no milk!

anonymous asked:

When the twins were talking with hawkmoth before they got akumatized, they started getting excited because of all they stuff they wanted to do, and the fact they mentioned orange juice made laugh???? they're like "FUCK YEAH ORANGE JUICE"

I laughed too! And as an elementary school teaching major I can confirm that kids do in fact act like that xD They get excited over anything. Especially when it comes to food. 

thenerdherd123  asked:

Idk if you already answered this, but how was Tweek turned?

Well Tweek had always been a sickly child and his parents always kind of neglected him for the Coffee business. One day there was a blizzard in elementary school and everyone went home early since it was very bad, however Tweeks parents didn’t come to pick him up since they were too busy at the shop helping customers get out of the cold. The schools power went off due to the storm and Tweek was stuck in the school, all alone. Tweek being sickly and weak, and with the intense cold and no heating in the school, was on the verge of dying.

And then something happened ^_^  (Don’t wanna spoil too much) ~