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for all that T///E///R///Fs like to talk about cis lesbians supposedly getting pressured to date trans women, in my experience as yr local cisbian who dated a trans dude for three years …. there was WAY more pressure in lesbian communities (esp. IRL) to stay in relationships with trans men after they came out as men and to continue accepting them in women’s spaces, which is Fucked Up

and i will never forget how intensely GUILTY i felt for no longer being attracted to him and how much i felt like i should accommodate him and just, like, retrain myself to feel attraction to men specifically for his sake. 

(and of course this was always combined with the usual bullshit of “women and trans people welcome!!” meaning “cis women and trans guys allowed, but almost no trans women,” along with the assumption that trans men should be accepted because of their past involvement in women’s communities, the assumption that trans men ~understand what life is like from a woman’s perspective~ and therefore somehow present a Healthier and Safer version of masculinity even though that’s demonstrably fucking false and also transphobic on several levels)

anyway communities that are oriented solely around cis women and trans dfab people are ones i am automatically suspicious of because, historically, they have been pretty damn unsafe for me, and they’re OBVIOUSLY unsafe for my trans girlfriend and a lot of women i love and care about

Concept: It gets better. Your mind quiets down considerably. There are still days when it manages to shout its lies, but you make it past those days every time. Death no longer seems as attractive as before because life has a beauty you never really noticed. The idea of loving yourself is no longer just a thought, it’s reality, and you’re loved too, in whatever way you wish to be. You are worth it, and unlike all of those times in the past, you actually believe it.

Overall, the most substantial addition to the attraction is the lighting added to the facade on the exterior of the attraction. Words don’t do it justice nor does the photo above. It’s truly something you have to see in person to fully appreciate. Because of these lights, ‘it’s a small world’ holiday can attraction much longer lines at night. Normally, we would advise that you experience it earlier in the day to avoid these crowds. And we do advise you to do that. However, you’ll want to experience ‘it’s a small world’ holiday more than once, and you should make at least one of those rides at night. Floating into the lit facade is a great experience, and waiting in line isn’t all that bad because you have such a beautiful sight in front of you!

B.A.P Reactions/Drabble To You Having A Daddy Kink (Somewhat Smutty?)


You had barely seen Daehyun the past couple of weeks. You understood of course that with BAP’s comeback looming, he and the others were busy. That didn’t however, excuse him for barely sparing you a glance when he was home. Whenever you kissed him, he’d turn his head to the side with an apologetic smile.

You couldn’t help it as doubts filled your head. Did he no longer find you attractive? Did he no longer want to be with you? Did he no longer love you?

When you asked him, he admitted it was because he was stressed. It was after he had confessed, that you eagerly sought out a way to help him de-stress. That’s when you began to have lustful thoughts. Even if it was only for a couple of hours, you were sure it’d work.

Daehyun had just returned home from practice and with a quick kiss to your cheek, he began heading towards the washroom to wash up. You bit your lip as you worked up the nerve to do as you had planned.

Stripping yourself of all your clothing, only your racy bra and panties kept you from being completely naked. You hesitantly made your way towards the washroom. With a deep breath, you smiled coyly as you walked into the washroom confidently.

Daehyun was in the process of wiping sweat from his face when he heard the door being opened. He turned his head, and when he saw you his breath stilled. He ran his eyes down your entire figure, his eyes black with lust once he had finally settled his eyes on your face again.

A small smirk played on his face, “what are you up to, Jagiya?”

“I know how stressed you’ve been,” you bit your lip, instantly drawing his attention to them, “I just wanted to help you relax a little.”

Daehyun’s smirk grew as he closed in on you, trapping your body between his and the washroom’s door. He gently cupped your cheek and ran his thumb across your lower lip, “and how exactly are you planning to do that sweetheart?”

You reached your hand to the front of his pants and began playing with the zipper, but before you could unzip them, Daehyun’s lips were on yours. At first the kisses were gentle, but they quickly turned into something more rough, something more passionate.

He hoisted your thighs so that they were now wrapped around his middle and moved you so that you were now settled on the sink. When you drew him closer to you with your ankles, he teasingly ground his hips against yours. You let out a small moan. He repeated the action, and began kissing from your jaw all the way down your neck.

You began to grow restless, you needed more, “D-daddy,” you moaned accidentally. You had had no control over your words. You grew still, eyes wide, as you waited to see how he’d react.

Daehyun had been sucking on a sensitive area on your neck. The second he heard the name leave your mouth he couldn’t help it as he bit down on the skin.

“Fuck,” he whispered as he pulled away. A new found lust overwhelming him.

Without warning, he pulled your panties down and he lowered himself so he was now eye level with your core.

“Keep calling me that princess,” he insisted as he began trailing kiss up your inner thigh.

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Meant To Be

Some of you probably saw my random ranting about wanting to go back in time. Well I have great news… An update!
It’s proved—Everything happens for a reason.
It might hurt right now, but it will all be worth it.

I think that I had to go through what I went through because that was the only way for me to finally make the decision I’ve always wanted to make, but couldn’t because I’d chicken out due to fear, loneliness, and unsureness.

So that day happened. Oh it was such a horrible horrible incident… Right after, usually I’d try to fix it. But this time, many things happened one after another, and it was impossible for me to even get to it, as if something was keeping me away from it. Once I had the chance to finally fix it, it changed and was no longer attractive nor beneficial to me.

Finally I was able to realize and move on.
Finally I was able to actually stick to the decision I’ve always wanted to make.

Yeah I wish things could’ve been dealt better, but this was the only way for me. Or else I’d go back. I had to be pushed this far and had to be hurt this much to finally move on, and let me tell you…. I feel relieved.
I feel like I can finally breathe again.
I feel like I’m finally free.
I feel like I can finally enjoy life again.

Everything happens for a reason.
It may suck but it’s gonna be alright.
It may take time, but it’s gonna get better. We all make mistakes and what’s important is for us to learn and move on.

Every now and then, things end.
But to every ending, there’s a new beginning.

Don’t let time control you—don’t dwell on the past. Time is just a matter, what you do is what counts. Make. It. Count.

As long as you keep fighting for your happiness, you will be able to find it one day soon. When you find that happiness within you, you will look back at the things you regret and finally be able to say, “It was meant to be.”


i keep thinking about that one post like “i read so much m/m that im no longer attracted to men as a straight female but as a gay male”

did OP realize they’re a trans gay man

are they a cishet girl still

i cant rest until i find out

it’s quite ironic how yoonbum just stabbed jieun right in the boobs, and how the biggest connection between the two girls was that both had big breasts (symbolic of femininity) and both treated him badly. i think both sangwoo and yoonbum end up being “attracted to men” because of their bad experiences with women. they’re so insane their sexuality can no longer be interpreted on the standard spectrum. they’re both attracted to revenge, in one form or another, and also the mutual qualities the two of them share. after being captured, yoonbum knew they had something in common with sangwoo the same way he felt similar to his high school target.

these two are no longer attracted to genders, they are attracted to concepts. 

A Tale of Ice and Fire

Pairing: Mikaela Hyakuya & Yuuichirou Hyakuya

Rating: T

Summary: Yuuichirou had always been known to have a fiery personally. Though his abilities made that quite literal. Adopted into royalty and carrying a dark past, he one day stumbles upon his polar opposite whose burden runs even deeper.

A bond as intense as fire and as beautiful as ice is formed.

Chapter 11

He had been avoiding thinking of this, especially because he knew Mikaela wasn’t used to this. Hell, even the people in this age weren’t used to seeing two men married, how could Mikaela, who had been born 300 years ago, get used to it in a mere few days?

But he knew he couldn’t avoid thinking about it for much longer. He was attracted to Mikaela, he couldn’t deny it. But he didn’t know what to do about it, because Mikaela probably didn’t feel the same way. Mikaela had made it clear earlier when he snapped at Shinoa: he was always seeking closeness with Yuuichirou because of his warmth.

And Yuuichirou was okay with that. He wanted Mikaela to feel warm and happy again. He wanted to help break his curse. He didn’t mind that Mikaela didn’t return his feelings – it wasn’t for that that he brought him out of his castle in the mountain.

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i get really annoyed when people try to act like katara becoming aang’s sorta “nice guy” prize wasn’t intended by bryke.

like ignoring other things they did like killing off jet right when he’s finished his redemption arc and become good (aka, someone katara would accept), giving haru a mustache in an attempt to make him look weird and no longer “attractive”, notping zuko and katara all of the time, having others in that world egging aang on to pursue her, etc., one of the first things they were gonna do was make toph a guy that aang would have to compete with for katara’s affections. thank god for aaron ehasz for telling them no and to make toph a girl with the same characteristics (minus that “mean guy that everyone loves that main character has to go up against” quality)

like damn, right from the start this was their intention for a romantic relationship: nothing where feelings are immediately present on both sides, but their idea of a relationship, in which nice guy pines after girl and girl has only “bad boys” around, where you feel empathy for the nice kid who has to go up against these mean guys “so clearly not deserving of her!!! !!”. they were even going to make a member of the gaang for pushing this and that’s just so wild to me. probably why i like those other ships (including toph and katara) more than the one pushed by bryke


Boss, you aren’t a coward. You weren’t protecting nothing. You were protecting something, us. The women who tried to escape from Yoshiwara. The women who no longer attracted customers. The one making it look like those who broke the laws were taken care of, and sheltered us inside the Hyakka was none other than you!

anonymous asked:

But by saying that you are saying that people HAVE to make themselves attracted to genitals that they aren't attracted to. It's not a choice, it's not possible. No matter how much someone cares about a person, if they have different genitals than what they are sexually attracted to there is no way that they could have a healthy sexual relationship. If someone is straight or gay, they will be repulsed by genitals that don't fit their sexual orientation, they can't just decide to like it.

Never did I once actually say that you *HAVE* to *MAKE* yourself attracted to x genitals. I said that if you associate a set of genitals with a gender, and upon finding out that a trans person of the gender you are attracted to doesn’t have the genitals you associate with that gender (genitals =/= gender) and no longer find yourself attracted to that person just because of that, it is, in fact, transphobic.

Instead of denying it by lashing out when someone accuses your behavior as bigoted, I would suggest taking a step back and assessing your views and seeing if there is something you can do to correct your bigotry.

Laws of Attraction: Part 3

part 1 // part 2

“So how’s it going with track so far this season?” Newt and Minho were in the library, winding their way through the place section by section because Minho (ever the role model student) didn’t even remember the author of the book he needed. He only remembered the title (he insisted he’d remember the author’s name when he found the book).  

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My Shade Headcanon

Just some of my headcanons for shade according to my own personal lore. 

tw: possession, tw: body horror just in case. 

Levels of Shade

Grunts -
mindless shade aspects who first and only goal is devour magic in whatever they encounter. Too many grunts in a single area can lead to a location becoming a dead zone and eventually infecting everyone in said and draining the magic and vitality of any creature who comes across these areas. They tend to infect/possess less sentient and less intelligent creatures. Although it is rare they can take over a dragon/beastclan, though usually in order to keep control multiple grunts will have to inhabit a dragon or beastclan individual. There is a high chance of any dragon/beastclan inhabited by grunts to go completely mad if they are not drained completely of magic or sealed first. Normally grunts will end up hopping from host to host as soon as their host is completely drained of magic or the dead zone they occupy no longer attracts prey. It is rumored that grunts that absorb enough magic can become symbiotes.

Symbiotes - Sentient Shade aspects who need a living individual as a host to survive. Most if not all of them need a host with a significant amount of magical ability. They can usually enhance the amount of magic naturally produced by their host in order to keep their host for an indefinite amount of time. These level of shade interacts with their host in a multitude of ways, sometimes they completely take over their host, or are controlled/sealed in by their host. Most of the time they are in some sort of symbiotic relationship with their host with the ability to take control at the host body at certain times. The symbiotes benefit from this relationship by being able to hide from the more zealot individuals who would be looking to wipe them out. If there host breeds they can pass on a sliver of themselves to the offspring which will grow and develop with the child. There is a higher chance of this if both parents of said dragon are hosts. The longer a symbiote stays with their host there is a much higher chance of them either dying with host or becoming trapped in the dead body of its host without a way to escape. More so if the symbiote was created with its host. If this happens to enough symbiotes inhabiting imperial hosts in the same vicinity then it can have the possibility of resulting in an emperor. Occasionally there are specific types of power that a host can possess that can lead to an extremely rare incident of a single symbiote morphing into an Emperor.

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