no matter how entitled you think you are


I have been seeing way too many pro-breeding posts and replies lately and it just infuriates me beyond words.

To the people who say things like: 

  • “Just buy from a reputable breeder!”
  • “Adopting isn’t for everyone!”
  • “But I want a purebred!”
  • “I don’t know what a shelter animal will be like!”

Explain to me how bringing more animals into this world is ever okay when THIS still happens every single day.

Explain to me how a “reputable breeder” makes this any better or makes this happen any less.

Explain to me how your desire for a purebred justifies this.

Explain to me why you think you’re entitled to an animal if you don’t have the patience to work with their negative traits.

Explain to me why you think their lives matter less.

The fact of the matter is, as long as we have way more animals that are abandoned and while shelters are overcrowded and are having to euthanize their animals just to make room, there is no such thing as a “reputable breeder”. 

While this is still happening, all breeding is irresponsible. Spay and neuter your animals, and most importantly…


Lessons from Mrs Heteronormativity

Hi, I’m ’Mary’.
Or actually I’m A.G.R.A. Or – come to think of it – I’m rather ’Rosamund’. Or why not ‘Gabrielle’?

Or whatever. Whoever. The thing is, who I really am doesn’t matter; I could be anyone at all. ANYONE.

I’ll be who it’s convenient to be at any given moment. My mission: Serial Killer; I’m here to kill the series – slowly but surely.

I’m Mrs Heteronormativity; the one who tells you how to behave according to convention and normality. You do as I say – or else… I’m the one entitled to guide you through life, to make sure you remain perfectly ordinary. And here are some lessons about me I want to teach you:

1. You must always marry me; everyone knows it’s for the best.

2. Don’t even think about same-sex relationships!

3. I’m here to prevent any sidestepping.

4. Marrying an assassin is perfectly sane and normal. 

In fact anything is OK as long as it means No Homo. Oh, are you hurt? Sorry, but collateral damage is inevitable.

5. There’s no use trying to express your pathetic feelings if I tell you they are inappropriate.

6. Just so you know: I’m everything you wish for.

7. I make sure your baby’s name is appropriate to gender.

Which means:


Exactly. Good boy!

8. With me you’ll be sure to have the right family values.

9. I’ll always be there to tell you what to do – even if you think I’m dead. And it’s No Homo!

10. And ultimately, I’m the one who gets to define who you really are.

I do hope you’ve been paying attention to me now, and never more try to step out of the ordinary…

[This is, very much, how I see ‘Mary’. She’s not a real character – she’s a nightmare! That’s why she lacks any constancy regarding feelings or back-story or name or anything. And that’s why she keeps haunting the show even after her death, like a ghost. “Do not forget me” – we’re not getting a chance to ever forget the Abominable Bride, not even for a moment. She’s merely a metaphor. And series 3 and 4 are mainly about consequences – the results you get when you listen to this sort of concept and let it define your life.]

A little reflection after today...

I have a friend who normalizes 1000 calories a day without realizing how unhealthy that is, some other friend can eat only an apple then go for a run, then think it’s okay cause she’ll have some dinner after, another friends diet consist only of twinkies and chips and quesadillas, but the 3 of them are skinny, so their health will never be questioned, their physical appearance is your average ideal of beauty, so they will completely pass as healthy people, even if they are lacking on nutrients, even if they are rotting inside, even if they suffer anemia without even knowing it. 

But I have cellulite, and I have big hips, and my belly shows, and my arms are not toned, so I’m not healthy, doesn’t matter if I exercise daily and I get my daily rations of veggies, doesn’t matter if my doctors say I’m okay, doesn’t matter if my diet is supervised by a nutritionist, because I’m fat, and since I’m fat I’m on the path of a heart disease, i must be a ticking time bomb waiting to explode with blood pressure and any kind of diabetes. 

Because this society doesn’t give a fuck about your health, because assholes don’t wanna say “I will give you shit because you are not pleasant to me” so they will give you the “health” card in order to make you feel shitty, because no matter how much effort and care someone puts on learning of and improving their health there will always gonna be idiots who think they are entitled to comment on your body, and now they wanna disguise it as being concerned about health, health? you don’t care about health, you care about what you think is appeasing to you, in fact people commenting on health probably know shit about medical issues, but still is gonna find a way to try and make others feel insecure. 

HEY!!! This is a reminder that if you’ve got acne on your body, you’re 167% still entitled to wear a bathing suit this summer. Scoop back, bikini, topless, trunks. The whole lot of it. I promise you that no one notices your flaws the way you do. I promise that you look incredible and you own your beach attire completely.

You deserve to be comfortable in the heat, no matter what. Your acne is DEFINITELY not as bad as you think and it’s definitely not as obvious as you think. People notice their own flaws first so your eyes just zoom in on them. That’s not how other people see you.

Look, everyone, we know this goes without saying but, for everyone’s safety it will be reminded anyways. Do not touch Friday. No matter how much you may think you are entitled to go near Friday, or that Friday should have known better- it does NOT MATTER. No touching. There will be immediate and painful repercussions, to say the least. There will be psychologically tortuous and enduring consequences to say the most. Not to mention the night terrors.

okay so let me share a paragraph from the 5E monster manual:

A brass dragon engages in conversations with thousands of creatures throughout its long life, accumulating useful information which it will gladly share for gifts of treasure. If an intelligent creature tries to leave a brass dragon’s presence without engaging in conversation, the dragon follows it. If the creature attempts to escape by magic or force, the dragon might respond with a fit of pique, using its sleep gas to incapacitate the creature. When it wakes, the creature finds itself pinned to the ground by giant claws
or buried up to its neck in the sand while the dragon’s thirst for small talk is slaked.

So a) that’s fucking hilarious, some Vincent-Price-voiced motherfucking dragon knocking you out and you wake up to him in mid-monologue talking about Radiohead’s discography in Excruciating Detail, and b) i think carries the key to understanding and running dragons, which is:

Dragons are naturally giant firebreathing dinosaur wizards that can fly, and so no one has ever told them no. It doesn’t matter whether they’re good dragons or evil dragons, they have an overwhelming sense of entitlement to Everything.

a dragon doesn’t demand tribute. a dragon views you not already wanting to give them your best stuff on account of how cool & great they are as an intentional, personal insult. if you’re lucky, they will respond by throwing a tantrum and wrecking your home, your town and your kingdom. if you’re not lucky, they will first show up at your door in a huff and demand to know why you’re disrespecting them in this manner and why you hate them, then working themselves into a tantrum and wrecking your home, your town and your kingdom.

dragons suffer from the dunning-kruger effect more than even white dudes from san francisco with a tech start-up. they don’t take criticism well, which is a moot point because no one is criticizing them. they often fancy themselves masters of art or deception or repartee, but they’re really, um, not. they demand and crave recognition for their Masterpieces, their Exploits, their Groundbreaking Innovations, and pity the hapless town who gets saddled with the dragon who fancies itself a comedian. (”i burned the church down as an act of satire, god, can’t you people take a joke?”)

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dude i haven't even watched yoi but even i know that yuuri is canonically gay... stop taking away our representation

Lmao “I haven’t watched it” lmao no he isn’t canonly gay, as someone who HAS watched the show and seen him be attracted to both a guy and girl in it, AND seen him express difficulty understanding the concept of sexual attraction in it until he gets emotionally close to Viktor, i can safely say: my opinion is the only one that counts between the two of us!!!!

but way to be a raging biphobe!!!!!!!! You’re so hateful of bi people you’d discredit canon bi representation without even checking if its real!!!!!!! Lmao stop taking away OUR representation. Gay people aren’t entitled to every queer character, no matter how much you think you are asshole

Women are not made to be men’s playthings, solely for their pleasure to cater to their every whim and fulfill their filthiest fantasies. We are not toys automated to satisfy. We are not posable dolls unopposing every proposition. Don’t think you can come and go as you please, with us staying mute on your disrespectful disregard and shortcomings.

You aren’t entitled to anything of ours, no matter how much you have invested—imagined or otherwise. We reserve the right to change our minds at any given time. We don’t owe anything, not even an explanation. If we do give you one, don’t contort our words into unrecognizable proportions; don’t belittle our beliefs; don’t apply undue pressure that would make even the sweetest of us have to fight to resist kicking you where the most damage could be done.

Take note: women can be just as fiery, fierce, fickle, furious, frustrated, frustrating as any man. And any man who can’t see that should just keep his backwards opinion (and hands) to himself!

—  Sexism is so not sexy

No author, content creator, artist, etc. owes you a damn thing.

They don’t owe you a certain ending. They don’t owe you a certain pairing. They owe you, not a single god damn thing. Especially if you harass them and act like entitled children for not getting what you want.

It doesn’t matter how shitty you think they are. It doesn’t matter if you think that their skills suck. It doesn’t matter if you think that they are trash.


As a matter of fact.

If you think THAT lowly of them then they definitely didn’t owe you shit to begin with.

@ disabled people

youre entitled to your privacy.

you do not have to tell people about your issues, and other people dont have the right to talk about your issues if you arent comfortable with them doing so.

you are not rude for not giving someone an answer when they ask about your issues, theyre not entitled to know you like that.

you have every right to be upset when you hear others talking about you and your issues, if theyre uneducated or if theyre trying to make it about them, you have every right to come @ them, even if they are affected, it is not their story to tell.

dont be afraid to stick up for yourself if someone starts asking questions and thinks its okay because its “easy to tell youre disabled”, it doesnt matter, how much they want to know, if you dont want to talk about it, then you dont have to.

also, if someone talks about how they think youre not sick because you dont look disabled, you have every right to say “yes i am” and leave it at that, if you dont want to go into detail, you dont have to.

dont let someone tell you “whyre you so ashamed of your illness” when you say you dont want to talk about it, being ashamed and wanting privacy are not the same thing. dont let them treat it like it is

thats all i can think of but yall can add more, and above all,

you are a person, you deserve the right to your own issues, to your privacy and to your personal life.

you matter, and your disability is valid.

and your right to talk as much as you want, or not at all about your illness is valid.

stay strong, my peeps.

[Bruce & Jason Panels] Detective Comics #790

So, just a disclaimer, Jason Todd isn’t actually in the issue, but it does revolve around him. He hasn’t come back as Red Hood just yet. 

Let’s just say that it’s reminiscent of the period immediately after his death when Bruce Wayne was noticeably more broody and brutal in his anti-crime spree than usual. Back then, the Bat Family was only composed of Dick Grayson, Barbara Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth, and a persistent young Tim Drake “auditioning” for a membership. This time around, their family has grown somewhat, and includes Cassandra Cain as Batgirl and Stephanie Brown as Spoiler. 

Backstory (spoilers ahead): A new drug called G.H.D. is circulating the Gotham streets, killing some citizens, including a young female. Batman tracks down the supplier and throws him through a window several stories off the ground. Batgirl swoops in to catch the man, and Batman gets more information out of him through what his does best - instilling fear. 

“How you hurt him. You were punishing him.”

After the bust, Cass calls Bruce out on his… unusual behavior.

That look on Bruce’s face in the third panel below… You just know that he can’t argue with her observation. 

“It’s always personal.”

That cool detachment Bruce has? That wall he built around himself? All of it is meant to keep his mission from being compromised. His mission to protect his family, his friends, innocent lives. That’s the form of affection he’s developed over years of trauma and obsessive discipline to equip himself for this mission.

So, if he tries to shut down Steph’s aspiration to be a vigilante? It’s personal. If he tries to keep a brash young lady from jumping headfirst into the field without a parachute - the same way a fifteen-year-old boy once did? It’s personal. And, if you think he’s an unreasonable grumpy old man for doing it, he won’t fault you for begrudging him. (He’ll care, sure, but he won’t show it.) 

“It’s strange. How he stops seeing them… the scars.”

This issue is actually entitled “Scarification”, and it seems that the next set of panels explains why.  It’s probably this day, out of all the days in the year, that reminds him why his scars matter. Why everything seems to matter more.

“If this is about what today is, then… just know that I’m here if you need… to talk.”

I love how much the Batkids understand Bruce. Even if they know that it’s, more often than not, futile to appeal to him on an emotional level, they’ll keep trying anyway, knowing that he secretly needs them.  

“Happy birthday, kid.”

Bruce harasses one more criminal before the set of panels below.  He finally tracks down the supplier and makes him choose between taking his own lethal drug or jail time. (Guess which one he picks?)

It’s these last two scenes that gives the story its story. Bruce always has difficulty with expressing emotion, so it shouldn’t surprise us that sometimes it comes out as aggression. 

On the day that reminds him of the son he lost to the thing they do, with another teenager wanting to be part of it all… must be extra hard, huh?

“For some of us there is no going back.”

This was a simple, but sweet tribute to Jason. A reminder that Bruce loved loves him and knew him well. That in his memory, Bruce is trying to keep from making the same mistakes.

(And, it was bittersweet how Cass “met” Jason for the first time like that… It gets better in the New 52′s Batman and Robin Eternal, though!)

Right, here we go with my brand new series of tutorials, entitled How to THINK When you DRAW. I’m going to hit a massive range of subjects, techniques and approaches in this series, so there should be something for everyone, no matter what your interests or ability level.

Oh, and if you have any area of drawing that you’d particularly like to see a tutorial for, TWEET US HERE with your REQUESTS, and I’ll do my best to tackle them for you :)

The first two tutorials are looking at how to draw draping or hanging fabric and creases, enjoy!


Things that are annoying, passive aggressive, and/or rude [and which you shouldn’t do, but I see a lot on tumblr]:

  • Sending someone the same ask more than twice
  • Demanding/pestering someone to either answer your asks or answer asks in general
  • Assuming that everyone is free at all times [People have lives outside of the internet.]
  • Thinking you are entitled to an answer
  • Certain language like ‘when are you actually going to -’ ‘when are you going to -’ ‘you can’t do -’ when being used in an accusatory/pestering manner
  • Excusing rudeness with excitement [Evaluate how you behave when ‘excited’. You should never act rude when you’re happy/excited about something. That’s no excuse.]
  • Getting impatient with a content creator that they’re not making enough stuff for you. Doesn’t matter how much you love it, content creators have jobs and lives [and many of them are not doing what they do for you]. If you want them to make more stuff, help support them, maybe they can make the content creation their job, thus pushing out more stuff.
  • Getting angry when your ask isn’t answered and coming to the person about it
  • Assuming that silence is permission [this will get you in a lot of trouble. Silence is not consent. Do not do this.]
  • Acting entitled to content/demanding a creator make more/faster content [This is a pretty quick way to demoralize a content creator, so cut it out.]
  • Acting like you deserve something/like people owe you something for being nice/a decent human being [This is the nice-guy syndrome. It applies to anyone, not just dudes]
  • Arguing with content creators about their own content. There’s constructive criticism, and then there’s straight up telling the artist/author that they’re wrong, you’re right. Don’t do that.
  • Badmouthing someone because they get annoyed/call you out on the above behavior, instead of evaluating yourself to see if you really should change how you act in some areas.

If you’ve done these or are doing these and you feel like you’re being scolded, just. Stop doing them. Simple as that, we have no issue anymore.

Not Another Number Part-10

Originally posted by pavszacha

I’ll just leave this right here.

It’s not that you were excited about leaving the arena but it just meant that you could finally be around a smaller amount of people. Plus you left with Auston, while the rest of his family took the car you rode in with them to the game. You didn’t partake in the conversation Auston began in the car; he kept going on about how they really couldn’t have pulled that game off without Freddie in net. You continued to nod and occasionally agree to whatever he was saying it was going great, until:

“Y/N, hello?” a hand waved in your face.

“I’m sorry what?” you blinked around, focusing on his face.

“Have you heard me at all this whole ride here?” you looked around not realizing you were already at the restaurant Bre suggested before you departed into separate cars.

“Of course I have.” You smirk at him while reaching over to kiss his cheek. As you pulled away his hand lifted up stopping you and pulling your chin back to him as he planted one kiss on your lips. You felt his warm kiss from his lips that were still on fire from the game he just won.

“Ready?” he asked as if that was the phrase for you to open your eyes.

“Always.” You smiled while pulling away to get out of the car.

Dinner was enjoyable for you. You felt more relaxed with his family after the game. Although Bre and Alex were still nudging you every now and then to find out who made the first move, but you didn’t give in. Everyone seemed so hungry but you couldn’t help thinking of the encounter you just had moments ago with that stupid jerk from the Red Wings.

“Y/N dear, are you not hungry?” Mrs. Matthews asked while you twirled your straw for the thousandth time.

“I think my stomach is just a little upset.” You smile as she continued to look concerned,” I think I’m still too excited from the game winning goal.” Speak while looking towards Auston. Mrs. Matthews nodded along and left you to be.

Dinner didn’t go on for much longer as Bre was tired and Mr. Matthews kept looking at his phone due to work. You all said your goodbyes as you left for a moment to let Auston have a more personal moment with them again.

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Hello Aunt Jillie. Recently, I've encountered a few insanely weird, self proclaimed goths arguing that goth isn't a lifestyle (apparantly it's JUST a subculture) and that you shouldn't be goth outside of clubs and your personal life and that living as a goth in the sense that it's a lifestyle means you're stupid, insecure, immature and unprofessional. I feel I need for a second opinion on the matter.

I’m sorry, what? WHAT?!

Well, those people are certainly entitled to their opinions. But in MY opinion (and, I suspect, the opinion of many, many other goths), those people are terribly wrong. So wrong, in fact, that I’m having difficulty wrapping my brain around what they mean. Do they think that unless you’re in your home, at a club, or at an event that you shouldn’t show any indication of your goth inclinations? That, in a way, goth is a costume you put on? How terribly … restricting. And sad.

Also, I am very, very suspicious of people who subscribe to the idea that showing your gothy inclinations somehow marks you as stupid, insecure, immature, and unprofessional. Because, again, they’re wrong. Because if they think that individuals should be like everyone else, and that no one should step outside of narrow, homogeneous boxes in public life, then these self-proclaimed goths are rather missing the point. Life, differences, and individuality are to be embraced and celebrated, not treated as something to be kept under wraps.

Yesterday I was reading a thread about people who make mobile apps and there was a guy who said he had forty plus installs a day and thousands of users, but he didn’t make any money off it.

And it made me think about how drastically the internet has devalued creative work of any kind.

Imagine it: you’ve created something on your own free time that thousands of people like and enjoy, but they refuse to support you and if you try to implement some method of revenue, such as ads, they turn their backs and look for the next guy desperate enough to be seen that he’ll offer his thing for free without frills

They were also discussing the best ways to generate revenue via ads in their apps, and that was to reward a player for watching short videos with coins or points or whatever. Think about that. Some apps have to pay the player to play them so the creator can get some of their money back that they spent advertising and creating them. It’s crazy.

People then argue that creation should be done for the love of it, but the fact is that love doesn’t pay the bills. You can love what you do but it doesn’t change the fact that doing it has to be squeezed in between ten hour days at a company who values you just as much as your end users do: that is, not very much when it gets down to it. There just isn’t that much time to DO what you love, for some people, and it’s all the more disheartening when thousands of people think what you do is good enough to consume and sometimes steal, but not good enough to pay for. People preach about supporting artists, but the numbers show no one is really interested in doing that. People are hardly bothered simply to click a like button most of the time.

I feel like this entitlement from the internet, where creators should be grateful someone used their product and should expect no returns no matter how deep the enjoyment, is killing people’s desire to create, or at least to share what they’ve made with others. The message people spread is to spend your life doing what you love… but how can you do that when people don’t value what you love as much as you do?

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this miiiiight be too much to ask/you may have done this before; can you give a thorough explanation for why the theory of communism is bad?

I’ll give you a brief run down.

Philosophically, I disagree because in my view, it treats people as property of the collective society. I don’t think anyone, no matter how numerous, is entitled to your services or you property.

Economically, centrally planned economies and economies devoid of prices are not efficient and this expresses itself at best, in hilarious surpluses of unnecessary goods and at worst, famine and death. This is what’s called the Economic Calculation Problem. 

Force has been associated with the implementation of communism throughout history. If your ideas are good, they can be voluntary, but I’ve yet to see that with communism.

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Do u ever think bruce wishes he got to raise his kids from day one? I know infant care is daunting but like, Bruce is low key sentimental af

i think “what ifs” are generally something bruce doesn’t like to indulge in, because that only ever leads to him sitting in the dark thinking about how much of a failure he is, and that leads to even worse places, so, mostly, i think he doesn’t like considering his life could’ve been different. but those times when he’s actually feeling good, and there’s not so much weighing him down, i think he’ll wonder what they were like. like, was dick as touchy a baby as he was a kid? did jason toddle after his parents the same way he followed bruce through the manor’s halls? (and i definitely think there’s times where he wishes they were still kids, because i feel bruce gets along best with kids, but that’s only when he’s mildly frustrated, lol)

with damian, though, it’s different - i think that longing is more visceral, because his other children had parents, and i think he views himself as a stand-in. a dad chauffeur, of sorts, stepping in for something they don’t have. he feels like a father, but he’s always reigning that feeling in because he’s scared of overstepping boundaries - he has no right to have raised these kids as infants, because no matter how much he loves them, they had their own parents, etc. it’s like he’s taking something that isn’t his, even if he feels like they are his. with damian, though, he is the real parent, and i think he’s kind of pissed that he didn’t get to be a “traditional” parent - so whenever he’s thinking about tiny damian, it’s overshadowed by this anger, like how dare you take this away from me, i was entitled to raise him, it was my job and you didn’t let me do it.

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I get where you're coming from, the thing that bothers me is that they 'passed' every single woman who wasn't a model basically... suggesting to thousands of girls of all shapes and sizes that they're not beautiful

This makes me really sad. I think it definitely tackles the underlying problem here.

Let me start off by saying that I do not have the model body type. I am a squishy girl who should be working out but chooses to sit on her booty all day.

That being said, if I let the opinions of the buttercream boys measure my worth, I would be miserable. I’m not their type. I’m not model status. I know that. But that does NOT mean I am not beautiful, valuable, and worth something to somebody (AND to myself).

Look, I’m not perfect. Maybe my opinion is way off. Maybe I should be way more offended or upset that this video was made. If so, I’m sorry. I think what’s more frustrating than the video being made is the fact that it brings to light the fact that so many of us measure our worth and beauty based off of what these boys (or any boys, or girls, whatever tickles your fancy) say about your body type.

I’m just some girl on the Internet who you don’t know, but I want ya’ll to remember that every body type is beautiful. I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. When I was in elementary school I was trying to go on diets and crying in front of the bathroom mirror because I thought I was ugly and fat and not worth anything. Now that I’m older, I know that I’m still quite a bit pudgier than I should be, and I’m still learning to be okay with that. I’m never 100% confident, but I’ve been through a period where I let a boy dictate my worth. I only felt beautiful when I was with my ex who reminded me that I was so. When we broke up I was so down on myself and my looks, and that’s when I realized how unhealthy it is to let someone else tell you whether or not you are beautiful. Just like I shouldn’t have let him dictate my worth, we shouldn’t let some boys online do it either.

I definitely don’t want anyone to get upset with me for having this opinion, as I feel like I have upset people. I 100% understand why you’re hurt or offended. You’re entitled to feel that way, but I’m also entitled to feel how I do. Now I’m more concerned about our feelings of self worth than I am about whether or not Mikey should take the video down.

If I’ve offended you in any way, I’m sorry. Please know that you are beautiful and worthy no matter your shape or size or race or color of your fucking hair. 

If what you take out of all of this is that I have stupid opinions, that’s fine. I just don’t want you to log off thinking that the opinions of these boys mean that you are not beautiful.

(I don’t know if this made any sense I just kind of typed what came to my head and I feel really upset right now so I know it might not be the most coherent thing)

Actions have consequences.

What’s with this attitude of “only I’m allowed to do/say shit, you can’t do it back to me”? You can see it all the way across the far-left spectrum, from the small-time kiddie bloggers to the likes of Antifa.

- People wanna be free to hate entire demographics without any reason (besides the simple fact that …they are that demographic), without receiving any kind of negative response or backlash.

- People wanna talk shit to anyone who opposes them, but they don’t seem to expect anyone to talk back to them or defend themselves. When they do, they run.

- People wanna go out and join a violent protest, specifically stating beforehand that they intend to be violent and physically attack people, but they don’t seem to expect people to respond. They even act shocked when people fight back.

How entitled does someone have to feel? How deluded must you be? Has everyone forgotten that their actions have consequences?

This is what happens when people think they can’t be moved from the moral high ground. When people think they can be nothing but a power for good no matter what they do. You ain’t a superhero from a movie, buddy. In the real world you’re held responsible for your actions, just like everyone else.