no makeup no pants no shame

i hate posts like “women can wear pants and have short hair and men are shamed when they wear makeup and dresses IT’S OBVIOUSLY BECAUSE OUR SOCIETY HATES FEMININITY THAT’S CLEARLY THE MAIN SOURCE OF MISOGYNY” like …. do you know how hard women had to fight for all of these things? why do you think they were “traditionally masculine” in the first place?? women couldn’t wear pants or smoke or drive and they FOUGHT for it and i will not  dismiss their fight by pretending that being a masculine girl is absolutely a-okay in this fucking society

So Tyler wore a dress to his show and looked amazing and people are getting mad and making fun of him over it ???
TBH get the fuck away from my blog if you’re gonna insult any man for wearing a dress
Girls wear pants constantly and those are “traditionally” men’s clothing so if you’re gonna shame a guy for wearing a dress better start shaming girls for wearing pants too you heartless hoes
Tyler looked adorable as fuck as always and Josh wears eyeliner and eye makeup all the time so maybe calm the fuck down you judgemental ass people