no man's land indeed

also we know why in ep 1 viktor asks if yuri wants a photo w/ him because from his perspective, all he knows of yuri is a vivacious fun-loving and sociable person who took a shit ton of photos with other skaters at that party which had probably only happened the night before, so it’d only make sense that this fun guy viktor’s already interested in would want another photo before parting, maybe chat and get each other’s numbers, right? but when yuri doesnt even say a thing to him and turns around and walks away, viktor, who has been repeatedly characterized as someone who, in the past, was incredibly irreverent and didnt really care about others or their needs and if that had been any other person probably would’ve said “whatever” and turned away, already forgetting about what just happened, but is instead left standing like this watching yuri leave

yuri katsuki enchanted the most beautiful man in the land who had never loved anyone before and left him. eros playboy, indeed.