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Is it possible for somebody's sexuality to change after they found out they're trans? I used to identify as a lesbian but now I think I might be bi or even a gay trans boy, because I really can't see myself with a girl anymore. Is this something other trans guys go through or am I faking?!

oh no, this is totally something I’ve gone through. personally, I used to identify as pansexual. then some stuff happened, and I no longer am attracted to feminine-presenting people. this is totally normal hon, sometimes even expected, as odd as that sounds. you aren’t any less trans, any less bi, any less label you choose simply because those labels changed.

-Mod Marshall

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How many bugs did you actually eat while filming the vulture mine episode?

S: I’m pretty sure we both inhaled an extraordinary amount of bugs on that shoot. Any light that was on for longer than 10 seconds attracted a thick whirling tornado of insects. Place must be like an Old Country Buffet for the local bats.

R: To this day, I’m still coughing out bugs of varying shapes and sizes. Though, that could be an accumulation from all of our shoots. Either way, vulture was the biggest culprit. Also, that place had an excessive amount of bats. 

Why "punching Nazis" Doesn't Actually Work

By the radical left’s own admission, it never has. They point to the World War II as “proof” that it works, and yet admit that fascism never died - it just went underground until the conditions were right for it to emerge again.

They say it’s “gaining a foothold” in the current political climate, but never ask why. Why giving people with a persecution complex even more of a platform as victims isn’t stomping out their ideas.

Because ideas are funny like that - you can’t bleed them out of people. You can’t kill them by killing the people who believe them. You can’t bludgeon an idea with your fists in the hopes that people will be “too afraid” to believe them, it has never worked.

So when antifa claims there’s suddenly thousands and thousands (or millions, depending on how broadly the already broad definition of “fascist” and “literal Nazi” has been stretched by the individual you’re talking to) of fascists popping out of the woodwork, it flies in the face of their claims that “punching Nazis works”.

Entire fascist regimes have been decimated, over and over and over, and the idea persists, because ideas do not die under violent hands, they wait.

You want to “kill” Nazis? Make the idea so untenable, so laughable, that the idea itself is no longer attractive to people who would be sympathetic. The only way you will ever kill an idea is to change people’s minds by proving the idea itself is flawed.

We’d actually come a long way towards doing that, until the hysterical left and the MSM made it seem like suddenly there are armies of powerful Nazis marching around America. Now, instead, you’ve galvanized these people. You’ve dug them into their ideologies like ticks, and you’ve also managed to alienate the vast majority of ordinary people who might’ve been otherwise sympathetic to your cause.

You’re just furthering a political climate in which only extremes can exist.

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Hello~ May I ask for some romance? At which moment did RFA+ V & Saeran realize their feelings for MC? :3 Thank you in advance! I love you 💕

This was sweet~ Hope you like it! 


  •  He was kind of attracted to you at first, from the whole chatroom experience
  • But as you stayed in the RFA longer, those initial attractions mellowed out
  • You two became good friends, and he found he enjoyed your company
  • You two went out on outings regularly, and he found he could be himself around you
  • You made him better and motivated him to go farther
  • Finally, he auditioned for his biggest role yet…and he didn’t get it
  • He had an emotional breakdown, and he wasn’t even sure why
  • With some time to himself, he realized you were part of the reason
  • When he told you about the role, he thought you would be so disappointed
  • But you just hug him and start encouraging him to keep trying
  • “A role doesn’t define you! I know who you really are and you’re amazing.”
  • Then it happened
  • Something soft and warm unfurled inside of his chest, and he realized in that moment, he was in love with you
  • You were more than just a friend who supported his endeavours…you saw past all that and saw him
  • He saw something sweet and strong inside of you 


  • He actually always had a little crush on you, but he was never really sure of it
  • In fact, he thought you weren’t interested in him that way at all
  • So, he just kind of kept his feelings to himself
  • But despite that, you became a huge support in his life
  • You did more than just scold him about playing video games
  • You talked to him…and you listened as he poured out his heart about the rough times and how he felt like he had no purpose in life
  • Somehow, you reminded him of what he wanted to do originally in life
  • So, he took on school with a vengeance…and it was beyond difficult
  • He had slacked off for so long, catching up again was draining
  • But somehow, you were always there pushing him along
  • His feelings grew more and more gradually until one day, he comes out of his room after hours of studying and he’s feeling super down and discouraged
  • But then you’re there in the kitchen making him a meal, and you just pull him into a hug
  • “You know, if you ever need anything…a meal or just need a little push to keep going, you know I’m here, right?”
  • He can’t stop thinking to himself…how much he wants this moment to be normal
  • He wants you to be a normal part of his life
  • In that moment, he realizes he doesn’t have a crush on you anymore…he’s full on in love with you


  • You’re working on opening your cafe together
  • And doubts start to creep in as more and more obstacles get in her path
  • You snap her out of it right away with your tenacious encouragements
  • Then you two get the thing running, time flies
  • She watches day by day as you work just as hard as she does
  • But you become more than a coworker
  • She never really had friends, so your concern for her health is touching
  • But you also make sure she’s enjoying herself, reminding her to take breaks and setting aside days where you two can just have some fun
  • It’s on one of these days off where she thinks of something fun, and she immediately thinks of inviting you
  • She realizes you have become an immovable part of your life and she literally can’t even imagine life–not work–just life in general without you


  • He already knew you weren’t like the other women his father brought around
  • More than that, you weren’t like other people
  • You seemed to understand him better than most, and sometimes even decipher his feelings before he did
  • He didn’t open up to a lot of people, but he found himself logging into the chatroom often
  • Whenever you were there, your conversations got so long, you had to carry them outside of the chatroom
  • It was after the party that he found himself comfortable enough to spend time with you in person
  • Time went on, and he didn’t realize anything was happening
  • It was actually V who helped him come to the realization
  • He and V were just catching up over dinner when V asked, “So…you and MC. Are you officially dating?”
  • Jumin thinks it a silly question to ask, but V starts explaining how much he’d been talking to you
  • And also how open he seemed with you
  • In that moment, it hit Jumin like a wall
  • All of a sudden, every stray thought, every jittery moment, every ache…it all made sense
  • He was in love with you


  • He had a tiny crush on you when you first entered the chatroom
  • But he kind of ignores his feelings for a long time
  • He doesn’t really think you like him that way…and he doesn’t think someone like him has a chance
  • But you two still become best friends
  • You always do random things together, so it was no odd thing when you two were goofing at a restaurant
  • You got a little cream on the edge of your mouth
  • So he casually wiped it off with his thumb
  • The waiter came by at the exact moment and made an offhanded comment, “You two are such a cute couple!”
  • You and Seven stammered out some sort of explanation and left it that
  • But for some reason, the comment didn’t leave Seven’s head
  • He found himself getting distracted from work that night
  • He thought about how kind you were, how you two seemed to understand each other no matter what, and how he could be himself around you
  • Suddenly, the feeling he kept holed up inside of him burst open all at once
  • He couldn’t deny it anymore
  • He was completely head over heels for you


  • Everyone seemed to tiptoe around him, as if they were scared he might burst
  • But not you
  • You were blunt and very open about your opinions, even if they differed from his 
  • He felt very comfortable around you as a result
  • It wouldn’t matter what mood he was in, you were open to him and you didn’t change
  • He needed the stability
  • Then one day, he got into a fight with Saeyoung…a typical one
  • He runs to you and of course starts venting  
  • You don’t stop him, but you don’t agree with him when he’s done
  • He’s taken aback at first, but you start explaining how he can’t just blame everyone one his brother
  • You were bold and very straightforward, but there was something so caring in the way you scolded him
  • He found his perpetually cold heart melting for the first time in a very long time


  • He didn’t think much of you when you first entered the chatroom
  • He couldn’t log in much, so he rarely talked to you
  • But then the party day came
  • He was setting up one of his pictures and you come up to him
  • You start picking out little details of the picture and sharing the emotions you felt
  • It sparks his eye, but he’s still cautious
  • You start talking to him more after that, and he finds himself wanting to log into the chatroom more as well
  • He can hardly breathe when you announce the RFA would be doing a small charity event
  • He attends as well, and he catches you helping those in need
  • In that moment, he catches a glimpse of your pure kind heart
  • That’s when he notices
  • There’s something different…a shift inside of him that he knows is irreversible
  • You two were connected somehow, and he was in love you

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if someone does not want to be with you because they find out you are bisexual, leave their sorry ass. don’t fight for them. don’t try to win them back. people who no longer find you attractive because you are attracted to other genders than theirs do not deserve you. better things will come than them i promise you. 

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Have any silly domestic prompts having to do with Spock, struggling to figure out how humans live?

i’m gonna spirk this up for the sake of simplicity for me, but it can go for any ship. how about…

  • Spock can’t understand why Jim sings in the shower
    • (he won’t admit it, but he loves to hear it)
  • Jim is SO WARM in bed. How could anyone be so warm?! He’s so easy to curl up to. Illogical. But it would be wasteful to not appreciate him…
  • When Jim is on an overnight trip and Spock is lying there alone, he stares at the ceiling and wonders why he’s so uncomfortable. He never needed another person near him to fall asleep when he was younger. Now, it seems the bed is too large and empty and cold. Jim’s only be gone a few hours, how could Spock possibly miss him?
  • Sometimes, Spock hears Jim talking to no one….and then finds out Jim is actually talking to himself. Fascinating.
    • Spock catches himself speaking aloud one time and promptly decides meditation is in order.
  • Why is Jim so good at chess? If Spock weren’t emotionally devoid *cough cough*, he would be infuriated that such ridiculous strategies actually best his perfectly planned out logical ones.
  • Why does Jim love spoiling him so much? Spock wonders why Jim goes out of his way to make his life easy. He’ll bring him hot tea and hold his coat out for him and tie his scarf.
  • When they go on a camping trip, they bring a space heater but it’s still cold. Even so, Jim is content to walk around the tent barefoot and in a short sleeved shirt.
    • Singing and toasting marshmelons. Why?
  • Jim buys actual paper, even though no one uses actual paper anymore. Jim also acquired an antique apparatus called a pen. He writes notes to Spock on said paper with said pen. Sometimes, the notes contain only words. Sometimes, there are stick figures holding hands (scandalous!) that look alarmingly like themselves.
  • Jim buys Spock things, even when he doesn’t need them. …Like knitted ear warmers and imported spiced tea.
  • Reading is a personal activity…so why does Jim insist on sitting right next to Spock when he does? Sometimes he even uses his lap as a pillow. Not that Spock minds but…
  • Why do humans like to have dinner parties?
  • Why must Jim shows pictures of Spock to others??? It’s like Jim’s showing off at times, but surely Spock must be reading too much into that situation…
  • Sometimes, Jim looks in the mirror and feels he’s no longer attractive. Spock can’t understand how this is possible.
  • Why do humans cry when they’re happy???
  • Why do Jim and Amanda enjoy trading mildly embarrassing stories about Spock and Sarek, as they sit there totally not blushing green?

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Hentai is for dudes who are too much of assholes to get laid irl

Hentai is for dudes that have been so indoctrinated by extreme beauty standards that they are no longer attracted to human beings but impossibly proportioned facsimiles of humanity


If ever there was an utterly useless and tragic waste of a life, it was when Jeffrey Dahmer murdered 23-year-old David Thomas purely to avoid getting into a fight with him.  On September 24, 1990, Dahmer met Thomas at the Grand Avenue Mall and used his typical offer of drinks and money in order to lure him back to his apartment.  However, after Thomas passed out from his drink laced with sedatives, Dahmer realized that he was no longer attracted to him and thus had no desire to kill him.  Still, he knew that if he allowed Thomas to wake up, he would certainly be angry about being drugged.  To avoid that conflict, Dahmer strangled the young man and later dismembered his body, preserving none of his remains.  He did take photographs of the dismemberment process, though, which would later aid in identifying Thomas as one of his victims. 

Another advice I have for young girls is to not fawn over men for any basic positive disposition in beliefs and behaviour. If he’s a feminist, atheist (or practicing if you roll that way), is anti-porn, etc. A lot of them are progressive in their appearance- they have learned how to talk the talk and walk the walk in order to be more palatable to the modern woman.

It’s not being a cynic. It’s being critical. Men always have ulterior motives even when they do anything seemingly positive, as far as women are concerned.

And the best thing you can do for yourself as a young woman is learn to recognize their motives for all their beliefs and all their actions. And I do believe women have an ability to recognize men’s intentions in a way that is impossible for men recognize in women. And that most women just have to learn to tap into it. There is reason why, when you are a teenager and a young woman, you get a lot of attention from men and particularly older men, and you’ll start to notice it disappear once you are older. It’s not because you are no longer attractive or your clock has run out.

And this attitude isn’t just about ~men ain’t shit~ I actually mean embody, apply and practice that criticism to all men that come your way. It’s not just a motto.

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I just got off my flight to Orlando and there was a couple behind me that were coming here to honeymoon and if that isn't McPriceley I don't know what is

Honestly. I’m all for that art of McKinley and Price in Disney World together where they get matching Disney hats and sweaters, take pictures by the iconic Epcot ball, lay on the beach together and Connor gets slightly sunburnt because he’s so pale. They decide to skip going to Sea World because they realize how cruel they are to the animals and instead just enjoy the actual animals they see in the real sea. They instead go to Universal Studios and Kevin gets really excited about the Minions because he loves them so much. Connor doesn’t quite get it but he lets Kevin have his fun anyways. They also do matching outfits in Disney World that are similar to actual Disney character costumes (Disney bound, you can’t actually wear a costume because they don’t want you to get confused for a cast member) and they do Ariel and Prince Eric. (Connor is Ariel and Kevin is Prince Eric). They have all the Mickey shaped foods, have one of those luxury Disney hotel rooms, and they go on as many rides as they can. They go mini golfing when their Disney World passes expire and Connor is like a hundred times better than Kevin and it makes Kevin really frustrated at how bad he is so he lets Kevin win on purpose, just to keep the peace on their honeymoon. I could go on for ages…

never understood the whole “if i find out someone is trans i’ll no longer attracted to them” thing because personally when i find out someone is trans i am instantly 200% more attracted to them

Inner Demons

Summary: Being the rookie is no fun. Especially when your superior keeps pushing you more and more each day. But the two of you can’t know one thing. You’re more connected than you think.

Fandom: American Assassin

Pairing: Mitch Rapp x Reader

Word Count: 3749

A/N: So this is my contribution to Mitch week, hosted by @stilinski-jpeg and @minhosmeanhoe ! Omg I almost missed it thanks to @maddie110201 who’s always there to help me and proofread my stuff! So this isn’t a smut fic. Rather angsty and sad because I was in a sad mood when I wrote it. I hope it’s still good! Also, I haven’t read the book so maybe there’s things that doesn’t fit and I’m sorry. I should stop apologize everytime I post something.

Sleeping with your boss, your superior, has its advantages. Especially when he’s beautiful, tall and mysterious. But there aren’t only benefits, unfortunately.

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I don’t have the right to kill you. Until now, to protect Yoshiwara, together, we judged those who broke the laws. At times, women who tried to escape from Yoshiwara. At times, women who were no longer able to attract customers. I have piled up those burdens. I can’t just abandon these laws and continue to live on peacefully. Kill me.

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Think you can do dating/romance headcanons for IDW Prowl, Blurr, Chromia and RID15 Thunderhoof and Shadowraker with a male Cybertronian S/O? Specifically, I want how would they feel when they first fall in love with their S/O, how they act when they ask them out, when their S/O agrees, where they go for their first date, how they proclaim their love to their S/O, and how they react when their S/O kisses them on the lips for the first time.

Aight so I know I said the more detailed the better, but I probably should have also said the more characters in a request the less I’m gonna write for each one bc like. Otherwise it would take me forever to do a single request. So I’m just gonna do one of each thing you asked for with each character if that’s cool!!

Blurr (IDW)

  • When Blurr falls in love with someone (which isn’t often, he didn’t have many close relationships of any kind before the war, those who hung out with him were either other celebrities or fair-weathered individuals who just wanted to leech off his reputation), he falls kind of hard, even if he doesn’t realise it at first. At first he’s confused because you’re all he can think about, and it eventually takes one of his customers at Maccadam’s telling him to slow down or talk about something else for him to actually piece together his feelings for you because “Primus, who is this mech you keep talking about? You’ve been rambling about him all evening”. Once Blurr actually realises he’s got a case of the feelings, he handles it relatively well. He kind of just goes “huh” and starts thinking about the best way to ask you out on a date.

Chromia (IDW)

  • Chromia is usually very blunt, but when asking someone out on a date, she can become a tad nervous. She’s likely to just go up to you and very seriously tell you to meet her at a certain place then just. Leave. Shhhhhhh she doesn’t want you to know she’s embarrassed shhhhhh If you do go to this meeting place she waits before approaching, trying to figure out the right words to say, before coming up to you and blurting out why she wanted to meet up with you. Guess you’re on a date with Chromia now cause you obviously just said yes by turning up. Nice.

Prowl (IDW)

  • Prowl’s idea of a first date is to ask you to help with some work. He’s still learning how to loosen up, so it may be a rather awkward “date” if you can even call organising files that but he tries hard to make conversation. The fact he knows about pretty much every ‘bot who fought in the war can get a bit unnerving though when he asks you a question about yourself and he finishes your answer. Prowl you weren’t even there. Prowl. Prowl, buddy, you might scare this mech off. Do you want that, Prowl? Do you really?

Shadow Raker (RiD2015)

  • He’s not going to proclaim anything until he’s 110% certain your loyalties lie exclusively with him, and no one else. But once he’s sure of this fact, he’s going to take you somewhere private so the two of you can have a spark-to-spark conversation. He’s smooth and charming, and when he shares his feelings with you he makes it sound like you’re the only person in the entire universe who means anything to him. He might be exaggerating a little bit when he says you mean more to him than his treasures ever will, but what you don’t know won’t hurt you. You’re still special to him either way.

Thunderhoof (RiD2015)

  • If you initiate the first kiss between you and Thunderhoof prepare for a very loud “EYOOOOOOO”
  • Just kidding!! He’s visibly surprised and actually kinda speechless at first, it takes him a moment to process you just kissed him. Once it’s actually sunk in and yeah, you’re the one who kissed him first, not the other way round, he gently grips your chin, muttering about how he wanted to steal the first kiss himself. Then he kisses you back, holding you close until one of you breaks the kiss. Now the two of you are kind of even.