no matter what happens love you bb

fuck it this is all I‘ll say on the matter. 

I don’t care if you ship BB or BS or none of them, what just happened is bullshit. This soundtrack, if I recall right, is supposed to intertwined into the show, these songs are supposed to have meaning to the show. B/mblb is an ode to BB, the name of the song is the ship name without vowels. It’s a love song. 

Now i am not trying to calm that BB will be canon but the song does show at least one person, be it Yang or Blake, has feelings for the other. Now we are told that “oh the song doesn’t really mean anything because no one knew about it” THAT IS QUEERBAITING. 

YOU HAVE BAITED THE LGBT+ FOR YEARS NOW WITH “oh we will have a LGBT+ character soon don’t worry” AND THEN COME OUT WITH A SONG OF A GIRL SINGING TO A GIRL AND THEN SAY ITS NOT “canon” TO THE SHOW. FUCK YOU RT. Right now i don’t know who really is to blame and who should get my anger but RT gets a lot of it for 4+ almost 5 years of this shit and the consist going back and forth. And no offense to Arryn, but she should not have said anything no should she had said anything a month later or without having listened to the song.

All in all, fuck you RT, you are pretty much queerbaiting at this point. If this song wasn’t to be “canon” in the show WHY DID YOU LET JEFF PUT IT ON?!?!

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I can't help but admire those amazing dolls you posted about! Your style and how you're able to work with them is astounding! As a matter of fact, I love all your art! I can't help but wonder - do you do commissions? If not, that is of course completely fine and I will definitely continue to admire your work, I was just curious! (Forgive the anon, I was afraid of coming off as rude - and we both know what happens to the rude in this fandom!)

Me?? Really!? Oh.. Thank you Anon! (Btw, praising someones work would never be rude bb). I give me dolls and art a lot of love even if I am quite insecure about them both heheh. I always do have commission open for both art and dolls, the only thing is i never get anything hahahha. But feel free to message me privately and we can totally discuss it :D! Im hoping Abbie and Kae will open the door for more fandom related dolls too *_*.

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Horns, you just got to go for it. I promise that i’ll love you, no matter what happens.
—  My All-State band director (after the horns failed at the high Bb- A slur in Aurora Awakes by John Mackey)

I can’t even with how completely selfless Elijah is. He wants to be there for Hayley, he wants to be the one to comfort her but more than anything, he just wants her to find peace. Even if he can’t be the one that gives it to her, even if it breaks his heart into a thousand pieces, he will be okay with that because he loves her. He loves her enough to stand quietly in his own pain if it means releasing her of her own and isn’t that what real love is?? Putting their needs above your own, caring more about their pain than you do your own, and doing whatever it takes to make sure that they’re okay. No matter the suffering and sacrifice you have to endure to make that happen. If that’s not true love then I don’t know what is.



I freaked the hell out listening to this…

BB Stans read the lyrics!!

It wasn’t easy being a part of all of this.
What with all the negative comments and
the bad press, people thought it’d be easier to abandon them.

Many would have easily turned around and called them monsters.
Hated them. Despised them for what they did.
But we didn’t. We stood here. We cried with them.
We waited for them.
And when they came back,
we wanted to show them that we still supported them.
And we did..

Uh huh, you know what it is
every single album and music vid.
Uh huh, screamin’ that’s nothing.
See our boys put it down, that’s stuntin’.

We shut it down on the web, every comeback we in.
Look in the crowd of VIPs all you see is just that.

Fanboys. Fangirls.
I welcome everyone of you to BigBang world.
See, on this planet they are the coolest band.
No bodies of water, just a sea full of fans.

Total blackness in the crowd with the lights down.
Except for golden glowsticks with them bright crowns.
See it’s crowns cuz we see ‘em as kings.
We know which member is which, just by hearin’ them sing.

That just shows our dedication,
fans of different ages,
and races, even though we come from different places,
we gon’ still be watchin’ every stage in amazement,
hands up, lemme see your raise 'em and wave 'em.

Every single comeback, and BigShow,
we know that’s just gettin’ Papa YG, more dough.
Other labels gotta delay, and postpone,
their debuts and promos,

cuz if you in the same week that they do they promos,
that’s just a no-no.
Even if it’s only sub-units, or solos,
BB sweepin’ up all the awards at, award shows.
Not sayin’ that y'all wack, it’s just we know, they’re more dope.

Every show, fancams, we got pics, too.
So get'cha hands up, alright.
Get up out'cha seat we gon’, STAND UP, TONIGHT.

And support 'em support 'em,
cuz they got our reproductive organs explodin’.
We won’t ever COOL down, BB got that HOT sound,
seein’ fans faint, it’s a VIP knockout.

Whether apart or they’re together as five
the love of VIP’s forever ALIVE. And in the times
they’re feeling down, we just get our crowns and wave 'em up high.
The darker the times, the brighter we shine.

Seungri, Daesung, Ji and TOP, Taeyang.
We just hope you notice that no matter where we came from,
no matter what happens to y'all, we’re always still together.
We said it, and we meant it: VIP, until whenever.

Uh-huh, tell me how you feel.
Winnnin’ at the EMA’s and TRL’s.
Best Fans and Best Worldwide Act.
To the people hatin’ on 'em: “How did y'all like THAT!?”

We shut it down at the polls, everybody with that
Look in a crowd of VIP’s all you see is just that

Until Whenever Baby..

The Rances?! Zankie vs. Zacole

Jill Rance shipping Zacole out of nowhere (getting peyton involved) makes me uncomfortable. Like she was Team Zankie up untill their fight (which was Derrick&Cody+Nicole&Hayden’s fault) & even tho it was Nicole targeting Zach & blamed on Frankie no one was mad at her & were all about the possible Zacole alliance Zach ruined in like 10 mins lol. Then she was all Team Zonny (if/while it could benefit Zach) & now even tho Zach isn’t in the game & Nicayden/Haycole is an OBVIOUS thing…..she’s shipping Zacole like crazy (along with peyton) and it’s embarrassing. Does she honestly think the only person he’s going to remain friends with after BB is Nicole, when Zach has stated several times him & Frankie would remain friends & hangout after BB.

“What exactly was this showmance between the 2 of you?-Julie Chen….."It was a Great Friendship”…“he’s such a great person”…“no hard feelings whatsoever”-Zach Rance

“Frankie, I love you as a person more than anyone I’ve met in my entire life.”- Zach Rance “Were going to hang out so much after this”-Zach Rance (after talking about Frankie’s Marilyn show) “I could literally like watch you forever”-Zach Rance

“Regardless of what happens in this game , I’m completely in love with you know matter what the fuck happens”-Zach Rance

Zach has mentioned visiting Frankie in New York multiply times, Frankie has mentioned playing golf with him & him & Peyton & wanting to go to Florida first when he gets out of the house…..possibly GERMANY? Going with Frankie to Africa to build schools……And many many MANY more, we could be here all fucking day!

“People see that there is that emotional attachment that Frankie and Zach have to each other.”-Jill Rance(on other houseguests wanting to break up zankie)

Whatever happened to this Jill? “Maybe he can network” oh ok you mean use Frankie if he decides to stay friends?. I guarantee you, Jill wouldn’t let Zach be friends with Frankie after BB with both his & Frankie’s reputations atm. (ppl speculating Zach being “gay/bi” & Frankie being labeled a “monster”) if he wasn’t “Ariana Grande’s brother” Jill seems fame hungry with all these interviews considering her son isn’t even on the show anymore…like what is there to even talk about. I hope this Zacole thing isn’t some sort of “gay panic” cuz that would be disappointing, i mean you say you’d support your son but then say he’s straight….um nobody can label Zach’s sexuality but him, not us or even his own mother. I mean if this stems from Zach’s exit interviews than i can maybe understand but then she doesn’t believe (based on her bipolar retweets) that it was all “gameplay”…she contradicts herself & even Zach sometimes. Jill gives me whiplash but atleast she’s never liked Zachtoria/Zictoria.

-Just had to rant a bit sorry :p