no milk!

Quick fact. Ready?
Milk decreases the absorption rate of protein. If you’re looking to build muscle in particular, try to avoid consuming milk with your post protein shake. Instead, opt for mixing it with water or cold pressed juice.

Finally, here’s a full body drawing on the Cuphead OCs Soda Pop, Milk, and Malt! Here’s some more information on the characters:

Soda Pop: The boss of the 50’s diner Milk and Malt work at. He’s a soda cup. Soda can be tough and mean when he’s angry, but the majority of the time he’s pretty jolly. He’s actually a big softie and can be shy and bashful in front of people he has a crush on. ;^)
Chubby cup. Loves food.

Milk: Her full name is Milkshake. She’s a milkshake glass and she’s a waitress. Milk is the older sister of Malt and she’s very cheerful and happy. Even when there’s a super mean or annoying customer, she tries her best to not unleash her anger. She loves to roller skate and she’s always there for Malt and Soda. She hopes that one day the love of her life will find her.

Malt: He’s Milk’s younger brother and he’s a metal malt cup. He works at the ice cream bar inside the diner, where he serves sweet cold treats. Malt can be pretty childish and loves to tell jokes and puns, but can also be serious. He’s the one that gives the little kids their little paper chef hats and their kids menu. Great with kids.

Quality time together. Some beer, snacks and stupid jokes, no one has to know about. Big bro and Little bro.
I just love how short Carlos is compared to the Boss. On the character list his height is 5'5". And he’s like 30-something cm (maybe 20? I’m not sure. He’s SHORT okay? }XD) shorter than the Boss - you can see that in the cutscenes. Which makes the Boss’s height at least 6'2" (6'3")… (if you rely on the information given by that reference picture.)
Well, Ion is for sure one tall son of a gun. He always was. (He hates low ceilings. At his old home he was knocking his head on all of the doorposts.
“That’s why you aways so angry, hon? Isn’t it?” - his Mom.)