no matter how entitled you think you are

anonymous asked:

idk what happened to fanon shipping? why is everything so canon lately? like just because the producers say it's not gonna happen it doesn't mean you have to stop shipping it, it just means you have to stop trying to make it happen

I ship so many things that I know will never become canon. I ship them because I think the characters WOULD and COULD have an interesting dynamic if they ever became romantically entwined. I ship things because I think they have potential. I’ve never once shipped something and felt entitled to the writers delivering it on screen no matter how much I want it to happen. I would never pester writers, producers, or cast members about it. That is the one thing Blarkes can’t grasp. Not ever ship or fandom is like Blarke. Get over yourselves with the ridiculous comparisons. 

If you’re that person that always feels the need to know every single little detail about what someone is up to when it doesn’t concern you, you have control issues and need to do an in-depth evaluation of whatever insecurity that stems from because I can assure you that your ruining your relationships with your friends, family, or significant others. 

People deserve their privacy, and no matter how much you think you need to know their business, you need to understand that you’re not fucking entitled to anything more than what people willingly share with you.

No one owes you shit. Grow up.