no male

Shout out to the dumb boys who yanked my scarf off in the hallways and then laughed when I dropped all my books. Shout out to the guy who thought it was funny to go behind me during class and pull my bra strap to hear it snap then got defensive when I brought my fist out. Shout out to the guys who would say ‘that shit around your head is ugly you think you’re pretty?’ ‘let’s get married so I can see ur hair’ shout out to you because I love wearing hijab 100000x more because of you jerks

👑 I S S U E S 👽
Model: Christopher Marrs
IG: @marrs_the_martian

after did a little touch on kendall’s hair i made this because i remember someone told me to do korean hairstyle, so there you go :D

i need more extra small planes and hopefully the polycount won’t be that big.

and also do you guys have any name suggestion for this hair? because i don’t know what’s that guy name and i have no name idea cause i just want to do this few minutes ago.