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allura n kaltenecker?

Allura: Do you feel underestimated sometimes? -and should you totally be the black paladin-

Sometimes I do, like very few people expect me to be strong? I guess because I’m also fairly clumsy and I honestly suck at most sports. But yeah.

Also no. I don’t need to be the black paladin, but Allura definitely should-

Kaltenecker: Do you look good in sunglasses?

I’d like to say so ^^ I at least like wearing them to say the least

Voltron Asks


I was tagged by the absolutely gorgeous and wonderful @obi-one-drop to show my lock-screen, my last selfie, and the last song I listened too 😊

Thank you for tagging me cutie!

I tag @chmuhlbeier @sentinelviktorcullen @spacedivaas @mass-effort @rock-paperback-scissors @shotce @leanarutherford @citadelsushi and @anyonewhowantstodothis!!! (It’s not an obligation but I’d love to see all your selfies ❤️❤️❤️)


I was tagged by the absolutely beautiful @cuteseokjin to do the bias selfie tag~ tysm!! ^_^ ❤️️

I used this on twitter 2ish weeks ago for #ARMYSelcaDay but I haven’t posted it on here, so~ Also if anyone has twitter and wants to follow >> @ minpd_twt (I like friends :3)

Tagging (if you’d like, of course!): @jiminieda || @mochji || @rapmunstar || @vtaenon-min || @hobigivesmehope || @seokgay || @hobipd || @junthehoe || @exooreos + anyone else who wants to do this~ I like putting faces to URLs ^_^

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✎ LOS!Afrodita?

I know these were suppose to be quick sketches but since it was Aphrodite I just couldn’t keep it simple.

Also I was already doing the lineart when it hit me it looked so much like that meme (which tbh I have no idea what the name is or where it comes from but if you know please tell me xD) but I was like fuck it, I’m not starting again 


i was tagged by both @sweetiefiend and @starchilddeej to do this! Your lockscreen, your homescreen, and your most recent pic of yourself!

As you can tell, I really really love aliens (tag me in all the alien shit plz) and my lockscreen is pastel pink, with a space ship and my homescreen is an alien head wearing a flowercrown that says “alien queen”

I tag @pandam0th3r @avibang-bang @spacebastards @devilgate-drive @asinglepetal @moobaby @grouchycouchy and anyone who would wanna do this!

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What did jimin say abt tae?

something about him not being allowed to come as a punishment bc he posted that meme face selca of jin