no mercy japanese version

Zelo’s hair

So I remember watching an interview during Crash era where Zelo said something along the lines, “I would like to dye my hair back to its natural colour (black) for the next comeback,” but it didn’t happen until the group came back after their hiatus with Young, Wild & Free! This makes the comeback even more emotional than it already is. 

All Zelo wanted was to have black hair again…

Zelo’s hairstyles throughout the eras

He’s gonna be bald before he reaches 30 if they keep dyeing his hair.

Fun Facts about “Blue Comeback Trailer [B.A.P FMV]”

The video can be viewed here

  • I started working on this project on August 20th and wanted to have it done by September 5th (the latest), but it took longer than expected.
  • During the first three weeks of working on this project, I had a summer job, which meant that I was working eight hours a day and was tired out when I got back home/had to make sure I got enough sleep to not mess up at work. Due to this, the time I could work on the video was very limited.
  • This project was inspired by my impatience for the B.A.P teasers. Originally, the plan was to integrate the already released teaser picture (the blue screen) and make it look like a hacker attack, but due to missing footage for that I had to discard the idea.
  • Including all their previous mvs was an idea inspired by the members posts about the old days.
  • I went through tons of other songs until a friend of mine sent me the one I ended up using. I still can’t thank her enough for that. I’d probably still be searching without her.
  • The music videos (27 in total) used in the FMV are in chronological order, and I combined the Korean ones with the Japanese ones. However, I excluded the Japanese versions of Warrior, No Mercy, and One Shot due to time and style issues. Different from the Japanese version of Honeymoon for example, the Japanese One Shot version doesn’t have any similar scenes with the Korean version.
  • While re-watching all those B.A.P mvs, I got really emotional about how much they have grown as a group, individuals, and artists. I’m honestly just so proud of how far they have come, especially considering the struggles they (and many other K-Pop groups) had/have to face.
  • When I thought myself done with cutting together the music videos and moved on to doing the text stuff, I realized that I had forgotten to include the video for B.A.B.Y and the Japanese version of Feel So Good … So I went back and tried my best to edit them in.
  • Surprisingly, the two videos I struggled with the least were Crash and Skydive. With Crash I thought it’d be tough because it isn’t a professionally filmed mv (just like B.A.B.Y), and with Skydive … well … I admit I had to cut 99% of the plot to fit ten minutes into seven or eight seconds. But in the end it went really well and I was done in like no time.
  • The videos that took me the longest … I’m not quite sure anymore. Basically all the others tho.
  • Throughout the entire time I was working on this project, I was supported by my amazing friends, who had to deal with me ranting/whining about my struggles, countless poorly filmed recordings of parts of the video playing on my laptop screen, and who helped me to come up with ideas and gave me tips on how to improve the video. I would still be working on this without them … or maybe I would’ve just quit.