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The Mysterious Girl (Loki Laufeyson x Reader)

Request: Hi can a request a fluffy Loki x reader fic where the reader is in a situation where she cannot talk often (maybe her voice causes glass to crack and shatter and people to fall unconscious) instead she uses actions to convey her feelings. when Loki arrives with his brother for redemption he tries to get her to talk by annoying her to no avail. They’re alone one time and the reader snaps telling him to stop; he falls unconscious and she cares for him until he comes to. Please and thank you!!

Requested By: Anonymous

Word Count: 1, 988

Warnings: None (I think)

A/N: First Loki imagine, wooo! I hope you all enjoy, especially all you Loki fans out there. It was a refreshing change to write about him, so I’m glad I got the chance! If you would like to be added to my Tag List for all future updates, just let me know! FYI, (Y/E/C) means ‘your eye color.’ Enjoy!

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Loki was not happy. Not happy at all. Why wasn’t he happy? Because he was on Midguard. And what was wrong with being on Midguard? Thor, his brother was there. And he was stuck with him.

“Brother, do not worry. I’m sure that my comrades will not hate you. That much,” Thor comforted, slapping his brother on the back.

Stumbling forward, Loki looked back at his brother and scowled. “Oh, yes. I’m sure those mortals just love me after all that I did.”

Sighing, Thor looked at his brother. “You knew not what you were doing. Besides, you are repentant.”

“Am I?” Loki sassed back, earning a disapproving look from the ‘better’ sibling.

“Well, you will be. At least once they are through with you.”

Rolling his eyes, Loki trudged along beside his brother, looking up at the building. Sure, it was impressive for Midguard standards, but not for Asgard. If that was even his home anymore.

“Welcome, to the Avengers,” Thor announced, pushing open the glass doors with ease.

This will be just great, Loki thought to himself as he followed his oaf of a brother inside.

Well, could be going a lot worse, Loki thought as his brother’s teammates glared down at him.

“Why do we have to keep him here again?” Clint asked through gritted teeth, glaring at Loki. Hand tight on his bow, he never removed his eyes from the god.

“Look, I’m not excited about reindeer games being here either,” Tony grumbled.

“But there is no other option, apparently,” Nat finished the sentence, remembering all too well what she had to do to her best friend to get him out of his head.

“He is my brother,” Thor started, looking them all down. “You will be courteous to him, even if he is deserving of your hatred and spite.”

“He destroyed New York with an alien army,” Steve said, glaring at Loki.

“And tried to take over the world,” Bruce added.

“He’s adopted,” Thor said sheepishly, to which Loki rolled his eyes. Bored, Loki began to look over his foes- allies. Most of them Loki remembered. Some, were new. Like the man with the metal arm, the red man, the girl with glowing-red eyes, and many more. As Loki skimmed over his subjects- friends, his eyes landed on one girl in particular. She was odd, but not in the bad sense. She was odd in the sense that she was quiet, odd in the sense that she distanced herself from others. Curious, Loki continued to look at her, until she noticed and began blushing prominently. Her eyes darted towards Clint, and he saw immediately.

“You stay away from her,” Clint almost growled, moving in front of the odd girl. Loki did not care though. He was intrigued by this girl and wanted to know more. Wanted to know what she liked and disliked, why she was here. One way or another, Loki was going to know that girl.

Two months have passed since Loki arrived at the Avengers compound, and things were a little better. The others were talking to him now, and Loki wasn’t sure if he liked it or not. The company was nice from time to time, when they weren’t glaring at him. Loki always brushed them off though. Some people just don’t understand that he had changed.

Mainly, for her.

Loki had tried everything to talk to the girl. Anytime that he nearly got close to even saying hello, the mother hen swooped in between them.

“No way,” Clint growled one day, standing in front of the girl once more.

“I just want to talk to her, I’m not bad anymore,” Loki had pleaded.

Laughing, Clint shook his head. “Yeah. I’ll believe it when I see it. And good luck talking to her anyway, she-”

But before the mother hen could even finish his sentence, the girl had tapped on his shoulder. The girl had obviously communicated to the arrow man, Loki just did not understand how. She didn’t move her lips, but rather her hands. When Loki first saw this, he thought she was doing magic.

“Are you a sorceress?” Loki had asked in amazement, to which Clint glared him down, offended.

“Out.” He demanded, and Loki quickly made his way out, not wanting to find out what would happen to him if mother hen got any angrier.

So Loki’s quest to talk to the mysterious girl continued, always trying to get close to her. Over the two months that he had been there, he had learned three things about the beautiful and mysterious girl:

1) She did not like mornings. Her face scrunched up in the cutest of ways whenever she was woken up before 9 a.m.

2) Her favorite color was green, or so Loki assumed. She always wore some article of green, whether it be the oversized green sweatshirt she stole from the man with the metal arm or her green shoes, which she wore everywhere. 

3) She loved movies, more than life itself apparently. Whenever Loki was looking for her to talk to her (before mother hen showed up), she was sitting in the room with the screen, a different movie on it each time he saw her. Some days it would be little cartoons dancing and singing across the screen, others it would be miniature people falling in love. Without fail though, Loki noticed that every Friday night she watched the same movie, over and over. One with a half fish-half human hybrid and her colorful fish friends.

With each new little tidbit of information about the girl, Loki grew more and more interested. Loki not only thought about her all day, but even dreamed about being able to talk to the beautiful girl, face to face. Just when Loki was about to give up on all hope of ever speaking to the girl, a bit of luck was finally in Loki’s favor.

The heroic team was heading off on a mission, one where they needed almost every member, except for the mysterious girl. Loki, jumping at the opportunity to speak with her, helped pack everyone’s bags that night. To the team, he seemed just a bit too happy.

“Are you sure we can leave him here, Thor?” Steve had asked, glancing at Loki.

“Believe it or not, he is acting a lot better,” Thor commented as he put everyone’s luggage onto the quinjet.

“Yes, but he will be here all alone,” Tony added. The girl, apparently did not like that for she stomped her foot in defiance.

Thor had saw her little foot stomp and smiled. “He will not be alone, (Y/N) will be here.”

Aha! Her name! Loki thought, adding another piece to the puzzle.

Laughing, Clint put his supplies in the quinjet. “Yeah, if anyone can handle him, it's  (Y/N).”

This seemed to have made (Y/N) happy, for she nodded her head in triumph.

“I’ll be good,” Loki started, causing everyone to look at him. “Promise.”

“We shall see, brother,” Thor said, clapping his hand on his brother’s shoulder, causing Loki to lose his footing for a moment. “If not, well, you’ll be in for a shock. (Y/N), take care of him for me. Don’t let him get into too much mischief.”

(Y/N) smiled and nodded at Thor, waving the team goodbye.

“That’s no fair,” Loki grumbled to himself. “I’m the god of mischief. It’s literally what I do.”

As soon as the quinjet had disappeared over the horizon, (Y/N) had went back into the compound. Not wanting to lose her in the maze of halls and corridors, Loki followed right after her.

“So,” Loki started, falling into step with her. “Just you and me.”

All she did was quirk up an eyebrow at him before continuing on her way.

“Right. Silent treatment. Well, that has never stopped me before,” Loki continued as he followed her into the room with the screen. Lighting up at the opportunity, Loki walked over to the shelves full of discs.

“Shall we watch one?” Loki asked, digging through the movies. “I’ve never actually seen one of these ‘movies.’ What do you recommend?”

He was met with silence. Smile faltering a bit, because literally the girl of his dreams would not talk to him, he turned back to the shelf. Finding something somewhat familiar, Loki held out the case to her. “How about this?”

Looking back, her whole face lit up and she nodded enthusiastically, causing Loki to smile. “Okay,” Loki said, looking at the title before putting the disc into the strange contraption. “The Little Mermaid it is.”

Moving towards the couch, Loki sat down next to her. Trying to control his breathing, he constantly found himself looking at (Y/N) throughout the movie, committing every detail of her to memory. Loki did this so often that he ended up missing the movie.

“Wait, why is the fish-girl having problems with her father?” Loki asked. No answer.

“Why is the crab singing to her? Life is not better down where it’s wetter. You’re wet all the time. Plus there are sharks, nasty little creatures. Worst than bildshnipe, I hear. Or at least Thor tells me.” No answer.

“OH NO, A SHARK!” No answer.

“Don’t go near the evil squid lady. Why would you go near the evil squid lady?” No answer.

All this time, (Y/N) never answered. She did seem to be getting more and more annoyed, though.

“Wait, why does she need to kiss the Prince? To get her voice back? That is highly unlikely, magic does not work like-”

“WILL YOU JUST SHUT UP ALREADY?!” The girl shouted. A ringing noise sounded through the room, and before Loki even knew it, he was out cold.

Blinking away the black spots in his vision, Loki was met with a pounding headache. Staring up at the ceiling, Loki started to feel alarmed until he felt something moving through his hair. Looking around, Loki was soon met with the most beautiful pair of (Y/E/C) eyes he had ever seen. What made them even more beautiful was that they were your eyes.

“What happened?” Loki groaned, trying to sit up. He was soon pushed back down by (Y/N) so that his head lay on her lap. She held up a finger as if to say ‘one moment’ and grabbed the nearest notebook and pen she could find. Sprawling out her message with one hand and combing through his hair with the other, she finally had written out her message:

‘Sorry, I didn’t mean to knock you out. I’m an enhanced and my voice knocks people out, especially when I yell. I didn’t mean to make you pass out.’

Reading the message, Loki began to smile. “It’s alright, Love. You didn’t mean to. I’m just glad that we are finally communicating.”

Blushing at his words, she began to write out another message.

‘I get that, now. I mean, who talks during a movie?’

It was Loki’s turn to blush now as he read your note. “Sorry, I am not familiar with proper movie etiquette. But I’d love to learn.”

Smiling, she wrote down her next message.

'I’d love to teach you, if you gave me a chance. Then you can ask all the questions you want, whether about me or the movie.’

“Sounds absolutely, perfect, Love,” Loki said with a smile. The pounding in his head had finally stopped, and Loki was able to sit up now, but he didn’t want to leave her gentle caresses just yet.

'Can you sit back up yet?’ She wrote out, quirking another eyebrow up at him.

“No,” Loki lied. “Not yet. Still hurts.” She nodded at his answer and continued to card her fingers through his black hair, leaving Loki in a bliss. Well, he was the god of mischief, after all. What else was he going to do, except lie a little to stay with the girl of his dreams?

What We Want And What We Get II

Author: AvengeSuperWhoLock

Word Count:1788

Pairing: LokixSister!ReaderxThor

Summary: Thor gets drunk and handsy at a party. It doesn’t end well. 

Part 1

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thorki + unbreakable kiss :))

sorry about the delay! :) there was a bit of a family emergency with someone I care very much about being admitted to the hospital for a few days.

send me a kiss prompt!

Loki’s lips feel sweet against his own.

The dusty, humid corner they’d found themselves in—less so. But this is the last night that he might have Loki; the last night that a discovered tryst between the two would garner only outrage instead of war.

“Thor,” Loki breathes. His chilly hands start their path at the base of Thor’s neck, but wind up into his hair, black nails scratching. “Thor.”

Thor pushes them harder, pressing Loki into the stone. His heart is greedy for more of Loki—his smiles, the sunlight caught in his nightfallen hair, red eyes tired from straining over books. And now, he drinks this kiss because he knows he will never be given another.

They fit, Thor thinks, like two connecting puzzle pieces; Loki stands matches Thor for height, and is only marginally less wide. Long has Thor suspected that Loki weaves some illusion over the eyes of others, to make them see a slender thing, with wide hips and a dainty face. But he bares all for Thor—the broadness of his shoulders, the power in the muscles shifting under blue skin.

A storm of ice and wind that Thor could never hope to control.

“We need to stop,” Loki says. He’s caught between Thor and the wall and there’s hardly enough room to pull his head far enough away to speak. The words form against Thor’s mouth like they were his own.

“Aye,” Thor agrees. For tomorrow Loki of Jotunheim marries Baldur, eldest son of Odin, and Prince Regent to the throne. Tomorrow at dawn, Thor must watch the man he loves marry his brother, and he must smile. “But do you want to?”

Loki’s fervent kiss is answer enough.

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DRINK ME, brother!

A soft tapping on Thor’s shutters roused him from his bed where he was trying unsuccessfully to fall asleep.

“Loki,” he whispered, letting the dark-haired boy in through the window, “you’re not supposed to be here.”

“But I come bearing gifts,” Loki said with a twinkle in his eye. He produced two bottles from somewhere Thor was sure they had not been a second ago. “Ember wine, I stole it from father’s study while he was busy yelling at us.”

“You’re unbelievable,” Thor said, laughing.

“Yes, well, his peripheral vision is shit,” Loki smirked. “It’s not my fault, really - it was so easy to steal he was practically giving it away.”

“Haven’t we gotten in enough trouble for one day?”

“Not nearly enough, I’d say.” Loki’s eyes glittered in the light of the banked fire.

They let themselves out onto the balcony, the city spread out twinkling below them like a carpet of fireflies. The air was cool enough that Loki rubbed his arms to chase away the gooseflesh.

They drank directly from the bottles. The alcohol warmed them and brought easy smiles to their faces as they recounted in gleeful detail all the mischief they had accomplished, both this day and in the past. Despite the dressing down from their father earlier, Thor felt nothing but a spreading happiness in his chest. Being here illicitly with his brother, watching the moonlight catch his smile and line his hair in silver, listening to the dark velvet of his voice carried gently on the night air, seeing him free and happy in a way he never was in public - it felt like a dear secret and a dearer gift, and one that he hoped was available to him always.

Loki grew more animated as he drank, gesticulating so wildly with his bottle that wine slopped over the side. He licked the outside of the bottle to catch the drips and Thor followed his tongue with his eyes, oddly drawn to it.

“What?” Loki said, catching him looking.

Thor took a swig from his own bottle to cover up his discomfiture.

By the time the wine was done they ended up slumped against the wall, the world pleasantly spinning, Loki tucked under Thor’s arm to hide from the chill, their legs outstretched and ankles tangled together.

“I don’t wanna climb back to my room,” Loki grumbled.

“Stay here,” Thor said, resting his cheek on the top of Loki’s head.

“We’re supposed to be grounded.”

“Getting in trouble has never stopped you from anything before.”

Loki hummed his agreement and burrowed closer into Thor’s side.

“You’re right, it hasn’t.” 

You know how in the Avengers (2012) Natasha and Loki talk about Barton? And Loki says “Oh. Is this love, Agent Romanoff?

So I have this headcanon that Loki is a massive Clintasha shipper and whatever he saw in Nat’s head made him think they are together.

And now someone (tbh probably Thor) tells him that Clint has a wife and Loki is all smiles and asks: “Oh, so Romanoff finally said yes?” and Thor sadly shakes head and expalin that Barton’s wife is not Natasha and LOKI IS SO MAD AND CONFUSED. 

Like how are they not together? How Barton could’ve take another wife? And children??? Dishonor! Dishonor on his whole family! Dishonor on him, dishonor on his cow! And Natasha??? How could she ever let Barton be with anyone that isn’t her? HOW ARE THEY SO STUPID?!

Loki is livid. 

He goes to the earth to talk with them, to make them explain HOW COULD THIS HAPPENED.  And Thor tries to stop him, bc Loki on Earth is never a good idea, but Loki is a man on a misson. HE NEEDS ANSWERS GODDAMIT. 

A Way Out

TITLE: A Way Out

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter 2 of 5

AUTHOR: MaliceManaged

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being kidnapped and meeting Loki, who is trapped in a network of mirrors. Bored and with nothing better to do, he decides to help you escape, figuring he’ll never see you again after you’re gone. But as soon as you’re able, you return intending to rescue him…


NOTES/WARNINGS: You ever had one of those moment when you realise you’re probably not quite right in the head? I bet Loki has a lot of those. XD


    It took a bit longer than she would have liked to get the right temperature, but eventually with a sharp blow that may or may not have left a small bruise, the cuff lay in pieces on the floor. Ayrialenne had to stop herself from letting out a cheer at the small victory; she still had to find her way out, which would likely be no easy feat as Loki was quick to point out.

    They had an advantage, ironic as it was, in the form of Loki’s prison. There were, of course, many rooms with no mirrors that he’d never seen, but that still left quite a wide area he could cover and in turn guide her through. For practicality’s sake, Loki went ahead and Ayrialenne kept an eye and ear out for any trouble behind them; she hoped there wouldn’t be any, given that she was essentially on her own on that front and there was only so much she could fight against in her current form.

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It’s Not Personal Pt. IV // 4:17 PM

Pairing: Reader x Bucky

Featuring: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Nick Fury, Loki, Thor

Warning: Swearing, fighting

Prompt: Bucky and Steve are assigned to track down and attack an alleged threat. But what happens when that threat is you, and your intentions are more mysterious than they thought?

P.S ~ this will be separated into multiple *parts*. If you’re liking this and want to make sure you don’t miss the nest parts that follow, then turn on post notifications or send me a DM.

Previous Parts:

Part I

Part II

Part III

Following Parts:

Part V

Loki watched as you floundered around, frantically searching for a way out. You wanted to return home, more than anything. But, leaving Bucky made it seem completely impossible. Your eyes landed on Loki, who was still staring at you with curious eyes. He started to head towards you, which made you involuntarily gulp.

“Is something bothering you?” Loki asked, gently placing his hand on your shoulder. Which, by-the-way, was still dressed in your black suit from the day before. You were pretty positive there was still grass in your hair, as well.

“No. Well, yes,” your words were hectic. “I mean no. It’s great, but…” Loki waved his hand through the air, slowly silencing your babbling.

“You don’t want to come with me, do you?” It felt like being struck with a million knives, you thought. Hearing your father say those words, sounding so miserably in pain. Your eyes couldn’t meet his, knowing how much grief would be in them. So many years searching for each other, and you couldn’t go with him. Not yet.

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Loki x Reader The Danger You Crave Part Six

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Wow I love this gif hehe

Word Count: 863

Warnings: smut 

Part One Previous Next

You lunged back from Loki. The world around you seemed to spin as you came to realize the memory had shattered. “Don’t touch me,” you tried to say angrily. 

“You remember that moment as well as I do,” Loki murmured.

“Loki, why are you doing this?” you asked, almost pleading him to give it up. “Just-just tell me. Tell me and I’ll take care of it. We can run away and start everything over. Just give up this.” You reached out to touch his shoulder. Loki sneered at you, moving away. “Look at what they’ve done to you. Look at what Thor’s done to you.” 

“No one has done anything to me,” you seethed. “No one except for you.” 

“I helped you,” he argued. 

“You brainwashed me.” 

I saved you!” 

You were startled at his sudden yell. His eyes softened immediately when he realized and he straightened his back. “I saved you from the wretched horrors of this world. I was trying to protect you from a life of misery,” he argued. “The only thing you’ve done is hurt me. Over and over and over again. And each time you fuck up it’s always me that gets hurt.” 

“You think I do not ache when I lose you?” Loki demanded. “The time I went without you was hell and the only thing that got me through it was knowing that one day you would be by my side once more.” 

Your fists clenched by your side, blood boiling with every emotion humanly possible. “You can’t actually think that I would ever support this sick idea of a dictatorship, do you?” 

“This world was made to be ruled by some as powerful as we,” Loki said, trying persuade you. “The human race was born to be subjugated.” 

“This place is my home,” you responded. “There was a time when you said your home was with me,” Loki disagreed. 

“And then you ran away from me.” It took every ounce of strength you had not to cry or lash out at him. “You went and left me, your brother, all of us!”

“Do you still love me?” Loki asked after a moment. 

The question caught you off guard. Of course you loved him. You never stopped. “Loki, that doesn’t-” 

 He pulled you into his arms and your mouths met. There wasn’t a moment of hesitation between either of you. Your eyes fluttered shut and your brain screamed at you to stop. Loki was the enemy. As hard as it was to see him that way, you were going to have to eventually.

Loki pushed you up against a rock, gently as possible, and kissed your neck. He paused, resting his head on your shoulder. “Do you still love me?” he repeated breathlessly; his voice was warm against your skin, making you shiver. 

You shut your eyes tightly. “I never stopped.”

His hands found the fastenings of your clothes. The slender fingers of his went to work while you leaned your head back, willing yourself make a choice. You didn’t care if that choice was right or wrong, you just knew something had to be done. 

Loki kissed you swiftly once more, the decision making itself. He hoisted your thighs around his hips, holding you up as easily as possible while he fumbled with his armor. You pulled on his shoulders, kissing and biting around his neck. His fingers drummed up your bare legs before pausing at your upper thigh. His thumbs massaged the sensitive area gently while he kissed your shoulder. 

A sudden whine escaped your lips when his finger moved upwards; he rubbed against your wet clit, wasting no moment. 

Your hands tangled in his hair as you bit down on your lip to keep quiet. Loki pressed his hardened member against your thigh and whispered into your ear. “Do you love me?” 


He slammed into you, leaving you with no choice but to scream in pleasure. His thrusts were almost comforting. Since the split up, neither of you had laid with anyone and now that you found each other, there wasn’t any point in wasting the limited time with teasing each other. His hips met your with precise rhythm. Your breath grew heavy. Each thrust he took it felt like we went deeper and deeper into you and you loved it. Your walls clamped around him, making him grunt. You whimpered his name in a high voice, making Loki shudder. “[Y/n],” he moaned in reply. His pace increased. You tossed your head back, crying out as you felt the climax rise up. The warmth pooled into your stomach as you moved your hips with his. 

Loki groaned when you both finally came; the feeling of his seed spilling inside you made you shake. He leaned against you, both of your chests rising and falling heavily. “Do you love me?” he repeated. “Y-yes,” you managed to say.

“Then help me,” he pleaded. The genuine fear in his voice worried you. What he had done to put him in such a state remained beyond you. He peered his eyes at you, hands resting on your hips. “Loki,” you whispered. “I tried.” 

A/N okayyy so it was really short but it’s just a bridge to get to the good stuff, I promise. Also, tell me if they’re are any typos in my work. Sometimes I get so caught up in other things I forget to review the grammar part oops

Kid!Loki Headcanons

Happy Headcanons: 

  • Loki liked to play outside as a kid. He loved the nature and the adventures he found in it.
  • He liked to play with the children from the near villages because they were the most humble around the palace and they didn’t treat him like a prince when he had told them to stop calling him ‘prince Loki’. The noble children never stopped treating him like a prince. 
  • Sometimes Thor came along with Loki to play with the other children. They met Fandral and Volstagg there. 
  • Loki taught them to read and write because some of his friends could not go to school.
  • When Loki showed the first signs of being gifted with magic, Frigga was so blissful, she started teaching him. The bond between them got stronger. 
  • Odin was the one who comforted Loki when he felt different. 
  • When Loki had found out someone had specific talents he made sure they were not wasted.
  • If one of his friends was sad he showed them his magic tricks. Or made them come with him to either do mischief or to eat some stolen pastries from the kitchens.
  • Loki and Thor were insaparable. Sometimes when one of them was afraid, sad or felt unweel, they slept together in a bed. And Loki practiced his healing spells on him while Thor liked to tell dramatic tales about his ‘adventures’.
  • Thor -being the big brother- was always protective of Loki and was afraid that his little brother could hurt himself when he was being trained in combat. 
  • As a young teenager he had a crush on a girl from one of the poorer villages. She was his first kiss, and his mother Frigga approved of her. 
  • Odin gave Loki ‘The Talk’ (Thor talked with Loki about it years ago but Odin wanted to make sure Loki knew how babies were conceived). It was embarassing but Loki appreciated it. 

“Sad” Headcanons: 

  • Before Loki met his friends from the villages he had been a shy and lonely boy and didn’t want to play with the noble children because they were ‘no fun’. They did not like doing mischief. Not like him and occasionaly Thor. 
  • His mother forced him to read a book about Asgard’s organic farming after he tricked a guard, turning him into a furious bilgesnipe. 
  • The noble children teased/mocked him for being friends with commoners. 
  • One of his friends had died from illness. He didn’t leave his room for weeks because he mourned. Not even Thor was let into his chambers. Afterwards he wanted to know more about healing magic.
  • Heartbreak. When Loki had fallen in love and found out they didn’t like him back like that, he felt heartbroken. He was very sensitive on the inside.
  • The older Loki and his friends got the less time they spent in each other’s company because they had their own tasks and work to do. 
  • As a young adult he realised to not let people emotionally get to him. He isolated himself from the others and lost more friends. Even thought Thor, the Warrios Three and Lady Sif were there, he still felt lonely. 
  • Loki fell in love with Sif, but she did not feel the same. She had a crush on Thor. 
  • When Loki felt envious of Thor he manipulated his brother. Afterwards he felt guilty.
  • People started calling him silvertongue. On the outside he seemed proud of his reputation but on the inside he hated it. 
  • He had found out he’ll never be King of Asgard and later, when he was alone, he cried himself to sleep because he felt second best. 
Loki will never stop protecting you.

Summary: Loki protects you from a gross guy in Asgard
Word count: 648
Warning: rape attempt 

It had been a lovely day, especially since you were in Asgard a place you’d only heard your boyfriend Loki talk about, and it was much better than you expected. However even Asgard there can be those really gross people that Earth is covered in.

As you were walking through a garden that was near the palace and taking in everything you could, the smell of the trees and the sounds of the birds were all so different, but gorgeous at the same time. Well you were enjoying your walk that was until you heard a low whistle from behind you. You turn around to see who it was and you see a man come from behind a tree, he walks like he’s about to catch his prey and it frightens you a little bit.

“Well I haven’t ever seen you, whats your name sweetheart?” He asks you, walking over to you in a creepy kind of way.

“Well it’s certainly not ‘sweetheart’ I can tell you that much.” You tell him trying to walk back to the castle and pretend none of this ever happens, but he grabs your arm before you can get away from him.

“Come on darlin’, don’t be like that.” You says getting terrifyingly close to you.

“No, no, no!!! Leave me alone!!!” You yell trying to push him off of you as he pushes you up against a tree.

Before he could reply he was ripped off of you by an unknown person. Once you looked up you saw that it was Loki.

“Don’t you dare touch her again!!! She told you to stop and obviously does not want anything to do with the likes of you!!!” He yells at the man as he punches him to the floor.

“Oh well your majesty its such an honour.” He says to Loki in a mocking way, giving him a half asked curtsy.

“But I believe its the ladies choice, pretty boy.” He says giving you a perverted look.

Loki scrunches up his face in disgust and anger as he punches the man right in the face, which earns Loki a kick to the stomach. This goes on for a few minutes before you decided it was time to stop it, I mean Loki was definitely winning and the guy needed to learn his lesson.

“Next time I see you being unkind to any woman especially my y/n, I will have your head, and thats a promise.” He says to the man as he helps you up onto his horse.


Once you were both back in your shared room at the palace you quickly tried to clean Loki’s wounds up, even though they were small you still wanted him to be okay.

“Darling stop, I’m fine.” He tells you as you start patting the cloth to his head.

“I know but I still want you to be okay.” You tell him as you straddle his hips from the seat he has on the edge of the bed.

“Well I want you to be okay.” He tell you as he gently takes your hand away from his head.

“I never want anyone to hurt you or make you feel uncomfortable. That man is vulgar and will be punished further more for the way he treated you.”

You look at him with a sweet smile knowing that he would have killed the man himself if you had not stopped him.

You push him down onto the bed so he’s laying on his back while you still straddle his hips.

“I know you want me safe and thats one of the many reasons I love you.” You tell him, a mischievous smile growing on you face.

“So why don’t you keep me safe, by keeping me close.” You tell him as you grabs him by his shirt, pulling him up to you in a passionate kiss.


If you give me a request about learning to control powers, then I have no choice but to make a Frozen related title. Sorry, I don’t make the rules. This one is for fuckyeahheedus and it got a little bit fluffy at the end but I quite like it so I hope you do too. I’m experimenting with this technique where I try not to use adverbs if I can help it - it’s supposed to improve the quality of writing by showing the audience what the characters are feeling rather than telling them. I’m also having so much fun posting more than one thing today so I’m uploading this with about 2 other things. Enjoy, my darlings! 

Prompt: I was wondering if you could do a Loki X reader where they grew up together and Loki helped her how to control the powers she has but now they’re older they have developed strong feelings for each other and try to hide it by arguing a lot. But at the end of a fight when Loki tries to be intimidating the reader says something about him being a great king then feelings come out? sorry its long XD

“Conceal, Don’t Feel” (Part 1)

The forest looked as though it were ablaze, each silver leaf of the trees reflecting Asgard’s orange sky as the sun set. You wandered through the tree trunks, hopelessly lost, and spun around at the sound of a branch snapping.
“Who goes there?” Your infant voice called out, hardly the most threatening of things. You raised your fists, the only way you could think to protect yourself, and let the magic running through your body ebb and flow.

“You have magic?” A bodiless voice asked. It was a higher pitch than you’d anticipated and seemed to echo throughout the entirety of the forest. Had you not been so petrified, you might’ve found it funny.
“Y-yes. Now come out, or I’ll use it.” You stammered, trying to convey the strength you did not possess.  

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Loved Too Late

Originally posted by littletinypirate

Pairings: Loki/Reader

Warnings: Angst, oh Lord, the angst; I’m so sorry

Word Count: 742

Reader Gender: Unspecified

A/N: This is a request for anon, who wanted me to write the first time Loki says he loves you. It is so angst-y and I am sorry! I don’t know why I torture myself with this sadness!

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Thor’s stolen Hammer (the good bits they missed out)

Author some very ancient person and extra bits by ladyoftheteaandblood

Comic (Ihope) one shot

The classic tale of how, Thor loses his hammer and he and Brother Loki have to dress up to get it back,

Please accept my apologies if you are well versed in Norse mythology, I may have taken one or two liberties with this.

“Little brother, I have need of your assistance” Thor’s yell could be heard all round Asgard’s palace as he searched for Loki.

“Ah there you are, your presents is required, there has been thieves afoot in Asgard” Thor roared at his brother who looked at him and sighed.

“Really Thor must you come barging into my rooms when you know I was…….busy”

“Ha! When you finally get a girl you can give your hand a rest. Now follow me” Loki growled but did as he was told,

“What exactly has happened that you need to go shouting round here like a bull on heat” he asked

“My hammer “The mighty Mjollnir” that only the worthy can hold, has been taken by ……?” Thor looked kind of sheepish

“So what you are saying is, you need my brain to solve your problem?” Loki grinned and realize for once things might be in his favour.

 If he, the lowly younger brother could solve this and helped the troglodyte (Thor) get back his second favourite toy. He could win some favour with Odin.

“Asgard is in peril all the while Mjollnir is not with me; I will be unable to protect this land and my father’s people” said Thor in his best pompous,  voice.

“So you need your little brother to help fill your “GLORIOUS PURPOSE” in life, to be a dick!” Loki smirked at him.

“At least I have one, you dear brother are just the spare and have no purpose at all”

“At another time, We shall test that theory Thor”

By this time they had made it to Thor’s room were, as he slept as soundly as a wart hog in mud, his favorite toy had  had been taken.

“It’s the giant Thrym” said Loki after looking at the scene of crime.

“And little brother you know this HOW?” Thor was more than a little pissed off, as it had taken Loki less than thirty seconds to come up with this.

“Oh I don’t know big brother. Maybe the fucking great footprint gave it away” came the reply from the smug face.

Thor hated to be made to look an Asgardian Dick! So to get his smart arse of a brother back, Thor  sent him to Thrym’s castle to find out the truth. Maybe the little runt would be stepped on.

Unfortunately for Thor Loki returned, and even more unfortunately the news was not good.

Thrym did indeed have the mighty Mjollnir and would not be giving it back anytime soon. He would only return the Hammer- that only the worthy could lift, yeah right! -If he got to marry Freyja.

Asgard was in shock, although some thought it was better than the Asgardian soap “Down Asgardian Way” and couldn’t wait for the news of what would happen next.

Heimdall came up with the idea so it’s said but many feel it may have been a bet by the warriors three, to see if they could get the  two brothers to do it.

Heimdall suggested that Thor dress as Freyja and be Thrym bride, and as backup he could take Loki as his hand maid. After much debating, mainly about what a hand maid normally did for Thor! the plan was agreed. Although not by Loki, who felt he had a much  better figure to play the bride.

The two mighty warriors went off with the lady Sif to be dressed for their adventure. The warriors three watched from peep holes into the room and tried not to laugh to hard, as the young men put on their wedding outfits.

“For Odin’s sake Thor, you cannot fart like Bilgesnipe dressed like that”

Loki said in despair,   

“Thrym maybe dim but even he knows of your windy record. And stop scratching your balls it’s unladylike”

“These undergarment that Sif gave me are lacy and itch” Thor complained loudly. Loki was pretty sure he heard a laugh nearby but let it pass.

“Why do you need those? He will only see the dress and veil, you sodding ass”

“Sif said it would make me walk as a girl should”

At which point he put on the high heels to go with the outfit, and stumbled round the room like a drunk Tina Turner.

“I think maybe she was having you on, and try to walk like this” Loki put his high heels on and moved round the room with an unnerving grace. Almost like he’d done this before.

“Are you sure you are not adopted little brother?”

Thor ignored his brothers advice went carried on plodding about the room like some uncoordinated Oxen. He passed a mirror and checked out his new look,

“Loki does my bum look big in this?”

“Your arse big brother, is just big. Don’t go blaming the pretty dress” Loki sashayed around the room, swishing his long black locks, and twirling the silk skirt a bit more, just to piss Thor off.

“Ha you look like a girl” he spat at him

“That’s the point you Hamster turd! I said it should be me that played the bride”

“Always the bridesmaid, never the bride! Hey little brother?”

Once Sif had, had her fun with makeup on Loki, who actually quite liked the look, she turned her attentions to Thor. He point blank refused to have his beard removed or even lipstick added. Loki called him a mewling quim, and he and Siff  hoped that veil would do the trick.

“When I get to Thryms castle, I will fill the gate of hell with the screams of my victims” Thor boomed

“Not in those heels you won't” snarked Loki.

 “The two went  off on their mighty quest. They where guarded on their journey by the warriors three, who laughed all the way there and made some very nasty Jokes about Thor’s wedding night!

Once at the Castle,  the giant Thrym told the three to piss off and took Thor and Loki into the great hall.

A great feast was held in honour of his bride to be, and Thor eat an entire ox, a net full of salmon and drank six barrels of mead by himself.

 Thrym was to say the least a little perplexed by his lady’s manners, till Loki informed him that his beautiful bride had starved herself for weeks in anticipation of her big day.

Then he shoved his brother in the ribs and told him, he’d never get him back into the bloody dress the following day if he didn’t stop filling his fat mouth!

Thrym spent some time watching his adorable bride dance in a rather butch manner,  went over to kiss her still thinking it was Freyja. He lifted the veil just a tiny bit and in the gloom of the hall found rather red eyes glaring at him. No one should disturb the great Thor when he was doing the Macorana.

He went and questioned the handmaiden (Loki) about the strange eyes of his full figured bride to be. Loki  at this point was chatting up one of the young servant boys and felt sure he’d pulled, so was a little put out to have to answer the question.

“Oh she just tired my lord, not been sleeping much due to excitement over her wedding night” Loki informed him.

Thrym egged on by these encouraging words felt he should wait no longer, and went and fetched Mjollnir.

He pulled Thor to his side, and went to hold the hammer above their heads to bless the union that night, so he could get the fair lady with the pleasing big butt in his bed.

“Boy is he in for a shock” thought Loki, trying hard not to laugh at the mental picture of his brother being shagged by the giant!

Thor decided enough was enough, kicked of the high heels that he’d kinda got used to, ripped of the bridal gown and grabbing the mighty Mjollnir, attacked the giants, killing all of them in his pretty lacy undies. A sight Loki will never forget or stop telling people about.

On the way home to Asgard, Mjollnir all safe and sound, Loki had some questions for Thor. How could Thrym pick up the Hammer if only the worthy could do so? 

And a much bigger question why had Thor kept the lacy undies??

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picture not mine i just played with it.


oh, love me dead – a tony/loki fanmix

i. toxic - melanie martinex || ii. i wanna be yours - arctic monkeys || iii. love me dead - ludo || iv. once upon a dream - lana del rey || v. haunt - bastille || vi. swoon - beach weather || vii. vegas lights - panic! at the disco || viii. serial killer - lana del rey || ix. nicotine - panic! at the disco || x. i walk the line - halsey || xi. addicted to love - florence + the machine || xii. time is running out - muse || xiii. lurk - the neighbourhood || xiv. one more night - maroon 5

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Imagine Loki and Thor in “Rise of the guardians” type of world. Only those, who believe in them, can see them.
Since the beginning of time everyone believed in the Norse gods. But now you are the only one who still truly believes. Your grandmother used to tell you stories about them.
But when you came of age you stopped believing since you’ve never actually seen them. Loki, who has been watching you for some time, comes to Midgard to restore your faith in him and he ends up falling in love with you.