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Mellly why on earth is there a photo of Zayn with a trash can floating around?

Because sometimes when you’re Zayn you feel compelled to take an Artistic™ photo in your daytime pajama suit and fashion crocs next to an industrial trashcan 

Its best not to question it and just accept that its Zayn’s way of saying he’s made it to the level where he can take selfies next to trashcans and still look GQ. 

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are you okay mellly? Is it because of END theory being true?

Nah, the END theory is the least of my concerns now. I’m just very upset  and feel very betrayed as to how Natsu can just leave Lucy behind. When he thought she left the guild that time, he frantically searched for her to get her back homebut now he’s doing the exact same thing. 

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Mellly! Looks like chiam has rose from the dead! (My English sucks so bear with me please)


Your English is excellent, Pickle! 

It’s amazing how Cherliam rose from the dead just days after Cheryl’s new fragrance hit stores and her new L’Oreal campaign launched!

And how totally not related and organic that the very same mud mask that Cheryl’s promoting is being showcased on Liam’s instagram!

And also totally random and not at all calculated how Liam’s amped up social media activity coincides with Cheryl’s product timeline!

This is what Cheryl does. Cheryl and her team (hi Modest!) are seasoned tabloid Stunt Queens, and I don’t think it’s an accident that Cheryl has been pulling a “Melly Tries to Get a Ride on the Subway at Rush Hour™” and wearing designer potato sacks these past few months. Cheryl knows what she’s doing, and her team is intentionally fueling and courting the pregnancy rumors, which there are a fuckton of this morning ( including the 1DHQ mouthpieces):

For reference, the last two times she had a fragrance and single launch, she took a stunt trip to Tahiti and had a stunt marriage.

In lighter news, I found a pack of Twizzlers in my pantry this morning. As I ripped open the package, I can’t be sure, but it felt like Whitney Houston’s “One Moment In Time” began playing softly in the background.