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why do i find this facial expression of his so cute ahHHHHHHH

also disclaimer: sorry for being quite inactive lately, I’m preparing for finals and I’m taking some subject SATs this saturday (for those of you not from the US, these are the test scores you send to college when applying). thanks for understanding! <3 


yashh slay it Jinyoung-ah!
—random rant time—
honestly its hard to stan talent in this show with how mnet prefer to drive the viewers into looks and more zero-to-hero-drama-shit when there are more already talented trainees that actually already like pro without showing the teary-eyed-drama in the show. Its not because those already talented trainees not having a hard time, its because they already went through a lot waaay before than some trainees that just started and feeling depressed in the show and said “i already worked really hard” when they weren’t succeed giving their best. Thats why its hard stanning talent against popularity in this show.

Here’s some of what my job is on Black Dynamite: The Animated Series:

(TOP/BOTTOM): Since we work on paper for our initial stages of the show, the white sheets underneath are original Key Animation drawings by  Sun Min animation studios Key Animator, Mr. Kim Chang Hi. The correction drawings you see on the blue correction paper are mine.

2) The yellow correction sheets with revised Key Animation drawings are also mine.

3) Double checking footage timing on a talking head sequence.

4) Color correction checking with staffers.

5) Compositing approval. ( We use Magic Bullet Suite for final touch-ups)

It’s my job as Producer/ Supervising Director to guide the show visually on all aspects from Pre-Production (character design, the props, color, storyboards) 

Then spending the summer overseas in Seoul as animation supervisor, my jobs consist of approving/revising all layouts/key animation to maintain drawing quality and model/style consistency before in-betweens as well as checking colored/composited scenes before shipping during the main production process.

It’s a lot of hard work, being a supervising director (it’s not for everyone) but it’s all the more rewarding for those that are when they can visually guide a show that looks like their style and vision. #MakeStuff