no mika

i can be:

  • brown
  • blue
  • violet sky

i can be:

  • purple
  • hurtful
  • anything you like

gotta be:

  • green
  • mean
  • everything more

why don’t you like me?

why don’t you like me?

why don’t you walk out the door?


what if yū and mika were idols?


OUR PARADISE - Will We Have Happiness ? (EXTRA CHAPTER)

This is the time after 707 know MC pregnant

Hope you like it <3



Couple of assorted haikyuus

- She Was Miraculous -

Inspired by the k-drama She Was Pretty <3 I thought it suits Ladybug adult’s world so well >///u///< If Miraculous Ladybug was a k-drama, i would have imagined Marinette working as a stylist and Adrien as her model (he could even have become the CEO of his own fashion company <3). And they could keep on saving Paris against crimes while working together in fashion. 

concept playlists 2

you’re sat next to the girl you’ve been crushing on, she looks cute and you’ve been making out at this picnic all afternoon. you’re baking in the august heat haze and your lips are sticky from candy and fruit juice. You don’t know where your relationship is going but you know you’re having fun. you feel like you’re in a Hayley Kiyoko music video.

you and your best friend of many years are lying on the sofa eating snacks, legs tangled. you were gonna watch a movie but you got caught up in just talking about nothing and forgot to press play. you’re suddenly struck by how much you’ve been through together, how happy you both are now, and how much you love them. your heart feels very full. you laugh at their lame joke.

it’s 3am and you’re walking back from a party, still a little drunk but sobering fast. the streetlights and the familiar sounds of your hometown make you feel very melancholy. you find yourself sat on a bench, staring at the sky and filled with an indefinable ache in your soul. you think maybe you’re homesick for somewhere you haven’t been yet and missing people you don’t know.