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A few days ago, a Vanity Fair article said that early Black Panther footage promised gay moments between Ayo and another Dora Milage, Okoye. - which would make sense, since Ayo is a canon gay character in the comics, where she has a beautiful romance with Aneka, also a Dora Milaje. However, a Marvel representative later stated it wasn’t true and said romance wouldn’t happen.
MCU is probably erasing this representation we could have for the first time after dozens of movies. For how long we’ll have to wait?
I will support this movie no matter what and I ask everyone to do the same. It’s an almost all-black cast in a superhero movie and that’s super important. But we deserve LGBT representation too. And if MCU can have a random romance between Black Widow and Hulk, why can’t it have a romance that already exists in the comics?

Use the hashtag #LetAyoHaveAGirlfriend on Twitter and let’s make it trend!


everyone deserves a happy ending by brightsee

Betty pulls her back into her arms, settling into the couch and just clinging to each other. “I got you,” she whispers into Veronica’s dark hair, dropping a kiss to the crown of her forehead. The memory and echo of countless times before this of when both have whispered the words to each other, a solid reassurance and promise that no matter what happened neither would have to face it alone.

They spend the night huddled together on the couch, sharing a bottle of wine and take out. Veronica puts on the office and they talk about their day. Betty is grateful to have such a strong woman in her life and she feels closer to Veronica than she ever has. This was the breakthrough they needed, both seemingly walking on eggshells regarding the accident, but now it was all out there.

Sometime later, Betty on the verge of falling asleep, she hears Veronica whisper, half asleep herself, “I love you, B.”

Betty mumbles something out that sounds like “love you too” but she can’t be sure. Veronica just places a kiss to her hair and settles back against Betty. She knows, without a doubt, this is where she wants to be.

EXO-Ls, Yixing fans listen up!

On April 24th (that’s in 2 days), please make a banner like this with the country where you live and post it on here, twitter, instagram, EVERYWHERE with the hashtag #WeCherishYixing! We need to show our unicorn that no matter what, we are always stand beside him hand in hand!


EDIT: I forgot to add the time, it starts at 12am CST (Chinese Standard Time)

Food is just food and doesn’t have a natural mealtime. This is especially important to remember when you’re dealing with mental illness that makes it hard to eat.

When I’m in a down swing with my depression, I forget to eat/don’t feel like eating. When I do get around to eating, often the only thing I want is something like pancakes, or milk, or apple sauce. And of course it’s 6pm and I feel lame for eating ‘breakfast’ foods. Or it’s 8am and I want fried chicken, and feel like a terrible person for eating dinner at 8 in the morning.

But food is just food. We assign certain foods to certain times of day culturally, but it’s not a biological thing. Your body can digest pizza at 9 in the morning and yogurt at 11pm. Are you eating food? Yes? Then great! It doesn’t matter what ‘kind’ of food you’re eating, as long as you’re nourishing that body of yours. It’s ok to have cheap ramen for breakfast if that’s all you can stand to eat. That’s ok–you ate food today!! That’s a major accomplishment when you’re dealing with an illness that tries to stop you from doing everyday person things. (Especially if you’re recovering from an eating disorder.)

Don’t feel bad if you eat rice for breakfast or muffins for dinner. Food is just food.

two years | john shelby

Can I please request a John imagine the reader is John’s childhood sweetheart, she’s cocky, confident and fiesty and when he gets married to Esme, she moves away bc Esme is a bitch to her (like no hate against Esme) and she can’t deal with seeing John with somebody else and one day she comes back and there’s arguments and what not. Thank u so much x

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Hannah's Sister!Reader x Comforting!Tony

Request: Can you do a head cannon where reader was Hannah’s sister and Tony is there to comfort the reader because she was the one who found her please!!!!!!! 

A/N: Thanks anon for the request, I hope you like it!

Hannah’s Sister!Reader x Comforting!Tony…


  • Tony still made it to the house before the ambulances did

  • You were the very first person he saw after he made it up to the bathroom, crumbled against the wall as you cried in the water puddles

  • Tony rushed straight for you after he realised what happened and pulled you in super close hug

  • He had his own tears, but he ignored them and focused on holding you

  • The two of you had met a couple times- when he jumpstarted Hannah’s car and just around the school

  • But none of that mattered, all he cared about was making it better for you in any way he possibly could

  • He stayed with your family for a few days afterwards, helping all of you get by

  • When he did finally go home he still dropped by and made visits every single day

  • He and his family would make you some meals and bring them over to make sure that you still ate while you were grieving

  • When you finally felt ready to go back to school Tony picked you up and stuck with you all through the day

  • You became rather clingy and would often cuddle into him at some point during the day

  • He would just wrap his arm around you and gently squeeze you so you knew he was there

  • Comforting forehead kisses

  • Tony takes you to meet his family so you can get some human interaction and fresh air without any pressure

  • His brothers all hang around in case you need any of them too

  • He tells you straight away why he ended up at your house on that day, and he also tells you about the tapes

  • It’s your decision at first not to listen to them and not tell your parents

  • But after everyone else had heard them you change your mind and hear them with your parents

  • Tony stands right outside in case any of you need him

  • He’s always there to comfort any of you, that never changes

  • You grow quite close with his family and they’re always inviting you and your parents around

  • It’s a small bit of comfort in something you’ll never recover from

  • And you’re all grateful as hell for your favourite Tony Padilla


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Who gives the other person cool looking rocks?
kyr, and markus is excited every single time no matter what it is or what time

Who wants to take lots of pictures of them together?
they actually don’t take as many pictures of themselves, but markus is always taking pictures, basically chronicling their day. (*pic of a shell* “look at this rock by bf found?!” *blurry hand* “IT WAS A SHELL SOMETHING MOVED” *shot of the sea from the distance* “what untold horrors do you hold”)

Who is excited to tell their friends that they are dating?
kyr, if only because he has the additional excitement of having friends to tell. he is over the moon happy

How do they tell their friends that they are dating?

idk man they just kind of figure it out

How do they comfort each other?
markus gives really good hugs, and sometimes that’s exactly what kyr needs. so markus has to watch bc kyr’s spent so much time on his own he’s not great at remembering that he’s got someone there. sometimes he’ll be tinkering with something and markus will sit down next to him and just wrap his skinny arms around him
when markus is upset it’s often because something’s been building for a while so kyr sets everything aside and they go walk so markus can vent and talk through whatever’s bothering him and kyr helps him make sense of it

How do they want to dress their baby?
i’m not saying markus spends an hour each morning making sure their baby has a perfectly matching outfit, but that’s exactly what happens. also, if they did have a kid they would buy into Dad Culture 100%. dad shorts, dad jokes, dad minivans, everything

Who likes to have dinner parties with their friends?
they don’t do dinner parties often, but they throw the best holiday parties (probably because markus is the only one who has holidays that don’t suck?). they’re all-day events, finished off with kyr’s fireworks

Who is the prankster?
they both do lots of little pranks, but sometimes markus sets up a really obvious prank and kyr checks it out and finds a cute or romantic surprise 
two pranks in one >:) devious

What is their most memorable date?
kyr has absolutely no experience with dating, of course. he has zero frame of reference. so, for their first date they go on the most Date date they can. markus shows up at the door in a suit and flowers (they live together, he snuck out the back to come around to the door). they go to a dinner and then the theater. they’re back home by 9:30 and they kiss goodnight and then markus sneaks back around to come inside. everything is so over-the-top sweet and they don’t stop smiling like idiots the whole night

What is an inside joke the two of them have?
the exploding snakes. never gets old. also, explosives in general. one time markus made snakes explode out of a cake and kyr almost cried. beautiful.
also, kyr likes to pick markus up. like, every time kyr kisses him markus’ feet leave the ground (his boyfriend is big and tol and markus is very into it), or sometimes markus will be on kyr’s shoulder just ‘cause

Who likes to send the other memes?
markus. kyr doesn’t always get them, but he likes them just by virtue of his boyfriend liking them

Who still blushes when they say ‘I love you.’?
both. not an embarrassed blush, it’s an ‘i have so many feelings for you’ blush complete with big dumb smiles

Who do they leave their kid(s)/animals with when they go on a vacation?
inien because markus would trust her with his like “so i’m leaving you with something even more important” 
“your rock collection?”

Who is the protective one?
kyr, and i think it comes from the fact that he’s not sure what he could do if something did happen to markus, so he worries a lot even if he tries to not let it show

How do they handle a fight with one another?
it’s usually about something dumb that they don’t talk about, but they don’t forget about either. they talk about anything important that comes up, but then the little things build up every so often

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Obedience matters.

“What has God required of you, human? Only that you act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God.”

The second requirement is quite popular among Christians these days, and readily assumed. It’s the first and last requirements that people have problems with.

We live in a place and time where it’s generally held to be offensive when we suggest that God wants us to behave in a certain way. By claiming there is a certain way we out to live, we are also claiming that there are ways in which we ought not to live. People are offended by it, offended at the thought that being in a relationship with God might require something from them, offended that God will not accept anything and everything we humans want to do as good and right.

Honestly, I don’t think God cares if you’re offended.

The Bible calls Christ a “stumbling block and a rock of offense.” Jesus Himself claimed that He came to cast fire on the Earth, that He “didn’t come to bring peace, but a sword.” He came to sanctify with the truth. The truth is offensive, because truth is exclusive. What is true necessarily excludes all that isn’t true.

God has a general love for all mankind, and desires for all to be saved; it is necessary to offend some in order to save them. For, unless one accepts the truth about themselves, that they are sinners, that they are hopelessly lost, they cannot be saved; they have to acknowledge that they need Jesus to save them in order for Jesus to save them.

Salvation is by grace, through faith. No one can earn it. No one can buy it. No one can obtain it through any means other than God’s grace, through faith. But one is not saved by merely believing that God exists and that the Christian message is true. Acknowledging the truth of Christianity isn’t the same as receiving it. Demons believe. Satan believes. Salvation is more than intellectual assent. Actual saving faith requires surrender; surrender of our ambitions, and our passions, and literally everything we have, everything we are.

When a person is truly saved, the Holy Spirit of God Himself indwells them. The Holy Spirit awakens desires in the new believer that they wouldn’t have (couldn’t have) otherwise. Chief among these desires is a genuine love for God, for the things of God, for the people of God, that manifests in action.

James wrote, “Faith without works is dead,” and, “Be doers of the Word and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.”

Having a Spirit-born passionate love for God drives a person to surrender to Christ as King. Such a person will abandon all their rights and precious little wrongs in order to adopt the commandments of their King, because true and sincere love for Jesus is confirmed by obedience.

Jesus said, “If you love Me, you will keep My commandments.”

John wrote, “And this is how we know that we love God: we keep His commandments.”

Obedience doesn’t save; it is impossible to be truly obedient to Christ prior to salvation. Obedience proves that salvation has occurred, that the person has the Holy Spirit in them.

John also wrote, “He who is born of God sins not, for God’s seed is in him.” John was saying that the born-again person will not live a lifestyle dominated by sin; they will not hold back any sins. A person filled with the love of God by the Holy Spirit will not want to maintain any sin in their life; although they are not perfectly sinless, they will desire to be free of sin, which means they will not engage regularly in the pet sins of their past. They will treat sin as unclean and “avoid it like the plague.”

How very different the message of mainstream Christianity tends to be these days. We don’t say, “believe, repent, confess the Lord Jesus”; we say, “God has a wonderful plan for your life, and He accepts you just like you are.” The latter of these messages is welcoming, appealing to those outside, and not offensive in the least. It’s also a lie.

The truth is that God will accept anyone who comes to Him through Christ, but no one will be permitted to remain as they are at that time. Coming to Christ necessarily entails surrender, leading to the new birth and the indwelling of the Spirit, leading to repentance. No one who comes to Christ remains the same. All who come to Christ are changed.

A.W. Tozer once said, “Salvation apart from obedience is unknown in the sacred Scriptures… Apart from obedience there can be no salvation, for salvation without obedience is a self-contradictory impossibility.”

If you think you’re in Christ, but you’re living a sinful lifestyle, holding on to any pet sins, unwilling to surrender, thinking that Jesus can be your Savior and not your Lord, in the spirit of brotherly love, I have to tell you: you’re deceiving yourself.

There is no difference between receiving Jesus as Savior, and receiving Jesus as Lord. To do one is to do both. If you fail to do one, you’ve failed to do both. There is no middle ground, no in between. If anyone is willing to abandon all things to follow Christ save one, then they cannot follow Christ.

If Jesus isn’t Lord of all, He isn’t Lord at all.

Things I've learned since becoming ill...

• It’s nobody’s fault. It is genetic. It just happened.

• Do not be too proud or stubborn to ask for help. You need it.

• Brush your teeth and wash your face (even just with a baby wipe) everyday if you’re able to do so. It makes you feel more human.

• Shower or bathe whenever you are able to. Good personal hygiene is good for your mental health.

• Some people will leave. You don’t need those people. Others will stay and they are wonderful human beings.

• You are not a burden. You are not useless. Do not be guilty. Please. Guilt will eat your insides.

• You have not lost who you are. You just now have to make adjustments to accommodate this new thing.

• Accept the fact that you have an illness. Being in denial will only make your mental and physical health worse.

• Clean pyjamas are a divine gift. As are clean bedding and blankets.

• Self care is entirely subjective. If you want to do yoga then do it, if you wanna sit and eat takeout in front of the TV in a squirtle onesie then that’s fine too. Whatever makes you feel good, or at least better.

• If you are tired then rest. Do not burn yourself out. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, if you need a nap then you have one.

• Talk. Write. Sing. Paint. Draw. Dance. Do something to express your feelings. Don’t keep them inside. You’ll explode.

• Don’t worry if you can’t adjust right away. It takes time. A lot of time.

• Do not feel ashamed or embarrassed. Unfortunately illness often has embarrassing symptoms or such. It isn’t your fault. People who allow you to feel embarrassed about such things are terrible people.

• Keep your sense of humour. Some days it’s the only thing that gets you through.

• There will be good days. Grab them with both hands and enjoy them. Savour them. Spend them doing things you love, things that you can’t do on bad days.

• Prepare yourself to the best of your ability. Like…always have a hospital weekend bag packed for emergencies, keep a bed day drawer or bag near to where you sleep, have food or snacks close by, always have a water bottle…

• Take your meds. Please. If you have a serious illness for the love of god don’t listen to the “big pharma” conspiracy theorists. You need your meds. They keep you alive. They enable you to function.

• Research your illness. Keep yourself informed. But don’t dwell on what might happen. Please don’t scare yourself.

• It’s okay not to feel positive all the time. It’s okay to feel down. It’s perfectly natural. But try to be as positive as you can. For your own sake.

• Your own health comes first. It’s not selfishness it’s survival.

• Be kind to yourself.

• The bad days can be horrific but the good ones are beautiful, and so worth holding on for.

• Don’t give up on love. Just don’t.

• You are a badass warrior.


Meet the Muslim teen who repeated #BlackLivesMatter on his Stanford application and got in

  • When Ziad Ahmed was asked “What matters to you, and why?” on his Stanford University application, only one thing came to mind: #BlackLivesMatter. 
  • So for his answer, Ahmed — who is a senior at Princeton Day School in Princeton, New Jersey — wrote #BlackLivesMatter exactly 100 times. The risky decision paid off. On Friday, Ahmed received his acceptance letter from Stanford. “I was actually stunned when I opened the update and saw that I was admitted,” Ahmed said in an email. 

  • “I didn’t think I would get admitted to Stanford at all, but it’s quite refreshing to see that they view my unapologetic activism as an asset rather than a liability.” Read more. (4/3/2017 4:30 PM)

it’s getting messy. lex calls me on tuesday and leaves a voicemail. “i know you’re ignoring calls right now but we miss you.” i listen to that six times in a row and almost text back. everything sounds fake. what am i gonna say. sorry yet again i made you feel like you don’t matter to me. even the sun doesn’t matter to me. even my own body. i mark the message as “unseen” and hope i one day have the energy. getting back is always so many steps, so many apologies. the little things pile up. sorry about that time i let you down. oh and the other one. oh and those small things you never mentioned but we both know bother you. i want to fix things. i do. but i just don’t know how to.


Happy birthday to my little shooting star ♥ 

I hope you will have a beautiful day, filled with everything you desire~ May your every wish come true today, because you deserve it! I love you so much, beautiful baby boy~  Please continue being the happy, wonderful person that you are ♥♥♥


My mother sees this and shakes her head. My friends squabble about it. Internet comments read: you all need to get a life, aren’t you too old to play children’s games, wish millennials would hunt jobs instead of imaginary animals, I’m so ashamed of this generation

I’m so in awe of this generation and everything it has to carry. I am stunned by the way we persevere, by the way we find comfort and peace in such small packages. MAN QUITS JOB TO CATCH POKÉMON. Man indulges in nostalgia. Man leaves home, travels. Man pursues happiness, finds it in strange places.

Pokémon: Indigo League aired in 1999 on Kids’ WB. Picture: an alarm set, two pairs of tired eyes, TV trays and cereal, volume low because mom’s sleeping off her night shift at the bar, theme song lyrics printed out and sitting on the floor. I was eight. I never recall my father in these memories. He’d either already left or I’ve blocked out his face the same way my mom used family photos to cover up fist-sized holes in the walls.

Pokémon Silver and Gold were released in the US in 2001. Picture: anthrax, terror alerts, news footage looping, smoke and screaming, teachers crying in classrooms, the way fear can permeate an entire country and my small body the same way without ever having to name a reason out loud. I was ten. I was scared all the time, but I was also spending my weekends running around outside with my brother and the neighbor boy, throwing imaginary Poké Balls at squirrels.

It’s not that I didn’t know what was going on. It’s just that sometimes when things are loud or angry or hard, especially when you’re young, the best thing you can do is keep your head down.

2016: terrorism, police brutality, student loan debts, depression, anxiety, Brexit, the US political landscape. Pokémon Go begins rolling out its release around the world and there are days, at twenty-five, that I still need to keep my head down. I know there is immense privilege in being able to put the rest of the world on hold for a while, to step back from the things that hurt us; but I also know this brief respite is important. Whether it’s turning off the news for a few days or reading a book or taking a vacation or augmented reality as self care. It is hard to live full time in a world that always looks like it’s on fire. It sits so heavy on the chest. It is easy to look out at all this trauma and forget to look back at yourself.

What I mean to say is, I might not quit my job to roam the country and catch Pokémon, but when it comes to pursuing my own happiness, no matter the means, “I wanna be the very best…”
—  LIKE NO ONE EVER WAS by Trista Mateer

“Okay… Just… Please, hang in there a little longer…”

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despite the fact that everybody thought isak would be too lazy to get all the stuff for their new place unpacked over easter, he actually gets it done in a couple of days. he’s just so happy, he can’t explain it; he hasn’t stopped smiling since they moved in. everything just seems that much brighter, funnier, and altogether just…better.

he’s unpacking one of the last boxes - just a few odds and ends for their bedroom - when he comes across the drawings. the ones even gave him last year, when this all started. he smiles fondly to himself, thumb brushing delicately over the ink, ghosting the path even’s hands made when he drew them. and he feels this sudden sense of gratitude wash over him; that they’re here, now, the two of them. they have come so, so far. 

and just then, even’s behind him, wrapping his arms around isak’s waist and hugging him, pressing soft kisses to the back of isak’s neck. and isak sighs against him, smiling, and turns to face him. 

“kitchen’s finished,” even tells him.

“so’s the bedroom,” isak says. “just need to find somewhere for these.”

even studies the drawings, frowning, then laughs fondly, raking a hand through isak’s hair. “fucking hell, i forgot about these. you kept them?”

“of course,” isak says, like it’s the most obvious thing in the world, like it would have been ludicrous for him not to have kept them. even just smiles and kisses him, all smiley, a hand in isak’s hair and the other on isak’s waist, pulling him a little closer, soft and gentle, fluttering eyelashes and rosy cheeks.

they consider putting the drawings in a drawer somewhere - somewhere where they’ll be kept private; hidden. in the end, though, they remember that this is their flat, so they hang the drawings in their bedroom above their bed. little reminders of how far they’ve come.

finally, they’re done unpacking, and even stands in their living room and looks around, hair a little messy, forehead a little sweaty, but looking pleased with himself. and isak just stares and stares at him; can’t believe how lucky he is. how lucky they both are, really, to have found each other.

“what do you think?” even asks.

isak smiles. it’s not going to make it into a home decor magazine, put it that way. it’s a tiny flat; the wallpaper is peeling in places and the floor is scuffed and scratched, kitchen counter stained in places. but it’s theirs. the first place isak has ever chosen to move into - because he didn’t have a choice when he moved away from home for the first time, not really - and he just can’t help this little smile bubbling up at the thought of getting to wake up next to even every day, all days, forever.

instead of saying that outright, though, isak just shrugs and says, “it’ll do for now, until we can afford to buy our own house.”

even raises his eyebrows, moving forwards, standing closer to isak and smiling. “our own house?” he asks, a little teasingly.

“yeah, in like, ten years or whatever,” isak says, not embarrassed, really, because this is even.

“ten years?” even repeats, moving a hand under isak’s jaw.

“uh, ja,” isak says, smirking, pushing some of even’s hair behind his ears. “didn’t anyone tell you?”

even brushes his nose against isak’s, humming contentedly. “tell me what?” 

“well, we’re going to be together forever,” isak says, very matter-of-factly.

even raises his eyebrows. “forever?”

“ja. literally, forever,” isak says, looking at even through half-lidded eyes, kind of drunk on even’s presence, on how it feels to just be the two of them, here, in their own place. safe and together, surrounded by so much love.

even laughs softly, eyes sparkling. “what happened to not worrying about the future, and taking things day by day, minute by minute?” 

isak shrugs, eyes softening as even’s thumb brushes over his lips, settling against his cheek. “this minute,” isak says, “we’re going to be together for all time.”

with easter right around the corner let’s all give a special shoutout to:

💐 nonbinary + trans people who will be spending easter with family who don’t know they’re nonbinary or trans

💐 nonbinary + trans people who will be spending easter with family for the first time since they came out

💐 nonbinary + trans people who will be spending easter with family who they know have very bigoted beliefs

💐 nonbinary + trans people who will be spending easter alone because they can’t deal with being around their family

💐 nonbinary + trans people who don’t have any family to celebrate with

💐 nonbinary + trans people who would love to spend easter with their family but can’t because they live too far away or there are other financial/time restraints keeping them away

💐 nonbinary + trans people who can’t celebrate with their family because they have to spend easter working

and to all nonbinary + trans people who celebrate, no matter what your circumstances, i hope you all have a happy easter and are able to enjoy the day!