no makeup so you're not seeing my face


Embrace the acne scars, embrace the chicken pox scars, embrace the eyebrow scars.

Your ‘imperfections’ make you who you are, and who you are is beautiful.

Spread love and positivity; this world is too full of hate, so let’s not add to it 💖

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yoongi scenario when you're at home comfortable with your hair up, glasses, and loose comfortable clothes and he comes over(you're dating) without telling you so when you open the door you surprise slam it back in his face because you don't want him to see you in that state(you've never been with him without having makeup on and wearing 'fashionable' clothes)

            I sat on the couch with sitting criss cross with my laptop setting comfortable in my lap. I pushed up my glasses as I scrolled through tumblr and finally became fed up with my hair falling into my face. I set my laptop aside and stood up, pulling up and sweats and readjusting my t-shirt before making my way into the bathroom. I flipped on the light and opened the drawer I keep all of my hair supplies in and grabbed a little black hair-tie, using it to pull my hair back into a high bun. I closed the drawer and flipped off the light, skipping a bit towards the kitchen to make a cup of hot chocolate.
            “Hello Mr. Swiss-Miss, you’re gonna go on a little adventure today,” I mumbled to myself as I pulled the box out of the cupboard and opened it up, pulling it out one of the packages before putting the box back and closing the cupboard, hitting myself in the head. “Ah, hey now!” I exclaimed, glaring at the mini-door. “Calm down sir!” I said, pointing a finger at if before giggling at myself. I then slid my favorite mug out of it’s little corner and put some water in it, placing the mug in the microwave for thirty seconds when all of a sudden the doorbell rang.
“What the heck,” I grumbled and then pouted before shouting,”I’m coming!” and slowly shuffling to the door. “Who the heck could be there…” I whispered before opening the door and coming face to face with my lovely boyfriend Suga.
            “Hey Jagiya!” He said, smiling as he moved to give me a hug before I quickly slammed the door in his face. “Ya!” He yelled, “what the hell? What’s the matter with you?” He exclaimed, banging on the door.
“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming over?” I yelled back, latching the chain lock before opening the door again.
            “I wanted to surprise you!” He said, his face scrunched up with anger and confusion.
            “You should have told me! I’m not…in a presentable state,” I mumbled, trying to maintain my mental state of panic.
            “What are you talking about? Ya, Jagiya, you look fine! I’m not taking you out for a thousand dollar dinner! I just wanted to hand out!” He whined in frustration. I shook my head and pouted back, removing my glasses and hiding them behind my back.
            “No, you don’t understand! I can’t just look fine! I’m not even dressed casually! I don’t have any make-up on and I’m dressed in anything less than fashionable,” I whined out.
             “Ya, I’m sure you’re as beautiful as you are with make-up on! Just let me in! Please Jagi?” He asked, trying to coax me into opening the door. It worked. I closed the door and slid the latch off, opening the door slightly before running back into my livingroom and nose diving into my couch, rolling over so that I could sit up and cover my face with my hand, glasses still being held tight.
            Footsteps sounded throughout my apartment and then I felt the couch dip next to me before I peeked between my fingers and saw Suga there, frowning.
            “Come on Jagiya, don’t be like that. Look, if makes you more comfortable, I’ll go wash my make-up off so that we can be bare-faces together.
            “Really?”I asked, my eyes widening in surprise. He raise a brow and then got up and walked into the bathroom, the sound of the sink falling soon after. I removed my hands and crawled to the other end of the couch, peaking around the corner to see him scrubing off his eyeliner and eye shadow, trying his best to remove the concealer and foundation as well.
            “There,” he said as he shut the sink off and dried his face, “bare face. No make-up; just skin and acne.” He joked as he walked out and plopped down in my earlier spot. I stared in astonishment.
            “I didn’t think you were serious!” I said, scooting closer.
            “If it make you feel comfortable then I’ll do it. You look beautiful without your make-up on so, let’s complete the look,” he said as he grabbed my glasses and places them on my face. He stared for a few second before smiling.
            “Cute,” he said as he laughed a little bit. I smiled and blushed, falling forward and burying my face into his chest.
            “You said something about clothes earlier too though,” he said. I peeked up and thought back to earlier, nodding my head. “I can’t really fix that unless you want me naked. I mean, I don’t mind but,” I interrupted him with an outcry of “ya!” Before hitting him on the shoulder and laughing into his chest as he chuckled along with me.


I hope it’s to your liking sweetheart! =^-^=  I tried to make the ending happy and cute/fluffy.

~Admin Jiminie-Mouse

BTS doing 'my boyfriend does my makeup' tag
  • Jin: jagi.. You can't just rely on makeup products.. You need morning cream and night cream too.. See this skin? You think it happened in one night?
  • Yoongi: whyyy.. Let me sleep..
  • Namjoon: ... And i thought i was smart. I can't even name one thing.. Wait! I know this one! *break pencil eye liner*
  • Hoseok: ooh this is so funn! Can i try them on, jagi? Can i can i can i pleeeeasseee??
  • Jimin: jagi.. You don't need makeup. You're naturally beautiful.. *flirty face*
  • Tae: uwoohh what is this for? What about this one? This looks funny. Jagi what is this for?! Removing eyes?! *holding eyelash curler*
  • Jungkook: omo! Where did you get this lotion? And this perfume? I couldn't find them anywhere! *stealing them away for his collection*

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You're very pretty. But I think that you would be gorgeous if you didn't cake a mask of makeup onto your face.

I am so tired of asks like this.

Back handed compliments. -sigh-

Thank you, your opinion Is fair enough but there are two things you need to understand
1) my makeup is bold, it is not caked, it is not multiple layers of gunk. It is well blended, well done makeup as y’know, that’s what I do seeing as I study makeup and hair, offending my makeup skills is like trying to call oprah poor…it just ain’t right boo boo.
2) my makeup isn’t for you to find me pretty, in the nicest possible way, I don’t give shit. My makeup makes ME feel beautiful and that’s all that really matters, if you don’t find me beautiful, so what? I’m happy because I feel confident and pretty with the makeup that I like doing because not a single thing I do, not a single thing I put on my face is for you.


Happy Trans Day of Visibility!!! I’m happy to say I’ve grown to love myself and my appearance more than ever this year, and can confidently say I’m an incredibly handsome dude no matter what I happen to look or dress like~ I’ve had quite a few issues with some bitter transphobes telling me I’m not a boy, or making fun of me for wearing makeup, and I’m honestly so glad to be too good for those sorts of people to really bother. I hope everybody is safe today 💙💙💙

(he/him pronouns ONLY)

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Really? You're asking why you're still single? Lose the Drastic amount of makeup you wear everyday to a clean face

Legitimately laughing so hard at your bullshit. My eyes have rolled so far back into my head I can see my thoughts rn.

My face is clean and my makeups banging. With or without it I get guys on me. Not my fault you can’t handle me and my choices.

#whyarewesingle on an ugly selfie with a friend is clearly sarcasm, fucktard.