no listening

Harry talking about Kiwi

“The next [single] is gonna be Kiwi, is that right? Don’t look at the manager! I know it’s the next one, Harry.”

“Yeah, I think s— Yeah, maybe, yeah.”

“You’re just trying to rile the people up though! Literally it talks about someone having a baby. Like you know that people are gonna go mental, right?”


“Yeah you know!”

“I don’t know if everyone— I don’t know if you need to read into stuff like that!”

“They read into everything! Are you joking?”

—Harry on Ash London Live 9.25.17

psychic: reads my mind
my mind: did you see my bag, did you see my bag
psychic: what the fuck

not to be a jooheon stan but jooheon is the most perfect man in every way possible he’s the whole package he’s so talented not just in rapping but songwriting, producing, dancing, variety…. he works hard and excels in everything he does he’s so determined and driven and can achieve anything he puts his mind to even if there are obstacles :( he cares so much about his family (especially his mother) and just loves so deeply and cares about his loved ones so genuinely… he’s so genuine and real and honest and humble about everything he does and he’s just so mature and you can just tell from the way he caries himself how intelligent he is… he’s so manly and powerful on stage but offstage he’s so warm and has such a sweet and calming vibe he’s so full of warmth and so kindhearted his heart is really made of pure gold and of course he’s so incredibly handsome but at the same time the most adorable boy in the world… he’s beautiful both inside and out :(