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To whom would our extreme displeasure at the Netflix shenanigans be most effectively addressed? Should we be sending angry messages to Disney, Netflix, both of the above, or someone else entirely?

I would hold off on the messages for now, Anon (thank you for your concern and call for action, though). 

Keep in mind that their contract likely expired and they are in the process of renewing it. 

In addition, I also feel that the series won’t be leaving on a permanent basis considering that Disney is negotiating a contract with Netflix where they will host Pixar, Disney, Marvel and Lucasfilm content.

We’ll have to see how things go.

– Admin CG

im3 let me down in a billion and one ways but hoo boy…that scene where my son dons sunglasses and goes on a Normal People™ Adventure at a hardware store 2 take down a terrorist with homemade gadgets and tries to inconspicuously fill 2 carts with fun goodies and push them at the same time…while sipping on an energy drink…..that was Really Good

Stop Americanising Miraculous Ladybug

Ranting down here.

Might be slighty harsh but I DO NOT ASK PEOPLE TO STOP WRITING

This is not a solution post, this is a rant.

Mainly from my immediate instinctive reaction, so not necessarily filtered to please everyone.

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I don’t get why people keep calling Camilla a “flat character”

can’t they see

she’s very



Finally nailed it down: this Brian Eno quote about the Velvet Underground first appeared in the Los Angeles Times on May 23, 1982. From an interview with Kristine McKenna recorded on March 19, 1982.

(Photograph of Lou Reed, Nico and John Cale taken by Adam Ritchie at the Annual Dinner of the New York Society for Clinical Psychiatry, Delmonico’s Hotel, New York City, January 13, 1966. Jonas Mekas shot footage that you can see here.)

I really need more Marvel centric blogs to follow! I have an uneven balance between blogs I follow for this Tumblr and blogs I follow for my secondary so all the Marvel content gets swallowed up meaning I’m less and less active on this blog 🙁

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T’Challa, King of Wakanda
  • T’Challa grew up without a mother. He couldn’t miss what he’d never had, but he felt her absence when he observed his peers. He felt her absence on her birthday every year, when his father T’Chaka locked himself away in his quarters, refusing to speak to anyone, even T’Challa or Shuri. T’Chaka was a selfless man, and the kingdom gave him that day to mourn his beloved wife.
  • This meant that T’Challa was very close to his father. T’Challa respected him and his opinion far more than any others, not simply because he was king. But because T’Chaka was father, who held insurmountable care for not only his children, but for his kingdom.
  • Being the prince of Wakanda meant that T'Challa didn’t have many friends growing up. Of course everyone wanted to be his friend. But he could sniff out insincerity from a young age, and only placed trust in those who truly cared for him.
  • As an adult, T’Challa is incredibly close with the Dora Milaje, because he befriended those women when they were very young, when their mothers were protecting him. Formidable and committed, those women found ways to treat him like a son and not just a prince, filling some of the gap in his life.
  • T’Challa loved his sister Shuri dearly, as they grew older they spent a lot of time bickering; about politics and climate change. What to do with Wakanda’s vibranium, their thoughts on outsiders in their land. The more opinionated they got, the stronger they became, and T’Challa loved her endlessly for it.
  • Like all Wakandan royalty, he was sent to the Americas and Europe for his education. And T’Challa loved it. Seeing the world, finally putting all his linguistic studies to good use. Trying the foods, meeting the people. Making friends from all over the world. He snuck away from his guard to watch cities go by at midnight.
  • T’Challa did not have time to mourn after his father was murdered. He chose revenge, retribution. He did not cry about his father, not then. T’Challa fought, chased until he burnt out, after the wrong man. He ran away from the pain. It wasn’t until the hurt finally hit did T’Challa realize he may never see his father again. T’Chaka believed in running in fields of green for eternity. But T’Challa was not that peaceful, never had been. And his father was gone.

hello hello, i’m back at it again with another following spree, goddamn goddamn goddamn! anyways……. my dash has been so dead recently and i need more content to reblog since i spend like, a lot of time here bc im a loser. so yeahhhh

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