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why is it that you loathe us who teeter on the edge of nothing?

happy release day, 358/2 days (05/30/09 in japan) + happy birthday, me!

im so Extra im making that powerpoint on all the gay in dorian gray

who knows if it will ever see the light of day


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Fluff Friday: December 23 “Scarf”

I’m LATE! And I missed last week. Man, being home for the holidays does not make for a productive mouse. I mostly sit on the couch rereading favourite books and looking pathetically at whoever is currently in the kitchen until they take pity on me and make tea.

So here, have a fluffy fic for Christmas Eve!!

Set the morning after i guess i’ll have to learn to be delicate (with your heart), the fic that started the smol!Kakashi shenanigans. @beyondthemoor

Sakura has a newly five year old sitting her in living room attempting to glare at her while simultaneously doing his best to not to drown in Naruto’s clothes. This can mean only one thing: shopping.

Sakura narrows her eyes.

Kakashi glares back.

This stare-off they’ve got going on is approaching absurd lengths, but Sakura refuses to break. She is not losing to a five year old. Especially not a five year old swathed in a much too large jounin shirt and a pair of frog boxers.

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17 going hiking

Dino: I’m booooooreeeed. We should have went to the aracade instead.

Mingyu: *trips on a twig* *picks out leaves from his hair* I agree with the maknae *branch smacks him in the face*

Wonwoo: This is so stupid.*glares at Joshua* Do you even know how to read a map? I swear we’ve passed that tree five times already.

Joshua: *has the map upside down* Yeah, yeah, I know what I’m doing. Don’t worry *screaming internally*

Jun: Oh my god we’re going to get lost and die here, I can feel it in my bones. Whose idea was this anyways? I swear when we get lost they’re going to be the first one to get eaten.

Seuncheol: *takes the map from Joshua’s hand* Ooookay, someone keep an eye on Jun. And relax, we are not lost and if we had to eat anyone first it would be Mingyu.

Mingyu: Why me?!

Seungcheol: You’re the biggest

Mingyu: *runs and hides behind Wonwoo* (T﹏T)

Wonwoo: *brings out a pocket knife* if any of you try to touch him I’ll cut you 

Seungkwan: wHErE dID YoU GeT a KNIFE??!!?!

Wonwoo: Don’t worry about it

Jeonghan: Children, don’t use violence to solve your problems 

Dokyum: Be quiet, you’re not our real mom! 

Jeonghan: *gasps* When we get back to the dorm you are so grouned!

Seungcheol: Wait, is this even the right map???

Dino: *starts to cry*

Joshua: I’m impressed Vernon, you actually seem pretty calm right now. I figured you would hate this the most *glances at the mess behind him* or at least you’d be the first to snap

Vernon: *smiles* of course I’m fine, hyung *trips over a rock* !@$*%$!!#!*#$&

Joshua: Spoke too soon

Dokyum: Wait, has anyone noticed the lack of immenent death *looks around* lol where did Woozi go?

Seungcheol: JFC, again?! 

Seungkwan: Now that you mention it Hoshi and Minghao aren’t here either

Jun: Minghao isn’t here?!??!!!

Wonwoo: Good job idiot, you didn’t even notice your boyfriend was missing

Jun: Shut up, you left Mingyu at the mall before 

Wonwoo: You wanna go?!

Dino: *yells at the sky* what did I do to deserve this 

Down at the base of the mountain at some expensive souvenir store

Minghao: Why are we in here?

Hoshi: Because hiking is stupid and did you really want to be stuck up in the mountains with them?

Minghao: Good point. 

Woozi: *walks into the shop* so this is where you guys have been

Hoshi: Eh, what are you doing here?

Woozi: There was a path.

Hoshi: Well, what wre the members doing?

Woozi: Last time I checked Joshua was leading them in circles

Minghao: *only one looking conerned* Will they be okay?

Woozi: They have eachother

Hoshi: They’re gonna die, aren’t they…

Woozi: that’s a possibility

Minghao: *starts to cry*

Woozi: gdi 

I’m going to share a couple pet peeves and solutions with you. ☺️ I hope that you will follow, as I don’t have too many pet peeves, and this is part of my vision for improving global wellbeing. 💖 I really don’t like the word ‘fight’ or any of it’s relatives like battle, hack, etc.; especially when used in phrases such as ‘fighting cancer’. I define these words as a very strong opposition or resistance. Opposing or resisting cancer, which is typically nature’s way of waking you up to your behaviors / patterns that aren’t serving you or LIFE in general, isn’t the easiest way or even a way to perfect health. (There are times that it’s clear what causes cancer, such as radiation. I’m referring to the times when western doctors can’t find an external cause.) If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with what most western doctors label as terminal, I recommend taking a look at your life and checking in if you’re living it in a way that respects ALL of nature, including your own body, mind, and soul. If not, those opposing behaviors need to change, if you’re looking for a cure. I recommend studying and practicing universal laws if you are looking for answers on how to live and thrive. 😉 I realize that when most get to being labeled 'terminal’, that there may not be enough time for you to stop thinking, feeling, and doing all the toxic stuff you’ve been doing for so long, in an instant. The solution is to ALWAYS listen to your body along the journey of life. 👂 If you feel ANY dis-ease in your body, this is nature’s way of gently telling you that something that you’ve been experiencing does not serve life. Surrender to LIFE (nature), instead of resisting. Learn to be like water, and ADAPT with the flow of life. Embrace and celebrate nature’s messages, even if initially they cause you pain. 🙌 Nature is only trying to make your life easier, but if you keep ignoring its signals, nature will destroy you, sooner versus later… Humans canNOT ever outsmart nature. The answers and cures to all of your ailments are withIN each and everyONE of YOU. 🌟 My additional related pet peeve is using the word 'cancer’ in phrases such as 'cure cancer’ and 'cancer awareness’. We should be grateful for cancer, because in most cases (unless an external cause) cancer is a last chance for you to live your life differently, aka serving all of life/nature, so you can truly thrive. Nature is telling you, “I’ve sent you all these messages, yet you kept ignoring and trying to suppress me, so here’s your last and biggest wake up call to be a better human!” We should instead use phrases such as 'have perfect health’ and 'perfect health awareness’. As a writer I have always been sensitive to language. As a meta and quantum physicist, I understand how powerful words are because ENERGY / God, which is the only thing that exists in the whole entire universe, flows where YOUR attention goes. So ask yourself please, do you want perfect health, or its opposite? ~ Sorinne


↳ prompt: rules of the game

but then again, you never really were one to follow the rules.

But seriously, Connor and Michaela have been set up as being extremely similar from day one.  That’s why they’re rivals.  They’re both smart, elitist, bitchy, competitive, and impossibly good looking.  When it came out that Michaela’s fiancé had had a thing with Connor, I wasn’t surprised at all, because obviously if you’re in love with Michaela, Connor would also be your type.

More than just sharing personality traits, they do similar things in similar time spans.  They were the two standouts in the first episode.  Michaela was unnecessarily mean to Laurel, calling her by the wrong name, minutes before Connor was unnecessarily mean to Wes, with the whole, “You have friends?” thing.  They are both constantly throwing smug looks at each other when one shows the other up.  Judging by the flash forwards, they both lose their heads in crisis situations, which is so interesting because they’re both normally so confident and poised.

Like, I understand if you dislike both of them, because they’re both kind of unpleasant people, and I wouldn’t want either of them as a friend, but there is no legitimate reason to like Connor and not Michaela.

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honestly, saying that you 'cant do any other style' is really selling yourself short, and all that is going to do is stop you from improving at all. you cant be closed off to change, otherwise youre just going to stagnate and not learn anything. learning IS change, IMPROVEMENT is change, and its something you should get more comfortable with if you want to make your art better. you definitely have the potential and drive to do it, so try to be more open to criticism and suggestions and change!

Anonymous said: also dont worry about things ‘not coming out decently,’ youre gonna have to make some mistakes before getting better, and being constantly worried about messing up is only going to make it look like you drew with your teeth clenched the whole time haha. try to relax!

Yeah well I like staying in my comfort zone, and

I can improve just fine without completely changing my style at once :3c
(Explanations are in the tags if you don’t understand what I mean lmao)