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I never know whether to feel amused or frustrated af when antis don't seem to realize how horrifyingly hypocritical they are. Like: "I dont care what you've been through you cant put other people through pain to make yourself feel better" or "imagine feeling so entitled that you think it's okay to trigger other people who have been through something just because you've been through it too." Um? They do realize that's EXACTLY what they do to people, right? Or does pain only matter when it's them?

pain only matters if it’s them.

they either ignore one side or the other. it’s either “unless you’re coping uwu” or “you’re triggering survivors, stop!”

or even worse, “you can cope ship but do it privately so nobody gets hurt”

my blood boils every time.

~ Mod Filth

Right, here we go with my brand new series of tutorials, entitled How to THINK When you DRAW. I’m going to hit a massive range of subjects, techniques and approaches in this series, so there should be something for everyone, no matter what your interests or ability level.

Oh, and if you have any area of drawing that you’d particularly like to see a tutorial for, TWEET US HERE with your REQUESTS, and I’ll do my best to tackle them for you :)

The first two tutorials are looking at how to draw draping or hanging fabric and creases, enjoy!


I’ve been reading mixed opinions about Sonja and I just want to say something myself.
Some people say they can see where she came from when she said what she said to Isak. And I mean, I get that. I get that she’s been by Even’s side through good times and bad times and that she might love him still, in her own way. Personally, my issue with Sonja is that she was literally patronizing towards both Even’s mental health and sexuality and it made me uncomfortable. No one should speak like that, not matter how much you think you know about someone and not matter that you feel entitled to do so because you’ve been knowing this someone for years. Also notice she’s just a couple of years older than Isak - two years are nothing and everything at the same time, especially at that age and in that situation. She had control of the situation over Isak, she was in a position of power because she knew, because she can say ‘I would have told you so if you listened’, because she’s seen Even having episodes before. And maybe she just genuinely thinks what she said. And I mean, as I said I can get that, I can get that even though I disapprove (also you have a kid looking desperate and on the verge of crying in front you, at least I don’t know, lower your voice or something)
What I don’t approve of, is people pointing out that she deserves respect for sticking around. Sometimes certain people can do more harm than good and just because they “stick around” it doesn’t mean it’s good you know? She talked about Even in a really condescending way and I don’t like it. She sounded like his carer, and I don’t like it. Even doesn’t need her o Isak to be his carers, that’s literally what therapists are for. He needs a lover who loves him even when things get bad, who is willing to fight for him and let him know love can absolutely happens despite mental illness. That he is worth of an happy ending, that he doesn’t have to hide that part of him anymore. Even said multiple times Sonja was too controlling/condescending and I get that she was worried and all, but Even doesn’t like it and can you all stop thinking he was saying that just because of his mental illness? He clearly struggles with how much power she has over him. She was probably full of good intentions but still acted wrongly and it happens in real life all the time.

@ disabled people

youre entitled to your privacy.

you do not have to tell people about your issues, and other people dont have the right to talk about your issues if you arent comfortable with them doing so.

you are not rude for not giving someone an answer when they ask about your issues, theyre not entitled to know you like that.

you have every right to be upset when you hear others talking about you and your issues, if theyre uneducated or if theyre trying to make it about them, you have every right to come @ them, even if they are affected, it is not their story to tell.

dont be afraid to stick up for yourself if someone starts asking questions and thinks its okay because its “easy to tell youre disabled”, it doesnt matter, how much they want to know, if you dont want to talk about it, then you dont have to.

also, if someone talks about how they think youre not sick because you dont look disabled, you have every right to say “yes i am” and leave it at that, if you dont want to go into detail, you dont have to.

dont let someone tell you “whyre you so ashamed of your illness” when you say you dont want to talk about it, being ashamed and wanting privacy are not the same thing. dont let them treat it like it is

thats all i can think of but yall can add more, and above all,

you are a person, you deserve the right to your own issues, to your privacy and to your personal life.

you matter, and your disability is valid.

and your right to talk as much as you want, or not at all about your illness is valid.

stay strong, my peeps.

Don’t worry, things will get better. Whatever you’re feeling now, whatever you’re going through, even if you think you are a disappointment, even if you failed in a certain thing, even if you think you are the worst, even if sometimes you feel like you can’t go on, even if you’re lost and broken, even if you think you are worthless. Everything will be fine, you’re going to be okay. Remember that God is always there for you. Just look on the positive side of life. Do not worry too much about things that don’t matter. Whatever you’re feeling now, it’s valid. You are entitled to feel emotions, but don’t let them consume you. Learn how to find the escape and how to move forward. Life is worth living and you are a blessing. You matter and your life.

No author, content creator, artist, etc. owes you a damn thing.

They don’t owe you a certain ending. They don’t owe you a certain pairing. They owe you, not a single god damn thing. Especially if you harass them and act like entitled children for not getting what you want.

It doesn’t matter how shitty you think they are. It doesn’t matter if you think that their skills suck. It doesn’t matter if you think that they are trash.


As a matter of fact.

If you think THAT lowly of them then they definitely didn’t owe you shit to begin with.

Entitled Foreigner Level 100 lmao

oh im sorry lemme make sure i pick our president based on your tourism prospects!!!! fuck the people who actually have to live here, and moreover fuck the people who will be murdered by our foreign policy, what REALLY matters in this situation is YOU and YOUR COMFORT when you visit us!!!!!!!!! how could i be so silly as to think otherwise???

SJWs and feminists want equal outcome, they don’t want equal opportunity. 

Let me explain why that is fucking moronic. Because what they want is not fairness, because what they’re asking for is the impossible, unless a group gets singled out or disadvantaged in order for others to feel as though they’re “on top” and being favored and catered too specifically, this is basically narcissism and entitlement. They play on the society weakness of virtual signaling and the fact we all are under the public eye to be political correct - no matter how Orwellian and double standard these PC conditions are.

Think of that saying “you can’t please everybody” because you can’t, it is impossible because everybody wants different things. I’m referring to diversity of individual needs, opinions and talents (yup not everyone wants/believes/does the same as you, step out of your safe space echo chambers). Equal opportunity is fair because then everybody can then get a free shot at what a person wants with the skills they have studied or talents they so happen to possess and you know what? people will sometimes change the mind and choose something else or new opportunities arise. “equal outcome” means who ever chucks a tantrum and pulls the victim card out and shrieks “injustice!” and gets their cake and eats it that they didn’t work for nor deserve while others get crumbs or are left with washing the dishes. tl;dr Listen you lazy idiotic slobs, quit studying gender and social “just-us” courses and learn something useful.

Dear SU fandom, stop being complete asshats and terrorizing people about their ships. You have every right to not like a ship, or even hate a ship, and I respect that right but if it’s so bad just blacklist the ships tag and kindly ask those who don’t tag their ships if they could do so because it makes you uncomfortable. 99% of the time the person you ask will understand and happily oblige as long as you ask nicely. I’ve seen so many people run off due to people who think they’re so entitled that everyone has to abide by their rules. It doesn’t work that way and it hurts me to see it happening to so many people - including some of my favorite blogs. It doesn’t matter how canon the ship is or potentially will be - just be decent human beings and leave people be. Blacklist the tag and ask people to tag their ships or just don’t follow those people at all. It will be healthier for you to be in an environment you’re comfortable in and for them to be in an environment where they feel safe and can enjoy themselves without being harassed. If you disagree with me just ignore this or block me because I don’t have time to deal with your excessive negativity. -End Rant-

PSA on RPing

When it comes to mun’s and their OC’s, the mun’s are the only people that get to choose who they want to RP with. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known them, how much you’ve interacted with them, how much you love their character(s) or whatever makes you think you’re entitled to their OC. If the mun wants to do something creative with their character, they’ll pick when, where and with whom they choose to RP with. Below is a list of things that are unacceptable, in my eyes anyway, and what I would label as a bad RP partner. Some of these things I think most of you should watch out for when picking a partner to RP with.

Things that are NOT okay:

- Being possessive/jealous of mun’s friends
- Being possessive/jealous of OC’s
- Being jealous of someone’s RP and going out of your way to make those individuals feel bad for having fun
- Thinking you’re entitled to a character for such-n-such reasons when you are in fact, not
- Trying to force the mun to change their character based on something you like/want
- Anyone that says they’re just “overly protective” as a way of downplaying their jealous attitude (They’re fictional characters…stop.)
- Making aggressive posts attacking mun’s/mun’s friends because they didn’t want to interact with you (honestly if you resort to attacking them this way you can probably imagine why they don’t want to play with you. Most people don’t like interacting with someone who’s going to act that way.)
- Stalking mun’s on social media sites and messaging them the instant they get online (they know what you want, this is not sneaky or clever).

Things that are okay:
- Having fun

If you’re not having fun and RPing is causing you a lot of stress, either find a new partner or reconsider RPing all together. If you exhibit any of the behavior’s in the “not okay” category above, perhaps RPing is just not meant for you. Work on yourself as a person and realize how damaging your behavior is to those around you as well as yourself.

Also, just to clarify, when I say “jealousy”, I’m talking about people who let their insecurities get ahold of them to the point where they fear someone is taking something away from them. In this case, an OC or a friend. You don’t own people or their characters. No one’s taking anything away from you and if you’re someone who can’t realize that, then you need to dig down inside of you and figure out what’s making you be so spiteful to the people you say that you love. Don’t let your behavior destroy perfectly good friendships. Take a step back and ask yourself if you would like to be treated the same way you’re treating them.

I have seen a post going around lately (and I’m sorry, but I am tired and don’t remember OP) about the idea of trans-identifying males attracted to women and how they should identify, and if they should appropriate our term “lesbian” (meaning exclusively same sex-attracted females).

I’m bothered by some of the response. Because firstly, I think that for them they should say “I am attracted to women” if they don’t feel comfortable framing themselves at heterosexual.

But further, the discourse leads into who acts entitled vs. who doesn’t. And my answer is that no matter how kind and “non-fetishy” and etc. a male is, it does not matter at all. If you are male you are not and will never be a lesbian. You are excluded the same way every other male is. To frame it as something that can be earned as “good behavior” is disingenuous.

Lesbianism cannot be earned. It is about female people who love female people.


at the end of the day what we do (Irish dancing) is just a sport, hobby, art form whatever you wanna call it and it means NOTHING to the real world in all reality. nobody cares that you got 5th at nationals in 2011 or won 100 championships in your career when you quit or retire and move on in your life. nobody cares if you’re only friends with “top” dancers and how many pictures you can take with them, and post on instagram to prove your friendship. the things that really matter are the true friendships, adventures and memories you make that last a lifetime. if you want your claim to fame to be numbers on a piece of paper showing what placement you deserved that day for years to come, then so be it.. but drop all the egotistical entitlement some of you think that comes alongside being a “top” dancer and be a decent human being. if you’re a shit person, no one really cares how well you can do the jig. grow up, stop talking shit about other dancers because you think they’re “below you” and stop judging people you don’t actually know. I’ve been a victim and witnessed this all firsthand happen to others and it’s almost too comical to even try to create a valid argument about as it seriously shouldn’t even have to be mentioned. please note that if you think you’re important because you have “fans”, a majority of them are under the age of 12, remember that. I could call many out on this, as some of them exist on this website, but I’m sure your conscience already knows.

The fact that antis are now trying to force coping survivors to keep their content private shows that only they are the only ones who matter.

For some reason they think they have some sort of entitlement, and think they can just tell other survivors how to cope.

no-no-no-no not so fast. You are able to prevent yourself from seeing this content. You are able to blacklist such content and don’t give me that “But blacklisting doesn’t always work!!!!” because now that antis have proved they search the ship tags, I am not gonna take that bullshit excuse anymore because it’s clear that a lot of these people don’t even try to block what they hate. 

They avoid anti community criticism like the plague, but not the shit they hate.
We are not going to allow you, to BELIEVE you have power over other survivors just because you don’t want to see their content.  
How about you do something about the blacklisting something, before you start treating other survivors like crap just because you’re the one who’s bothered. 

I am not going to allow people to silence me. lmao fuck that.
Antis can hate the ship all they fucking want. They can whine, cry, about how there are people who aren’t sucking up to them. 
Really they can do that while just leaving people at their own business. They can throw a tantrum, and whatever, while keeping other people who don’t want to be involved out of it nor forcing their trauma upon those people.

No one is responsible for your trauma/mental health but you. If there are people willing to support you like friends, then okay, that’s different.

But you have no right to force your goddamn trauma on people, or guilt trip them for it. If they want nothing to do with you, then they want nothing to do with you. Especially if they are just some other user online YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW. 

But you also have NO RIGHT, to tell people how they should cope. If you hate it whatever, your own problem. 
There are extensions you can get and if you really don’t want to see it on mobile, then just BUY the fucking app and get it over with. 

I don’t think you understand how hard it must be for Taylor to defend herself, because no matter what she says, there will always be someone who twists it into something bad. Some of you treat her like she’s some invincible human who has no feelings. Some of you constantly pick out everything you dislike about what she does, says, or wears and post it on a social media platform where she could potentially see it. Some of you defend the harsh things you say about Taylor with the statement “I’m entitled to my own opinion,” but that doesn’t make it acceptable to tear someone down. You argue that the media is constantly making Taylor look bad, but some of you do the same thing. Some of you are constantly contradicting yourselves by pushing Taylor to speak up, but once she does, you shut her down. Just because you don’t see things the same way as Taylor does, does not mean her way of seeing things is wrong. She’s human too, she has feelings too. So please can you all just give the girl a break? She doesn’t need to see so much hate directed towards her from the people she loves the most.

i am so baffled by this story about louis ignoring those girls outside his hotel last night and how we’re supposed to think less of him when these girls were literally standing outside his hotel in the middle of the god damn night waiting for him to come back? what was he supposed to do? congratulate them for waiting for him so long? give them hugs and thank them for being the only ones to still stand there when he obviously just wants to get back to his room? and how they’re saying they’re from spain…it doesn’t matter where you’re from, you’re still standing outside his hotel in the middle of the night? i don’t understand this sense of entitlement like…would it suck to have him ignore you, yeah, BUT why would you fucking think standing outside his hotel IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT was a good time to try to meet him like…fuck off, he doesn’t owe you shit.

I…. get really annoyed when I see people talking about how the writers of the show aren’t giving the OQ fandom “any of the things we asked for.”

The TV industry isn’t tumblr, they don’t take requests. They’re not here to write for you, they’re here to tell a story. You like it, or you don’t, but they don’t owe us any particular scene or storyline, no matter how loudly we demand it on social media.

They have not failed to deliver on our list of demands; we don’t have a right to make those demands. We can say “I’d love it if…” but they are in no way obligated to give us those things we love. And I mean, thank God, because it’s not as if the ship all wants the same things anyway. 

We are not entitled to anything as shippers, and thinking that we are does us no favors and only opens the door to bitterness and disappointment. As evidenced by the rash of comments I’ve seen across twitter and tumblr over the last few days about how the show has given away everything we asked for. 

They’re telling their story. Not ours. Theirs.

If you think you’ve been betrayed, it’s not the showrunners who have betrayed you – they never promised you any of the things you asked for. Fandom did. But fandom isn’t in the writers room. They didn’t give away the OQ baby, she didn’t exist outside of fandom. They’re not adamantly refusing to give us a conversation about The Baby Situation – it clearly happened offscreen sometime during Mother, because they went from the despair in the bar to “this is what your visitation is going to look like” and “We’ll get through this together” in the space of an episode (with a very lengthy offscreen car ride in the middle - I don’t think they spent it in stony silence or playing I Spy). The writers didn’t do any of this to us, they just chose not to include that in their story.

And that’s their right. It’s their show. 

TV is not an “ask and ye shall receive” medium.

We are not owed anything. 

The Other 98 Percent’s outrage seems to imply that their stance on corporate taxation is the following:

You’re not allowed to make money OUTSIDE of the United States, KEEP IT outside of the United States, and therefore pay a different country’s tax rate.

Apparently, no matter where you are in the world, progressives think the citizens of the United States are entitled to your money.

They point to the fact that Wal-Mart earned millions of dollars in Luxembourg as “proof” that something sinister is occurring. What’s more relevant is that firms CAN exist outside the United States, and it’s fairly ridiculous to claim wrongdoing on the part of a firm merely because you don’t get to put your greedy hands on a piece of their foreign earnings.  

How ridiculous. Wal-Mart has firms in Luxembourg. Those firms own stores of their own all through out the world. [1] In other words, liberals in the United States are angry that a store in China earns money, is taxed, sends some of the corporate profit back to its parent company in Luxembourg, where it is taxed again, but then doesn’t magically appear in the Treasury of the United States.

Liberals, do you really think you own the entire world?

Women don’t even realize how controlling they are of men. They don’t even realize that they’re talking over you or cutting you off bc they’re so used to the authority they have over you. They casually, nonchalantly order you to do things and it’s just innocent nobility because they think as a woman the right thing to do is to “take charge of the situation.” Unconsciously they don’t even realize that that means, the woman knows better. They beg you because they’re used to getting what they want. They don’t realize it’s a sense of entitlement they really feel. An unconscious female will always be sexist because she has not yet questioned the natural, assumed authority she’s been given. She will always look down upon men no matter how much she thinks she praises them. Because once she really questions it, she questions everything.