no matter what everyone says

Symptoms of OCD people don't talk about

-Depressive episodes
-Generalized anxiety
-Mild to severe hallucinations
-Innapropriate emotional reactions
-Hypersexuality v no libido changing constantly
-So many thoughts in your head it’s just a roaring buzzing noise and all you can do is cry
-Noticing literally everything, whether it’s things passing by, what everyone around you says no matter how far, how people react or say things, mood changes, how things feel, how another person’s hands feel because they just touched something dirty and didn’t wash up
-Sudden selective mutism
-Nightmares every single time you sleep
-Separation anxiety

Among so many others.

Moriel Meta - in which Moriel is actually a healthy and respectful relationship, who knew?

I dislike the ‘Mor has to fix the Cass/Az/Mor situation/Mor should just talk to Azriel about everything/Mor has to be the one to change things and convince Az that he’s worthy of her’ for a number of reasons, most of which I’ve whinged about before (largely that it’s…kind of gross that all the emotional responsibility for this triangle is placed on..the only female character involved in it which is…deeply unfair) but apart from that I think it just shows a lack of understanding as to these characters and how they work and why Mor hasn’t said anything after all this time? 

And people say she should just get on with it and she should just say something and stop all of this but…I don’t think they consider the more problematic aspects of that? Azriel is in love with her and has been for a very long time and she knows this. I think that…In a way if she confronts him about it it’s like telling him that he has to be with her now. She puts him on the spot and forces him to approach a subject that she knows he’s not ready for

“So if he were ever interested would you … ?”
“The issue, actually, wouldn’t be me. It’d be him. I could peel off my clothes right in front of him and he wouldn’t move an inch. He might have defied and proved those Illyrian pricks wrong at every turn, but it won’t matter if Rhys makes him Prince of Velaris—he’ll see himself as a bastard-born nobody, and not good enough for anyone. Especially me.”

 This scene has been approached in a whole host of different ways from people thinking that Mor is flat out wrong to assuming that this has happened before and she knows this from past experience but…I always just kind of read it as it was written. Az doesn’t think he’s good enough for her. It doesn’t matter what she does. It doesn’t matter if she tells him that she wants him. It doesn’t matter if she peels her clothes off and offers him every inch of her. This isn’t a question of want. It never has been. The problem isn’t desire, it’s not even love, it’s worth. 

We’re talking about the person that Mor spent four hundred years convincing it was okay to take a break from work every now and then and go to a club. We’re told Az’s dedication to his work and the lengths he push himself to border on sadistic. This is not someone who takes what they want. This is someone who struggles hugely with self-esteem and self-worth. This is someone who was locked in the dark as a child and set on fire by his brothers as a game because he was that disposable and that insignificant and had that little value. This is someone who is terrified of ever being in that position again and who therefore works ceaselessly and denies himself the things that he wants, even small things like rest or leisure time, because he cannot let himself not be useful again for even a moment because what if they lock him away again because he doesn’t matter? 

So, fine, let’s say Mor does what everyone says she should do. She goes to Az, tells him how she feels, tells him how she knows he feels, tells him what she wants, puts him on the spot, forces him to do something about it. Either: he does as Mor (who’s known and loved him for 500 years) believes and simply does nothing, freezes up, doesn’t move, doesn’t act. Or, okay, maybe he gives in to her because this is the woman that he loves, you know? The woman he’s devoted to. The woman he would look up from a pool of his own blood and snarl at the king who controls the poison running through his veins in order to protect. So maybe he yields. Maybe he says okay. Maybe he accepts her because well this is what she wants. 

For a start that…Doesn’t change anything? Mor going to him and telling him she loves him and wants him and peeling her clothes off in front of him isn’t going to change a damn thing. Rhys making him prince of Velaris isn’t going to change a damn thing. There is nothing that can be done externally to change Az. (And Mor is not under obligation to change him just because she’s a prospective partner that’s a seriously damaged way of thinking too) Az has to change Az. Az has to decide within himself that this relationship is something that he wants, something that will be good for him (and Mor), something that he deserves, something that he can have. Mor cannot do that for him. 

You can’t fix someone’s insecurities just by telling them that you love them/want them? That’s…Not the way this works, especially not for someone like Az where it’s such a deep rooted thing. This is something that he has to work himself through and in the meantime Mor (and Cassian who is…in this almost entirely for Az) will make damn sure that he has the time and space that he needs. However much of it that might be. 

And for a second thing her doing that would be…really unhealthy? Think about it. She’s essentially going up to this insecure, damaged person who’s deeply in love with her and saying: right, I love you, I’m tired of waiting, I’m making an executive decision here, one that isn’t really mine to make (it’s not Mor’s decision/up to Mor to say when Az is ready) and I’m telling you we’re doing this. That’s…Not okay? Like that’s borderline emotionally manipulative? She knows how Az feels. She confronts him about it and she uses that to get what she wants? And it’d be damaging for him. No matter how much he wants this. He. Is. Not. Ready. For. This. Relationship. 

And so many people call Mor out for this? As though it’s her fault? As though it’s a bad thing that she respects his boundaries, respects his insecurities, doesn’t try and force him to change for her because it would give her what she wants? She waits for him. She has waited five hundred years for this man to be ready. She has never pushed him. She has never pressured him. She never will. 

Because this is Mor. And is it really so difficult to understand why Mor, who suffered horrendous abuse of her own as a child, which shapes her just as much as it shapes Az, would wait? Is it so difficult to imagine her refusing to put Az on the spot and pressure him and control him the way she was controlled? Because oh well everyone around you expects you to do this so you should.

 Is it really difficult to imagine her refusing to tell Az who he should love and when he should be with them even though he’s not ready? The way her family told her that she should be with a prince of the Autumn Court, even though she wasn’t ready and didn’t want that? 

Is it really so difficult to imagine Mor, who spent her early life being broken by the demands and expectations and pressures of others - her family, those who were supposed to be closest to her, love her, protect her- refusing to put similar demands or expectations or pressures on another? Especially someone she loves so much.

 Is it really so difficult to imagine Mor, who was shown so little respect that once she was no longer of use or value she was treated like an animal and cast out to die, to be someone else’s problem, would be able to muster up enough respect to let the person she loves so much make their own choices in life? The things that were denied her? 

Is it so difficult to imagine that Mor wants to allow Az a choice? That she feels he should be allowed to choose what he is ready for? And not have her decide for him? Not have her step up to him and say, this is what’s best for you, this is what you want, this is what I’m deciding that you should have?

Is it really an indication that Mor doesn’t love him that she waits? That she’s waited for five hundred years. That’d she’d likely wait the same again, that she’d likely die before feeling like she’d forced him into a relationship with her because she decided that it was time and he was ready and that this was what was best? And therefore that gave her the right to strip away his choices because she knows what’s best? 

Is it really such a terrible thing for one partner to actually respect the other, their history, their situation, their insecurities and understand that they can’t just make these disappear with ~the power of love~ because that’s not the way that mental health works? And that maybe the best thing they can do is not put any extra pressure onto them and give them time and space and support to work through things in their own time and way? 

And is it really so difficult to believe that this is actually the healthiest and best thing that Mor could do both for Azriel and her relationship with him? And that anything else is unfairly pressuring him and manipulating him and forcing him into accepting something that he himself isn’t ready for? And that an emotional abuse victim doesn’t want to emotionally abuse the person that they love? And that that really isn’t a bad thing, you know; that anything else would be toxic and one-sided and selfish and unfair?

Is it? 

TL;DR: Mor is actually capable of respecting Azriel and demonstrates her love for him through that respect in allowing him space, time and a choice in his own life and the relationships he feels ready to pursue. Her keeping her distance from Azriel, the man she loves, for over five centuries is selfless af and I am tired of seeing it twisted around to make her appear to be the opposite. She’s actually dealing with this situation in the best, healthiest way possible and if you’ve got an alternative to what’s happening that doesn’t involve a fukc tonne of coercion and emotional manipulation backing Az into a corner and forcing him to deal with something he’s not ready to face I’d love to hear it :) 

I envy the kindness of a Pisces Sun. The way they say “I love you,” to just about everything. The way their friends admire them and the way their friends trust them no matter what.
I envy how when you say you hate one everyone looks astounded. How they naturally grab your attention, your eye, just because they look like they popped out of your own personal dream and made a home in your reality by chance - or by accident.
I envy how no matter how beaten or broken they are, they’re always there to help. How forgiving and happy they are… yet when truly betrayed, they can hold grudges that last longer than any Scorpio Mars I know.
I envy their ability to escape from the madness with profound words. I also am sorrowful when I realize that much of the time this is why they are artistic, why when their pens hit paper or why when their fingers pluck at strings is to rid sorrow from their brain.
I envy their artistic talent, and above all else their musical talent. Everytime I listen to them it feels like I’m being hauled off to the most entrancing concert hall.
I simply envy much about the Pisces Sun. Though, to be fair, much makes me sorrowful as well.
Like how their trust is often taken for granted,
or how every good trait of theirs is often twisted into something nasty by the people who’ve they put their trust in.
Yet, I envy them.

this is something very personal to me that i felt necessary to share, so that maybe many other people can understand

we need to talk more about mixed topics. the discourse revolving around biracial/multiracial people is practically non-existent and it needs to be. too many times i’ve talked to fellow multiracial people and have them express how unhappy they are, but they just accept this treatment because there’s “nothing we can do.” now granted, this is pretty uncharted territory, because the normalcy of being multiracial is increasing drastically. but we need to talk about it.

mixed people get excluded from social issues by monoracial people because they are not “enough.” they will be told to choose a side, they will be told that they’re aren’t REALLY a certain race because it makes up a percentage of them, and not the whole. they will be fetishized by rappers and the media because they’re “exotic,” people will say how they “want mixed babies because they’re just so cute!” they will go through the identity crisis of feeling like they don’t belong to something in a world that is so obsessed with categorizing people. in 2017 we need to stop treating multiracial people as if they’re a recipe that can be messed up, we need to stop calculating their percentages as if that really matters, and we need to stop ignoring what they have to say. EVERYONE REBLOG THIS. whether you’re multiracial, biracial, monoracial, white, etc. reblog it.

A Fool of Mine [6]

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Title: A Fool of Mine
Chapter: 6/?
Pairing: Gaston/Reader
Words: 1,628
Summary: [ Dinner, n stuff. ]
Tags: @17gnomes-in-a-trenchcoat @with-a-hint-of-pesto-aioli @juggernaut-jones @lost-and-confused-fallen-angel @blackxthexbeast @the7thsilence @leah5684
A/N: THIS CHAPTER IS REALLY SHORT AND IM SORRY AND ALSO I DIDNT REMEMBER THAT ADAM READ BELLE ROMEO AND JULIET IN THE ANIMATED UNTIL AFTER I WROTE THAT PART OK but it’s technically not cheating bc this is based offa the live action and the Human Again scene isn’t even technically a part of the original ;;)))))

The first thing you noticed when you awoke was your pounding headache. You pulled yourself out of bed and glanced at yourself in the mirror - your hair was wild and there were bags under your eyes.

Throwing open the curtains was your biggest mistake. The light hurt your eyes, which certainly didn't help your migraine.

Definitely a hangover.

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This World Ends With Us by kbeto          

Pairing: Ziam
Rated: T
Status: Complete
Word count: ~65K (11 Chapters)
Additional tags: Action | Romance | Mutual Pining | Angst | Fluff and Angst

What does it take to be a hero? As part of the Superhero Club in his school, Liam always does his best to help everyone in need, no matter what. His granddad always says, “If you can help them, then do it.”

Upon finding out mysterious and powerful forces threaten to destroy the world, it’s Liam’s time to help much more people than he’s ever dreamed of. Answering the calling to be a true hero, can Liam and his friends protect their everyday lives beside their loved ones? The way of the hero always leads to sacrifices.

Ziam AU. Adapted from Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru.

Ice Queen ;

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Summary: That girl with the red hair that Jooheon has had his eye on for some time and finally has the guts to finally talk to her

Disclaimer: All the things that are mentioned in this are words of fiction aka it’s not real. I’ve literally just made this up.

Members: Jooheon from MONSTA X x  female reader

Rating: PG

Words: 797

Author Note: Inspired by IU’s song ‘Red Queen’ mainly just because of the title and I love Jieun so…

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some arthur dayne headcanons nobody asked for
  • he has his mother’s temper and sword training helps curb it but he’s a terrible liar so everyone can tell when he is Not Pleased
  • he squires for prince lewyn from whom he later gets his knighthood
  • he’s super awkward and short and not particularly handsome (things oberyn never fails to point out) until he’s like 14
  • he had mixed feelings about being named the sword of the morning because it was one of the only times he ever felt his father was proud of him but it had also been 80 years since the last sotm and he knows his father was antsy for house dayne to be notable again and arthur hates that it’s less to do with him as a son and more because he’s a convenient excuse

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Ace Attorney Gothic

-It is a new day. But that means nothing to you now. All you know now is pressure, suffering, and mockery.

-You speak to your client. You have never been more frustrated. Why are they like this. You could die in that courtroom.

-The trial has begun. You can feel the sweat beginning. What new insults will rain upon you today, you wonder?

-The judge speaks. He references the prosecutor. That man is quiet for now. But you know better. You prepare to bluff for your life.

-You have no idea what you’re doing. You never have. Wait, are you winning? No. You are not. It is so very hard to.

-A rude comment about your hair has been made. You feel annoyed. They know nothing of the effort this style takes. You must stay focused.

-Suddenly you see it. The contradiction in the testimony. You raise your hand, point your finger, and prepare to shout. This is your moment.

-Victory is rapidly approaching. You are ready to win. But a trivial detail has come up. You feel your happiness and hope diminish. You are helpless.

-But you pull through. You have defeated the claim. You have won. Confetti is descending from the ceiling. Where did it come from. Where did it go.

-You see your rival after the trial. You greet him. He is cold and dismissive. You wish you could help him. But that’s not until a few more plot developments.

-Your rival demands burgers. You have no money. You pay for burgers anyway. How are you not in debt.

-You think you can rest now. But little do you know that the strangest human beings possible are planning on being involved in your cases. Why can’t there be a normal person, just once.

-You feel uneasy about what certainly approaches. You wish you were prepared. But you can’t be. You are never prepared, no matter what you say. Everyone knows this.


- Bex’s Panel

  • @bexmader would get #CaptainSwan A prosthetic hand, new beanie or flying monkey statue for their front garden & make it about her (x)
  • @bexmader’s fave Zelena line: “I’m sorry I’m good at what I do” (x)
  • Fave song? @bexmader: WELL If you go on iTunes, I have one! Other than Wicked Always Wins, singing @Adele (in the car) (x)
  • @bexmader on who she’d like to run over next.. (video)

- Lana’s Panel

  • If Lana could ship herself with any ship, secretly, it would be with Malificent(x)
  • Lana on the best kisser: somewhere in the world I’m going to get in trouble no matter what I say so I’ll say EVERYONE. (x)
  • Lana: “BTW, no matter how ridiculous your questions are, I still love you. I’ll call you out if you offend me. Next silly question” (x)
  • Lana would give #CaptainSwan champagne glasses, Regina would give them a unicorn? Or a gift certificate to Amazon (joke from other question) (x)

- Beverley’s Panel:

  • @thereelbeverley would knit #captainswan a baby blanket as a wedding gift (x)
  • @thereelbeverley’s advice to Ruby & Dorothy: have babies, listen, love, share (x)
  • @thereelbeverley would play Hook if she could “because he’s so sexy” Her & Colin are just friends but Hook flirts w/Granny on set (x)
  • What would @thereelbeverley take home from the set? “Captain Hook” *massive applause* “Just the Hook! Not the whole person (x)

- Jared’s Panel:

  • @Jared_Gilmore says if he wasn’t an actor, his other passion and life goal is to be a writer (x)
  • Q: which Mom would you choose
    • Jared: *long explanation*
    • Me: IT’S A TRAP
    • Jared: *laughs* IT’S A TRAP
    • Audience: PASS
    • Jared: Can I pass? (x)
  • On #CaptainSwan getting married: @Jared_Gilmore wants Emma to be happy & is happy Henry will have a father figure (video)
  • @Jared_Gilmore would give #captainswan "hope & belief that whatever happens they can face it together” as their wedding gift. (x)
  • @Jared_Gilmore would write Star Wars into the book, Emma as a Jedi, Hook as Han, Josh as Chewbacca (x)
  • If @Jared_Gilmore had to name the #CaptainSwan baby, he’d pick Leia or Logan (x)
  • @Jared_Gilmore says his fave episode is Dark Waters on the Nautilus with Hook when we saw another side of Henry being “teenagery” (x)
  • On Violet: “I don’t know what happened to her, I’m like, did they break up & they didn’t tell me? ” - @Jared_Gilmore (x)

you wonder why these filthy humans get so many chances. an average human lies 17 times a day, so they all sin at least 119 times a week. you sinned once and got thrown out, wings ripped off by the branches of that wretched, wretched tree. mea culpa.

you tried to go back up once, tried to build a tower, tried to reach beyond the clouds. you forget that the Lord your God is a jealous God, and he will never let you back in. it doesn’t matter that everyone suddenly started speaking different languages. you know what they were saying: usurper, usurper, usurper. you let yourself drop to the dust. mea culpa.

every week, you go to a synagogue, a temple, a mosque, a shrine. you don’t know if you exist in all their stories, but you go anyway. if no one is to believe in you, then you will believe in yourself. the name of God burns in your throat. you think that maybe one day it won’t. you fall to your knees. mea maxima culpa.

—  TEKEL, Venetta Octavia (prompt by melanaigis)

After this I’m gonna stop posting discourse and keep things upbeat on this blog, cuz honestly, the arguments im seeing are low key ridiculous and I’m tired but here’s my brain spill:

lego joker is literally A L E G O. the universe he lives in has no death or rape or gun sounds and is entirely separate from cannon, it is targeted towards CHILDREN just like the original batman comics were. It’s like fucking lazytown.

the killing joke is also a (technically) non-canon one shot/interpretation of joker and the movie literally takes place before any of that could have happened anyway. we get it, as a whole, the joker is a problematic character, but every interpretation of him is a separate entity. That’s how comic universes work.

Anyway that’s all i have to say on the matter anymore, do what you want everyone, happy shipping.

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☕️Unpopular opinion: I hate how the fandom is so stuck in this idea that Lena's gay. There's zero actual evidence of this. It's just getting annoying that every picture of her is marked with "lol she gay dude" and "she eats pussy." I understand subtext and what not but she's clearly not gay no matter how much everyone says she is. (Before anyone tries to call straight hate, I'm not)

i definitely see why that’s such a popular thing in the fandom, as she’s done some Very Not Straight things and exchanged some definite Not Straight looks with kara, and if i cared to i’d probably share the same opinion as others regarding her sexuality, and i never want to understate the importance of lgbt headcanons, those shouldn’t be invalidated or taken away from a community because they do serve a definite purpose. i think what’s frustrating for me in this instance is that often times people have been treating her and discussing her as if her visibility and involvement from a standpoint of representation is as important as actual canon lesbian characters. 

whether people want to acknowledge it or not, her not being gay does shape the way in which the writers have been handling her, and also, probably more importantly, also shapes the way the general audience views her. maggie and alex are visible and present examples of the ways in which a character’s sexuality influences audience perception of the character as a whole. it’s in your face, it cannot be ignored as long as someone is watching the show. maggie and alex serve a very specific purpose in that regard that lena cannot and does not. they contribute to people who don’t participate in fandom’s awareness of lesbianism, they help the kids who don’t have twitter and tumblr see themselves on a popular family show, and they’re also subject to ridicule purely on the basis of their sexuality. these are all things, no matter how strong the headcanon, lena as a character will never provide or bring about.

which is why things like… calling a hypothetical character death of lena “bury your gays”, or supposing that lena is somehow better representation than maggie because of maggie’s lack of airtime (an issue that genuinely confuses me considering a straight guest star getting more narrative importance than a gay series regular is really not that groundbreaking and is actually a huge issue) gets really annoying, really fast.

that was a reallly long explanation but basically my thoughts are “cool i see why you have that headcanon but please don’t act as if that headcanon represents the same things that canon does”

send me a ☕️ and an opinion (popular or unpopular) and i’ll say whether i agree or disagree

Never Want To Lose You

12x11 sorta Coda…I do a series of these on A03 under Crossroads_Castiel (this is the newest in an ongoing series

When Sam and Dean walked back into the bunker, Castiel was sitting at the War Table, trying to look nonchalant as they walked in. Sam had called ahead of time and told him about what had happened and that the memory spell was gone but Castiel had subconsciously worried maybe Dean had forgotten other things…but as Dean came in behind Sam, his eyes hungrily eyed Cass, and he knew. Dean remembered everything. Castiel let tension ease from his shoulders as he stood to greet them. Sam gave him a half hug and drug his duffel bag to his room. Dean craned his neck to see Sam was out of view and he all but crushed Castiel to his front.

“Shit, it’s good to see your face. Forgetting what it looked like….I just…” Dean said with emotion in his voice as his nose buried itself in Castiel’s neck, his chin rubbing against the familiar feel of the trench coat.

“I know…I am quite indignant you wouldn’t let Sam call and tell me as soon as it happened…” Cass said before he reluctantly pulled away. “That was pig headed and stubborn. I could have helped…”

Dean let his arms drop to his side as he locked eyes with Castiel. “Not remembering you would have been more painful if I’d had to see your face as I forgot you….and I’m not sure I would have kept my filter about…us…as I lost my marbles.” Dean shuffled the toe of his shoe on the hard concrete as he grinned. “Sam already told me I was super psyched about our best friend being an Angel as it was…” Dean suddenly looked nervous as he chewed his lip. “We need to talk about some stuff that…happened…while I was gone…once Sammy’s asleep.”

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the best yogs thing was Xeph snapping at them in Moonquest with “SCOOP IT UP WITH YOUR F***ING HANDS!” I would say “no matter what anyone says, it’s the best” but I’m pretty sure everyone would agree with me

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Dating+married to roman?

Dating Roman would include:

-Okay so this man would literally take all your hair ties.

-Wearing his old Football jersey

-JoJo loving you

-Him always finding time for a date night

-Always cheering him on at his matches no matter how many boo’s he gets

-Family is super important to him so obviously spending time with them

Being married to Roman would include:

-I think he would want a Traditional Samoan wedding on the beach

-Dean being his best man even though he hated having to wear a suit

- No matter what everyone says he invites Seth because at the end of the day he was his brother

-Roman almost crying when he first sees you in your dress

-A super romantic First dance as he holds JoJo


Do you know the story about the man who killed 99 people? Our Prophet (peace be upon him) told us about a man who killed 99 people… But after he killed so many people he felt remorse and went to a scholar to ask him if there was a chance for his repentance to be accepted… The scholar told him that his sins are to great and that there’s no forgiveness for him. When the man heard this he killed the scholar as well.. But there was still something in his heart and he really wanted forgiveness from Allah. So he went to another scholar and told him that he killed 100 people and asked if there was any chance for his repentance to be accepted. He replied: “Who stands between you and repentance? Go to such and such land; there (you will find) people devoted to prayer and worship of Allah, join them in worship, and do not come back to your land because it is an evil place.” So he left his land and set out on his journey to join them but before reaching his destination he died… The angels of torment and the angels of mercy came and argued whether this man should be forgiven or punished.. 

To cut it short: This man who killed 100 people was forgiven..! Why? Because he truly wanted to repent! Because no matter what everyone else tells you.. Allah the Mostforgiving  tells us:

Because it doesn’t matter how great your sins are… Allahs mercy is always greater!  

My feelings on Millard

I absolutely love Millard as a character because people love him for his personality. Because he’s invisible, people who look at him in a romantic way only base this on his positive traits. This is really important to me, especially in a time where almost everyone judges based on physical appearance, no matter what you say about inner beauty, There are people who still care more about a face then a brain. Millard really shows how great a person can be, no matter what they look like.

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Speaking of fat and fitness, there's a guy at my gym who was probably 500+ pounds who is strong as hell. The strongest/fittest/most muscular dudes at my gym also say hi to everyone no matter what size or shape they are and make everyone feel welcome. This man I spoke of is probably around 300 pounds now and even though he is working out to lose weight, I'm glad my gym is super accepting and friendly to everyone. I love it.

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Positive Gym Experiences is always nice. I love hearing about it! <3 

- Mod Dom