no matter what everyone says

idk what’s gonna happen but

don’t know how but i’m sure some spoilers will leak, no doubts for johnlock anyway, but no matter what happens i just want to hold everyone’s hand and say thank yall for being so brilliant and amazing, yes i’m random because nervous af, good luck for those who are at the screening rn, because they must survive massive heart attacks 

My feelings on Millard

I absolutely love Millard as a character because people love him for his personality. Because he’s invisible, people who look at him in a romantic way only base this on his positive traits. This is really important to me, especially in a time where almost everyone judges based on physical appearance, no matter what you say about inner beauty, There are people who still care more about a face then a brain. Millard really shows how great a person can be, no matter what they look like.


you wonder why these filthy humans get so many chances. an average human lies 17 times a day, so they all sin at least 119 times a week. you sinned once and got thrown out, wings ripped off by the branches of that wretched, wretched tree. mea culpa.

you tried to go back up once, tried to build a tower, tried to reach beyond the clouds. you forget that the Lord your God is a jealous God, and he will never let you back in. it doesn’t matter that everyone suddenly started speaking different languages. you know what they were saying: usurper, usurper, usurper. you let yourself drop to the dust. mea culpa.

every week, you go to a synagogue, a temple, a mosque, a shrine. you don’t know if you exist in all their stories, but you go anyway. if no one is to believe in you, then you will believe in yourself. the name of God burns in your throat. you think that maybe one day it won’t. you fall to your knees. mea maxima culpa.

—  TEKEL, Venetta Octavia (prompt by melanaigis)
Hello Mark,
As soon as I saw this video I knew it was about Felix. As I watched, I agreed with what you are saying. Everyone deserves respect, no matter who they are. No matter what they do. They are still human. I respect Felix enormously with everything he has done and everything he has become. On a human to human level, he is respectable man. That being said, I am Jewish, and what he said and done cannot be taken lightly. I believe I am speaking for the community by asking for an apology. Just a 90 second video explaining and apologizing. Especially in this time and age when Neo-Nazis are gaining more popularity again, the Jewish community is on edge and ready to attack anyone who is saying bad things about them. As I said, I respect Felix TREMENDOUSLY and honestly, if there was ever to be an apology video, I would respect that man even more.
Thank you for giving this a look.
—  A comment on Markiplier’s most recent video, RESPECT

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what do u think about soft butch lesbians? idk like i feel we're either overlooked, or made fun of (in my experience even by butch lesbians who consider us not tough enough), and i feel like i'm never get any sort of validation :c

lesbians from hardcore femme to hardcore butch and all of those in between are all valid no matter what anyone tells you. everyone will have something negative to say no matter what because that’s the world we live in just hold ur head high and fuck the haters bc honestly who gives a fuck!!! it’s ur life u know ur amazing and beautiful just embrace it

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can you do some hcs of how oda would react if his s/o had scars and were ashamed of it?

  • When he first sees s/o’s scars, he doesn’t say anything but he wonders how s/o got it, and hopes nothing too serious was the cause of it.
  • When Oda sees that s/o is ashamed of their scars, he’ll tell them that they shouldn’t be, and they shouldn’t worry about it too much. He’ll actually show them his own scars, mostly from scuffles to s/o to let them see that he’s pretty much the same with scars.
  • He’ll pull them into a hug and comfort them, saying that its okay that s/o has scars and that they shouldn’t be ashamed at all. Odasaku will also say that everyone has scars, no matter what the cause may be to make them feel at least a bit better about it

i respect markiplier but he’s so naive sometimes, he’s a great guy and I know he just wants to do the best for everyone but saying “respect your opposition no matter what” is a pretty flawed way of thinking, I mean there’s a difference between acting mature and having a discussion but you shouldn’t have to respect people who don’t respect you back. 

I just randomly remembered that one time I had a really good morning despite the fact that I had 8am class, I was in exceptionally good mood, my outfit was great, for once I was not running late and the sky was really pretty, so I took a photo of that morning sky and put it on IG with a caption like “today is a really good day”.

When I arrived to uni, my friends immediately started asking why I was being weird on IG, few of my other friends sent me messages asking why I’m being even more sarcastic than usually and my mum called me to ask if I’m high.

i’ve said it before but jt yorke is degrassi’s most important male character

  • he was the first person to tell emma not to meet up with jordan
  • when paige confesses to him that she was raped, he doesn’t ask any questions. he doesn’t ask what she did, if they were on a date, nothing. he believes her right off the bat and then as an eighth grader, goes after a senior twice his side.
  • he’s the only person in the school who doesn’t slut shame manny. it doesn’t matter to him what everyone is saying about her because he’s known manny for years and he knows she’s a good person. he even goes after spinner, who’s bullied him for the past three years, when he calls her easy.
  • he doesn’t like rick, thinks he’s a scumbag for obvious reasons. but still, jt doesn’t bully or harass him like everyone else. when rick dies, he shows up to the funeral to support toby but doesn’t claim that rick is a good person or anything. he basically says that he’s only there to support his friend.
  • is a suicide survivor. and what’s really sad about that is that the suicide was driven by the stress of trying harder than he’d ever tried at anything to be a good father and a good boyfriend and provide for his family. he wanted to provide for his family because he was abandoned by his own parents and only had his grandmother to rely on.
  • when that lakehurst kid nic starts a fight with degrassi, jt steps up and knocks him out, getting him detention for two weeks and getting him suspended as the mascot.
  • the only reason he contemplates going after lakehurst is because nic called mia a slut.
  • he realized by the end of his life that he didn’t need to be popular or prove himself as a man to love himself. he realized that all he wanted in his life was to be a father and to make people laugh and smile (especially kids, that’s why he loved his being on his show so much).

the most important

Happy Valentines! 💕

HEY! Today is usually the day where I don’t like to celebrate or even know about because it’s pointless to me but honestly I learned to accept it. So for anyone who doesn’t have Valentine, who cares! You should use this day to appreciate yourself and love yourself for who you are! Don’t let anyone put you down!

You are all beautiful people and deserve to be accepted for who you are! And to be honest today is a perfect day to blast up your idol music and appreciate them as well. BUT HOPE YOU ALL ARE HEALTHY AND LIVING! AND don’t let anyone kill your vibe, but everyone slays no matter what anyone says 

(BTW!!! I know I’ve been slacking with my series but I will update them very soon. I don’t know when but I know some point this week so stay tuned!)

XOXO ~Brandy

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[LONG POST] SJ loves Hyukkie; Everyone loves Hyukkie.

Okay, for your sake, I hope you got it down that everyone loves hyukkie no matter what the haters say. (what haters? I know lol) This boy is too adorable, gorgeous, sweet and did I mention adorable? to deal with all that shit. So I’d like to pin this in people’s heads that everyone loves hyukkie and you know you do too even if you say you don’t. If you hate him because he’s interfering with your ship or something then you need to grow the flip up please and thank you.

It’s just ridiculous when some “fan” would be like “I hate him and the members also hate him” - especially when they wanna argue that “Hae also secretly hates him”. 

Like no.

I’m not saying there are any anti-fans but Hyuk fans know the 2-3 we’ve dealt with, even if it might have been the same person, and it’s stupid. Don’t hate him just because you don’t like your bias hugging him. WTF… =.=

Throw all your ships out the window because that’s not the point of this post but you are welcome to spazz over the moments if you’d like. Just keep it mind, I didn’t make this post to prove any shipping point. you can ship whatever you want. 

Anyway, here we go!
(if the ‘read more’ doesn’t work and you’re on your phone; I’m sorry)

Let’s start at the top with Leeteuk and Eunhyuk and how much teukie cares about SJ’s precious jewel. He and Hyukkie are partners in crime and therefore, he’s always got hyukkie’s back. And he’s always there when Hyukkie needs comfort and love.

He’s an angel for the whole group, always looking over them to make sure they’re all okay and that they’re all happy. Leeteuk adores Hyukkie and takes care of him. He is like a mother figure.

You know…when he’s not teasing the poor boy.

Remember when Hyukkie couldn’t stop crying on his last day at Sukira and teukie hugged him? I don’t know about you but that’s when it really hit me that yeah sure they’re alike at something and always fooling around and partners in crime but hyukkie is still younger than teukie and he’s a crybaby, cute and precious so teukie still has to look after him and comfort him.

Next one, Heechul and Hyukkie…

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sadaharu ...
no matter what everyone else says, I won't get rid of you.
no matter how big you get, I'll protect you.
and no matter what happens, we'll always be together.

for haibara-senpai.

Disappointed to see how some people have behaved following jacks video. Honestly, it doesn’t matter in my opinion who says what on the matter, everyone is entitled to comment, or not comment on the matter at hand. I am a long time fan of pewdiepie and honestly think the whole situation has been hugely blown out of proportion, despite this, I honestly think that people shouldn’t feel they have to retract or amend what they say.

The support shown on this matter is between jack and felix. Yes it was a stupid thing to do, but at the end of the day no one should have their views or thoughts disrespected. At the end of the day being a fan of a lot of YouTuber’s I am saddened to see so many people what it seems out for blood. Nothing seems to be good enough anymore. Please people, honestly this to me doesn’t seem a public matter but largely a private one. Felix apologised, jack and many others as friends shared to his and their fans what he and they thought, and jack even followed up with a message to explain thoroughly what he meant.

Sorry for the long, rambling and out of character post but to be honest I am getting sick to the back teeth of seeing people I admire constantly having to fight a battle.

Let’s all calm down and let the poor people live their lives, public figures or not!

Also I know this doesn’t apply to most people on these tags! Or most people who follow on any of the platforms, just seems to be a minority who do a lot more damage.

Okay, promise, now I’m done.

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(#ooc #Aang #meifeng) I always thought it was this super-hippy place; kids aren't *taken* from their parents, but they have the attitude of "these people are nice like those other people are so I'll just sleep here tonight and go back tomorrow". Eventually they end up with the monks because they teach them how to fly and not hurt birds and take care of sky bison and make fruit pies. Sometimes those monks are even their parents.

Ahaha, I mean Maybe! That’s just it, is really no matter what everyone says right now, even the Wiki, it has never been specifically stated how the Air Nomads did things so we don’t know. No one does expect Mike and Bryan. 

Boys live near me, at what point do I just knock on their doors and unravel my lists of questions at them?

I think everyone wants to put them in a big collective pile of “ALL AIR NOMADS DID THIS” and maybe that’s just not right. Maybe a good chunk gave their children to the temples for educational reasons, maybe a good chunk let their kids skip about the world and learn on the fly (pun intended), maybe some parents were strict and kept kids with them at all times, maybe some parents didn’t want to be kids, maybe some people who couldn’t have kids took kids in, we don’t know! I like the idea of it being a mix of all, though, because it seems to better fit. 

I dunno. It’s fun to speculate, though. 

The fact that it was confirmed that we were going to see Aang’s parents seems to suggest there is a story there and stories should never be “this is just how it’s done” simple. That to me suggests some sort of drama?

…Unless it got cut because it was “this is how it’s done” simple. 

I Dunno!!!

guys do urselves a favour and don’t look for a job while in high school
bc if u try balancing going to school + a job + your studying time then believe me you are left with 0 time to yourself
and no matter what other ppl say everyone needs some time for themselves
just to take a deep breath in and rest for a while , , , 

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shiny espeon for the id thing? :3

1000/10 DONT LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE WHO SAY THE GREEN ISNT A GOOD COLOR i love the green kitty Espeon is absolutely beautiful no matter what everyone else says they’re just jealous that you’re shiny and cool! Don’t let them get you down!