He heard some mumbling so he walked in the direction that he thought the noise came from. Eventually, he approached a door that was slightly cracked and he found Logan.  Logan was sitting at his computer trying to make a detailed schedule for Thomas to follow.  Peter couldn’t really understand what the logical side was mumbling but it sounded like, “The others better appreciate all the work and time that goes into this schedule. So help me if Patton or Roman try to change anything.” The door was slightly ajar so Peter slowly crept through the doorway and approached Logan.  Once close enough he took some of the potion and chucked it at the side and watched as he began to decline in age. Figuring that he should not take any chances he had a sleeping potion, that was only temporary, five minutes at most, to sprinkle on this one to not interfere with the last side or the trap for the prince. With the logical side soundly sleeping in the computer desk chair as a small child, Peter moved on to the next victim.

Peter returned to the hallway hoping he chose the right way to find the last one, Virgil. Peter actually sort of related to Virgil in the way that other people and new situation made both of them extremely nervous so they avoided it at all costs. He approached the common room and found Virgil was asleep with Tumblr open on his laptop. Verge was sleeping on his stomach with his laptop in front of him on the couch. Peter was apprehensive about changing Virgil just because he connected with the anxious side on a level no one else had.  He then thought about how Roman killed his mother and how proud she would be for avenging her.  He wasn’t worried about Virgil waking up so Peter just poured the potion made for this side on Virgil and watched in amazement as the side shrunk down to being seven years old.  He had wished they would be younger but seven was a good enough age.

Peter was making his way back to what he assumed was Roman’s room when he heard a noise from said room.  He wasn’t sure exactly what was happening but wanted to be prepared so upon hearing the noise he grabbed the sleeping potion and the deaging potion and approached the room with caution, upon entering the doorway to his horror he found the Prince had returned early. Roman was looking in wonder at the tiny child sleeping in his bed. He wasn’t entirely sure but the child looked like Patton. He kneeled down next to the bed and started to attempt to wake the side. What Roman didn’t notice was that behind him Peter was approaching the fanciful side from behind ready to douse him in the potion. Roman could sense a presence out of the ordinary so he turned around.  Once Roman turned around he was met with a face full of potion and Peter said, “this is for my mother.” Peter then returned to the dreamscape feeling proud of everything he had accomplished

Thomas was trying to make a video and needed input from his sides.  He summoned the fanciful side in order to think up an idea.  Roman appeared in his usual clothing but smaller.

Roman, “you called?”

Thomas obviously was taken aback by the seven-year-old, “What happened!”

Roman, “we aren’t really sure but it may have something to do with the dragonwitch”

Thomas “Did you say WE?!”

Roman then summons the other traits. Logan appears in a button-down shirt, khakis, and a clip-on tie. Patton appeared next in his cat onesie. Finally, Virgil appeared in an oversized hoodie to the point that you could only see his ankles.

Thomas squealing, “What the heck! You all are so small!!!!”

Virgil recoils at the loud noise, Thomas notices and tones it down slightly. Thomas looks at Logan for clarification.

Logan, “Well it seems we are all small, it’s Roman’s fault, and this is not good.”

Thomas stopped listening and had started playing pattycake with Patton.

Logan and Virgil both seemed very annoyed with this turn of events. Thomas stopped playing pattycake and decided to listen to the logical side.

Thomas, “Well obviously you guys can’t go back to the mind palace so I guess we are having a sleepover here!”

Roman and Patton begin squealing, while Logan and Virgil both glare at the other more outgoing sides and cover their ears. Thomas makes a mental note that Logan and Virgil are very sensitive to noise.  Thomas starts to set up the living room for the sleepover but it can be difficult to prepare one room for five people to sleep in while also having the tiny sides going about their normal stuff.  Logan had found crayons and decided to try and make a schedule for tonight’s festivities on the wall.  Thomas upon seeing this had to stop putting down an air mattress to remove the crayon from the little logical side’s hand. “Logan, what made you think writing on the wall was a good idea? ” Thomas said. The little boy looked up at Thomas with the most innocent pair of brown eyes and his bottom lip started to quiver. “I was just trying to help! I wanted to make sure that our time is spent well tonight so that we can work on the video tonight” the tiny side said with a slight sadness in his voice. He was unsure of why the tone or the words that Thomas said made him so emotional. Patton upon hearing Logan’s voice walked over from the other side of the room to give him a hug.  Logan still wasn’t terribly fond of human contact but somepart of him just wanted to be held, he became angry at these conflicting feelings.  At least when he was an adult he could push his feelings down and tell himself that there is no rational reason to want human contact. The minute Patton’s hands were on Logan’s back he just found himself wanting to sob because he wasn’t sure if he wanted to be hugged or pull away. Thomas saw that Logan was in distress but for some odd reason couldn’t bring himself to help because the closet behind the two hugging tiny sides may have a monster in it. Virgil was sitting on the couch watching everything unfold when he brought his attention to the mysterious closet, he had never seen anything inside there and was worried that there may be a monster in there who could hurt all three.  This led the anxious side to influence Thomas that the closet and anything near the closet was a bad idea.  Virgil could remember to an extent that monster did not exist but being seven and unsure made this more difficult.  He began to pick at his nails and Thomas started to mimic the action. Thomas had decided that the two hugging sides could figure it out on their own while he sat on the couch staring at the closet. After a minute or so he remembered that there was no such thing as monsters and decided it was acceptable to go try and pry Patton off of Logan. At that moment Virgil had found his headphones and decided to put on My Chemical Romance which helped elevate the anxiety.


Sense Memory (NSFW)

His brain was never stagnant, never peaceful. It was a glorious piece of machinery, perpetual motion perfected. Most of the time he appreciated the constant whirring of the clockwork, because it was a welcome reprieve from his thoughts of her

But there were times, like now, when she was far too present and his impeccable memory turned against him.

It was pure self-gratification, like plunging a syringe into his arm, giving in temporarily to ease the persistent craving for her – her cunning, brilliant mind, her sharp, acerbic wit, her soul of zest and steel, even her decadent flesh – living under his skin, invading his mind at the most inopportune times.

All it took was his permission, a slight lowering of his guard, a small slip in his control, and he was flooded with memories of her.

The smell of her perfume, which had long faded from the inner lining of his Belstaff coat, had somehow managed to imprint itself into his skin after five days in Karachi, and now, months later, he would swear he could still breathe it in.

An illusion of the mind, of course, he knew this logically: a sense memory so acute, his brain still chose to present it in the strongest way possible, through the repetitive stimulation of the sense organs. His nostrils flared, and instead of the stale, dusty air of 221B, his brain chose to interpret the signals as sandalwood, peach, bergamot, cardamom, vanilla, jasmine, lily of the valley, cinnamon, musk, orange blossom and something else he couldn’t identify. 

Her perfume – which, he was irritated to discover as he was trying to compile his list of perfumes for his website (a failed attempt to purge himself of the persistent scent) – was a mixture of more than one brand, and try as he might, he could never fully recreate it with any one particular formula, and so he had discreetly dabbed a couple of drops of the closest possible combination into the inner lining of his scarf where only he and no one else could smell it.

And her mouth. God, her mouth… He cursed and blessed that mouth, whose brilliant, cutting words resided in that wicked tongue that could cut the most powerful man in half with its genius, both verbal and physical. Her open mouth was like a blood red chalice he could drink the sharpest, most intoxicating wine from. He could still feel the vibrations of the feral, self-satisfied laugh that rose from the sweetest, deepest recesses of her sinful mouth as he drank deeply of her dark radiance.

The feel of her fingers tracing over his shoulders and back, soft, curious and languid, and how that had felt almost contrary to her cruel nature – before she dug her nails into his hips, deep enough to almost draw blood and make him hiss in pain, and he had laughed into her mouth, because that was so much more Her and to be honest, much more him, too.

The vision of her coming apart under him, around him – the Woman trembling, crying, gasping wordless, desperate confessions into his skin that no one else would ever hear but him, violently wresting his own orgasm from him the way she managed to force sentiment out of him when no one else ever had. And when he drew back just enough to see her face, that look in her eye – one that spoke of both wonder and victory – matched the one in his.

“Out of my head, I am busy!”


By SorrowsFlower

Thus proving why I should never watch Fleming and ASiB at the same time. I wish I could write better. I really do.

Mind Palace

Sherlock x reader

Note:So this is my first insert, even more, the first thing I wrote in English that wasn’t for school, so yeah, I might sound a bit weird but hey, who cares x) I just wanted to thanks @prettyxlittlexwriter for beta-reading it, like, thank you very very very much, I seriously owe you on that one, otherwise I probably would have never posted it and it would probably be exploding with mistakes, thanks :D If anyone wants some more, I could try, just ask me, I’ll see what I can do :)


“Get out. I need to go to my mind palace.”

And here he was again, kicking everyone out because of his damn mind palace. He even did it in the winter. He once expelled everyone out because they were ‘’too noisy’’. John and Mrs Hudson actually had to come down and ask me to give them asylum for the next hour or so… And I thought of moving into the third floor flat… second thoughts, good thing I stayed in the basement.

“Y/N?” asked John.

Lost in my own thoughts I hadn’t moved an inch. John was leaving the lab with Dr. Stapleton, explaining to her what was actually going on and why she was being kicked out of her own lab that she had so kindly lend us for our investigation.

“Don’t worry, I’ll wait for him.” I was the only one silent enough to stay when he did this. It wasn’t the first time I saw him doing it, but it still was something fascinating to witness. Standing there, his eyes still opened, blind to the world, seeing things no one else could, even going as far as moving them around his head.

If anyone walked in at this very moment, they would have seen him as a mad man (which he probably was after all…), but his every movement still seemed to have a certain precision and… grace. To me, it always appeared as if he led an orchestra. His head turning left and right, hand shifting invisible things through the air. I was hypnotized by his every moves.

Careful not to distract him, I slowly moved around the table, getting behind him and squinting, trying to figure out what he was thinking about. ‘’Liberty In’’… It had to be related to that phrase, we were just talking about it right before he kicked everyone out.

Playing the game, I started digging though all I could find related to the words Liberty In, making a list in a corner of my head.

Liberty… Freedom to do what you want or to go where you want? Liberty => Freedom? Statue of Liberty? 

In… Expresses the situation of something that is or appear to be enclosed or surrounded by something else? Expresses inclusion or involvement? Inn? Inside? India? Indiana? Indonesia?

What if it was a place? The name of a company, a store, a market or a restaurant maybe? But which country would… Oh!

At this very moment, the answer hit me. Of course it was a place!

“Liberty In-” Sherlock murmured.

“-Indiana. H-O-U-N-D, it’s an abbreviation…” I cried excitedly.
“… for a scientific project!” he finished. I smiled.
“Holmes, you are a bloody genius!”

Note (again): So yeah, that was it,thanks for reading, I hope you liked it ^_^

Using the Mind Palace/Method of Loci Technique in Different Situations

Basically, the mind palace is an elaborate way of encoding information into our brains easily and in a way that allows the information to stick in your mind for weeks, even months after memorizing.  It uses the fact that our brains are amazing at remembering very visual images and spaces.  For instance, take your time and imagine this scenario with me (I recommend concentrating in a quiet environment, and dedicate a lot of effort to visualizing this scenario):

You are standing a few feet away from your front door to your house.  (Really try to use all your senses.  Imagine as much detail as possible; imagine how it smells, how it feels to the touch, and so on…)

You take a step towards your door, but suddenly your ears fill with the deafening sound of bees buzzing.  Looking up, you immediately see two gigantic bumblebees flying towards you, with giant spears for stingers pointed directly at you.

 Now, imagine your favorite weapon (anime or real-life, your choice) suddenly materializing in your hands.  

You aim your weapon, and with one blow/strike, you destroy those bees in a very gooey, messy explosion.  Step over the remains of the bees into your home.

A little ways into your home from the front door stands the Burger King.

 Imagine how regal he looks, his large shiny crown and his flowing colorful robes.  He is eating a large pint of cookie dough ice cream too fast, and suddenly, he drops the carton and clutches his head in agony as he develops a brain-freeze.  

(Imagine it as dramatically as possible, complete with screams of pain and writhing on the floor and whatnot).

Step around the screaming king into your living room.  In the living room is Katniss Everdeen (or just Jennifer Lawrence, if you can imagine her better).

 She is wearing a very suggestive bikini and pointing a bow and arrow at your head.  As you stare at her body, she lets the arrow fly.  You dodge it at the last second, feeling the arrow whiz past your head and feeling the wind left in its wake tickle your ear.  

You cover your head and run into the kitchen.  Imagine the smell of your favorite food cooking, and look over to the oven.  Your oven and your refrigerator bursts open to reveal a stream of gold coins.  (You can actually hear the continuous sound of metal falling upon metal as the coins spill out onto your kitchen floor.)

Backing out of the kitchen, you seek refuge in the nearest bathroom, but as soon as you open that door, a large amount of seawater floods into the hallway.  A giant squid’s arm reaches out of your toilet and wraps itself around your arms, trying to pull you inside.




Stop imagining.




Were you able to imagine all that?  Feel free to read the story again if you feel like you need to visualize it again.

Got it?  Alright then.  Now go back through the story in your mind and stop at certain points, as if just running through snapshots.  Can you name all the weird and wacky things that happened in this story?  Without looking at the story, can you tell me what comes after Katniss?  Can you tell me what was at your front door?  What happened before the giant squid? What happened to the king?

Chances are, you can probably answer those question pretty easily, and if you visualized it well enough, you could probably tell me the whole story backwards.

Human beings are very visual beings be nature.  Our ancestors were hunter-gatherers who needed to remember locations, such as home or where to find the best game.  We also needed to recall information such as which foods to eat or not to eat.  Our brains have the capacity to store amazing amounts of information easily, but many people do not understand how to do so efficiently, and the mind palace is one of many memory tricks that can help encode information into our brains seamlessly.  

Now then, still remember the mind palace that we made using your own house? This is only a simple example of a mind palace, but believe it or not, that story that I had you imagine was actually a fun and interesting way that I’ve used to memorize Hamlet’s famous “To be or not to be” soliloquy.  Don’t believe me?  Think back to your house…

Your front door, where two giant bees attack you, but you make them disappear   ->  (To be, or not to be [that is the question:])

- Inside your house, the Burger King hurts his head getting a brain freeze.  ->   (Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer)

- Katniss shoots an arrow at you  ->  (The slings and arrows of)

- Your kitchen is overflowing with gold coins  ->  (outrageous fortune)

- Your arm is taken by a giant squid in your seawater-flooded bathroom  ->  (or to take arms against a sea of troubles)

Basically, you just memorized the first few lines of the famous soliloquy by using the mind palace technique.

Still not impressed?  Try it yourself and make up your own story to memorize the entire soliloquy from Hamlet.  Chances are, after a little practice, you’ll have the entire speech memorized in no time at all. :)

Basically, it all condenses down to this:

1) Visualize a place.  Close your eyes and choose a familiar place.  Make it something you’re familiar with like a home or school, or someplace entirely make-up, like a video game map or a scene from an anime or TV show or movie.  Really take the time to use your senses and really picture yourself in that space (It’d be helpful to write this down just in case.)  You can make a mind palace for different sets of information, or compress it all into one giant castle/palace, with different rooms for different information (Similar to Sherlock’s mind palace, with different areas containing different bits of information).

2) Imagine a path.  Make a predetermined pathway through this space, as if you are actually there.  Walk past objects, interact with them, use the doorknobs when going through doors, bump into corners, hear your feet hitting the ground, listen to the creaks and noises.  Choose a path that you are most likely to remember, and stick to it.  Make sure that you know that path forwards and backwards (backwards is important, I’ll explain that later.)

3) Start memorizing. What you want to do now is place “memory pegs” along your pathway.  Memory pegs are basically the images that you want to use to remember your information.  What you want is to look at your memory pegs and immediately associate them with the information you want to memorize (for instance, two giant bees should make you think about “[Two bee], or not [two bee]). Don’t make them static images though, make them 3D, make them breathe, make them alive, but most of all: make them memorable.  Don’t just picture any old king, make it something creepy like the Burger King character, and have him screaming in pain clutching his head while his brain is getting frozen be ice cream.  Make it wacky, make it sexual, make it sad, make it happy, it’s up to you, as long as it sticks out enough for you to remember it. Try not to use the same memory peg twice, but if you feel you can distinguish which is which, feel free to do so.

Place memory pegs along your path that you made in Step 2, and again, make it fun.  Make it however you desire.  Have Brittney Spears dancing on your coffee table.  Do the worm with Elvis on your bed while Santa Claus sits on your TV.  Run through an asylum with Sherlock and the Doctor.  Have fun with your imagination ;D

[I will emphasize this part right here.  WRITE IT DOWN! I recommend this because with the vast amount of memory pegs you use, it’s tough to keep track of it all.  I once tried putting 50 pegs one after the other, only to go back to the beginning and forgot the first three.  For beginners, it’d be a little easier to keep track of your pegs until you get the hang of visualizing using the mind palace].

4) Repetition.  Now here comes the most important part.  Start from the beginning, and recall your memory pegs, one by one.  Go through your path or story that you’ve created, and really remember to visualize each detail to the fullest.  Go back to the beginning after a few pegs, just to make sure you’ve got those ones down.  Slowly advance through your mind palace until you’ve gotten to the end, then go back to the beginning and repeat as many times as necessary.  

Now then, got all that down? Take your time, no need to rush anything, because rushing will not help you memorize things. Believe me, trying to speed-memorize for an exam will actually make you forget a lot of information, because you’re panicking.  Unless you’re extremely proficient at the mind palace technique, just take things slowly and at your own pace.

Got to the end of your mind palace?  You sure you have everything down? Good.  Now go through your journey BACKWARDS!
Yup, this is one of the best ways to memorize in the mind palace, by going through your information backwards.  This way, you can start at ANY point in your mind palace and still be able to move forward and backwards and still recall information perfectly.  You could start out in the kitchen and know that there’s a giant squid in the next room, and Katniss in the previous room.

5) Keep at it. The information will stay in your mind for months on end, perhaps even years, as long as you mentally run through your palaces every now and again.  

Imagine the possibilities with this technique.  

Be able to memorize an entire speech by remembering it topic by topicinstead of word-for-word, like memorizing the Hamlet soliloquy.  

Remember complicated information such as pi (I’ve memorized up to almost 100 digits of pi, and I still remember it after weeks of not trying to remember, just by recalling my mind palace for pi), or remembering information for your next big test or exam (The cool part is that when you reach a question on the test that you’ve stored info about in your mind palace, your brain automatically jumps to that part of the palace where you stored your info.).  

Use the technique to store memories that are important or that you would like to remember (I use memory pegs that help me to recall the entire part of the memory, kind of like how seeing Mickey Mouse triggers a fun or scary memory about DisneyLand).

Use it to remember phone numbers, dates like birthdays or special days, remember faces, recall events, or even just for remembering your grocery list for the day.

(6. [Bonus] Re-using or destroying mind palaces)

This is up to you, but to delete information, just delete the corresponding memory peg.  You can visualize a new peg repeatedly where the old peg would have been, so that the new one sticks in your mind, or for the more creative ones, you can erase the pegs however you like.  Kill them with a boulder, erase them with a magic pencil, up to you.  You can even destroy entire palaces by blowing them up, erasing them, bury it in lava, use dynamite like in Minecraft, or just simply stop visiting that mind palace.  Not visiting a palace for a good amount of time makes you forget that it was there, but it’ll still be buried there, and sometimes the information resurfaces if you recall it by accident.

I encourage you to try out the Mind Palace technique, and if you have any questions, send me a message or look online, there’s tons of websites, books, and Tumblr blogs dedicated to just the Mind Palace technique.  Good luck, and happy memorizing!


Meanwhile in the Mind Palace
  • John: W - what the hell am I doing in here?
  • Sherlock: You're here since the first day we met. Apparently you don't want to leave.
  • John: Er, Sherlock..
  • Sherlock: What?
  • John: This is your head, isn't it?
  • Sherlock: So?
  • John: So I can't leave unless you decide it's time for me to do it.
  • Sherlock:
  • Sherlock: Oh my God, John
  • Sherlock: You're right even in my head
  • Sherlock: It's annoying
EMP Theory, or The Extended Mind Palace Theory

So @monikakrasnorada, @the-7-percent-solution and me toyed with this little idea which somehow exploded to a crazy HLV/TAB theory (

And I have found something else. There has been some discussion about Mary’s odd gesture, interlacing her fingers while twisting her arms. Please correct me but I think the first time we see it is here:

HLV, Sherlock drugged to his eyeballs, going into his mind palace after Janine’s visit. This is how Sherlock he sees her at this very moment, the object of his deductions, the woman who recently shot him. This is Mind Palace Mary. 

In TAB there is this:

Again, MP! Mary. Not real. Just in his head. And look at her hands. 

But there is another instance when we see her just like this, in front of the 221B fireplace, next to Sherlock’s chair, in a scene which for many fans is still hard to accept. Sherlock’s behaviour regarding Mary seems completely wrong. And some have commented on the way John seems to blame Sherlock as much as he does blame. Which reminds me of how John is shown in some TAB scenes. Or think of TEH’s sarcastic Mind John who keeps nagging Sherlock. 

We know that scene 1 and 2 are images of Sherlock’s mind. So I would like to argue that scene 3 might be in his mind as well. Thoughts?

And here is another extra, a list of all the OOC things and logical gaps in HLV that might be explained by one and a half episodes taking place in Sherlock’s mind:

  • Sherlock becoming a murderer (completely non-Canon compliant)
  • the whole surgery business
  • Mary’s whole professional career on a flashdrive
  • the missing months between the shooting and Christmas
  • Mycroft never reacting to Sherlock being shot
  • the potatoes on the super secret laptop
  • Billy Wiggins drugging the Christmas punch chez Holmes
  • Magnussen having a mind palace so similar to Sherlock’s
  • the bizarre rendezvous between Sherlock and Magnussen at the restaurant/hospital cafeteria
  • Sherlock smuggling a gun into Appledore without being searched
  • half the British government knowing about The Other One

and I could go on and on and on. What do you think, @monikakrasnorada and @the-7-percent-solution and all others here? 

A Scandal At Appledore - "But look how you care for Irene Adler..."

Author’s Note: Irene Adler is one of Sherlock Holmes’ pressure points. So, how would the scene in His Last Vow have played out if pressure had been applied to it? This is an alternative scene at Appledore featuring the Woman.


“You’ve worked very hard, Mr. Holmes. I applaud you. But despite all the effort you’re still so tediously obvious.” Magnussen’s sighing drawl was like cold breath on the back of Sherlock’s neck.

“Obvious?” Sherlock kept his voice casual, though he longed to slap the smirk off Magnussen’s thin face..

“Yes, well,” Magnussen spread his arms out on the lounge and pressed a button. A screen appeared behind Sherlock and John, “Opium and John Watson are two pressure points of yours for sure, Mr. Holmes. But I find the most useful pressure points, the most effective, are the ones that people try to hide.” Magnussen sneered as the screen flickered to life and Sherlock felt his heart drop into his stomach.

Irene Adler’s execution in Karachi played before their eyes in shaky, pixilated vision. Though, the picture quality wasn’t poor enough to hide her less than subtle escape from her death and, to Sherlock’s horror, the clear identity of her savior.

Keep reading

The Mind Palace Theories of TAB

So I have a running theory that the Special is taking place in Sherlock’s mind palace in the 4 minutes that he is in the air in HLV. I wanted to compile my thoughts from across multiple posts into one so I can reference back to it later.

The summation of my theory is this, based on what I know right now about the special from setlock and other people’s meta, and the 4 trailers / clips that have been released: 

  • The special is going to be a “real time event” within Sherlock’s mind palace, taking place exactly 1 year ago on January 1, 2015, which is why TPTB were so insistent on ensuring same day airings, and so that we can all have the “Sherlock experience”. 
  • It will take place during the 4 minutes that Sherlock was in the air – this is how they are tying the special to the modern era. The math side of Tumblr has come through for me (thanks @talesofsymphoniac​) and helped further my speculation that it is entirely plausible that almost the full 90 minutes will be equal to 4 minutes in Sherlock’s mind palace. The math comes from the “three seconds” Molly makes a clear point of telling Sherlock in HLV. It seemed really odd to me at the time for her to point it out, but it now makes complete sense to me. There is NO WAY that this special is a stand-alone episode and it needs to tie into the modern timeframe. It will be used in the future for callbacks, I am certain of that. So, in my head, the Mind Palace it is.
  • It is in Victorian era to represent his and John’s repressed feelings for each other. In Victorian England, it was forbidden to be gay, and Sherlock himself rightfully feels that way, I’m sure, about his love for John. It’s something unspoken, wrong, and not safe for John. I believe the special will focus on Sherlock’s feelings in particular, as he works out why he feels the need to hide them from John, especially when he knows John feels / felt the same way. I still can’t wrap my head around how the Women and the “case” itself works into this theory of mine, but I’m open to ideas. Perhaps it’s mixed associations (other cases coming into the forefront to help him solve his problem).
  • The Abominable Bride represents Mary, of which I’m sure we all can agree on. She is the “ghost”. How actual Mary fits into it all, I haven’t figured that out yet either.
  • All of the characters are representative to how SHERLOCK HIMSELF views them. This explains why John is so SO SO brash and admittedly gorgeous, while Mrs. Hudson just as she is in modern SHERLOCK as we see in the SDCC clip: Sherlocks view of John is, let’s face it, a bit skewed to his own tastes (assertive military man who will break all the bones in the body while naming them). Even Sherlock himself seems softer it seems, possibly because he sees himself as such when he’s out of the public eye.
  • I think somewhere within the HLV timeline, Sherlock found out about Moriarty being alive, which I think perhaps the suicide mission MAY have been about. But I don’t think Mycroft told him; I think Sherlock worked it out. We have been told that the Mystery of Moriarty’s Survival will be solved in this special. Now, I know that TPTB love to lie, so this point itself, take it with a grain of salt. SO, that all said, Sherlock is ALSO working out how Moriarty survived his gunshot concluding with Mary as being the main accomplice. When Sherlock was dying, he knew John was in danger from Mary but couldn’t figure out how aside from Magnussen. But I think he works it out in here that she is so much more than an assassin.
  • I think there will be a *small* 3G reference. It will NOT be as impactful as we think it will be. It will be small because, if this is in Sherlock’s mind palace, we need to see how Sherlock THINKS he reacts to John being hurt; what had gone through his mind in events like the kidnapping TBB and the pool scene in TGG. This will instil in us that “oh crap, Sherlock really actually doesn’t do well when John is injured, does he?” Cue S4x03 cliffhanger of John DYING, when we see how Sherlock ACTUALLY reacts, they will call back to THIS MOMENT as Sherlock realizes just how wrong he was, because John DYING is so much worse, and because we have seen Sherlock visibly upset, this will actually create a greater impact because it is SO MUCH WORSE than what we thought it would be.
  • I think the special will end with the return to the tarmac scene. Sherlock has arrived at his conclusion about he and John, Moriarty’s survival, and the Mary problem. I still haven’t figured out where in the timeline the John and Mary at the graveyard scene fits in. Perhaps it is a PREQUEL to the tarmac scene. That’s the only place I can logically put that graveyard scene. The why is what’s bothering me. I think it’s part of John’s joint plan with Mycroft against Mary somehow, maybe to get some info from her. Or it was a red herring filmed, who knows. I’m very excited to see how this plays out.
  • I think there will also be an unambiguous confession of more-than-friends between the two characters, OUT of the mind palace. It may be ADMITTED within to Sherlock himself, but not stating it between the actual physical characters will make the confession no different than Anderson’s or goth girl’s theory. TAB will be where canon Johnlock will begin its confirmation arc. It needs to be real, not fake. This special’s purpose is to basically say, yeah, here’s where we’re going with this story arc, you were told, but didn’t listen, get ready for the pain. I think it’s a large part about why they wanted airdates the same across the board – BECAUSE IT WILL BE ALL OVER THE NEWS IF JOHNLOCK BECAME CANON. This is a spoiler-prevention method as well.

So there’s all that. Not really a summary, but there you are.

One more thing I’d like to point out is something that I have had on my brain since before I started this blog. I mentioned it in a REALLY old post back when I had like 10 followers, so it’s gotten lost in the fray. And now, after seeing the new trailer, it reminded me of this little thing I noticed and I am SO HAPPY it ties into the special. And to me it proves it can be in Sherlock’s mind palace.

Now, I’m sure argument is going to come to someone’s mind that “This special can’t be in Sherlock’s mind palace because he has a mind palace moment in the special!”

This mind palace sequence is VERY similar to when Sherlock was explaining to John about how he was breaking into Magnussen’s office in HLV. Non-mind palace participants are all there, and the mind palace characters are frozen. 

First of all this proves to me that the special is from Sherlock’s POV, like most of season three. But you know what I found odd about TAB’s sequence?


In the HLV scene, to me it seems John is more staring at the door, and following Sherlock’s thought patterns. He knows Sherlock the best after all, and is probably imagining his own scenario similar to Sherlock’s (”get your head bashed in”)

But in TAB’s sequence, ALL of these characters are watching Sherlock’s thought train. HOW? John is the ONLY one who is the closest to knowing how Sherlock thinks and is able to follow his process. Mary, well, don’t get me started on that, and Lestrade just knows Sherlock does amazing things and that’s that. So how can they all be witness to this scene?


I believe they are pulling an “Inception” on us. 

This scene here is Sherlock entering another level of his mind palace. For anyone unfamiliar with the movie Inception, the part I’m interested in is the idea that there are different levels of your brain, that run at different rates of time per each level the deeper you go. It’s a good movie, read up more about it at the Wiki.

Anyway, Sherlock has done the multi-level mind palace before, in HLV:

When Sherlock is dying, his “first level” mind palace is starting to fail. AFTER Mycroft tells Sherlock to find something to calm himself down, he then closes his eyes and is suddenly running down a set of stairs. I believe this is evidence of him entering another mind palace within his mind palace – literally going DOWN STAIRS to a second level of his mind palace (I also have a theory that he went to a THIRD level of his mind palace when he entered Moriarty’s room, then returns to level two when he leaves it). He then CLIMBS UP STAIRS to return to the first level:

… which he wakes from when he reaches the top, that level being  when the images flash rapidly as his first level comes back online…

And I think TAB is doing the EXACT SAME THING.

If this meta wasn’t enough to convince you, how about the “Inception Bwom” in the new trailerTHE TRAILER HAS THE INCEPTION HORN PLAYING THROUGHOUT. You probably didn’t make the connection because it’s a bit slower. Just like how time has slowed down in Sherlock’s head. 

If TAB is not a mind palace sequence, I will personally eat everyone’s green carnations.

/ Week One

The memory section will be structured differently than the previous sections. This is because exercises for memory are much, much less efficient than systems. A system, once learned and mastered, can be used anywhere, anytime. Thus, each week I will cover one memory system, go through a guided example, and leave you with ideas of how to practice until the next week.

This week’s focus will be on binary data. While perhaps not the most useful, they are easy to learn and employ.

Suggested practice time: 10 minutes a day

/ The Method

Gary Lanier’s Binary Method: Binary Number’s You Can See

The premise is simple: each 3 digit binary number adds up to eight possibilities. By attaching a visual cue to each possibility, you can create a link journey (akin to using a mind palace) to memorize large chunks of binary numbers. 

Here are the cues attached to each possibility, taken directly from Gary Lanier’s blog post:

000 = 3 heads, The 3 STOOGES (000). Can you seem them, Larry, Curly, & Moe? You just can’t think of one without the other two showing up.

001 = Two Eyes or Glasses (00) staring at a Wall (1) looking at an Optical Eye Chart.

011 = Bowling Ball (0) demolishing a 2 Pin Split (11). After awhile, the bowling ball is the cue for the whole image.

111 = 3 Fence Posts (111). Pretty obvious.

110 = 2 Horns (11) on a Bull goring a Matador’s Face (0). Maybe a comic rendition of this gory scene. Yea for the bull.

100 = a Putter (1) putting a Golf Ball (0) into the Cup (0).

010 = a Military Canon supported by a wheel on each side (010). Here’s the sequence: WHEEL (0), CANON (1), WHEEL (0)

101 = a Soccer Ball rolling in for a Goal. I see the goal posts on each side and the ball is in the center. Here’s the sequence: goal post (1), ball (0), goal post (1)

However, you can adjust these to whatever is memorable to you. Here is what I use, just to show how different the cues can be:

000 = A three-headed monster

001 = Arthur (from the children’s TV show) with his head angled to the side, showcasing his glasses

011 = Bowling ball rolling into two pins (same as Lanier’s version)

111 = 3 fence posts (same as Lanier’s version)

110 = A camel, where the 1s are the two humps 

100 = A swarm of 100 bees

010 = A guitar faced front, so the neck is in the center

101 = A swimming pool with buoys on either side

/ The Example

Say you want to memorize 010100101010001010100011

First, chunk it into 3 digit groups 010-100-101-010-001-010-100-011

Next, substitute each group with the predetermined cue: guitar-bees-pool-guitar-Arthur-guitar-bees-bowling

Turn your cues into a story: 

A glistening white guitar was lifted by a swarm of evil bees that dropped the guitar into a pool. The guitar, imprisoned by the buoys around it, had no hope of being saved until another guitar, the size of a giant, came up underneath it and helped the first one swim to the other side of the pool. There, Arthur saw the guitar through his tiny glasses and picked it up, beginning to play. He played very, very badly and threw the guitar in frustration, where it broke into two, fully formed rainbow colored guitars. The bees, angry that there were now two guitars instead of none, stung Arthur until he fell over in pain. While falling, he realized the floor was actually made of several bowling balls and he just cause their release into a pit. He fell through the pit as well and impaled himself on two large bowling pins at the very bottom.

After running over your story a few times, recall it and attempt to convert the cues back into binary digits as you do so:  

 A glistening white guitar (010) was lifted by a swarm of evil bees (100) that dropped the guitar into a pool (101). The guitar, imprisoned by the buoys around it, had no hope of being saved until another guitar (010), the size of a giant, came up underneath it and helped the first one swim to the other side of the pool. There, Arthur (001) saw the guitar through his tiny glasses and picked it up, beginning to play. He played very, very badly and threw the guitar in frustration, where it broke into two (010), fully formed rainbow colored guitars. The bees (100), angry that there were now two guitars instead of none, stung Arthur until he fell over in pain. While falling, he realized the floor was actually made of several bowling balls (011) and he just cause their release into a pit. He fell through the pit as well and impaled himself on two large bowling pins at the very bottom.

This method can be used for more than just a string of numbers; for example you can assign anything that starts with 0 to be red, anything that starts with 1 to be black, and then create a story to memorize the order of cards. 

Say you randomly pulled cards in this order: red-black-black-red-red-red-black-red 

You could then use the above story to memorize the order of these cards. 

/ Applications

All you really need to do for this method is practice a few minutes a day, until you have understood it and can apply it easily. 

Here are some (random) binary numbers to practice with: 

  • 00101010100011101010101010100011101010111010010
  • 110101001001011010110101101001010100
  • 0110101010101011010110001010100111010101101011101001101
  • 01010010110010101101010101
  • 10110101010110001001010110010111010100101010

Here are some ways to use the system other than numbers:

  • black and red playing cards
  • hardcover and paperback books on a bookshelf 
  • pens and pencils 
  • men and women 
  • any two colors 
  • even and odd dates 

Having trouble? Click here for some extra help.


So if any of you guys didn’t think i was insane enough here is something i thought you’d like

ever since i started doing the Jesse Chats I began imagining a house where all of the Jesse characters kind of hung out. Now i began seeing reoccurring places so i created this blueprint XD

It’s part of my mind palace now >w< I go here every time i need inspiration for jesse chats

Ways people study

Studying doesn’t have to mean sitting at a desk copying notes, and heres some alternatives from little me :)

  • Write some some notes on post its, then stick them to a wall and throw a small ball at them. When you go to collect the ball, read the post it note the ball hit (or nearly hit) out loud. 
  • Stick some notes into the pages of a book you are reading at the time, as you read along you will come across the information.
  • Create artwork: If you are artsy you could write the note down in, or even as, a picture. Write the note down then doodle around it, have fun with it.
  • Play a “drinking” games with you favourite TV show…. but with notes!- For example, if you like Sherlock watch The Reinbache (sp) fall, and every time someone mentions or shows the hat, read a science note, every time John says “Oh Jesus” read an English note etc. You see?
  • create a song out of it.Take the beat to your favourite song, and slot the notes into it. You can put other things into the song to make it humorous as well.
  • Create a mind palace Another boy who lived’s instructions can be found here
  • Take your favourite characters and imagine them telling you the information you need to know. Warning this might not work for a massive amount of information, but if you need to remember some quotes, or some different variations of something, this could be helpful.