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I love your blog. Can you please tell us your favourite makeup? Xox

these are what i think are pretty bomb ass products. like repeat buys


  • laura mercier radiance primer
  • mac studio fluid fix
  • bare minerals bareskin foundation
  • shea moisture sheer foundation
  • hour glass ambient lighting powder
  • hard candy bronzer in tiki - this is more of a highligher
  • nyx matte bronzer
  • wet n wild blushes
  • sleek blushes 

Eyes & Brows

  • wet n wild eye shadow palette comfort zone
  • anastasia beverly hills eye brow pomade in dark brown
  • benefit push up liner
  • loreal volumninous mascara 


  • sephora collection cream lip stain in matte red
  • mac lip in ruby woo
  • nyx cream lip stains in copenhagen & monte carlo
5 top tips for making your lipstick last longer

So we all know the feeling of applying our lipstick and after about 5 minutes, it has all rubbed off again. Here is a list of just some of my tips that will help keep it lasting that little bit longer – I’m not claiming any of these are brand new ways, just some that work for me! 

  1.  Firstly and most important – make sure your lips are lipstick ready by applying a non oily lip balm to remove any dead skin cells. If you do have some skin, try a lip scrub or even a toothbrush to remove this – there is nothing worse than seeing your lipstick with flaky lips, definitely not a good look for anyone. 
  2.  This one is 1 of my favourites, I must admit. I remember back when I was about 14/15, everyone in my school used to do this without putting any lipstick over it. Probably the worst look in the world but thankfully we have moved on since then…most of us. Can you guess what it is yet? Yes, Foundation lips. By putting foundation on your lips (whilst doing your whole face of course) or even applying a little bit on concealer, it will give your lipstick something to stick to and helps make it last longer and can bring out the intensity of a lip colour.
  3.  Using a lip brush will help you give your lips a good layer of colour and you can apply as much/as little as you like, once you put lipstick on with a brush – it tends to stay there. You don’t need to purchase an expensive brush, any lip brush will do the trick. 
  4.  The obvious one but still worth making note – lining your lips before applying your favourite lipstick. As well as making your lip colour stronger, it helps the products stick for longer and will not glide as much. 
  5.  Once you have applied your lipstick (either from the bullet or using a brush) place a thin piece of tissue paper over your lips, hold down and taking a press powder – dab the powder into the tissue paper as this will help hold your lipstick in place, remove the tissue and you’re good to go! 

 Let me know the tips that work best for you, I’m always wanting to know other people’s little tips so I can use them too!

 Natalie :) xox