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listen as someone on the autistic spectrum, I can’t express how happy I am with Billy Cranston as a character.

A lot of the representation of autism/Aspergers I’ve seen in the media has been people who are typically cold/casually insult people/being pushed away or looked down on/overall just pretty negative.

But Billy Cranston..he is a beautiful soul. The biggest stereotype of people on the autistic spectrum is that we “don’t have feelings” or are “really apathetic”. Yeah a lot of us have difficulty understanding other people but that’s because our brains just function differently like a lot of us really do try to understand others because we want people to understand us! And when we see characters that have autistic traits (a lot of the time we don’t get characters that are canonically autistic so we have to look for our representation through characters with traits) being rude and deliberately dismissive of other people’s feelings (a certain detective and a scientist from two highly overrated shows come to mind😒) it’s really harmful to us and supports those stereotypes.

Billy Cranston is not dismissive and rude. He is full of love for his friends. He tries to understand the people around him, probably because a lot of people in a small town don’t try to understand him.

Yes his “quirks” are played for laughs a lot but it’s in no way offensive and is genuinely funny (I mean to me anyway, there were a lot of things he does in the film that I’m guilty of, like not understanding social queues and keep talking and not realising I’m repeating things).

And finally Power Rangers does something with Billy Cranston and his autism that a lot of movies/TV shows don’t do with their autistic characters (if there are any) and that is unapologetically celebrate him. To me, Billy was the heart and soul of the movie.

So can we please have more autistic characters that aren’t rude white man-children who’s disabilities are played for laughs, thanks.

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I’m saying this now and I’d rather not repeat myself.

With Gaiden being animated, I’m seeing more Naru////Sara contents being posted. Do not, DO NOT, ask me for such contents/send me such contents/reblog such contents if we’re mutuals because I’m blocking anyone reblogging or liking those posts.

small psa: it doesn’t matter how deeply personally attached you are to a character/game/series/what have you. if it is not your creation and does not belong to you, you do not get to take anyone else’s right to publicly enjoy that thing away from them. nor do you have the right to act hostile or passive-aggressive toward anyone for enjoying it in a way you don’t “approve” of

period. bottom line.


jokes that will always be funny - canine characters, no matter their personality or intelligence, falling prey to spherical objects being thrown.

Please don’t tag as kin/me - Please don’t repost to other websites - Please don’t remove caption ✮

“Samurai Jack is too old to be with Ashi”

(Aang was 112 if you guys remember and Katara was 14)

Guys, it’s fiction. It’s going to be okay.

But still, the saying that age matters more than personality and qualities of character in terms of any relationship is pretty shallow in my opinion. I mean there are boundaries, of course, but I don’t see how that all applies to Jack and Ashi.

Ashi is naive but she isn’t dumb and incapable, she’s not a child, she’s an adult who was raised secluded and was brainwashed as a youth to believe lies about the world and Aku. She has to learn about the reality of the world still but she’s not actually a child. It’s the result of really shitty parenting. REALLY shitty parenting. She’s become smart and mature ENOUGH for her to learn and adapt to the world really quickly and make her own choices and a lot of that is due to Jack opening her eyes to the world. But in Episode 6 she manages to make her own path and turn her life around, on her own accord, not jacks, hers. She’s the one who took off Akus.. residue and formally created herself a new look and identity.

She went looking for Jack on her own accord and she saved his ass. She then proceeded to save it again in Episode 7. Oh and she already saved it on another occasion in Episode 5.

And even more so, Jack isn’t some old man with a bald head and fifty foot long beard who’s patting his thigh and asking Ashi to sit on his fucking lap. He’s a decent ass man who fights for righteousness and honor. He’s as mature, down to earth and as kind of a person as you can get.

He was never enticing Ashi to be with him. Ashi pretty clearly felt that connection with him as well and wither you want to call it “bad fanfiction” or not, it’s what Genndy wanted from the start. He never said there would be a father daughter relationship, that was US. WE got that from the show and it’s totally okay to want that kind of relationship.

But i STILL stand that the thought of Jashi being creepy because of Jacks age is incredible shallow and actually insulting to both of their characters. 

But really, you can think whatever you want. It’s more important that we all stay civil than it is that we all agreed on everything.



Today, I’ll share about Baekhyun’s amazing personality and character. No matter where and when, he’ll always consider and think in the other party’s shoes, gentle and kind, who won’t love a boy like him?

#1. A crowd actor didn’t get Pepero (seems like all actors were supposed to get it), Baekhyun noticed it and despite being very far away, he still passed it to her.

#2. Baekhyun was the one celebrating his birthday, but he encouraged Yixing when receiving a birthday wish from him.

#3. During the concert, Baekhyun will walk to the special section for the disabled fans to wave and smile at them.

#4. Baekhyun who was worried that fans will get nagged by their parents told fans that “EXO is a very good group, they can be happy but they also have to make their parents happy”

#5. During an awards ceremony in January, EXO was told to read some of the comments left on the board. Baekhyun chose to read the comment thanking the MC (it was very cold that day, and MC stood for very long)

#6. During their concert and filming, Baekhyun thanked the translator and PD.

#7. Helping out his juniors


#2. Yixing called Baekhyun to wish him Happy Birthday and this was what Baekhyun replied like this. “Gege (brother), you must be very tired these days right, it’s okay if you’re very tired, you have to add oil! This is what Gege chose, so we support Gege. I know Gege is very tired, but Gege shouldn’t give up, because Gege is the best!”

#4. EXOrDIUM in SEOUL. Baekhyun’s Ment, “When y’all go home, you can say, ‘I’m back~!! EXO is not a bad existence okay~ Although I want to put up posters in the room, and buy CDs, but (the concert) is really very interesting!’ When you convey it to them like this, I think: Maybe not just everyone, but every age group can be happy too”

#5. The MC got the members to read the comments by the fans on the comment board, Baekhyun immediately read a comment thanking the MC: ‘MC worked hard!’ As the MC was at backstage, every time the artists/groups win an award, they have to go for an interview. Then, it was January in Korea, and it was very cold, and she had to keep standing. Baekhyun who read a comment thanking the MC immediately was very sweet!

#6.  141113 [TLP IN FUKUOKA] Baekhyun: I also want to say, translator is very capable! From Korean to Chinese, she can do it all! Everyone please clap!” Everyone clapped for the translator! During ending, Yixing said Chinese and translator also translated it! Baby who treats the staff nicely and also praises them!

[Music Show Filming] Baekhyun: How is it today! We’re not bad right? Did we come out handsome/cool in the broadcast? Please give Show Champion’s PD a round of applause!

#7. Today was The Ark’s debut stage, when showing their new song, 5 members were sharing 2 mics. Baekhyun hurriedly placed his mic near the girls at the back in order for the mic to pick up their voices. His co-host also helped them with her mic after seeing Baekhyun. Always finding out how sweet he is through little details, although he didn’t debut that long ago, he also took care of his juniors well.

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anonymous asked:

My story has six main characters, all of equal importance, and so I'm having trouble deciding on what to do with the POV. Any advice for this situation?

Point of View

We rarely get POV questions so thanks anon! I love point of view, so I’m excited to talk about this. Here are some considerations you should make if you’ve got lots of characters and you’re stumped on how to handle their perspectives. 

For our other followers: if you’re not familiar with POV and different POV types, read through this article to give you some basic knowledge. Also, here are our two posts on writing multiple perspectives for some additional information.

Multiple Points of View

Let’s Talk About POV

1. First person vs. third person

It might be instinct to think that you can’t use first person perspective when you have more than one POV character, but that’s simply not true! My favorite ones to cite (as I do in one of the previous posts) is Legend by Marie Lu and The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver.

What’s tricky about using many first person POVs (in this case, you’d be using 6) is that the voice of each character may get lost. If each voice has only subtle differences, it’s easy for a reader to lose track of whose POV they’re currently reading. Especially if the switches are happening often. Even if you provide headings that identify the character, you want voices that are distinct. The flip side of that is if you’re attempting to write voices that are too different with that many characters, you might end up writing caricatures or archetypes that are only different to be different, and you lose the authenticity.

Voice is important with first person point of view. If the idea of developing a unique voice for each of the six characters sounds daunting or uninteresting, then third person perspective might be more your speed.   

2. Multiple third person POVs

You might think that third person is simple in this case. Because you’re not using I/me/mine pronouns, then you’re really not using one character’s perspective, right? Point of view becomes inconsequential, right?

Actually, no that’s not right at all! When you read a novel that is written from the third person POV, it’s more than likely the limited third person. It can be hard to recognize, but the easiest way to think about limited third is that it’s first person where the I/me/mine pronouns are just replaced with she/her/hers (or whichever gender). You’re still only seeing one character’s perspective, but you’re slightly more distant. Instead of the story being told from the character’s perspective, it’s told from the perspective of someone that’s able to read this character’s mind, and only this character’s mind. 

So when it comes to the perspective the story’s told from, third person limited and first person aren’t that far off from each other. Since we’ve determined that you can use more than one first person perspective in a novel, you can also use more than one limited third person perspective. 

The advantage of using third person over first person when you’re going to be switching perspectives between many characters, is that you can use the character’s names frequently, so a reader won’t get lost with two many “I” narrators. 

No matter how many characters I’m using, this is my personal favorite, but each writer has their own preferences. When you’re choosing between first and third, use the one that appeals to you the most. You can probably make it work either way. 

3. Omniscient Third Person

You also might choose to go the third person omniscient route, where you’re able to see into any of your characters’ heads at any one time. With third person limited, it’s common to choose one character’s perspective per scene/chapter, but with third person omniscient, you could move from one character’s head to another in a matter of sentences. 

Here’s an example from Little Women, by Louisa May Alcott.

‘…We can’t do much, but we can make our little sacrifices, and ought to do it gladly. But I am afraid I don’t.’ And Meg shook her head, as she thought regretfully of all the pretty things she wanted. 

‘But I don’t think the little we should spend would do any good. We’ve each got a dollar, and the army wouldn’t be much helped by our giving that. I agree not to expect anything from Mother or you, but I do want to buy UNDINE AND SINTRAM for myself. I’ve wanted it so long,’ said Jo, who was a bookworm. 

‘I planned to spend mine in new music,’ said Beth, with a little sigh, which no one heard but the hearth brush and kettle holder. 

The first bolded sentence shows Meg’s perspective, as she is thinking of all the pretty things she wants, and no one else could know that but her. Then, just a couple paragraphs later in the second bolded sentence, we’re no longer in Meg’s head, since no one (including Meg) heard what Beth said. This is a narrator that clearly is able to perceive all perspectives all the time. 

What this means is that you can show what each character is thinking in every scene, rather than addressing only one character per scene or per chapter. 

4. Choosing What’s Right

While it’s true that some stories are told more effectively with one perspective than another, it’s also important that you choose something you feel comfortable tackling. A writer that writes from first person as their default might struggle to draft a story using third person omniscient. 

It’s good to challenge yourself, especially if you feel your POV choice is important for your story, but there are times when it’s more important to get the story written than to push your limits. Any POV you choose can work, so try it out with whichever POV is natural for you. 

Point of view is one of those things that you will be dealing with in just about every sentence you write, so it’s crucial that you feel comfortable with it. Experimentation is good, but if you can’t settle into the perspective you choose, you’ll constantly feel like you’re writing someone else’s novel and not your own.

Good luck with your POV decision!


Umm Muhammad, a mature woman over the age of 40, tells her story.

I lived a life of modest means with my husband. There was never any closeness and harmony, and my husband did not have the kind of strong personality that a woman would hope for, but his good nature made me overlook the fact that I was the one who was responsible for most of the decision making in the family.

My husband often used to mention the name of his friend and business partner, and he would talk about him in my presence, and I often used to meet with him in his office which was originally part of our apartment. This went on for many years, until circumstances led to us exchanging visits with this person and his family. These family visits were repeated and because of his close friendship with my husband, we did not notice how the number of visits increased and how many hours a single visit would last. He often used to come on his own to sit with us, me and my husband, for long visits. My husband’s trust in him knew no bounds, and as days passed I got to know this person very well, and saw how wonderful and decent he was. I began to feel a strong attraction towards this man, and at the same time I began to sense that the feeling was mutual.

Things took a strange turn after that, when I realized that this man was the kind of person I had always dreamed about. Why had he come along now, after all these years? The more this man’s status increased in my eyes, the more my husband’s status diminished. It was as if I had needed to see the beauty of his character in order to discover how ugly my husband’s character was.

The matter between this person and myself did not go beyond these persistent thoughts which were occupying my mind night and day. Neither he nor I ever voiced what we felt in our hearts… until today. Yet despite that my life is over and my husband is little more than a weak man with no self-esteem. I hate him and I do not know how all this hatred towards him started to boil over. I wonder how I put up with him all these years, bearing all these burdens by myself, facing life’s problems on my own.

Things got so bad that I asked him for a divorce, and he divorced me at my request. After that he became a broken man. Even worse than that is that after my marriage was wrecked and my children and husband were devastated, problems arose in this man’s family. His wife, with her feminine intuition, realized what had been going on in his heart of hearts, and his life became hell. She was overwhelmed with jealousy to the extent that one night she left her house at 2 a.m. and came to attack my house, screaming, weeping and hurling accusations. His marriage was also about to collapse.

I admit that the lovely gatherings which we used to enjoy gave us the opportunity to get to know one another at a time that was not appropriate at this stage in our lives.

His marriage has been wrecked and so has mine. I have lost everything, and now I know that my circumstances and his will not permit us to take any positive step towards coming together. Now I am more miserable than I have ever been, and I am looking for illusionary happiness and lost hopes.


Umm Ahmad tells us:

My husband had a group of married friends, and because of our close friendship with them, we used to get together with them once a week in one of our houses, to enjoy an evening of chat.

Deep down in my heart I was never really comfortable with the atmosphere in which we would have dinner, sweets, snacks and drinks of juice accompanied by waves of laughter because of the jokes and chit-chats that often went beyond the bounds of good manners.

In the name of friendship, the barriers were lifted and every now and then one would hear suppressed laughter between a woman and the husband of another woman. The jokes were too much, dealing – with no sense of shyness –with sensitive topics such as sex and women’s private matters. This was usual and was even accepted and regarded as desirable.

Although I indulged in these things along with them, my conscience made me feel guilty. Then the day came when it became quite clear just how ugly and filthy this atmosphere was.

The telephone rang, and I heard the voice of one of the friends in this group. I said hello to him and apologized that my husband was not home. He replied that he knew that, and that he was calling to speak to me! After he suggested starting a relationship with me, I got very angry and spoke harshly to him and cursed him. All he could do was laugh and say, “Don’t try and show these good manners to me; go and check on your husband’s good manners and see what he is doing…” I was devastated by what he said, but I pulled myself together and said to myself, this person is only trying to cause the break up of your marriage. But he succeeded in planting the seeds of doubt concerning my husband.

Shortly after that, the major disaster struck. I discovered that my husband was cheating on me with another woman. It was the matter of life or death as far as I was concerned. I found my husband out and I confronted him, saying: “You are not the only one who can have a relationship. I have received a similar proposition.” And I told him all about his friend. He was stunned and absolutely shocked. (I said:) “If you want me to respond in kind to your relationship with that woman, then this is for that, tit-for-tat.” This was a huge slap in the face for him. He knew that I did not intend to do that in reality, but he realized the great disaster that had befallen our lives and the immoral atmosphere in which we were living. I suffered a great deal until my husband finally left that loose woman with whom he was having a relationship, as he admitted to me. Yes, he left her and came back to his family and children, but how can I ever feel the same towards him as I used to? Who will restore respect for him in my heart? This huge wound in my heart is still bleeding out of regret and rage at that filthy atmosphere; it still bears testimony to the fact that what they call innocent get-togethers are in reality anything but innocent. My heart still begs for mercy from the Lord of Glory.

Intelligence can also be a temptation (fitnah)

‘Abd al-Fattaah says:

I work as the head of department in one of the big companies. For a long time I admired one of my female colleagues, not for her beauty, but for her serious attitude towards her work, her intelligence and her excellent achievements – in addition to the fact that she was a decent and modest person who focused only on her work. This admiration turned into attachment, and I am a married man who fears Allaah and never misses any obligatory prayer. I expressed my feelings to her and she rebuffed me. She is married and has children as well. She sees no reason why I should have any kind of relationship with her, whether it be friendship, as work colleagues or based on admiration… etc. Evil thoughts come to me sometimes, and deep down I wish that her husband would divorce her so that I could get her.

I started to put pressure on her at work and put her down in front of my bosses. Perhaps this was a form of revenge on my part, but she accepted it with good manners and did not complain or comment. She works and works; her performance speaks of her quality, and she knows this well. The more she resisted me, the stronger my infatuation grew.

I am not a person who is easily tempted by women, because I fear Allaah and I do not overstep the mark with them and go beyond what is required by my work. But this woman attracted me. What is the solution?… I do not know.

Baby ducks know how to swim

N.A.A., a nineteen-year-old girl, tells us:

At that time I was a little girl. My innocent eyes watched those evening get-togethers when family friends would meet in the house. What I remember is that I could only see one man, who was my father. I watched him as he moved about the room, how his glances would devour the women present, looking at their thighs and chests, admiring this one’s eyes, that one’s hair, the other’s hips. My poor mother had no choice but to take care of these get-togethers. She was a very simple lady.

Among the women present there was one woman who would deliberately try to attract my father’s attention, sometimes by coming close to him, and sometimes by making enticing movements. I would watch this with concern, whilst my mother was busy in the kitchen for the sake of her guests.

These gatherings stopped suddenly and I tried, young as I was, to understand and make sense of what had happened, but I could not.

What I remember was that my mother collapsed completely at that time, and she could not stand to hear my father’s name mentioned in the house. I used to hear mysterious words whispered by the adults around me: “Betrayal… bedroom… she saw them with her own eyes… despicable woman… in a very shameful position…” etc. These were the key words which only the adults could understand.

I grew up and came to understand, and I bore a grudge against all men. All of them were treacherous. My mother was a broken woman and accused every woman who came to us of being a man-snatcher who wanted to make my father fall into her trap. My father hasn’t changed. He is still practising his favourite hobby of chasing women, but now he does it outside the home. Now I am nineteen years old and I know lots of young men. I feel great pleasure in taking revenge on them, because every one of them is an exact copy of my father. I tempt them and entice them, without letting them get anywhere near me. They follow me in gatherings and in the marketplaces because of my movements and deliberate gestures. Sometimes my phone never stops ringing and I feel proud of what I do to avenge the sex of Hawwa’ and my mother. But sometimes I feel so miserable and such a failure that it almost chokes me. My life is shadowed by a huge dark cloud, and its name is my father.

Before it is too late

S.N.A. tells of her experience:

I never imagined that my work circumstances would force me to be in contact with the opposite sex (men), but this in fact is what happened…

In the beginning, I used to cover and screen myself from men by wearing niqaab (face-veil), but some of the sisters advised me that this dress was attracting more attention to my presence, and it would be better for me to take off the niqaab, especially since my eyes were somewhat attractive. So I removed the cover from my face, thinking that this was better. But by continuing to mix with my colleagues, I discovered that I was the odd one out because of my antisocial attitude and my insistence on not joining in the conversation and chatting with others. Everyone was wary of this “lone-wolf” woman (as they saw me), and this is what was stated clearly by one person who affirmed that he would not want to deal with such a snooty and stand-offish character. But I knew that I was the opposite, in fact, and I decided that I would not oppress myself and put myself in a difficult position with my colleagues. So I started to join in their chats and exchanges of anecdotes, and they all discovered that I could speak eloquently and persuasively, and that I could influence others. I could also speak in a manner that was determined yet at the same time was attractive to some of my colleagues. It was not long before I noticed some changes in the expression of my direct supervisor; with some embarrassment, he was enjoying the way I spoke and moved, and he would deliberately bring up topics in the conversation where I would see that hateful look in his eyes. I do not deny the fact that I started to entertain some thoughts about this man. I found it astonishing that a man could fall so easily into the trap of a woman who was religiously committed, so how must it be in the case of women who adorn themselves and invite men to commit immoral actions? In fact, I did not think of him in any way which went beyond the bounds of sharee’ah, but he did occupy a space in my thoughts for quite some time. But soon my self-respect made me reject the idea of being a source of enjoyment for this man in any way, shape or form, even if it was only psychological in nature, and I stopped getting involved in any kind of work that would force me to sit alone with him. In the end, I reached the following conclusions:

1- 1) Attraction between the sexes can occur in any circumstances, no matter how much men and women may deny that. The attraction may start within the bounds of sharee’ah and end up going beyond those bounds.

2) Even if a person protects himself (by marriage), he is not safe from the snares of the Shaytaan.

3) Even though a person may be able to guarantee himself and he works with the opposite sex within reasonable limits, he cannot guarantee the feelings of the other party.

4) Finally, there is nothing good in mixing and it does not bear fruit as they claim. On the contrary, it corrupts sound thinking.

SENRAN KAGURA Estival Versus - Localization Blog #3

The Way of the Waifu
By Ryan Graff, with contributions from Brittany, Tom, Mai, Liz, Junpei, Billy, Jason, Ken, Alyssa, and Nathan

XSEED was quite a change of pace and style from my last job, which was working QA for the usually T-rated Square-Enix. A few weeks before my first day here, Ken and Jess sent me some reference materials for my first XSEED project, wrapping up the European version of Valhalla Knights 3. I remember reading through the game’s text files, reading descriptions for items called “Survibrator” and “Congratulotion,” and wondering exactly what I’d signed on for.

It wasn’t long after VK3 went gold that I started my second major project here, co-localizing the main script for SENRAN KAGURA Shinovi Versus. Since I hadn’t played Burst before coming to the office, I took a crash course, reading up on the characters’ histories, relationships, and personalities.

SENRAN KAGURA has always gone out of its way to make each of its many characters as distinctive as possible in every way. Each girl has her own personality, visual style, fighting style, vocabulary, and personal history, and their stories grow and develop from game to game.

It’s not always easy for storytellers to juggle ensemble casts. Audiences need time, screen time, to bond with your characters, and it can be tough to balance the audience’s attention and affection amongst a large cast while also keeping the story moving forward. But when a storyteller pulls it off, the payoff is that each audience member, no matter who they are, gets at least one favorite character, someone they can personally relate to and root for.

With that in mind, one of the most frequently asked questions about SENRAN KAGURA is, “Who’s your favorite?” Since we write for the English version of the game, that question sometimes comes in different flavors, like “Who do you enjoy writing for the most?” or “Who would you most want to hang out with?” In short, which girl is XSEED’s waifu?

Me personally, I like writing for Haruka most, because I enjoy writing “eloquent, haughty young lady”-type characters (writing for Nero in Fate/EXTELLA was fun for the same reason), and because she’s so crafty and unpredictable. In terms of who I’d most want to hang out with, I think Mirai would make a fun writing buddy, Homura would make a kickass personal trainer, Shiki reminds me of my first crush, and Murasaki could always use a hug.

(We also occasionally get asked who our least favorite character is, but I like them all too much to really say, other than to note that I hope Minori gets more onscreen character development in future titles.)

But I’m not the only one who works on SENRAN KAGURA — credit goes out to everyone who proofs, tests, helps market, and otherwise contributes to the games (especially by playing them at home and spreading the good word!) — so let’s go around the office and see who’s down with who:

Haruka. She’s a true queen and I’d thank her if she stepped on me. 

I would say my SK waifu is Asuka. She is the first character I used. I also like her fighting style and her clumsy personality. But Rin is cool too.

Hard to pick only one, but I’d have to go with Hikage, whose struggle with emotionality makes her extremely endearing, but is more than made up for with awesome moves and general kickassness. Honorable mentions go to Mirai for the amazing outfit, Ayame for having the cutest face in the series (seriously, how is she so cute?!), and Imu for her admirable devotion to the one she loves (which makes her less viable as “waifu” material, but more awesome as a character IMHO). 

Hikage, all day.
- has no emotions
- is sometimes a berserk snake
- licks uses knives
- chill af
I was into masochistic gun ballerina for a while but she too hyphy.

Naraku ❤
- super loyal
- love the way she call herself (I believe it’s “I” in English but in Japanese, she calls herself  “Jibun” instead of “watashi”)
- fashionista (her hoodie and arm warmer thing)
- bubble gum❤
- not so emotional 

My SK waifu is Yozakura. 
- She speaks the Okayama dialect, which sounds super cute when girls speak it.
- She has giant fists.
- She’s good at cooking.  

I’m a nice guy and like all girls (except Minori and Hibari).  But my top 3 would be Homura, Kagura, and Renka.  
Homura: She’s Wolverine and voiced by Eri Kitamura.
Kagura: She’s god and fights by ripping holes in dimensions.
Renka: She drums like no other.  

Homura. Tan lines. ‘Nuff said.  

Rin definitely stole my heart (I’ll fight you for her, Billy!). Purple hair and glasses? Sign me up! But I also love her weapon and fighting style, as well as her friendship with Daidoji. ❤ 

Shiki. Something to be said about a multilingual witch.

As I wrap this up, SENRAN KAGURA Estival Versus has just gone up on Steam, and the Ikki Tousen DLC characters are finally available on PS4, Vita, and PC, after a long struggle to bring them overseas. (Thanks again, Takaki-san!) We hope everyone enjoys reconnecting with the girls (or meeting them, if it’s your first time), and keep your eye out — you never know what might come next!

I just wanted to say this because I know there are a lot of abuse survivors/ victims in the ks fandom (I’m also proud to say that I’m a survivor cause I JUST got out of my abusive situation) but anyways: reminder that reading killing stalking (or any story by that matter) does not determine your actual character, personality or worth. You’re not trash and you’re not disgusting just for reading a story. Also if you use ks or other dark media as coping mechs you are not disgusting and it’s a perfectly normal and healthy way for abuse victims/survivors to cope. And that’s not just coming from me but licensed therapists. If you need anyone to talk to or vent to you can message me or slide in my inbox.

CW, I love Riverdale. And I love the characters. But what I don’t like is the shit you’ve been giving us recently.

I mean.. .
I can take the bughead with a grain of salt
I can handle the blatant queer bait with beronica
I am OK with beronica being best friends.
Oh boy, I’m fine with you making Veroica aloof, relationship wise.
And prioritising her development- because god bless
I can even DEAL with whatever fucking hetero ships you throw at my fave involving betty and veronica separately.

But I can’t fucking STAND the fact that you haven’t even given us ANYTHING beronica at all. Not even the FRIENDSHIP YOU’D PROMISED US.

They were suppose to, at the very least, be best friends, close and reliable to each other. But no. You gotta fucking shove other ships down our throat when we don’t want it. I want plot progression AND CHARACTER development. I want friends that last for ages. I can handle not having ships at all!! BUT WHEN YOU LIE AND KEEP QUEER BAITING US WITH YOUR PETTY SCENES AND FALSE PROMISES I’M NOT SURE I CAN DO IT MUCH LONGER.

I’m so frustrated at this point that I’m getting MAD at the end of episodes now because relationships- friendship wise- are suffering because of your heterononsensical shipping and dumb ass romance love pentagram (triangle) subplots.

The only reason I’m staying now is to see whos the fucking killer at this point! Fuck my ships right? Not like you fucking care about your overwhelming fanbase. All you care about it the money that rolls in from the queer baited fandom still desperately clinging to hope and not stepping on the sensitive ass toes of your average soccer moms who are sitting at the edge of their seats to just fucking rage about the “unholy” relationships that you’re portraying.

The one gay/lgbt character you have is neglected and we see NOTHING of him and his boyfriend/Interest and the hint from 08(?) Suggests it’s a fake ass ship to begun with anyway.

I swear to god if this next episode is also filled with more relationship filler and more negligence to the plot And character development and what REALLY MATTERS, then I think I’m personally done. I’m going to stay in episode 11 history and blog about Beronica until I’m dead or the tag dies out.

Good fucking bye.

anonymous asked:

It's honestly so unbelievably frustrating when people keep insisting to use the fact that snape was a death eater as a 'gotcha' for how he's a terrible human being, because snape changed, he showed regret, he tried to fix his mistakes, and those people refuse to see that. How awful to be so unwilling to forgive, to insist that one action is enough to condemn someone forever. And it's so damaging to see that, because they're telling us that no one should forgive us for our mistakes.

it’s definitely a symptom of tumblr culture to look at his character like that tbh. in tumblr morality, the moment someone does ONE problematic thing (regardless of the “level” of problematic) they’re immediately and forever a Bad Person EVEN if they apologize for the problematic thing or if it happened years ago when they were younger and didnt know better and theyve done way better stuff since, and so on. it doesn’t matter bc all tumblr culture judges people on is if they’ve DONE a problematic thing, not the circumstances around it, the time it happened, the level of remorse the person feels for having done it, the badness of the problematic thing, and so on. 

so yeah, for tumblr the fact that snape joined the death eaters trumps the fact that he left, that spent nearly half of his life actively working against them, that he was instrumental to their demise, that he shows clear signs of no longer believing in their ideology. none of them matters bc he did the problematic thing. it’s the same with the mudblood incident - bc he said it to lily, it doesnt matter that he apologized for it, that he clearly regrets it, that he hates the use of it afterward, that he was under pretty heavy emotional stress at the moment when he lashed out, and so on. 

when it comes to call-out culture, nuance means nothing. complexity doesn’t exist. forgiveness is a foreign concept. all that matters is: this person/character did something Bad and therefore we must hate them and if you like them then you’re clearly a terrible person or ignoring the Bad thing they did. 

the fact of the matter is that yeah, snape joined the death eaters. he was young, he was stupid, and rowling makes it very clear to us that many of the young people who joined the de have little to no idea of what it actually entails. he makes a pretty huge mistake that ruins the rest of his life. and when he gets out, he doesn’t run away or hide or try and cover up his mistakes… he joins the order. he protects harry, he follows dumbledore, and he spends twenty years undermining the death eaters and helping to defeat voldemort. he changes. he’s a very different man when the series starts than he is when he was 20, and an even more different man when he dies. so it’s beyond frustrating to have people freeze him when he’s 15, when he’s 20, and refuse to see the adult the became - who is still flawed, no doubt, but who doesn’t hold the same beliefs and doesn’t follow the same regime. 

but anyone who’s stuck in call-out culture is never going to be able to accept that and it’s sickening and frustrating and it makes it really hard to discuss snape with them.

honestly? the only shakespearean character tropes that matter are the person alive at the end of the tragedy and the person alone at the end of the comedy

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I could use a little advice, if possible. I very much want to get into cosplay, but I don't even know where to begin. There are characters I love, but I don't understand how to convincingly pull off these characters, so have no idea how to choose one. I can't make anything because my skillset doesn't go farther than the most basic repair work, and the premade stuff I've found is pretty expensive. I see makeup tutorials and end up completely baffled, so I'm kind of lost.

Hello there!

First of all, you don’t have to choose a character because you think you can pull it off, regardless of what you mean by that. Want to do an outfit but don’t have sewing skills? You can always learn and practice (or put off the costume until you’ve built up your skills more). Think you don’t look like a character? You don’t have to look like the character. If you want to wear the outfit but don’t look like them, then ignore that. The only time it matter is your personal comfort – if you don’t feel right doing a character you don’t look like, you should let your comfort take priority, but if you don’t want to do a character because you aren’t as thin, attractive, pale, whatever else as them, don’t worry about those things. this isn’t a lookalike contest, it’s cosplay. It’s for fun. 
(Examples of being personally uncomfortable would be things like how I recently did a fem version of a character because I knew I’d be uncomfortable with the fact that I wouldn’t pass as a teenage boy in spandex – still did the character, but I changed some things so I’d be comfortable with it. But if I did cosplay, let’s say, a beefy man like Joseph Joestar, and was comfortable with it and enjoyed it, despite being scrawny, no one should have a problem with that. Your own feelings about your cosplay are what matters. If I did that and someone said something about my size and apparent gender not matching the character’s? That’s not someone I’d want in my life. their opinion doesn’t matter. As long as you aren’t outright being a jerk and harming others, no one has any right to tell you that you are having fun wrong, and you always have the power of the block button if they do.)

The thing with a hobby like cosplay is that we all have to start somewhere. No one is going to go from not being able to sew to pulling out masters-level costumes overnight. Building up a lot of these skills involves a lot of practice and dedication.

That said, you don’t have to make your costumes. You always start somewhere. Are there any characters where you can modify storebought or thrifted items? That’s a great way to get started with cosplay, and you can still dress in costume, but you don’t have to worry about making some complicated. Do you want to learn to sew? Choosing a simple outfit that you can find a pattern for (things like schoolgirl uniforms are great for this) can really help, since it gives you instructions on how to make the item, and you can build up your skills with easier garments and work your way up. If you have money for premade or commissions, that’s great, but if you don’t, you can do a lot on your own for very cheap if you know how to shop sales or can get items at a thrift store. With luck, a good eye for sales, using items from your closet (shoes are the big expense here), and often a little bit of skill (such as dyeing a piece or cutting and rehemming a piece or adding some decoration), you can make an entire cosplay for $15. I’ve done it. 

For building up your skillset, it’s all about practice. Find a very basic makeup tutorial and try following it, step by step. Do it every day, or twice a day, until you master the techniques. Try another one. A lot of tutorials assume that you have at least some basic skills in the area that the tutorial is for, but you can find tutorials that explain every step. For sewing, start with something very simple, like a pillowcase, if you need to. You don’t /need/ these skills, though, unless you /want/ to make your cosplays. Often, however, due to cost and availability (or costumes, of sizes, etc.), you end up needing to make something yourself if you want it at all, or else pay a commissioner. It sounds like making is the path you want to go down, though, and this can include both making from scratch and altering pre-existing items.

It’s hard, but don’t compare yourself to anyone but yourself when it comes to this kind of thing. You just started, you don’t need to be an expert yet. No one was born an expert, which is why things like tutorials exist – people are often more than willing to share their knowledge. If you don’t understand a step in a tutorial, ask. Don’t compare yourself with someone who has been cosplaying for 15 years and works in the costuming industry and has the free time, money, and experience to pull out amazing costume after amazing costume. Do you know what they were doing 15 years ago? Probably starting on their first project, like a simple skirt or a pillowcase or a plush toy. Certainly messing up. Certainly learning from those mistakes as they went. You have the advantage of building on a lot of that knowledge that is now being shared in the community (and so many more materials and resources!), but there’s no substitute for trying something yourself and learning from that. Don’t be afraid to fail. You often learn more from mistakes than from successes. 

As for how to start on costumes, it really helps to take things step by step, a little bit at a time. Look at one item first, rather than the overwhelming whole. Look at one part of that item. Start there. You’ll be far less baffled if you think of it as one small piece, rather than an entire costume. For tutorials, break them down as well. What are they doing in this step, exactly? Can you mimic that? Try it, over and over. 

I also have a Powerpoint on how to choose and plan cosplays here.

Cosplay is a hobby. It should be fun, not an overwhelming stress. I would say to take it slow, choose something simple at first, build up whatever skills you are trying to build (whether that is sewing, armor, makeup, or even bargain shopping), take your time with your projects, and enjoy wearing them, even if they aren’t something that’s going to be winning a contest any time soon. Be proud that you made that. Be proud that you can show off your fandom in that way. Meet new fans. Build up your skills. And keep having fun with it. There’s no wrong way to be a fan.

I hope that helps! :]

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff

[Honestly, people thinking Lotor will be this creepy pervert in VLD is getting super annoying for me. having watched DOTU and Go Lion, I can say Lotor and Sincline are two totally different characters. In Go Lion, the subs, Lotor, known as Sincline, was very ruthless, and creepy. He killed one of his servants for spilling wine on him! This was removed in the localized along with the other edgy parts like the Galran drinking human blood, Zarkon having a harem etc.] Dub!Lotor, [while by no means a saint and some of his actions were still wrong and I would never justify them,] is not anywhere near as dark or perverted as Sincline [by a huge long shot. He had a lot more shades of grey to him. He helped out the team on occasion. His obsession with Allura came off as more as an intense crush. He never even had a harem! Honestly, comparing Lotor and Sincline is like saying Draco from A Very Potter Musical is the same thing as the one from the books. It’s just stupid to me. The creators of VLD also said while they’re adding some concepts, and ideas from Golion, they’re going to leave out the super edgy stuff, much like past Voltron adaptations. They also want to do their own spin on the story and characters. It’s absurd to think Lotor be Sincline. They made many changes done already and he’s already name Lotor not Sincline! The other Galra were already downplayed from Golion in which they were demonic beings. Not to mention, I highly, highly doubt the VLD writing staff would be able to get away with all of the stuff Sincline did in Go Lion. I find it more likely they will adapt the dub version of Lotor because it is more appropriate for the target audience and the creators grew up on DOTU!Lotor instead of his Go Lion counterpart. The show staff are talented people, so I have little doubt they will make Lotor more multidimensional and have more shades of grey to him. Either way, I’m excited about how the VLD staff will adapt Lotor in VLD and have faith they will make him a interesting, entertaining and multidimensional character no matter what personality they decide to give him. I personally see him either being an anti hero (because his DOTU personality did rebel against his father and had more shades of grey to him) or a complex villain. Either way, I highly doubt he will be as perverted or creepy as Sincline.] -submitted by anon