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If there’s anything I’ve learned from superhero movies and shows is that the british supervillain goes into the glass cage.

Update: Magneto joins the list. Thanks to everyone who pointed that out.


“I think I’ll just stay in.” You told them. “You sure?” Natasha asked. “Yeah, don’t feel like going out.” You said and they nodded. “We’ll bring you some pizza.” Tony said and you nodded. “Don’t watch the new Horror Story without me, I’ll kill you.” Clint threatened and you laughed.

“Okay. I’ll just wa-”

“Not New Girl. We’re watching it together.” Natasha told you. “Fine.” You groaned. “Or Walking Dead.” Steve told you. “Oh my God, anything else?” You asked. “Yeah, we’ve got to finish the new episode of Supernatural.” Tony said. “I hate all of you.” You groaned.

A few hours past and you were about to click on the next episode of How I Met Your Mother, when you saw a bright yellow beam on the outside of the penthouse. “The hell?” You said, standing up and running towards the light.

It began to fair and you saw those signature horns, then smiled. “Loki?” You asked. He turned around and you saw him smiling. “You’re alive?” You asked. “Thor said you died.” You told him. “You should know by now that death can’t stop me.” He said, walking towards you. “What are you doing here?” You asked. “Is it not your birthday?” He asked.

“How do you know?” You asked him. “You’re my best friend, Y/N.” He told you. “So, where’s the party?” He asked. “Ah, there isn’t one.” You told him. “Why not?” He asked. “The team is busy, didn’t want to cause trouble and-”

“It’s your birthday, Y/N and you deserve to have the best day of your life.” He said and you smiled. “Now, let’s get this party started.” He told you. “What if they come back?” You asked him.

He had a mischievous smile as his body began to glow a deep yellow. A second later, he was a cat. “You’re an idiot.” You said. “Meow.” He responded. “A gift card could have been enough.” You laughed.

“Code Red”  LokixReader

Prompt :: Ah, the joys of having your period… If only your boyfriend didn’t think you were dying.

Features ::  XX Chromosome/Female reader, Avenger reader, pre-established relationship with Loki, confused Loki, not-a-villain-anymore Loki

Warnings :: Talks about having your period and how much it sucks, cursing, reader has a vagina/uterus (that’s what XX-c is for)

Word Count :: 1392

Additional Notes ::  I remember reading somewhere that Asgardian women (or Norse goddesses?) don’t have cycles, so I ran with it.  I might do another part to this, but I’m not sure.  For now, it’s just a silly little oneshot.

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Tricks - Loki Laufeyson x Reader

Words: 594
Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader
Warnings: none, probably kinda cringe tho
Requested: no
Authors Note: so since im binge writing for my series I decided to write a little drabble to at least get somehting out today. (it’s a bit longer than a normal drabble but ya feel). I got the prompt “Can you be romantic for once?” from THIS PROMPT LIST! and its a great list tbh i love it. so, here it is. (im really not feeling like myself tonight and this took me so much longer to write than imagined, so I hope it actually turned out okay)


You walked through the halls of the Avengers facility, shouting the name of your boyfriend. He seemed to be nowhere, and you hadn’t seen him for days. “Tony, have you seen Loki?” You asked.

“I don’t pay attention to him as it is,” Tony shrugged, leaving you standing aimlessly in the hallway.

Before Loki helped Thor and you in The Dark World, you were sure he was going to try to destroy any world he wanted. But after he met you, he was determined to change his ways so he could try to have a better life. He fell for you hard, and if that meant “doing time” on Midgard, he was all for it. He did miss Asgard, but having you with him on the strange Earth made him bare it a bit more.

It took him a while to get you to go out with him, but eventually, you agreed to a date That quickly led to more dates, and something more. He had his cute and romantic moments, but recently, he has barely been sweet at all. He’s been all about tricks and playing jokes, something that made you upset. And with him missing, it only made you angrier.

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Imagine that you are convicted in murder although you didn’t commit it. You are in jail, waiting for the trial. 

One night your sobs echo through the prison; you don’t want to go to jail but you feel so hopeless. The guard, Loki, hears you and he feels sorry for you. He enters your cell, sits down next to you, pulls you into his lap and consoles you.

You looked up as a low soft groan sounded from the other room.
“Loki?” You called uncertainly, looking up from your book.
Loki slowly made his way towards you, more of a shuffle than an actual walk. He groaned again, inclining his head in acknowledgement of your presence. Slowly and gingerly, he arrived beside you, flopping down onto the couch in exhaustion. “Hello,love.” He finally murmured, voice hoarse. After another heavy sigh, he grumbled, “what is this?” A weak cough rattled his body as he tightened the blanket stolen from the bed.
“Sounds like a cold, flu bug thing.” You responded, motioning for him to rest his head on your lap.
He scowled before complying. “Asgardians don’t get such things, we don’t get sick.”
You pursed your lips, the memory of Loki’s badly scarred torso coming to mind. “Perhaps, while you’re healing, your immune system is weaker, you’re more susceptible to earthly diseases.”
Loki grunted though didn’t speak, his eyes closing as he bundled further into the blankets. You bit your lip, hiding your smile at his obstinate behavior. Moving your book to the side, you reached down and began stroking his hair.
“At least I can take care of you for this, it’s a nice switch.”
“Always the bright side…” Loki mumbled, “it doesn’t work that way though.”
“Just this once.”
Loki sighed, turning his head to look up at you. The heavy black circles under his eyes worried you but he managed a small rueful smile, “very well, if it makes you happy.”
You pressed your lips to his forehead in a firm but gentle kiss. “Of course.”