no meal wasted


▹ pairing: Jeongguk x reader
▹ words: 18,102 I’m so sorry 
▹ genre: smut, fluff, light angst, friends to lovers

You and Jeongguk propose at restaurants to get free food, but somewhere along the way you start to fall for him.

You never thought Jeongguk would actually take you up on the whole fake proposals thing. When you had suggested the idea to him, he’d just laughed and said “yeah”, then continued playing Fallout 4. You hadn’t actually meant it; the idea was one of those you vaguely imagine it happening, but not really, which is why when he brought it up weeks later suggesting you try it out, you thought he was kidding. 

He wasn’t, and this is how you end up in one of the city’s nicer restaurants on a fake date with your best friend. 

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One of my favourite on-a-budget snacks!

You’ll need:
🔹1 cup oatmeal
🔹1/2 cup peanut butter (or any other type of nut butter)
🔹2 tablespoons honey
🔹 Chocolate chips/sprinkles/craisins/flax seeds/unicorn glitter/the souls of your enemies
(Mine has chocolate chips and espresso chips)

After mixing the ingredients, pop it in the fridge for 15-20 minutes so it sets, and it’ll make it easier to roll!
You can play around with the ingredient measurements a bit to change the flavor, and you can store them in the fridge for up to a week😊

Mine are lumpy since I was in a hurry, but you guys get the idea!

♻️Plastic from a take away
Interesting facts about Italy

These facts that astonish my foreign friends and my boyfriend so I thought I might share them with you.
Most of them just relate to my experience, being born in the area of Rome, and having grown up here. In other parts of Italy these facts could be totally different.

We have pizza with nutella

Yes. It is real and everyone loves it. It is a pizza base with nutella on top and occasionally icing sugar over it too. Some people think it is extremely strange but once you try it once you just fall in love with it.

We are crazy drivers sometimes

This is a video from Colosseum square, in Rome.
You may think this was just a day there was some sort of emergency or something… but that’s not it. People drive like this all the time in the center of Rome, and you have to be very good to deal with the traffic there.
People have 0 patience when it comes to driving and everyone always tries to go first.

We drink coffee standing

When Italian people drink a coffe (un caffé) they usually refer to an espresso, which one can drink in one single sip, so when they go to a café (bar in Italian) they usually drink it standing at the counter.
Some people even drink up to 5 espressos a day so for them it is a sort of very short break and not a moment in which they have the time to sit down to enjoy it for a long time.

Everyone gets their on pizza

If an Italian person asks if you want to go eat pizza with him or her and you expect to share a pizza, you’re going to be very surprised.
Whenever you order pizza you order your own pizza, and not finishing it in a whole meal is considered a waste, because it is so good that while you eat it you might even feel like having a second one and eat pizza until you die from it. So if you feel too full you’d probably get a comment like this from your Italian friend: “You are not going to finish your pizza?” If he or she is brave enough they could even eat a couple of the slices you can’t finish.

Italian people are very superstitious

Italian people all over the country have different precautions and superstitions to fight bad luck.
An offshoot of the Evil Eye curse is the use of the Corno, or Devils horn amulet. These twisted red coral, gold or silver amulets are  often worn as necklaces by men to ward off curses on their  "manliness" - very similar to a Mojo. Although most men who wear one will say it represents one of the  horns of the devil, the Corno (also known as Cornuto or Cornicello) predates Christianity by thousands of years.

Family is very important in Italy

Most Italian people really love and care about their family, and they always feel supported by it, even when they grow up.
It is not very strange to still live with your parents even when you are around 30, if you can’t support yourself economically to have your own place, for instance if you have no job. Unfortunately this is a very common situation for many Italian people around that age nowadays.
Even when you grow up and you can support yourself you still don’t stop hanging out with your family because in Italian culture family plays a big role in your life.

‘’Are you going to finish that?’’

A/N: I JUST FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS IDEA AND OH LORD IT’S SO PRECIOUS!  @crownofmanga deserves so much credit for giving me this idea and helping me through writing it, because I loved the idea and wanted it to be perfect, Thank you so much doll!! 
I truly hope that you guys enjoy this, please let me know what you think! 
Please note that english is not my first language so there might be grammar mistakes

Pairings: Bucky X Reader

Prompt: You and the super soldier form a special a special bond over food, will shared bites lead to something more?

Warnings: A tiny bit of language

Word count: 4437

The savoury smell of pizza roamed through the hallways as you made your way to the kitchen to join your teammates for dinner. A small smile tugged at your lips as you entered the room, greeting the others as you made a beeline over to the kitchen island which was partly covered with pizza boxes. You glanced through the boxes before finding a pizza slice with your favoured toppings and took a quick bite while turning around and noticing that the kitchen table was fully seated. You grabbed a plate to place your slice on before pushing up to sit on the marble, letting your feet dangle off it as you picked up your plate to devour your pizza. 

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Omeg-awd (Derek)

this title has like .5% of anything to do with this fic but i don’t know if i’ll ever have another omega-centric fic and i’m not one to let titles pass me by so here you go bby

Warning: PTSD behaviours, panic attack and 

Request:  what if you were an omega that has come to beacon hills and Derek oddly has a sweet spot for you. Only problem is you’ve been through hell and is very flinchy and scared all the time. (Can be whatever you think fits best) I dont know if this is good, but if I’m not gonna write it might as well ask someone who can

ily requester

“You obviously like her.” Scott sighs, watching as Lydia holds a purple dress up to you.

“I- What? I’ve never liked- I’ve never liked anyone in my life!” Derek scoffs, gaping comically and Peter huffs a soft chuckle.

“I can attest to that.”

You peek over your shoulder at the three of them, a small smile on your lips and Derek feigns a blank mask.

Holding your ground, you pressed your lips together hard and watched the alpha circle you. You couldn’t help quaking just the minutest bit with every step he took.

Bowing your head, you stared hard at his feet, trying to pretend that there weren’t four others in the clearing with you.

“What’s your name?” The alpha demands and you take a slow, steadying breath.

“Y/N.” Your voice doesn’t waver and it fills you with a flimsy confidence. You might by as jumpy as a doe in hunting season, but you’ve always had a steady voice in the worst of circumstances.

“What’re you doing in our territory, Y/N?” The alpha stops circling and instead stands above you like a god. Your skin crawls.

The others around him step up beside him, nearly even with him and while it’s unusual, you’re not about to question this hierarchy.

“I’m an omega, I only do one thing.” You snip, clenching your teeth once the words are past your lips. Bracing for a blow, you try not to quiver as the moment drags.

“That’s fair.” The alpha seems to chuckle and it makes your insides curdle. Exhaling a breath through your teeth, you let your eyes flicker to the men and women around him, but it doesn’t help. “Are you looking for sanctuary or passage?”

One of his people grunts, or snorts, and you shiver at the sound. The brush behind you shakes and you nearly trip in your tiny jump forward.

“Check it out.” The alpha orders and one of them peels away, the girl, and he exhales a sigh. “You’re welcome to remain in our territory for as long as you need, I don’t expect you’ll hang around long.”

“I won’t, I promise.” You gasp, letting your gaze flicker to where his heart rests.

“None of my pack will harm you while you’re here. What’s the word…” He’s telling the truth and you don’t even notice the soft answer from his side and the short jokes between him and whoever answered him.

“Look! A squirrel.” The woman calls, throwing a bloody little mass of fur between you and the alpha and your fingers twitch. You want it. So badly, you’re so bad at catching anything to eat.

“What the f- Dammit, Malia.” The Alpha snaps, taking a few steps back and your hand snatches forward and you hold the squirrel in a tight grip.

“Is this for real?”


“Why is she…? Wait, what?”

“Tell her she can’t have it.”

“Why, she wants it?”

“It’s probably diseased, tell her she can’t have it.” The insistence of the voice worries you. Maybe he wants the squirrel, and you’d have to give it up.

“Drop it.” The Alpha orders and your fingers release the bloody morsel automatically and you hear one of the three relax. Your gaze doesn’t move from the wasted meal. In the dirt, discarded. “We’ll feed you.”

The red-haired girl gazes at you curiously. Malia sits across the room, watching you pityingly. The Alpha consults with the Insistent Voice from earlier and the human.

“What was your name again?” The red-haired girl asks and you stare at her for a second, stock still before you chew fast and swallow hard.

“Y/N.” You answer, ducking your chin and filling your mouth with another forkful of the fried rice.

“Has anyone told you who we are?” She asks and you shake your head once, not looking up. She’s high ranked, with how disregards the Alphas presence. Even Malia, who was in the field at his side, gravitates around him.

“I’m Lydia.” She says, ducking some and forcing you to meet her eyes. “The other girl over there is Malia, and the human over there’s name is Stiles.”

You track the people as she says their names, watching as they individually look up at the sound of their name before avoiding your gaze.

“Beside Malia sits Isaac, and on the couches are Liam, a Beta and Mason, the human.” She continues and you inhale a long breath, your head tilting as you take in the boy beside the human. His cheeks flush and his body tilts toward Mason as if for a shield. “Beside Mason is Cory, a Chameleon.”

A chameleon.

You blink at the rarity owlishly. You’d never met one but your mom had told you legends of them and where they sat on the fence. They might not have danced along it like Banshees, but they sat on it, their legs swinging over the side of the living. The subtle opposite of the Wild Hunt.

You’d loved her legends of the realm of the living dead. Banshees who were queens of an entire hidden world. Hell hounds who ran into a battle like an avenging knight and walked out of a pile of corpses and back to their waiting Banshee.

When she’d spoken of the dead realm, it’d always put chills down your spine but you couldn’t deny the curiosities.

But in all the legends, nothing was clearer than that the Banshees were rulers, above Alphas, the Wild Hunt, the Hellhounds and any other creature that faced against them. Chameleons included.

“Those two girls are Kira and Allison. Allison is another human, from a Hunter family-” You flinch violently before you can brace and Lydias words die on her lips. You want her to continue, but you’ve made it weird and your throat is getting tight.

Setting down your fork, your eyes go to the closest exit.

“And by our Alpha over there is Derek Hale.” She continues hurriedly and your racing heartbeat slows. That’s a name.

A huge name.

Your eyes slide over the dark-haired man, the insistent voice, and he stares right back at you. You remember your mother making jokes about betrothing you to “the little Hale prince”. She made the joke so often, for a while you thought it was a fact, that he was a prince and you’d become a princess.

Instead, your world had come crashing down with a rogue alpha and a pack of hunters that’d been tracking him.

“Scott is our Alpha. A true alpha.” Lydia continues, though your gaze hasn’t broken from Dereks until the words work themselves into your brain. Suffused with amazement, your gaze clashes with the Alphas and the kindness in his eyes drains the blood from your face.

“Nice to meet you, Y/N.” Scott smiles and you drop your gaze. Shovelling in another mouthful of food, you chew fast.

“She needs new clothes, any unperishable food she can carry, new shoes and either a haircut or a hairbrush.” Derek says, drawing Scotts attention, and yours right along with it.

“Sure, sure. What else?”

“I can’t remember, we just need it fast. I remember Mom didn’t meet many omegas, the territory had too much status, but mostly, they were gone before she could help them.” Derek continues, the stench of grief wafting from his pores. You feel your own rise up to meet it and his gaze flickers to you curiously.

“You’ll look so pretty, you just have to wear this.” Lydia fusses about you, throwing the dress in her hands onto the couch and picking the brush back up. Your new haircut had your hair much shorter and there were no knots anymore.

You squeak softly as she roughly tears the brush through a knot. Maybe a few domestic knots, the kind of knots of a pack wolf.

Across the room Derek is scowling at Scott and Peter. His ears are a soft pink and you feel a surge of affection for him.

“Derek.” You say, glad when the three of them look up. Beckoning the wolf to your side, the other two share a look and smile that doesn’t make much sense. “I’m confused about what is happening tonight?”

Lydia pauses in brushing your hair and she shares a look with Derek. They think something wrong, obviously. You’re rescuing him from his family.

“We’re all just going to a club because Malia bullied everyone else into a night of dancing.”

A growl sounds across the room and you feel yourself go still, your gaze boring into Dereks eyes.

The quick movement of his hand has you flinching, even though you don’t feel threatened by him. His eyes cloud over, and you let your gaze drop to the hand that had just flipped over. You stare at the palm before you, watching him slide it toward you.

Lifting your own hand, you hesitantly set it in his and he exhales a relief filled breath.

“You’ll be safe, we’ll all be right there and if you want to leave at any time, I hope you’ll come to me before any of the others. Any reason to cut tonight short.” He grumbles playfully and you nod, letting a smile twitch at your lips.

“I’ll find you.”


“Let’s get you dressed.” Lydia says, pulling your hand from Dereks and snatching up the dress. You don’t look back as you follow her, the muscles in your shoulder tight and ready if someone tries to jump you from behind.

The music is twenty shades of too much, to say the least.

You’d been groped, in turn nearly revealed your supernatural secret, whisked from the dancefloor, plied with bitter alcohol that did nothing for you and all night you’d been ducking left and right from imaginary foes.

You’re safe, you’ve been told, assured and promised that you’re safe but your body just can’t compute and every time someone throws their arms in the air you’re filled with raw fear.

Dereks arm rests over your shoulders and you’re tucked tight into his side.

You feel bad, you’re cramping his style and ruining his fun night but every time you try to move, he gives you half a glare and you sigh and lean back into him.

“We can leave in half an hour.” Derek whispers to you, the words flimsy compared to the thumping beat and you’re glad of your werewolf ears.

Scott shoots him a look from across the table and Derek smirks at the young alpha.

“We don’t have to go, I don’t want to ruin your night.” You whisper back and he laughs, sighing lazily as he presses his forehead to yours. His breath runs over your lips and you force yourself not to tilt your face and bridge the tiny gap that separates your lips.

You’re torn up inside and you can’t let anyone love you until you’re better, it’s just better that way.

“C’mere.” Derek rumbles, his expression lazy and sleepy. He looks warm, rumpled and comfy and you ache to do just as he says.

“I- I can’t, I need to get the- thing.” You say, instead darting around the back of the couch, only to scream as he captures you and pulls you over the back and into his arms. Your heart races a mile a second and you feel your muscles lock up.

It’s Derek, you know it’s Derek, but you can’t physically see him and your brain feels like it’s going to explode.

“Y/N, inhale.” Derek orders softly, adjusting your paired positions so his eyes fill your gaze and you feel yourself hiccup on nothing, panic filling you the more you try to inhale. His warm palm settles over your mouth, stilling you and you blink at him. “I’m so sorry, I’m so, so sorry.”

His palm leaves your lips and you inhale a short breath, the panic leeching from your skin.

“I shouldn’t have done that, I didn’t think, I’m so sorry.” He says, his worry stark in his expression and you nod. You’re not going to say it was okay, it wasn’t.

“I accept your apology.” You say, the words even and devoid of emotion and a smile twitches his lips.

“Thank you. I’m still sorry.” He agrees, raising his hand slowly enough for you to stop him, before he tucks a lock of your hair behind your ear. When he doesn’t make a move to remove his hand, you sigh and he presses his forehead to yours.

Love, want and affection fill the air, spiced with touches of need and regret.

You’re dizzy on the scent and your eyes fall closed to breath in the sweet smell.

“I’m sick.” You say before he can make a move and he nods a little, your head moving with the movement. “I want to get better.”

“You will.”


“I know.” He answers, a smile in his voice and it makes you pause.

“You’re- You know and you’re-”

“I’ve been there and I get it, I’ll be whatever you need when you need it. We all will.” He promises and you feel the wound up feeling in your chest unravel, your body melting against his and the couch back. “You have a home here, you have a home with me.”

excuse my awkward randomized capitalization of the wolf terms (idk, honestly)

also excuse any mistakes and ugly bits that’re in there- soz


Summary: Adalynn was taken from her family by the man in black, will she give in or fight?


I want to thank @kellyn1604 for helping me so much <3


Chapter Warnings: Abuse, swearing, nakedness

Chapter Summary: It’s been weeks since Adalynn has seen Negan, weeks since a punishment, but Adalynn is in for a surprise. 

Part 1: Chained.

Part 2: Please, Negan.

Part 3: A promised punishment. 

I’m thinking of taking requests for this fic, ive never done this before and willing to try it out, I have the story planned out but if there is things like how Adalynn and Denny first met or whatever, i might be able to add it to the story. 

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REAL TALK: Not everything I eat is ‘Instagram-worthy’. Sometimes I don’t have time, the lighting is bad or I’m just too hungry or not in the mood to take make my food look pretty or take photos of it. And I’m 100% okay with that.🙃
BUT, this hasn’t always been the case. I used to feel like a meal that wasn’t pretty/photographed was a meal 'wasted’. I felt anxious and like I was doing something wrong if I didn’t take photos of everything I ate. My days were structured purely around meals and being able to take Instagram photos.
I’m proud to say I’ve come so far since then, after realising I needed to take a step back and give myself a reality check.
There are things SO much more important than how Instagram-worthy your food is. Such as that your taking good care of your health (physical AND mental), enjoying your food and have healthy relationships with family and friends. If something is stressing you out, CHANGE IT.
And enjoy your messy, sunken parfait fails just like I did today😋💜✨

IG: @naturally_nina_

Mrs. Choi - SaeyoungxMC drabble

// For the @mysme69minutes ending you wanted prompt :) #mysme69minutes

You knocked softly on the hard, wooden door. A plate with a sandwhich and a bag of chips balanced in one hand as your other held a can of your husbands favorite soda.

“Come in~~” Came the sing songy voice that only belonged to the one man you loved more than anything. With a large smile on your face, he opened the door to your husbands office. He turned in his swivel chair to greet you with a smile. “Why, is it my lovely Space Queen~” You giggled softly and walked over to place the sandwhich and drink on his desk.

“You, mister, need to eat.” Saeyoung let out an exaggerated sigh.

“What would I ever do without you~” You smiled as you walked over to him. He wrapped an arm around your waist and pulled you onto his lap to give you a chaste kiss on the lips. When you pulled away, your eyes trailed to the desk.

“What are you even working on?” Saeyoung looked over at the unfinished toy on the desk.

“A new toy~ I am making it for the kids.” You leaned over to pick up the half finished toy.

“A…rocketship?” Saeyoung nodded.

“Yup! A rocketship~ Afterall, they need one so they can join us in space.” You giggled softly as you picked it up to examine it.

“It’s not dangerous is it?” Saeyoung let out an exaggerated gasp.

“Madam! How dare you insinuate that I could do such a thing. All my creations are perfectly harmless~” You looked over at him and raised an eyebrow.

“Harmless huh? I still dont think that Saeran forgives you for the last “harmless” toy you made that resulted in his pants catching on fire.“ Saeyoung chuckled.

“Alas, it was such a brave astronaut. It sacrificed itself for its crew~ His memory will always be with us.” You laughed softly and set the toy down. Your body turned more towards him as you wrapped your arms around his neck. His fingers rubbed small circles comfortably on your hips. You looked down into his golden eyes looking up into yours shining with love and affection. You leaned down to kiss his lips softly once again which he eagerly returned. His head tilted as he prepared to deepen the kiss but the sound of the door bursting open caused you to jump.

“Daddy!” A little boy with red hair ran unevenly into the office and over to the chair. You and Saeyoung looked down at the little boy. A large smile spread on his face as he leaned down to pick up the boy who giggled.

“What are you doing in here? I thought you were suppose to be napping little guy.” Saeran appeared in the doorway, a little girl with a similar appearance to the boy craddled in his arms and fast asleep.

“He takes after you, he keeps throwing a fit.” Saeyoung looked at the little boy before over at his brother.

“No way, my son is an angel~” You chuckled and removed yourself from your husbands lap to pull the little boy into your arms. He turned to look up at you and smiled widely.

“Mommy!” You smiled widely at your son, heart warming at the resemblance he held to his faster.

“You need to listen to your uncle, Soryong.” The toddler started to pout a bit. You tilted your chin back a bit as you looked down at him sternly. “Soryong Choi, its nap time.” The little boy stiffened at his full name before leaning his body more into yours as if wanting comforted. You couldn’t help but smile at the reaction. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Saeyoung going back to work on the toy rocketship, food untouched. You turned to him and looked at him sternly. “And you, Mister, you eat your lunch.” Your husband chuckled and looked up at you as you still sat in his lap.

“I will, I will~ I could never waste a meal my gorgeous wifey made for me~” He smiled up at you with that same dorky smile that you fell in love with in the soan of twelve days. You never would have thought that three years ago when you downloaded an app that this would become your life. It only took 12 days for your whole world to change. You never imagined yourself married with two children to the man of your dreams.

You never imagined that you would called Mrs. Choi.


Tony Stark x Reader x Avengers+

Summary: You’re Tony’s fiancee, but you walk out four days before Thanksgiving. To make up for being an ass and to prove to you he wants to be there for you and the super-family, he throws a home-cooked dinner for everyone.

Characters: Tony Stark, Peter Parker, Aunt May, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanoff, Sharon Carter, Clint Barton, Pietro Maximoff, Wanda Maximoff, Vision, James Rhodes, Sam Wilson, Bruce Banner, Phil Coulson (Thor and T’Challa briefly referenced)

Word Count: 4043

Warning: mild profanity, lots of food, a little bit of fluff

A/N: I’ve been wanting to do a Tony x Reader for a while now, and when I woke up Wednesday morning wanting to do something for Thanksgiving, I threw this together before rushing off to work. Just some fun Avengers+ family lovin’ and thanks, and a bit of Tony fluff that I needed in my life. I hope everyone enjoys their holiday and has a wonderful day!

“Because you’re a self-absorbed bastard!” You yelled from inside the walk in closet, pulling a few random shirts off their hangers and tossing them into your leather duffle bag.

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anonymous asked:

iiiiiiif you're still taking requests, then what about a scenario where Saeyoung and MC were fighting and he kept talking badly about himself saying he wasn't good enough for her and she deserved someone better ect, then he notices her start to cry and break down and when he asks why it's because she can't stand to see him talk like that about himself? I am in desperate need for that 707 fluff

we love you, Seven!


this would probably be going on duing Sevens route,

  • everyday MC offers to make Seven food
  • breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • “Seven, are you hungry?”
  • and she always get the same answer
  • “no. just let me work. if im hungry i’ll get my own food”
  • after three days of this, when dinner time rolls around MC once again asks
  • “Seven, i think i’m gonna um…start dinner. do you…do you want any?”
  • Seven answered without looking up from his laptop
  • “no. stop offering”
  • MC sighs, Sevens rejection sucking all of the energy out of her body
  • she sits behind where Seven was on the floor, leaning against his back
  • “i thought you were gonna make food”
  • “i dont feel like it anymore”
  • they sit in silence for a few minutes, the only thing MC can hear is Seven’s fingers tapping against his laptop
  • “hey…Seven?”
  • “what?”
  • “why wont you let me make food for you? you must be hungry, i dont think ive seen you eat all day-”
  • Seven stops typing and interrupts MC, but still faces the wall
  • “because i dont matter, alright? its not worth your time to worry about me. after this is all over you’ll forget about me, just like you’re supposed to. just like i want you to”
  • Seven lifts his hands slightly, showing frustration
  • “so, so just stop with all this meal stuff, alright? dont waste your affection on someone as invisible as me. if you try to hug a ghost, you’ll just fall through it and hurt yourself, right? so just stop it, already. i’m not worth it”
  • Seven goes back to typing for a few minutes, before he notices something strange about the atmosphere
  • MC had god completely silent, he couldnt even feel her breathing
  • he sets his laptop down on the ground and turns around
  • “hey, are you-”
  • MC starts to sob aloud, her breath suddenly hitching as her silent facade crumbles
  • “woah, hey, why are you crying?”
  • she doesnt turn around to look at him
  • “why do you have to say things like that? dont you know…”
  • MC feels hot tears spill down her cheeks as her entire world becomes a blur
  • she cant even finish the sentence
  • “its just that, you mean a lot to me and when you talk about yourself like that it really hurts me and i just-”
  • all of a sudden, she feels Seven grab her arms and pull her back
  • she sees his legs come around either side of her as he hugs her from behind, pulling her into him
  • “please…please dont cry”
  • she grabs both of his hands, squeezing them tightly
  • “dont you know that i love you?”
  • she hears a heavy sigh from Seven, as well as feels his chest rise and fall slowly against her back
  • “i wish you wouldnt say things like that…”
  • he leans forward and kisses the top of her head
  • for that moment, MC feels like the world stopped spinning
  • she couldve sworn her heart jumped straight out of her chest
  • she never thought something like that would happen
  • “hey, i think i know a pretty good way to cheer you up”
  • MC sniffs, rubs at her eyes, and turns around to face Seven
  • “hows that…?”
  • “lets make dinner together, okay? i’ll take a break and we’ll both have something to eat”
  • “really?”
  • “really. i’ll even try not to burn down the kitchen”
  • MC smiles making Sevens heart secretly melt
  • that night MC lies awake in bed for like two hours just replaying the moment Seven kissed her head over and over
  • his mouth was so warm and comforting and gentle and sweet and-
  • is it weird to think that about someones mouth?
  • probably
  • gosh, how is she supposed to sleep with all of this on her mind??
  • she wonders what Seven’s thinking about
  • little does she know, Seven was lying awake on the couch, staring at the ceiling
  • and all he could think about was how good it felt to have her that close to him
  • the way she fit in his lap was so perfect, like the final piece of a jugsaw puzzle
  • even crying, she felt so warm and soft and kind and-
  • is it weird to think things like that about someone when they’re crying?
  • probably 

thanks for reading!!!! that got away from me a lil but its fine LOVE YOU, LOVE SAEYOUNG, THANKS FOR READING

Untitled Brett/Reader fic because I DON’T KNOW!

A/N - Oh man, I don’t know about y’all, but for me the worst part of writing original fics is having to come up with a title. So in this instance, I just didn’t even bother XD But anyway! Here’s another bonus fic for this week! I wrote this little thing because, well, I don’t think I’ve mentioned it a lot on here, but I goddamn adore Brett from CC, and seeing as this upcoming batch of prompts contains two prompts for that poor beleagured Cow Dad, giving me my first official chance to write him on this blog, I kinda wanted to do an original fic of my own first just to practice writing him. And because he’s one of my faves and I really wanted to try my hand at this silly, plot-less idea I had :P It’s a little rambly and meander-y, but I had so much fun writing it, so hopefully someone’ll enjoy this too! And for those prompters who requested him, don’t worry, the first one of the two Brett fics should be done and posted sometime next week!

Pairing - Brett x Reader

Warnings - A teensy bit of bad language, a little description of some typical Cow Chop style antics, and a whoooole helping of dumb gratuitious fluff and gross petnames. You have been warned

Word Count - 2, 967

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197.4 last Monday –> 196.4 Tuesday –> 195.4 Wednesday –> 194.2 Thursday (cheat meal day) –> 198 all weekend –> 196.2 today

Well, I lost a pound this week, which is something. Things have been kind of tough the last few days since my cheat day on Thursday.

I had only the pizza toppings and Italian sub innards for lunch on Thursday (photos above!) as promised and didn’t do any snacking after that until it was time for high tea with my friends. Well, it turns out they’d eaten a late lunch and didn’t want to have a whole to-do, so we just each had a pot of tea and two scones with clotted cream and preserves.

Then I went home and ate tacos and two chocolates with my fiancé, but we were too full for anything else. It kind of felt like a wasted cheat meal because it was so relatively tame, but I was happy to not gain a bunch of weight.

And then I gained four pounds the next day, anyway! It was so weird, because I gained four pounds last time I had an entire cheat DAY, and this was only one meal!

The next night was my work holiday party, and it went so differently than I expected. I had a cocktail and a couple of glasses of wine, but we ended up spending the entire night chatting with another couple, so I didn’t feel any of the social awkwardness that I thought might lead to me eating and drinking crap just to pass the time!

Like, I made the seating chart for dinner with seven other people I like the most from work at my table, including this couple, and other people started squeezing in with us after the first course. As in, we were THE COOL TABLE! What a dream.

The next night was my friend’s birthday dinner at one of my favorite Mexican places, and I had half of my steak fajitas and half of a bowl of Texas chili (so no beans). I had a whiskey and Diet Coke for “dessert” and wasn’t tempted at all by anything else, even as I watched one of the guys at the table eat my beloved buffalo chicken quesadilla.

So I guess I mean things have been kind of tough in terms of my weight, but they’ve actually been great in terms of my dedication!

I had three meals of Keto Chow yesterday and was rewarded with a two-pound drop despite the insane amount of sodium in the pickles I snacked on, so there’s still a CHANCE I could meet my DietBet goal of 190 by Friday. I mean, very, very unlikely … but a chance.

Witch's Shopping List

In response to this ask…

A shopping list, huh? Thats a cute idea. And I mean that’s tough because it really depends on your budget and what kind of spells and such you’re planning on doing. I’ll make a list with a few sections I guess.

The basics:

  • Candles. Lots of candles. White is the most versatile color since you can use that for anything. 
  • Herbs- I like to have things on hand that I know I’m going to use in cooking, and then finding out what they can do for me magically later. This way it’s easy to add magic to meals, and I’m not wasting money buying things I’ll only use a little of. Generally I’ve got:
    • salt - (enhancing spells, healing, purification)
    • black pepper - (protection, banishing negativity)
    • oregano - (luck, health, protection)
    • rosemary - (protection, healing, memory, love)
    • basil - (protection, love, luck, money)
    • bay - (healing, creativity, wish magick) 
    • thyme - (strength, courage, happiness)
    • cinnamon - (healing, cleansing, money, good luck)
    • nutmeg - (luck, money, prosperity)
    • cloves - (protection, money, purification)
    • turmeric - (happiness, beauty)
    • cumin - (luck)
    • garlic powder - (protection, money)
    • allspice - (healing, attracting money (if burned))
    • tarragon (actually got this specifically for witchcraft, it smells/tastes like licorice kind of. Nasty) - (safe travel)
    • coffee (not technically an herb but oh well) - (healing, protection, energy)
  • Containers. Mason jars are a personal favorite of mine. You can use them as containers for your stuff or decorate them or use them as spells.
  • Embroidery thread. This sounds weird but you can get a pack with like at least 15 different colors for about $5-6 at your local craft store. You can use these to add color correspondences to all sorts of spells.


That’s probably a good start! I know I’ve linked this before also but it’s a really good post and I think it goes well with this topic. It’s about low-budget witchcraft! 

If I think of anything else I’ll add it here but that’s the basics, in my experience. 


anonymous asked:

Hi! How can I go about communicating with my deities? I'm in a family full of agnostics and Christians, and I have social anxiety, so praying and stuff aloud isn't really an option for me. Plus, I'm about to travel to my grandma's, who is extremely religious (Christian). I've read on different sites and blogs that Thor, one of my gods who I'm trying to connect with more (do you have any advice on Him?), likes it when you address Him out loud. Is there some other thing I could do? (1/2)

Also, what about offerings and sharing? I always read about devotees sharing teas/coffees and what not with their gods. How can I start doing this? How do I let my deities know that I’d like to share with them? What are some good offering ideas for someone with limited space, resources, and supplies (my parent would kill me if I wasted food, that’s why I asked about the sharing concept)? Thank you! :) (2/2)

Well, first things first, I doubt Thor will be displeased if you don’t address him out loud if it means your safety would be risked otherwise. But if you really feel like speaking aloud is the way to do it, well, if you have a phone, you can do what someone mentioned in a post about a “subtle” godphone. You can pretend to be making a phone call and mumble things at him. I highly doubt he will mind some informal language and since a lot of deities like it when you tell them about how things are going, you can just talk at him. If I were you, I’d simply call him something like “T” on the phone.

However, as I said, speaking out loud is definitely NOT a requirement. You can think prayers at him. And as far as receiving messages, there are many subtle forms of divination. My personal subtle form of divination is shufflemancy. However, you can also do divination with playing cards (or cards from CCGs) and pass it off as playing a game or other. Heck, tbh, you can do divination in a ton of ways with everyday things like dice or just tumblr itself.

As for offerings and having limited space, do you happen to have a little table or bookshelf next to your bed? If you do, I’d clear a little space there for setting drinks or little plates of food on. Quietly, just tell Thor that is his space. it’s small but his. Under the pretense of reading or doing something else, you can set drink or food down next to you and he’ll know it’s his. And again, you can tell him silently it’s for him. You can also offer meals. I eat with my family so before we get started, while distributing food, I tell my deity “yo, this is for you. I’m gonna pick at this for a bit just so I don’t look odd but def dig in, buddy.” So if you’re eating with family that’s a good quiet way to share a meal and not waste good.

As far as offering ideas go, sharing meals is definitely great. Honestly, you can offer things you find out walking like pretty rocks. Since Thor is associated with oak trees, you could perhaps (if they’re in the area) find him some acorns and maybe even plant one and care for it in his honor. You can devote reading to him. The Norse had a love of poetry and even though he himself isn’t associated with it, I think Thor would love it if you read poems to him. You can also do devotional activities. If you do some sort of creative activity, you can do devotional works for him. If you’re nervous about people snooping, you can try to keep the works about things related to him rather than directly about him. For instance, if you’re an animal artist of any sort you could draw goats for him. If you do landscape paintings, do some stormy skies or write about a storm if you’re a writer. If you’re one to work out, you can beforehand devote the workout to him. If you do any sort of activist work or the like, I think that could also be devoted to Thor as he is the defender of the people. I’m sure any Thor-devotees following me can chime in with other ideas.

Stuffed Punk

This is my first story on this blog. Enjoy!

“Freaking Hell!”

Ranmaru Kurosaki tore open the door to his apartment, slamming it behind him. “That idiot! Ruined everything!” Ranmaru had hoped to get through Quartet Night’s photoshoot without any interruptions, but no Reiji had to go and pull another prank and touch the idol’s beloved bass guitar. He could still hear Reiji shout “I was only joking!” as the silver haired idol stormed off the set, bass in hand and waited for a driver to come take him home. “Bastard better not have followed me.” He said as he locked his door.

“Guess I should eat something. Hopefully it’ll take my mind off that idiot.” Ranmaru said, his voice nearly at a shout. As he opened his fridge, his mind flooded with countless combinations of things he could make. Despite his punk appearance and grumpy “I don’t care” attitude, Ranmaru was quite the connoisseur and enjoyed cooking from time to time. His fridge was filled with finely cut chops of meat, fresh vegetables, and various fine cheeses. Directly left of the fridge was a cupboard, filled with many different kinds of wines, spices, and the idol’s favorite food, bananas.

After looking for what seemed like an eternity, Ranmaru finally decided what to make. He pulled out several large sirloin steaks, some diced peppers, onions, and some premade sticks of takoyaki. He also grabbed a bottle of red cooking wine, several bananas and a large bag of rice. He tossed the takoyaki onto a plate and threw them into his microwave. While that cooked,Ranmaru turned on the stove, then placed the steaks, onions and peppers in a large skillet. To the side, he pulled out a pot to make the rice. As the idol kept cooking, the apartment began to smell like steak as the meat on the stove continued to cook. Ranmaru poured in the wine so that the flavor could be absorbed into the meat.

Finally, after what seemed like ages, the meat ( medium rare, Ranmaru liked all the blood) was done. He carefully piled the large stack of meat onto a plate. “Damn, this is heavy!” “But it smell so good…” he trailed off, staring at his creation. The glistening pile of meat smelled absolutely delectable, with the steaks absorbing the flavors of the vegetables and wine. He grabbed the plate and set it on the coffee table, before returning to grab the takoyaki,the rice, a bunch of bananas, and a large pitcher of soda he had found in the back of the fridge.

Ranmaru sat down on his couch,looking at the sheer amount of food that was in front of him. “Did I really make this much? This is enough for an entire family!” He thought about wrapping some of it up for later, but he really didn’t want to. “Everything looks so good! If I eat this later, it’s gonna suck!” He thought. “Well,guess I better get started…”

“Ughhh…this was a bad idea…” Ranmaru slinked into his couch, stopping his feast for the moment. The once beautifully cooked foods were now only half of what they once were. The idol had managed to polish off the takoyaki sticks, half of the rice, 3 bananas and nearly half of the meat, before he stopped, feeling incredibly full. His hands drifted towards his midsection, which was slowly, but surely bulging out of his lean body. “Well that’s new.” He said. His eyes moved from his stomach to the table, which was still covered in delicious food. “I’m not saving this for later! I have to eat this now!” Ranmaru said, his voice groggy from all the air and food he had just taken in. He wasn’t letting this meal go to waste. He was going to finish. Cracking his knuckles, Ranmaru picked up his chopsticks and dove back into his feast.

After what seemed like an eternity, the feast the idol had made was completely gone. The plate of meat was licked clean and not a single grain of rice remained in the bowl. Several bananas peels littered the floor and table. Clearly, the food was good if all it was gone, right? A look at the now incredibly stuffed idol answered that question. His stomach was completely bulged out, hanging out over his belt, which had now popped due to the size of the gut. The idol’s shirt was riding up, pulled up just below Ranmaru’s chest. The once overconfident, angry idol was stuffed beyond belief. “Wow…” He said through panting breaths. “Guess this what pregnant chicks feel like…” He said, chuckling at his own joke. He placed a hand on his bulging midsection, which had now looked like an over inflated soccer ball. He rubbed it for several minutes, taking in everything that just happened. Somehow he had managed to shove all this food into his body, and now he had this new gut to show it. It was a weird feeling having this on him. But a good feeling, nonetheless. “I guess I should clean up before…” Ranmaru stopped himself. “Shit! I forgot about the soda!”

Feeling a sudden rush of adrenaline, Ranmaru pulled himself and grabbed the pitcher off the table and brought it to his lips, chugging as if his life depended on it. Within minutes, the sweet fizzy drink was gone and the pitcher dropped to the ground with a thud. “God…” The idol felt dizzy now, his stomach now even bigger than before, like an over inflated beach ball. “I really did it… I finished everything…” Ranmaru managed to stretch his body across the couch, with both hands rubbing his incredibly distended midsection. “This is kinda incredible… I got everything in here.” “Good job…” He said,patting his stomach gently. The bulge responded with groans and gurgles, clearly trying to break down everything that was packed into it. “Guess that’s my cue to get some shuteye,then.” The sleepiness was starting to overcome the idol and Ranmaru went right along for the ride. “Stupid Reiji…” Ranmaru muttered as he drifted into sleep, a hand still resting on his distended stomach.


Imagine #35 || Request #17

Another imagine :) Sadly, I didn’t get to write right away since I had to report one of the groomers in the mall we go to frequently who handled my dog. He was, to put it bluntly, careless when he was shaving my dog (shaving to a point where I thought it would be a summer cut since it’s quite hot where I live) to the point that he shaved too much by he butt part of my dog which my pup ended up with a sore, a hot spot as they called it. I am super pissed at it and I hope the groomers actually do something about it. Anyway, enough about my rant, here’s  a new imagine! Hope this works just as well, I couldn’t think of any since I only keep imagining Stiles as a bully to Isaac while I tried to write many sarcastic side comments Stiles makes while Isaac stays over.


“What’s he doing here?” Stiles asked in disbelief, looking to you then to Isaac who was leaning on your bed, his head resting beside your waist on the mattress.

“Uh, homework?” you answered as if it still wasn’t obvious with the notebooks and books along with the pens and highlighters sprawled around on the floor and bed.

“Don’t you have somewhere else to go? Like Scott’s?” you questioned when Stiles only looked at Isaac, well it was more of a glare than just a plain stare.

“No,” he answered, the glare he was sending Isaac was making the werewolf a bit uncomfortable.

“Then go away,” you said, making a gesture with your hands of shooing your brother away.

“Just don’t close the door,” he said looking at you with a serious look. “I wouldn’t like dog slobber all over your face, sis.”

“Oh my g- Just go!” you exclaimed, annoyed that you got interrupted with your review with Isaac for a test tomorrow and irritated about Stiles’ never ending dog jokes every time Isaac would stay over.

When you were an hour along your reviews, you didn’t realize that your dad was already home until he gave a soft knock on the door that was already open to get your attention.

“Dinner,” Sheriff Stilinski smiled wildly even though the day was tiring, lifting the two rice boxes up.

“Hey, dad.” You greeted, lifting yourself up and out of the bed and giving the sheriff a kiss on the cheek and a quick hug.

“Sheriff,” Isaac followed, standing up from leaning against the side of the bed and walking up to the man of the house.

“Isaac,” Your dad greeted back with a warm smile as he patted the werewolf’s back before letting you and him get back to your test review.

Knowing that it was a trait of yours to not eat the pieces of pork that was mixed in with the chao fan rice, Isaac let you put it in his rice box and continue on with you questioning him about the test for tomorrow.

“Alright, Atomic symbol is O, what is the atomic number?” You asked, swallowing the rest of the food in your mouth before you spoke.

“Oxygen’s an 8, the mass is 16.0.” Isaac answered, leaning on the mattress with his head resting on top and looking up to you smiling.

“What’s Phosphorus’ atomic number?”

“15, mass is 31.0.” He smiled again, a new found confidence in his tone at how fast he answered your question.

“How ‘bout Iron?”

“Wait, I know this one.” It took Isaac a while to answer it, him looking down at the last few contents of his rice box in a deep thought and with an intense stare.

“26, and the mass is…”

“Is? C’mon you almost got it,” you cheered on, leaning your head on the mop of curls while putting the rice box aside, knowing that it would help him with just the right encouragement.

“55.7?” he answered, sounding unsure as he looked back at you.

“Ooh, so close.” You winced jokingly, making him wince too.

“55.8 actually.” You corrected, you straightened up and looked down on your notes and showed the answer to him.

“Right,” He said as he hung his head in defeat while you only chuckled lightly before ruffling his hair and kissing his head in comfort. “I’m so stupid.”

“Yeah, we know. But being honest is always a good thing though,” You heard a voice from the doorway, making you look to the direction of the owner.

“Seriously, Stiles?” you looked at your brother in annoyance, his sarcasm showing again. “Not even funny, you know.”

You threw a pillow to him which he didn’t notice when he was so concentrated on eating his take out that the pillow ended up smacking him square on the face, the take out spilling on the floorboards when he was caught off guard.

“Y/N!” Stiles exclaimed, looking down at the meal wasted on the floor. The look on his face was priceless, it’s as if he had lost the most precious thing he owned.

“Stiles!” You exclaimed back, teasing him and making Isaac hide a laugh with a cough beside you.

“What’s going on here?” Your dad then came out of the master’s bedroom to see the mess.

“Y/N,” the man looked your way seeing that the mess was in your room.

“Stiles did it,” you accused, before lifting your own empty rice box beside you to prove your point.


“But she threw a pillow at m-”

“Clean this up, please?” The sheriff said tiredly with a slight tone of him sounding annoyed.

The Roadblock

for @ktrosesworld, who asked me for ALL of the Ten x Rose AUs, but sadly I only managed two, three if you squint (literally bumping into each other, tourist/knowledgable local and meeting at a coffeeshop). Hope you like it!

1190words, rated G

Originally posted by pouahhh

Doctor John Noble was late. Late was a bit of an understatement, if you wanted to be precise with your wording. Welllll, maybe not an understatement, really. The word ‘late’ to describe his current state of affairs was more of a minimization, he supposed. Perhaps an under-emphasis?

Sod the euphemisms, the Doctor thought. He didn’t have time for those, either. He was late.

He’d been expected at the restaurant to meet Jack’s friend…what was her name? Some lady Jack worked with that he insisted would be perfect for John. As if John were interested in meeting someone. But Jack would nag and pout and grouch if he didn’t go and it really wasn’t worth it.

This was the fourth blind date Jack had set up him on. Reinette had been a flighty, vain disaster. Jabe was interesting, but had a wooden personality. Sarah Jane was kind, but there had been no spark between them. This new girl, though, Jack assured him, would be different. He said she was ‘sweet’. And a doctor, like him, Jack had said.

The Doctor scoffed aloud, his hands buried in his pockets. As if there were another doctor like him.

He was supposed to have been there twelve minutes and forty-two seconds ago, and he was still five blocks and a lift ride away. Bloody hell, how did he always end up in these kinds of predicaments?

Well, that wasn’t so much of an actual question that needed answering, per se, it was more of a musing. A rhetorical pondering, really, that was all. He knew how this had happened; he’d driven to and parked in the wrong garage. Not for the first time. Or the second or third.

Oh, alright. Perhaps his sister, Donna, was right. Maybe he really was a rubbish driver. He could never tell her about these instances, that would only confirm her opinion on his shoddy navigational skills. She was his sister, after all, and she lived to take the mick. On second thought, she was his sister. Maybe if he called her, she would manufacture an emergency to get him out of this…date.

He had absolutely no desire to do this, he thought as he trudged down the sidewalk with his eyes on the ground and his fists in his pockets. He was perfectly happy on his own. He didn’t need-


He felt the collision half a second before he felt hot liquid sopping all down his front and heard someone saying, ‘oh shit!’

The Doctor, who had multiple degrees in multiple subjects - including languages and linguistics - could only muster one word: “Hot!”

“Oh, I am so sorry,” his roadblock said, and suddenly he felt small, delicate hands pressing at his front insistently. He looked down and realized that his roadblock was dabbing him with a handful of napkins. Dabbing him.

“I’m so sorry, I’m just so sorry,” she babbled, continuing to rub the front of his body, slightly hunched over. His mind was blank, full of ‘ow that hurt’ and ‘why is this stranger touching me’ and ‘well now I’ve really blown it and I’ll never hear the end of how I’m going to be alone forever from the prettyboy’.

“Are you alright, mister?” the hunched woman in front of him asked.

“Doctor,” he corrected automatically.

She stood to face him and his breath caught. Christ, she was beautiful. Two loosely-braided blonde pigtails lie on either shoulder, and normally the Doctor would laugh at the idea that a grown woman could wear pigtails, but this woman looked…gorgeous. Two light brown eyes looked up at his from a face with a wide mouth - that was currently curved downwards with a worried look.

Oh, no, that wouldn’t do at all. He needed her to smile. That face should always smile.

She was looking at him as if she expected him to do something, and he wasn’t sure why. So he did the logical thing and just stared back at her, his jaw slack.

The corners of her lips rose into a mischievous smile and oh, there. That was much better.

“Cat got your tongue?” she asked.


“You said your name is Doctor. Doctor who?”


She laughed then, and he was quite sure that that was what music in heaven sounded like.

“Your name is Doctor Who?” Her tongue came out, peeking from between her teeth, and he was transfixed.

“If you say so.”

She laughed again, and he laughed with her at the same time he resolved to make her make that sound as much as possible for as long as he could.

“Right, then, Doctor Who, are you alright?”

“Oh, I’m just lovely. Well, maybe not lovely. Splendid? No…I’m spiffy? Oh, no, no, no, that’s a terrible word. I hope I never say that again. I’m…good?”

The young lady laughed yet again, then brought her multi-colored scarf up to cover her smile.

“My name is John Noble,” he said, proud of his own cleverness in offering her his name.

“Doctor John Noble?” she asked.

“Quite right, too.”

She tittered a laugh, then held out her hand to him. “Hi. I’m Rose Tyler. So sorry about the coffee. Can your suit be cleaned?”

He looked down at the brown pinstripes he loved so much, a darker-brown stain all down the front. He decided he didn’t care.

“Oh, this old thing? It’s been through much worse, I assure you.”

Her tongue came up between her teeth again, and he felt his heart stutter.

“Do you live here?” she asked.

“Me? No. Well, I mean not here-here. Well, I mean not this corner. Or this building. I don’t live in this building.”

“I mean, are you from around here? Do you know your way around?”

“Yes!” he announced proudly, anxious to impress her. “I’m quite well-versed in the area. A fount of navigational information, as it were.” Take that, Donna.

“Would you mind? I’m afraid I’m a bit lost.”

Would he mind? No, he would not mind at all. The voice in his head was salacious and he scowled at himself internally.

“I’d be happy to help you, Rose Tyler,” he announced grandly instead, proud of his restraint and his gentlemanliness.

“You sure you want to, since I just ruined your suit?” That tongue, that blasted pink little tongue, came back out and he was sure that if it were possible, that tongue was mocking him.

The Doctor couldn’t answer. He just nodded dumbly.

“Right, well, I’m not from here, but I was looking for good chips.”

“Chips?” he said with a rise of his brows.

“Yes. I’d like some, but I’d prefer not to waste a meal on something less than amazing.”

“Hmm, I see your point,” he said thoughtfully. Oh, how he could relate to that.

 “I tell you what, Rose Tyler, the best chippie in town is just two blocks that way,” he pointed, “and I’ll take you there myself, if you like.”

She nodded, her smile bright. “I’d like that.”

“Good. But there’s something special about this particular chippie; you have to get there a particular way.”

“Oh yeah? How’s that then?”

He reached down and took her hand, bent towards her ear and whispered, “Run!”