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Late Nights

I wrote this in like 30 minutes, in bed, on my phone so yeah. I take requests if you’d like to send in something, I’d be glad to write it!

There was one thing you could resist. You always tried but always, always failed miserably because it just did things to you, and you could not resist giving in. And that thing was a desperate, horny Taeyong.

No matter what time it was, and no matter how tired and sleep-deprived you were, he always managed to get you to give in. And you tried, you really did. But your boyfriend knew all your weaknesses, and he never hesitated to use each and every single one to his own advantage when needed.


The sweet pet name was whispered softly in your ear, slowly pulling you out of the deep peaceful slumber you were in. Your eyes remained closed, hanging onto to that last bit of unconsciousness, desperate to stay asleep as you could quite literally feel how late it was in the night, and that you most definitely weren’t meant to be woken up at the moment.

"Baby..” His voice sounded in your ear again, and this time you felt his fingers slowly brushing up your bare arm, the huskiness in his voice as well as his soft touch bringing goosebumps to your skin. And now that he knew you were up, he continued.

"You up?”

"What do you want, Taeyong?” You mumbled, not bothering to open your eyes because you knew you would immediately be faced with that desperate look in his eyes that would make up crumble in a portion of a second.

"I can’t sleep..” He mumbled. You felt the bed move as he shifted even closer to you and tangled his legs with your bare ones, the hair on his legs tickling your skin slightly. You could now feel his warm breath on your face.

"But I can,” you whined out, ready to turn on your other side and quite literally pursue your dreams, but he stopped you with an arm around your waist. His hand traveled beneath the oversized shirt you were wearing to your bare back, and he trailed his finger up and down in a manner that could be considered innocent at times, but definitely not with the words that left his lips a moment after.

"But I’m horny.”

Your eyes snapped open to be met with the eyes of your oh-so-desperate boyfriend.

"You should really learn some self-control, Tae.”

"How can I have that when you’re just so..” His words trailed off in a groan and he suddenly leaned in and connected his lips to mine in a harsh kiss. You knew at that moment that there was no hope of going back to sleep now, especially not when he pushed forward, laying you on your back and quickly clambering on top of you, the sheets getting tangled between your bodies because of his sudden movements. He pulled away from the kiss, his gaze hazy and his breaths heavier.

"God, you’re so sexy baby.”

Retorts were lost in your throat as he leaned down to your neck, his lips finding purchase on the tender skin and sucking harshly, not finding the will to take it slow. His neediness overwhelmed his actions and he kicked at the sheets separating your bodies, desperate to reach your bare skin.

"I can’t believe you managed to get a boner at 3 in the fucking morning, Tae,” you wanted your words to be much less breathy, but there was nothing you could do about that with the way his hips were rolling into yours.

"Sorry, jagi.” His apology clearly didn’t hold any actual sorrow, and he proved that point by trailing one hand down your thigh to the back of it, reaching your panty-clad ass and squeezing harshly to bring your crotch in contact with his. He groaned in satisfaction, his actions getting faster and more desperate with each passing second.

His lips left your neck and covered yours in a sloppy excuse of a kiss, but by now, you couldn’t care less and buried your fingers in his hair to pull him closer. He ground his hips into yours, the only things separating you two being your panties and his boxers. Those items were quickly discarded, as well as your shirt, and you laid there on your back with your chest heaving and your face flushed as you waited for him to position himself.

"Fuck.” The curse was groaned out in his deep voice, and if it weren’t for your eyes fluttering shut at the feeling of him filling you up so perfectly, you would’ve been watching the blissful expression gracing his features in the most beautiful way. His hips paused once he was all the way in. His torso fell forward and shielded yours completely, his arms supporting him on either side of your head and his face directly above yours.

"Can I-”

"Yes. Please.”

His neediness had rubbed off on you, and he immediately complied by moving his hips back and thrusting once, softly at first, before going harder. And harder, and harder. He didn’t waste a single second and set a fast pace for you, his need for release too strong to try and take it slow.

"Tae..” You moaned out, your head falling back limply against the pillow beneath you. Your body was on fire, a thin layer of sweat covering your skin. You felt like you could melt from the humid atmosphere that had gathered because of your late night festivities, even with the window open to let the cool breeze in.

"You feel so good, baby.” His groans only made your skin hotter and your body soar higher. Your hands traveled to his back and grabbed on for dear life as his thrusts got faster and harsher, the sound of your sweaty skin making contact only adding to the ecstasy you were experiencing.

"So close..” he whispered. His head leaned down to your neck once again and continued his work of art, biting harshly before soothing it with a flick of his tongue. Your eyes rolled back with pleasure, and your nails unconsciously dug into the skin of his back, causing him to deliver a harsh thrust accompanied with a load grunt.

"Oppa!” You squealed at the harshness, unable to hold back your high pitched noises as he got rougher.

"I could fuck you for days, jagi.” His words caused your head to spin more than it already was, and your hips started lifting up to meet his in an attempt to reach the high you craved. You cried out his name loudly as the euphoria finally hit you like a wave, coursing through you whole body and encompassing your every nerve.

As your high died down, Taeyong was still chasing his, his thrusts becoming erratic as he became incredibly close. You clenched around him involuntarily as you felt sensitive with him fucking you throughout your high, and the moan that left his lips almost made you come again with its deepness and sensuality.

”___..” Your name left his lips in a pleasure-filled whisper, his hips slowing down and finally coming to a stop.

Only your heavy breathing could be heard in the still of the night. His head was nuzzled in the crook of your neck, his warm breath tickling your sweaty skin. Your fingers threaded through his soft hair, finding his weight very much comfortable against yours. He eventually separated from you before settling down next to you, his arms immediately encasing you in their warmth and pulling you into his chest.

You both were quiet as you traced his bare chest with your fingers, and his fingers traced invisible lines on your back. Your legs were tangled together, bringing your bodies so close you could barely decide which limb belonged to whom.

“You’re lucky I love you. Any other girl would’ve kicked you out, you know?” You mumbled, and you smiled when you felt his chest move as he chuckled. “I know. I love you, too.”

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Imagines/hc with the rfa and how they would be around a chubby, insecure mc? Like they hate their stretch marks,body type,ect? Chubby mc context makes me excite lol

Hey, you can call this a little gift. I will be writing for RFA+V+Saeran! Hope you like it!


  • Yoosung would be totally fine with a chubby MC. He found you cute since the first time he saw you. You are the love of his life and it doesn’t matter how you look like.
  • But when he noticed that you are really insecure, this boy was SO confused. Yoosung would ask if someone told you something and why you don’t like your body. 
  • He would be the type that says every day he loves you for who you are. And that nobody would make fun of you when he was there. 


  • He eats a lot of junk food. And he only maintains his body type because sometimes he has to do some dangerous things. And run really fast
  • Seven already saw all your photos and would know if you had a reason to be so insecure. This guy would try his best to make you laugh about it and just be happy with your body.
  • Luciel would love you even if you were an alien. Seriously. But he wouldn’t let you eat junk food like him. Even if he had to cook for you. You have to be healthy and stay by his side. 


  • Zen would be a little surprised when he first saw you. But all you did for him and how sweet you are, that’s why he fell in love with you. 
  • He knows how hard it is to hear mean thing about yourself. And how it is to hate yourself. Zen would make sure you knew how beautiful you are and would teach you some beauty tricks. 
  • If you were fine with it, he would love to have you when he was working out. Maybe running too. He is really worried about your health and if you are eating well. 


  • Jumin doesn’t care about it. I am serious. He just saw you and was really happy even if he didn’t know why. But this man wouldn’t mind if you were an alien too.  
  • He would ask why you didn’t like your body. You’re so perfect for him. And his compliments would be like “You are my wife. You are perfect like this. Why should you care about what they are thinking?”. He thinks it’s okay if you just think like this.
  • Jumin makes sure you are eating well by calling the best chefs to cook for you. But if you want a sweet he would buy one from France. So be careful. www 


  • She was also surprised. Not like Zen. But she was okay with it. You are an amazing person, so why should she care about it? You are beautiful to her.
  • WOW. If you were insecure after someone said something to you, I would say they should run to another country. Jaehee would go after them so they would apologize.
  • She knows everything you eat and about your health. Jaehee has a notebook with your name! And all meals are made by her. This woman is amazing. 


  • The first time he saw you, V couldn’t see really well. He could just think about how happy he was meeting the person that helped RFA so much.
  • You started living together and he noticed how you would act about your body, clothes and food. V notices everything and would ask you about this. 
  • This man would hug you and tell that it’s alright to be like this. You can be whatever you want, but you had to keep being that gentle person he loves so much.


  • He was the first one that saw you and already knew about your past. Be careful with what you write because he would read everything. And he would even leave some sweets for you when you stayed in Rika’s apartment. 
  • Saeran would also be the type to ask why you should care about others’ opinion about yourself. You were the one that said he was okay like that so why couldn’t you think the same about yourself?
  • This boy would buy ice cream and sweets for you two. He would also need to be prepared for some missions with Saeyoung, but he would make it somehow. 
Kiss Cam

* Laurens × Reader
* Modern

A/N: so no one requested this but I’ve had this idea for months. I back-burnered it when I had a bunch of requests. But I got super motivated to write it since here it is! It’s based of this very well known post.

Word Count: 1,854


You had been dating Charles Lee for a little over a year now. He was opinionated and loud and didn’t care for your friends. Although, your friends didn’t care for him. It was awful being in the middle of it. However, you weren’t about to leave your friends for Charles but you weren’t about to leave him for your friends. No matter how much they complained.

“Thanks for dropping me off.” You told Charles. He was on his way into the office and drove you to the house the guys shared.

“Yeah.” He grumbled.

“I know you don’t like them, but they’re still my friends.” You told him.

“I know.” He said as he put the car in park.

“Yo! Y/N!” John said from the doorway of the house. He was smiling and waving. You smiled and waved back.

“Thanks Charles. I’ll see you after work.” You said. He responded by grabbing your shirt collar and pulling you in for a kiss. You wrapped one arm around his shoulders, the other went up to tangle in his dark hair. It was a bit of an awkward kiss, having to lean over the middle console. Still, it was a passionate. You pulled back with a gasp. You raised your hand up and over his hair to smooth it down and back into place and he smiled at you. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” He responded. “See you soon.”

You climbed out of the car and waved to him as he drove off. You walked up to John, he had a scowl on his face. “What?” You asked.

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I'm just thinking since 2:35am this morning, how SH is going to ask MH to give up her pathology work to go live with him in Sussex and run an Apiary. Maybe she'll transfer to a hospital there. Maybe he'll be experimenting on her *evil snicker* to make sure she's not allergic to bees. Maybe he'll call her at 3am to find out if she ever got stung by a honey bee. Maybe he'll let some loose in her flat. Maybe SH will flip out when he finds an old pic of Molly helping her dad with a small bee-hive...

First of all, LOL at his attempts to find out answers to Molly and bees! That’s hysterical! Though I’d like to think that he’d make sure she was safe before releasing bees in her flat haha. Ok and about the thought of finding that picture…

Sherlock opened the junk drawer in Molly’s kitchen, looking for the chopsticks that she claimed were “somewhere in there.” As he shoved some things aside, something caught his attention and his eyes became saucers. He picked up a photo and slowly turned to face her where she was setting out the take away.

“Molly,” he began slowly. “What is this?”

Molly glanced at the photo. “Oh yeah,” she said with a smile. “Beekeeping was something my dad and I wanted to try when I was younger. It didn’t go all that well, really. I mean neither of us were terribly experienced. It was fun though! I’ve always thought beekeeping was interesting. Some time I’d love to- Mmph!”

By that point in Molly’s explanation Sherlock had her backed against the kitchen counter, enthusiastically expressing, in the form of passionate kisses, his joy at her interest in this particular subject.

Molly clung to him instantly, caught off guard but thoroughly enjoying this all the same. She was dizzy by the time he pulled away and stared at her with fiery eyes. He spoke between breaths, trying to carefully enunciate each word. 

“Have I expressed how desperately I want to purchase a small cottage in the country with you and spend our later years keeping bees?”

Molly stared back at him agape. “I um, well…no. That is, not till now.” She let out a shaky laugh. “Especially seeing as you’ve never um…done this before either.”

His gaze shifted nervously as he considered the fact that that was true. “I see. So I also hadn’t yet expressed how desperately I want…you?”

“Well, I’m starting to get the idea.” Molly gave him a playful smile and renewed her grasp on his neck. “I dunno though, I feel like you haven’t made yourself completely clear. I might need you to further explain just how much you- Mmph!”

Sherlock was more than willing to make sure Molly was crystal clear on the subject.

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hey there! love your blog!! could you write some hcs of chuuya, akutagawa, and oda and a curvy s/o? happy holidays <3

Ahh nonnie I apologize for this taking so long T___T


• His hands are always on you, especially your hips and ass. He just can’t help himself.  Doesn’t matter if you’re at work or out to eat, Chuuya can’t resist running his hands down your figure and smacking your ass at least once a day.

• Loves how you look in button down shirts because he knows you can’t actually button them over your chest. He thinks they look super sexy on you and goes out of his way to buy new ones pretty regularly for you since he ends up ripping them off you.

• If you ever feel self-conscious Chuuya is the first to tell you in a hundred different ways how damn perfect you are.

• Buys you tailor made clothes so everything you like fits you perfectly. He never wants you to feel bad about yourself, and will get you a whole damn closet full of specially made clothes if he has to.


• Couldn’t take his eyes off your chest the first time he saw you. He tried, coughed a lot, but his eyes kept wavering back to your tits and he nearly salivated.

• He doesn’t understand how you end up feeling weird about your body sometimes or why you compare yourself to other people. If he sees that look in your eye when you’re out in public he grabs your chin, gives your bottom lip a soft bite, and tells you to stop it.

• If you ever ask him if he would prefer for you to have a more ‘petite’ body type he gets pissed and refuses to say anything until you take back such a ‘ridiculous comment’. He’s not mad that you asked him he just really hates you feeling like you should be anything other than the way you are.

• Is weary if you ever want to go on a diet unless it’s actually related. He watches you very carefully and if he sees any sign of you not getting enough nutrients he hovers over you like slenderman until you eat.


• Always tries to peak at you while you’re in the shower, and even uses his sneaky assassin training to get away with it. Sometimes he’ll purposely take your towels from the bathroom so you’re stuck using the little ones he puts out there for decoration.

• Likes when you wear his t-shirts because he knows your chest makes it so they barely cover the waistband of your panties. If you ever want him to do something he isn’t too excited about doing this is a sure fire way to get him wrapped around your finger.

• His favorite cuddling position is you being squished on top of him while he lies on his back so he can run his hands all over you.

• Wraps his arms around your waist while you cook and traces little patterns on your stomach. If this is a spot you feel self-conscious about he often tells you you’re beautiful, and murmurs how much he loves you in your ear.

  • What she says: I'm not wearing any armor ;)
  • What she means: This sarashi and hakama is actually the strongest armor I have. It's the strongest defense in the series. When I say it provides no defense, I actually mean that it's the ultimate defense. It is completely impervious to all attacks, especially logical ones. Yes, with only flame-patterned pants, some crappy binding around by boobs, and a single hair tie, I become completely immune to any established rules or statistics, no matter how badly I may have been faring before or who my opponent is. I could survive nuclear annihilation in this outfit. I could march into your wedding ceremony in this right before the 'I do' and steal your man with zero problems. A meteor ain't shit. This is my guaranteed-victory outfit. Go ahead, fire Etherion at me, see if anything happens. The world is my bitch when I wear the nakama hakama.

AN: Okay so I know I normally write this as realistic situations but considering how mad reading that request made me some of these are a bit more fantastical than I normally write. Do not go and beat up your exes no matter what shitty people they are and I’m so sorry you had to deal with that friend. no matter what though, please don’t feel like it was your fault, sometimes people are just shitty and it has nothing to do with you as a person.

This is more fantasy than a realistic reaction!

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Seokjin -

His first concern would be making sure you were going to be able to move past this. You were his top priority above getting some revenge on that absolute prick that decided to toy with you like that. Despite it obviously not being his fault, he blamed himself for this happening to you. He should have known, should done more to prevent this. You were his precious little sister after all. Family was very important to Seokjin and when he learned that you were suffering because of someone, someone he’d been lead to believe was a good person he would be disgusted. He wouldn’t confront them right away, but when he was sure you could handle him being away, he would be on your ex-boyfriend like you wouldn’t believe.

“That was my little sister, how dare you do that to her? You’re not coming near her again, you used her. You disgust me.”

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Yoongi -

He tried to handle his impulse to find that piss poor excuse of a man and skin him alive. That could come later, beating him into a puddle of his own fluids could happen later. Right now, he needed to dealing with your broken heart. He would be your shoulder to cry on if you needed it, your listening ear if you wanted to tell him just how far he’d gone to humiliate you. Every single word was another reason that the son of a bitch who hurt his sister was going to regret ever meeting Min Yoongi. He wouldn’t wait as long as some of the others to hunt him down, and there would be few words said before he would jump your ex. He wasn’t going to wait on karma to give him what was owed, Yoongi was going to take matters into his own hands for you.

“You think playing with women is fun, huh? How fun is it to swallow your own teeth?”

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Hoseok -

Your tears would have him stunned to silence. He would ask you what had happened and when you poured your heart out to him he wasn’t sure what he could possibly say to make it right. It wasn’t right. What had been done to you could never be considered “right”. Hoseok would focus on making you smile again, he wanted to ask that man why he could do that, he wanted to bash his face in but he wasn’t worth the time. He wasn’t worth the effort when he could be spending that time with you and bringing back the happiness in you. You were his number one priority. If he did happen to see your ex out and about, he may walk up to him and punch him just once, just once to make him feel a small fraction of what he felt when you came home in tears.

“How can he even call himself a person? He’s a rat and not worth your tears.”

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Namjoon -

Normally he was logical, he knew violence wouldn’t solve the problem but he knew it would make both of you feel better. He wanted to, but for your sake he would hold off against hunting that bastard down. No, instead he would be letting the other woman know just what her man had been up to, just how he was treating women and the lack of respect he had for their relationship. Namjoon’s focus wouldn’t be on violence, but on taking that man’s life apart piece by piece. All while he was doing that, he could be right there beside you to hold you as you cried or listen to your sadness. He wouldn’t go where you couldn’t reach him because he knew you were fragile right now.

“Don’t worry, he’d going learn a very painful lesson soon. Too bad the lesson won’t help him now.”

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Jimin -  

There was no stopping him, the second he saw you crying and learned why you were hurting he was already out the door. He wasn’t going to stop at just beating that son of a bitch up, oh no. He was going to let the world know just how bad he was. He wouldn’t be there to comfort you right away, he was breaking the windows of your ex’s car, writing cheater on the front of his house and finding the bastard to make him regret his life. Jimin was impulsive by nature but when his own baby sister was being made to cry by someone so disgusting and undeserving it was worse. After he was finished he would be all about wrapping you up in a blanket and trying to coax you into smiling for him. He was almost like two different people.

“You didn’t expect me to let you go after doing that to my sister, did you?”

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Taehyung -

He wasn’t as confrontational as the others and would instead want to focus solely on you. Nothing else in the world mattered more than trying to coax your smile back. He was angry and confused, he should have noticed just who you were with but all he could do now was try to make you feel better. Taehyung wouldn’t let you doubt yourself and would remind you that it was in no way your fault, you were caught up in a bad situation and it was your ex that was to blame, not you. He would pet your head and hold you against him for as long as you needed, just like when you were younger. He would have a hard time letting you go near other men after the incident and would rather you just stick with him.

“I know it hurts, it’ll hurt for a while but you’ll make it. You’re stronger than he thinks you are.”

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Jungkook -

You may actually have to be the one to stop him. Jungkook would just be seeing red when you told him what he’d done to you and he could possible end up doing much worse than just beating your ex up for you. Or he may have got himself hurt depending on the size of your ex boyfriend. When you got him to think a bit more rationally he would begin to comfort you, talking to you about senseless things to get your mind off of what had happened. Or if you would like, you could talk about revenge fantasies with him. He was still angry though and if he caught him out in the streets could he really be held accountable for what he would do?

“Yah, you thought you got away with it, huh?”

The Worlds at Our Fingertips

Chapter 19 - Day-Drink For Your Health

A Stardust Perc’ahlia AU. After a nice break over the holidays, I’m back to fic writing! Things are a little more cluttered in this stretch of my life, so weekly updates may not be happening. Rest assured I am still excited about this fic and love writing it! Thanks to everyone who has been waiting patiently, and I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

              Vex has no idea how much time it takes for The Broken Howl to stop pitching and swaying. The passage of time stops its usual habit of leaving mental markers in her mind, and trundles along down a nondescript path that leaves her disoriented. Additionally, Vex isn’t sure if the airship escapes the storm, or if the storm itself merely leaves them behind. She supposes it doesn’t really matter. What matters is the fellow she helped pull back onto the ship is doing well with the exception of some stitches and a sharp headache. Vex is careful to speak in a moderate tone near him, sympathetic to his plight after having spent her recent days nursing similar injuries. A few other people in the mess hall are sporting smaller pains, bumps, and bruises. They’re all the result of the splintering channel… but the storm had come and gone without leaving any serious injuries.

              With the danger safely behind them, and business as usual continuing above the deck, the crew has no qualms speaking about the onset of the storm. It had apparently appeared with breathtaking swiftness, developing at a rate that must’ve been spurred on with magic. None of them had caught a whiff of magic beforehand, and the conjuration of the storm had blindsided them all. Pike had acted quickly enough to buy her crew time to prepare and secure their lifelines, but at the cost of mistiming a strike of lightning. Everyone is eager to explain that things could have been much worse had their fearless leader not acted as she did.

              Vex listens while swimming around in a mental fog. It seems like people are speaking around her, but not to her. She feels dazed and incredibly small. The memory of the storm still thunders in her mind, and the quick glances Percy keeps shooting her don’t help her pay any sort of attention to what’s being said. He’s standing near the wall by the metal stove, warming his hands. Vex doesn’t feel quite up to standing at the moment, otherwise she might join him.

              Unexpectedly, a flagon of ale is planted between her hands. Vex startles and looks up into Scanlan’s blinding grin. His hair is damp and mussed, but somehow still maintains the appearance of purposeful styling.

              “A drink for the big damn hero!” Scanlan says loudly.

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Begin Again: Chapter 2

I got really amazing feedback on part one so thanks so much for that! I hope you guys like this next chapter xx

Part 1
Word count: 1,967
Warnings: one or two curse words
(Tags at the end)

Your eyes fluttered open around five o’clock in the morning and no matter how hard you tried (by tossing and turning relentlessly), you couldn’t fall back asleep. You watched, defeated, as your room was flooded with the colours of the sunrise, going from pink to purple and then a pale yellow.

Around eleven, you could no longer ignore the nagging feeling that told you staying in bed wasn’t productive, so you changed into sweats and a t-shirt and decided to go for a drive. Your motorcycle, the very same one that you kept upgrading, was in Tony’s garage.

When you reached, you saw Bucky standing by a freshly-polished Aston Martin DB9 rubbing the back of his neck the same way he had when first meeting you. The bonnet was open and a mess of tools was around his feet.

‘Need some help?’ you blurted out before you could stop yourself.

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Rima (what the fuck happened) Jobs

I said it first-
we are all doomed,
but it has been true before
and it will be again
if we make it, that is

I’m no prophet
just a poet who writes
when some of the clutter
in my head
goes missing
or makes sense

but back to the matter
of assholes
with duck lips
and a skin tone
that matches his foxy hair

it seems most people
are good at picking them
they can lick and suck just fine,
but they can’t swallow the shit
when it gets in their mouth.


The gauntlet was thrown down by @purplemonkeysexgod69. I have no idea exactly what I was supposed to write about, so I just followed the Monkey’s lead. It was a good one, thanks. That is the first and only time I’ve every thanked anyone for including me in a post that is somehow related to rimjobs. (Please don’t tag me in posts that have anything to do with rimjobs. If you do I’ll just ignore it.) So yeah, I picked up the gauntlet, because I do poetry, bro. If anyone else wants to, feel free.

i am so mad at these callous motherfuckers writing their television show and understanding how much we cared and what we thought we were going to get from it, getting tweeted at about how much it mattered and the projects that people were doing to express their love for this one thing they thought would happen, and just failing us. purposefully failing us. purposefully telling us that they don’t care, purposefully saying that our readings don’t matter. i don’t care if there’s a secret episode whose title card says “we love tjlc” i literally do not care i don’t forgive them i’m angry for myself and i’m angry for the upset people i see around me. 


I was going to write a long post about inauguration day and how our students were and how we were trying to deal with it at school in a fair yet honest way.

But there’s too much there. It’s too complicated and subtle and my own feelings are not totally logical.

So I am going to pretend it doesn’t matter because there’s nothing I can do and my opinions aren’t going to affect anyone else’s anyway.

honestkly??? im…………high fashion……….

the only 2 styles that matter are business casual or pants on mode

sorry to say this but its been a long time coming tbh

i’m leaving tumblr! you guys are amazing and all, but sometimes this site can be a little toxic and i’m not really down with that, especially not when im trying to recover, so i’ve decided to leave. 

i’m also leaving the hamilton fandom. i just feel like its a little bit too much pressure writing in this fandom when ive built something of a reputation, no matter how little it is, because i feel like i need to have standards, regular updates, etc. it’s easier for me to just dabble in whichever fandom i fancy for the day and not feel the same stress, you know?

i will be keeping my ao3 account, and i’ll still be posting on there, but there’s a pretty big chance that it wont be hamilton. its most likely to be les mis and elementary, and possibly harry potter. i MIGHT write a hamilton oneshot or two sometime in the future, but its unlikely 

anyway, thank you guys so much and im super glad i got to meet all of you! 

(btw i have a queue on here that will probably last a century or two, so all the next posts will be from there)

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Got a problem with Mercy76 haters? Worry not, this jackass marine got your back. Cheers from the 522nd Reservist Battalion.

I know this probably shouldn’t make me super happy, but it totally did.  It’s like I have my own Soldier 76 watching over me.  Is this how Mercy feels?  Knowing that no matter where she goes, her guardian hero is watching over here and keeping her safe and sound?  :3  I’m seriously way too giddy!!!

Thanks so much for having my back and loving Mercy76!

And also, thank you for your service and doing what you do.  I shall continue to write for you and your fellow brothers and sisters in arms!  Consider this my way of saying thanks <3 

Oh!  If you have a specific request, I’d be happy to hear it and dedicate a one-shot specifically to you :)

Once again, thank you!  Thank you for everything!


Hi everyone. As you have probably noticed, I haven’t been active for a while, but I’d like to assure you that this blog is not inactive and I have no plans for it to be! School just started back up for me, and on top of that I caught a cold that totally threw me off for about a week (and I’m still recovering from it).

I am still working on requests and have three or four WIPs at this very moment, it’s just a matter of finding my motivation and creativity, haha. :’D Keep in mind that my workload from school is only going to get worse from this point on, though, so there’s no guarantee as to exactly how active I will be or when I will open up requests again. Sorry about that.

On a somewhat separate note, I’m still tentatively considering doing writing commissions, but unless I hear some strong enthusiasm for that idea I think I’ll hold off.

In the mean time, though, thank you all so much for following me, and welcome, newer followers!

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I have an idea for an ML fic, but it's been a while since I've written any fanfiction, and I'm worried that no one will like, notice, or care about it if I started writing and posting it. Any thoughts or advice?

tbh i know exactly how you feel because the opinions of other people matter way too much to me when it comes to writing if a lot of people don’t like my stuff i will probably delete it even if i was really excited about it

i think what we both need to remember is that writing should be for yourself and not for anyone else. if you enjoy it then you should do it even if people don’t care about it because at least you care and thats really all that matters!!!

on advice i would say have a pun for your title if you can!! ive sort of found that people like to read things with punny titles i don’t know if thats a real correlation but it doesn’t hurt!!!

if you have angst in your fic i wouldn’t put it in the tags on ao3 tbh but you should definitely still have the angst in the fic you really don’t need to warn people before they even click the fic hopefully by the time the angst starts happening people will be too invested to stop reading it!

umm for your summary try to stick like a silly scene from the first chapter in it or a scene that sort of summarizes what your fic is about without giving too much away because it sort of gives a taste of what your writing style is and it also tells people what the fic is about

and if you send me your fic when you post it (bc you definitely should i support you 100%) i will make sure everyone i know reads it so you’ll have at least like 5 people who care about what you’re writing <33

good luck i hope this was helpful let me know when you post it!!!! you can also message me if you want any help but i probably won’t be that helpful tbh ill just be happy about everything you’re writing

I want you to promise me something. Promise me that no matter how 2016 treated you, whether it was the best or worst year of your life, that you’ll make 2017 your year. Promise me that you’re going to smile more, that you’ll try to find the good in everything, that you’ll be nicer, happier, better. Promise me that you’ll leave all those bad memories, bad friends, and bad feelings behind. Promise me that you’ll finally see yourself as the amazing person I know you are. Promise me this and I promise to be by your side through it all.
—  2017 is our year.