no matter what life throws at her she keeps fighting

  • <b> me on my death bed:</b> I have one final thing to say to all of you before I go.<p><b>everyone:</b> *leans im closer* what is it. tell us.<p><b>me:</b> sakura is just such a loving and csring person. like no matter what life throws at her she's accepts it and doea whatever she can to get through it. I mean she and ino have been fighting for years but she's still there for her. they're still friends. and lile even tho sasuke is a dick to her she's always just so forgiving. like even when he tells her she's worthless she keeps reaching out to him. and she does it all for naruto cuz him and sasuke are so important to each other and she knows that. and she's just so strong and she's grown up to be such a great person and I don't get why people are such dick wads to her.<p><b>me:</b> sakura was the best. *dies*<p>

Warnings: ATTEMPTED SUICIDE!! Swearing
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Sister Winchester Reader
Summary: (Read request at bottom)
Readers Age: High school
Word Count: 1315

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A/N: I had no idea what to title this so ya. And I know this is the second imagine I posted in the same day including self harming I just didn’t want to wait until tomorrow to post it bc the person who requested this may really need it today so yeah…. Enjoy!

Your heart ached, it wasn’t from anything physical but from something emotional. Your girlfriend just broke up with you, her excuse? “You’re always sad, and you never talk about your past.” She broke up with you because you choose not to talk about your past that is filled with blood and pain.

You refused to get up, you’ve missed a few days of school, your brothers were understanding they know how hard break-ups can be. But they were getting worried, at some point you do have to move on.

You heard a knock at your door which only made you pull the covers over your head, “Y/N?” You heard Sam call. “Hey you need to get out of bed, you have to start going back to school.” Sam said as he sat down on your bed, you only moaned in response.

“Sweetie, I know what you’re going through believe me, but I think the best thing for you right now is to go to school and hang out with your friends.” Sam suggested, you uncovered your head to look a him.
“But I don’t wanna, I just want to lay here a die.” You whined whilst pulling the covers back up, you heard Sam sigh.

“Fine, if you won’t get up voluntarily I’ll force ya.” Your eyes widened, he better not. Sam grabbed the covers and yanked them off exposing your what was once warm body to the cold outside air, you squealed as you grabbed a spare blanket and tossed it over you.

“Really…” Sam mumbled to himself, “Fine have it your way.” Sam threw the covers down, you then felt two arms wrap around your torso.

You were then tossed out of bed and over Sam’s shoulder, “Sam!! Put me down!” You demanded as you hit his back, you couldn’t help but laugh anyway.

“Nope!” Sam said stubbornly, he then walked down the halls of the bunker and into the kitchen. You gave up on hitting him and just accepted your fate.
You heard Dean laughing, “Looks like you caught a wild
Y/N!” Dean said as he walked behind Sam to look at you, Sam chuckled and you rolled your eyes.

“Sammy put me down!” You demanded once again, “As you wish, Sam responded as he put you down. “but now that you’re up, you can stay up and get ready for school.” He was right, no way you can fall asleep after that, you sighed and stomped off to your room to get ready.

After you got ready you walked into the library where your brothers were, “Ready?” Dean asked as he got up, you nodded. You two went out to the Impala and drove to school.

You got out, grabbing your backpack and tossing it over your shoulder. You waved Dean goodbye and walked inside the school, you saw a few of your friends so you walked over to them.

“Hey guys.” You greeted, they all gave you a weird look, “What? Is there something on my face?” You asked as you touched your face. They all snickered and walked off. “Okay… That was weird.” You didn’t think to much of it because your class was about to start.

It was one lunch time, Sam is always kind enough to pack you a lunch so you don’t have to eat the terrible cafeteria food. You looked around and saw your usual friends and went over to them.

You went to an open spot but before you could sit down one of the girls scooted over, “Sorry someone’s sitting here.” She acted like she was sorry. “Then where am I suppose to sit?” You asked.

“How about the zoo? That’s where you belong anyway.” She snarled, all of the people you once though of as ‘friends’ are laughing at you. Your eyes starting filling with tears, you turned around and ran out.

“Today is going to be hell.”You thought.

And it was, all of your friends hate you, you are constantly seeing your ex and nobody wants to talk to you. You were right you never should’ve came back to school, you’re pathetic, everyone hates you. Your brothers probably hate you.

Dean picked you up and you both got back to the bunker, you went straight to your room, you got out your demon blade that Dean got you as a birthday present.

You walked into the bathroom, tears falling down your face, you looked in the mirror, but instead of seeing you, you saw a monster. Someone who is just in the way, a burden.

You walked over to the bathtub and sat in it, the least you can do is give your brothers an easy clean up. You clenched your knife until your knuckles turned white.

And then, you did it. You cut your wrist, you didn’t even realize that it was going to hurt so much, so you yelled. You quickly cupped your mouth hoping your brothers didn’t hear. You were about to do the other wrist until the bathroom door burst open, and your brothers were in front of you.

Their eyes were full of worry, Sam ran out of the room probably to get a first aid kit, Dean got in the tub with you and held you. He wrapped a towel around your wrist, you cried into his chest.

“Shh, it’s okay, cry it out. I’m here, we’re here.” Dean cooed, Sam returned with the first aid kit and got to work.

“Why did you do this Y/N/N?” Sam asked quietly trying to fight back tears.

“Because everyone hates me, my friends, my ex, you guys.” You mumbled the last part, Sam stopped what he was doing.
“You think we hate you?” Sam asked offended that you would ever think that, Dean pushed you away, “Why do you think we hate you?” Dean asked. You looked at the your wrist that was halfway stitched up.

“Because I’m a burden, a monster, I just get in the way.” You quietly stated, Sam went back to stitching up your wrist while Dean talked.

“Chipmunk you’re not a burden, or a monster. I know break-ups can be hard, and losing friends can be too, but just think of it this way: You’re one heartbreak closer to finding your soul mate.” Dean kissed the top of your head.

“I’m sorry.” You cried, “You have nothing to be sorry for, we’re sorry we didn’t realize it sooner.” Sam said as he wrapped your wrist up in a bandage.

Dean lifted you up out of the bathtub and carried you over to your bed where he set you down, “Y/N/N, you gotta know that you are the most important thing to us, we love you so much… I don’t know what I would do without you.” Dean whispered the last part as he squeezed your hand.

Sam sat down on your other side, “You’re not alone in this, we’ll help you through this. Just promise us you won’t do anything like this again.” Sam said while rubbing your arm.

“I promise.” You replied, Dean wiped your tears away, “And Y/N, promise us one more thing.” Sam said, “Anything.” You replied.

“Promise us that no matter what this life throws at us, you will Always Keep Fighting.” Sam said, “I promise.” You replied.

Your brothers pulled you into a hug, you’re glad you have people in your life that care about you, that are willing to help you through something like this.

It is going to be awhile before you do eventually find your soul mate, or even new friends for that matter. But what you do know is that when you find them, you will make sure that they are real friends. Not ones that ditch you when things get hard, that what makes family so special. No matter what life throws at you, family would never abandon you.

Requested by Anonymous:
“Could you do one where the readers girlfriend just broke up with her bc she’s depressed. And their friend group all shut her out so she doesn’t have anyone to be w/ @ school and she tries to kill herself. Specific i know its what I’m going through rn

A/N: I DO NOT PROMOTE SUICIDE! If you are thinking of ending your life please get help, talk to people! I’m always open to talk! Always Keep Fighting!!

I hope y'all like this one! I’m open for tips on improving!