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Vivien Leigh as Mary Treadwell in Ship of Fools (1965). 

She plays a divorced older woman who has left her abusive wealthy husband. Having no one else in the world to turn to, she idly flirts with men on board a boat cruise to Germany, while other passengers on board judge her for her glamorous and promiscuous affectations. Her character in this film has been compared to her performance as Blanche DuBois in A Streetcar Named Desire (1951), since both are fading older women going through a crisis, but unlike Blanche, Mary does not delude her self with dreams of grandeur and is more jaded and self-aware. 

During the filming of this movie, Vivien was very ill and on the last leg of her career, and this was to be her final role. Mary’s struggles in this film parallel Vivien’s own, and it was a role that was obviously very close to her heart. The tears in this scene are all too real and the performance Vivien gives is a powerful one of integrity and deep emotion. 

In this scene Mary wonders to herself if she is to die alone because she is no longer young and attractive to men. Older women’s sexualities are often portrayed as grotesque and threatening, something to laugh at and be disgusted by, but this is not the case here. As Mary smears make up onto her face, she wipes it all off in a moment of tragic realization; realization of the harsh facts of her life, and of the futility of her constant efforts to maintain a beautiful outer shell while internally being broken by years of constant physical and emotional abuse from her ex-husband. Mary is a character that is indeed tragic and often times desperate, but Vivien portrayed her with pathos and dignity and was not afraid to show heartbreaking vulnerability in her last and perhaps best role.

if someone does not want to be with you because they find out you are bisexual, leave their sorry ass. don’t fight for them. don’t try to win them back. people who no longer find you attractive because you are attracted to other genders than theirs do not deserve you. better things will come than them i promise you. 


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Pairing: Dean x wife!Reader
Word count: 730
Warnings: Insecurities, swearing, talk of porn

Part 7 of Last Chance

It was about Dean’s birthday, and you wanted to do something special for him. And hopefully work on your marriage at the same time. While him and Sam were on a hunt, you got what you needed. You’d texted Sam, asking him about taking the kids for a night, and he quickly agreed, happy to get time with the kids.

You were prepping everything for dinner that night when you heard the boys walk in. “Welcome home!” You smiled, moving towards the door. “Sam, the kids are ready to go.” He grinned at that and made his way towards where he heard them playing.

“Why is Sam taking them?” Dean asked, furrowing his brows.

“So we can have the night to ourselves. I’m making homemade fries, burgers, and pie. Then I got something special to wear for you.” You grinned, biting your lip.

Dean smirked. “Oh, really?” He asked, sounding like he liked that idea. Moving a bit closer, he put his hands on your hips and kissed you gently. “Guess I should go get cleaned up, shouldn’t I, Mrs. W?”

Your face lit up at that, something that he didn’t miss. Dean wasn’t blind, he saw how everything was eating at you. He just didn’t know how the hell do deal with it. Feelings weren’t his strong point. So, he did was he always did- ignored it. Now he’d have a night to focus on you.

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The Victorious V and his Vast, Venturesome Heart by aprofessorstale

Tae is desperately in love with love.
Jungkook is waiting for the right person at the right time.
Yoongi can’t resist his attraction any longer.
Jimin doesn’t believe in love. 

Words: 57k
Chapters: 31/?

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I'm sorry, but I'm a little confused. Sorry again. I thought gay people can't turn straight or straight people turn gay? Or like bi into pan or something? I thought people just realized different things at different times. Sorry again if I'm a bother

I’m not saying people can be.. “converted”, but, some people’s sexuality can be fluid and will shift over time.

For example, before I was 13, I definitely liked boys. I never had any indication that I could be queer. I was sure I was gonna grow old and marry a boy, I had no attraction towards girls. I was even a little homophobic at times. 

When I was a teen, I felt attracted to all genders. I could think about boys and be like ‘yep’ and I could think about girls and be like ‘yep’ and think about anyone else and be like ‘yep.’ I identified as bi/pan at that time. 

In my late teens, I didn’t feel ANY attracted towards men. For a few years, I identified totally as a lesbian. I had liked guys in my past, but I didn’t identify as bisexual because I no longer felt attraction towards them. (And now… ??? Not too sure yet.) 

Some people say they’ve known they were gay since birth, which can make it confusing for people who haven’t felt that way. 

The same thing can happen with gender, while some people will know they’ve been assigned the wrong gender since birth, while others will feel comfortable for the early part of their life and won’t experience disphoria until much later on. It can lead to a lot of self confusion and judgement from others because it seems so “out of no-where”.

We just need to spread the idea that it’s okay to change  ✌

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Hey! Could I get a spell on maybe to appear more attractive to the opposite sex? Thank you so much! Have a wonderful day!

For this I would do a wearable item (bottle necklace) but you can also just make a jar at home.

You will need:

Dried apple slices - beauty

  1. Preheat oven to 225 degrees F (110 degrees C).
  2. Arrange apples slices on a metal baking sheet.
  3. Bake until apples are dried and edges curl up, 45 minutes to 1 hour.

(Add cinnamon sugar to taste if you want to eat these and not waste! You can use fresh slices but they can mold in the jar. Dried will last longer.)

Ginger - sex, sexual attraction

(You can use fresh ginger, or if you have teas with ginger in it this is fine too!)

Sugar - sweetness, desire

(Raw sugar would be desirable for them to be attracted to the “natural” you!)

Dried Rose Petals/Hips - love, attraction

Honey - attraction

(Raw, again, would be ideal!)

One plain tea light. Can use pink or red for color correspondence!

Jar, with lid

Mix all of your dried ingredients in a bowl, cauldron or whatever you have while stirring clockwise and repeating your intention “I appear more attractive to the opposite sex.” When you are satisfied, pour dry ingredients into your chosen jar. When you pour the honey in, visualize and see it sealing all of your ingredients together :)

Seal your jar and light your desired candle. You may choose this time to sit quietly and think again about your intentions. Pour the melted wax over the jar and again visualize it sealing your intentions!

*Always remember fire safety! Do not leave the flame burning unattended. Watch your fingers while pouring the hot wax. You can choose to use a wax burner and dip the jar in instead.

*Check for allergies if you use this topically.

Other ways to amplify your spell:

Add clear quartz to the jar. Use a crystal grid. Turn it into a sugar scrub by adding olive or coconut oil so that it becomes a glamour!

Meant To Be

Some of you probably saw my random ranting about wanting to go back in time. Well I have great news… An update!
It’s proved—Everything happens for a reason.
It might hurt right now, but it will all be worth it.

I think that I had to go through what I went through because that was the only way for me to finally make the decision I’ve always wanted to make, but couldn’t because I’d chicken out due to fear, loneliness, and unsureness.

So that day happened. Oh it was such a horrible horrible incident… Right after, usually I’d try to fix it. But this time, many things happened one after another, and it was impossible for me to even get to it, as if something was keeping me away from it. Once I had the chance to finally fix it, it changed and was no longer attractive nor beneficial to me.

Finally I was able to realize and move on.
Finally I was able to actually stick to the decision I’ve always wanted to make.

Yeah I wish things could’ve been dealt better, but this was the only way for me. Or else I’d go back. I had to be pushed this far and had to be hurt this much to finally move on, and let me tell you…. I feel relieved.
I feel like I can finally breathe again.
I feel like I’m finally free.
I feel like I can finally enjoy life again.

Everything happens for a reason.
It may suck but it’s gonna be alright.
It may take time, but it’s gonna get better. We all make mistakes and what’s important is for us to learn and move on.

Every now and then, things end.
But to every ending, there’s a new beginning.

Don’t let time control you—don’t dwell on the past. Time is just a matter, what you do is what counts. Make. It. Count.

As long as you keep fighting for your happiness, you will be able to find it one day soon. When you find that happiness within you, you will look back at the things you regret and finally be able to say, “It was meant to be.”

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Would you say Elias has a crush on Laia, and vice versa? :3 ;3

Book 1 and 2 spoilers below

In Book 1, I’d say that for Elias, it is a crush, or at least attraction from the moment he sees Laia. That attraction takes longer to develop for Laia because she has to first not feel that Elias is a threat to her. Considering that she’s a spy posing as a slave, it didn’t make sense to me that she’d just fall for him, since all she knows about him is that he’s a member of the oppressive class. It’s true that she’s not *his* slave, and that she is not, in fact, a real slave–she is a spy pretending to be a slave. But I felt that the absolute most I could do in terms of her feelings for Elias in Book 1 was attraction–and only after she came into her own sense of power, and after Elias had defied the Empire, thus casting off, in asmuch as it is possible, his people’s oppressive history  That’s why she develops such a close relationship with Keenan in Book 1. 

Book 2 is much different, because Laia is now free and Elias has sworn off the Empire and all it stands for. Therefore, I felt it was fine for Laia’s attraction to Eliasdevelop into something more meaningful. So in Book 2, I’d say that for both Elias and Laia, their feeling have advanced beyond a crush. But we’re not quite at love yet. That will take more time. 

Hope that helps! 

Imagine...Going to a bookstore with Dean

Pairing: Dean x reader

You’d already picked out two books to purchase when you realized you hadn’t seen your boyfriend for over an hour. Bookstores had that effect on you, made you lose track of time as you looked for the next story to escape into.

When you first entered, Dean hadn’t seemed thrilled about being there. He simply said he was tired from the vamp hunt the night before and gave a quick smile to reassure you. He said he’d find you after he grabbed some coffee from the small cafe at the front of the store.

But that had been ages ago and the store had turned out to be much larger than imagined. You yourself could barely find the main aisle that would lead you back out. Sighing, you decided to try and find Dean, the pull of the books no longer as attractive a thought as spending the rest of the afternoon with him. 

After a few minutes of wandering, you were back at the front of the store and quickly paid for the books, occasionally glancing around for brown flannel or listening for the thud of heavy boots. As you approached the cafe, you didn’t see Dean sitting inside and began to worry.

Had you missed a vamp? Had it followed you here? It wouldn’t have been the first time a normal outing had turned into something worse. You pulled out your phone and called Dean. No answer.

“Dean, where are you…” you muttered into the phone. 

“He’s probably in the nook,” said the girl behind the counter without looking up.

“The nook?” you said, putting your phone back in your pocket. She lifted her head up from the book she was reading.

“Tall, good looking, smelled a bit like motor oil?” she said, more of a statement than a question. You nodded and could have sworn you blushed a little. She smiled.

“Lucky,” she said more to herself than to you. “It’s a little place to read in the back of the store. Big leather chairs, fireplace, super relaxing. He found a book off the front table. Most of the boyfriends end up back there.”

“Thanks,” you said as she pointed which way to go. You walked to the very back of the store, nestled away in a cozy little corner, when you heard familiar light snoring from behind a stack of shelves.

Rounding the corner you saw Dean asleep, a book on the best romantic vacation spots on his chest. Not sure if he was planning a surprise or not, you walked back a few shelves, well out of eye line and called out for Dean.

“You back there?” you said loudly as you approached, watching from the distance as Dean shoved a book into his bag. He quickly stood and turned to see you as you came towards him. “What did you pick out?” you asked innocently. He shrugged.

“Just a book on cars. You ready to go?” he said, snaking an arm around your shoulders, clutching his bag so you wouldn’t be able to see the content within. You hummed back in response, glad you didn’t wake him. “Let’s head to the outdoors store,” he said, walking the pair of you towards the exit. “We could really use some nice new backpacks for camping, if we have a hunt in the woods you know. Grab a big tent too so Sam doesn’t crush us in our sleep.”

“Sounds like a great idea sweetheart,” you said, knowing Sam wouldn’t be joining you at all on your next camping trip.


Crowley x Reader

Requested by @littleblue5mcdork from the drabble prompt list. She requested #120: “He’s pampering me. Let him be.” With Crowley

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“He’s pampering me, let him be.”

Hiding your relationship from your brothers probably wasn’t the smartest move. They were smart, and always kept an eye out for you, their younger sister. Making sure you never had to go through the horrible things they did. They had even tried to hide you from the hunting world, but you had put your foot down then and there.

That was where you had met Crowley, the King of Hell. Sure, he seemed gruff and evil on the outside, but you could sense from the beginning that he was just a giant teddy bear. He gave your brothers a good show, often times to the point where you were ready to stab him with your brothers Demon Killing knife. But he never tried any of that stuff on you.

Soon, the two of you could no longer deny the attraction between you. Deciding to keep it secret for now, you would sneak off to see him, sometimes staying home on hunts just so the two of you could spend some uninterrupted time together.

Occasionally, Crowley would whisk you away to someplace you never imagined you would visit. Spain, Paris, even his home country of Scotland. Always spoiling you, giving you everything you had never known you wanted. You had a small wooden box hidden in the back of your closet with all of the little trinkets he had bought you, out of the view of your brothers.

This weekend Sam and Dean had found another hunt to go on, a couple of hours away. Already planning your days without them, you were surprised when they invited you to go along. Usually you had to plead with them to take you, but this time they were doing the asking. “Come on Y/N, we just want to spend time with you.” Dean had pleaded, but you were already counting down the minutes until they left and you could summon your boyfriend.

After more pleading on Dean’s part, you finally managed to shove them out the door. Waiting a good ten minutes to make sure they weren’t coming back, you quickly summoned Crowley. It was a casual summons, not those mean ones your brothers used.

“About time Darling.” Crowley whispered in your ear, appearing right behind you. Leaning into him, you let him wrap his arms around your waist.

“They wouldn’t leave.” You answered, tilting your neck as he nibbled on it.

“What shall we do today?” He asked, his hands moving up and rubbing your shoulders. “Maybe a massage. You seem quite tense today.”

“A massage sounds amazing.” You agreed, and with a snap of his fingers, a massage table was in the middle of the living room. Candles glowed around it, and a spicy smelling oil on the table beside. You glanced down, seeing you were dressed in a silk robe, and nothing else. “Are you giving it to me?” You asked, surprised to see the King of Hell dirtying his hands.

“Of course.” He answered, guiding you to the table. “I don’t want anyone else’s hands on my girl.”

Laying down, you let him peel the robe down, until it rested on your hips. Rubbing some of the oil in his hands, he began softly rubbing your skin. Closing your eyes, you relished the touch, relaxing under his skilled hands.

As they started to drift lower, you could have sworn you heard the door open. Ignoring it, you could have purred under his attention. “What the hell is going on here?” Dean growled, and you opened your eyes to see his gun pointed at Crowley, a confused expression on his face.

“It’s Crowley, and he’s my boyfriend. He’s pampering me, let him be.” You ordered, watching as your brother walked away, shaking his head.

“He handled that better than I expected.” Crowley whispered in your ear. But with a sigh, you sat up, pulling the robe back.

“Give him a minute. He’s still in shock. He’ll be back.” You explained, ready to finally confront your brother.

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B.A.P Reactions/Drabble To You Having A Daddy Kink (Somewhat Smutty?)


You had barely seen Daehyun the past couple of weeks. You understood of course that with BAP’s comeback looming, he and the others were busy. That didn’t however, excuse him for barely sparing you a glance when he was home. Whenever you kissed him, he’d turn his head to the side with an apologetic smile.

You couldn’t help it as doubts filled your head. Did he no longer find you attractive? Did he no longer want to be with you? Did he no longer love you?

When you asked him, he admitted it was because he was stressed. It was after he had confessed, that you eagerly sought out a way to help him de-stress. That’s when you began to have lustful thoughts. Even if it was only for a couple of hours, you were sure it’d work.

Daehyun had just returned home from practice and with a quick kiss to your cheek, he began heading towards the washroom to wash up. You bit your lip as you worked up the nerve to do as you had planned.

Stripping yourself of all your clothing, only your racy bra and panties kept you from being completely naked. You hesitantly made your way towards the washroom. With a deep breath, you smiled coyly as you walked into the washroom confidently.

Daehyun was in the process of wiping sweat from his face when he heard the door being opened. He turned his head, and when he saw you his breath stilled. He ran his eyes down your entire figure, his eyes black with lust once he had finally settled his eyes on your face again.

A small smirk played on his face, “what are you up to, Jagiya?”

“I know how stressed you’ve been,” you bit your lip, instantly drawing his attention to them, “I just wanted to help you relax a little.”

Daehyun’s smirk grew as he closed in on you, trapping your body between his and the washroom’s door. He gently cupped your cheek and ran his thumb across your lower lip, “and how exactly are you planning to do that sweetheart?”

You reached your hand to the front of his pants and began playing with the zipper, but before you could unzip them, Daehyun’s lips were on yours. At first the kisses were gentle, but they quickly turned into something more rough, something more passionate.

He hoisted your thighs so that they were now wrapped around his middle and moved you so that you were now settled on the sink. When you drew him closer to you with your ankles, he teasingly ground his hips against yours. You let out a small moan. He repeated the action, and began kissing from your jaw all the way down your neck.

You began to grow restless, you needed more, “D-daddy,” you moaned accidentally. You had had no control over your words. You grew still, eyes wide, as you waited to see how he’d react.

Daehyun had been sucking on a sensitive area on your neck. The second he heard the name leave your mouth he couldn’t help it as he bit down on the skin.

“Fuck,” he whispered as he pulled away. A new found lust overwhelming him.

Without warning, he pulled your panties down and he lowered himself so he was now eye level with your core.

“Keep calling me that princess,” he insisted as he began trailing kiss up your inner thigh.

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for all that T///E///R///Fs like to talk about cis lesbians supposedly getting pressured to date trans women, in my experience as yr local cisbian who dated a trans dude for three years …. there was WAY more pressure in lesbian communities (esp. IRL) to stay in relationships with trans men after they came out as men and to continue accepting them in women’s spaces, which is Fucked Up

and i will never forget how intensely GUILTY i felt for no longer being attracted to him and how much i felt like i should accommodate him and just, like, retrain myself to feel attraction to men specifically for his sake. 

(and of course this was always combined with the usual bullshit of “women and trans people welcome!!” meaning “cis women and trans guys allowed, but almost no trans women,” along with the assumption that trans men should be accepted because of their past involvement in women’s communities, the assumption that trans men ~understand what life is like from a woman’s perspective~ and therefore somehow present a Healthier and Safer version of masculinity even though that’s demonstrably fucking false and also transphobic on several levels)

anyway communities that are oriented solely around cis women and trans dfab people are ones i am automatically suspicious of because, historically, they have been pretty damn unsafe for me, and they’re OBVIOUSLY unsafe for my trans girlfriend and a lot of women i love and care about

Concept: It gets better. Your mind quiets down considerably. There are still days when it manages to shout its lies, but you make it past those days every time. Death no longer seems as attractive as before because life has a beauty you never really noticed. The idea of loving yourself is no longer just a thought, it’s reality, and you’re loved too, in whatever way you wish to be. You are worth it, and unlike all of those times in the past, you actually believe it.