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Looking upon the Face of Allaah

When the people of Paradise enter Paradise,

Allaah will say: Do you want anything more?’

They will say: Have You not brightened our faces, admitted us to Paradise and saved us from Hell?

Then the veil will be lifted and they will not have seen anything more dear to them than looking upon their Lord, may He be glorified and exalted.

— The prophetﷺ| Sahih Muslim #266

I can not put to words what a fangirl-boner I am having right now.

So, I said that the musical episode of Once Upon a Time fell kind of flat for me in my Fandom Rant about the show. And that. That’s true.

But holy Hades am I having a fangirl boner over the German dub right now.

They dubbed the songs. They did not just lazily take the English-songs and suddenly switch to the original audio and sub it. They translated the songs and sang them and it is so fucking beautiful.

I am so happy about this.

TV showes never bother with those kind of things. Buffy. Flash. Heck, they didn’t even bother with the TV movie Descendants. If it ain’t on the big screen, Germany is not gonna put the effort into translating the songs and having them be sung by someone. And it agitates me.

That Once Upon a Time - a show famous for the fact that they don’t even bother using the fairy tale figures’ German names and instead just use the English ones - bothered to translate the songs and have them sung amazes me and makes me happy in a way you can’t comprehend.

Not to mention that they are fucking beautiful. Part of why I didn’t like the original musical episode was because fuck me none of them could sing. Which, okay, they were never hired as singers after all. But oh, the German one is so beautiful and I am melting into a puddle of happy fangirl goo.


The thing is. I love the English language. If you give me a TV show, a movie, a book and make me chose between English and German, I will pick the English version over the German one. Aside from Disney movies. There are Disney movies I have never seen in English before because I am terrified of the English songs and dub. Because I know nothing can beat the German dub.

English is great for description, for action and tension and clever wordings.

But German is the more poetic language and I will fight you on that. It’s literally the one joke that makes me bare my fangs, the one where non-German speakers make fun of my language for being harsh and rough. It is not. It’s a beautiful, flowery, poetic language.

Disney movies are the ones where it shows. The songs are so much more magical due to the wording in the German dub, they are more romantic and fantastic. (Also, in most cases, the singing is better).

So. Yeah. Excuse me while I will continue gushing to myself while listening to the soundtrack of the episode on a loop.


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“I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream…”

i wish people would stop seeing animated movies at the result of big name studios and see them rather as the result of the hard work of hundreds of artists who dedicated their time and effort into creating something for us to enjoy


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❝We do have one little advantage. What advantage? There’s two of us❞

twice upon a time, christmas 2017