no loitering

i could

I could loiter over your verbage

take notes on your spine

linger wistfully on the ways your fingers bend


I could use time as air in an effort to turn you over

in my mind’s eye.

I could spend moments, 

a wealth of second glances

on what has crossed your mind

just laying here with me.

Thank you @capiapoa !!! tbh I was already planning on writing something like this, so your prompt was totally fortuitous!


Previously on it's Nice and Everyone is Happy  

Maul paced the dark hallway, anxiously waiting for Obi-wan to arrive. He wasn’t technically forbidden from roaming the temple on his own, but that didn’t stop passersby from giving him grief about it. The thought of being discovered loitering here so late at night was… unappealing. But after waiting for what felt like hours, a slightly disheveled Obi-Wan jogged into view.  

“Sorry, sorry,” he said panting faintly once he reached Maul, “I swear these emergency sessions get longer each time.”

Maul grunted, his tension still high after the long wait, and not yet ready to forgive Obi-Wan for it.

“Don’t be mad, “ Obi-Wan chided gently, “You’ll like this, I swear.”

Maul gave him a skeptical look, but Obi-Wan only smiled back.

“Come on,” Obi-Wan almost reached out a hand to Maul, but thought better off it. Instead gesturing for Maul to follow him and jogged off again.  With a sigh, Maul followed after him, running to keep up.

They wound their way into the upper levels, usually reserved for council members or other highly esteemed masters. But Obi Wan had no trouble with the security on the doors, his clearance allowing them to go where they pleased. They went through darkened libraries and past private mediation pools until they reached a set of larger sliding doors.

Obi-Wan paused in front of the door and cast an expectant glance to Maul. Maul sighed and humoured him.

“Where are we?” he asked in an irritable but not unkind way.

“This is a private training room, only meant to be used by masters working on complex meditation techniques.” Obi-Wan smiled, “But for tonight, it’s ours.”

Sliding open the doors, Obi-Wan went inside beckoning for Maul to follow. He hesitated briefly on the threshold, before stepping inside.

There was a small recessed area just inside the entrance. Maul slipped off his shoes out of habit, whereas Obi-Wan had forgotten and was now jogging back to place his shoes next to Maul’s.

The rest of the room’s floor slightly raise. No training mats, but the floor itself was springy and cushioned. Everything in the room was a dull cream color and soft light radiated from hidden tracts around the ceiling.

Maul cautiously stepped up onto the raised floor, feeling the give and bounce under his feet as he walked towards Obi-Wan, who was already stretching his arms in preparation.

“Training?” Maul said, glancing around. Not unhappy, but maybe a bit confused.

He had been padawan age himself when the Jedi had taken him. And already well trained with his lightsaber. After arriving at the temple, Maul had kept up his practice as best he could. Luckily a fake lightsaber was easy enough to make, the blades themselves being weightless and causing no resistance meant all Maul had to produce was an accurately weight hilt. It hadn’t been hard to construct, but with no master to train him Maul’s skill had not progressed as well as they should.

Obi-Wan had tried to find help. Dragging him along on any training Qui-Gon would allow. But that was infrequent. Often times Obi-Wan would try to relay what he had learned to Maul, with varying levels of success. Occasionally in their younger years they had stolen into the training gyms in the dead of night to spar and train together. But those were hasty stolen hours, nothing like this.  

“The rooms not the only surprise,” Obi-Wan said, excitement playing on his face.

“Well spit it out,” Maul said curtly, eager despite himself.

Obi-Wan fished under his robes before pulling something off his belt and holding it out.

It was Maul’s old lightsaber, the one he had arrived at the Temple with, something he never thought he would see again.

Maul’s bafflement touched his words.

“Where did you possibly get that?”

“Checked it out of Temple vault. It’s been filed away as an artifact.” Obi-Wan seemed very pleased with himself.

“With your own codes?” Maul said suspiciously, worried that the deceit might be too obvious.

“Stars no. I used Anakin’s numbers,” Obi-Wan laughed. “No one will think twice about Anakin getting into something he shouldn’t. Though I doubt anyone is going to check the records.”

Maul nodded, his worry slightly lessened. His eyes remained unmoving from the hilt in Obi-Wan’s hands, finally flickering up and to Obi-Wan as he moved an inch closer.

“May I?” Maul asked, wonder still lingering in his voice. Disbelief that he was actually within arms reach of the weapon he never thought he would see again.

Obi-Wan proffered the lightsaber without reservation.

“Of course, Maul. I got it for you.” Obi-Wan’s words were warm, though his heart felt a little sadness that Maul felt he needed to even ask.

Maul’s hands hesitated as they lifted the hilt, feeling the familiar weight. His fingers running down the grooves and seams, just the way he remembered them.

“Thank you,” Maul caught Obi-Wan eyes, but glanced down away quickly.

Obi-Wan had to fight to keep his face impassive. Though his heart fluttered at eth words. He could count on his hands the amount of times Maul had truly sincerely thanked him, and he knew how hard earned his gratitude was. But he also knew not to spook him with an overaction.

“It was no trouble,” Obi-Wan finally said when he knew his voice wouldn’t betray him. “How else were we going to practice if you didn’t have a lightsaber?”

But if Maul was listening, he made no reaction. He was still looking at the hilt in his hands, his fingers feeling their way down its length.

“Alright,” Obi-Wan clapped his hands once. “No wasting time, start stretching so we can begin.”

Maul looked up sharply at the noise and Obi-Wan’s change of tone. As always, there was the tense moment as Maul caught him in a look. But Obi-Wan held his gaze. Things would be under  his terms tonight, and Maul very well knew that. After all the trouble Obi-Wan had clearly gone through to secure this room and retrieve his lightsaber… the least he could do was cooperate.

In response, Maul loosened the knots to his sash and robes. Allowing the large outer ones to drop around his feet, and then working the second layers off and over his head, till eventually he was standing in front of Obi-Wan shirtless, his dark colored pants rolled up to his knees so he didn’t trip on them as they trained. Maul was well aware of Obi-Wan watching him as he disrobed.

“What shall I start with?” Maul asked, with a slight humour in his voice, which only Obi-Wan could recognize.

“Why don’t you get on the floor start on your core,” Obi-Wan said casually, the humour in his voice far less subtle than Maul’s.

Maul sank to the floor, twisting his torso so that his spin cracked in a satisfying way. Eventually moving his body into a face down position, getting his arms underneath him and his feet arching forwards to gain traction on the training floor. With a little exertion, Maul pushed himself up and onto his elbows. His body hovering a few inches off the ground. His weight divided between his forearms and his toes. He could immediately feel the strain in his stomach and his legs as he held himself in the bridge, attempting to keep his back flat as possible.

Maul could just make out Obi-Wan pacing in front of him, inspecting his form and no doubt silently counting the seconds Maul could hold the pose.

As the strain in this stomach and his legs built, Maul felt his back start to arch up, trying to relieve some of the weight.

“Back straight,” Obi-Wan chided above him, and Maul could feel Obi-Wan press down on him with the Force. Maul let out and small groan as he allowed the pressure to guide him back into form. The burden of his weight returned to his core muscles again.

It didn’t take many more seconds before Obi-Wan could see Maul visibly straining to maintain his position, his body shaking slightly with exertion.

“Thirty more seconds,” Obi-Wan said gently, still pacing above him.

Maul huffed, but could do little else as he tried to control his form.

Finally, Obi-Wan allowed him to fall back to the floor. His legs trembling slightly.

Obi-Wan tried not to stare, they still had a long night ahead of them, but Obi-Wan was already well and thoroughly distracted watching Maul breathing heavily against the floor, sweat prickling along his back and shoulders.

“Reversed.” Obi-Wan managed in his best instructor voice. The one that had never done anything to compel Anakin, but seemed to be working on Maul tonight.

Maul rolled over, positioning his arms at his sides. He took a few deep breathes before he once again forced his body up and off the ground.

For a little while longer, Obi-Wan worked him through the more demanding positions. Gently correcting him with the Force when his legs bent or his back arched. Each time keeping him there until his body wobbled, only allowing him to to collapse out of the pose when he was a mess of shaking limbs.

But Obi-Wan wasn’t cruel about it. Though he loved to watch Maul laying in a pile after each one, still trembling and breathing hard. Regretfully, Obi-Wan let them segway to what Maul was best at.


Obi-Wan marveled as Maul folded his body, his legs curled up behind his back, eventually reaching the top of his reclined head. The curve of his back so dramatic Obi-Wan wondered how it didn’t snap. After the trying first round of poses, Obi-Wan felt obliged to let Maul show off for awhile. His legs and arms so flexible as he practically contorted himself into different positions. Besides, Obi-Wan didn’t mind watching, each pose was more breathtaking than the last.

“Alright,” Obi-Wan eventually cut in, “we should do some actual training tonight.”

Maul looked up from where he had folded his body near in half, his legs in front of him and his head pressed into his knees.

Though he wasn’t smiling, Obi-Wan could tell how much maul was enjoying this. It came off him in the Force like waves. Both his mind and his body so thoroughly relaxed from the exercise and the natural endorphins.

“On your feet. Shii-Cho, form one.” Obi Wan clapped again to get Maul’s attention.

Maul rolled his shoulders and pulled himself up to a standing position.

“I’m not one of your padawans, Kenobi. I think we can skip the basics.”

“Uh-uh,” Obi-Wan smiled, “tonight you are. Form one, twenty sets.”

Maul rolled his eyes, but he was into too good of a mood to truly muster any irritation at Obi-Wan.

“Yes, of course, master Kenobi” he said in good natured, though heavy sarcasm.  

Obi-Wan laughed softly in response. Though internally he felt a small thrill, Maul would have him undone before the end of their training if he kept that up.

“Less talking, more practicing.” Obi-Wan took up his own lightsaber, standing standing few yards ahead of Maul, moving to demonstrate the correct position.

Thankfully, Maul did shut his mouth, gliding fluidly into a position that mirrored Obi-Wan

“And begin.”