no matter where i go i know where i came from

Question after question came yet all I could do was reply with prolonged silences, apprehensive glances, and various forms of the phrase “I don’t know,” all why trying to keep my tears from spilling down into my cheeks.

“You’re so difficult to talk to.” He smiled a half-smile at the ground before continuing.
“I’m trying to give you advice but you aren’t making it easy.”

The word ‘hypocrite’ rang violently inside my brain, silently responding to the accusation that I of all people was difficult to talk to. But I let it go. I let the game go and plastered an obviously sarcastic smile across my face.

“Well thats just me.”

But it wasn’t me; it was him. I was pulling every trick right out of his book, avoiding his questions and keeping my walls up. That’s what he’d always done, to the point where I stopped trying, where I stopped talking to him about anything that actually mattered - or even about anything at all lately.


—  1:55 a.m.

darthbiscuits  asked:

Plagueis + Tenebrous (trying to pick ones you didn't already do)

Darth Plagueis: If you could dedicate your life to researching one question, what would it be?

Just one? Aw jeez.

Um … probably tissue regeneration? Like, how it works, what its limits are, basically “why don’t people heal like Wolverine and would it be possible to induce that ability somehow, without giving them cancer?”

Darth Tenebrous: If you were a Sith Lord, how much of someone’s family history would you want to know before you would take them as your apprentice?

I’m saying “I don’t know” to a lot of these but it really is the truth, LOL!

I think I could decide to take someone as my apprentice without knowing a thing about their family history, like base the decision solely on my observations of them. I feel like where they came from wouldn’t matter as much as where they want to go, although I would want very much to know where they came from, it would be more a matter of “I want to know this because you interest me and I want to know everything about you” than “I need to know this to make a judgment about whether I’m going to make you my apprentice,” if that makes sense.

You’re sitting there across the room
Once upon a time I would’ve been sitting next to you
But reality came crashing down
And I lost my best friend 
Forever? I hope not 
Each moment that passes I keep wondering
Where did we go wrong?
Where did I fuck up?
But the question that always lingered 
What happened to us?
I wouldn’t know if it’s been weeks or months
Time doesn’t matter when you feel nothing 
Maybe this was meant to be 
Maybe we were meant to last forever 
I just can’t help wishing 
We were still together
You never really know what matters till it’s gone 
I never knew how much you meant 
Till you weren’t there anymore 
I guess all i’m trying to say is 
I miss you.
—  A poem my best friend wrote. you are an outstanding writer no matter what anyone says. Thank you for your love in my poetry, you allow me to continue writing everyday.

TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY and I figured, what better way to celebrate than to write this ridiculous scenario that has been kicking around in my head.

KATAMARI SASUKE is. all I have to say. on the matter. (I’m sorry don’t judge me.)

Sakura does not know what to make of this. Literally. She has no idea how she is supposed to respond, she has no idea how she is supposed to feel, aside from completely and utterly dumbstruck. Which. She is. In fact, part of her is convinced her brain has short-circuited and can no longer separate reality from - whatever is going on right now. She can’t very well say she dreamed of it, because the thought never even crossed her mind. (Her broken, broken mind.)

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I feel like people are gonna take Amethyst’s ‘c’mere sis’ as a sweet moment, letting go and forgiving her nemesis, but I actually think it was really, really sad?

We know from season 1 that Amethyst struggles with what she feels is her association with the things Pearl and Garnet fought against in the war; she takes their discomfort with the Kindergarten a bit personally, and feels like there’s something about her that’s fundamentally bad, despite their reassurance that they don’t connect her with that. 

Steven tells her “it doesn’t matter where you came from,” but it  does matter. It matters to Amethyst, a lot, on an emotional level, and yet she knows intellectually that where she came from is also awful, a product of a force that hates anything that doesn’t fit the mold, including her. She doesn’t want to feel the way she does, but she doesn’t want to leave it all behind either. 

Idk, I’m prepared to see posts oversimplifying that moment–saying it was sweet and, on the other side, that it was more than Jasper deserved. But I don’t think it was about Jasper at all. It was about Amethyst. 

= R I S I N G , R I S I N G =

I’m not sure when it started, but for a long time now I’ve had this reoccurring daydream where I walk outside my house, look upwards, and start to slowly float towards the sky. Suspended in the air, rising up, the people and buildings on the ground getting smaller and smaller… It has always given me this very unique feeling that I can’t pin down; Almost like a nostalgia for something that hasn’t happened yet. It’s poetic. Profound. My pulsequickens, I get this invigorating feeling of moving on to another world. It’s almost a sort of “L'appel Du Vide.” Suddenly nothing else matters. I close my eyes and feel absolute peace.

Where am I going? What am I escaping? What awaits me?

I’m not sure where this single came from inside of me, but I know it has to do with that image. The entire time I was writing, recording and producing this, I felt it. Every time I listen to it, even now, I feel I’m getting a glimpse into that other world. The clouds are parting, I’m venturing into the void. I hope that, in some small way, it can make you feel the same way.


Lift up your eyes, child
Lift up your arms, you are home
I know you’re hurt, child
But you can’t do this on your own

And I can see your blood flow
And I can feel your hurt now
Did you think I’d let you be alone?
And I can hear your sorrow
Playing through the airwaves
I can tell your breath flows with my own

I will find you somehow
Let me be the salt in your wounds
Clean you from the inside
All your love is gone now
I’ve never been a coward, my dear
But I’m afraid of what you are

I’ll untie you from the strings
Caught in your wings
And I’ll try to fill in the gaps,
All of the cracks they left behind

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