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anti brallie arguments refuted

im tired of seeing brallie shippers made out to be the bad guy for shipping brallie and being made to feel inadequate from anti brallie shippers , ive even seen some question their moral integrity, so i just decides to make a masterpost to refute some anti brallie arguments ive seen as well as some i could think that they would say

“brandon is manipulative and emotionally abuses callie ”

but he literally always put her feelings first without gaining any possible personal benefit , when callie went to his dad’s apartment and said she would blow the entire adoption up if its hurting him he lied and told her he isnt hurt when his heart was literally broken .

“brandon forces himself on callie”

no he doesnt ? in 1x10 she was the one who kissed him first ? he forced himself on her by kissing back ? as a matter of fact up until 3x09 callie has literally been the on who initiated any kind of physical activities behind her and brandon. callie has always kissed brandon first and when they were in daphen’s apartment she literally threw herself , completely body forward onto him , jumped on top of him , pushed him down on yhe ground and made out with him on the floor ? the ONLY time brandon ever made the first move was when he went her room at the cabin and kissed her, and he didnt even kiss at first, he grabbed her hand

“brandon is the most privileged in the house and has nothing to lose but callie has everything to lose”

yes , brandon is the biological child to stef and mike and lena is his step mother as well, yes brandon has 3 parents, yes brandon was never in foster care or the system , but that doesnt take away that hes still human and an adolescent human at that who has faced many real problems. most of us are in our teens or maybe early 20s and im going to assume that most of us are probably fortunate enough to be in a home with at least one of our biological parents but that doesnt take away from facing our daily life struggles and internal issues . why is it that none of the anti brallies seems to care that brandon has literally had his heart broken ? brandon struggles with internal issues and self esteem issues . he’s constantly belittling his piano playing and fails to see his own potential, constantly faced with peer pressure , remember when he was pressured to smoke weed , pressured to go to that party at idly wild knowing he had an important class the next day, pressured to sell fake ids, pressured into lying, etc. yes he is the most privileged in the house but only in the regards to family matters , having his mom and dad in his life isnt some kind of invisible force field from the world or grants him immunity from struggles of life

and as for

“callie has more to lose”

ok? but callie made her own choices and decisions? callie knew what the possible consequences are , she chose to pursue brandon , anti brallie shippers are blind to the fact that CALLIE was the one who brought brandon to the backyard and she was the one who made advances toward him
“i know what i deserve now” what did you think was gonna happen ?

“brandon cheated on his girlfriend so that makes him a fuckboy”

um.. callie knowing pursued a boy that was in a relationship , not justifying brandon’s infidelity but if you want to do a call out than call out all parties at fault , dont be one sided bc that reverse double standard bullshit is lame
it takes 2 to tango buddy and lets just say brandon wasnt dancing alone

also *side note*
brandon broke up with tayla immediately after he realized he was (and still is) in love with callie , so its not like he was trying to be some slick “player” and have 2 women simultaneously, he cut it off with tayla and only focused on callie
lol @ “brandon’s a fuckboy”

“brandon doesnt defend callie and shes the only one taking risks”

so brandon sneaking out the house to go see callie at GU when stef , lena and mike forbaid it wasnt a risk? brandon sneaking out to see callie at the trip wasnt a risk ? brandon violating his restraining order wasnt a risk ? brandon outting his and callie’s relationship at the dinner table and taking full responsibility (and LYING) by saying HE kissed her wasnt a risk ?
“she left because i kissed her”
* btw violating a restraining order can get you thrown in jail , sounds like a risk to me

“callie is a rape victim so for her to have sex with brandon is unrealistic and completely ignored the actual traumatization of actual rape victims and it’s completely triggering. for the writers to ignore this is gross and disrespectful”

but brandon’s a rape victim too? and the writers didn’t ignore it, if we scroll down memory lane and go back to season 2 callie tried to have sex with wyatt but she couldnt go through with it because of liam flashbacks and triggers of her actual rape so the whole “ sex is triggering for her” argument is invalid. at one point it was triggering when she tried to have sex with wyatt but its wasnt triggering for brandon , she loves him and he loves her , she was comfortable and she was finally okay at that moment.

“brandon is too obsessive towards callie”

no he isnt , if anything wyatt was a bit obsessive but thats a different story, anyways , brandon gives callie her space , anti brallies confuse obsession with jealousy, which is NORMAL for a teenage boy in love. if you see someone you love with someone else are you not gonna feel some type of way ? he was expressing how he feels, hes allowed to do that guys , relax

also , remember when brandon put aside his own feelings to help give wyatt some advice on how to fix his relationship with callie ?

damnnnnnnn like chill out with the obsession and jealousy brandon like how selfish of him ughh

“brandon is whiny and complains about everything”

loool anti brallies/anti brandon people complain more about brandon’s complaining then brandon complains himself , honestly i dont take it as complaining , i take it as him calling everyone out on their shit , brandon sees the bullshit going on around the house and you guys just get mad when he speaks on it , you guys put stef and lena up on a pedestal but honestly theyre not saints , theyve done some lowkey shit and expect to get away with it bc theyre the parents and in society’s eyes children arent allowed to call their parents out on their shit bc its “disrespectful” lol bye. like i said , yall complain more about brandon’s complaining then he complains , \_(ツ)_/¯

“brandon is problematic”
so is callie
if you dont see how callie is problematic then we’re not watching the same show

“jude doesnt like it”

ok? but its not jude’s relationship .. ? i understand that jude feels that callie is being self destructive and that her decision affects both of them , but that was before , jude is adopted , whatever choices she makes no longer jeopardizes him or his displacement. jude , being callie’s brother has a right to warn callie about the possible outcome and consequences of being with brandon but thats literally all he can do. callie’s been through a lot and she deserves to be happy. he should just trust that his sister will make the right decisions and can handle herself , its not his place to pass judgment on her and make her feel like shit.

“brandon and callie have no chemistry”

yes they do. lets throwing it alllllllllllll the way hack to the pilot
brandon was literally starstruck the first moment he laid eyes on callie

“w-who is this?”

stuttering mess and everything. the way she looked at him in the car by the end of the episode in the car after they rescued jude.

*side note / some anti brallie people said brandon and callie have no chemistry but callie and aj do / callie and aj have more chemistry then brandon and callie

brandon and callie have known each other for 2+ years and have 3 seasons of build up whereas callie’s known aj for about what, 2 months? and theyve only kissed once? to which the next day callie is in bed with brandon? but i guess 2 months is more important then 2 years lol the fuck with character development and build up and just logig all in general , damn it all

lol goodbye

“brallie is gross”

well thats just your opinion buddy ;)

and now for everyone’s favorite arguments , yes kiddies i saved the best for last ;)


“brallie is incest”

no its not. \_(ツ)_/¯
incest is blood related, brallie isnt blood related

“okay so if brandon fucks mariana i guess thats not incest too right?”

technically no, morally , yes.

brandon and mariana grew up together as little kids, they’ve shared so many childhood memories and already grew the bonds of siblings. brandon and mariana have watched each other grow up , theyve probably shared color pencils and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at lunchtime. the relationship between brandon and mariana is completely platonic and innocent, theyre brother and sister. they see each other as siblings. if they were to have sex i would honestly be the first to be utterly and completely grossed out.

brandon and callie did not grow up together, at the beginning callie wasnt even a member of the family, she was just someone who they were fostering until she found a different home. they fell in love in the process of her just being a GUEST at their house. whats wrong with falling in love with a house guest?
brandon and callie are in love and if you keep denying it then youre choosing to live in delusion.

“brandon and callie make a mockery of actual foster

no they dont.

callie and brandon were never brother and sister and they were never foster siblings. brandon’s brothers are jesus and jude and his sister is mariana.

callie was never his sister so they never made a mockery of actual foster siblings.

“callie needs a family more than a boyfriend”

tru, but callie can have both , she deserves both kinds of love , family love and real love. she deserves to have a home and to be loved romantically. she shouldnt have to chose between her heart and her head. its not fair that one has to be sacrificed for the other.

*side note ; if youre anti brallie then youre also anti callie’s happiness, believe it or not brandon makes callie happy and for you to want them apart means you dont want callie to be happy bc being brandon’s
means living in a constant torturous state when she has to wake up everyday and see the boy shes in love with ’s face and not be able to do anything about it. she had sex with him for goodness sake. you want someone who’s dick she rode into the horizon and fucked the life out of one day to become her brother the next ?

that’s disgusting .

“callie will forget about brandon and overcome her feelings eventually”

shes tried and it didnt work , wyatt/wyallie was a train wreck and majority of that relationship was her just using him as a distraction from brandon AND TBH wyatt aint shit bc what kind of man has sex with their ex girlfriend’s sister, UNDERAGE , at that. is that a guy you really want for callie ?
and aj is just .. { no comment }

lol but prepared for a horrible forced relationship of callie and aj in 3b tho
(if the writers dont go with the pregnancy plot)


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