no matter how random it is haha

  • What she says: i'm fine
  • What she wants to say: I miss Gary so much like I know his last episode aired just yesterday but I still feel so empty. I would miss seeing him on screen. Being sweet to Ji Hyo. Arguing with HaHa on who is more handsome. Having those bickering fights with Kwangsoo whenever KS betrays him. I will miss hearing Gary call Seokjin "seok jin hyung" and SeokJin calling him "gary-yah" in return. I will miss Kim Jongkook with the Kids (gary and Haha) the trio would never be the same. I will miss Jaesuk's random life lessons directed at Gary. I will miss seeing Go Straight Gary, Peaceful Gary, Monday Boyriend Gary, HaHa's best friend Gary, Sudden Commander Gary, Squid Gary and most especially Running Man member Gary. Gary means so much to me and no matter how much it physically and emotionally hurts to see and know that he is leaving for good, all I really want is for him to go for and aim towards what will make him the happiest because that's how happy he made me feel for 6 years.
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Cas x Reader

Word Count: 1170

Warnings: drinking, mild angst, masturbation, kissing, shower sex, smutty smut.

**A short, random little smutty thing. Haha. Enjoy.

 If you watched another episode of anything, your brain was going to melt out of your ears. You grabbed your beer, the fourth today, and drank the last bit.

God damn, you were bored out of your mind.

The boys were out helping a fellow hunter in Billings and would be gone for a few more days. You decided to sit this one out, hoping Cas would get his hot, feathery ass out of heaven and back into your bed where he belonged. But no matter how much you prayed to him, he didn’t show. You could be bleeding out in an alley somewhere for all he knew!

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So this happened today….fml he was just chilling in the parking lot of a best buy. How odd haha I wasted everything on him. I even gave him a raspberry used an ultra ball and it said excellent and he still jumped out. Why don’t they make it where an excellent is an automatic catch no matter what ugh. This game makes me angry 😂😂