no longer a wip!

Proud Bug Boss

Proud Guzma with his number one bug Wimpod!

To be honest, this wasn’t the original plan for this drawing. I asked my husband what I should draw and he had said “Draw a Wimpod” well Guzma kinda protested. I enjoyed finishing this piece as I have finally found the line thickness I like and have found a way of shading that works for me!

Ya Boi here is the first print done for my little convention season coming up! More to come, I promise! I don’t plan to make the same mistake I made last year with the Puff series of prints and wait for a month beforehand. So yes, this is what my art can look like when I’m not rushed.

If you are interested in seeing WIP photos, please head on over and follow me on my twitter: I will no longer be posting WIP dumps here.

Artwork © WhiskyWhisker
Guzma, Wimpod © Pokemon/Gamefreak/Nintendo

another scribble that’s been sitting in my sketchbook for yonks, then my WIP folder for even longer, that I’ve finally got around to drawing up. its sort of a spiritual successor to this -  I went for the murky palette with the bright white to get that “we’ve been fighting a messy gritty war but its finally over and holy shit I’m weirdly relieved that you’re alive???” feel. spoiler alert: whenever I draw armor I literally just completely make it up as I go along


quick updates!  WIPs and whatnot

went to designercon and CTN, picked up some books and a couple neat resin things from mold3d and missmonster, chit chatted with some very neat folks, got my inspiration levels back up.

Going to try to be doing smaller, doable, lunch crunchy type of things (1-2 hour projects like the tooth fungus above) in addition to longer, more detailed sculpts (wip top left, concept by spysheep)

I also changed my instagram name to xsculpts as I want to really focus on sculpture there from now on.  So follow that if you’re keen on more up-to-date rumblings, as on tumblr I’m going to just post “master posts” of finished works and breakdowns.

tl;dr:  not dead yet

Album Fanfic Writing Challenge

Have you ever been listening to an album and the lyrics just spoke to you, inspired a work of fanfiction in some sort of way? That’s been happening to me a lot lately, so I thought why not make a challenge out of it.

Here are the rules:

  • Can be any pairing or ship, reader-insert, OC; or even no pairing. Write what you want to write.
  • Pick a fandom, any fandom. BUT if you decide to write for more than one fandom, please pick a new album for the new fandom. 
  • Can be fluff, angst, smut; whatever. Or maybe just a headcanon kind of thing.
  • No word limit. You want to write a poem or drabble? Maybe something longer, like 5,000 words. Even if it’s part of a WIP. Go for it. 
  • Pick an album that has inspired you. It can be old or new, any style, any artist, anything that you want.
  • Include the song title / album information anywhere in your summary or author’s note. Let’s give credit to these amazing musical inspirations.  
  • Post your fic by January 31, 2017 at midnight CST (Minnesota time).
  • Your fic can either be a story based on the song, or just have it somehow highlight the song, BUT make your fic relevant to the song you choose, please! (Basically, please do more for this challenge than having a song from your album playing in the background.) 
  • Your fic can also be a part of another challenge. 
  • If you also post on AO3, please share with the mrs_squirrel_chester_Album_Fanfiction_Challenge. 
  • TAG ME IN YOUR FIC! If I haven’t liked or reblogged within a week, let me know!

Any questions? Make sure to check out the FAQ page.

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So like Raywood Fahc au where Ryan doesn’t talk. Like, he just doesn’t. No one really gets why and it gets inconvenient at times but they deal. 

Ryan’s room is at the end of the hall, and the only person that he shares a wall with is Ray. Now Ray’s not a particularly nosy person, but he can’t help but notice that every now and then there are sounds coming from Ryan’s room that sound an awful lot like a one-sided conversation. But maybe Ryan’s listening to videos or the radio or maybe Ray’s just imagining things. Either way, it’s none of his business. 

That is until one day – A very nice day, in fact the first nice day of spring after a long winter – when Ray was hanging around on his room’s balcony, just enjoying the warm weather when he hears the noises again, this time carrying through Ryan’s open balcony door. The open door does much less to muffle the noise and nothing to hide Ryan’s actions. 

Long story short, that’s how Ray caught Ryan animatedly talking to his multiple plants about how much he has a huge crush on Ray and how he’s literally speechless whenever they’re in the same room.