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Cas x Reader

Word Count: 1170

Warnings: drinking, mild angst, masturbation, kissing, shower sex, smutty smut.

**A short, random little smutty thing. Haha. Enjoy.

 If you watched another episode of anything, your brain was going to melt out of your ears. You grabbed your beer, the fourth today, and drank the last bit.

God damn, you were bored out of your mind.

The boys were out helping a fellow hunter in Billings and would be gone for a few more days. You decided to sit this one out, hoping Cas would get his hot, feathery ass out of heaven and back into your bed where he belonged. But no matter how much you prayed to him, he didn’t show. You could be bleeding out in an alley somewhere for all he knew!

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Domestic Drarry feels

im such a sucker for cute stuff with drarry at home tbh. like just hear me out:

• i love it when they’re lounging at home naked all day doing nothing but staying wrapped in each other’s arms, intoxicated by each other’s scent and all that

• i love it when they’re taking turns cooking for each other, draco telling harry how strange his spaghetti and meatballs look like but loving it anyway, harry involuntarily moaning in pleasure (and then getting embarrassed afterwards) bc draco makes a mean shepherd’s pie

• i love it when they’re teasing each other mercilessly and everyone else finding it so amusing, draco telling everyone how poor harry’s fashion sense is and harry calling draco a girl for always taking an hour in the bathroom fixing his hair

• i love it when teddy lupin comes over and the pair of them have to babysit him, harry giving him home baked (by draco ofc) chocolate chip cookies and milk, draco spoiling him by buying him a muggle ps4 and telling the best imaginative bedtime stories ever

• i love it when draco and harry are hosting the annual christmas party at their house and their friends coming over, draco fretting over every little detail on harry’s clothes and “borrowing” the malfoys’ house elves to cook a scrumptious meal, harry being the “doorman” and greeting all the guest and taking their coats by the door; they’re so in sync i fucking love it

• i love it when draco, who’s more often than not a suit/robes person, is wearing harry’s worn out hoodies that are too big for him like it’s the best thing ever created (hell yeah it is)

• i love it when harry is reading draco’s fave books just for the sake of impressing him even if the classics make him want to fall asleep on the spot (draco knows this ofc and finds it cute anyway awwwww)

• i love it when they are surprise attacking and tackling each other with kisses when their other half gets home late, harry yelping in surprise but melting into the kiss and draco giving harry’s pert arse a nice squeeze while using tongue

• i love it when draco is taking a soothing long bubble bath and then harry joins him, giving him a well earned handjob and vice versa

• i love it when draco plays the piano and harry sits down beside him with teddy on lap, both are equally fascinated and excited, harry is proud af while teddy laughs and presses random piano keys

• i love it when i think about how rad it would be if draco and harry adopted a dog named cliffe (heh rad cliffe heh), both men giving cliffe a bath and getting soaked through (harry is wearing a white t shirt so we know what happens next !!!)

• i love it when they’re trying to assemble ikea furniture, harry being absolutely smug bc he actually understands something that draco mr. know it all malfoy doesn’t and milking draco’s confusion for all it’s worth (like afterwards they have this heated make out session on the couch but then it just collapses under their passion lmao it makes both boys laugh really hard ofc)

• i love it when harry is making coffee with the fancy machine (draco bought it bc it makes harry happy even if draco has no idea how the fuck it works lol really)

i love how to draco and harry, its always the little things that matter

i just love domestic drarry ok???? its gOT ME FEELING A TYPA WAY BRUH and i didn’t notice how long this got srsly haha

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random question - how often do you think you think of snk and/or armin a day? :)

Haha. Oh, anon. Armin (and by extension, SNK) is always with me. It’s what gives me joy and energy. Although to an unhealthy extent, he is my lifeline. 

So it’s not a matter of how many times a day he comes to mind, it’s more of a continuous source of strength, where some times I’m thinking of him more directly than other times. I look at a pretty view and get joy because I think “Armin would love this” - because without that connection, I have a hard time finding that joy for myself. I’m getting better. But even now, Armin with me just makes me even happier than if I was living just for myself. So… to answer your question, I guess I always think about him? He’s my light. <3

  • What she says: i'm fine
  • What she wants to say: I miss Gary so much like I know his last episode aired just yesterday but I still feel so empty. I would miss seeing him on screen. Being sweet to Ji Hyo. Arguing with HaHa on who is more handsome. Having those bickering fights with Kwangsoo whenever KS betrays him. I will miss hearing Gary call Seokjin "seok jin hyung" and SeokJin calling him "gary-yah" in return. I will miss Kim Jongkook with the Kids (gary and Haha) the trio would never be the same. I will miss Jaesuk's random life lessons directed at Gary. I will miss seeing Go Straight Gary, Peaceful Gary, Monday Boyriend Gary, HaHa's best friend Gary, Sudden Commander Gary, Squid Gary and most especially Running Man member Gary. Gary means so much to me and no matter how much it physically and emotionally hurts to see and know that he is leaving for good, all I really want is for him to go for and aim towards what will make him the happiest because that's how happy he made me feel for 6 years.
Things I’ve overheard at college

“How long will it take me to lick every book in the library?”


*random girl screaming and waving* “Hey (prof’s name)!! Guess what? You’re the source of 97% of my anxiety!” “GOOD” 


*girl banging on someone’s dorm door at the ripe hour of 12am* “GET UP LOSER IT’S MAY DAY”

*chem prof, holding as many bunsen burners as he can, running” THEY ARE MINE NOW!!! *other profs, walking after him “please…just…” 

“I’m hungry and broke haha so college”

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Your room is literally goals, no matter how many times you change it. It really inspires me haha (this is such a random message, I'm so sorry😂 )

Thank you!! I’m actually really sad because we just moved into our new house yesterday, so my [new] room is basically just furniture and a bunch of boxes right now :( I am excited to have something new to decorate, though!

you-little-oedipus  asked:

Help me I don't know how to draw people kissing without them looking like they're eating each other's faces off and you're such a good artist, can I have advice?

I’d be happy to try and help ! Even if I don’t think I’m the best at drawing kisses, haha. 
One of the first mistakes I made was to draw the two characters kissing on the same angle. While they must not, or their noses will bump and it won’t work XD I drew it and it looked more like puzzle pieces than real people kissing. 

So yeah, I learned that they must tilt heads. Imagine the “camera” being above one, and under the other. On one you’d see under their chin, the ear will be higher, the eye too (and you would see only the lower lip when they kiss). And on the other you’d see less of their chin, the ear and eye would be lower (and you would see only the upper lip when they kiss). 

 I tried to illustrate, please excuse the poor quality, it’s late XD

There’s a lot of different kisses too ! The more passionate it is, the more it looks like they “eat each other’s face off” haha XD

Here’s a few kisses I drew where you can see the tilted heads in different styles :

I know all of us artists hear this all the time but this is SO true, look at models. I would suggest pictures of real people or really good/realistic drawings instead of random art, cause no matter how cartoonish your style is, having real bases is always important. First thing any artist must do is observe. The more you look, the more you learn. And it’s pretty easy with google. Feel free to look, redraw the pose in order to practice. 

I hope I helped at least a little bit ! I’ll be happy to help again anytime ! ^^

anonymous asked:

Hiya! Love the blog, as always. Bit of a random question, and feel free to skip it if you'd like :) but I'd be so curious to hear people's stories of how they first became Tom fans? I'm only curious because, for me, I totally didn't find him attractive at first (I know, I know). I saw him in Thor and The Avengers and barely looked at him...I saw real life pics of him and still didn't think much! It wasn't until I had a random dream about meeting him that I realized how hot he is! Anyone else? Xo

Hiya! Haha, great question! 

(I hope other members will tell us their stories as well!)

Let’s see…my story goes like this.

To be honest, I’d never heard of the guy before Thor and the Avengers. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even see the first Thor movie until Avengers was on its way to theaters, but I really wanted to see Avengers and when I found out that Loki was the villain of the movie, I thought, “I should probably see Thor so I know what’s up." 

So I watched Thor, and I enjoyed it. I thought ‘the guy that played Loki’ was nice looking, but it wasn’t much more to me at the time than that. Then when Avengers hit, I was totally undone by Loki. That scene when he strides down the museum steps in Stuttgard? LAWD HAVE MERCY. I saw the movie three times (once in 3D) and that scene left me in a puddle every time. (Still does, tbh.)

But I wasn’t really looking at Tom. I was looking at Loki.

Then I saw the Loki’d video he did with Josh Horowitz. I could see him as himself - the total cheeseball that he is - and that’s what did it. Seeing him as this normal guy with this really goofy sense of humor made me want to learn more about him, and I started becoming more of a fan at that point.

The classically handsome face and knife-like cheekbones and the long, lithe body (god I sound like I’m writing fic I am so sorry) certainly don’t hurt, but honestly it was everything else - that's he’s smart and well-spoken and silly and compassionate and talented - that drew me in and turned me into the complete and utter mess that you put up with today.

(also he has a really great butt)

- Mona


So this happened today….fml he was just chilling in the parking lot of a best buy. How odd haha I wasted everything on him. I even gave him a raspberry used an ultra ball and it said excellent and he still jumped out. Why don’t they make it where an excellent is an automatic catch no matter what ugh. This game makes me angry 😂😂

I still remember how when the finale aired my sister was at school

And she texted me like ‘tell me what happened idc give me spoilers’

So I just said

‘ok well barney and robin got divorced, he knocked up some random slut, the mother died and ted ended up with robin’

She was just like ‘haha. seriously what actually happened though’