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Al alumno se le escolariza para que confunda “enseñanza” con “saber”, la burocracia del bienestar social pretenden un monopolio profesional político y financiero sobre la imaginación social, fijando normas sobre qué es valedero y que es factible. La desventaja educacional no puede curarse apoyándose en una educación dentro de una escuela. El que todos tengan iguales oportunidades de educarse es una meta deseable y factible , pero identificar con ello la escolaridad obligatoria es confundir la salvación con la iglesia.
—  La cimarra es la educación - Anarkia Tropikal. Chile.

Ma’at represents both the Egyptian concepts of and personification of truth, order, balance, justice and harmony. Isfet is her ideological counterpart, representing lies, chaos, violence, injustice and disharmony.

The sun-god Ra came from the primaeval mound of creation only after he set his daughter Maat in place of Isfet. If Isfet were to rise, humanity would decay and return to a primordial state.

↳ day four: ma’at and isfet


I’m sick of seeing tumblr special brand of stupidity and lack of common sense. Are we really equating the New England Patriots to trump? If we really want to bring trump into it then I ask all of you, who won the state of Georgia during the presidential election? That’s right trump, Georgia voted red, just like the color of their football team. While Massachusetts, where the Patriots are from, voted entirely blue. So do you really want your super bowl champs to be from a state who voted for Hitler 2.0? So yea I would say the right team won last night.

trump had nothing do with it, those guys earned their win. They went into the third quarter with a 25 point deficit and won in Over Time. They worked hard for that win and getting mad that they won just because their coach is friends with trump is just stupid and belittles their hard work. As @ashermajestywishes said Bill and Brady are not the Patriots and they do not represent MA. So please get over yourselves.

Cherán, el municipio donde no habrá elecciones #Elecciones2012

“si el gobierno tuviera un poquito de vergüenza, no se atrevería a hablar de elecciones cuando no han garantizado nada de seguridad. Por eso, en Cherán, ni un partido más”.

Quien quiera votar podrá trasladarse a municipios vecinos como Nahuatzen, Paracho, Arantza y Tanaco.

Cherán, municipio en Michoacán, será el único lugar de México en que no se celebren elecciones para Presidente, diputados, senadores y alcaldes.

Desde mayo pasado, el Concejo Mayor Municipal acordó en Asamblea Comunal no permitir la instalación de casillas en Cherán para evitar la intromisión de partidos políticos y candidatos, quienes pondrían otra vez en riesgo a la comunidad, según los habitantes de este municipio.

Uno de los miembros del Concejo lo explicó así: “si el gobierno tuviera un poquito de vergüenza, no se atrevería a hablar de elecciones cuando no han garantizado nada de seguridad. Por eso, en Cherán, ni un partido más”.

Vice México publicó que durante varios años, la comunidad de Cherán sufrió el saqueo de sus bosques por talamontes, quienes estaban protegidos por células de La Familia Michoacana. La gente del pueblo pidió ayuda al gobierno municipal, que en ese entonces era del PRI, al gobierno estatal, del PRD y al gobierno federal del PAN. Nadie les hizo caso, así que el 15 de Abril de 2011 dijeron basta y se levantaron, armados con piedras, palos y machetes para defender sus recursos. Estuvieron atrincherados por varios meses, instalaron retenes en las cuatro entradas del pueblo y barricadas en cada calle.

La lucha siguió hasta que lograron destituir al gobierno municipal y apelando a leyes internacionales consiguieron el reconocimiento de su autonomía indígena y el derecho a elegir a su gobierno por usos y costumbres.

Así, el domingo 1 de julio, los habitantes de Cherán no votarán en su municipio. Quien quiera hacerlo podrá trasladarse a municipios vecinos como Nahuatzen, Paracho, Arantza y Tanaco, según el Vocal Ejecutivo del Instituto Federal Electoral en el estado, Joaquín Rubio Sánchez.


This isn’t a cosplay post but it was a request.
Here I’ll talk about my tattoos & such.

1. Blackwork- It’s supposed to be a half sleeve when it’s done. I think I may leave it like that (solid black ink) but I’m toying w/ scarification but idk. I always wanted a bold solid piece. Cannot wait till it’s finished.

2. Tokidoki Little Devil- Originally it’s listening to an iPod but the artist thought it was too small & the placement it wouldn’t look right so I went w/ traditional trident. I got this at a tattoo convention. I love Tokidoki a lot & I always wanted a sleeve but that’s a lot of color but I wanted cute stuff too so it was perfect. Plus it’s my nickname too.

3. Dragon & Poem to my Parents- Dragons are lucky in Chinese mythology, my Mom is a Dragon in Chinese zodiac & love dragons. I want 2 more dragons.

The poem is in Latin & in Spanish. It says “My Mother My Father
My Creator My Destroyer (in Latin)
The Eternal Love Of My Life (in Spanish)”.
They made me & my Dad has that “I brought you here I can take you out” mentality & it was my 1st ode to them. The only 2 ppl I’ll love forever no matter what.

4. Tokidoki Cherry Blossom Skulls- Again I love Tokidoki. I wanted something cute so I got these. It’s a combo of cute & skulls lol. It’s me.

5. Jordan- This is my Nephew’s name. I love him to death & I was gonna get something that represented him but he’s little so his name just seemed better.

6. Tribal Ankh- My very 1st tattoo. My middle name is Ysis (a spelling variation of the Egyptian goddess of love Isis) so I wanted to get something Egyptian. I was gonna get her but didn’t find a good Isis then I stumbled upon this drawing & wanted it. I didn’t want something plain at the time so this was perfect. I am gonna get an Isis & the Eye Of Horus eventually.

7. Spades & Baby Elephant w/ For Ma- The Spades represent my Dad. He’s a gambler & if you take the last 4 letters out of my last name you’re left w/ Ace. These are my least fave & I’m gonna laser them off to get a better Spade. They didn’t heal right & it’s not how I wanted them but I got convinced to do it that way but yea. I learned never to let someone convince you to do something else especially w/ tattoos. You don’t wanna regret.

I was trying to convince my Mom to get this but she chickened out lol. So I got it for her. My Mom collects ceramic Elephants. My Brother & I for Xmas, her bday, & Mother’s Day (American & Dominican) get her those. It’s easy lol. It’s her fave animal so it fits. I’m eventually gonna get Ganesha too.

8. Love in Japanese- I got it there cause at the time no one was getting tattoos on their foot & I wanted this so she thought it be better there for future if I wanted to hide it to get it there. I got this w/ the Tribal Ankh. I always wanted it. Love is something deep for me. I’m gonna get more Japanese themed tattoos eventually.

*Muscle tank top: Michelle for Forever 21
*Bra: Online from Japan
*Leggings: H&M
*Glasses: Mine

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