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RULES: you must answer these 92 statements and tag 20 people

1. drink: water
2. phone call: my brother to call me down for dinner
3. text message: ok (in reply to my mom texting me it lunch time)
4. song you listened to: GOT7 - if you do
5. time you cried: i think the first time/2nd/3rd time i listened to rapmonster - reflection
6. dated someone twice: nope
7. kissed someone and regretted it: nope
8. been cheated on: nope
9. lost someone special: nope
10. been depressed: yes
11. gotten drunk and thrown up: nope

12-14. - white // - pink // - yellow

15. made new friends: yep
16. fallen out of love: no
17. laughed until you cried: yep (probably kpop related)
18. found out someone was talking about you: nope
19. met someone who changed you: i don’t think so
20 found out who your friends are: if you mean like a particular even proving who your friends really are? then no, my year was uneventful
21. kissed someone on your Facebook list: nope

22. how many of your Facebook friends do you know in real life: all of them, it’s like an adress book/contact list for me
23. do you have any pets: 2 cats (puntje & hoshi)
24. do you want to change your name: i think as soon as a name is mine, i’ll start to think of it differently so it’s bes(t to stick with the one i’ve got
25. what did you do for your last birthday: i always end up working on my own birthday even if i take the day off.
26. what time did you wake up: normally around 7.30 but due to the heat i ended up sleeping untill noon
27. what were you doing at midnight last night: partially cleaning my room/ partially trying to fall asleep i think
28. name something you can’t wait for: nothing particular atm, but we are gonna see wonderwoman tonight so i suppose the cinema snacks
29. when was the last time you saw your mom: during lunch
30. what is one thing you wish you could change in your life: my financial situation
31. what are you listening to right now: nothing atm
32. have you ever talked to a person named tom: yeahh
33. something that is getting on your nerves: my SPRING ALLERGIES
34. most visited website: tumblr or youtube
35-37. lost questions??
38. hair colour: its like a desatuarated dark blonde bordering on brown, i used to have gold blonde hair when i was a kid
39. long or short hair: it’s around the middle of my ribs atm
40. do you have a crush on someone: nope
41. what do you like about yourself: my patience or open-minded-ness
42. piercings: 8 in my left ear, 7 in my right ear, a nose piercing and a belly button piercing. still planning for more.
43. bloodtype: A+
44. nickname: Mel, it’s the only one i’ve got and i wish people used it more
45. relationship status: single
46. zodiac: leo
47. pronous: she/her
48. favourite tv show: no favourites
49. tattoos: i don’t have them
50. right or left handed: right
51. surgery: 2/3 years ago i had a breat reduction, that was my first and only op
52. piercing: ???
53. sport: i used to do karate from when i was 6 to 12 and never did anything since
55. vacation: i’ve always wanted to go to japan, i am so i love with their food
56. pair of trainers: i usually wear vans but i have 1 pair of nike airs and 1 pair of g-stars

57. eating: nothing right now
58. drinking: i should drink water
59. i’m about to: take a shower and get ready for the cinema
61. waiting for: money to fall out of the sky so i can treat myself to some food
62. want: m.. money lololol i am sorry but money does buy happiness
63. get married: want to at some point
64. career: graphic designer, just hope i can find a job

65. hugs or kisses: hugs
66. lips or eyes: eyes
67. shorter or taller: taller than me but otherwise no specifics, like toll is nice to hug and smoll is nice to be able to look into their eyes without breaking my neck
68. older or younger: relationship wise, i want people my age, so maybe 3 year older or younger but no more (tho i suppose when love happens, love happens)
70. nice arms or nice stomach: i am a sucker for both, i recently saw a picture of jungkook with his nice arms so i am just gonna says arms for now
71. sensitive or loud: i can be both, so i honestly don’t think i care
72. hook up or relationship: relationship
73. troublemaker or hesitant: i’m a hesitant person so someone a little more troublemaker would be nice

74. kissed a stranger: no
75. drank hard liquor: yes, vodka is the only alcohol i like cause i can hide the taste behind ice tea or energy drinks
76. lost glasses/contact lesnse: i don’t wear them
77. turned someone down: yeah
78. sex on the first date: no
79. broken someone’s heart: nope
80. had your heart broken: no
81. been arrested: nooope
82. cried when someone died: yeah
83. fallen for a friend: nope

84. yourself: i don’t think ever
85. miracles: no
86. love at first sight: definately a storng attraction at first sight but not love
87. santa claus: no
88. kiss on the first date: probably not a hefty make-out session but a sweet kiss, sure
89. angels: no unless you count kim seokjin

90. current best friend’s name: Deliana
91. eye colour: light blue/grey
92. favourite movie: iron man?

i’m exhausted lol and off to take a shower

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i don’t think i am getting to 20 tho… feel free to do this and if not, no problemo!


…I feel like there’s a story here.

The Types as Things I Said When I Was Little

My (ISFJ) mom kept track of the funny things my siblings and I have said, so I had the idea for this post.

ENFP: “Daddy can’t have a GIRL-cheese sandwich… He has to have a BOY-cheese sandwich!”

ENTP: “I don’t want to be a mom. I just want to be a choo-choo train driver!”

INTJ: *Is using scissors and mom asks if I’m being careful* “Yes, Mom… all my fingers are still on my hand.”

ENTJ: *Grabs remote and points it at sister* “Mom, let’s just turn her off.”

INFP: “Mom, what letter comes after ‘z’?”

INTP: “Well, I live in the United States and I’m free, so I can choose to do whatever I want, and I choose to have a cookie for lunch, so you have to let me.”

INFJ: “Mom, Uncle [his name] has the same mom and dad as you. Did you KNOW that!?”

ENFJ: *Talking to my mom* “I love you, my sweet, sweet child.”

ESTP: *At 11:00 PM* “Mom, I would give ANYTHING to exercise right now!”

ISTP: *Sister asks me who Cupid is* “It’s this guy that shoots you with a gun on Valentine’s Day.”

ISTJ: “Mom, you have to be responsible!”

ESTJ: “Mom, [sister’s name] is mine.”

ISFJ: “There are two things I really hate: germs and Satan.”

ESFJ: “Daddy, you have the most beautiful eyeballs in the whole world.”

ESFP: “But Mom, your hairstyle feels great and you feel great!”

ISFP: “Mom, if you could take out your eardrums, could you bang on them?”

Close as Strangers

Close as Strangers: Chapter One

You were happy it was your last year of school. That was until you had to start tutoring your old best friend, Jeon Jungkook. Otherwise known as “Mr. Popular.” 

Word count: 5.6k

Genre: High School au, angst

This was my 5sos story I started on Wattpad but I wanted to do a BTS version.

{Playlist} Parts: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven |eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve

It was August 20th, the first day of senior year. You were pretty excited, you honestly felt this was going to be a great year. You guess you were also happy this was the last year of high school. You got up and turned off your alarm. Your phone read, 7:15. You’d only lived a couple of  minutes away from school, so you could afford to sleep in a little more.

You got up and grabbed your uniform out of your closet. Yet another reason to be excited about this school year, you only had to wear this god awful thing one more year. You got dressed and went to the bathroom, going through your morning routine. Once you were done and ready you grabbed your backpack and headed downstairs. You went into the kitchen and saw your mom and dad eating breakfast.

Your dad looked up from the paper, “Y/N, look at you. You’re up before noon, how does that feel,” his smile was contagious.

“Forced,” You smiled.  

He laughed and went back to his paper. “Y/N,” your mom spoke.

“Yes ma'am?”

She walked over to the table handing you two paper sacks. “Your and Yoongi’s lunch for today.”

You smiled and looked up at her, “Thanks Mom.”

“Sure,” she spoke as she sat down at the table. You’d started to eat some toast that was on the table when Yoogi rushed in.

“Sorry I’m late,” Yoongi shouted from the hallway as he came into the kitchen.

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My Angel // Jeff Atkins x Reader

Originally posted by pinkcollapse

Prompt: Can you do a Jeff Atkins one-shot where the reader is his girlfriend and leaves the party before he goes on the beer run and gets in the accident and Clay finds him and he’s still alive but needs to go to the hospital and Clay calls her and she goes to the hospital and Clay stays for a while and then leaves and Jeff wakes up and sees her sleeping on the chair in his room? There’s cute couple stuff when Jeff returns to school. No smut. The reader isn’t on the tapes.

You were at Jessica Davis’s party that kicked off junior year. Jeff and you were talking to Clay and Hannah in the kitchen. Jeff had his arm resting around your shoulder comfortably. You checked the time on your phone.

“It’s getting late. I should get home soon,” you announced.

Jeff looked at you with pleading eyes. “Awe, stay babe. Please?”

“Jeff, it’s late and I’m really tired,” you caressed his face.

He kissed your cheek delicately. “I’ll go with you.”

You sighed. You didn’t want to be the girlfriend that forced her boyfriend to go wherever she went. “No, Jeff. You stay and have fun.”

He smiled at you in admiration. “Let me walk you to your car at least.”

You nodded your head and took his hand in yours.

“Bye Hannah! Bye Clay!” You waved at them and they waved back.

Jeff walked you to your car with your fingers intertwined with his. You unlocked the doors and turned around. Jeff pulled you closer to him by your waist and you wrapped your arms around his neck as an instinct. Both of you stayed there hugging each other in comfortable silence. He lifted his head from your shoulder and connected his lips with yours passionately. You felt every ounce of his love for you within that moment.

He pecked your forehead. “Get home safe, baby girl.”

You inhaled his addicting scent of mint. “I will. I love you, Jeff Atkins.”

He flashed a smile at you and kissed your nose. “I love you too, (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N).”

You gave him one last peck on the cheek before entering your car and starting it up. He watched you pull out from the driveway and blew you a kiss. You pretended to catch it and drove off towards your house. You unlocked the door silently and crept up the stairs. Once you got in your room, you texted Jeff you got home safe. He replied instantly. 

Atkins: that’s good baby ❤️ I’m gonna go on a beer run real quick!

Y/N: didn’t you drink tonight?!

Atkins: two beers, two hours ago 😄

Y/N: promise me you’ll be careful

Atkins: I promise. I love you 💛

Y/N: I love you Atkins 💓

You locked your phone and went to the restroom to get ready for bed. After a showering and brushing your teeth, you laid in bed ready to fall asleep. You were in the midst of a dream consisting of a future with Jeff when your ringtone woke you up.

You answered it without looking at the caller ID. “Hello?”

“(Y/N),” Clay spoke concerned.

You sat up in your bed. “Clay, what’s wrong?”

You could hear his heavy breathing on the other end of the line. “It’s Jeff. He got in a car accident and he’s in the hospital.”

You sat there silent, unable to move. Tears started to well up in your eyes.

“(Y/N)? Are you there?”

You snapped out of your trance and wiped your tears. “I’ll be there in ten.”

You threw on Jeff’s varsity jacket on over the oversized t-shirt of his. You kept your pajama shorts on and laced up your converse. You drove in silence, memories of Jeff replaying in your head.

You snuck out of your house to meet your best friend in the park.

“Jeff! Are you crazy?! It’s midnight!” You whisper yelled.

He was sitting at the top of the slide, staring down at you with a smirk. “The best memories are ones made by spontaneous actions.”

You sat on the swing, adoring the teenager with the heart of a child. He slid down and stood behind you, pushing you forward. You swung your legs back and forth and allowed the sound of crickets to calm you down.

You observed the stars above you. “Jeff! You should swing with me! The stars look amazing from up here!”

He didn’t respond. You suddenly felt your body stop and Jeff pulled you closer to him. You glanced over your right shoulder and saw him staring at you in admiration. Both of you leaned in slowly, cautious of how each of you would react. You felt a spark ignite in your stomach when his plush lips touched yours. He pulled away only to give you one more last kiss.

You rested your forehead against his with the biggest grin. “How long have you been waiting to do that?”


You arrived in the hospital parking lot, unprepared for what was ahead of you. Once the hospital doors slid open, you saw Jeff’s parents along with Clay in the lobby. Mrs. Atkins came up to you and grasped you tightly. You immediately responded by crying into her shoulder.

“It’s okay, mija. His hip bone is broken, but he’s in a coma. All we can do is pray.” You nodded and she wiped your tears. “You can go see him if you’d like.”

You thanked her and went towards Clay in the waiting seat. He stood up and gave you a sympathetic look.

You broke down in his arms.

“I’ll stay with you until you’re ready.”

“Thank you, Clay.”

Clay sat with you in the waiting room, rubbing the top of your hand in comfort. After calming down from all the tears, you got up from your seat. You gave him one last goodbye hug before heading towards Jeff’s room. You saw the love of your life peacefully resting with a bandage around his forehead and a cast on his waist along with minor cuts and scrapes. You sat in the seat beside him.

“Hey Jeff,” you expressed. “You may not be able to hear me right now, but please fight. Please fight for your parents. Please fight for the people that love you. Please fight for me.”

You sniffled and rested your head against his shoulder as you held his hand. “You know, I had a dream. I had two beautiful children with a beautiful husband living in a beautiful home. Once you get through this we’ll have it all. I promise to give you all my love and make that dream a reality.“

You leaned back in the chair with your hand still in Jeff’s.

Mrs. Atkins came into the room. “Honey, it’s getting late. You should get home.”

“It’s okay, Mrs. Atkins. I want to stay with him.”

She smiled at your love for her son and kissed the top of your head. “I have to get to work. Please text or call me when he wakes up.”

She squeezed your hand in left the room. The sound of the monitor beeping filled the empty room as you waited patiently for Jeff’s eyes to open. The rhythm of the machines dozed you off to sleep.

Jeff’s POV 

The pain soared throughout my whole body and I felt a major headache banging against my skull.

(Y/N)’s voice began to fill my ears. “You know, I had a dream. I had two beautiful children with a beautiful husband living in a beautiful home. Once you get through this we’ll have it all. I promise to give you all my love and make that dream a reality.”

I tried to open my eyes and respond to my love but my body was too weak. I felt guilt run through me as the memories of another car crashing into the left side of my car flowed into my head. She told me to be careful, but I wasn’t. I became drowsy again and fell into another slumber. 

I pried my eyes open a few hours later. Her hand was still in mine as she squished her body into the small chair. I noticed she had on my jacket along with my shirt underneath. Her hair fell delicately against her face as her mouth was slightly parted. My lips formed into a weak smile. She was my angel. My guardian angel.

I shifted in the bed and squeezed her hand to wake her up, knowing she was a light sleeper. She rubbed her eyes and looked at me with astonishment.

“Come here, baby.” I attempted to open my arms.

She slowly molded into me, afraid to hurt me. The tears streamed down her cheeks. “I thought you were gone, Jeff. Don’t ever scare me like that again.”

I ran my fingers in her hair. “I’m sorry, darling. And I will give you all my love and raise those two beautiful children with you.”

She looked up at me in shock. “You heard all of that?”

I chuckled with a slight pain. “Yes. I love you so much.”

She kissed my cut lips sweetly. “I love you more than anything, Jeff Atkins.”

You  carried your boyfriend’s books and backpack along with yours. He saw you struggling and tried to take his backpack from you.

“Jeff! If you try to grab this from me one more time I’m not gonna let you kiss me for a week,” you threatened.

He let you drag yourself with the weight on your back. “You’re a cruel woman, (Y/N).”

“Not cruel, just helpful.”

Lunch came around and you fed him the soup his mom packed.

“You guys are so adorable,” Hannah conveyed. “Why aren’t you like that with me, Helmet?”

Clay placed his arm around her shoulder. “Because nothing is more unique than a (Y/N) and Jeff love story.”

Jeff ate the chicken noodle off of the spoon. “You know I can feed myself, babe. My hip bone is broken, not my arms.”

You scooped some for yourself. “I know, I just wanted an excuse to treat you like a baby.”

Jeff leaned over and pecked your cheek. “I love you more and more every day.”

“Right back at ya, babe,” you winked.

Hannah and Clay made gagging noises and both of you just laughed. Jeff snuggled his head in the crook of your neck.

“So what are we naming our kids?”

See you again//Jughead Jones

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Request: I lost the request but I hope it’s good enough.

“Do you have to go? You can just stay with me! We can sleep in my treehouse so you can stay.” 8 year old Jughead said to me.

“I have to Jug, my daddy’s going away for work and I have to go with him. I promise I’ll come back someday.” 8 year old you stuck their pinky out. Jughead wrapped his pinky around yours, making both of you tear up. Hugging him one last time, you left.

(Y/N)’s P.O.V.

“I’m back Jug.” You whispered after seeing the Riverdale sign. It had been 8 years since you’ve seen him. After 8 years of being away from this town, your parents decided to come back. You would be living in the same house, going to the same high school as everyone else. 

“What do you want for lunch, hun?” Your mom asked looking back at you.

“Burger, fries and a milkshake.” You replied getting out of the car. “I’m gonna go get a booth.”

“Get the one in the corner!” Your dad said.

“The one we always used to get?” You questioned.

“You know it.” 

Sitting down in the booth you failed to notice the 4 teens sitting near you. 

Jughead’s P.O.V.

“Is that (Y/N)?” Betty whispered.

“I think so, she looks so different.” Archie replied. 

“Who is she?” Veronica asked.

“A long lost friend. She had to move away because of her parents. We were 8 when she left.” I smiled sadly.

“You guys were close?” Veronica asked.

“The closest. We were engaged to be married. We got each other rings, I still have mine. I had a wild fantasy that if I kept it she would come back.” I said.

“Well your fantasy came true, but it took 8 years.” Veronica smiled.

(Y/N)’s P.O.V.

Deep in thought, you failed to notice a black figure slide into your booth. 

“Hi.” Someone said. Looking up you saw a girl with black hair and a big red smile. 

“Um, hi?” You were unsure who she was. 

“I’m Veronica Lodge, I’m friends with Betty, Archie and Jughead. I wanted to say hi.” She explained. 

“Are they here? At Pop’s? Right now?” You asked. 

“Yeah, they pointed you out as soon as you walked in.” Her eyes flickered towards your left hand. 

“Does Jughead still have his?” You asked.

“Yep, he kept it, thinking it would bring you back. He keeps it on a chain around his neck.” 

Lifting your eyes you saw your parents talking to Archie. Just seconds later you saw Jughead stand up and wave to your parents before walking towards you. Grinning you stood up and ran towards him. Meeting you half way, he picked you up in a fierce hug. 

“I missed you so much.” You whispered. 

“So did I.” He looked into your (E/C) eyes. 

“I heard Jason was murdered.” You said.

“Yep, also on heartbreaking news. Twilight is being teared down.” He replied.

“Okay lovebirds, we’re going to hang at Archie’s. See you there.” Veronica winked.

“Don’t take too long.” Betty said.

“It’s not like we’re going to do anything.” You said rolling your eyes. 

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you know what I love more than college aus?  fake relationship/dating.  slow burn.  this is being broken up into multiple parts so i can satisfy the need for slow burn.

title: homecoming, pt. 1 (or, how my latte-stealing coworker became my boyfriend for the weekend)
fandom: hamilton
pairing: tjeff x reader
rating: t
word count: 2975

You have a high school reunion that you can’t miss, and you’re in need of a boyfriend to keep both your parents and your classmates off your back.  You don’t have a boyfriend — but you do have one very irritating, accommodating coworker.

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After stepping away from the circus today, I thought I would share a funny story that happened at lunch with my Mom, and a few friends. I can tell you that between all the laughing last week, and again today….I should have killers abs by summer!

Anyway, ya’ll know that I am from the south, and my Mother is a very southern mother. She really frowns upon swearing, and side-eyes me ( even at 54!), when I use disparaging words like idiot, which I use quite often. I asked her once what she calls these people and without batting an eyelash said “Dear…those people are misguided and a little dim-witted and cannot help it. It really is sad to be in that condition”. Southern smackdown at its finest!!

Two of my best friends joined us ( they are OL & SC fans, and are very into TW and IG), and we started talking about the show. My mother does not watch OL because she refuses to pay for a cable channel! Anyway, I told them about the new GF, and they were all WTF…complete with Mom’s side-eye! One pulled up the latest pics on the trusty I-Phone, and let’s just say they called BS immediately. One then proceeded to pull up the T2 pics and said “didn’t they just go to this?….to which I replied yes. Enter Mom…stage left.

She said, and I quote about Sam and Cait…."They are a lovely couple, and seem very much in love, even though her dress was a little tight ”….sigh. We then showed her the Piaget event, to which she frowned and said “Bless her heart…she is trying really hard isn’t she? To which we replied what do you mean, and Mama said…"Well, it looks like she is trying to get his attention by wearing that horrible outfit ( of course, she was appalled that it was white since we haven’t passed Easter yet), and said ” that man was nice enough to take a picture with her, now he needs to find that pretty wife and go home".

When I told her that it looks like he may be now dating her, my Mama did not miss a beat. She frowned at us, picked up her iced tea and said…“Well…he is an idiot”.

Here’s to the wonderful wisdom of my sweet Mama, who just proved that even people who are not on the ship, or even average fans see what we see! Ship on sweet shipsters! 🙇😍❤

Those Kids

pairing: connor murphy x reader

word count: 5000 (god who even am i)

genre: fluff/angst (tbh all my connor imagines are so far)

a/n: OKAY so this one is more of a platonic fic (altho if the story continued i would probably make it romantic) and it’s just kind of simple and whatever whatever. but i hope you like it regardless because i worked,,, pretty hard on it!!! enjoy <3

From Mom, 7:36 am

You got your lunch money from the dining room table?

To Mom, 7:41 am

yes mom

From Mom, 7:45 am

Your cellphone is fully charged?

To Mom, 7:46 am

yesss mom

From Mom, 7:49 am

Okay. Have a good day, sweetie, see you after school! Don’t get into too much trouble; try and make some friends. :*

To Mom, 7:51 am

ok mom love you

From Mom, 7:59 am


Sighing, you slipped your phone into your pocket and leaned your head against the window.

To say that you were nervous about your first day of school would be an understatement – you were terrified. Absolutely terrified. You had no idea how to get around the school (you had been sick the day they did the tours for new students), didn’t know a single person there, and honestly, you weren’t quite sure where it even was. Your mom had showed you the building, of course, and she had driven you around the neighborhood so you could see the streets that surrounded it, but… that was weeks ago, and besides, you had been too stressed out about all the items you lost in the move to even really pay attention.

You saw a brick building rising up over the trees – only slightly familiar, but familiar enough you knew it was the school – and stood up from your seat, awkwardly making your way through the crowd of people to the front of the bus and letting the driver know this was your stop.

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Notes (Bucky Barnes X Reader)


Originally posted by calif0rnia-lovers

For as long as you’ve known Bucky, you’ve known him to be a quiet and reserved person. You understood why, of course, and you never pushed him past his comfort zone. Though, over the past few months you have tried to weasel your way past his walls and become his friend. Honestly, it was one of your main goals for the last four months. 

You were running out of ideas, though. You tried talking to him, cracking jokes, anything and everything you could think of to get the guy to like you. Still, he kept his reserved thing going on around you, which made you mad. You were just about to give up, until a new idea struck you. 

You were sitting in the television room of the Avenger Tower, frowning after your latest attempt at becoming Bucky’s friend had backfired.  You didn’t even notice Sam walk into the room and sit beside you. 

“What’s got you so down in the dumps, (y/n)?” He asked as he plopped down on the couch, making you slightly bounce in your seat.

“Oh nothing. i’m fine. What’s up with you?” You tried to dodge his question, flashing a smile at him, causing him to chuckle. 

“Oh nothing,” he started, mocking your tone, “just getting read to leave for a mission.” At this statement you quirked your eyebrows, as you hadn’t heard anyone was leaving for a mission. 

“Oh? Is it a solo mission?” You asked, becoming interested. You wanted to know where he was going in case he needed backup. No matter how annoying Sam was to you, he was still one of your good friends. 

“Oh no, Barnes is coming with me, and maybe Nat. It’s just a day mission, we should be back late tonight,” Sam filled you in, and then he stared at you expectantly. 

“Ugh, a day mission. I get to play mom and pack you all lunches,” You rolled your eyes, smiling slightly.  

When you arrived at the tower, you were very quiet and shy. In your life before the tower, you didn’t have many friends, and survived on your own, often homeless. You weren’t used to all the nice people and things, and it kind of overwhelmed you. So for the first couple of months of your residence, you spent most of your time in your room. 

Eventually, you loosened up, and your protective, loving, and fluffy side was coaxed out of you. This side of you took up long-term residency, making you a genuinely bubbly and sweet person most of the time. You had a motherly sort of nature towards the rest of the group, even though you were one of the youngest.

This motherly side of you was discovered when, one day, half the team was called for an all day mission. They were going to spend most of there time cooped up all day observing their target. You decided that they were probably going to be super hungry, so you took it upon yourself to pack them lunches. When you gave it to them just before they left, they all laughed and thanked you. From then on, you made everyone lunches when they were going out on all-day missions. It was kind of your thing. 

You smiled at the memory, but were brought back to reality by Sam snapping his fingers in front of your face. You giggled and turned your attention back to him. 

“Right, well it looks like I am going to have to go pack three lunches, just in case Nat does go with you boys,” You said finally, hoisting yourself up off the couch. You made your way out into the kitchen, pulling three brown paper bags out from one of the cabinets. 

You wrote ‘Sam’ on one with a little heart next to his name, like you did with everyone. After you did ‘Bucky’ with a few extra hearts scattered around. Finally, you did ‘Nat <3′ with the annoying internet heart you reserved just for your best friend. 

Once you finished making the lunches and packing them into each bag, you were about to roll the bags closed, when an idea sprung into your head. You ran out of the room and into the living room, where you knew Wanda’s multicolored Sharpies were located. Grabbing the purple Sharpie and a little blue post-it-note, you ran back into the kitchen. You scribbled hastily, before slipping the post-it into Bucky’s lunch, and sealing them up.

Twenty minutes later you stood to the side as the three Avengers got their mission brief. Once it was over, you walked up to them with a smile. 

“Okay, kiddos, be safe, have fun, and don’t do anything stupid. Here’s your lunches,” with that, you gave each of them their assigned lunch.

“Yes mother, thank you for the lunch. I’ll try to come home in one piece,”Sam joked, but you glared at him.

“You better come home in one piece, birdbrain,” you said seriously, though you cracked a smile after, “Off you go, guys, bye-bye!” With that, they all left.

Two hours later, Bucky, Sam, and Nat were sitting in what was virtually a hole, bored out of their minds. 

“Guys, I’m bored, lunch time?” Sam asked, and his two colleagues nodded. They all brought out their lunches, unrolling the bag and eagerly pulling everything out. They wolfed down their food, enjoying every bite. Their favorite thing about having (y/n) pack their lunches, is that she knew all their favorite foods, and put together the best lunches for each. 

Bucky finished his last, as he was still keeping his eye on the target as he ate. He was just about to crumple up the bag, when a flash of electric blue caught his eye at the bottom of it. He reached in, and took out a small slip of paper from inside. He noticed (y/n)’s messy cursive writing and smiled, reading the paper. 

Hey Bucky!

So I don’t know if you noticed, but I’ve been trying to become your friend for a long time. But nothing works. So yup. Enjoy your lunch :)

Bucky laughed, though he was confused. He didn’t notice you trying to become his friend, and he figured he must just be blind as a bat with rusty people skills. By now, Nat and Sam noticed the paper, and were giving him questioning looks. He simply passed the note to Nat, who read it and then passed it to Sam. 

“Dude, you have to talk to her when you get home! Having her as a friend is like the best thing to ever happen to you,” Sam whisper-shouted, and Nat nodded vigorously in agreement. 

“Okay, okay. I can’t believe I never noticed,” Bucky chuckled at his own obliviousness. Suddenly, he couldn’t wait for this mission to be over so he could see you again. 

Okay guys, not my best work, but I hope you enjoy. Happy 50 followers!

Get Better Soon

Pairing: Philip Hamilton x reader
Word Count: 1,080ish
T/W: None? (Just mentions of sex)
A/N: Philip’s a little bummed, poor baby. For @justfangirlingaround‘s sick Philip request. Most definitely inspired by Anthony Lee Medina’s allergies post on his Instagram story. Also, I’ll be posting A Whole New World pt. 2 later tonight!!
Tags: @justfangirlingaround​ ✨

You woke up to a softly snoring Philip lying next to you. Looking at the clock you noticed it was almost 11 o’clock, letting out a sigh you decided to get up. You quietly tried to unwrap yourself from Philip. Once you were out of his arms you looked around for something to put on, instinctively you stole Philip’s t-shirt and put on a pair of panties. Walking towards to kitchen with your laptop you looked at a couple of the pictures on the hall walls as you passed by, smiling you sat down at the kitchen bar. 

About an hour or so later you heard Philip waking up, he walked out of the bedroom, but you were too focused on your essay to give him your attention. He made his way over to the fridge opening the freezer door.

“Do we have any waffles, baby?” Philip asked in a shockingly more raspy voice than usual, followed by a light cough. 

“Babe, are you sick?” You asked looking up, observing that he was wrapped in a blanket.

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Puppy Love - Part 1

Pairing: neighbor!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,470

Summary: The reader’s dog wanders off and she finds him hanging out inside of an Impala that belongs to her gorgeous new neighbor.


You swear to god your dog is a ninja. He’s constantly sneaking off and getting into trouble. He’s worse than a little kid. He’s a 100 lb German Shepherd for Christ’s sake. You should be able to keep track of him.

“Murphy! Come here, buddy!” 

The beautiful beast is too smart for his own good. He’s a troublemaker for sure. He needs to know what’s happening at all times. You have a slight suspicion that he thinks he’s a police dog.

You quickly search the house and the backyard, you’re not surprised that he’s no where to be found. He tends to invade your neighbors lives. He’ll just waltz right into someone’s yard or house if he can. Sigh. You walk out your front door and start looking around.

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part i | part ii | part iii | part iv

part v: in which there is a name

“Maybe I can come with you.”


“Why not? Your mom loves me!”



“No!” Sasuke grumbled under his breath, already regretting having brought Naruto with him to KU Cafe to wait out for Tinder Girl. And also to work. Looking down at his course syllabus and how much of his textbook he actually skimmed, Sasuke was about three weeks behind on his readings. He broke out his highlighter and pencil, ready to mark some stuff on the pages to make himself feel like he was studying. “Fuck my life.”

“Are you already behind?” Naruto asked. He had his laptop open in front of him as he typed up his essay. Or, you know, browsed Imgur. “Didn’t class just start?”

“Didn’t you just shut up?”

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NCT 127 as types of moms
  • Taeyong: the nagging mom, "honey don't forget to call me when u get there text me every 5 minutes ok i love you!"
  • Taeil: the overly affectionate mom, "come on give mommy some hugs and kisses before you go i love u sweetie"
  • Johnny: the cool mom, "kids how do you feel about going bungee jumping in Cancún?"
  • Yuta: the kid mom, "i feel like ice cream, KIDS WE'RE GOING TO THE ICE CREAM STORE"
  • Winwin: the savage mom, "no we're not stopping by McDonald's you wouldn't be hungry if you had eaten the lunch that i made for you"
  • Doyoung: the bragging mom, "my daughter got into this really great private school and she played at Carnegie Hall last night honestly all her good genes came from me"
  • Jaehyun: the bribing mom, "honey if you finish these five problems mommy will get u that new video game ok?"
  • Mark: the tries too hard to be cool mom, "hey kids YOLO you savages say hi to ur bffls for me TTYL!!"
  • Haechan: the soccer mom, "come on honey you can do it EXCUSE ME REF PENALTY baby just push him back"
Don’t Help - Ten | Part 1

can you write something where ten is a rich guy at your high school and you’re poor, and he helps you out? but like you dont like his help at first. thank yuuuuu

Sure! I’m going to make this a multi-part thing, so here’s part one!


Part 1

“Look at her hair,” Minji says. “Does she cut it herself?”

“And her uniform is falling apart at the edges.  She should buy a new one,” Eunjin responds.

The girls titter amongst themselves and you look away, pretending not to hear them. It’s okay, you think.  I don’t need money or friends, I’m only here to get good grades so I can get a scholarship…

The lunch bell rings and everyone in your class leaves, calling out to friends to sit with.  You watch them go. I wonder what it would be like to have someone like that? Someone who you know really well, someone who takes care of you all the time, someone who protects you and eats with you… You sigh. Well, I guess not everyone has someone like that.

You stand up and walk out of the classroom, carrying the lunch that your mother made for you.  

“Just eat this,” your mom would always say.  “It’s nutritious and it’s much less expensive than the lunches you buy at school.  Think of all the art supplies that I could buy you with that money!”

You sigh.  Mom never buys me new art supplies.  She always uses the money to get clothes and supplies for Dongjin, my little brother…

—————-(Ten’s POV)————

Ten stands in the hallway and watches you walk out of the classroom, alone like you are everyday. You turn the corner to go to the lunchroom, not looking up.

Ten sighs.  She’s always like this.  When’s the last time she and I talked? Maybe middle school, before her father lost his job? [y/n] was bright and happy back then.  She talked to me all the time, even though I was just the shy kid at the back of the class.  

He walks closer to your classroom and looks inside.  What should I do for her? I have money, but that’s all I can give her.  How would I do it anyways? Ten approaches your desk, sitting your seat and looking around.  I bet she doesn’t have any friends…

Ten glances down at your notebook.  He peers closer, reading a list that you wrote titled:’art supplies”.

“This would be perfect,” he says out loud. Quickly, Ten covers his mouth and looks around worriedly, although no one is around. He grabs his phone from his picture and snaps a picture, then walks out of the room, whistling to himself.

——— (Your POV) ————

You slump into your seat, laying your head onto your desk.  You slide your backpack from your shoulders and sit up, stretching your arms above your head.  School starts so early… you muse to yourself as you stand up and walk to the back of your classroom.  You take the lock off of your locker, then gasp in surprise, stepping back quickly.  

Inside of your locker is a mountain of art supplies, with a card on the top of the pile reading: ‘We haven’t talked in a long time.  Maybe you remember me? But no hints~”

You pick up the card and stare at the writing.  I don’t recognize this handwriting, so I don’t think this is another prank.  You reach your hand into your locker, just about to pick up the beautiful colored pencils on top of the pile when someone behind you begins talking.

“Hey, [y/n].  What’s in your locker? Is it something cool?”

You shut your locker quickly and turn around, putting your back on your locker.  Minji and Eunjin stand in front of you,  looking at you suspiciously.  

“Got something good, [y/n]?”

Minji laughs.  “She doesn’t have anything.  She’s poor, remember?”

Eunjin laughs along with Minji, but steps forward.  “Let us see, huh?”

You open your mouth to respond to Eunjin when the school bell rings, ending your conversation.  Einjin and Minji smirk at you and return to their seats.  You sigh, then sit down.

At least Ill have a little bit of time to pretend that those supplies are mine.  Once they get inside of my locker, they are going to take them for sure…

Time passes quickly, and soon enough the bell for lunch rings.  You get up quickly and stand by your locker, trying not to draw attention to yourself.

Minji and Eunjin stand together with a girl from another classroom, talking animatedly.

“Yeah,” the other girl was saying. “There’s a new male student in my class and he’s really good looking.  As good looking as an idol! And his clothes are new and expensive looking.  Everything about him is perfect! He doesn’t talk much though…”

Eunjin and Minji smile at each other. “Let’s go see him.” Minji says.

“Of course,” Eunjin says happily. “But what about [y/n]?”

Minji turns to you, and you turn away quickly.  “Oh right, I almost forgot. Lets look in her locker first.”

You step in front of your locker and shake your head. Einjin laughs and Minji steps forward.

“Are you saying no to us right now?”  Minji laughs and tosses her hair. “Seems like you aren’t afraid of us anymore.  Aren’t we scary? Wanna get hit?”

Minji raises her hand and you flinch, closing your eyes in anticipation for the hit.  But for some reason, the blow never comes.  

You open your eyes and are surprised by the fact that there is someone standing in front of you, holding Minji’s raised wrist in their hand.

“Don’t hit her,” the boy says.  “Did something happen?”

Minji’s mouth forms an ‘o’ and her cheeks turn pink. “N-no…” she stammers.  Eunjin raises her hand to her mouth and stares at the boy standing in front of you in amazement.

You gasp as the boy turns around and touches your shoulder gently.  “Are you okay?” he asks.

He is handsome… The boy is tall with dark hair and pale skin.  His angular nose compliments his beautiful brown eyes, his eyes that vaguely seemed familiar…

“[y/n]?” The boy leaned closer to you. “Are you hurt anywhere?”

You shake your head slowly, dazed and confused. “No….” He knows my name…

You glance to your side and gasp again.  Female students are piled around the windows and are leaning into the doorframe of your classroom, probably trying to get a glance of the boy standing in front of you.

He looks in the same way that you are looking and looks on in surprise. He turns back to you and laughs. “Seems like you are pretty popular.  Do you get in fights often?”

You almost laugh out loud, but notice the innocent and open look in his eyes.  He’s not kidding around, he actually doesn’t know that they are here because of him…

“Ah… not really,” you say quietly.

The boy takes your hand and grins again.  “Let’s go then.”

As he pulls you away through the crowd of girls, all looking at him, you realize it.  The same beautiful eyes, the same radiant smile, the same open face, it all makes sense now.  Its him.

“Ten?” you ask.

Ten turns back to you and smiles. “Hi, [y/n]. I’m glad you remember me.”


Part 2



Preference: CEOs

Summary: One (or both) of you is a successful CEO.

Warnings: swearing, (Y/L/N) means your last name.

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Ashton: As soon as you enter the apartment, Ashton knows that you’ve had a bad day. He can tell by the way your feet shuffle against the floor and by the way you don’t yell, “Ashton, how many times do I have to tell you not to leave your coat on the floor by the front door?” He watches as you plop down on the couch beside him, your eyes dull. He knows how hard being a CEO can be. You two had been rival companies until one day, you met and it was love at first sight. He knows by now that when a deal goes wrong, you take it badly. “Rough day?” He asks. You scoff. “That stupid fucking Washington deal fell through. They changed their minds.” You mutter, running your fingers through your hair. Ashton hums a little, leaning over to kiss the top of your head. “They didn’t deserve to be partnered up with you, anyway.” He says. You sigh, knowing he’s right but not giving in. “We really needed this, Ash.” You say. “Do you wanna take a warm bath? You’re looking a little stressed. And baby, you know I don’t like it when you’re stressed.” He says in a seductive tone, knowing you’ll melt on the spot. “Yes, please.” You whisper, closing your eyes. He pecks your lips and heads upstairs to run a bath. After a few minutes, he returns to drag you upstairs with him. A warm bath is running in the bathroom, full of bubbles. The bathroom is lit with vanilla scented candles. Ashton comes up behind you and rubs your shoulders softly. A small moan comes out of your mouth as the kinks in your neck and shoulders are released. “Do you want me to stay?” He asks quietly, placing a small kiss to the nape of your neck. You nod. He helps you get out of the uncomfortable business suit you’ve been in all day and into the bath. He sits on the sink counter as you relax, singing softly. “Ash?” You say quietly. “Hm?” He replies, scrolling through something on his phone. “I love you.” He glances up and smiles at you, but before he can reply, his cell phone starts to ring. “Damn it, I’ll be right back.” He says, walking out of the bathroom to take the call, which is probably a call from someone at his company. You sigh as you listen to him talk about budgets. As busy as the two of you are, nothing can dull the amount of love you feel for each other. By the time Ashton returns an hour later, you’re stepping out of the bath. “Sorry, love. It took longer than expected.” He apologizes, helping you put on a beige, fuzzy robe. “It’s okay.” You say softly, yawning. “Bedtime?” He asks, already knowing the answer. You both crawl into bed after you slip a tank top and shorts on. “Why do you think the deal fell through?” You ask, your thoughts refusing to settle. “Shh, go to sleep, baby. You’re exhausted.” Ashton murmurs, rubbing your back. You sigh and close your eyes, sleep pulling you in. The next morning, after Ashton has already left for work, you get a phone call. The people on the Washington deal have changed their minds, and they want to partner up with your company. You immediately know that Ashton said something to them or bribed them with some enormous amount of money, so you call him. “Ashton Irwin, you better not have-” You start, but he cuts you off. “Being a better company than yours has its benefits, love.” You roll your eyes and smile, knowing that he’s just playing around. “You’re not even going to say thank you?” He asks, a teasing tone in his voice. “Nah, maybe you’ll just have to spank it out of me later.” You end the call on that, smirking to yourself as you think of your now very frustrated husband who will probably come home earlier than usual.

Calum: “Mr. Hood, your wife is here to see you.” A secretary tells Calum from over an intercom. “My wife? What for?” Calum replies. “Do I need a reason to want to see my husband? This lady seems to think so.” Your voice barks back, the sound of annoyance (probably towards his secretary) in your tone. “Come on back, angel.” He says, chuckling. A moment later, you’re walking into his office. The office is clean and sharp looking, walls covering every inch of it so that no one can see in or out. “You forgot your key, again. And since I’m having a girls night with the other wives of your friends tonight, you’ll need them.” You say, holding up Calum’s key to the house you share. “So there is a reason you’re here.” Calum replies, smirking. You roll your eyes a little as he chuckles. “I keep forgetting to put it on the chain with the others. Thanks, gorgeous.” He says, getting up and walking over to you. He grabs your waist and tugs you closer, which erupts a giggle out of you. “Cal, I can’t stay long. I’m having lunch with your mom in twenty minutes.” You protest as his lips trail lazy kisses down your neck. “Mm, all I need is ten.” He replies. “Calum, not here.” You say, laughing a little. He frowns and pulls away. “I’m sure your employees are tired of hearing me scream their boss’ name.” Calum smirks. “See, I fixed that. This room is now soundproof.” You step away from him, grinning. “Still, I’ll look like a mess when I see your mom.” You say. He groans, running a hand through his dark locks. “You can’t just come here and expect me to not want you. You look fucking amazing.” He mumbles, eyeing your body hungrily. “Your secretary needs to go. She always says you’re too busy to see me.” You say, pouting. Calum reaches out and cups your cheek with his hand. “I am busy, that’s true, but I’m never too busy for you, darling.” You smile as his accent seems to thicken. “I love you, Mr. Hood.” Calum smiles at you as he walks back to his desk and sits down. “I love you too, Mrs. Hood.” He murmurs. “Do you mind saying that louder when you walk me out for your female employees? They look at you like you’re a piece of meat. And they do it in front of me!” You complain, pouting again. Calum smirks. “Someone jealous?” He asks. “Yes. I am.” You say sharply, biting your lip. “You’ve got nothing to be jealous of, angel. You’re the only one I want.” Calum promises, opening a drawer to his desk. He pulls out a little blue bag from Tiffany’s. “For me?” You ask excitedly, running over to his desk. “Of course it’s for you.” Calum chuckles, watching as you tear away at the tissue paper. You pull out a small, rectangle shaped box and open it. A diamond anklet lies inside perfectly, the diamonds shimmering against the light in Calum’s office. “Calum, it’s beautiful.” You say softly. He comes around and kneels down in front of you. He lifts your foot and removes your stiletto, kissing the arch of your foot. He moves his lips to the inside of your knee before putting the anklet on you, making you shiver. “You promise it’ll only be ten minutes?” You ask. Calum considers this. “No. I changed my mind.” He pushes the button for the intercom. “Julie, can you call my mother and reschedule her lunch with (Y/N) to another day? I’m afraid my wife isn’t feeling too well.” Calum lies. “Yes, sir. Anything else?” Julie replies. “Yeah, cancel all my afternoon appointments and meetings.”

Luke: Nobody really knew exactly what you and Luke were. All they knew was that everywhere he went, you seemed to be too. Everyone called you the “Power Couple,” since you owned a successful company and he was, well, a very successful musician in a band. Truth is, though, that you didn’t even know what you were to Luke. You enjoyed spending time together and had fooled around a number of times, but still, you both refused to put a label on it. Now, sitting at a large table at the annual dinner between all the boys and their families, you feel saddened by the fact that Luke may not be your boyfriend, due to the no label situation. You watch as Calum interacts with his girlfriend with bright eyes and a big smile. Luke notices you drifting from conversation, so he places a hand on your knee. “You alright?” He asks quietly. You nod, taking a sip of your champagne. “(Y/N), I know you. Something’s wrong. What is it?” Luke asks. You stay silent, moving his hand off of your knee. “Is it something with the company?” He tries. You look at him. His blue orbs have a sense of worry in them. “My company is fine.” You say quietly, not wanting to draw attention. “But my heart? Not so much.” Luke sighs as understanding sets in. You excuse yourself from the table and walk outside the restaurant, needing some air. You thought running a successful company was going to be the hardest thing you’ve ever done. Instead, dating Luke Hemmings was the hardest thing. You groan silently as paparazzi spots you from across the street. You turn and walk in the direction of your company building, trying your best to avoid the cameras. You needed to do some extra work, anyway. Luke doesn’t show up at your office until a few hours later. “Lets go home, (Y/N).” He says quietly, leaning against the doorframe. “Why, Luke? Why should I go home with you?” You ask, setting your pen down. “Don’t do this right now. You know very well what I feel for you. I don’t think that needs a label.” Luke says. “Well, I think it does. And until you feel the same, don’t come back.” You say quietly, your heart dropping to your stomach. Luke sighs and shakes his head, then turns to leave. You cry all night and end up sleeping at your office. The next morning, you see a notification from Luke’s Instagram. It’s a picture of you, asleep in Luke’s bed. Your hair is sprawled out over the cotton pillows and you’re wearing one of Luke’s band tees. Your mouth is slightly open. Luke captioned the photo, “really missing waking up to this beauty today.” It’s the first photo he’s ever posted of you. Someone knocks on your office door, startling you. Your blonde haired, rock star boyfriend stands there, his eyebrows raised. “Can we just start there and then figure out a label?” He asks quietly.

Michael: “Ms. (Y/L/N), the people from Clifford Enterprises are here to see you.” Your assistant says, poking her head in the door of your office. “Ask them to wait, please.” You say quietly, looking at a sheet from recent pay outs. “There’s no way in hell I’m waiting on you again, lady.” A guy with rumpled, bleach blonde hair says as he pushes his way into your office. “Ah, Mr. Clifford, you’re a pleasure as always.” You say, faking a smile. Michael rolls his eyes. “Are you done trying to steal my company?” He asks, sitting in front of your desk. “I’m not trying to steal your company. I’m trying to merge with it.” You say. Michael grits his teeth. “We don’t want to merge with you.” He says. “You may not want to, but you need to. Your company is failing every day and it’s time to face that you need my help.” Michael sighs and runs his hand over his face. “I’m working on fixing my company. We don’t need you.” He says firmly. You lean forward across your desk. “You’re a lot meaner when I’m not sucking your dick.” You snap, referring to the annual Christmas party between local companies from last year where you both got drunk and had sex in the bathroom. “And you’re a lot less sexier when you’re not drunk and trying to steal my company.” Michael retorts. “For the last time, Michael, I’m not trying to steal your company! We can merge and run things together.” You tell him, annoyed. He considers this, biting his lip. “I get to be in charge more.” He mutters. “No, we would be in charge equally.” You correct. “You of all people should know how much I like being in charge, kitten.” Michael says seductively, making you squirm in your seat. “We can schedule a meeting to decide who controls what another time.” You say, regaining your composure. “Or you could come over and kneel across my lap.” He suggests. You feel your cheeks heat up. “Michael, I’d appreciate it if you would refrain from sexual comments.” Michael smirks and leans forward. “And I’d appreciate it if you would stop trying to steal my company.” You scoff, standing up. “I see that you’re still immature. You can go.” You say, walking over to open your office door. Michael follows, giving your ass a squeeze before he leaves the office. You let out a small squeal. Michael laughs as he walks away from your office. “Stop being such a prune, (Y/N). No deal, but I’ll pick you up at eight for dinner.”


Your Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt.2: Prologue
(Non-idol!AU) It’s summer when you and Jungkook meet, and immediately decide that you didn’t like each other. It all begins by the hill where the prince reunites with the princess.

Prol. | [x]

You remember the day Saren arrived in your little town. It was on the very day the flame trees bloomed last year. She came to work at the hilltop orphanage despite the very little pay. She was good with the children and they loved her–she was petite, pretty, and polite, and they thought she was like a fairy-tale princess.

And you agreed. But rather than a princess who lived happily ever after in a castle, she was like one who escaped into the woods, cursed, hiding from dark demons from her past. She always seemed wary of anyone who came close to her, and her smiles never reached her eyes. Your friends, Hyuk and Hongbin, thought her standoffish, but you saw her simply as lonely and scared. There was only you, your mom, and your grandma at home, and more than enough space for a tiny young woman who needed the company. So, you took her in.

Slowly, her smiles grew brighter. Hyuk and Hongbin–especially Hongbin–grew fond of her. And then it seemed to you as if she had always been here in your little town and belonging to your family home.

Still, you sometimes wondered if some prince from faraway would come for the hilltop princess.

Today, when you ride your bike to to the hill, you see a prince-like man approach Saren under the flame trees. You form a heart with your hands and peer into it, framing the beautiful picture they make. “I guess he must be the prince.”

Feeling your neck prickle under scrutiny, you turn to find a young man staring unabashedly at you. He doesn’t even react when you catch him and continues to stare. You find yourself getting flushed from embarrassment instead, so you level him a challenging look and ask: “So what does that make you?”

A smirk plays upon his perfect Cupid bow lips and you feel your cheeks grow even hotter. Instead of answering your question, he snickers: “Him? A prince? You don’t seem to have very high standard for men in this town.”

You glare at him. Nobody talks shit about this town but me! “High enough to know that you’re a frog!” you retort.

Instead of getting angry or flustered as you hope, he only chuckles in amusement. You feel even more off-balance because of his unexpected response. “A frog prince then, since that prince charmless is my hyung.” The smile he gives you is more bunny-like than froggish, however. You find yourself holding your breath. “Jungkook.”

“Jungkook?” you echo. “Why are you calling me Jungkook? Do I look like a Jungkook to you?”

He shakes his head, laughing out loud. “That’s my name. Jungkook. What’s yours? You do have names in this town, don’t you?”

“Y/N!” you all but yell. “That’s my name. Got that?”

“Sounds normal enough,” he playfully concedes. He turns back to the couple on the hill before you can think of a comeback, and you follow his gaze.

You lift the trusty camera hanging from your neck and start snapping. They don’t seem to be talking. Jungkook’s older brother gazes at Saren with adoration. He looks prince-like enough… and yet the apprehension on her face belongs to a princess who’s cornered by a dragon, not meeting a prince.


“So why did you come to this backwater town?” you demand, to fill the silence than out of any real interest.

Jungkook points at the hilltop. “For my hyung. For her… my hyung’s princess.”

“I knew he was a prince,” you mutter under your breath. “But I guess not all siblings are alike.”

He gives you a sidelong glance. “Don’t frown so much. As soon as we convince noona to come home, we’re leaving.”

It’s your turn to laugh. “With Saren-unnie? Did you really think it would be that easy?”

Much to your satisfaction, uncertainty flashed in his eyes. “Huh?”

You grin wickedly. “I suggest you try to get comfortable in this little town, city boy. I think you’ll have to stick a while.”

As if on cue, Saren runs down the hill, her long hair fluttering behind her. She doesn’t bother to use the flight of steps leading from the orphanage to the dirt road by the hill, and almost slips. Jungkook opens his arms to catch her, but she barrels towards you, and you steady her by the shoulders before she can smack straight into your chest.

“Unnie, you okay?” you ask, less about her panicked run and more about the clamminess of her skin and the paleness of her face.

“Yes, Y/N,” she gives you a reassuring smile that doesn’t convince you. “Are you heading home now?”

“Yeah. I just came here to see if you have time to eat lunch at home. Mom made your favorite kimchi jjigae, though it’s really too hot for it.”

She smiles again, more genuine this time. “Let’s go then.”

“But–wait, noona…” Jungkook stammers.

“Kookie!” She claps her hands together and dips her head in a small, apologetic bow. “I’m so glad to see you again. I’m in a hurry right now but… we’ll talk soon, alright?” Without waiting for his response, she hurries to your bike; you’re barely able to sit and steady it before she climbs to stand behind it.

“Hold tight!” you exclaim, pushing off with one foot and pedaling down the path. Saren’s arms wrap around your waist. You look over your shoulder to see Jungkook gaping and blinking in your wake–he shakes himself out of it when his older brother stumbles down the hill to stand beside him.

“Did you tell her?” Jungkook asks.

“I didn’t get the chance,” his older brother replies softly.

Then you’re too far away to hear anything more. You glance at Saren, who’s staring straight ahead, her eyes wide and anxious. “Unnie, what did that guy want?”

“Nothing,” the tell-tale high pitch of her voice giving away the lie. “He just wanted to say hi.”

“Old friends?”

“One friend. And one… former schoolmate.”

“I see.” You pedal faster as excitement bubbles in your heart. A bit of guilt stabs at you–Saren clearly has a plenty of misgivings about the new arrivals–but just a bit. “It looks like something interesting is going to happen in this town for once.”

A/N: Saren is pt.1′s Y/N, so this Y/N is someone completely new.

  • fanon zarc: trash boy, doesn't know how to do laundry, eats nothing but pancakes for breakfast lunch and dinner, would fight you, fight your mom, fight your dog, fight himself, yells at birds who chirp at 6 in the morning
  • canon zarc: the sweetest, most idealistic guy, just wants his dragons and people to be happy and will do anything for their happiness, selfless to the point it ruined him and made him go insane, became afraid of defeat because he wanted to live up to his world's expectations of him so bad