no look self portrait

I recently reached a milestone of 20k follower here, so this is a thank you to you all; me and one of my dogs, aha! This is Gemma, and often seen lying around in my Instagram stories, she’s so beautiful I can’t help it. But seriously, thank you all!!!

“I don’t mistrust reality, of which I know next to nothing. I mistrust the picture of reality conveyed to us by our senses, which is imperfect and circumscribed.“

Happy birthday, Gerhard Richter! Richter works in many mediums including #painting, #photography, and #sculpture. This self-portrait looks like a blurred photograph, but is actually an oil painting. View other works of Richter’s from the MoMA’s collection at

[Gerhard Richter. Self-Portrait. 1996. Oil on linen. Gift of Jo Carole and Ronald S. Lauder and Committee on Painting and Sculpture Funds. © 2017 Gerhard Richter]

House so empty need a centerpiece 🤔

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self portrait: I am the child of Muslim immigrants to Latin America. The child of Latin American immigrants to the united states. my family was housed on couches and in basements and sold metals for food. We know what it looks like. I promise you. I promise you. This is how it begins. Look now and do not look away.

Vriska Style Rating!

0 is like a nice looking Vriska bc Vriska has my favorite aesthetic and 10 is oh boy makes me want to draw

Vriska, one of the few sprites I can bear. Looks interesting. 4/10

Vriska’s Vriska- such a good self-portrait. 8/10

A very good Vriska. Lacks some of the pop that makes me want to draw Vriska all the time, but is a very good drawing on its own (just looks really good with the other characters more imo) 6/10

Blood // - A good parallel to the Terezi of the same style. A good drawing, nice shapes. 7/10

Thick- My favorite Vriska! Looks small and well built. 11/10

Have Another Small And Well Built Vriska 10/10

Nosy Vriska- has a nose, nosing into Rosemary time. Looks happy, good ears. 5/10

Baby- a good baby. 5/10

I’m Gonna Die- Hey guys Terezi: Remem8er fucks me up and this Vriska is so good. We’re gonna ignore that crack in the side. 9/10

Smol- happy, has a gf. I see no cracks. I’m sure they’ll live forever in that armless state reminiscent of the sprites. 10/10

Anime Vriska- her boobs move when she walks 5/10



Here are some artwork of mine to show how much I improved this year. 

The first is the first digital portrait I drew of myself in July 2015 while the next is the most recent portrait that I did in November 2016. The next are gemsona ocs that I drew in Jan 2016 and Dec 2016. I definitely improved on the anatomy and coloring, as well as, developing my own style.