no matter the freaking picture

Day 4: Favorite Fanwork

Art: Chibi Ranma and Akane by Lady Tiger Lily on Deviant Art.  
It epitomizes Ranma and Akane. They are stubborn and they fight but no matter what, they love each other. This picture is so freaking cute I can’t stand it. 

There are so many really good fanfictions it’s hard to narrow down, so I will list some of them by category. I’ve probably reread each of these at least three times:

One shots:
Possibly Maybe by Czechers - Get ready to laugh and cry
So This is Summer by Amethyst Amber - Short and sweet, nothing but WAFF and a little naughtiness

Meeting Later by O'Donoghue - Great look at what would happen if Akane and Ranma met after the series. Unfortunately unfinished.
Speed Onis by Bloodsong - Sometimes a story just feels so right when you read it, this is one of those and I can never pinpoint the reasons, I just know I really like it. This is also unfinished.

Hippocrates by thwarth - Another unfinished work but I really enjoyed the progression between Ranma and Akane. He also manages to get so much humor in this. 

Looking for Trouble Series by Jeremy Harper - I just love the premise of the series and yes, I do write some side stories for it so I might be biased, but it still makes my list. What can I say? Jeremy is a cool dude. 

If anyone is interested in a full list of recommendations, let me know. 


You see, this was a test. Wanted to see if I could push you far enough to waste Sam. Should’ve known you wouldn’t have the sack. Anyway. Fun’s over now. You can’t hurt me. Not without hurting your little brother. See, I think you’re gonna die, Dean. You and every other hunter I can find. One look as Sam’s dewey, sensitive eyes? They’ll let me right in their door.