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Can I request a BTS reaction when their are your roomates and they are crushing on you, and they accidentally walk in on you naked?

this was actually really hard for us bc were never naked bc we have brothers around this was probably harder than our cheating request

Nams: Walking around the house naked was not your idea of having fun. Ever. So when you found yourself without a towel or clothes after taking a shower, you knew it had all been set up by your best friend. It was the month of April and you and your loud mouth made the whole month of April the prank month. It’s like it says, the whole month you and your best friend could prank each other to your hearts contents. But this was pushing it. You pounded your fists on your bedroom door, which was locked.“[y/b/f/n]! OPEN UP! SERIOUSLY THIS ISN’T COOL!” Instead of opening the door, your friend just laughed it off. “THIS IS SERIOUS WHAT IF NAMJOON COMES HOM-” fuck. Turning around there he was, in all his glory, standing at the end of the hallway with wide eyes as he proceed the situation. “OPEN THE DOOR OPEN THE DOOR!!!” You yelled out in a different anxious tone as you tried to cover yourself up. “Jeez, what’s your damage?” Your friend asked as she opened the door only to find you in a mess as you pushed through the door into your room. “YOU DUMBASS NAMJOONS IN THE FUCKEN HALLWAY TOU ASS!” You yelled at your friend as you slipped on your clothes. “God I’m so embarrassed.” Little did you know that Namjoon found himself in an awkward position of trying to figure out when he would ask you out.

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Yoongi: You never really liked being naked, maybe that’s why you never really had an intimate moment with anyone. Nonetheless, when you and your best friend, Yoongi, decided to move in together, your chances of really making a 360° on your opinion of being naked went out the window. There was just something comforting about having fabric wrapped around you, maybe you felt that way because it was the social norm, at least for women. So when you found yourself naked in the kitchen eating a slice of pizza, you wondered why. Oh right, that’s why. You never really felt sexy in your skin, it’s not like you absolutely hated your body or anything, there were just pieces that you didn’t like about yourself. Which gets you back on the topic, your friend had recommended that you have moments with your body, when you were just naked. It was a weird spiritual-mind thing, and you didn’t think it would hurt. Besides, your roommate was always out with his friends or at work so during the week you had the house all to your self. So when you turned around seeing him standing there in utter shock and with his eyes wide and mouth gaped open of the situation, you freaked. You face turned red as you dropped the pizza on the floor and bolted to your bedroom, locking it as soon as you walked in. To avoid the situation, you put on a random t-shirt and hid yourself under your covers contemplating your life decisions thar led up to this spectacular event. ‘you dumbass why would you do that? What made you think that was ok?’ So maybe you were loosing it, a lot. When you heard a knock on the door you let out a whine, “y/n, c-can we talk?” A soft voice that belonged to the one and only min yoongi hit your ears. “Please go away, I’m already embarrassed myself enough for one day.”“ Y/n, cmon everyone has a body, it’s nothing to be ashamed of,” you cringed at yourself as you buried yourself deeper into your bed. “Y/n cmon lets talk.” Yoongi said one more time, reluctantly, you got up and walked to the door. When you opened it, you couldn’t even look at him in the eyes, so you looked down at the floor instead. “Are-are you wearing my shirt?” His question almost startled you as you looked at your shirt and then at him. “I-I guess I am? I’m so sorry I’ll go chan-”“no, no it’s fine-god, uh” you’d never thought you’d see Yoongi this perplexed. “Would you, uh, do you wanna go on a date some time?”

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Taehyung: ‘Alright tae today’s the day, you can’t keep beating around the bush my dude!’ Taehyung kept pumping himself up in the hallway of their apartment. “Why can’t I just ask them out???” He said as he ran his fingers though his hair in frustration. “It can’t be that hard!” He exclaimed before he ran down the hallway in search for you. Hyping himself up maybe was a good Idea in the moment but when he opened your door to find you getting ready to change clothes, all there in all your naked glory, he completely blanked. “OH MY GOD TAE GET OUT!” You said as you threw a pillow at his face before running behind your bed. “Kim taehyung please get out!” You whined out, Tae, finally snapping out of it turned around red faced. “Wow good job Taehyung! Now how are you going to ask them out?” He exclaimed thinking it was all in his head. “Woah woah wait- what?” You said as you grabbed your t-shirt and covered your upper body as you peeped from behind your bed. ‘Fuck’, “I said that out loud didn’t I?” He said as he refused to look at you. You stumbled as you quickly put on your pants and stood behind him. “You dork!” You said as you wrapped your arms around him, “I mean you already saw me naked, I’d be a shame if I didn’t go out with you.” You didn’t need to see his face to know that his goofy, beautiful, signature smile was plastered on his face.

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Jin: running late was never your style, running late with makeup, hair and no dress on was totally not your style. Your friends had invited you to a night out and since it was a Saturday you decided going out wouldn’t do much harm. Nothing wrong with a girls night out. But of course you decided to start getting ready 30 minutes before your friend picks you up, real sly. Sadly, time was not on your side, as you scurried around the cubicle apartment, searching ever nook and cranny for your pink satin dress.
“Ughhh, SHIT, where is it?!” You whispered screeched after demolishing your closet, making it look as if a monsoon had occurred. Placing your hands on your hips (and away from your which had taken you nearly an hour to straighten), you tapped your foot and started thinking about where was the last time you saw your dress.
“Ok, first I left the house after Jin cooked breakfast, I finished class around 3:30 then went straight to the boutique to pick up my dress.” You thought long and hard. “And then I came home and showed Jin my dress—"
Cue the record scratch. Jin. JIN.
Without even realizing it, you stomped into Jin’s room, without even bothering to knock or throw some clothes on, and caught him playing some Mario Kart. Ha, very typical.
Jin looked up from his game when he heard a loud bang, only to drop his controller, jaw going slack.
“Y/n,” he said. “What are you, doing?”
You watched as his eyes trailed down your half naked form, a pink blotch spreading across his checks.
You cleared your throat, “ahem, my eyes are here, remember?”
Jin snapped his head back up, although his pupils looked like they were shaking. “What happened, shouldn’t you be getting ready.”
“I was,” you sighed in exasperation. “But it seems as if I’ve misplaced my dress.” You suddenly arched a brow at your roommate. “You wouldn’t have happen to seen it, would you?”
Jin tapped his chin in thought. “I remember you showing me, but that was the last time I saw it.” He looked up, noticing the suspicious glare you were throwing him.
“Hey! I swear, I didn’t touch anything. Cross my heart!”
You tapped your foot impatiently and crossed your arms. Opening your mouth to reply, you noticed something wedged beneath his bed, something pink.
“Uh huh, then why do I see a wad of pink under your bed?”
Jin looked over his shoulder, then back to you. “Um, everything in this room is pink,” he stated a matter of factly, gesturing to the pink rug, pink duvet, pink blanket, pink bathroom.
Well, looks like he caught you there.
Shoulders slumping in defeat, YOU heaved another sigh. “Alright, you’re off the hook. But what am I gonna without my dress?” You gestured to your bare torso, causing Jin to blush again.
He cleared his throats awkwardly and stood up. “Um, maybe you can borrow a dress from Hoseok’s sister. I mean she lives right on the first floor. Besides! She’s a model, I’m pretty sure she’ll have some dresses that’ll compliment your just fine!”
Your heart skipped a beat at that statement. Straightening up, you threw Jin a smile, before turning on your heel and walking into your room to get changed.
One hour later, Jin found himself indulging in his game when he heard his phone buzz. Picking it up, his heart fluttered when he saw a picture of you on a beautiful turquoise dress that was not too sexy, but made you look even more beautiful.
Underneath was a text: thanks Jin, I owe you one!!
Smiling to himself, Jin shut off his phone. Then, without even realizing, he reached under the bed, only to pull out a plastic bag and hanger they held the pink dress.
“It was a close one,” he laughed.

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Jungkook: Rooming with Jeon Jungkook definitely had its ups and downs. Face cleaners would sometimes go missing, shampoo bottle were often left half empty and there was the occasional tripping over timberlands—"swear to god Jeon Jungkook, if you don’t use the freaking shoe rack I’m kicking you and your sorry ass out of here!“ On the upside, Jungkook had a knack for singing in the shower which, while you wouldn’t admit it, was as quiet soothing. So yeah, Jeon Jungkook was full of surprises. Mostly good ones…
Jungkook stood in front of y/n, eyes wide open like a deer caught in headlights as he stared at her, wearing nothing but a pair of jeans and an unclipped that was (thank heavenly) held by her arms. Y/b bore the dame expression, cheeks turning into a soft tint of pink. The two held eyes contact with one another for another minute or so, until Jungkook finally found the on button for his legs and started walking towards the shared closet. Digging through his side, which was (surprise surprise) nothing but white t-shirts, Jungkook grabbed a clean looking one, strode over to y/n and held it out for her, avoiding any sort of contact.
“Here. Take it,” he mumbled.
Y/n stared at the shirt, then back to Jungkook. “What, really? You’re lending me your shirt?”
“Yeah.” He cleared his throat. “Don’t want you to get a cold.”
Noticing the tinge of red on the maknae’s cheeks, y/n accepted the shirt, careful not to drop her bra, and watched as Jungkook exited the room, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly After one silent minute, y/n pulled the white shirt over her head, laughing as it reached her thighs.
From behind the door, Jungkook leaned against the doorframe, cheeks red from embarrassment. “Way to go Jungkook, there goes your chance of asking y/n out for a date.” He blew a puff of air. “At least she looked cute in my t-shirt.”
Yup, mostly good surprises.

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Hoseok: “Yah! Y/n!” Hoseok hollered from the dressing room adjacent to the one y/n was using. “Are you almost done, I’m hungry!!”
“Just one more dress, Hobi,” you replied, holding another dress in front of your body.
“That’s what you told me fifteen second ago!” Hoseok stomped his foot like an antsy child waiting for his mother.
With a huff, Hoseok marched back and forth, hands in his pocket, hoping to pass the time.
Why did he think it was a good idea to let y/n take him dress shopping with her? She could’ve gone with anyone. Anyone with more interest. Like Jin. He probably owned a couple dresses himself.
Sighing once more, Hoseok stared at the curtain that separated the two of them. Still, he couldn’t deny the last two hours of just watching y/n try on a dozen dresses and modeling for him was kinda fun. Every time she walked out sent nervous jolts down his spine and butterflies in his stomach. She looked beautiful in all of them, but obviously he wouldn’t say that.
Looking down, Hoseok noticed that the strings of his laces were untied. As he bent down to lace them up, the hood of his jacket suddenly caught the hook attached to the bar holding the curtain up. “Huh?” Hoseok tugged at the hook. When it wouldn’t budge, he started twisting around in hopes of getting his hood loose.
“Come on, let go—whoa!” Suddenly loosing his footing, Hoseok came crashing down onto the floor in a heap of tangled limbs and a broken curtain. Groaning softly, Hoseok looked up and flushed fire truck red. Y/n stood there, in all her glory with a red dress pulled half way over her torso. From this angle, Hoseok caught a glimpse of her lace under…
“I’m so sorry!” He cried, hands flying comically over his eyes as he jumped to his feet and sped walk out the room, curtain dragging behind him.
Y/b blinked twice, watching Hoseok scurry away and was now hiding amongst the mannequins. Shaking her head, y/n changed back into her normal clothes and went up to the cashier to buy the red dress Hoseok had seen her in. Well, seen her taking off.
But hey, buyers can’t be choosers…unless you’re a clumsy fool named Jung Hoseok. A cute clumsy fool.

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Jimin: Y/n lugged around a heavy basket of laundry, bending over to pick up clothes that were scattered here and there, courtesy of Park Jimin and his lazy-afternoon-lounge-around-the-house kind of mood. Shaking her head in amusement, y/n huffed, carrying the pile of clothes over towards the closet slash washing room. As she walked into the leaving room, she suddenly ran into a small table, causing a vase of roses to fall of the ledge. Luckily, thanks to quick reflexes, y/n dropped her basket and caught the vase in the nick of time, however, as a result, a big splash of water soaked her white (why she chose to wore white is a mystery) blouse, making it see through.
Y/n released a groan. One more addition to her ever growing laundry pile. Yippee. Mind you, most of it happened to be Jimin’s. With a sigh, y/n grabbed the hem of her shirt and started tugging it off. However, what she didn’t hear was the sound of the lock turning and the door opening, followed by a “y/n, I’m home—OH MY GOD!!”
Y/n looked up, flushing mad red when she came face to face with none other than Park Jimin, who stared at her with wide eyes, lips pulled into a straight line. She also notice how his pupils seem to waver, as if he was trying to keep his eyes from wandering…oh shit, y/n thought, realizing that she had spent thirty full seconds flashing Jimin with her lacy bra donned chest. SHIT.
Y/n reacted face, groping for the clothes from the laundry basket and pelting them at her roommate. “PARK JIMIN, AVERT YOUR EYES. SHOW SOME COURTESY.”
“You were the one flashing though,” Jimin’s muffled voice resounded.
Y/n released a high pitched whine, stomping out of the living room in pure embarrassment.
Once the coast was clear, Jimin pulled the pair of boxers off his face. He looked down, noticing a puddle of water as well as the toppled vase y/n had dropped, along with the roses. Jimin sighed. Grabbing a paper towel from the kitchen, Jimin cleaned up the mess and set the vase back into place.
“Crap…” he mumbled. “I didn’t even have a chance to give y/n these.” He peeled the plastic casing from the tulips he had bought earlier for y/b and placed them into the vase.
Jimin scratched the back of his head. “Maybe next time I should do chocolates. No shirt?” No shirt.

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-Pheo and sara

Overcome (’95 Line Hogwarts AU Foursome Smut) (Part 3/?)

Summary: The after math of crazy night in the Hufflepuff common room has Jeonghan looking back on what (seemed) to be some much simpler times in his life. You, however, are trying to keep your head out of all the nonsense. But some amazing or terrible advice from a good friend and Seungcheol dangling his terribly amazing self in front of you makes things go downhill very, very quickly. Hogwarts AU. (Light) Smut.

(A/N: first of all, everyone on this blog is so sweet it’s giving me a toothache. your support, and your love and caring is probably the only motivation i had to really finish this. i love writing this and i love how it turned out, but it was so long and strenuous, you guys really helped me to the finish line. the whole ‘making out with your friend and it’s not gay’ thing is mildly inspired by Glee, cause yeah, i used to watch that back in my day, and yeah Britney and Santana was my shit. a couple of warnings: gayness, (despite the chapter title) mild gay sex, boy on boy kissing, a lot of fluff, very, very mild daddy kink, a little bit of angst. so if you’re not comfortable with any of that, please don’t read. also, whooo it finally has a title. the title is inspired by the Nu'est song because i love that song so so much, and that song is about magic and shit, but it’s also about love. and i just love the word overcome as a title because i feel like they all overcome so much to be with each other in the story. okay, enough crap, on with the reading. -Tanisha<3)  

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 4 

Part 3: Obliviate 

It was coming up on the second full week since the incident in the Hufflepuff common room, and Jeonghan was a mess. A nervous wreck, that is to say. Being left on the couch with his own cum in his pants and yours still wet on his fingers had been like a dream, but what came after the both of you did made it more like a nightmare. When people say you’re not supposed to fuck your friends, this is exactly what they mean.

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Femininity is Compulsory

Don’t tell me femininity is a choice. Today I shaved my legs for the first time in half a year and wore makeup for the first time in a year. In a dress, with shaven legs and mascara I didn’t feel confident, empowered, or beautiful; I felt drained, exhausted, and defeated. But I knew if I wanted to be taken seriously when interviewing for a job I didn’t have a choice.

Don’t tell me women aren’t shamed for not conforming to femininity. Every time I leave the house wearing shorts my mom asks if I’m sure I don’t want to shave my legs. Random men have laughed at me on the street. I’ve had a professor tell me that it wasn’t appropriate for me to have hairy legs at a formal event. I’ve been told I shouldn’t wear a suit with pants, that I really should “do something” with my hair. I’m constantly being described as looking tired, washed-out, and “not put together” since I stopped wearing makeup.

Don’t tell me your eyeliner is feminist or “smashing the patriarchy”. Women are payed less and discriminated against for not wearing makeup. Entire industries are based around making women feel insecure to sell them that same eyeliner. How is complying with exactly what the patriarchy wants going to dismantle it?

Femininity is compulsory in this society. Don’t tell me otherwise when you have never experienced what it’s like to not conform.

i hate posts like “women can wear pants and have short hair and men are shamed when they wear makeup and dresses IT’S OBVIOUSLY BECAUSE OUR SOCIETY HATES FEMININITY THAT’S CLEARLY THE MAIN SOURCE OF MISOGYNY” like …. do you know how hard women had to fight for all of these things? why do you think they were “traditionally masculine” in the first place?? women couldn’t wear pants or smoke or drive and they FOUGHT for it and i will not  dismiss their fight by pretending that being a masculine girl is absolutely a-okay in this fucking society

“Dress Rehearsal” - Darren/Mia

Darren in fishnets, a skirt, and boots.  Pegging.  That’s it.  That’s the fic.

It’s not right after, though a part of him wants it to be.  

She’s out with friends, and he does six things in the space of time that it would take someone else to do one or two.  He’s just about to accept an invitation to drinks when the hotel door opens—they normally have other places to crash, but the room is paid for and it’s central to their interests and why the fuck not, he’s on Broadway, man—and he’s still in a skirt, fishnets, and heels.  He’s been practicing turns and crouches and kicks because if he doesn’t keep moving he’s going to come out of his skin.

“Method,” she growls, low and somehow sweet at the same time, puts down her bag, kicks off her shoes, and exhales in satisfaction as she whips off her shirt and bra, “badass, babe.”

He’s been a vibrating, needy mess all evening, thinking about her out with her friends, in a crush of familiar bodies, thinking about her lips and her tits and the way her mouth curls around a cocktail straw and her laugh after she’s bummed the cigarette that she tries to only smoke socially now but can’t resist when she’s drinking.  But sitting there on the end of the bed with his stocking-clad legs spread wide open and the skirt stretched between them, watching her come out of the bathroom in just her panties, there is only one really solid thing on his mind.

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Confession: Women blaming/shaming

I wish people would stop this culture of blaming women for how men treat them. My sister and cousin are really going to sit here and blame me for the fact that a dude I met in class and tried to be FRIENDS with couldn’t take a hint at the fact I was not romantically interested in him .

This dude continued to flirt with me and tried to get into my pants multiple times and became borderline obsessive. “Well that’s what you get for always wanting to wear booty shorts and caking your face with makeup”, “that’s what you get for not knowing how to be rude” , is what my sister told me. Like what the fuck? So I’m supposed to cover up every inch of my body, not wear makeup, and be rude to boys in order to be treated with respect and not attract P.O.S males?

I can’t help the fact that someone decides to take romantic interest in me nor can I help the fact that genuine kindness is apparently so rare in today’s world that so many men seem to think that just because you are friendly to them means that you want to sleep with them.

Like when are we going to start placing the responsibility on these males? When are we going to start telling these males “no means NO”? When are we going to start reminding these males that a girl is more than her pussy? Most importantly when are we going to start telling them that a friendship with a woman DOESN’T have to be anything more than just a friendship?

I’m so annoyed 🙄

So Tyler wore a dress to his show and looked amazing and people are getting mad and making fun of him over it ???
TBH get the fuck away from my blog if you’re gonna insult any man for wearing a dress
Girls wear pants constantly and those are “traditionally” men’s clothing so if you’re gonna shame a guy for wearing a dress better start shaming girls for wearing pants too you heartless hoes
Tyler looked adorable as fuck as always and Josh wears eyeliner and eye makeup all the time so maybe calm the fuck down you judgemental ass people

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Carmilla was bound and held captive for nine days or more So who unbuttons her pants when she needs to pee ? Laura ?

Do vampires pee? A few weeks ago, I would have said that vampires don’t have periods, but that turned out to be false. I don’t understand why or how. They can’t get pregnant. 

Can they? 

I know it’s possible in some vampire mythologies. (I’m thinking of the Underworld series, not Twilight by the way.)

And it wouldn’t be just Laura unbuttoning her pants, since the girls watched Carmilla in shifts. (Also, that would mean Danny would be routinely telling her Sisters, “Ladies, I’ll be spending the next four hours in Laura’s room if you need me.” None of them dared bother her.) 

I expect vampires don’t pee then. Not only would they have to unbutton her pants; they’d have to get them off. Her leather pants. And then they’d have to get them back on for modesty’s sake. She was tied to the chair. How would they do any of this, much less sit her on the chair? 

Plus there’s the very gross point that if vampires do pee, Carmilla when she was buried underground would have been urinating in her food supply. Yuck. 

Other bodily function thoughts: Does vampires hair grow out? Most fiction implies it does so that they can style actors’ hair as necessary. But… does that mean Carmilla had a nine days’ growth under those leather pants? Just asking the hard questions. I mean, we know she was baby-smooth right before, because she expected to be shedding those pants within the hour that first night. 

What about her pits? She was wearing a corset. Are we thinking the dimwits starved her, but took the time to pull out the razor for her dignity’s sake? Oddly enough, I can see that happening. LaFontaine might do it solely to nick Carmilla for the blood sample and healing experiment.

(Side note: I don’t mean to shame anyone who chooses not shave their body hair. But Carmilla does not appear to be one of those people.)

Did someone wash off her eye makeup?  

Did her eyebrows grow out? Did Laura pluck them? Or Perry? (I can’t see LaFontaine or Danny volunteering for the task.) What about as a torture technique. 

Did she get eye boogers?

Was she ever so hungry that her fangs extended instinctively? Were they the central incisors, lateral incisors, or the cuspids? I dearly hope it was the last one, because any fiction where it’s anything but the canines is just wrong. 

Did the garlic do anything

Did they try using holy water or crosses on her? 

I think the takeaway from all of this is that there’s a reason the Geneva Conventions exist.