no matter what happens love you bb

This is a post to say how unbelievably sorry and pissed I am at the situation @kyloholic is having to deal with. 

Yet again (nonetheless on Christmas) she’s being attacked with unnecessary drama for her stance on all Kylo ships–Reylo, in particular, by shippers who think it’s okay to bully her/harass her. This is… Someone with incredible talent, who’s smart, funny, unpredictable and hands down someone who managed to become one of the most important people in my life–but also someone who doesn’t deserve this. I try and keep this blog ship free, hate free–but what the fuck. What. The. Fuck. 

Please make sure to send her some love because this isn’t just the first time this has happened and it’s incredibly stressful. Nicole, I love you and I’m here for you no matter what. Feel better bb.

Her inbox

fuck it this is all I‘ll say on the matter. 

I don’t care if you ship BB or BS or none of them, what just happened is bullshit. This soundtrack, if I recall right, is supposed to intertwined into the show, these songs are supposed to have meaning to the show. B/mblb is an ode to BB, the name of the song is the ship name without vowels. It’s a love song. 

Now i am not trying to calm that BB will be canon but the song does show at least one person, be it Yang or Blake, has feelings for the other. Now we are told that “oh the song doesn’t really mean anything because no one knew about it” THAT IS QUEERBAITING. 

YOU HAVE BAITED THE LGBT+ FOR YEARS NOW WITH “oh we will have a LGBT+ character soon don’t worry” AND THEN COME OUT WITH A SONG OF A GIRL SINGING TO A GIRL AND THEN SAY ITS NOT “canon” TO THE SHOW. FUCK YOU RT. Right now i don’t know who really is to blame and who should get my anger but RT gets a lot of it for 4+ almost 5 years of this shit and the consist going back and forth. And no offense to Arryn, but she should not have said anything no should she had said anything a month later or without having listened to the song.

All in all, fuck you RT, you are pretty much queerbaiting at this point. If this song wasn’t to be “canon” in the show WHY DID YOU LET JEFF PUT IT ON?!?!

Horns, you just got to go for it. I promise that i’ll love you, no matter what happens.
—  My All-State band director (after the horns failed at the high Bb- A slur in Aurora Awakes by John Mackey)