no matter what you're doing

i just wanna say that all of you matter and have value regardless of who you are or what you do or what stage of life you’re at, and that you deserve love and kindness and patience no matter what

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Just wanna tell u that Cris is here in his hometown with Ricky and other friends to the opening of his Hotel the partnership he did with Pestana Hotels. I am watching on TV and there is so many people waiting for him it's insane some of them are waiting for more than 8h just to see him. I stay at home cause its too hot to go outside :P Have a great day <3

The president of the government of our island Madeira said now on the speech he did on the Hotel opening that they will change the name of our airport to Cristiano Ronaldo. Cris got a little emotional but he was so happy. Sorry if i am annoying u but i think u would like to know.

Oh that’s so nice!! And he got emotional, bless him! Thank you for telling me :D You are definitely not annoying! 

Do you ever think how sad some people are because they will go to the ends of the earth to prove something you enjoy is problematic and will do anything to make everyone else join them? Even when what you are enjoying isn’t bad and isn’t hurting them?

I’m just sitting here, minding my own freaking business, and someone is literally invading one of my favorite tags because they are so unbelievably petty. I’ve done nothing to them. None of us who enjoy this has done anything to them except asked them to stop. We are so small that this shouldn’t be a big deal to you. But there you are, shitting down are throats and trying to be smug about it.

This last year has been such a pain in the ass and I’m just trying to enjoy myself. I’m just trying to forget all of the bad shit that is happening because I am ready to just break down any second. Please. Just stop. Stop trying to prove something is bad when it’s not. Let us enjoy what we love in peace. That’s all I’m asking. Leave us alone.