no matter how many times i watch this i always feel my heart breaking a little bit inside


a/n: this is just soft boys being soft tbh. i needed it so here it is- soft richie for the win! fluff/a little bit of angst

warnings: homophobia (very brief)


Eddie is in love. Richie is staring down him, dark curls enveloping his freckled face, thin lips pressed into a tight smile, adoration in his eyes, and Eddie is in love. Eddie wants to mumble something along the lines of:  “Get off me, trashmouth,” but the words cannot surpass his love-struck mouth. There is a certain look in Richie’s eyes that wills Eddie to stay quiet, hands pressed to hands, bodies flushed. He has never known a love like this before.

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FFXV x KH Headcanons That I Have But Probably Won’t Doodle Part 4

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

  • You know how sometimes in FFXV when you’re out in the woods next to animals that won’t attack you, you end up hitting one by accident while you’re fending off MTs?
        • AN ANAK CALF
    • He uses a Megalixir on it… Gladio is ready to End Him for wasting that on a stupid-looking giraffe cow!!!!
    • (Ignis: “Prompto, Noctis, go distract Sora while I take some of the mother’s meat to cook for dinner. I’ve come up with a new recipe, and the secret ingredient is ATTEMPTED INFANTICIDE.”)
  • While we’re talking about Sora and killing things– he doesn’t like to kill bugs. That puts him at odds with Noct and Prom on multiple occasions. Those two are the embodiment of those Internet memes depicting people burning their houses down to kill a single crazy-looking insect. Meanwhile Sora is over there feeling guilty about accidentally stepping on a snail
    • A talking cricket capable of reading and writing lived in Sora’s hoodie for like two years okay HE HAS A SOFT SPOT
    • Yes Sora is that guy to catch a spider and let it outside
    • Yes Gladio has killed bugs that Sora wanted to save while he scrambled around trying to find a paper towel… because yeah. He doesn’t want to touch that creepy crawly with his bare hands, even if his motives are Pure
  • Sora is able to see Gentiana and Carbuncle without the use of a camera
    • Cue the bros using Sora’s Actual Sixth Sense to their advantage by having him guide them to make silly poses with the invisible deities
      • Noctis can’t believe Gentiana plays along. What a good sport.
    • Sora checking his phone during one of Carbuncle’s visits and beginning to giggle uncontrollably
      • Noct: “How tf did he get your number”
  • Since Sora is a couple of years younger than everyone else (I headcanon him as 17/18 when he first comes to Eos), Ignis and Gladio are Very Protective of him
    • Honestly it’s like Sora has four big brothers
      • Gladio is floored by the fact that Sora is more or less a self-taught swordsman
        • He still helps train Sora because technique is important
          • He swells up with So Much Pride when he catches Sora using a move he’d taught him during training on an MT
        • Gladio is so excited to take Sora to try his first meal of Cup Noodles
          • Sora ends up being a bit of a purist; he doesn’t like meat or veggies– just ramen and broth.
      • Ignis is baffled by nearly everything Sora does and how nonchalantly he does it
        • This kid can jump nine feet in the air and even executes a fussy little flip when he does it wtf
          • Oh, well. At least Sora can pick those fruit over there by jumping and reaching so no one has to climb the tree and risk a broken neck
            • (Noctis: “I didn’t break my neck, Specs– I sprained my wrist!!”
            • Ignis: “Which wouldn’t have happened if you’d been more careful.”)
        • Sora is dared (hmm by whom?? I wonder…….) to prank Ignis by putting a rogue ingredient into the stew one night.
          • He and his cohorts (you know who they are) watch Ignis do a taste-test nonchalantly 
            • Who am I kidding they are totally obvious as they try to stop themselves from laughing
              • Dunno why you’re laughing, though, boys– that’s your dinner you’re sabotaging
          • Ignis is obviously disgusted by what he tastes. He stands there for a moment… and then he fumbles around in his pack for new ingredients
          • You bet your ass Ignis salvages the stew. In fact, it actually tastes better than before?? “I’ve come up with a new recipe, and the secret ingredient is ATTEMPTED SABOTAGE.”
            • Don’t ask Sora what the rogue ingredient was, Ignis. He’s not from around here and wouldn’t really know a Lieden pepper from a Duscaean potato
              • Prompto caves and tells him
        • The next day… how strange… it seems that Ignis only made enough dinner for himself and Gladio to enjoy… looks like it’s time for Toast for the Culinary Saboteurs
          • Ignis drags it out for a bit before giving the boys their share.
      • Noctis reminds Sora of Riku a lot.
        • Yes, by that I mean he tries to have a cool exterior but is actually a Giant Goober
        • Noct fishing while sitting at the end of the pier with Sora, long after the other bros have lost interest and wandered elsewhere
          • Long talks about friends and hopes for the future
          • Noctis feeling a little guilty because Sora seems so… comfortable with the burden of protecting not just one world, but a whole bunch.
            • Meanwhile, Noctis is reluctant to accept a king’s responsibility. He never asked for this. He just wants to be… normal.
              • Sora eventually admitting to having doubts about why the Keyblade stayed with him, and quietly wishing for the day to come that the worlds won’t need a single Keyblade master.
                • Turns out the two of them have more in common than Noct first thought.
          • Noctis trying to reel in the DEMON FISH from the VR game and Sora is in such a panic and so desperate to help that he PUNCHES THE MONSTER FISH IN THE FACE and BREAKS EVERY KNUCKLE IN HIS RIGHT HAND
      • Prompto and Sora are BEST FRIENDS and honestly IT HAPPENS SO FAST
        • Prom gives Sora some photography lessons and lets him loose in Galdin Quay
          • He ends up with a memory card full of cat photos of various angles and degrees of blurriness
        • Somehow a local reporter overhears Sora talking with Prompto about his intention to take a photo with every single Kenny Crow statue in Lucis and ends up having a little article published about him. Just seems like one of those slice-of-life stories that the media would eat up
          • They use one of Prompto’s photos of Sora and Kenny for the newspaper!!! It’s on like the 85th page nestled into a corner, but he’s!!! Officially!! A published photographer!!!
          • In the long night, there are several instances that find Prom and Sora on a hunt near a Crow’s Nest they never had a chance to visit during their road trip. Taking a photo is a matter of obligation at this point
            • Prompto scrolling through the Caw, Kids! It’s Sora Crow! folder and tearing up as he starts from the first photo and scrolls forward. By year seven of the long night, Sora’s smile as he stands under Kenny’s wing doesn’t reach his eyes
  • Starscourge!Sora headcanons that aren’t completely miserable??? Look at them, hanging out above the angst cut????
    • It eventually gets to the point that Sora’s left eye glows in the dark like a nightlight
      • Prompto finds himself using the glow of Sora’s fuckin’ daemon eye to try and read the map after his flashlight’s battery dies
        • omfg
        • It’s just so absurd that the two of them burst out laughing
        • It’s the first time either of them had laughed in a while. It felt… nice…
        • Gladio pressing a hand over Sora’s eye when they’re trying to sneak up on a daemon because it will give them away
        • Prompto’s response is to give Sora an eyepatch he swiped from the clinic for their next hunt
          • Sora: “I always wanted to be a pirate as a kid. Who says dreams don’t come true, even in this horrific post-apocalyptic hellscape”
          • Also Sora: “Srsly Gladio I can see better in the dark with this eye maybe don’t”

Head into the misery dojo if you dare under the cut

Uh-oh. It is.

  • Pls don’t think about Sora desperately trying to break into the Crystal after he discovers that it’s dragged Noctis inside of it.
    • The Keyblade’s strength depends on the heart of its wielder. He should be able to cut through this! He can cut through anything!!!!
    • It takes a very long time before Sora or any of the Chocobros leave that chamber. 
      • Yes they stay there for days hoping beyond hope that Noct will come out
  • During the long night, Sora becomes a daemon hunter and a team leader for a group of search and rescue teams
    • His first retrieval mission ends… badly. The people who’d sent the distress signal were long gone by the time Sora and his team got there
      • One of the kids was in mid-transformation after being afflicted with the Starscourge…
      • Sora can’t land the fatal blow. He goes outside and throws up while Dave finishes the job
      • Search and rescue missions are a source of extreme anxiety for Sora after that… but he has to try and save as many people as he can
  • Sora tries not to think about Riku, Kairi, or any of his friends beyond Eos. It hurts too much. He tries to put his Wayfinder in a shoebox in his apartment to avoid its constant reminder of what he’s lost… but he just can’t bring himself to part with it
    • He wishes he did when he takes a nasty spill into a ravine during a solo mission two years into the long night. Smashes his Wayfinder into pieces.
      • He’s too injured to climb out of the ravine, too. He gives up after a couple of attempts and just gathers up the pieces of the good luck charm that he can. He just lay there in a heap and watches the stars
      • Prompto, Ignis, and Gladio hear about Sora’s disappearance and team up for the first time in almost a year to find him
        • They make it in time. Lots of potions and a piggyback ride to safety courtesy of Gladio see our dorkupine boy right
        • Prompto notices Sora throw something in the trash before leaving the clinic and finds the Wayfinder pieces. He knows what the charm represents and how devastated Sora must be that it’s been irreparably destroyed.
          • He gathers up the pieces, puts them in a pouch, and leaves it on the table in the kitchen of Sora’s tiny apartment. He leaves a note, too: I know they haven’t given up on you. So don’t give up on them.
            • A few days later, Sora gives Prompto, Ignis, and Gladio each a piece of the charm. So that all of us will find each other, in the end
              • Noctis takes a piece of the charm with him to the throne

anonymous asked:

Uhm... I-I have a plot bunny for you. Kakashi and Obito where Obito is a water creature of some sort, like a selkie or a siren, and he meets Kakashi when they're both really young. Kakashi has a new best friend, but Sakumo (who knows all about fairies and their tricks, after the naga prince Orochimaru disappeared and broke his heart) is concerned. So, he asks to meet Obito, and is surprised that instead of a tricky fae he's just been tackled into the sand by a hyper child of the sea.


Sakumo is just a little worried, that’s all.

He stands on the porch overlooking the crooked path down to the sea, twisting the chain of the pendant he normally wears around his fingers. It’s a bad habit, and he always thinks he might be loosening the setting, twisting the metal out of shape. Thinks of one day reaching down to touch it and finding the ruby gone, lost forever along the paths he walks. His heart clenches just imagining it, this last gift gone and never to return, just like the sly, beautiful, cunning prince who once pressed it into his hands.

That’s the reason he’s fretting over Kakashi, really. He’s seen the signs—bits of coral, sea glass from far shores, shells that can only be found in the deepest places, pearls larger and brighter than any that land-dwellers can reach without dying in the process. He’s found bits of seaweed in Kakashi’s hair, swept the sand from his room in the mornings when he knows it had been clean the night before. Watched the way he eyes the ocean as it breaks, with something very much like longing.

Sakumo’s sword rests on the chair behind him, cleaned and polished to a mirror shine. He hasn’t carried it with any regularity since Kakashi was born, but he keeps it in repair. There are too many dangers not to, and sometimes he can earn a few coins guarding a traveler on their way. It’s not something he wants to use now, in any way, but if Kakashi’s safety is on the line, he won’t allow himself to do anything less.

He thinks of Orochimaru, of waking one morning to an empty bed and an empty home. It’s impossible to regret any choices that gave him Kakashi, no matter how he still mourns both his wife, a dear friend if nothing else, and the naga prince who stole his heart, but—

But he wants to save Kakashi the grief that he’s felt all these years, of adoring a fey creature with a mind half-full of magic and too many dreams that leave no room for more human kinds of love.

Kakashi is stubborn, smart. He won’t listen to Sakumo, not at first, but Sakumo has to try.

He hears footsteps in the dirt of the path and drags his eyes up from the ruby in his fist. Kakashi a coming, steps light, a smile on his face and a string of fish dangling over one shoulder. They’re not fish that swim anywhere near these shores, but Sakumo smiles regardless, waves to his son, and allows himself to enjoy the way Kakashi lights up a little when he sees him.

“Kakashi,” he says warmly, leaning down to offer a hand up onto the porch, since Kakashi rarely deigns to approach from the front and use the stairs. “Did you have a good day?”

“It was decent,” Kakashi says decisively. There’s a flower tucked behind his ear, one the grows near the mouth of the river that empties into the sea. It’s a fair distance from the house, and worry twinges at Sakumo’s chest again. Too far for him to hear a call for help, should it come.

When he manages to wrestle the feeling under control, Kakashi is watching, dark eyes faintly narrowed. “Are you okay, Dad?” he asks, tipping his head. “You look like a constipated frog.”

There’s nothing in the world better for the ego, Sakumo thinks wryly, than having children. “I’m fine, cub. Just—wondering if you’ll ever introduce my to your new friend.”

Kakashi blinks, but doesn’t bother asking how he knows. For a brief second, he glances down at the ruby pendant Sakumo is holding, then away, and says with perfect disinterest, “If I’d known you wanted to meet an idiot like him, I would have introduced you weeks ago.”

An idiot? Sakumo raises a brow, but doesn’t try to argue; this is already more of a concession than he expected, honestly. “Well, maybe I was waiting for you to bring him up,” he says mildly, tries to inject it with the crushing parental disapproval via sigh that his own mother always used to devastating effect, and apparently doesn’t do too badly given the way Kakashi winces.

“It wasn’t a secret,” his son tells him witheringly. “And besides, I don’t have to tell you everything.”

Sometimes, Sakumo is absolutely, entirely certain that he won’t survive Kakashi’s teenage years. If he’s already like this at seven, there’s no hope left at all.

“No,” he agrees, and keeps his tone light. “Of course you don’t. But I like knowing about what makes you happy, Kakashi.”

There’s a long pause as Kakashi stares at him, evaluating his sincerity. Then he nods once, decisively, and says, “He should still be near the beach, because he’s a loser who never gets anywhere on time. You can meet him now.” He hurries inside, leaving the door swinging, to lay the fish on the counter, and Sakumo takes the opportunity to belt his sword around his waist and clasp his pendant back around his neck. Kakashi will notice it—Kakashi notices everything, much to his chagrin—but he probably won’t say anything.

Then the rapid footsteps are back, and Kakashi takes a flying leap off the porch to land in the sun-gold grass. “Come on, Dad,” he says impatiently, looking like he’s going to dart back and start tugging at Sakumo’s belt the way he did when he was younger. “Before he leaves!”

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” Sakumo protests, stepping down and following Kakashi’s path as he hurries back down the hill. Ignoring the track, Kakashi takes the shortcut across the stream, then down the steepest part of the incline, and hits the dune well ahead of Sakumo, who isn’t quite reduced to running just yet. He watches his son disappear around the edges of the dune, and when he rounds it Kakashi is already halfway to the water, though he’s finally walking again.

“Idiot!” Kakashi calls, pitched to annoy, impatient as anything, and Sakumo strangles a groan. The very least Kakashi could do not to get killed by a magical creature would be refraining from insulting it, so of course throwing around insults is the very first thing Kakashi does. It’s probably how he introduced himself, knowing him.

“I’m not an idiot, you jerk!” a voice shouts back. Young, Sakumo thinks with some surprise as he scans the water. There’s a flash of iridescent scales among the waves, and the next time one breaks it leaves a shape behind. A long, looping tail, dark blue with a sheen of orange-gold scattered throughout, flared, feathery fins streaked with the same colors, pale skin, dark hair chopped short. A siren boy, just pulling himself up on the sand, and the soldier in Sakumo is assessing, calculating, weighing the risk of a child who clearly hasn’t even managed to change forms yet.

The rest of Sakumo wonders what a siren boy, so young and without mastery of his own power, is doing alone on the surface, far, far away from any siren chorales.

Then he turns, pushing himself up to sit as he twists to face Kakashi, and Sakumo’s eyes track over the deep scars all up and down his right side. Cold certainty sets into his bones, and he releases the hilt of his sword as if it’s burned him. Sirens are vain to a fault, and scarred chorale members are usually driven out.

Gods, but how long has this boy been alone, cast out and thinking himself unwanted?

Kakashi and the siren are still bickering when Sakumo makes his way over to them, and it sounds angry and cutting and irritated, but Sakumo knows his son better than that. Kakashi looks fond, and even if Sakumo doesn’t know the other boy, he’s fairly sure that light in his eyes is the very furthest thing from hate.

“—wouldn’t have bothered,” Kakashi is just huffing when Sakumo nears. “But my dad wanted to meet you, and he’s the only reason I—”

“Your dad?” the siren interrupts, and his dark eyes are wide with excitement, clearly not taking any of Kakashi’s bluster to heart. “He wanted to meet me?”

“Of course I did,” Sakumo says lightly, and smiles as both boys jerk around to look at him.

“So slow,” Kakashi complains, crossing his arms over his chest. “Dad this is Obito. He’s an idiot, so don’t listen to anything he says.”

Sakumo rolls his eyes, just a little, but crouches down so that Obito won’t have to crane his neck looking up at him. “It’s nice to meet you,” he says warmly, watching those black eyes widen, and gods, the boy is adorable. Especially for a flesh-eating, sailor-drowning monster of the depths, but, well. No one’s perfect, and if Obito hasn’t drowned Kakashi yet the world at large is probably safe. On instinct, he reaches out, ruffling wet hair a little, and offers, “Would you like me to carry you up the hill so you can eat dinner with us? Those fish—you must be the one who caught them, right?”

Without warning, Sakumo’s arms are suddenly full of wet skin and slick scales as a baby siren wraps his arms around his neck and hugs him tightly. Sakumo overbalances, too startled to make a sound, but Obito doesn’t let go; if anything he clings tighter, and says in a tone that’s close to desperate, “Thank you! Yes! Yes, I really, really want to!”

Sakumo chuckles, picking himself up out of the sand. “Of course. The least I could do for someone who caught us such a fine dinner,” he says lightly. He gets an arm around Obito’s back, the other underneath the glittering tail, and hefts him up.

The fin still curls on the ground, and he hesitates, not wanting to drag it through the prickly grass, but before he can say anything Kakashi heaves a disgusted sigh and stalks over, hefting the feathery end up in his arms. “Can we just get this over with?” he demands, though Sakumo can see his cheeks are a little flushed.

“Bakashi,” Obito complains, flicking his tail slightly, and Kakashi makes a deeply offended noise as it slaps him in the face.

Sakumo hides a grin. That’s certainly not how he and Orochimaru interacted. And…maybe it’s selfish of him, but he’s a little glad Obito doesn’t have a chorale to go back to, that he’s alone. Maybe he won’t disappear on Kakashi just when he thinks their happiness is assured.

Before he can ask how in the world they met, small fingers are at his throat, touching the ruby there lightly. There’s a soft sound of wonder, and Obito looks up at him, expression startled. “This is the same necklace the trapped prince is wearing,” he says. “How does a human have it?”

Sakumo would swear his heart entirely stops beating.

Trapped?” he croaks when he can finally manage to draw even a partial breath again.

Obito tips his head, like the question confuses him. “Yeah. He’s been sleeping at the bottom of the forest river since before I was born. My selkie friend says her mom told her there was a battle with the sea witch Danzō, and an earth goddess and holy monk helped the prince but even though they defeated Danzō he trapped them in the forest.”

Nine years. Nine years Orochimaru has been trapped and sleeping and waiting to be rescued, so close at hand, but—Sakumo hadn’t known.

He looks towards the forest, a dark shadow on the horizon, and takes a breath.

Well. It looks like his sword is going to see a bit of use after all.

Kiss on the Street: Part 1

Prompt: Jason or dick cheated on the reader bc they are scared of being held down. Then the reader dies but is reincarnated by Talia and the reader has no memories of anything and is just a no-emotions, reckless killer? And it’s up to them to help the reader love again to bring back their humanity?

Words: 1651

AN: I loved writing this, it turned out so differently than I thought it would. I’m really thinking about turning this into a two shot. What do you guys think?

          Your body is moving on its own. The blades in your hands move gracefully through the air, cutting down the people rushing you. Then your body is twisting in the air, and your hand just suddenly stops. The man in front of you looks familiar, and when you meet his eyes, you can’t help but stop.

          You’re confused, he’s making no move to defend himself. You try to move forward, you try to cut him down, but you can’t. Almost, as though in slow motion, he grabs your hands, and suddenly the knives drop from your hands. Then he starts talking and his voice is one of the most beautiful sounds you’ve ever head. He just keeps saying that it’s all right now, and that he’s going to take you home now.

          You start moving forward, ready to go with him, when you hear the order. Suddenly his voice fades away, and you’re moving forward, your fist striking out and landing soundly on his cheek, and then he goes flying backwards.

          Then he’s fighting back, sort of, he refuses to hurt you, and eventually he’s able to get you into a hold. You’re trying to get out of it when he just yells, “Y/N, stop. It’s me, it’s Dick.”

          Then it all come flooding back; meeting at the precinct, being partners, the one-night stand that led to your relationship, three years of dating, finding out about Nightwing, stumbling across him kissing that woman on the street, being kidnapped, dying, Talia bringing you back, and your training.

          You stop struggling, only to start struggling again. You’re seething with anger. “Would you get off me you stupid, no good, cheating, son of a bitch.”

          Not even a second later, Dick lets go of the hold. “Y/N, is that really you?”

          Getting to your feet, your hands go to your hips. “Of course it’s me. How many other women have you cheated on?”

          He’s silent for a second before saying, “I can explain.”

          You raise an eyebrow at that. “You have a reason for kissing another woman, after we’d been dating for three years?”

          You can see the outline of a blush on his cheeks. “Yes. I can, but now might not be the best time.”

          “And why’s that?”

          “Because there’s an army of assassins behind you, and it’s going to take the both of us to get out of this alive.”

          You let out a small huff, before turning to face the enemy. Between the two of you it’s a rather short fight when everything is said and done. The two of you drop to the ground, but you refuse to go anywhere near the bike parked several blocks away. “I want my explanation.”

          “Right now?” He looks astonished.

          “Are we doing anything else right now?”

          His hands go up in the air. “You mean other than getting you back to the base, to make sure you’re completely okay, and free of any brainwashing?”

          “I’m fine Dick.”

          He looks at you with this astonished look. “You were just taking out guys like there was no tomorrow.”

          That makes you freeze. “Did I kill them?” His expression tells you everything. You don’t realize you’re shaking until you just kind of collapse on the ground. One of Dick’s arms go around your shoulders while the other goes under your legs. Then he’s carrying you, and you kind of just cling to him.

          He smells just like you remember, and you take comfort in that. At some point you just pass out. You wake up several days later, in a hospital bay, in the mountain. Dick’s sleeping in a chair beside your bed, snoring lightly.

          Reaching over, you move one strand of hair out of his face before you flick his forehead. He startles awake and just stares at you, before he lets out this long sigh. “You’re awake.” You just nod. “You feeling okay?” you nod again. “Good, M’gann went through your mind she cleared out all traces of the brain washing. The doctors say you’re in good health, but some of your bones are a little weak from being broken, as well as a calcium deficiency, and …”

          You grab his hand, stopping him mid-sentence “How many people did I … ?”

          He threads his fingers through yours “It wasn’t you, it wasn’t your fault. If anything it was mine.”


          “I wasn’t there when they took you. I should have been there.”

          You swallow thickly. It would be so easy to blame him, put everything on his shoulders. But you could never do that, no matter what he’d done, Richard Grayson was a good man. “It’s not on you Dick. I went to a part of town that you warned me about. I was just so mad, I didn’t even give you a chance to explain.”

          He just shrugs “There is no explanation, the more I thought about it, the more I realized just how selfish I was being.”

          “Did you want to kiss her?”

          He doesn’t even hesitate “Yes.” The answer shocks you a bit, but before you can say anything he sets a small little box on your lap, and he nods for you to open it. Nestled inside is a beautiful diamond engagement ring. You’re not entirely sure what to say, and Dick seems okay with that, “I bought that two years into our relationship. I nearly proposed that night, but a Nightwing emergency stopped it.”

          You nod. “I remember that one, that’s when the aliens invaded for the third time I believe.”

          Dick just smiles at that. “That would be the one. After that I just kind of chickened out. It got especially bad when my brothers found out.” You had to resist the urge to growl at that. You’d never been particularly fond of his family. They liked to take advantage of Dick, rib him, and make him feel bad. There was also the fact that they didn’t care for you. You were an outsider, you weren’t part of the bat-fam, as you had dubbed them. You had come from a perfectly regular dysfunctional family, with two loving and very alive parents. That apparently disqualified you from knowing anything.

          It was the same with most of his friends. They didn’t seem to know how to act around you. Despite that fact the two of you still had friends together. The two of you had a normal life outside of crime fighting. Your family loved him, he and your brothers watched sports on the weekends. He helped your dad with projects around the house. He changed the oil in your mom’s car, and she was always baking him pies.

His voice drew you out of the happy memories.“Then, I finally plan the perfect evening, and my brothers find out, and they start in on monogamy, and spending the rest of my life with one woman. And then they started in on how this lifestyle wasn’t fair to you. That you could never be happy with a husband that fought crime, and how you’d want me to give it up. I was still determined to propose.”

He takes a moment allowing you to soak everything in. “Then how’d you end up kissing Barbara Gordon on the street? I mean it was our first date in three weeks. The first time I had seen you in three weeks.”

“I ran into her on the street, and nothing stays secret among the team for long. She’d found out, and realized while I was there. She started questioning me like my brothers had. She wanted to make sure that I had thought about what I was doing. Before I knew it, I was kissing her. And as I pulled away I realized one thing …” At those words your heart stops. “That I loved you more than I thought possible. I felt nothing for Barbra in that kiss. I realized that as long as I had you I could deal with anything that came my way, even quitting being a hero.”

You can’t help but smile that. It’s this big goofy smile, and you only have one question. “What about now?”

He just smiles at you, before leaning in to kiss you. “I love you now more than ever. Thinking I lost you, attending your funeral, it nearly killed me. I didn’t talk to my family the entire time you were gone, and I took a break from the team. I was just so mad. The last memory you had of me was me kissing another woman. The last feelings you had towards me were of betrayal. I understand if you want nothing to do with me.”

You take a moment to let that option sink in before, gripping his chin and forcing him to look you in the eye. “Richard Grayson, you want to know one of the things I love about you? You totally suck at lying, I’m always able to tell, and right now you are telling nothing but the truth.”

He smiles this wide smile and asks, “Yeah?”

You nod. “Yeah, it’s the cop in me.” There’s a moment of silence before you say, “I’m not ready for marriage yet, Dick. I still have to process everything that happened, and I have to figure out how to tell my family that I’m back and …”

Dick just leans in and kisses you. “And I’ll be there every step of the way. You and me, together forever, and when you’re ready, you can propose to me.”

You nod. “That seems like the smart thing to do. I wouldn’t want you chickening out again. It wouldn’t be good for your ego.”

He just slides onto the bed beside you, and pulls you in for another kiss and just says, “I love you.”

You kiss him back and say, “I love you too Dick.”

Malec Goodies Part 1

This was supposed to be longer but anyway.

Here it is!

A collection of Malec Writing Goodies. My Malec fanfic rec. Well written fics with amazing writers.

As always, if you know the author and want to give me a hand, please tag them :)

A Fated Pair (Omegaverse) by @katychan666

Series about Alpha!Alec x Omega!Magnus…. 

A good kind of drug by  @imjustoutofideas

After getting a minor surgery, Alec is a little bit ‘high’ from the morphine he was given as pain relief. Fluff ensues.

A Pirate’s Life For Me by @lecrit 

Note: All the love you need and want between your favorite OTP, where one is a prince and the other one is a pirate. There’s a lot of angst, maybe a few tears, you can be sure of that but it’s oh so worth it, fluff and shameless innuendos.

A World Uncertain by @broodingalec 

The overwhelming passage of time has been a topic of avoidance between Alec and Magnus ever since the two started dating. With their lives so fragile and unpredictable under the threat of Valentine, they have managed to leave the concept in the back of their minds for a later date, hopefully somewhere in the far future.

This method of coping is pushed even further in the wake of Sebastian, Valentine’s son and Clary’s brother, taking a new and increasingly cruel step into their lives. The threats that are piling up against them seem to be rising to nearly insurmountable heights, but under the pressure of it all, the idea of the future that would come in the aftermath of success is beginning to haunt Alec’s dreams at night just as often.

Aftermath by @battlemagnus

It used to be that Alec always fit securely inside a neat little box inside Magnus’s head. He was a Shadowhunter, yes, but he was… he was Alec. He was a protector.

And my heart is set on you by  @lightwoodlesbians

Or the, 'we’re putting on a fund-raising play to save our old drama department’ au (ft. bonus: 'we had a thing in high school but i haven’t seen you in years and oh god you’re even more attractive than i remember’)

Aren’t You Cold? By lethargical

Alec dislikes the Winter. A lot. So when his apartment’s heating stops working, he decides to ask his neighbour for help, little did he know his neighbour was glittery and oddly familiar…

August by @glambertal

“What was your first time like?”

Magnus looked up at him slowly, one eyebrow arched curiously. “Why?”

Alec shrugged as if he weren’t mortified. “Just wondering. You don’t have to answer.”

Magnus just hummed and bookmarked his page, setting the book down. “It wasn’t nearly as good as yours, if that’s what you mean.”

Bang Me Like Your Drum by hckycrzy07

Magnus Bane is a pre-med student at NYU just trying to graduate. He’s stressed enough and could do without his friends pestering him about his boyfriend. It’s not that he’s embarrassed or closeted or something. He just wants to keep his boyfriend to himself, thank you very much. Now, if he could just get his friends to understand that, his life would be a whole lot easier.

or Magnus has a secret boyfriend that all of his friends have been dying to meet but Magnus just keeps refusing.

Big days and fragile nerves by @katwriting

It’s the day that Alec is supposed to become the official Head of the Institute and he is a tiny bit nervous.

“Nervous?”, Magnus said softly.
Alec let out a shaky laugh and scratched the back of his neck in a nervous gesture. “You have no idea.”
Magnus sighed. “Oh, Alexander. You have absolutely nothing to worry about.”
“Yeah, sure”, Alec scoffed, running one of his arms up Magnus’s side and cupping his cheek with his hand, “only every single shadowhunter in New York waiting for me to screw up.”

But some of us are looking at the stars by @lecrit

There aren’t many things that Alec loves as much as he loves the stars.
Most nights, he just likes to sit on his balcony and watch the eerie darkness drape over the sky and the silver glow of the moon, surrounded by the stars shaping constellations he knows by heart.

This is a special night for him and his son. The only night in the year Alec lets Max stay up after midnight, so they can watch Perseids meteor shower together on the rooftop of their building.

Alec doesn’t expect to find out they weren’t the only ones to get the idea.

Build your hopes up like a tower by alecsmagnus

They thought he never heard them.

But he always did.

Burnt by redappleblossom

The rest of the scene that Magnus deserved at the end of episode 12.

But In the Morning We Rise by @alittlebriton

“Mmmkay,” Magnus sighs without opening his eyes and shifts to allow Alec more access. “You can wake up the rest of me if you want.”

Alec knows he doesn’t mean it quite the way his brain interprets it - he just means he can keep up the kissing - but his brain leaps ahead and makes him flush, his body getting warmer. But why shouldn’t he? Magnus was his boyfriend; he was naked in bed with him. He could definitely wake up the whole of Magnus if he wanted. Just because he hasn’t done it before didn’t mean it wasn’t a good idea. 

Set before Episode 9 Bound By Blood - Alec wakes Magnus up in new ways.

Closed Doors Don’t Lie by @actuallyredorchid

When the summoning of the Memory Demon reveals that it’s not only Clary’s memories that have been meddled with, Alec finds himself being pushed off the path set out for him and onto a different one.

Communication by NotEvenThat

It didn’t matter if Alec hadn’t meant to upset him. Ragnor was dead. Valentine was back. The Clave wanted to document Downworlders, like they were cattle. Magnus was breaking down and he needed Alexander to leave before he really lost it.

Or how I think the Malec fight will go in 2B.

Communication Is Key by LS_5Ever

Everything was going great for Alec and Magnus. Alec no longer cares what Maryse thinks, and apart from Jace and Izzy’s constant teasing, he couldn’t be happier. Then, all goes downhill when, after a great day, Magnus starts ignoring him. What did he do wrong? If only Magnus would tell him, he could try to make it better.

Or the one where Magnus thinks Alec is cheating on him but in reality he’s not, but Magnus doesn’t know that because the two of them don’t communicate enough.

This will only be about 5 chapters unless I feel like expanding the story a bit.

Count to Ten and Breathe by @baneismyexistence

This is just a little drabble that came to me after watching 2.12.

Dancing in the Devil’s shoes by @marieruby 

His legs are not working. No matter how much he tries, the swirling mess in his head makes it impossible to walk anywhere, take any action. It’s the last couple of days all over again. He wants to cry but the tears are dry. He wants to scream but his voice is gone.

His voice is gone.

The aftermath of 2x11 and the consequences of the bodyswap for Magnus.

Everything’s Embarrassing by @rosegoldhell

Magnus is a single father. Alec is a 4th grade teacher.
Both men are scared of relationships, but secretly crave to have something more one day, life just keeps getting in the way.
But their plans of living single lonely lives doesn’t last for long, when Rafael and Madzie Bane decide to play Matchmaker.

Explosive, Corrosive (Self-Preservation) by  GideonGraystairs (TrxyesSivan)

This was how they worked; angry in different ways, but always at the same time.

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Disposable pt14

Being friends with benefits with Min Yoongi can be complicated (at best) by itself. But when you accidentally tell your family (and his boss) that the two of you are dating, things get messy. It only complicates things more when you blackmail Yoongi into pretending to date you, and neither of you can quite keep your feelings separate, no matter how much you try.

Angst, fluff, slight smut at times.

Yoongi x Reader

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 

“How’s he feeling?” Jungkook asked, watching as you buttered toast to bring to Yoongi.

“How do you think he’s feeling?” You scoffed. Jungkook had been the one to hear you trying to half-carry Yoongi inside the previous night, and had helped without saying a word.

“Was he drinking because of all of us? We uh… Kind of backed him into a corner in the car…” Jungkook rubbed his neck, giving you an apologetic smile.

You sighed. Truth be told, while you were fairly sure whatever Jungkook, Jimin, Namjoon and Seokjin had done to Yoongi in the car contributed, you didn’t think that was the main reason—it was more likely your fault. “I don’t know, Jungkook…” You said, turning to face him. “You could be nicer to him, though.”

Jungkook grimaced. “I know, Namjoon keeps telling me the same thing… I just get worried, you know? I don’t want you to get hurt because of some idiot who doesn’t treat you right.”

“I know.” You said, giving him a sympathetic smile.

“But I’ve decided something. I think I misjudged Yoongi.” This came as a complete surprise to you. After all the death glares and accusatory questions, the last thing you thought Yoongi getting drunk would do was make Jungkook reconsider.

“Oh?” You asked, raising your eyebrows.

“Yeah. See, I’ve known him since college, and I guess I just… Assumed he was the same as he was back then when it came to dating.” Jungkook shrugged. “Maybe you changed him. Or maybe he changed, and then you started dating him. Either way, he’s different.”

“What do you mean?” You asked off-handedly. You didn’t want to sound like you didn’t know anything about what Yoongi was like in college, but you couldn’t help but ask.

“Oh, you know… After that girl broke his heart, he just kind of…” Jungkook shrugged. “I never heard exactly what happened, you probably know more about all that mess than I do, but it was like he just… Stopped trying?” Jungkook sipped his coffee.

“Stopped trying…how?” You were in dangerous territory—Jungkook had accepted Yoongi, you didn’t need to put doubts back in his head—but you were so curious.

“He just…Shut himself off from the world. You should really talk to Yoongi about that though, I don’t like to gossip.”

You shook your head. “It isn’t gossip! I didn’t realize you two were so close.”

“We weren’t.” He said. “Not in college, I mean. Namjoon introduced us, he wanted us to be friends for some reason. I’m surprised Yoongi never mentioned anything about it. Then again, no one wants to relive painful memories, right?”

“Right. He doesn’t like talking about it, so…” You said, distracted by your own thoughts. “Jungkook? Do you remember what you heard happened between him and the girl?” It wasn’t your business, you knew, and you almost hoped Jungkook would say he couldn’t recall.

“I didn’t know him very well at the time.” Jungkook said, shifting slightly. “So I never heard from him. Just… what other people said.”

“And?” You pressed.

“And people said that he bought a ring to propose. Then walked in on her cheating.” Jungkook said it quietly, as though he was afraid Yoongi would hear. “And I don’t like spreading rumors, so you should really ask him.”

You nodded again, picking up the plate with toast on it and putting it on a tray along with coffee and some Tylenol. It was no wonder Yoongi pushed people away, going through that would be horrible—not that it excused the way he treated you when you were friends with benefits, but you could see how an experience like that might change someone.

Before you left the room, however, Jungkook caught your attention.

“Is…Is everything alight with you two?” He asked. There was no venom in his voice, however, just a genuine concern. “I know it’s not really my business, but…”

“Everything’s fine.” You assured him with a smile. “We’re fine.”

When Yoongi’s head finally stopped hurting enough for him to venture out of the bedroom, the yard looked nothing like it had the previous day. Large tents, big enough for at least five tables each had been placed around, with fairy lights strung all around. The sun was still a little too bright, so Yoongi turned to go back inside after finding where all the noise was coming from and not seeing you anywhere.

“Looks good, doesn’t it?” Seokjin asked from where he leaned against the side of the house, watching the workers. “Namjoon spends a stupid amount of money on these things, but they sure are pretty.” He flashed Yoongi a smile.

“Yeah, I guess.” Yoongi agreed. He had been looking for you (to find out what was going on, not because he wanted to be near you for some inexplicable reason) and in all honesty wanted to continue his search.

“Are you feeling better?” Seokjin asked, and Yoongi realized he had no idea how much you told them—or even if they had seen him the previous night. You brought him breakfast-in-bed and then disappeared, saying something about needing to help get ready for Namjoons party. “I know Jungkook said you were feeling quite ill this morning, do you think it was something you ate?”

“Just allergies, I think. I’m feeling much better, thanks.” Yoongi said, returning the smile. It was possible that you told Jungkook that he was sick, but the likelihood of Jungkook believing that seemed slim, so Yoongi didn’t know what to think.

“Good. That means you can help me decide where the DJ should set up.”

The day passed in a blur of yelling, decorations, and you trying to convince Namjoon that he wasn’t old, no matter how much you teased him about it. You saw Yoongi occasionally, being dragged around by either Soekjin or Jimin, but never for long enough to really talk to him. Jungkook told you that Jimin was doing it on purpose because he thought it was funny to watch Yoongi try to come up with excuses to be in the same room as you.

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A Precursor to Trust

Sanada Nobuyuki/MC Fic
Rated Teen for suggestive themes, mild food play and general yandere-ness.
A oneshot of a character study of the latent yandere that is Sanada Nobuyuki.

I love Nobuyuki’s  first ES. The drinking bit was problematic, to say the least but for me, it was mitigated because the way his MC is written. I love her, she impresses me and therefore, you can say that this little fic here is mostly focusing on her and the dynamics between her and the manipulative lord she ended up marrying. I’m mixing up some elements from Shigezane/Nobuyuki’s ES. This will be dialogue heavy. Oh, and Nobuyuki is an unrepentant manipulative bastard here, hahaha. 

tagging @kitty-kat-ty , @otomehideout-indecentconfessions , @dreamfar628, @hajeema , @mrszala , @ihavetoomuchinterests , @lomololita , enjoy darlings! 

“I remember… it was just like this… that night,” she mumbled, pressing her face to his chest. “But I remember nothing else.”

Of course, she would not.

Their kiss then had started tentatively, with him taking advantage of catching a drop of amazake spilling out the corner of her mouth. Their kiss then was sweet with alcohol instead of fresh fruit.

Their kiss then had ended chastely with her falling asleep.

But he had made it appear like so much more. He had made it into a leverage to blackmail her into becoming his bride. He had claimed to have planted his seed in her. Then he had claimed her hand and her mother’s blessing.

“I took advantage of you.” I truly did.

“We’re drunk…” she mumbled into his chest.

“Yes, we were.” No, you were. I made you.

“Maybe, I took advantage of you…”

He chuckled. Because she had not.

“It’s true, isn’t it?” she looked at him, her eyes began to glaze with tears. “That’s what they’ve been saying.”


His smile vanished. “Who told you that?”

She buried her face on his chest, refusing to say.

He enveloped her in his arms, and gently rocked her, soothing her.

“You shouldn’t listen to the servant’s idle chatter.” He would find these gossip-mongers and have them flogged and exiled.

“But.. But, Milord. Don’t you see? I could very well have done that. I could not remember a thing!” she sobbed. “A-and of course they would think of me so…I am a commoner weaseling my way to your bed and here I am named as your would-be wife like it was nothing! You don’t even know if I have your child inside of me.”

No. He did know. She could not have had his child inside her belly. Because he had never planted his seed in her.


He planned to remedy that. And soon.

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Stop being so cute

Request: #42 from the Drabble challenge
Summary: You’ve been stressing over your school work lately and Peter just wants to see you smile again.
It felt like all of your teachers had come together and plotted that they want you to fail all of your courses, so they bombarded you with ridiculous amounts of work just one week away from exams.
You refused to lose sleep over any school work so your time at home didn’t feel long enough to complete any of it. You had resorted to spending every spare second at school to work on them all. With only one assignment completed, you felt so done. You were super exhausted from the stress that was eating away at your spine.
Peter felt guilty, he felt the need to help since he could see the toll all this work was taking on you. And because the two of you were inseparable, he’d come to your house every day after school. Numerous efforts were made by Peter to convince you that you needed a break, but numerous times, you turned them down. He’s even offered to do some work for you, but you needed to do the work yourself so that you’d understand it all and wouldn’t feel like you cheated by having some one else do the work.
So there the two of you sat in your room, Peter sprawled out on your bed, and you with your head in your hands at your desk looking over the many papers covering every square inch of the wooden table. Your shadow was casted upon Peter, your body blocking him from the light radiating off your lamp placed next to you.
You let out an exhausted sigh, catching Peters attention. He dropped his phone on his chest and glanced over to you with one arm propped under his head. He gazed slowly at your lips, catching on to how they’d perk every few moments, and how your tongue slipped out over them on occasion. Next he trailed up to your nose. Your nose was by far his favorite, he loved the reaction he’d get out of you whenever he would bop it. Something about the way your features lit up every time made him feel giddy inside. His eyes leaped up to yours. It didn’t matter that your y/e/c were glued and concentrated on the pages before you, they still held him captive. Every time he looked at them, he couldn’t look away, not without a struggle. He wouldn’t mind getting lost in them everyday all day for the rest of his life. Your eyebrows twitched into a scrunch, moving them closer together then apart again. His gaze traced over every crinkle on your forehead, memorizing each of them. Loose strands of y/h/c tumbled onto your forehead escaping from the messy bun that was placed strategically upon your head, were illuminated by the light shining behind them, making your hair color seem a few more shades lighter than natural.
Peter breathed in happily retracing all your features with his irises not skipping over any of them. The corners of his mouth unconsciously lifted into a subtle smile, creasing the corner of his eyes as well. He took this silent opportunity to tell you: “Stop being so cute,” and he half heartedly meant it too. His body couldn’t take it all. You had this wild effect on him that he couldn’t hide. He’ll never be able to decide whether he loves it or hates it.
Slightly confused by his sudden break of silence you replied without taking your eyes off your chemistry assignment, “What?”
His smile grew a little bit, he thought of this to be the perfect time to get you to think of anything else but your school work, “Stop being so cute y/n, like-just stop whatever it is you’re doing and just- stop it,”
“Peter..” You responded cautiously, while lifting your eyebrows slightly. Your tone of voice letting him know that whatever he’s up to now isn’t the time.
“Oh gosh don’t even lift your eyebrows at me. Nope. I can’t do it.”
You shook your head biting your lip to stop the smile that wanted to take over your lips.
“Don’t even smile y/n. You have to stay serious. Don’t even think about breaking your rock solid concentration.”
“Peter what are you doing?” You asked stealing a glance at him catching the proud grin he was sporting, knowing that whatever he was doing, he had won. You let the smallest giggle fall out of your mouth not having any control over it.
Throwing his hands up to his face, Peter covered as much of it as he could and exasperated every word he spoke, “Oh no, not a giggle. Oh now you’ve done it. You’ve taken my breath away, oh my poor heart. I hope you’re happy with yourself y/n I really do.” He peaked an eye through one of the cracks between his ring and pinky finger to capture your features that were growing happy.
Not bothering to hold back anymore, giggles were leaving your lips as you watched your boyfriend act like a fool as per-usual, “What are you doing Peter?” You asked taking a seat next to his body that laid over your bed.
“Struggling to breath. It’s 100% because of you. No joke.” He spoke underneath his hands that were still blocking you from seeing his face.
“Would it be better if I just left?” You asked teasingly,
“Honestly I think it might,”
Smirking, you stood up and began making your way to your bedroom door. Shortly after two steps you heard the familiar spur of a web shooter. Feeling a tug on your hip, you tumbled back over to the bed and fell on top of Peter. His arms your wrapped tightly around your torso squishing you against his chest, with your legs on either side of him.
“You know I didn’t really mean all that stuff right? Like I was just teasing, please keep being cute, and smile. I was just trying to get you to smile,” he sputtered with a hint of worry in his voice, he wasn’t sure if he’d hurt you but he wanted you to know he was sorry,
“I know Peter. I’m not gonna be mad at you for complimenting me in your own weird way.”
“So did it work? Do you feel better?” He questioned loosen his hold slightly and tilting his head down to look at you.
Sitting up to look him in the eyes, you lowered yourself back down, your face inches from his. Your fingers gently twirled a piece of his curly locks above his forehead, “You always make me feel better Peter, no one else can ever make me smile like you do,” you whispered delicately.
His eyes flickered from yours, down to your lips, then back up again repeating the process. Slowly, you began to lean in. Once you felt his warm breath against your lips, he whispered, “Stop being so cute,”


IMAGINE: Steve and (Y/N) broke up a while ago. Since they broke up, they managed to salvage their friendship. Steve, being Steve, decided to set her up with one of his friends. It was the right decision though wasn’t it? So why was he feeling all these emotions when he saw them together? 

[gif is not mine. hope you guys enjoy it -let me know what you think]

word count: 1.6 k+ 

The road to love has its ups and downs. You may break up, move on, meet someone nice spend a few years with them…but eventually, you may realise that the person that you’re meant for you already dated them. Like the cliche, if you’re meant to be, you’ll find a way back to each other.

“I still cannot believe that you’re setting her up with someone!” Sam exclaimed as he loudly placed down his glass. “Natasha agrees with me.” The woman in question nodded as she too sat down. “I thought you guys were going to be together forever.”

Steve shrugged, sipping his drink, “I guess it wasn’t just meant to be.”

“Bullshit!” Sam yelled. “That’s utter bullshit.” Steve arched a brow and looked quizzically at his friend. “What? Look, everyone knew that you guys were great together and everyone thought that you would end up together. You seemed so in love with each other.”

Steve sighed loudly and readjusted his seating position. He took a deep breath once again, “Look Sam, (Y/N) and I were great together, but sometimes the road that you’re both on just ends because you’re just too different, or timing.”

“So if it wasn’t for timing you guys would be together?” Natasha asked.

Steve looked at (Y/N) who was now currently laughing with his close friend. There was something stirring deep down inside him and he didn’t know what it was. He looked at the people standing side by side. He smiled despondently at Natasha and Sam, without a word he raised his glass up and downed his drink.

The two friends looked at each other worriedly. Without another word, they too drank their drinks in solace.

“So are you ever going to call him back?” Steve asked as he poured her a coffee. He looked at (Y/N) who flipped her head to the side, she scrunched up her nose and shrugged. “(Y/N).”

“Steve,” she smiled as she picked up her coffee. “He’s a great guy.”

“If he’s such a great guy then why don’t you call him back?” He passed her a donut, and started eating one himself. Steve watched as (Y/N) silently took the donut and started picking at it. “Why are you picking at your donut? You only do that when you’re nervous. Wait…why are you nervous?” A second passed. “YOU LIKE HIM!”

She made a disbelieving noise and dropped her donut, “Psh! No,” she shook her head. “Definitely not.”

Steve dug out his phone, “(Y/N), I know you better than anyone could ever know you.” He slid the phone to her, “Now, call him.”

“I don’t like him Steve,” she replied back defiantly.

“Say his name.”


“Say his name,” Steve said again.

“Robert,” she spoke. Just as he was starting to doubt his theory, a small smile started appearing on her face.

“Aha!” He accusingly pointed a finger at her. “Call him.”

(Y/N) rolled her eyes and picked up the phone, she unlocked it and scrolled through the contacts until she found Robert’s name. She showed the dial screen to Steve, as soon as she heard Robert’s voice she started speaking.

As Steve watched his former love talking to her possible new love, he felt a small crack in his heart. He stood up straighter, wondering why he was feeling these emotions right now. Things were surely over them, wasn’t it? But as he watched as (Y/N) smiled and laughed at whatever Robert said, the crack began to get larger as time wore on.

“Why are you here when she’s over there?” Tony pointed to the dancefloor where (Y/N) was currently dancing with Robert.

“I’m not sure if you got the memo Tony, but (Y/N) and I broke up a year ago. They started dating six months ago.” Steve explained as he gulped down another whiskey.

Tony made his infamous disbelieving face. “So?”

“I’m not you Stark. I have morals.”

“Morals, shmorals. When it comes to true love, nothing matters except getting the person in your life,” Tony elaborated.

“You have the weirdest morals.”

“At least I’m not watching the love of my life be with someone else.” Tony to prove his point, looked to where Pepper was. Like the movies, she looked at him when he looked at her. She raised her glass and gave him a soft smile. “Go get your girl back before you see her walking down the aisle, and it’s not you she’s walking towards.”

Steve looked up to where (Y/N) and Robert were still dancing. How many dances were they going to do? “We’ve both moved on.”

Tony looked disbelievingly at Steve, then looked at the scene where the other man was staring. He looked back at Steve with a fond smile, “Have you though?”

“So you and Robert, huh?” He walked up to her, a glass of whiskey in his hand for her. She turned around from the balcony and smiled at him. Her hair flowing, he could see the goosebumps appearing on her skin. He passed her the glass and shook himself out of his jacket and wrapped it around her shoulders.

“Thanks Rogers,” she smiled at him and tightened the jacket around her. She looked back at the New York skyline, fixated on the twinkling lights. “Me and Robert.”

Steve coughed into his hand, “How are you guys going?”

She tilted her head from side to side, she took a sip from her drink. “If you put our relationship on paper then,” she blew out a breath, the air fanning her bangs to fly upwards. Steve chuckled at the action. (Y/N) swirled her drink around, pouting and then chugging it. She took the glass in her hand and started scratching the design on the glass.

He bumped his hips against hers, “Tell me what you’re thinking.”

(Y/N) looked at Steve, a small smile appearing on her lips. “Did you know that he hates it when I talk during documentaries, especially the nature ones? Or how I weirdly dance in public places? Or how I talk to my cats? ”

Steve smiled against his will. He remembered all of those weird quirks she had and more. He treasured all of them, well because, that’s what made her (Y/N). “Yeah, I remember.” He smiled at her, and she smiled fondly at him.

“Don’t you think that people should wait for the people who doesn’t just tolerate or tries to change you because of your little quirks, but actually kinda likes them? Smiles fondly because of them? Isn’t that the person you’re supposed to end up with? The person you wait for all your life?” There was an emotion in (Y/N)’s eyes that he’s only ever seen once before. Sadness.

He wanted to say something. This was the moment that could make or break them. That could make them have the future that they’ve always wanted together, or just be friends and always wanting that something extra. Steve took a deep breath and decided to go for it.

“Maybe the person that you’re waiting for is ready now.” He turned to look at the skyline, afraid of meeting her eye.

However he could see from his peripheral vision that she bit her lip. She put a finger on her lip, “I think he is as well. Although, I think he might need to wait a couple more weeks, there’s just something I need to do.”

Steve moved closer to (Y/N), “I’ve waited all my life for her. I think I can wait a couple more weeks, I mean we have the rest of our lives.”

He watched as (Y/N) laughed while on the dance floor. Steve felt his chest tighten as he saw her laughing carelessly.

Tony clinked his glass with Steve’s, “I have to say, kudos Rogers. Kudos.” Steve smiled at his friend, and for the first time they felt a bond between them.

Steve looked on as (Y/N) saw him staring at her, excusing herself she moved towards him. She picked up her dress and started walking quickly towards him. “Are you seriously going to stand here by yourself all night?”

Steve shrugged as he looked at her. She was beautiful under the lights, a small smirk on her face. “I want to dance with you, come on.”

She pulled his right hand, the object on her left hand glittering under the light. It was much like the lights he often looked at outside in the balcony. “I’ve already danced with you.”

“First dances don’t count,” she looked at him pointedly.

He laughed as he felt her pulling him towards the dance floor. “I have the rest of our lives to dance with you.”

She pulled him closer to her, her arm wrapping around his waist. They moved together as one. “But I want to have as many dances as I can with you Mr. Rogers.”

Steve smiled down at her, his left hand rubbing her back. The metal ring gliding across her back. “I promise you’ll have as many dances as you want, Mrs. Rogers.” She smiled the only way people truly in love smiled. Like they were looking at the person in their arms like they were actually the whole world.

They moved together across the dance floor, her hand that held the engagement ring he gave her five months ago, and the ring he gave her just a few hours ago glittering under the light. Without a doubt everyone knew that they were meant to be. Soulmates that found each other.

He tightened the grip he had on her. For a few moments in his life, he lost the one person that meant more to him. But as luck would have him, they found a way back to each other, and damn anyone who thinks he would ever let her go again.

Jungkook Smut

Title: Mine forever

Genre:18+  S M U T (YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!) and a little bit of fluff? angst too.

words: idk lol

Part: 1 2

Plot: Reader x Jungkook. You break up with Jungkook, yoongi mistakenly invites you over for the annual company end of the year dinner.


‘Hey Y/N, are you alright?’

You run into namjoon as you storm out of Jungkook’s room, crying. You head straight to the front door without looking back or answering his question, secretly thankful that you none of the other boys are around to question you further.

‘Jungkook what’s wrong with Y/N?, she just ran out of here crying, is there something going on?’ He asks the obviously bewildered jungkook, who is still sitting on his bed trying to process the whole situation. Namjoon sits beside him hoping to get an answer…


he watches the younger one intently, eyebrows raised in concern.

‘she broke up with me hyung. its my fault…my’s…it’s all messed up, I guess I kept her waiting for too long..its all my fault…’

‘hey’ Namjoon pats the younger boy on his back. ‘it’s okay, its not your fault, I can understand why she needed you by her side but this is work right? you can’t just neglect that’

Jungkook nods his head absentmindedly. His head spinning trying to connect the dots of when you actually stated to fall out of love with him, he remembered you instructing him not to call you during the tour, he remembered you crying  multiple times when face timing, one thing that stands out to him throughout everything was you reassuring him that you were okay. You seemed okay when you visited earlier, even kissed him. was that all for show? was that all an act to make the breakup less dramatic? 

‘jungkook, you know we are all here for you right? you can always talk to us when you feel like it’ Namjoon says after watching the younger boy blank out for a few minutes.

‘hyung’, Jungkook turns his body to face the older boy, ‘is this why you guys never get into serious relationships, because it’s literally impossible to be committed with our schedule?’

‘no jungkook, for me I guess I was never interested, I never found anyone’

Jungkook let out a deep sigh. ‘I shouldn’t have done this in the first place’ he buried his face in both palms ‘I hurt Y/N really badly’


      It has been 2 weeks since you broke up with Jungkook for good and life isn’t as rosy as you want it to be. Everything reminds you of him, from the coffee shops you both went for dates and his favorite pumpkin spice latte, the winter weather reminded you of your first date with him, he had given you his jacket that looked like a dress on you because your small frame, his sneaky glances at you and shy smile after being caught by you, his overwhelming compliments…if only he wasn’t an idol  you sighed. 

    Over the course of 2 weeks you have received too many messages from Jungkook to count. You never replied to any of them, it killed you inside out to see him apologize for something that he had no control over. You wanted to leave town and never come back or go to where there was no internet or tv or civilization in general. You can’t help but see Jungkook everywhere, he is on your phone, your tv, the radio, the internet and you are going crazy because everytime you see or hear him your heart stops but you reassure yourself that its for the good of both of you.

‘hey y/n will you be able to attend our company end of the year party at the house later this week?’

you watch your body break out in  goosebumps as you read yoongi’s text message.

questions flood your brain as you decide your reply, do they know about you and jungkook? are they doing this on purpose? how does jungkook feel about this? does he even know about this? you wanted to break it off with him for good even though he is still the love of your life and it kills you not being able to see or talk to him and although you will like to  apologize and go back to him, you have already ignored him for 2 weeks and there was no going back after doing so much damage. but you love the guys and you have made up your mind that no matter what happens between you and jungkook, you will still be friends with them.


you replied yoongi


     Its the day of the party and you are still confused about your outfit. multiple clothes are on your bed after hours and hours of deliberation, throughout the search for the perfect outfit, one thought  that never left your mind was jungkook. You think about his favorite color and his comments about your hairstyle and make up and how he prefers your hair down as opposed to your usual ponytail, his favorite perfume -wait- what am I doing? you thought, but you brush aside the thought, convincing yourself that jungkook is not the reason why you are wearing your turquoise dress and wearing your hair down.

    The door to the dorm opened to reveal a confused Namjoon but you don’t know why he seems confused but you let yourself in anyway.

‘heyyyy y/n’ he says in a high pitched voice heavily laced with forced enthusiasm.

and you immediately get the message -they know- but why did they invite you if they are going to act awkward?

‘hey Namjoon’

you watch him scratch his head as he nods at you.

‘hey y/n, welcome’ Jimin walked towards you with open arms, enveloping you in a hug to further confuse you -he doesn’t know?

You look around at the familiar living room as nostalgia washed through you although it has only been 3 weeks since your last visit. you quickly shake yourself out of your daydream as you walk towards the noisy dinning and kitchen area.

‘heyyyy Y/N’ jhope is the first one to notice you ‘hey hope’ you smile at him as your eyes dart around to catch a glimpse of jungkook somewhere, anywhere.

‘yoo ra, you can’t do that!!!, okay rock paper scissors to determine the loser who gets to do all the dishes tonight’

your eyes widen at the familiar voice.

‘no kookie, you always win at that and you know it, lets flip a coin, heads for the winner, tail for the loser’ a female voice yells back at jungkook.


Your eyes widen as both parties approached the dinning room from the kitchen, both carrying dishes.

Immediately your eyes meets his you freeze, the room eerily turn silent as gazes are being exchanged between you, jungkook and the girl-Yoo-ra- the other boys seem to be silently expecting something as well, but jungkook breaks the staring contest and walks toward the large oval table to drop his dishes.

‘hi jungkook’

 you break the silence, he merely return your greeting with a brief glance and a nod before going into the kitchen. Your heart felt a sharp pang at the cold treatment but you brush it off fairly quickly.

‘Where is Taehyung?’ you ask no one in particular but the boys are still in daze from what just happened, well except  Namjoon who quickly excuses himself and pulls yoongi away with him.


‘what just happened back there?’

yoongi finally asks after locking the door to his room behind him, fully facing namjoon.

‘what was that out there?’ he asks again

‘well y/n and jungkook broke up the last time she was here. Namjoon says.

‘they did? you could have told me earlier, I invited her because I didnt know that information’ yoongi replies.

they both sigh in unison. 

‘well its going to be a long night isn’t it?’ namjoon mutters and the older boy nods in agreement.

‘jungkook must be pissed off, I mean I thought we didn’t see her here because she went home for christmas or something. my god! why does Jungkook have to be so secretive? yoongi sighs deeply

‘yea I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t run into her crying on her way out, apparently she broke up with him because she couldn’t handle him being away from her any longer’ 

‘well damn! this is not good’ 

‘you’re telling me’

‘we can’t tell her to go home now can we, namjoon?’

‘obviously not, I’m good with her, I mean she’s our friend but I’m just worried that things might escalate a bit..’

‘what do you suggest?’ yoongi chews on his lower lip in concentration.

‘i don’t know, keep them away from each other?..look hyung, they are not kids I think they should be matured enough to handle this’


  ‘okay everyone! lets hear a word of appreciation from Bang PD-nim’ Jin yells to bring the table to order. 

‘Thank you, uhh first of welcome to everyone here, you guys are the reason…’

all the words he was saying are being blocked out from your ears as you watch Jungkook on the other end of the table with yoo ra seemingly laughing at some inside joke. Your heart can’t help but hurt at what you picture to be jungkook and you. H e seemed to had wanted to be as far from you as possible, you are even more hurt that each time you make eye contact he just continues on like its nothing. It took him 2 weeks to get over you and get another girlfriend, it hurt you more because you have no right to be upset after cruelly breaking his heart and not looking back or contacting him for a little less than a month. did you mean that little to him that it only took 3 weeks to get over you? he was treating you less that a stranger, literally not acknowledging your presence. You felt a knot in your stomach as heat rose up to your cheeks.

‘Nice dress, beautiful’

you are startled by the velvety deep voice that whispered in your ear.


you whispered, smiling. 

‘You look good’ he winked at you.

‘shhh listen to bang PD’ you whispered ‘thanks Tae’ your eyes immediately descends on  jungkook again.

     Soon, everyone was done eating and are playing games around the table. You discreetly get up to grab a drink while you watched them yell, laugh and hit each other. For some reasons, you don’t feel like  joining the game because you are too distracted by Jungkook even though he barely acknowledges your presence. You can feel how careful namjoon and yoongi are around you, they suddenly aren’t as free anymore, they sneak glances at you when they think you aren’t watching. Suddenly everyone is distant and it makes you sad because you love them very much, the idea of breaking up with jungkook and still being friends with the boys will not work and you just started to realize it.

‘its a mistletoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’ 

you were brought out of your thoughts by manager sejin.

‘yoo ra and jungkook, you have been caught!’ Jimin squealed happily. And before you know it the whole room was filled with chanting ‘kiss, kiss, kiss’

Everyone seem to have forgotten that you were there.

‘eww’ yoo ra and jungkook both chorused as they tried to make everyone stop but the little crowd was too determined to make it happen. You didn’t wait to see it as you quietly walked away to the kitchen, tears stinging your eyes. It finally dawned on you that Jungkook was no longer yours. You let out a sigh as you were finally alone with your thoughts in the dimly lit kitchen pantry.

Take a deep breath-deep breaths-deep breaths- you chanted with your eyes closed but it wasn’t working, images of jungkook kissing yoo-ra began replaying in your head.

‘are you okay there?’ 

you opened your eyes to see Taehyung.

‘yes, I’m okay’ you whispered

‘so why are you here when everyone is at the dinning table?’

‘I just..I just needed some alone time really, actually I think I should go home now, its pretty la…’

he sweeps you into his arms before you could finish your statement.

‘its jungkook isn’t it?’

At the mention of his name, every emotion you had tried to suppress all through the dinner was let lose. you sobbed uncontrollably into taehyung’s chest as he held on to you tightly.

‘my god, y/n’

‘how did you know Tae?’

‘I overheard yoongi hyung and namjoon hyung talking about it today’

A few minutes later you tear yourself away from Taehyung.

‘better?’ he asks and you nodded

‘you seem like you don’t want to talk about it’

‘there’s no point beating a dead horse now is there?’

this time taehyung nodded in  agreement.

‘I wanna go home Tae’

‘but you can’t right now y/n, there’s a severe snow storm out there, you live a bit far away so I would advise you to stay for now’

‘how can I? I’m uncomfortable here Tae, I don’t belong here anymore’ you looked up to Taehyung’s face, clearly hurt from your statement.

‘so do you only come here for jungkook? aren’t we all friends?’

‘but I got to know you guys because of him in the first place and its tearing me apart to watch yoongi and namjoon so awkward around me, and…and I can’t keep watching jungkook and his new girlfriend’

Taehyung snickered  ‘Jungkook’s girlfriend?’ he smiled  ‘yoo ra is his cousin and that little mistletoe trick out there was a joke y/n’

‘oh thank goodness’ you sighed and taehyung raised an eyebrow, you could guess his next question.

‘so why did you break up with him if you still have feelings?’ he watches you intently as you avert your gaze from him.

‘ don’t have to answer that y/n if you don’t want to’

you nod, ‘hey Tae, I should get going’



‘you are staying here tonight y/n, its too risky for you to drive home in this weather’ 

you stared at namjoon desperately looking for excuses to come up with.

‘umm but, wait, there’s no room for me to sleep in, manager sejin will be in the guest room’ you countered confidently.

‘why don’t you sleep in Jungkook’s room? him and yoo ra can stay in the living room anyway, they don’t sleep at night’ jin contributed absentmindedly, obviously forgetting the impact of his suggestion. 

‘hyung’ Taehyung muttered

Your gaze immediately shifted to jungkook who didn’t seem to care as he busied himself scraping off leftover cake crumbs and shoving them in his mouth.

‘hey jungkook, is that okay? can y/n stay in your room for tonight?’ yoongi asked 

‘sure’ jungkook replied hastily, still engrossed in his cake eating act.

Everyone’s gazes traveled from you to jungkook and back to you in silence.


    Coming over to their dorm was a terrible idea, sleeping over in Jungkook’s bed was an even worse idea, if only you could turn back the hands of time.

 It was already past 11pm, the house was quiet, you had taken a shower and you had remained in your towel, staring out the window, watching as the snow piled up in heaps on the ground, you could hear the whistling of the fast winds as it blew the snow against the walls and trees but heaven knows that you would rather be in that storm than in jungkook’s room.

You remember that you still have some clothes in his drawer, if he hasn’t thrown them out. you closed the curtain and went to his closet to search through his clothes for yours.

‘what do you think you are doing?’

the familiar voice sent cold shivers down your spine. You were too engrossed in your thoughts that you didn’t hear the door open.


you stood there, staring at him, mouth opened wide to say something but you were unable to form words. He was jungkook, just jungkook with his ordinary round neck Tee shirt and grey sweat pants but something about him had changed, you have never heard him speak in such low, cold and chilling voice.

‘what are you doing going through my things?’ his jaw twitched in anger, you were glued to the same spot, still in his towel wrapped around you. It took a few minutes of both of you staring at each other before your defenses kicked in.

‘Now you acknowledge me?’ you scoff.

he squints in disbelief, then laughs it off, turning his back and heading for the door,-there it was again, failing to acknowledge you-your heart dropped at the realization that jungkook does not consider you worthy enough to hold a conversation.

‘jungkook please don’t walk away from me’ your voice obviously shaken from frustration

‘what do you want from me y/n?’

‘can we just talk for a moment please?’

‘no, y/n i don’t want to talk right now’ he dropped his hands from the door knob and turned to you, ‘as a matter of fact, I don’t ever want to talk, I have done all the talking I need to do for the past 2 weeks, you don’t just walk in here and tell me what to do’ he yelled.

‘don’t raise your voice at me jungkook, please’ you sobbed 

‘i didn’t mean to do that y/n, I’m only here to grab my extra blanket, I should get going now, goodnight’

‘I’m sorry jungkook, will you please listen to me?’

he sighed, throws the blanket and his phone on the bed and walks towards you, you wanted to turn around and run away but it was just jungkook, he won’t hurt you right? He towered over you and placed his hand on your bare shoulders, you shivered at his touch but he didn’t seem to be bothered ‘listen, you don’t have to say anything’ his voice softened. ‘after giving it a thought, I realized that you were right all along, there’s no need to subject ourselves to such despair in the first place, you’re hurting, I’m hurting, its a fact that we can’t make each other happy so ending it was a good idea.

you used that opportunity to walk into his already open arms, wrapping yours around his waist, you could feel his body stiffen at your sudden action, both his arms dropped to his sides as you continued the one sided hug.

‘that was my previous thought  jungkook but I realized I was wrong, I can handle not seeing you for a couple of months but I won’t be able to live if I can’t see you forever. I love you jungkook, I love you so much’ you sobbed. ‘jungkook please…I miss you so much, everything reminds me of you, I think about you everyday, I can’t continue torturing myself’ his body was stiff and he wasn’t returning the hug but wouldn’t push you away either, you tighten your grip on his waist and you could feel his stiff body begin to soften gradually.

‘so why did you leave me baby?

your heart soared at the sound of your pet name. This is the jungkook you know, not the one that ignored and yelled at you. Relief washed over you as you sobbed against his chest.

‘so what do you want baby?’

you smiled through your tears as you looked up to his face, his features soft, his eyes not leaving yours as you reveled in his doting look. You pressed your body to him again.

‘call me that again’

‘what? baby?’ 

you nodded

‘baby’ he whispered and you could tell he was smiling. ‘so what do you want?’

‘you. I want you jungkook’

‘can you handle me?’ he chuckled

‘Yes jungkook, I want you, I can handle you and I’m sorry’ you reached up on your tiptoe and pressed a kiss to his jaw. You whimpered as he suddenly grabbed your waist and held you in place as he captured your lips with his. It was soft at first, then he was whispering ‘i miss you’ in between kisses and then he’s deepening the kiss. He lifts you off the ground and you hooked your legs around his waist for support. He carries you to his bed and rested his entire weight on you as he kissed you hungrily while you responded in kind. 

It didn’t dawn on you that you were wearing nothing underneath the towel wrapped around you until he broke the kiss. Panting heavily, you noticed as jungkook’s eyes trailed down your neck to your exposed breasts. The towel had been undone during your make out session.  you quickly scrambled to cover up but he stopped you.

‘don’t hide from me, baby’

you slowly nodded in embarrassment turning your gaze away from him, face flushed. You had forgotten that the towel was small and had barely covered your butt and because you were laying on your back with jungkook on top of you, your legs were parted, also revealing your core. His eyes had trailed down and he had focused on pink core for a few seconds before looking back at you. Your hands flew to cover your face in embarrassment, mumbling some inaudible words that sounded like oh my god but jungkook just smiled. 

‘look at me’ he whispered. You slowly uncovered your face to meet a boyish grin on his face.

‘jungkook’ you whine, attempting to cover your face again but he was faster, pinning both arms down over your head. 

you watch his boyish smile slowly disappear as he dipped down to taste your nipple. ‘so beautiful’ he whispered as he took it in his mouth, sucking lightly. A light whimper escaped from your mouth as you arched up against him for more action. He got your message and applied more pressure. One arm pinned your arms down while the other massaged your other nipple. by the time he was done with your nipples, your back was completely arched against him, it only went back down when he came up to kiss you. His mouth left yours after a while and he peppered light kisses all over your face.

‘did you plan this baby?’ he said between kisses ‘..did you plan to seduce me by wearing that little towel that barely covered your butt?’ you gasped against his lips. ‘…well your plan worked baby’

‘jung…kook’  his name came out in a breathy moan and you quickly clasped your hand over your lips, for fear of being too loud since everyone was home.

Jungkook chuckled at the action and placed a quick peck on your jaw.

‘you know, baby, you are not going to be able to do that much longer, I’m going to make you scream my name all night, gotta make everyone know that you are mine’

‘jungkook’ you gasp

he lifts himself up slightly, revealing the wetness in front of his grey sweat pants in the are that had been in contact with your core. ‘you made such a mess already baby, I haven’t even touched you yet’ he smirked. You closed your eyes and clasped your knees together in embarrassment.

‘open up for me baby, let me taste you’ he said, forcing your knees apart, you give in and spread your legs for him, still closing your eyes. You could feel his cold breath in your inner thigh, it made you shiver. In a few seconds he starts pressing light kisses in your inner thigh, just avoiding your lips.

‘god you smell so good baby’ he said between kisses. Your lips still clasped shut by your hands while all the sound you could make was labored breathing sounds. but soon, your hands were flying to his hair as he took your clit in his mouth, sucking lightly. Your threw your head back at the feeling as you cried out his name,he probably said something and laughed but you were too far away in cloud 9 to hear anything.

you were moaning his name loudly and clearly, you were too out of it to care if anyone hears you. He alternated between sucking, kissing and licking you, occasionally slurping because of how wet you are. He held your hips down to stop you from bucking into his face , your hands went from grabbing  his hair to  the sheets to your hair, body wreathing in pleasure as he drew you closer and closer to your high. Suddenly he stops just right as you were close and you whined in frustration. ‘…jungkook’

He kneels on the bed and takes off shirt and you stare in amazement at his toned abs, your eyes travel down and you almost gasp at his mapped out bulge in the grey sweat pants. In a second he is leaning down and kissing you and you could taste yourself on his lips.

‘see, I told you you won’t be able to keep quiet’ he smirked and grinded his hips into yours. A low moan escape your lips as you feel his bulge rub on your core. ‘You like that baby?’, you moan in approval and he did it again this time, deliberately making you moan into his neck. ‘You want me baby?’

‘yes …yes’ you moan

‘I’m gonna make you feel so good baby’ with that he lifts himself off you, his bulge even more obvious. The thought of him stretching you out made you clench in anticipation while he kicked off his sweat pants and grabbed a silver packet   from his drawer.

The next thing you know, he is on top of you again, looking into your eyes as he slides the rubber on his length.

‘Jungkook…wait, please’

‘whats wrong baby?’ his brows furrowed in concern

you looked away nervously swallowing ‘it’s my..umm, I have never..uh’

jungkook smiles and placed a light kiss on your forehead ‘I know baby, I won’t hurt you, I promise’ he pulled back and studied your face. ‘you trust me right?’

you nodded and closed your eyes in anticipation.

‘open up for me baby’ he said before his lips returned to yours. You obeyed. Your fingers grabbed onto the sheets as he slides the head of his cock up and down your pussy, basking in its wetness, before entering you slowly.

You tore your mouth away from his and cried out at the uncomfortable feeling, you instantly clenched preventing him from entering further ‘are you okay baby?’he asked and you nodded. 

‘you’re sure I can continue?’

you nodded not able to form words.

‘then relax baby, I can’t go on if you don’t let me’

then he is kissing you, distracting you from the discomfort, slowly he starts to enter you making you moan against his mouth.

‘shit baby, don’t clench yet, I won’t last if you do that, you’re already so tight, my god’

He stilled for a moment, kissing you deeply then he starts thrusting slowly, your eyes are closed but you can feel his eyes on you, carefully studying your face for the tinniest reaction.

You gasp as his movements quickly reversed your discomfort into pleasure.


and that was his clue to fully lean into you, burying his face in the curve of your neck.

‘that’s it baby’

His deliberately slow, long strokes had you reveling in the way he filled you up deliciously. He had the perfect angle slightly thrusting upward and grazing that spot that made you see stars over and over again with utmost precision. You spread your legs even more, your nails digging crescents on his shoulders. His name was the only thing you remembered and that was the only thing that came out of your mouth as he fucked you slowly into the mattress, enjoying how tightly you clung to him.

‘god baby, you take my cock so well’

you opened your mouth to say something but a loud moan came out instead and some words. ‘Please’ was the only audible word out of everything you said.

‘please what? tell me what you want baby so I can fuck you right..god you are so tight’

His newly increased pace had you screaming, sounds of skin slapping against skin, squelching, the headboard hitting the wall and his low growls filled the room. You couldn’t help but clench uncontrollably around him as you reached your high, clinging onto him as your legs shook, he fucked you through your high until you begged him to stop, your head is spinning from the pleasure as he peppered light kisses on your face.

‘we are not done yet baby, I want to take you from behind?’

‘jungkook’ you gasped

‘lay on your stomach for me baby’ he ordered as he pulled out with a low pop sound ‘god you are so tight’

 he slips his hands under you and lightly pushed up your butt, ‘stick up your butt a bit baby, yes thats it’ he says as he put his body on you, slightly supporting himself with his elbows so that he is not entirely resting on you.

He entered you slowly, and you both moan, he gave you a little time to adjust before pulling out to just his tip and slamming back in to bury his cock deep into you. His thrusts were deep and fast hitting you in the right spot right from the beginning. This angle was different from the first time, it had you almost in tears at how deep he was, before you knew it, you were clenching around him.

‘god baby, you are gonna cum for me aren’t you?

you didn’t have the strength to hold up your butt for him anymore so you slump into the bed and he followed you only to grab your waist and pull you up so that you are on all fours, his pace not faltering as he did that.

Soon his thrust became erratic, ‘fuck baby’ he growled as he tossed his head back still slamming into you  even as his orgasm crept up on him, his eyes shut as he cums. ‘Y/N!’ he groaned before collapsing onto your back, panting as he waited for both of you to calm down before slowly pulling his cock out of you. He gets up, walks to the bathroom where he took off the used condom and came back with a warm towel to wipe you clean. He returns the towel and  lays beside you scoops you in his arms.

‘hey’ he whispered, brushing loose hair sticking to your face. He slowly planted light kisses on your closed eyes, you opened them slowly when he pulled away.

‘promise you will be mine forever?’ he smiled

you nodded ‘I love you jungkook’ you whispered tiredly and leaned into him.

Jungkook’s phone beeps on the bedside table and he quickly grabbed it to check his messages.

‘are you guys done? I need to sleep.’

he chuckled at yoongi’s text and dropped the phone, cuddling you tighter before drifting to sleep.


Thanks for liking the first part guys, I hope this was good enough? 

btw how many times did jungkook say ‘baby?’ lol

Wanting More (Part 2)

Part 1: 




 “You didn’t realize you were crying until you felt hot tears in your hands. You felt frustrated with yourself for crying because you didn’t want Harry to see how much he hurt you. You’ve never felt this pain like this before.

It wasn’t pain like in 7th grade when You broke your foot. But pain in you chest, and it just made you feel like you were breaking into pieces.”


You were ignoring Harry. Not to the extend of never seeing him again. But you wouldn’t always respond to his texts right away or send him funny memes you found on twitter. You didn’t know why you did this because in the end you knew this wouldn’t make your feelings go away. And the fact of the matter was that you missed him, it’s been a week since your last encounter and you were still a bit pissed off at him, even though it wasn’t his wrongdoing.

So when you sat down by a big window at the coffee shop to grab a tea, and just think a little. You didn’t excpect to hear a loud thumping sound on the glass, making you almost spill your tea. And you surely didn’t expect to see Harry on the other side giving you a goofy smile, and mouthing something.

You smiled at him then frowned when you could see his mouth moving, but not understanding what he was saying.

You said, “I can’t hear you” exaggerating your pronunciation and pointing to your ear so he could see what you were saying. You looked around and realized how odd this probably looked to everyone else, and giggled. When you looked back already Harry was making his way inside.

Suddenly your heart started pounding and you felt nervous. You didn’t expect to see Harry today so you ran your hands through your hair, and straightened out your clothes. You weren’t trying to look cute today. You looked down at your black leggings and a baseball tee and wish you wore something different.

You watched as Harry slide in the booth infront of you with a cup of coffee in his hand. “It was bloody freezing out there.” He said as you took notice of his rosey cheeks and nose from the cold. You just nodded and stirred your tea with the little spoon they gave you.

“Yeah it is pretty chilly.” You say not really knowing what to say. It wasn’t awkward being with Harry. But you realized why you felt so jittery. This is the first time you guys have seen eachother when you weren’t tangled in eachother sheets, or out at a party. It was new and refreshing almost. You liked it.

“Have you’ve been ignoring me?” Harry says out of blue, making you lift your eyes from you cup to look at his serious face.

“Um, no why would you think that.” You lied.

“I don’t know…” Harry sighed. “You haven’t been responding to my text that’s often, and haven’t seen you this week.” He almost pouts.

“Well I do have a life Harry. I have School and friends.” You didn’t mean for it to come off rude, but Harry seemed to stiffen at the words. You didn’t want him to feel bad. You actually didn’t have many friends, it seemed like Harry was the the only one.

To lighten up the mood you said, “Have you been stalking me?”

“Now why would you think that?” He raises his eyebrows and leans himself closer across the table.

“So you just Randomly came to this coffee shop, when there’s like hundreds in the city?” You question him.

“I might of heard you say a few times how you like coming here during this hour.” He shrugs it off like it was no big deal.

When in fact you remember you did tell Harry that but it was only once. You didn’t even think he would remember. You didn’t even know why you told him that. It was right after he brought you to his house and made out with you on the couch for a little. He made you tea, and you told him that it was almost as good as the place you go during the week sometimes. You smiled at how he remembered that small little detail.

Harry’s warm hand on your thigh took you out of your memory. He started drawing small circle on your leg as he stirred the sugar in his cup, like it was nothing. When you on the other hand heart was beating at his touch.

“I actually came to give you something you forgot at my house a few days ago.” He says.

“I don’t remember leaving anything.” You try and rack your brain on anything you could of left behind. But you didn’t bring anything besides your phone and keys. Harry lifted himself off the booth and came over to your Side. He reached into his back pocket with a big smirk on his face and pulled out something small and red, that you couldn’t quite recognize.

Then once you saw the lace your eyes grew big as you tried to make Harry put it back in his pocket.

“What the fuck Harry!” He starts laughing “Why would you bring that out here!” You realize how loud you were screaming so you tried lowering your voice.

How in the world could you have forgotten your own underwear at his house. Like how could someone not realize that it wasn’t on. You mentally kicked yourself at that. You were rushing to get out of his house that you didn’t even realize.

“I can’t believe I left them, I’m so embarrassed.” You placed your head in your hands to block the blush that was creeping onto your face.

Harry leaned in and said, “aww love didn’t mean to embarrass you. I think they’re quite pretty.” You slap Harry in the chest and you hear him chuckle.

“I can’t believe you have them right here. Have they been in your pocket all day?” You ask.

“Yup.” He said like it was no big deal.

“Weirdo.” You giggle and playfully punch his chest.

“What. I knew I was going to see you, so I just brought them.” He tried defending himself.

“Yeah sure…” you roll your eyes. You grabbed your purse from the left side and brought it on your lap under the table. “Here just throw them in my purse before someone sees.” You pan around the room and let out a sigh of relief when there was barely anyone in your section.

“Wait. I’m not giving them back just yet.” Harry slides them back in his pocket.

“What Harry, just give them back.” You pleaded with him.

“I will only if you say yes to go to Davids party with me tonight.”

“Davids a fucking asshole.” You remember going to one of his parties before and he was a real creep. You knew he always wanted to get in your pants, but you thought he was a douchebag and he was.

“True, but he throws a hell of a party.” Harry says.

You huff in annoyance, you really wanted your underwear back since they were your most expensive and your favorite. But Harry didn’t need to know that.

“Why do you even want me to go with you?” You ask him. Surely he could ask any other girl, you knew he had many girl friends.

“Because it’s always more fun with you, love.” You felt Harry’s hand creep up your thigh again and he slowly creeped up higher waiting for your response. You melted by just his touch, and he knew it. You hated how he made you feel like jello.

“Ok fine. But I don’t want to stay that long.” Harry smiled.

“I’ll pick you up at 11.” He said.

The party was nothing less then loud and packed. It was on a beach house David had rented out for this special occasion. You couldn’t remember what exactly for, but you didn’t really care. You didn’t see anyone you knew and that made you a bit anxious. But Harry was making you feel a little better by sitting next to him. Your glass of beer was cold in your palm as you took in the room and caught eyes with strangers.

“What’s up dude! Glad you made it.” You heard David walking infront of Harry and giving him a bear hug before his eyes catch mine.

“Ah, it’s nice to see you again Y/N.” He said as he shameless roamed your whole body with his eyes.

You just nodded not really giving him much attention because you just wanted to leave. You’ve only been here for an hour and you really weren’t feeling it tonight. Honestly you just wanted your underwear back from Harry, as weird as that sounded.

You were about to ask Harry when they could leave but he suddenly stood up to walk away.

“Where are you going?” You asked hoping he wasn’t leaving you with David.

“My friend just texted me and wanted to meet for a chat real quick.” He told you.

You gave him a look pleading with you not to leave you here alone.

“Don’t worry I’ll keep her company while your gone.” David said as he gave you a smug smile.

“Thanks man. I’ll be back.” And without even looking at you he sped off upstairs. You felt really annoyed. Not the fact that you needed a babysitter but that Harry dragged you here under your will and decides to leave you. Especially with David.

But he’ll be back your mind kept telling you. He says he’ll be back soon. So you tried to relax and enjoy yourself.

“So are you and Harry like dating now?” David asks.

You almost choke on your drink “What?! No, no we aren’t like that- we aren’t um… dating.” You stammered over your words.

David smirks and opens his cup of beer and pours a bit more into your cup that was almost done.

“Well then Drink up love. And let loose!”


You didn’t know how you ended up in this situation. You were in a dark corner of the club with another drink in your hand. You remember only drinking like two cups but your mind was buzzing. You felt a cold hand touch your thigh and you turned your head to see David. He was talking about something and was oddly close to you.

You were wondering when Harry was coming back it has been over an hour and at this point you were really starting to get annoyed. He said he would be right back but he didn’t. It made you wonder what he was actually doing. Your mind made up this scenario in your head that almost made you puke.

“I really like this dress on you Y/N…” David was slurring his words. Your mind came back to reality when you could feel him whispering in your ear. His hot clammy breathe was making you shiver.

“Thanks, I guess.” You didn’t really know what to say. “Maybe I should go look for Harry to see if we should head out.” You tried getting up but he placed his hands on your waist to sit you back next to him and you huffed in annoyance.

“Trust me love. Harry wouldn’t have left you here if he wasn’t going down on someone else.” He smirked at your reaction. You thought it could be a possibility but you didn’t want to believe it.

“He said he was meeting a friend….” you tried convincing yourself.

“Well she doesn’t look like a friend to me.” You looked at the direction he was pointing to and your heart almost stopped. There was Harry on the other side of the room with a girl sitting on his lap as she placed kisses on his lips and neck. While Harry held her hips against him.

You tore your eyes so quickly you might have gottened whiplash. So many emotions were going through your mind anger, sadness, shock. That your mind couldn’t keep up with what you were doing.

You grabbed David face and slammed your lips onto his. You must of caught him off guard too because he dropped his beer can, and it made a loud noise as it hit the ground.

His hands roamed around your body as he leaned you up against the wall. You didn’t know why you were doing this. But deep down you wanted Harry to see that you didn’t want him, even when you did. You wanted him to feel hurt like you did.

Or maybe he wouldn’t you thought as David kissed down your neck to your chest. Maybe he had no feelings at all for you. That’s why he could so quickly go onto another girl, with you in the same fucking room.

“Fuck, I can take you right here.” You came back to reality when davids hand went up your dress to feel your slit. Your mind finally realized what was about to happen. And you’ve come to the conclusion that no matter how hurt you felt. Sleeping with another guy won’t help fix it. Especially if you don’t want you.

“No.” You say as you pushed his hands off from under your dress.

“Come on don’t be like this.” He continuing pushing his groin into yours. “Don’t act like you don’t want this.”

“I don’t just because I kissed you doesn’t mean I want your dick.” You finally push him off you completely.

“Fucking Bitch.” He spat in your face. You flipped him off and before you saw his reaction you headed towards the door. You pushed through people who were having a good time and dancing but you wanted to leave. You couldn’t stay here any longer. You felt your chest getting tight and your eyes starting to get wet.

You pretended you didn’t know why you felt like this. But you knew why. Harry.

You didn’t realize seeing him with another girl would make you feel so worthless. You knew you guys weren’t together but even so he always treated you like he was only seeing you. But you never really made it clear if this really had no strings attached. But apparently Harry had already.

You thought maybe today at the coffee shop that he wanted you more then just sleeping around with you.

And oh how stupid you were for thinking that.

You placed your hand on the cold brick outside the house, to try and calm down. You needed to get home and at this point you would just walk the 10 miles, if it meant not seeing Harry. So you started walking to the street.

But god wasn’t on your side tonight when you heard footsteps coming toward you.

“Y/N! Hey where you going I saw you run out?!” You turned around to see Harry coming toward you and you just wanted to disappear. You wipe your hands against your eyes to wipe all the fallen tears.

“I’m going home…” you told him and kept walking.

“Alright well I did take you here, so that means I can take you back, love.” You stiffened at the name.

“Well I couldn’t find you, after you left me for over an hour.” You snapped.

“I’m sorry.” He said coming closer to you and placing his hands on your shoulder. He was too close and all you wanted to do was lean into him but you didn’t. “Let me drive you. So I know you’ll get home safe.”

You got in the car because you actually didn’t know the way to get home and you were tired. All of tonight’s events came back to you and you refused to remember so you slowly drifted off to sleep. But what you didn’t realize was Harry slowly tracing circles in your hand making you sigh in comfort.

The sound of the engine turning off and the car coming to a complete stop had you stir from your sleep.

Your eyes finally opened as you turned to the Side and realized you weren’t at home. But at Harry’s.

“Why aren’t we at my house??” You quickly straightened up from your sleep position.

“I still had to repay you from coming tonight.” He said and you totally forgot about that. You honestly at this point didn’t care and wanted to leave. But at least you’ll get what you sacrificed for.

You walked up Harry’s stairs behind him until you reached his room. Your eyes quickly scanned the bed where you have doned many things that made your cheeks heat up. But you just cleared your throat and saw Harry open his top dresser draw and pulled out your underwear.

You snatched it from him with a small thank you before turning around to go back to the car. But then your bladder finally spoke after all those drinks.

“Can I use your bathroom before we leave?” You asked Harry.

He nodded and you made your way to the one in his room. “But we aren’t leaving.”


“I said we’re not leaving.” He repeats himself.

“Harry I have to go home.” You tell him.

“Not this late I can take you in the morning.” You looked over at his clock and it was 2am.

“You didn’t mind kicking me out the other night, after we slept together!.” Your voice wavered at the end more than you wanted. Your eyes went wide after you realized what you said, and you wanted to take it back. You didn’t want him to know you were hurt from that because now you know he has no feelings for you whatsoever.

Harry stood there not saying anything and you didn’t want to be in this situation any longer so you quickly went Inside his bathroom and locked it.

“Y/N open the door.” Harry knocked lightly as you sat on the toilet.

“No I’m using the bathroom.” He sighed but didn’t say anything else. Until after you flushed and was washing your hands. He asked again and you said you didn’t want to talk to him. That seemed to make him go away.

As the water was running you looked at yourself in the mirror and saw how tired and sad you looked. Dry tear marks were down your cheeks, your hair was a mess, and your lipstick was smeared. You placed your face in your hands and tried not to think about anything that happened tonight. But you couldn’t help it.

You didn’t realize you were crying until You felt hot tears in your hands. You felt frustrated with yourself for crying because you didn’t want Harry to see how much he hurt you. You’ve never felt this pain like this before.

It wasn’t pain like in 7th grade when You broke your foot. But pain in your chest, and it just made you feel like you were breaking into pieces.

Warm hands wrapped around your waist and you quickly looked up to see Harry behind you. You looked over at the door and saw a key, so he unlocked it. You tried to push away from him to just get some space but he wouldn’t let you.

“Harry I wanted some privacy.” You said between sniffles.

Harry looked down at you with a frown on his face. “I couldn’t have you in here crying, love. What’s wrong?” He slowly wiped the tears that were leaving your eyes like a waterfall. He didn’t like to see you so upset, it broke his heart.

You shook you head and looked at the tile floor. You didn’t know what to say.

Harry placed his finger under your chin so you can look at him. He started into your beautiful eyes and you looked into his forest green ones, almost getting lost in them.

“Come on you can tell me anything. Just tell me what’s wrong so I can fix it for you.”

You almost laughed because you didn’t know if he actually could fix it.

“Harry, your breaking my heart. And I don’t think I can do this anymore.” You say through your tears.





Part 3:
Masked - Part 7

Word Count: 1717

Pairing: Avengers x Reader, Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: Language, panic attack, angst, don’t worry there is some fluff 

A/N: Soooo hey guys… I know it’s been awhile since I posted masked. I’m sorry! Finals are this week and then I’m out for the summer! So i should be able to post more often! Anyway enjoy and sorry for the wait again. 


Masked Masterlist

Part 6

Originally posted by tomhollanddaily

After the team caught you and Peter in the middle of a makeout session, they wouldn’t let it go for months. On a daily basis, the both of you were teased endlessly because clearly, they had nothing better to do. For a while, you and Peter took it slow, not wanting to put labels on anything just yet. However, with the team’s constant pestering about you two should be “Facebook official” at this point, you proudly decided to call him your boyfriend. You also hoped that meant they would stop teasing you but you soon found out you two had a lot more to deal with.

First off, Clint always made kissy faces at the two of you, Tony would be way overprotective, and to make matters worse, Sam would go as far as suggesting that Peter should carry some protection in his pocket from now on. And yes, the Spiderling was mortified as well as you were. Natasha did kick his ass but that didn’t stop her and Wanda from asking for all the juicy gossip. In simpler terms; the team had issues with personal space but at this point, they weren’t changing.

Other than that, life was great with the Avengers. Especially now since Tony and Bruce were able to figure out a solution to help with the side effect you were having with your powers. If the team wasn’t protective before, they were now more than ever once they saw what could really happen if you overuse your powers. Long story short, you fainted on one of your first missions in the middle of the battle. You definitely got an earful that night. But with the power of science, you soon found an answer to your problems.

Weeks of testing led to a discovery of an imbalance the alien DNA caused in your immune system that resulted in random nosebleeds and feelings of lightheadedness. Finally, you were able to live a bit normally for someone whose DNA is mixed with an alien’s. All you had to do was get a shot four times a year from Bruce to keep everything stable.

Which led you to today, sitting in the lab as Bruce gave you your second shot of the year. And of course, your boyfriend was standing next to you holding your hand. You barely felt the shot but he was dead set on making sure you felt safe.

“And that should do it,” Bruce said putting away his supplies. “Tell me if you start feeling lightheaded or-”

“Greenie I know, you told me this before,” You joked as he rolled his eyes. “You and Tony gave me this whole speech on what I should look out for.”

Saying a quick goodbye, you followed Peter out into the living room before flopping down onto the couch. Laying your head in his lap you, sighed with content once he started playing with your hair.

“Wanna have a movie marathon?” Peter asked wiggling his eyebrows as you giggled. “And don’t tell me you have school work because I know you finished everything.”

“Pete I would love too but I have a paper due in two weeks-”

“Exactly two weeks,” He added as you slightly pouted. “Aw is my little glowstick gonna pout because they’re an overachiever. “

You sat up hitting your boyfriend’s arm playfully. “Excuse you Spiderling, but being an overachiever is the reason why I graduated early! Besides you never know when a mission comes up and-”

“Babe,” he interrupted brushing a few pieces of your hair out of your eyes that fell in your rambling.  You face turned a slight shade of pink as he continued talking. “I’m only giving you a hard time. Trust me I know how important school is for you but sometimes it’s good to take a break once in awhile.”

“Can we watch The Princess Bride?” You sheepishly mumbled giving in.

“Sure, and let me guess you want ice cream as well?”

Nodding excitedly, Peter laughed as he made his way to the kitchen. Just as you were about to press play on the movie, your boyfriend returned with bowls of ice cream. Giving him a quick peck on the cheek, you plopped down on the couch and started the movie.

The movie wasn’t on for long before you finished your ice cream and one of your favorite scenes from the movie was just about to appear. Giggling to yourself, you hopped out of your seat and turned to face your boyfriend.

“Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die,” You said pointing your spoon at Peter.

“Why am I not surprised,” He laughed as he stood up from his seat with a slight smirk. “You’re going down glowstick.”

“We’ll see about that spoody.”

Lunging forward you quickly hit his spoon before letting out another giggle. As the movie continued on in the background, the two of you chased each other around the room trying to get the upper hand. It wasn’t until Peter jumped over the couch when you realized you needed to use one of the moves Natasha taught you. As he landed in front of you, you swiftly knocked his feet from under him. Tackling your boyfriend to the ground, you laughed loudly.

“I win,” You said hovering over him.

“Oh, whatever will I do!” He dramatically yelled.

“Hmm,” You began leaning closer to Peter’s face. “A kiss should-”

Cutting you off, Peter closed the gap between the two of you and smashed his lips onto yours. Giggling a bit, you deepen the kiss, as things started to get a bit more heated. Letting him sit up, you wrapped your legs around his waist while running your fingers through his hair. As Peter’s hands slowly started sinking pass your hips, you heard someone clearing their throat.

“Parker, you better watch where you put your hands bud,” Tony said in a low voice.

Peter was off of you in a matter of seconds, muttering a slur of apologies as you sighed into your hands. Tony always knew when to come in and ruin a perfect moment.

“Tonyyyyyy,” You grumbled.


“What do you want,” Peter said as his face matched the color of his suit. “It better be important.”

“Well I mean I have some new suit updates for the both of you but you want to go back to sinning then by all means.”

“Says the man that use to bring home total strangers because he was-”

“So do you want to see the new updates or not?” Tony said clearly wanting to change the subject.  

“Fine,” The two of you said following Tony to the elevators. Sure you hated them but you were in no mood fighting about whether or not to take the stairs.

Stepping inside and watching the doors shut, you instantly got a bad feeling when the elevator shook. Trying to tell yourself it was just you being paranoid, you played with the hem of your shirt. Sensing that you were on edge, Peter stood next to you.

“Hey are you-” He said before the elevator came to a screeching stop.

Not good.

“FRIDAY, what’s happening?” Tony sighed as the A.I responded with only static. “We made in in here for a while.”

“Oh,” You responded feeling a lump grow in your throat.

This was not good at all.

“Hey, Pete can you hold this for me while I see what’s happening.”

“Yeah, sure thing.”

While they were both distracted, the walls started slowly closing in around you. Sinking to the floor, you found it harder and harder to breathe. All you could think about was that place. A place where you never wanted be again but here you were, reliving your horrible memories. You pushed back those thoughts for so long that it physically hurt just remembering them.

“Wait I think I got-”

Before Tony could finish his sentence, the elevator screeched once more as it fell down a floor. Letting out a loud gasp like everyone else, you buried your head in your knees.

“(Y/N)?” Peter asked once he saw the state you were in. “Babe.”

You didn’t respond. Instead, all you saw was your mom calling out to your younger self among the people running in terror as you gazed up at the sky watching large pieces of rubble falling towards you. You boyfriend’s voice was beginning to be drowned out by the images flashing by. You could now only hear people screaming and then, you did too.

Tony was in his own world until he heard a scream. Nearly having a heart attack he turned in your direction, only to see you shaking in the corner. It didn’t take long for him to put two and two together before he realized you were having a panic attack. He had so many himself that it was almost second nature to him.

“(Y/N), what’s wrong talk to me.” Peter panicked. “Babe, say something!”

“No… No… No… ,” You sobbed.

“Kid!” Tony shouted trying to get Peter’s attention. “Peter, get your ass over here and watch the tablet. The elevator is almost fixed just make sure FRIDAY gets rebooted. I got (Y/N), come over here.”

Peter nodded, still looking at you with a worried expression. Handing him the tablet, Tony watched as you remained in a fear-ridden state. Reaching out to touch your arm, you roiled and screamed once more. Whatever you were reliving was clearly something you pushed back for years. Tony knew exactly how you were feeling right now. Things always bubbled over at some point and today was that day.

“(Y/N), I just want you to know I’m here ok? You’re ok, and we’re going to get you out of here,” Tony said slowly reaching his hand out. Grabbing your hand, he felt you grip it tightly as you whispered under your breath. “Just hold my hand kid, we’ll be out of here soon.”

“Mom,” you whimpered. “Don’t leave me… ”

“You’re ok kid, you’re ok,” Tony whispered as his heart broke at the sight of you. He knew you were all getting out of this elevator but what he didn’t know was how much of his words were actually true.

And that was a thought that scared him.

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And I'll Still be a Fool

Requested: “can you write an imagine based on the song just a little bit of your heart by ariana? :) love your writing by the way!”

A/N: So I said a while ago that I enjoy writing imagines based on songs and/or poems and things of that sort. So my next upcoming imagines will probably all be requested songs that you guys sent me! I might do a part 2 for this one but idk. Let me know y'all

I don’t feel the need to know who you’re with

Roses were always your favorite no matter how cliche it was. The petals were soft yet depending on the rose, sometimes they had thorns on the stem. Thorns that could make you bleed the same way love did. You normally hated poetry, and romantic comparisons or things of that sort, but the fact that roses were so beautiful yet sometimes so painful to touch, the same way love was, it was just interesting to you. And somehow someone knew this. Someone knew you liked roses, someone knew you enjoyed the sunset colored ones with the petals you’d rub your thumb against. For the past few months or so someone had been sending you roses every couple weesk. One week it was a huge bouquet of orangey pink petals with a note hidden behind the thorns that you always thought would say something but it never did. Usually just a heart would be drawn on the tiny piece of paper, and occasionally there’d be numbers written on the note, but you never know what it meant. They were long numbers usually, with no spaces in between. You thought this secret admirer of yours was sweet at first and you had kept some of the flowers in vases, but you tended to get tired of it considering they wouldn’t tell you who they were. Your friends had told you it was probably an old friend from high school, and that just irritated you even more. Either way it wouldn’t matter anyway because your heart was already taken.

A close friend of yours had mutual friends with someone who somehow ended up introducing you to Shawn Mendes, and you immediately fell in love just like the rest of the world did whenever they heard his voice. You felt a little pathetic for succumbing to the worlds way of falling for the same guy every other girl had fallen for, but you couldn’t help it. You understood easily why everyone drooled over him. It didn’t matter anyway, he seemed to be preoccupied with his music or other girls which was understandable. You had surprisingly talked to him often, snapchatting and texting small talk. He was a friend, and you hated it. You wanted to be more than friends. You tried not to flirt a lot, you never asked him about his past girlfriends, and you tried not to talk too much about where he went on those lonely Friday nights at 3am after an award show or something. You secretly cared and you always wished he’d come to you whenever he was looking for a little extra attention on those nights, but he never did. You figured because of the fact that you didn’t talk to him about those things, maybe he would like you, maybe he’d seem excited about the fact that he was talking to a girl who didn’t only care about how good he was in bed, or how much money he was making. You assumed most girls only cared about those things, but you didn’t. And you tried your hardest to make it appear that way, and you tried hard to show that you cared for him. But apparently he wasn’t getting that message, and it continued to break your heart, so you-not even caring anymore at this point- threw away another bouquet of roses that you wished were from Shawn.

Just a little bit of your heart, is all I want

“Yeah, they’re all freaking out because I haven’t posted a picture or anything, it’s kinda funny.” Shawn laughed lightly as he told you about his new tattoo that his fans felt teased by since he hadn’t posted about it. He was right about his fans, and you remember seeing plenty of comments and tweets talking about how much of a tease Shawn was. It was all true, and you wished it wasn’t. There were so many times you wondered if Shawn was flirting with you, and he’d give you tiny bits of what it was like to be with him, only to rip it away from you by taking two days to respond to a simple text, or not talking to you with the same tone. He really was a tease and it drove you crazy. You were currently wrapped up in your thoughts as you looked out the window next to you, watching the busy lives of strangers on the street. You wondered who else was going through what you felt, who else had such strong feelings for someone who didn’t feel the same. The day had taken an unexpected turn and you ended up walking into this fancy restaurant for dinner after work because you felt like you deserved it. It was the weekend after all so why not? You had posted about it on Twitter or something and almost two minutes later Shawn favorited your tweet, and texted you saying he was in that area. So here he was now, sitting across from you with food in front of him. You wanted to call this a date, but of course you didn’t and you assumed it was just a friendly dinner with a good friend. That’s what adults do all the time right? He was chewing on his finger, and that button up dress shirt he was wearing complimented his hazel eyes, along with those curls of his that needed to be cut. You scratched the back of your neck and forced yourself to stop looking at him and to finish your food.

“You okay? Do you not like your food? You can have some of mine if you want or something.” He caught you off guard and his voice melted in you ears like honey being poured into a sweet cup of tea.

“Oh no, I’m fine. I like my food, I’m okay! Thank you though.” You smiled at his kindness to share with you and you shoved some more of your food into your mouth. You really did like what was on your plate, you just found yourself struggling to concentrate on anything when Shawn Mendes was sitting in front of you. You don’t remember being so flustered just by being with him. You’ve been friends with him for some time now and you had talked to him millions of times without getting this nervous. Your feelings were blooming like flowers in the spring, and you wished so badly you could reach across the table to grab him. Grab his face, and kiss him. Grab his chest, to feel his heartbeat. The insides of his heart were most likely just as beautiful as his face. You knew him, and you knew his personality was amazing but you didn’t know him enough, and all you wanted was just even a tiny piece of his heart to learn about. What does he think about when he can’t sleep? Who does he think about the most? His family? His friends? His fans? Himself? Another girl? You chewed on your now cold food and continued to wonder these things, and think these thoughts as he kept talking about who knows what now. You weren’t even listening anymore.

I heard a little love, is better than none

Wind blew around your hair as you walked up to your house, and right as you placed your foot on the step to your door, you almost completely crushed a single rose with your shoe. If you didn’t love flowers so much you wouldn’t have stopped yourself and you would’ve stomped all over the damn rose until it was in pieces. Although you were head over heels for someone else, it was still a little sweet to you that this other stranger was still sending you flowers. But today, you were going to end it. You picked up the rose and walked into your house, placing it on the kitchen table. You pulled out your phone and went to Twitter, you figured this secret admirer of yours was following you ( or so you hoped ) so why not post about this, and ask them to stop sending you roses? You started typing but from the corner of your eye, something caught your attention. You hadn’t even noticed before but there was a small note attached to the stem of the rose like usual, but this time it wasn’t just a heart or some numbers. There were actual words written on the small piece of paper. You almost dropped your phone, picking up the note and tearing it off the little string tied around the stem.

“Don’t forget me, and I won’t forget you.” 6317

What the hell is that supposed to mean?? Next to the one sentence there were numbers written. No lines, no dashes. You re read the sentence and stared at the number trying to figure out what kind of game this person was playing. You looked at the numbers one more time before realizing what the date was today. It was June 4th, 2017, and yesterday was June 3rd. 6/3/17 was yesterday. Right? The numbers had to be a date, what else could it be? You were confused and frustrated either way, so you decided to finish your tweet.

“If you’re sending me roses, please either tell me who you are or just stop. Its very nice of you, but this game is getting tiring.”

You hit send and the tweet was officially posted to everyone. You hung the note on your fridge, hoping maybe you could eventually tell who’s hand writing it was. It was sloppy cursive, that you could barely read at first. You didn’t know anyone who wrote like that, did you? You tried to forget about it and see if anyone responded to your tweet. You figured you’d wait to see if you received anymore roses this week or the next. So you ended your day by placing that red rose into a vase near your window, admiring it as much as your secret admirer admired you.

And I’ll still be a fool for you

The sun woke you, as you turned over to get more comfortable, your bed was always your favorite place to be. But now the sun was keeping you awake and so you reached to your nightstand grabbing your phone, to do the daily social media check. You scrolled through Instagram, Snapchat, and finally Twitter. You scrolled through people tweeting about Shawn’s upcoming tour which saddened you a little to know that he was going to be leaving soon. You guessed it didn’t really matter anyway though right? Without even thinking about it you clicked on Shawn’s Twitter account, just to see what he was up to. He hasn’t texted you or talked to you since you two had lunch the other day. You scrolled down, to see his most recent tweet and you almost dropped your phone on your face.

“Don’t forget me, and I won’t forget you.”

He literally tweeted the same thing that was written on your note. You sat up and rubbed your eyes, looking at the tweet again. People tweeted him back asking him if that was a new song lyric or something and you just sat there, eyes wide. The stranger sending you roses couldn’t have been Shawn, there was no way. Maybe he just found the same quote your secret admirer found. Your brain was tired but you slowly were trying to put the pieces together. And so you ran down stairs to the trash can in the kitchen looking for more notes with numbers on them. After digging through mini pizza boxes and used tissues, you pulled out two notes from several weeks back. One note had the numbers 52217. May 22nd 2017. May 22nd, was the day Shawn came over to play you an idea he had for a song. You remember this because you pretty much marked in your calendar whenever you spent time with him, but if you were so in love with him how could you be so blind? The other note you found read the numbers 43017. April 30th 2017.. What happened April 30th? You pulled out your phone and looked at your calendar to see if there were any events marked, and of course there was. April 30th was one of Shawn’s shows you attended, and you brought him roses, you were starting to remember now because he used the roses to give out to some fans after the show, and you thought it was so sweet, you weren’t even angry that he got rid of your roses. Roses.

Reality was hitting you hard, and it all made sense now. Shawn had remembered these days just like you did. It was Saturday morning, 8am and Shawn was probably already on his plane to who knows where, you couldn’t even remember where his tour was starting. You texted him a couple times and called, but there was no reply. You stared at the notes on the table in front of you wondering how you were going to handle this. This whole time you thought you knew but you really had no idea. You wondered if Shawn felt angry at you now for your tweet, or if he felt bad. You didn’t know but either way there was one thing you did know, and that was that no matter how far away Shawn was from you, you’d never forget him, and no matter how many roses you threw away, your heart would still belong to him, and it probably always would.

War is Love Part 2

I had a lot of love from the first part. Let me know if there should be a part 3 ;)

Harry watched you from perform from the sidelines, his hand absentmindedly running across his lips. He hated to see you here, only because he knew exactly how much pain he had caused you. It amazed him to even find you before him, singing your heart out and bringing a star struck fan up on stage to sing with you. He caught himself smiling at your love for them. It never failed, you always seemed to find the fan that knew all of your songs to bring them up on stage. 

You were always thinking of them and it was one of the many things he had fallen in love with you for. Another being able to get lost in your music or any for the matter. It was how you two were able to connect so easily. Both letting music bring you two closer. He watched as you twirled the fan around and linked arms with them, allowing them to sing the rest of the song while you took a selfie with them. 

Harry knew that once the song was over, you’d ask for their name and then upload it later. It was something you’ve always done from the first day you were given the stage. You were forever in debt to your fans and you made sure that you tried to give a little every time you performed. He shifted as you did exactly what he expected you to do. 

He wasn’t sure if you had seen him and if you had, you were doing a great job at ignoring him because had he been the one on stage, he wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes off of you. Harry froze as you turned just in time for that thought to ran across his mind. Your eyes glimmered over him for just a moment as you accepted the guitar a stage member handed you. 

 Turning your full attention back towards the crowd, you climbed up on the stool. “You guys have been wonderful,” strumming a few chords to get your fingers warm, you sighed, “I’m more than happy with you guys being my first crowd in over a year.” Looking down at your hands, you tried to settle your increased heart rate from finally acknowledging his presence. Taking a deep breath, you smiled and looked into the excited eyes of the crowd who cheered. “I’ve got a present for you beautiful, beautiful people.” Swaying a little against the wind that picked up, “This is a song that won’t be available for a few more weeks-” screams and cheers filled the outdoor stadium. You sucked in air, wincing at the ear piercing sounds bouncing around. Laughing, “It’s the first and only full song that I’ve recorded in a year so I hope you guys enjoy it. It hits close to home…" 

Harry swallowed hard, his jaw clenching as you began to sing. He knew your voice like the back of his hand. He mentored you into the sound it was and it killed him to hear the breaks you tried hard to prevent. You always had a habit of letting your voice break during the songs that you truly felt and that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. He couldn’t deny that your song sent chills down his body and it wasn’t just because of the words. You had kept your eyes closed the entire time, afraid that if you hadn’t, tears would be streaming down your face. This was the third time you had ever actually sang this song only because it hurt to much to sing it to yourself. 

"Here’s to the nights where I stood alone, to the nights I cried so hard I couldn’t breathe. I was never ready for you to leave. It was the hardest thing I’ll ever do, walking away while still loving you. And that doesn’t mean I wanted too, but I saw it coming. But that’s what happens when you let someone in, they destroy everything that could have been.” Humming a few notes, you opened your eyes slightly, feeling the tears build up inside. “If they asked me if I loved him, I would I say I do because no one gives the people they don’t love the power to destroy you.” Humming again, you took a deep breath and finished out your strum, “I was never ready for you to leave." 

You could feel the tear slid down your cheek but it was a bit relieving. It felt like a weight had been lifted off your shoulder. Hopping down off the stool with the guitar in one hand, you waved and blew the crowd kisses. They chanted and screamed your name, and at the moment, you were sure that they had loved the song just as much as you wanted them to. "I love you! Keep this beautiful energy up with the others. Goodnight, San Diego!" 

 Harry felt tense all over, his body was like lead as he looked around him to see if anyone was looking for his reaction. The muscles in his face tightened and strained against each other as he ducked around the corner. His strides were long and quick as he reached his dressing room for the evening. Closing the door shut behind him, he knocked down the rack that held clothing options for the night. Harry knew what he had done to you was wrong and he regretted his drunken decision the moment in happened. It was as if all the alcohol had dissipated the second the flash went off and captured that moment for the rest of his life. He ran both hands through his hair. 

Harry was angry not because you had written a song about him but because it wasn’t rage filled or sassy in any way. He expected you to own him but instead you took the harder way out and expressed how you deeply felt about the situation. He would rather you have sang about how he sometimes failed to entertain in bed even though you both knew it would be a complete lie. Just something other than a song that reminded him just how much he fucked up. 

All he wanted was to hold you tight and whisper promises he would die trying to keep. Never would he look at another girl again, never would he let alcohol consume him and convince him to do things he shouldn’t do. He still loved you. Hell, he never stopped loving you. You were his everything and more. He had just fallen victim to a weak moment and he knew you would never forgive him for it and Harry wouldn’t want you to. But, damn, that song filled him with anger.  

Harry wanted you to hate him because if you did, the tour would be easier to manage than to know that you still loved him and he was the douchebag that broke your heart. 


 Part three? Yay? Nay? 
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(requested by anon / anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count 
: 4 009
warning  : smut
summary : Kai has set rules when it comes to him and Reader doing things and Reader breaks one of them.😈
* gif by pipesmleah

Kai couldn’t help but smile seeing her curled up on the bed next to him just as the sun was starting to seep through the curtains. It had been seven months since they had met , almost five since they became a couple and during this entire time his life had changed completely , all because of her. Y/N had been the only one to give him a chance and somehow she had found her way into his heart. He loved her more than anything and was pretty sure he’d die if it meant saving her. That’s how much he loved her and knew what he felt was real and the most strongest thing he had felt in his entire life.
    “So absolutely beautiful —” he whispered , kissing her forehead gently before slipping out of their bed to surprise her with breakfast in bed , listening to her heart beating the entire time. He loved listening to her heart beat. It was the most important sound to him because as long as her heart beats , there was a reason for him to be. Without his Y/N , he just felt so damn lost and he never wanted to go back to the person he was without her.
    “So hot in that black shirt and those boxers.” said Y/N biting her lip returning him to reality. “I can’t even - ”
Kai had gotten so lost in his thoughts about the night before while arranging the food tray , he hadn’t even noticed he was no longer alone in the kitchen. He turned around , seeing her push herself off the door frame taking a step inside wearing nothing but his t-shirt barely covering her body. Her hair was still messy and she looked so hot in that moment for a second he forgot what he was doing was a surprise.
    “No , no , no. You are ruining my surprise.” said Kai pushing her out the door, trying very hard not to think how she is 100% naked underneath. “Go back to bed. I’ll be there in five - “
Y/N grabbed the door frame trying her best not to get pushed outside. Last thing she wanted was to sit alone two doors down when what she wanted was right there. Their activities the night before had her so eager to stay in the kitchen with him , it was completely out of her hands. Kai was like a drug to her - the more she had the more she wanted and could never get enough of his touch or his kisses or him in general.
    “Fine. I’ll go.”
    “You will ?” he replied taking a step back from her , studying her face. “You are lying.”
    “Damn right I am.” she said jumping up into his arms , wounding her legs around his waist before smashing her lips against his. Lately his girl just couldn’t keep her hands to herself anymore and he didn’t protest. Kai couldn’t get enough of her or her surprises lately , like sneaking into the shower with him when she was supposed to be at college or pulling him somewhere they could be alone every chance she got.
    “Mmmm I love it when you do that.” he said , shoving her against the wall by the door.
Kai’s lips crashed against hers more greedy than ever pulling the air out of her lungs as always. Her fingers tangled in his hair , pulling him closer to her as if there was anywhere to go. Kai could barely make himself let go off her, specially after the way his girl tugged at his lip at the end of the kiss. He let her go on the ground gently watching her walk out the door , running into the kitchen not a second later.
    "I thought you were going back to bed ?” he bit his lip watching her bend over , looking for something inside the fridge. Kai couldn’t help but stare at her slim legs and her core right there waiting for him. Was the light playing tricks on him or had she started to get wet?
    “Where is it ? Did you eat the last piece of cake for breakfast?”
    "No.” he shortened the distance between them in a few short steps. "As much as I love chocolate , I love having you for breakfast way more. And what is so wrong with my pancakes that you don’t want them this morning?”
    “Who said I don’t want them ? I am starving , why can’t I have both ?”
    “Anything you want , sweetheart.” he said softly , bending over her. Kai snaked one of his hands around her waist while pointing at the chocolate cake with the other , swiping some of the frosting with his finger. Y/N closed her eyes for a moment trying not to think about what they could be doing in that moment , but it was too late for her to even try. She gripped his wrist cleaning out the frosting from his finger pushing her ass back at him while she did. Kai traced his fingertips on her thigh , innocently brushing them against her clit a moment later. He pushed the fridge door closed sliding one of his hands down to her core while the other went the other way , cupping her breasts through his shirt.
    “You are such a naughty girl.” he whispered , sucking on a spot on her neck. “I haven’t even touched you yet and you are already wet. You haven’t played by yourself have you?”
Y/N moaned softly , closing her eyes for a moment when his fingers began drawing soft figure eights on her clit turning her skin on fire again. Ever since Kai and she became a couple and moved in together , her skin rarely had a normal temperature. Not to mention his rules. There was something about ‘rules’ and ‘punishments’ that just did something to her and Kai was being so dominant when it came to them being intimate , it was all driving her completely insane.
    "No.” she moaned, pushing her hips down on his fingers. "But we are not doing this now.”
    “Aren’t we ?” he whispered in her ear. “I think we are. I want you – ”
    “Mmmm no.”
    “ - I always get what I want.” he nibbled on her earlobe , spinning her around a second later. “And right now I want to eat you .”
Kai’s lips smashed against hers , slowly backing her against the fridge taking her breath away completely just like always. He knew what his kiss did to her because the second he pulled away resting his forehead on hers , her heart rate had gone off the charts and her breathing just wasn’t there. Y/N demanded mouth to mouth after every kiss which was more than exciting for him since he felt the same way. Her hands moved up his chest until they hooked around his neck and their lips meet again in a deep passionate kiss just as his crotch pressed against hers, right before he pulled away leaving her breathless again.
    “You look a little dizzy. Are you feeling okay?” he said innocently , lifting her up onto the kitchen counter. His fingers brushed against her cheek and he leaned in a little closer to her. "Maybe you should sit down … or lay down — with me on top of you – while I make you scream my name.”
    “I c-cant breath - ” she grinned for a second before their lips collided again in a hungry demanding kiss. Y/N’s legs wrapped around his waist , pulling herself closer to him while her hands tugged on his shirt pulling it over his head. Five months together and the sight of his bare chest always made her feel tingly on the inside. Y/N bit her lip for a second and she reached her hands towards him wanting to trace every inch of it but Kai held them behind her back.
    “No , no , no.”
Y/N sighed. Out of all the rules the ‘no touching’ one was the one she didn’t like the most. How was she even supposed to keep her hands off him when he looks like that ?! Not possible. There wasn’t even time for her to protest before Kai’s fingers found their way inside her making her moan out , going in to the last knuckle curling around slowly before pulling out and doing it all over again without taking his eyes away for a second.
    "God you look so fucking hot moaning my name while wearing my shirt I just want to bend you over and have my way with you right here.” he whispered resting his forehead on hers.
    "So do it.”
    “You have classes. How are you going to go there if you can’t walk?”
    “Fuck me Malachai –” she moaned not a split second later.
    “Mmmm my sweet little Y/N – You know what happens when you call me that. No way I am letting you go anywhere today. Remember the rules ?”
His girl nodded and he pulled her by the thighs towards him until she was almost completely off the counter. Y/N looked down at him as he placed his hands on her inner thighs parting them a little wider , darting his tongue out , flicking her clit with it without breaking eye contact with her.
    “So delicious - ” he said, pushing his tongue inside her.  
No matter how many times he did that , every time felt more intense and magnified that the last. There was something about the way his tongue curled inside her while his nose brushed against her clit that just got her so crazy. Kai blew a light stream of air onto her clit , dipping his fingers inside her feeling every inch as they curled around before pulling out while he sucked and nibbled on her clit making her feel like she had high fever. His eyes were fixed on hers , darkening with each passing second until they were completely black with lust. Y/N loved that look in his eyes , seeing all the devils dancing in them each time he flicked her clit or his fingers hit her spot.
    "FUck , this feels so good –” she moaned , struggling to keep her eyes open.
Kai couldn’t get enough of seeing his girl looking like that - her mouth semi open , moans mixed with whimpers leaving her lips and the thing that turned him on the most — his name rolling off her tongue constantly while he devoured her hungrily unable to stop even if he wanted to. He loved how her body responded to every touch , to very curl of his fingers -
    "Look at those walls clench around my fingers.” he cooed. “I could never get enough of having them do that around me. ”
Y/N bit her lip slipping down towards him. Kai’s fingers pumped in an out so fast and combined with the way he was eating her out , moaning and groaning while sucking on her clit - it was all too much. Her walls clenched around his fingers again making her skin feel like it was on fire. All she wanted was to reach her hands towards him and push his mouth further on her but that wasn’t an option unless she wanted to get punished. Yet the thought of getting punished by him was turning her on like crazy in that moment for a moment her hands nearly reached for him.
    "Kai — I am so c-close.” she whimpered.
    "Hold it.” he demanded , slowing down his fingers’ movements delaying her release while pushing his boxers down. Y/N nodded , struggling to keep her hands away from him in that moment. She wanted to wrap her fingers around his hard lenght and drive him just as crazy as he was driving hers.
    "Please let me touch you –” she moaned , barely able to keep her eyelids from drooping. Each curl was pushing her closer and closer to the edge until she almost slipped. So many rules to keep. He wasn’t making it easy on her and sometimes she wondered if he invoked like 5 of them each time to see when she’d break.
    “No.” he scooped her up , letting her down on the kitchen table. Kai pinned her hands over her head , brushing his fingers against her cheek and slowly trailing his fingertips down her neck feeling her blood. pulsating in her veins. Her heart was beating like crazy , the heart beats almost visible through her skin.
    “So freaking hot with that look in your eyes.” he moaned , teasing her entrance with the tip of his lenght before entering her slowly , making her feel every inch on the way in. “It drives me completely insane.”
For a moment he waited , giving her a little time to catch her breath. Everything was downhill from there. Kai’s thrusts were fast and hard right from the start , making her body jolt forward each time his lenght filled her in to the brim , withdrawing and going in harder and deeper hitting her spot every time.
    “Fuck you are so tight around me – ”  he groaned.
Kai knew she was right at the edge with her walls clenching that frequently around him. He wondered how she was so damn good at keeping control. It was driving him nuts. Purple black veins flashed under his eyes and he picked up the pace, watching her hands ball into fists and could smell her blood which meant yet again her nails had dug into her palms.
    “Please let me c-cum.” she whimpered.
Kai slowed down slightly - withdrawing almost completely before going in slow driving her completely insane. It was a torture but the sweetest kind , thing was this time felt different. He had never said that many ‘no’s to her and she could barely hold it , or keep her eyes open. Y/N’s back kept arching off the table even though he held her down and his touch was only pushing her further towards the edge.
    "No.” said Kai with a devilish grin on his face , listening to her whimpers and moans turn into small screams colliding with his moans and groans. His hand slipped under her shirt , grazing his fingertips over and over around her belly button , slipping down towards her clit. Holding it was becoming harder with each passing moment , he could tell but he wanted to push her limits this time.
    "Fuck–” she begged again. “P-please — I c-cant hold it m-much longer.”
    "Yes, you can and you will unless you want me to punish you again.” he grinned at her. Kai’s thrusts got even faster and Y/N couldn’t hold it no matter how much she wanted to. His lenght entered her so hard , hitting her spot while his thumb drew rough eights on her clit , pushing her right over the edge before she had had the time to blink.
    "OH FUCk Kai –” she screamed , feeling an intense wave of orgasm tear through her body. Kai watched her thrash before him , barely able to suppress the smile on his face. He didn’t mind mind her eyes were closed. He didn’t mind her hands not being over her head as he had demanded either. A louder moan tumbled off his lips when her walls clenching around him triggered his orgasm , riding through both of them until they were finished.
    “I was wondering when your self control will snap in two." 
    "Kai I -”
    “Shhh sweetheart.” he said softly , pressing his lips against hers for a moment. “I understand. I really do. Only you did break a rule.”
Y/N’s lips crashed with his pulling out the air out of his lungs completely. Kai looked confused as to why she had kissed him specially since he had just said there was a punishment in her future.
   "I love you –”
   "I love you too sweet cheeks , but that’s not going to save you now.”
He brushed his thumb against her cheek , gently touching her lips right after , scooping her up a moment later. Kai carried her to their room, unable to take his eyes away from her the entire time. Y/N’s heart was beating so fast he was afraid it might burst or something and the way she was looking at him – how were her eyes doing that ? It was like they had turned into hearts just like in cartoons. He let her down on the bed gently and pulled out two ties from the nightstand’s drawer. Y/N braced herself on her elbows watching him play with them in his hands before tying one of them around her eyes and using the other to tie her wrists over her head.
     "What are you going to do to me?” she rolled on the bed.
     "I haven’t decided yet.” he thought out loud. “Funny , when I set the rules I had so many ideas but now - it’s all blank. I wonder -”
Y/N could hear him pacing around her , adrenaline and excitement but also a hint of fear flowing through her body. What could he have in mind for her now ? Being blind folded wasn’t knew - Kai had started to do that to her the night before he had set up the rules. It was exciting - the anticipation, not knowing what’s going to happen next …
     "Feet apart.” he said leaning in towards her with some buzzing sound around him. “You are going to love this one. I know , I will. One , two , three –”Y/N wondered what he was counting , her mind slowly processing how the buzzing sound got louder after each number and then she found out what it was , moaning so loud the sound was almost a scream. Kai pressed the vibrator against her clit and she felt her entire body light up in flames at once. When had he gotten one of those?
     "A fitting punishment.” he thought out loud , placing his hand on her stomach to hold her down. “You wanted to cum so badly — now you get to cum , over and over again. Weird , that sounds more like a reward doesn’t it ? There is a catch though -”Y/N squirmed , whimpered and moaned or more like screamed as another orgasm tore through her body. Kai kept his hand on her stomach , holding her down while playing with the vibrator’s settings switching between speeds but keeping it mostly to the highest one. There was no control over the sounds coming out of her mouth - it was all a mixture of whimpers , moans , screams and syllables not really forming words.
     "Oh shit – oh – FUCK —”Kai listened and watched unable to take his eyes off her as another orgasm tore through her body , making her thrash and squirm on the bed. Seeing his girl’s back arch off the bed while he tried to hold her steady on the bed was such a big turn on for him , Kai hadn’t even realised when he had gotten this hard again. His fingers wrapped around his lenght and he stroked himself for a few moments before ditching the vibrator giving her a few moments to catch her breath listening to her heart rate trying to calm down.
     "So wet. There is even a wet spot on the bed.” he grinned tearing his shirt off her and lifting her legs over her head. “I think I even made you squirt."He teased her entrance with the tip for a few moments before entering her slowly , making her feel every inch of his hard lenght before withdrawing almost completely and filling her in again. At first his thrusts were slow and deep , picking up speed every time getting her mind foggier by the second. No matter how much on fire she had felt with the vibrator , Kai was the one who made her feel like her skin was literally fire. The way he somehow always found the right angle to enter her and hit her spot was more than enough to make her lose it. Her back kept arching off the bed , her head throwing back again and again as another orgasm approached. Y/N had lost count how many there had been. Four ? Five ? Everything was a blur and she felt like she was floating on a cloud made out of fire. Her heart was pounding like crazy and she could barely breath , every sense in her body had been magnified off the charts
.     "I can-t — K-Kai st-stop ….”
     "Mmmm no.” he moaned thrusting inside her even faster using his vampirism to cheat. Y/N’s hands reached for him trying to push him off but he pinned them over her head again , slowly leaning in until his forehead rested on hers , feeling her walls clench around him almost at the same time his lenght twitched. His vampirism showed and he sank his fangs in her neck for a few seconds almost pushing her off the edge again.
     "Kai – I cant “ she whimpered. “S-stop , p-please.”
     "And there is your catch , sweetheart.” he moaned untying her hands and pushing off her blindfolds from her eyes. “That wonderful magical word I love hearing you say so much.”Kai’s thrusts slowed down so suddenly Y/N had no time to process what was happening around her. Or maybe her mind was too clouded at the moment to process it. There was no way to tell which one it was , specially with her boyfriend looking at her the way he was in that moment.
     "You mean to say that — I should’ve just added — 'please’ for you to — stop?”
     "Yes. That easy.” he grinned at her , pulling out of her when she gripped his wrists mouthing 'Don’t.’ Kai brushed his fingers against her cheek giving her a small smile , continuing to enter her very slowly. He could hear her heart and breathing trying to do the impossible and catch up with each other and failing every time.     “Wait – are you going to do this every time I — cum without permission?” she struggled to take a breath. “Cuz that was – awesome.”
     "You weren’t supposed to like it.“ he said a little amused , not even caring how her eyes had closed or that her hands had tangled in his hair pulling him down for a deep passionate kiss.
     "Whoops.” she said innocently. “You know you can go a little faster now right ? I’m perfect– fuckk "Y/N held onto his biceps while Kai’s lips pressed against hers , muffling her small scream when another orgasm tore through her body triggering his. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head while he rode through both their highs before collapsing on the bed next to her.
     "I — I think I’ll stay here. Can’t feel - my legs.” she laughed. Kai laughed with her. “I’ll be back in a moment. I think you need ice -”
     "Ice ? Wh-what ?“ she asked confused just as Kai whooshed himself out and in of the room. "Kai ?”
Y/N watched her boyfriend play with the ice cube in his hands before slowly trailing it all the way from her core up her body towards her neck , not taking his eyes off her. A small smile spread across his face seeing her bite her lip for and throw her head back at the feeling before his lips collided with hers.
    “Feeling less on fire ?” he whispered.
     "Not even close.“



My Heart

A/N: Sooo, I’m a bit stuck at What Ifs, because my brain just doesn’t want to write it, one reason could be this piece of scrabble, the idea wouldn’t go away so I had to write it. :D This is written in Bucky’s perspective. I really hope you like it, feedback is always nice. :)

Word count: 3579

Tags: @mo-1984 @221bshrlocked @xbroken-crayonx

Summary: Bucky is in love with you, but not able to tell you, pushing you always from him, when you find someone else, how will he react.

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Way Too Easy

Written for the prompt: Will you pretend to be my date to my family’s holiday party so they’ll stop harassing me about being single? There’s food in it for you.

Dean agrees to accompany Castiel to the Novak family party as his boyfriend, but finds himself regretting it when he starts to forget that they’re not actually dating. (1.9k)


Dean knew from the way Castiel stomped into their apartment and threw his backpack forcefully on the armchair that he was in a bad mood. His roommate was generally a happy person, but when he got angry it was not a pretty sight. Luckily, Dean and Cas had been roommates for three years now, and Dean had gotten very good at reading his emotions and calming him down when he was angry.

“What’s wrong, Cas?” Dean asked, looking up from his book.

“Nothing,” Cas muttered, tearing his jacket off and throwing it down on top of his backpack.

“Come on Cas; we both know that’s a lie. What happened? Is this about your psychology test?”

“No, Dean, it’s not, it’s–” He broke off then exclaimed, “Why the hell do they care if I’m dating anyone anyway? It’s none of their business and it’s not my fault if I’m not.”

“Whoa, slow down, Cas,” Dean said, brain working to catch up to what Castiel was saying. “Who cares who you’re dating?”

Cas sighed. “My family. I just talked to my parents, and they asked if I would be bringing anyone to our family Christmas party this weekend, as a date, and when I said no, my mom sighed in pity and my dad reminded me that I’m not getting any younger. I’m twenty-one!” Castiel was practically shouting now. “And every time I see Gabriel, he teases me about it, asking if I’m dating anyone or ‘getting any,’ as he says, and I know it’s not meant to be malicious, but it still hurts.”

Cas finally stopped to catch his breath and when he gazed at Dean with his large blue eyes, Dean felt his heart twist.

I would love to go to that party with you as your actual boyfriend, Dean thought, but he couldn’t say that, no matter how much he wanted to. The last thing he wanted to do was complicate or ruin their friendship by misreading the situation.

For a second, Dean thought that Cas must be a mind reader, because his face suddenly brightened and the next words out of his mouth were, “You could be my date!”

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Often (Sebastian Stan Imagine)

A/N: young!seb what else do you need? 

Song Inspiration: Often by Abhi Dijon 


Cold hands and beer cans
That’s how we used to chill

“How do you always have the hook-ups when it comes to alcohol, Seb?” Y/N marveled at the cooler filled with beer cans and hard liquor. “Seriously, holy shit. And where do you get the money from?”

“Don’t stress about it.” He gave her a toothy grin. “Let’s just get fucked up tonight, yeah?”

She smirked, a mischievous twinkle in her eye. “Let’s do it.”

You took the Dodge from your mom
And parked it up the hill

On top of Signal Hill, Y/N and Sebastian would sit on the hood of his father’s car and drink and laugh and eat and stay there for hours. Y/N wasn’t a party girl. She never got drunk with anyone else besides him. She was a good student, always have and always will be. He, on the other hand, is okay. He hangs on his schoolwork with the usual C’s, sometimes B’s when he’s lucky. 

But they were best friends. They were best friends since their high school freshman year. Ever since he bumped into her twenty times a week on the way to his classes. The universe just kept giving them signals that they should be in each other’s lives.

Although Sebastian thought they were being pushed together because it was their destiny, Y/N, at the time, didn’t think so. She was being chased after by a guy, a year older than them both when their friendship first started. The boy was popular already, making the varsity team of all the sports he joined. The typical jock falls for the cute nerd type of love story.

But Sebastian stuck around in hopes that one day, her feelings will reciprocate his. 

You said
“I can’t wait forever”

“I wanna be an actor.” He exclaimed aloud, taking a swig from his Budweiser can. “I wanna be an actor and I wanna be known for what I do. I think that’s why I’m not the best in school. Because its not a way to express yourself creatively, you get me?”

Y/N just laughed, glancing at him. “Dude, you’re just pissed drunk right now. Which you shouldn’t be because you’re driving, loser.”

“Oh, shit.” Sebastian said, his eyes widening in realization. “We can crash here for a few hours right? The seats recline.”

“The things I do for you Stan.”

“Oh yes because reclining a chair and sleeping on it is such hard work compared to me putting my life on the line every time I pick up our drinks from some sketchy guy in an alley. Sure, Y/N.”

“Hey, you said it was no problem!” Y/N argued. “I never asked for you to do that, you did that all on your own.”

“You’re right, sweetheart. Blame me.” He couldn’t help but stare at her face as the words left his lips. “But seriously, I wanna be an actor.”

“But seriously, if that’s really something you wanna pursue, then I’m 110% behind you for that.” 

Verse from a radio
Feet above the wheel

“Ugh, tell me again why we do this every month when we get this sick afterwards?” Y/N groaned, leaning against the car window as she props her feet up the dashboard.

“Oh, suck it up. You’re almost 21, you need to get used to this because once we’re legal, we’re hitting every bar in town.”

“Seb, we have 5 more years until we’re 21, we’re barely 17.” She chuckled. “And you do realize drinks cost money, right? Are you gonna be working?”

“Well duh!” Seb made a face at her. “Actor, remember?”

“Oh yeah, my bad Mr. DiCaprio.”

“Mr. Stan.” He corrected. “Just wait on it, Y/N. People will know my name.”

Y/N smiled. For a second she felt sober. She wanted to remember the look on his face as he talked about his passion. “I have no doubt that that will happen, Seb.”

“Thanks, Y/N.” Seb’s smile became wider as a familiar tune filled their ears. “I love this song.”

She just watched him as he screamed out lyrics to an irrelevant song. Sebastian made up his own drunken dance moves and stumbled over lyrics but he was having the time of his life. Y/N knew that there was no way she would let him walk out of her life. Not soon, not ever. 

Leaning back in the backseat
It’s like the world was still

“I wish I could stay in this moment forever.” 

The sky was dark but the city was lit up. With all the lights from buildings and show lights on the busy Saturday night. It was 11:30 PM and they could hear the faint noises coming from a concert a few miles back. 

Seb looked over at Y/N who was leaned against her palm, tapping her finger along with a random beat in her head. He thought she was beautiful. She was glowing. Always, no matter what she did, no matter the time of day. She was always glowing. The feelings he had for her were insane. It was killing him to keep them hidden. He watched the many, many, guys try to get with her with flowers and cards and chocolates. But she turns them down almost every time. He was relieved every time she does it. It gives Seb more time to make his own move on her.

“Do I have something on my face or something?”

“No, no.” He looked away immediately, looking at his side mirror. “I didn’t realize I was dozing off in your direction.”

“Oh, okay.” 

You said
“I can’t wait forever”

“I like you.” Seb blurted out after fifteen minutes of utter silence between them. It wasn’t awkward, it was rather comfortable. “Scratch that, I’m in love with you.”

“Seb, you’re drunk.”

“Exactly.” He sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. “If I wasn’t drunk, I wouldn’t have had the guts to tell you this. Y/N, I’m in love with you.”

“Seb, we both know you’re just too out of it right now. We’ll talk about this when you’re sober.”

“Y/N.” He whined. “Listen to me. I am sober enough to know that my feelings for you are real. They have been here since you were dating what’s his name? The jock guy?”


“Yeah, him. I have had feelings for you since Matthew was in your life.”

Y/N’s eyes widened, “That was two years ago.”

“I waited two years to tell you how I feel. I couldn’t wait anymore. I can’t wait forever.”

I remember the windows were fogging
And we were nodding off ‘cause we both were drunk

The car windows were foggy the next morning. They rolled all of them all the way up to keep as much coldness out of the car. Y/N got cold easily. 

In the middle of the night, Sebastian woke up and took off his hoodie and draped it over her body. He knew her cardigan wouldn’t be enough. Y/N slept with two blankets during summer nights. 

Sebastian dreamt that he never said anything to her that night and that their friendship was still bulletproof. He was afraid now because when he wakes up again and she remembers it all, what would she say? Does she feel the same way? Does she not?

He barely slept that night. And the car seat being uncomfortable wasn’t the only reason why. 

I had my hands in your pockets
And a cop came and he woke us up softly
I think of that often

Sebastian woke up to a light tapping on the car window. He rubbed his eyes, squinting as the blinding sun pierced through the windshield. He rolled down the window to see a policeman. 

“Son, the park is closed at this hour. I’m gonna have to ask you guys to leave.”

“Yes, of course, officer.” Seb apologized, starting the engine. “I’m sorry.”

As he pulled away from the parking spot, he took a glance at Y/N’s sleeping state. Her hands somehow found their way inside the pockets of his hoodie. It was a sigh he wanted to remember forever. 

It was only 6:27 AM, he didn’t expect her to wake up until at least two hours from now. He reminded himself to drive slowly to not cause her to stir so much. He watched out for little dips in the road and kept the radio turned off for the one hour ride home. 

He didn’t want to wake Y/N up. He was dreading her response.

Do you remember that letter I sent you
That winter when we were seventeen?

“So you’re gonna be gone the whole winter break?”

Y/N nodded, “Yeah seems like it, and a little bit after that.” 

“That sucks.” He frowned. “Who am I supposed to spend Christmas with now?”

“Your family, dummy!” She laughed. “Spend time with them. It’s the holidays.”

“They’re not as fun as you, but okay.” Sebastian wrapped his arm around her shoulder. “I guess I’ll just have to mail your present to you.”

“Thanks, Seb.” Y/N’s gaze shifted and she was looking at her feet. “About the other night…”

His heart started beating fast, removing his arm from her body slowly. “What night?”

“The night at Signal Hill.”

“Oh, that night.” He laughed. “I don’t remember anything from that night.”

Y/N’s heart broke. He was just drunk. He didn’t feel the way she did. That was just plain obvious. But of course he felt the same way, he was just too chicken to risk if she feels the same too.

Sayin’ that I wish we’d get married
And we could pack our bags and run away from all our problems
I think of that often

“Dear Y/N,

I told you I would mail your present to you. Did you think I was playing? I don’t play like that.

Well, merry christmas. I have a lot to say to you that I never said before. First off, I’m so glad you’re in my life and that you’ve stuck around for two years dealing with me and my problems. I can’t imagine my life without you now. Second of all, I hate the idea of us moving to New York together. It’s so overpopulated there. It doesn’t seem that great- wait actually, scratch that. As long as I’m with you, I’ll live in an overpopulated, crappy city.

Lastly, Signal Hill. I remember everything from that night. Every detail. I don’t know why I didn’t tell you before. But I am in love with you. I’m so in love with you that it hurts me sometimes. You make me feel things I never thought I could ever feel. You make me feel like how they feel in the rom-com movies you drag me to. Like that. I look at you and I think, ‘wow, i can marry this girl.’ Maybe that’s too straight forward for you but I don’t really care anymore. I’m tired of hiding out.

I love you, Y/N Y/L/N. So so much. Merry Christmas.

- S. STAN. xx”

I’m wishin’ I could find you
I’m wishin’ I could tell you something
I think of you often


He turned around to see a face he hasn’t seen in two months. Y/N. “You’re back! Oh my gosh, you’re back. How was the trip?”

She stayed silent for a while. “I’m in love with you, too.”


My Last Imagine: Kiss Me Slowly (Bucky Barnes Imagine)



Pairings: David 8 x Reader
Words: 919
Warnings: Fluff and angst
Request: @winkmonster : David has never felt an affectionate touch before… I’m sure he thinks about it often. could you maybe write some more about David experiencing affectionate contact for the first time?
Summary: David wasn’t used to being touched but the reader is willing to show him that it doesn’t have to end up in pain. 
A/N: This will probably end up with a second chapter since in this one I wanted to give it some background. This one won, smutty one will be posted tomorrow! 

You had no idea when had it gotten so late suddenly. After a particularly tough day, you found yourself wandering the hallways of the ship, hoping that the complete silence around me will finally cure your headache.

Stretching your arms you had to fight off the urge to yawn. Your mind was only capable of imagining the soft and cool texture of the pillow pressed against your cheek. Few more minutes and you would finally sink into the mattress, covered with blankets, pretending your duties didn’t exist.

But suddenly something different caught your attention.

As you were passing by one of the many lounge rooms, you noticed a faint light escaping through the crack in the door. You smiled to yourself and shook your head, assuming that Janek must have been watching his previously recorded football matches again. And what was even more impressive, he would always find a way to believe that somehow the final score would turn out in his team’s favour.

You tiptoed closer and peeked through the hole to make sure he wasn’t looking in your direction. Scaring him would certainly be a cheap move but it was all you needed after a day like that. Especially if he was the one causing you the most stress.

To your surprise, the person occupying the room wasn’t, in fact, your captain.

David was sitting on the couch, his eyes were fixed on the flickering screen. He was mouthing something, possibly the lines from the film. He must have them perfectly memorised.

When he slightly tilted his head to the side you noticed that the glow was reflecting in wet stains on his cheek.

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Friends to lovers - Kai Parker Imagine

Hey! this is my first time writing smut so it isn’t very good but i tried my best and i am planning to get better at it so i can write a lot more.

Word count: 1285

Warnings - smut

Originally posted by babyblueeyes1864

Y/N and Kai had been friends ever since they were little. They basically grew up together since they’re parents were friends due to their similar powers. Y/N always knew that Kai was troubled and was a cast out of his family but she didn’t care, he was her best friend and she wouldn’t leave him. That was until the day he was forced to leave her due to his little outburst which included him killing 4 of his siblings and attempting to kill the other three.  His family sent him to a prison world because of this. I only know this because I watched it happen as I was walking to his house for his birthday.

It had been 20 years and Y/N still missed her best friend, Kai, every day. Even though she moved to Mystic Falls, made new friends and made a new life for herself, she still couldn’t get the image of Kai’s face when he realised what his family were doing to him, on his birthday of all days. It was heart-breaking. In spite of all of this, she had moved on with her life. Since then, she hadn’t experienced the loss of a close friend, until the day that two of her best friends died.

Damon was the first person that Y/N had met when she moved to Mystic Falls 19 years ago. Once she had found out about vampires and the perks of being one, she convinced her friend to turn her into one and she loved it. She could move faster than any human, she could never die and she could heal people with her own blood, and if she wanted to, she could turn all of her feelings off with just a button inside of her head. Shortly after she moved, Damon left Mystic Falls and she left with him until they both came back 3 years ago and that is when she met all of her best friends; Stefan, Elena, Caroline, Matt, Tyler and Bonnie. 

After Bonnie and Damon had died, she felt exactly like she did when she witnessed Kai become imprisoned in his own world, all by himself. Every since that day, she regrets not telling him her true feelings towards him and she never thought she’d have a chance, not until Damon came back and explained that he had met Kai. Y/N couldn’t believe it when he said that he could bring back Bonnie and her best friend, Kai. 

One day, Damon came through the door of his house, shouting for everyone to come into the living room.

“What do you want, i was taking a nap” mumbled Y/N.

“Today is the day that we bring back Bonnie, my dear Y/N. And your weird murderous friend that you never shut up about” Damon exclaimed while rolling his eyes.

Originally posted by theeskyisthelimit

‘This is it’ Y/N thought to herself ‘This is the day that i get to tell Kai that i love him’

Kai’s POV:

I missed her so much. No matter how long ive been in here, which is a long time by the way, so long that ive lost count how many days, i still love her. The only thing that has kept me from going crazy in here is the image of her face, her smile and the hurt on her face when she watched my family betray me 20 years ago. 

At the minute, im stuck in this terrible prison world with a girl that hates me and no way of getting out anytime soon as she sent all her magic away. If only i didn’t almost kill her. Not being able to talk to someone who actually likes me is boring. I miss Y/N and im going to do anything i have to to get back to her, no matter how long its been for her. 


Waiting around is my least favourite thing to do although it does give me a bit of time to think of what i’m going to say to Kai when he comes out of that prison world. 

After a long wait, Liv and Luke managed to get Damon into the prison world to bring back Bonnie and Kai. Y/N would of went but Damon snapped her neck before she could even walk into eye sight of Liv and Luke.

When Y/N woke up, she noticed a figure in her doorway. After a few seconds of allowing her eyes to adjust, she noticed it was Kai. She ran into his arms and stayed like that for a few minutes before getting down.

“My god i’ve missed you so much Y/N” croaked Kai, struggling to keep the tears in. 

And in that second, Y/N looked up at Kai with so much love and finally did the thing she had longed for ever since Kai disappeared from her all those years ago.

“I love you Kai Parker, i’ve never stopped loving you and i never will”

Their lips collided and it felt like heaven for both of them. They both started walking towards Y/N’s bed, their lips never leaving each others.The only time they did, was to take each other’s shirts off and throw them across the room. 

Kai slowly lowered Y/N down on to the bed, hovering over her and staring into her eyes. 

“I love you too” Kai admitted back to Y/N

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